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Padmini Mongia
A novel in India, to explore something specific to that culture, almost inevitably involves myriad voices and contradictions and collision. The Saleem Sinai story begins with his grandfather. That's not a common way of looking at identity in the West. Your grandfather may enter the picture, but your own narrative would not start with your grandfather. Indian reality is
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Oct 17 2017
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Timothy Henry - Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Severe heart damage can pretty much incapacitate people. You can't climb a flight of stairs, you're fatigued all the time, and you're at risk of sudden cardiac

Timothy Kamp

Heart transplants also require bypass machines which entails some risk and complications. Putting a patch on doesn't require any form of bypass, because the heart can continue to pump as it

Timothy Henry - Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Using these patches to repair the damaged muscle is likely to be very effective. We're not quite there yet – it'll be a few years before you see the first clinical trials. But this technology may really provide a whole new avenue of hope for people with these conditions who badly need new treatment

Joanne Stone - Mount Sinai Health System

It all depends on how you feel, really. There are studies that show that people who exercise have fewer pregnancy-related symptoms, so if you still feel up to it then I feel like it's great. People who exercise feel much better than people who don't

Joanne Stone - Mount Sinai Health System

I do think, once you're almost due, something like skating isn't good because you could fall and hurt the fetus, so a stationary bike might be better. Your sense of balance changes so much, so you just have to be cautious about

Sarah Stage

Our bodies are truly incredible & I feel blessed to be able to grow another healthy baby inside of me! I choose to stay positive & I represent anyone who has dealt with doubters, trolls & bullies. It feels great to prove ignorant people wrong & even better to know that all you have to do is believe in

Joanne Stone - Mount Sinai Health System

There's no limit on women on how much they can exercise, though some of it depends on if they're having any complications, like preeclampsia, so there are different recommendations for those patients. But for people who are completely uncomplicated with a low risk of issues, there's no limit on how much exercise they can

Joshua Bederson

It's a small number. But that's the hope my patients have when they leave my

Andrew Varga

Not just the presence but the timing of the slow waves may be really

Andrew Varga

This is yet another piece of information that suggests that sleep disruption certainly can be a risk for development of subsequent Alzheimer's

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

We considers it a criminal, terrorist, and cowardly attack that doesn't target Egypt only, but the security and stability of the entire Arab

Sayeeda Chowdhury

Being a Muslim woman, the election cycle was one of the worst things, and dealing with that while going through medical school at Mount Sinai was just another level of tension and

Paolo Boffetta

The risk with UV is largely with its ability to interact with the DNA. That's why early exposure is more harmful than exposure later, because people who have this damage to the DNA done early on may accumulate more effects over

Christina Chung

You'd have to do the weekly nail treatments for 250 years to have the same risk as a normal course of light box therapy provided by your dermatologist. If your skin isn't changing color or turning red, the amount you're getting is probably very, very little. You could just take white cotton gloves and chop off the fingertips. They have a lot of dust-on powder sunscreens too, so you could easily have the manicurist brush your hands with that [before going under the light]. I would still recommend sunscreen if people are worried about the aging thing

Paolo Boffetta

Being exposed to such a low dose, for only a few minutes, on only a small percent of the total surface of the body – we don't have any data on that, because the risk would be so small that it would be almost impossible to detect it. Being outside on a very sunny day will make a much bigger difference, in terms of the amount of exposure people get compared to this sort of

Sasha Toperich

With ISIS branches operating in Sinai, I think it's about time for the U.S. to extend its support to [Egyptian] President Sissi's efforts to fight these destabilizing

Amr Kotb

The U.S. relies on a stable Egypt for a wide range of priorities, as Egypt is a fulcrum for regional stability given its strategic location and size. As far as many U.S. policymakers are concerned, continued U.S. engagement in Egypt today is a byproduct of the belief that if Egypt falls, so will the rest of the region. A re-examination of America's relationship with Egypt, particularly with regard to funding, is long overdue ... the country is dealing with a real insurgency in North Sinai, one which the security assistance package has failed to properly equip the Egyptians to

Ibrahim al-Tadawy

North Sinai is secure and stable and the educational process is taking place as

Mokhtar Awad

A confluence of factors has seen this escalation happen now. They hope that this is the first step to basically unravel the

Karam al-Zubeiydi

So I planted tomatoes, but then I couldn't get fuel for the engine that draws water from my well, so I couldn't live

Badr Ali

The places they were living no longer exist or now have a large security presence. Now they have started to come out of the streets in the city to attack us and then disappear among the people. The problem is that the people, if they spot the gunmen, are too scared to even point to

Jon Alterman

The Saudi concern is strategically Iran... The near-term Saudi concern is how they send a message to the Iranians in Yemen, and they would like full-throated American support. They would also like more American support in fighting terrorism in the Sinai peninsula and they like more American confidence that they are doing it the right

Sigmar Gabriel

The aim of the perpetrators, to drive a wedge between people of different faiths living peacefully side-by-side, mustn't be allowed to

Mehmet Gormez

The immunity of a place of worship, no matter the religion it belongs to, cannot be violated and the bloodthirsty killing of innocent worshippers cannot ever be

Mohamed el-Menshawy

The weakness of the Egyptian economy and the continuing predicament over terrorism in Sinai don't leave in Egypt's hands many important

Robert Springborg

The US military has long been pushing Egypt to 'go light and mobile'. The counter-terrorism campaign in the Sinai and in Egypt proper has not achieved its objectives, due largely to harsh methods, poor intelligence and the drivers of discontent intensifying. New military equipment will not impact these

Billy Dunn

Multiple sclerosis can have a profound impact on a person's life. This therapy not only provides another treatment option for those with relapsing MS, but for the first time provides an approved therapy for those with primary progressive

Steven Nissen - Cleveland Clinic

The findings of the current study clearly show that there are serious morbid consequences to the elusive disorder of statin intolerance and support an aggressive management strategy for clinicians treating these anguished and challenging

David Saxon

For those who have had a previous heart attack, finding a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable about the different strategies that can be used to manage statin intolerance is especially important as it may prevent repeat cardiac problems. Several excellent studies have shown that if you are someone who has had side effects with one or even a few statin medications it doesn't mean that you won't tolerate a statin or other medication that improves cholesterol levels in the

David Saxon

Strategies that can be used to overcome statin intolerance include trying a different statin at a low dose, taking a statin just once or a few times a week and gradually increasing how often you take it, or, in some specific situations, switching to other non-statin medications that improve cholesterol

Nabil Shukrallah

They're exhausted, with urgent needs for food and children's clothing. They're terrified of the violence and

Nabil Shukrallah

In el-Arish, there are seven checkpoint buildings lining the road to town, but inside, you hardly see a soldier. Whenever there's an attack they come after we telephone them, sometimes days later, and ask for descriptions of the killers. But that's

Sameh Adel Fawzy

My cousin went to open the door after he heard

Yacoub Ishak

The security forces, they're all hiding and scared for their lives, scared to confront those people. There is no security. Yes, there are military and police at the check points, but for my protection as a human there is

Richard Gallo

It's boosting the body's overall immune defenses. People with this type of eczema, for some reason that's not quite known yet, have a lot of bacteria on the skin but it's the wrong type of bacteria. They're not producing the antimicrobials they need. They're normal skin bacteria, so we knew they would be safe. We're encouraged that we see the Staph aureus, which we know makes the disease worse, go

Emma Guttman-Yassky

It's a really important paper. It does open a window for a potential new

Mahmoud al-Zahar - Hamas

If we compare it with a year ago, the situation or the relationship is better but it is not yet what is needed. The needs of our people are great, their need to travel, pursue education or treatment, attend to their businesses and families abroad, and also the need for open trade with Egypt. Egyptian intelligence is restoring its relationship with Hamas in accordance with certain guidelines, chief amongst them being that Hamas does not become a major gateway for threats from Gaza targeting Egypt's national

Tareq Fahmy

We've gotten to a point now with Hamas where we're working on a framework on which to build for the coming period, and this will be contingent upon controlling the borders and the crossing will be open routinely. We're thinking of direct trade and all this is pivotal for our brothers in Hamas and the Gaza Strip, but ... trust-building processes don't take place

Dan Shapiro

Israel's challenges with Sinai border not similar to US border. Hard to explain this intervention on a hotly debated issue in domestic US politics. Unless this endorsement is Trump's demand of Netanyahu for something Netanyahu wants, the quid pro quo. But for what? Canceling the Iran deal? Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem? Supporting building in settlement blocs? To me, it looks like Trump is already squeezing Netanyahu hard. The Art of the Deal.'.feedback

Evee Bak

I hope that the outcome could be something that could eventually help my brother like a therapy or something just so that it could make his life easier or make him be able to be successful in his

Alison Singer

So we're trying to find girls who have the autism genes, but no symptoms and then figure out what else do they have in common and can we identify this female protective effect, because if we can find this female protective effect, we can use it to protect both boys and

Joseph Buxbaum

Girls actually can have the same mutation as a boy and not have autism, and even need to have twice as many mutations on average to actually manifest with

Jacob Appel

Most notably, Paul Tsongas and his physicians in 1992 created the impression that he had been cured of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which was not the case; he ultimately died of the illness five years later. Well-known are the efforts made to keep FDR's paralysis from public

Jacob Appel

No campaign is likely to release a letter stating its candidate is significantly ill or

Jacob Appel

Well-known are the efforts made to keep FDR's paralysis from public view. As someone who studies the health of presidents extensively, I'm convinced that we won't know if either of these candidates is in ill health until history renders its verdict years from

Elsayed Z. Soliman

They should consider the risk for other cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, kidney disease and coronary heart disease as

Ayodele Odutayo

Atrial fibrillation is an irregular heart rhythm and the aberrant electrical impulses that contribute to atrial fibrillation can originate from different parts of the

Ayodele Odutayo

Reducing the burden of non-stroke events in adults with atrial fibrillation would benefit from a focus on primary prevention and the management of cardiovascular risk factors. Regular patient updates should also be provided to patients after lifestyle changes and/or pharmacotherapy have begun as a way to encourage further

Sumeet Chugh

These findings highlight the complex nature of atrial fibrillation, a diagnosis which can be associated with one or several other conditions, but also exist on its

Jeff Davis - Navy

I don't think anyone's talking about a (complete) withdrawal. I think we're just going to look at the number of people we have there and see if there are functions that can be automated or done through remote

Jeff Davis - Navy

What we are looking at is, this has been in existence for 30 years and the mission has remained largely unchanged. What we want to be able to do is look at the core things that that mission provides and see how we can leverage modern technologies, remote surveillance capabilities, etc., to be able to carry out that

Vladimir Putin

This is not the first tine that Russia has faced barbarous terrorist crimes. We won't wipe the tears from our hearts and souls. This will remain with us forever. But that won't stop us from finding and punishing the

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

The absence of the representatives of other international commissions caused confusion and raised many questions from people here. This keeps the door open to more speculation and controversy about what caused the Russian plane to

Peter Foster - The Telegraph

For Mr Putin, whose domestic support rests on the twin pillars of economic and national security, a successful strike for Isil against an airliner full of middle class Russians on their way back from an Egyptian holiday will represent a significant blow to his

David Cameron

While the investigation is still ongoing, we cannot say categorically why the Russian jet crashed. But as more information has come to light, we have become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

According to the information available, the main hypothesis is that the crash was caused by a technical failure on the plane. But the answer will be found in the examination of the black

John Crace

There's not a single part of this stone that doesn't say brain-dead. If Moses had come down from Mount Sinai with a tablet of commandments as dopey as this, the whole history of religion would have had to be

Philippe Grandjean

Our very great concern, is that children worldwide are being exposed to unrecognized toxic chemicals that are silently eroding intelligence, disrupting behaviors, truncating future achievements and damaging

Philip Landrigan

That's the big breakthrough. The scientific community has mastered the technique of doing these studies, and they've been running long enough that they're beginning to put out some spectacularly good

Philip Landrigan

I advise pregnant women to try to eat organic because it reduces their exposure by 80 or 90 percent. These are the chemicals I really worry about in terms of American kids, the organophosphate pesticides like

David Bellinger

As long as the ranks of the lead poisoned consisted primarily of the children of politically and economically disenfranchised parents, it was hard to interest politicians in the problem. Little political capital could be accumulated by tackling the

Hassan Nafaa

Egypt now has to establish a modern civil state. If mainstream political Islam decided to take part in that, we would welcome it, but there is a need to define political

Khaled Okasha

Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis is one of what we call the second generation al-Qaeda terrorist organisations. It is a small group formed from groups that came out of the revolution of January 25, 2011, specifically in the Sinai region. As for the evidence that they were involved in the blast: there are techniques and methods that have been studied in this attack, and the results are almost identical – dramatically – with those associated with Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, and the group has already said it was their

Khaled Okasha

This group and the Muslim Brotherhood opened lines of communication in the Sinai region. They are trying to use them as armed terrorists to apply real pressure there, and to politically blackmail the military council to influence the transition phase through these

Hesham Zaazoi

To go around in this area, in Hurghada and Red Sea and southern Sinai. We are so many humdreds of kilmoeters from Cairo where all the 'hot spots' are. They can see for themselves that the situation is good, safe, secure, and the government is very much adamant to ensure the safety and welfare of clients who come here to

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas

I am saying to my brothers that there is no military role for Palestinian resistance in Egypt: not in Sinai, not in Rafah, not in any other Arab

Nabil Fahmy

Egypt will not back down regarding the cause of the Palestinian people, we will always support and never change our position. However, what we've seen and heard on the streets and Egyptian television varies depending on political affiliations, especially media reports that have spoken of acts carried out by Hamas in Sinai – acts denied by the Gazan political group. So this case is related to Egyptian national security, it has nothing to do with a feeling of hatred against Palestinians or a change in support for the Palestinian

Ghada Shahbandar

We are concerned about the freedom and the rights of all Egyptians be they women, children, youth or adult men, Nubians, bedouins from Sinai, Muslims or Christians. This constitution does not protect the rights of all

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

Targeting the Egyptian army raises many questions about who benefits from trying to force the military to engage in Egypt's complex political situation at this time – especially in the border area, which is particularly sensitive in terms of

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