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Brian Dennehy
The Pictet fund has a decent exposure to larger cap stocks such as Alphabet and Siemens, which should provide greater liquidity when the downturn comes, giving you a better chance of selling. But if you are a robotics groupie the ETFS tracker gives you a purer exposure and so long as the bubble grows, better returns: it's up 32pc versus 26pc in the past
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Oct 13 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Siemens. 67 people are quoted and you can read 115 citations of them about Siemens. Joe Kaeser, Bruno Le Maire and Ulrich Spiesshofer, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Joe Kaeser said: “Why would an inventor give up one of the most prestigious inventions they've made? I just wonder if you build a wall [around] every country, how the bits and bytes flying around the world would stop with that.”.
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Bruno Le Maire

I will put in place a committee to monitor the commitments taken by Siemens towards the French

Bruno Le Maire

I told him he needs to accelerate jobs creation, because the target has not been met and we have the means to exert all necessary

Joe Kaeser

This Franco-German merger of equals sends a strong signal in many ways. We put the European idea to work and together with our friends at Alstom, we are creating a new European champion in the rail industry for the long term. This will give our customers around the world a more innovative and more competitive

Bruno Le Maire

It's good news for Alstom, it's good news for Alstom's employees and its sites. It's good news for European industry. With this Alstom-Siemens alliance, we're going to create the world's second rail transport and signalling

Joe Kaeser

So the new company Siemens Alstom will maintain its French and its German roots. As far as the timeline is concerned our goal is to close the transaction by the end of the calendar year

Joe Kaeser

I must say I'm really glad to have won him over. It was a remarkable cooperation between two, obviously competitive, units. Newco is going to be a very financially strong

Joe Kaeser

We welcome that the governments on both sides have been supportive, as have the

Henri Poupart-Lafarge

The rationale is undoubtedly (to do with) business, it's a unique opportunity to create a global leader and a European champion… in a dynamic

Bruno Le Maire

We want to create European industrial champions because we believe this is the best way to face up to competition from China and the United

Olivier Kohler

It is bound to bring a restructuring and no doubt the culling of hundreds of

Martin Gramsch

The market for larger jets has been defined as a world market. But, for trains, markets have traditionally been described as national or European because of the different requirements such as gauges and voltages. A broader definition would make it easier for the

Henri Poupart-Lafarge

Today is a key moment in Alstom's history, confirming its position as the platform for the rail sector

Elga Bartsch - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

Domestically, a focus on digitalisation is one opportunity to counteract these structural headwinds, and re-accelerate productivity

Thilo Brodtmann

We need a clear signal for a digital breakthrough, for education and research, innovation-friendly tax policies and above all a priority for flexibility and good

Werner Baumann

Investments in education and digital infrastructure are urgently

Felix Huefner - UBS

Even if digitalization may be a key priority for Merkel, we don't expect deep reforms... given the lack of pressure in a very benign economic

Joe Kaeser

We are an industrial nation and must shape the fourth industrial revolution and design it in a socially inclusive way - so that as many people profit from its as

Matthias Müller - Volkswagen

It will change our country and test the stability of our democracy. In the globalized world of business, a beggar-thy-neighbor mindset and protectionism are a dead-end street -- one that ultimately means the loss of

Joe Kaeser

This political victory is also a defeat for Germany's elites. We have dismissed the AfD's voters as people on the fringes of society. We have again stood by and watched this happen, and that has to

Christophe Castaner

It is important that we can strengthen our industrial sectors ... in partnership with Germany. There is no concern on the French side when big companies are working together if synergies do not come at the expense of

Jan Mrosik - Siemens

TASS International is a proven leader in both integrated safety and autonomous driving, two fields of engineering that are increasingly important for the industry. By combining its strengths with Siemens' PLM offerings, we are able to respond even better to today's challenges in the automotive

Thomas Deser

Mergers are always difficult. And if it's companies from two different cultures it's not going to get easier. The introduction of auctions has led to a significant price erosion that has triggered concerns about

Danny van Doesburg

Wind is now becoming a really mature market. Parties now have to prove that they are the most efficient. The time you could hide in a project is

Graham Cluley

It's pretty serious. It does seem that these vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely and rather

Alexander Novak

We have a competitive market in the country. So what Siemens supplies can be delivered by other companies. As for electricity generation, we ... have now learnt to produce the necessary equipment. We face no risks (for Russian companies).feedback

Rudiger von Fritsch

There are all grounds to believe that if what has happened is true, Siemens was seriously deceived, and it was a violation of a contract, a serious blow to trust and a very serious blow to investments in Russia. It was up to the Russian authorities to

Andres Gluski

Our ultimate aim is to accelerate adoption of the electricity network of the future, and we think energy storage will be a very big part of

Don Hillebrand

Renewable energy sources are just not always going to be where you want them and how you want them. Cheap battery sources enable all of those technologies and allow them to work

Dan Wishnick - Siemens Energy

Fifteen or twenty years ago, power was produced in a single power plant and distributed to buildings, but now you're seeing a trend away from centralized power to decentralized

Andres Gluski

Right now this is a very fragmented market. You're bringing together two of the

Mujtaba Rahman

Russia-E.U. relations are already not in a good place, not least because there seems to be no pathway for E.U. sanctions easing at this point. In this light, this is going to be seen as something of a provocative act by Russia and will further deteriorate relations between Berlin and

Mujtaba Rahman

Russia-E.U. relations are already not in a good place, not least because there seems to be no pathway for E.U. sanctions easing at this point. In this light, this is going to be seen as something of a provocative act by Russia, and will further deteriorate relations between Berlin and

Jasper Vis

With the signing of the wind turbine contract, we pass a key milestone in this project, which will be a landmark in the Netherlands' shift to renewable energy. This is an important step on our way to reducing the cost of renewable electricity in the

Joe Kaeser

You can work together like that too, it doesn't always have to be a huge M&A

Henrik Poulsen - DONG Energy

Burbo Bank Extension showcases the rapid innovation in the offshore wind industry. Less than ten years ago at Burbo Bank, we were the first to install Siemens 3.6MW wind turbines and in this short time, the wind turbines have more than doubled in capacity. Pushing innovation in this way reduces the cost of electricity from offshore wind and will help to advance the offshore wind industry across the

Bernd Montag

We know we can do better and we will do better. We have a clear multi-year plan to turn this business around. We aim for a leading position in general imaging and

Michael Sen

The realignment of our enterprise IT will undoubtedly play a key role for Siemens in its transformation into a digital industrial

Ralf Thomas - Siemens

We're not in a hurry. We don't need to react very quickly. We don't believe that the market environment is going to completely flip overnight. That's why we don't feel under

Jochen Eickholt - Siemens

The acquisition of HaCon will enable us to enter a completely new business area that complements our current portfolio, expanding it to include timetable scheduling as well as trip planning by passengers. With this move, we're rigorously implementing our digitalisation strategy and opening up new growth opportunities for our company along our customers' value

Alexei Chaliy

The power stations were designed for Siemens turbines. In 2014 I warned there would be problems. Over the past 20 years, Russia has lost the ability to produce turbines of that capacity. And so it ended badly. They have started to build the power stations ... but there are no turbines. There is an option to re-do the

Dario Struwe

Besides Alstom no real competitor would remain in Europe as long as the Chinese haven't

Ulrich Spiesshofer - ABB

We have a different ABB today: an ABB which is more customer-focused, clearer and simpler. Now we are ready to add to the portfolio and drive a very aggressive growth

Ulrich Spiesshofer - ABB

We are strengthening our number two position with this acquisition, we are closing up to the number one, which is Siemens, and we are increasing the distance from all the other players. We now have four market leading businesses … which are number one or number two in their respective fields. With the investment that we are doing now in B&R, by buying the company and continuing the investment story, we are strengthening the industrial automation

Takis Spiliopoulos - Bank Vontobel

This is a sensible acquisition, increasing ABB's footprint on the factory floor where we expect higher growth in the future than in process industries like oil and

Ulrich Spiesshofer - ABB

There will be more acquisitions ... as one of the drivers of growth going forward, but there is no 'must haves' we are desperate about. We are closing today perfectly the big gap we had in machine and factory automation, that was one gap we were always concerned about and wanted to

Juergen Maier - Siemens

London and the UK remain important markets for us and good places to do business. While the exact terms of the UK's exit from the EU are unclear, we are committed to London in the

Harald Krueger - BMW

Free trade has only made this success story in the U.S. possible -- 70 percent of the automobiles produced here are

Joe Kaeser

What we are seeing worries us. America became great through immigrants...I hope that this great country will recall what has made it

Joe Kaeser

I can imagine a future in which we give investors the opportunity to invest not just in the companies Siemens Healthineers or Siemens-Gamesa renewable energy, but also in a high-performing digital industry business. We have just raised our profit guidance for 2017 and have increased our dividend three years in a row. I wouldn't end such a streak for no

Frederic Fayolle - Deutsche Asset Management

Sometimes it is hard to draw the line between IT and industrials. A company like Siemens is a bit of

Oskar Tijs

I doubt that a utility can compete with Siemens, GE, nor with Google and

Willi Meixner - Siemens

This is a breakthrough success for the use of Additive Manufacturing in the power generation field, which is one of the most challenging applications for this

Joe Kaeser

I admit we don't always succeed in everything. And risks lurk everywhere. But we have noticeably

Neil Wilson - ETX Capital

Buoyed by the prospects of a reflationary US economic policy under President Trump, it looks like manufacturers are ramping up

Ralf Thomas - Siemens

We are rather cautious in front of the backdrop of potential volatility also on interest

Joe Kaeser

The country has a tradition of openness, freedom, integration. It would be a terrible shame if ... one would give this up only because one thinks one would guarantee

Joe Kaeser

The good thing is that we can offer everything. Steam power plants that are powered by coal, state-of-the-art gas-fired power plants, wind energy, we can build solar parks and the necessary link to the power

Joe Kaeser

China is the world's largest lighting market. That should not be ignored

Helmuth Uder

Supervisory board heads have seen their tasks grow significantly more complex over the past years. The scope of responsibility and liability risks have

Joe Kaeser

Siemens is acquiring Mentor as part of its Vision 2020 concept to be the Benchmark for the New Industrial Age. It's a perfect portfolio fit to further expand our digital leadership and set the pace in the

Guenther Hollfelder - Baader Bank

We believe the combination with Siemens' existing software offering puts the company in a strong competitive situation from a system

Joe Kaeser

Give him a chance, let's see what we can do together and take the positive out of

Tanja Rueckert - SAP

We cooperate with Siemens, Dell, Intel , T-Systems and Vodafone among others. We talk to other partners as well. That is the direction we will continue to look at. To work with others in

Christoph Niesel

We are happy with his work. The first successes of his revamp are visible. Profitability is rising and we're not at the end yet by a long way. We see a lot of

Christoph Niesel

Russwurm is one of the names you'd think of when considering who would lead the company. Everything is now tailor-made for Mr Kaeser and his team. But that's an issue for Siemens

Joe Kaeser

There's a big opportunity to take the lead in Latin America because Brazil is so busy with its own issues that they're not looking to this kind of

Joe Kaeser

It's a decisive moment in the history of the country to come back to what it used to be and to come back to what it deserves to

Joe Kaeser

We are ready to go today because we also brought 3.1 billion euros committed financing so we not only can build the power stations and mobility management, we can also finance

Joe Kaeser

Those people (government) are all really reform-oriented, they're very serious about what they want to

Joe Kaeser

The conditions in the marketplace are not exactly giving us a lot of tailwind, so we are having to manage opportunities, which we believe there are plenty of. The oil and gas sector is struggling a lot, but on the other hand that is an opportunity because we need to help our customers get their costs

Joe Kaeser

The U.K. has voted, and just three days after the vote I took my whole management team to the U.K ... we want to be good corporate

Joe Kaeser

The new game is efficiency. There's not so much growth in the

Joe Kaeser

We are leaders in growth at present but there is still a great deal to

Richard Frei

They have been reducing production capacity for more than half a year, but an increase in volume is likely to take longer, given that so much of the division's business is related to process industries such as oil and

Stefan Kipar - BayernLB

We're anxiously awaiting the data for July, when the consequences of the British referendum will be felt. We could then see the first signs of a

Hasso Georg Grunjes - Siemens

I wouldn't really call it a ground-breaking innovation, because basically it's the combination of some old and mature technologies. It's railway technology, combined with truck technology. On the one hand side you have the efficiency of a railway system and you combine it with the flexibility of a truck system, and that's the real

Peter Loscher

In the second quarter, the volume of orders was up by 12% compared to the same period last year and reached 23 billion euros, which we're very pleased with. Adjusted for the effects of exchange rates and acquisitions, that represents a growth of

Peter von Solmssen - Siemens

It's not acceptable to reach premature conclusions. We live in a world of rights and laws and fair play. In other words: due

Patrick Kron

There is no offer from Siemens today. There's just one offer (GE's) on the table. But Siemens has expressed, that is it has indicated its interest. If that interest evolves into an offer, we'll examine it. And we will examine this offer by comparing it to what's already on the table, and we'll consider the interests of all the parties

Joe Kaeser

We got the opportunity to have a look into the assets for four weeks and then we'll be deciding whether or not we make an offer for something. We are pretty cool about the process and we are not transferring the old Roman gladiators into the modern

Peter Loscher

This takes on special urgency when one considers the economic

Frans van Houten - Philips

Great companies need to reinvent themselves, we can do that, we can stay relevant, we can grow and we can stay successful. It takes courage but it's a path we've been preparing for

Frans van Houten - Philips

I do appreciate the magnitude of the decision we are taking, but the time is right to take the next strategic step for

Christoph Debets

When you search for the reasons for Germany's economic strength, you might think of the big names of her industrial history like Bayer or Porsche, Thyssen-Krupp or Siemens; you might think of regions like the Ruhr, Hamburg, Rhein-Main (Frankfurt) or Stuttgart. But we found the answers somewhere

Klaus Patzak - Osram

That is just a snapshot, the share price and the valuation will settle over the coming

Wolfgang Dehen

It's a great market: the market for LED lights is set to grow 20 percent over the next 10 years, so there's great potential for us. We've been in the LED market for 40 years and we are one of the companies that's had a lot of influence on the market, and we will continue to do

Peter Loscher

I think that there are much more difficult quarters still ahead of us. However, as long as there are no cancellations of major orders or price falls that we can't negate with higher productivity, and right now I don't foresee either of those things, we are maintaining our forecasts for

Anton Winkler

The message we want heard loud and clear is that in Germany, corruption and corruptibility will be chased down and punished. It'll be punished abroad. According to international anti-corruption law, these are criminal offences, and today no-one can plead they didn't know of slush funds or bribery, and that they weren't punishable by

Wolf Schiller

The judges seemed to believe the issues in this case posed complex questions. The defendants' position is that they acted with a clear

Len McCluskey - Unite

It is a tragedy because these redundancies would have been needless if the government really cared about British manufacturing and British

Tye Nosakhere

We have to maintain the capacity in the UK to make railway

Anton Winkler

I think this case sends two messages. The first is that anybody who knows something about this should speak out and that way will get preferential treatment and the second message is that Germany will not tolerate

Reinhard Siekaczek

I'm just happy it's all over. I've nothing else to

Benoît Battistelli

In Europe, the number one is Germany by a long chalk, with nearly 14% of the total applications, followed by France with 5% of the total and then comes Switzerland, Great Britain and Holland. We are publishing a list of our top ten – by which I mean the leading applicants in terms of the number of patents requested. And this year for the first time it is a company from outside Europe. Samsung is number one, followed by Siemens at number two, and Bosch at number three. Among the top ten are 4 European companies, 4 Asian ones, and 2 American

Gerhard Knies

All the countries involved have an energy problem and also climate change is going to hit them very hard. They are interested in a solution. So it is a win-win-situation for all the

Cristian Garnier - Confédération Générale du Travail

Whether its the American predator or the German predator, either means the disappearance of the group, it would just disintegrate and the future would be very uncertain for the employees and for the group's

Arnaud Montebourg

Should I have installed a lie detector in my office?feedback

Jean-Loup Olivier - CFE-CGC

We would rather have GE which would be better for us because the activities of both companies complement each other. Whereas with the other solution of a European company [Siemens] – which we know well – there is total competition over all of our sectors and so that would be fatal to Alstom's activities in the short and medium

Arnaud Montebourg

The government will take all the necessary steps to defend the country's

Katsumi Nagasawa - Hitachi

Mitsubishi Heavy is our partner. We want to work together with

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