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Soon we will be opening an office in the Silicon Valley in San Francisco.
NEW Mar 27 2017
The latest person who has talked about Silicon Valley is Roger McNamee: “It makes me just generally more cautious. I believe that Silicon Valley, and our economy, can still produce a lot of greatness. But what I worry about is that the benefits of that have been so unevenly distributed for so long, that a lot of ideas are going to get killed too early, simply because we haven't been smart and shared the benefits broadly. The economy's just gotten out of track.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Roger McNamee and all the other people that have spoken about Silicon Valley. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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Simon Chiu

Silicon Valley is a pretty amazing place to live. This obviously couldn't have happened anywhere else. I think everyone understands it's a pretty transformational event for our school.

Barry Eggers

It all started at my kitchen table with my kids. Only in Silicon Valley.

Simon Chiu

I think everyone understands it's a pretty transformational event for our school. Our kids are understanding that it's pretty exciting to live out in Silicon Valley. It's hard to imagine it happening anywhere else. If you work hard and do the right things, sometimes luck will find you.

James Pethokoukis

Silicon Valley has sort of latched on to this idea. They have the most aggressive timetable as far as when we will actually see all these jobs hemorrhage.

Kate Mitchell - Scale Venture Partners

That's really starting to affect how we perceive the company and its public persona. I think it's a challenge for them going forward toward an IPO. I think in many ways it's a gift to the rest of Silicon Valley to remind us that we all still need to focus on this issue and do the right thing.

Kate Mitchell - Scale Venture Partners

Culture starts at the top. It's a talent war that we're in, and you need to have the best people focused on doing the right thing. The doubters in the Valley are saying, Gosh, his reaction was really his concern about the success of the company going forward. Was it really concern about the issue?' You have to give him some benefit of the doubt there. I'll tell you, it has been a wake up call. Susan's letter ricocheted throughout Silicon Valley.... This topic isn't going away.

Sanjay Poonen - VMware

Our general philosophy is software changes the world … software is our birthright – Silicon Valley, and the United States – it is the reason people like me are here.

Chris Sacca

The best thing college students can do right now is to stop spending their money. Being a cheap bastard now means so much more freedom and choices later. The tech economy imploded and it was impossible to even get a moving van out of Silicon Valley because they had all gone one way back to the rest of the country. Prospects were bleak back then, and it tested my resolve.

Geoff Yang - Redpoint Ventures

Having some of the brightest people come from all over the world to come study and eventually work in the United States is a plus. If anything, I think there's a talent shortage in Silicon Valley... If there's really good talent, we will try to find a way to take advantage of it and bring them into our companies.

Geoff Yang - Redpoint Ventures

There's the dollars and sense and the numbers piece of it, but there's also the emotional, philosophical piece of it, because the spirit and culture of Silicon Valley is like a Horatio Alger story on steroids – where anyone can come from anywhere and achieve anything. It feels pretty good. Certainly the president's growth policies and the optimism and the euphoria around a new economy is definitely felt out here. People are going to view content on every piece of glass. They'll view it on their mobile device, they'll view it on their tablet, they'll view it on their TV.

Megan Quinn - Spark Capital

We have seen CEOs take different paths to influence, but its certainly top of mind here in Silicon Valley.

Anthony D. Romero - American Civil Liberties Union

We're thrilled to have the help of Y Combinator to help us reach new audiences and be at the leading edge of technology. Beyond financial contributions, the Silicon Valley community can help organizations like ours harness recent membership surges and spread the word about what the ACLU is doing to protect people's rights from violations by the Trump administration.

Max Levchin - PayPal

It's not a Silicon Valley issue, it's an impact on the entire nation. I was a refugee 25, 26 years ago, and I tried as hard as I could to earn my right to be in America. I take great pride in my American passport. I typically ask people, So you're worried about the pitchforks. How much money have you donated to your local homeless shelter?

Dave McKay - Royal Bank of Canada

The next generation of students coming out of school and coming out of graduate school around the world - we want them to lock on to an ecosystem here. I think Silicon Valley does a better job of providing that (ecosystem) right now.

Eric Hippeau - Lerer Hippeau Ventures

Silicon Valley has to engage. They can't just live in their own little world. Silicon Valley is still in a little bit of a bubble. They're still kind of like, in 'the opposition.' Individually, people should feel the way they feel, there's no question. But companies have a responsibility to work with any administration, including this one. It's not just building bridges or repairing our roads. We've got to put tech everywhere to make society work much better.

Hugo Barra

But what I've realized is that the last few years of living in such a singular environment have taken a huge toll on my life and started affecting my health. My friends, what I consider to be my home, and my life are back in Silicon Valley, which is also much closer to my family. Seeing how much I've left behind these past few years, it is clear to me that the time has come to return.

Ashley Judd

EDGE, the global standard for gender equality, is the minimum standard. And guess what, Silicon Valley? If L'Oréal in India, in the Philippines, in Brazil and in Russia can do it, you can, too. Enough excuses.

Jason Calacanis

We have a really interesting joke that's going around Silicon Valley – Trump is going to either last zero terms or seven.

Joe Schoendorf

I think if you had to pick one country to invest in Europe today, you'd pick Great Britain … and the reason you'd do it is because of Brexit. One of the things that the U.S. government has been really good at … is leaving Silicon Valley mostly alone.

Geoffrey Cain

Beyond the arrest itself, this is going to be a big blow to the narrative they've been building. It's hard to convince shareholders and partners they are a hip Silicon Valley-style company when these charges show them to be a company run like a feudal dynasty.

Jeff Bezos -

These jobs are not just in our Seattle headquarters or in Silicon Valley - they're in our customer service network, fulfillment centers and other facilities in local communities throughout the country. Innovation is one of our guiding principles at Amazon, and it's created hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

James Cakmak

You look at the H-1B issue, I think that's something that the administration and Silicon Valley can work together around.

Jim Cramer

Silicon Valley is a Democratic Party stronghold, and many tech executives decided to play politics ahead of the election.

Semil Shah

Most of Silicon Valley is moving from the 'surprised and in denial' phase to accepting the change that's coming. Some of that change, such as immigration, creates anxiety and uncertainty. Some of that change, such as potential for economic stimulus at a national level, gives some folks business confidence.

Robin Li - Baidu

Many entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley have expressed worries, especially after Trump's election, about the harm to the United States' capabilities in innovation. I truly hope that these excellent talents from various countries will migrate to China and help China play a more important role on the stage of global innovation.

Yao Shuqi

I was having difficulty finding a partner who specializes on the technology side. I started to wonder how people in 'The Pirates of Silicon Valley' found their partners. So I watched the film over and over and learned a lot from it.

David Chao

Silicon Valley has become a kind of beacon of cultural change in China. Hollywood could impact what kind of handbag a lady buys in China, but it never impacted corporate culture like Silicon Valley has.

Aaron Levie

A lot of the rhetoric during the campaign was very divisive on the part of the president-elect. That was extremely uncomfortable for many of us in Silicon Valley, where our organizations are built on inclusiveness and diversity.

Josh Elman

I think the European tech scene is really exciting. We've seen a couple companies ... Spotify and what it's doing in the music world, and Skyscanner in the travel world. So we spend a lot of time thinking about where can companies grow, and it doesn't need to just be in Silicon Valley, we think there's plenty of potential in Europe and we're always looking.

Donald J. Trump

I am all in favor of keeping these talented people here so they can go to work in Silicon Valley.

Aaron Magenheim

I don't think people should be betting as heavily as they are on Silicon Valley. We have to get a lot more people from the industry involved in building and preparing the technology before it's ready to go to the grower.

Jeff Weiner

It is incumbent upon all of Silicon Valley – anyone responsible for technology that can reach beyond historically what was possible – to think about the unintended of what we're doing.

Chris Coward

For us to compete successfully for the best in-class talent against Silicon Valley and other employers, is to make it a fun place to work. To make it a place where people feel like their part of a culture that wants to grow, wants to change, wants to stay at the cutting edge.

Marc Benioff -

A lot of people have got involved in that, and that's very important to a lot of world leaders, and a lot of economic leaders, because they have been educated and they can see that we need to shift. And, Silicon Valley is very, very sensitive and focused on inclusion and diversity.

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

Silicon Valley was not that supportive of Donald Trump , so I think there are some policy fears there. Silicon Valley was mostly supportive of [Hillary] Clinton . ... So there was more of a shock there than in other industries.

Steve Case

I also hope he builds a bridge between the innovators in places like Silicon Valley, and people all across the country. .... We need to make sure the job creation, the innovation, the energy of this economy are broadly dispersed. And I think part of the frustration we saw last week with the election, is a lot of people feeling left behind.

Steve Case

It's not just President-elect Trump reaching out to Silicon Valley – it's also Silicon Valley reconnecting with rest of the country, because this has been an area of frustration. They do feel left out. They really do feel left behind. They feel like people are talking past them, even calling them the flyover country. But the next wave.... of innovation, will be in sectors in agriculture, and healthcare, and education.

Paul Saffo

It is a very good thing if people in Silicon Valley are contemplating the consequences of the inventions they delivered to an unsuspecting world. The fact that there's any reflection going on at all is a very good sign. There has long been this naive view that technology is neutral and there's nothing neutral about technology. The problem is we can never figure out which way it's going to cut until it arrives.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Not to mention the change that we've seen coming out of the tech community. Silicon Valley and the entire worldwide tech community I think has really stepped up in the wake of what Snowden did and prioritized like 'okay, let's really make sure that privacy is embedded in the software and the hardware that we use.

Daniel Saks - AppDirect

For start-ups, we really want to innovate, we want to push the boundaries and I think in order to do that governments need to be able to take risk. Culturally there is a big difference between Silicon Valley and elsewhere in terms of embracing failure and experimentation.

Roger McNamee

It makes me just generally more cautious. I believe that Silicon Valley, and our economy, can still produce a lot of greatness. But what I worry about is that the benefits of that have been so unevenly distributed for so long, that a lot of ideas are going to get killed too early, simply because we haven't been smart and shared the benefits broadly. The economy's just gotten out of track.

Roger McNamee

I think there were issues already under Obama, because of the Republican obstruction of his legislative agenda. But I think now you're in open warfare. And I think that's really bad for the investment markets in general. I think it raises capital costs everywhere.... I don't think it matters what we do in Silicon Valley at this pointe. We've got to fix those institutions or we're in big trouble.

Larry A. Rosenthal

Silicon Valley has been flashing a 'vacancy' sign for decades – come here and build a company. Now some people are saying, We've hit our limit.' They may be reaching their threshold tolerance for pain.

Roger McNamee

I think people in Silicon Valley are still open to change. But the things that they're working on aren't as valuable as the things people used to work on. And sadly, we've seen far more fraud in the past couple of years than I can remember any time in the 34 years I've been here. And so I think people just want to get rich now, and scams have become part of what goes on in Silicon valley and that troubles me deeply.

Roger McNamee

It's been a real change in the culture. And Peter Thiel was one of the early leaders of that new wave and one of the most successful players in it. And I would actually suggest that while the typical person in Silicon Valley is a northern California liberal, the people in the entrepreneur class and in the senior management class are not. And I think there's a very deep libertarian streak there.

Peter Thiel

Most of the millennials have lower expectations than their baby boomer parents. Where I differ from others in Silicon Valley is in thinking that you can't fence yourself off. If it continues, it will ultimately be bad for everybody.

Peter Thiel

I was surprised by the intensity. This is one of the few times I was involved in something that was not a fringe effort but was mainstream. Millions of people are backing Trump. I did not appreciate quite how polarizing the election would be in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

Ken Burns

When I was in the Silicon Valley I stayed at his house. And had dinner with him and his kids and his wife. And, you know, got to know him very well.

John Ioannidis

They were the greatest new story in Silicon Valley and health and saving the world. And I just said, Where is the evidence?

Chamath Palihapitiya

I think half the people in Silicon Valley don't know what encryption is. The reality is these are very difficult, nuanced technical concepts. And I think when you have a public stage that she does – and frankly, any politician does – I would hope that they would call the experts.

Barack Obama

Stories like that are not just happening in Pittsburgh, or in Silicon Valley. They're happening in Chattanooga, and Charleston and Cincinnati.

Sebastian Thrun

I can probably find you 10,000 VR jobs right now in [Silicon] Valley. Every company that makes media has to gear up to VR right now.

Sebastian Thrun

In most cases these companies pay us for these employees to teach, and the reason is that Silicon Valley is actually really desperate to find good talent.

Charlie Young - Coldwell Banker

When you go back to Saratoga and Silicon Valley and the top markets in the country in terms of cost, you see that the employers in those markets are starting to have to look to other parts of the country.

Deborah Rhode

What makes Silicon Valley more challenging than other areas is ... it has a macho culture that is deeply embedded. There are very few women in leadership positions.

Nela Richardson - Redfin

For the most part, the housing market can stomach large swings in the stock market. But there are markets, like Silicon Valley, that become queasy when the equity market is this volatile. In these areas, homebuyers' wealth and down payments are more closely tied to stocks. In addition, foreign buyers who normally flock to these cities are also highly sensitive to global volatility.

Kevin Landis

They are doing something kind of bold that may not come to the surface. If you look at who they're hiring around Silicon Valley, they're scooping up all the best chip engineers. They have been for the last several years. They're going to be the number 1 chip company in the world before too long. We're not used to thinking of Apple as a chip company, but here they come.

Nick Efstratis - Epic Ventures

Utah has a long history of tech innovation across software, networking and internet infrastructure, but it's probably in the last decade when all this started to take shape. Now Silicon Valley VCs look at this as a market where people know how to build big outcomes.

Alex Dunn - Vivint

It's exploded in the last five years. The amount of calls that I get from people I know, in Silicon Valley or Boston or New York, to be introduced to a company in Utah happens now every week.

Dana Stalder

He has this keen sense of how to build a product and customer experience that is uncommon in Silicon Valley.

Rob Martin - Barclays

I think you're seeing with some of the Silicon Valley companies, they're not doing terrible, but I think people are looking at their expenses. Today the job market is healthy and good. There are caveats.

Phil Garber

North Carolina competes for talent with other tech hubs such as NYC, Silicon Valley, and Boston. HB2 puts North Carolina employers at a huge disadvantage when trying to lure hard-to-find workers to the state. If it is not soon repealed, HB2 threatens to undo decades of deliberate efforts and investment in bringing high-paying jobs to the state.

Ash Carter

The only way we're going to have data security of the kind that we all need, and that the Department of Defense very, very much needs, is in cooperation together. I'm trying to build bridges between Washington and Silicon Valley.

Martyn Williams

It passed almost directly overhead Silicon Valley, which is where I am and where the stadium is, . The pass happened at 8:26 p.m., after the game. I would put it down to nothing more than a coincidence, but an interesting one.

Yolanda Perez Saez

We organise around seven or eight investment forums every year. We also organise investment readiness courses for companies which are not yet prepared to access investors. We also give support in internationalisation, organising business trips, missions, technological missions to silicon valley. We have been there already nine times.

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