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Antonio Conte
I will give him the chance to play some of the game. Not from the start, though. He's just started to work but I want to give him part of the
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NEW Jul 24 2017
Ravi Menon, Lee Hsien Loong, Lee Hsien Yang and Irene Clennell, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Singapore. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 367 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 543 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Ravi Menon is: “The rise in rates is itself a response to strengthening economic activity. But vigilance is still called for. Economies and markets ... could be thrown off balance if rates rise faster than expected.”.
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Srinivas Kodali

India is at a nascent stage. For good norms in Asia, look to Singapore. It's been praised for not having cyber security issues by the

P. J. Thum

If you look at Singapore today, we're far from where we were 20 or 30 years ago. People are seizing more agency for themselves and the government is

Sonny Liew

I'm trying to make history more inclusive rather than championing a competing version. The Singapore Story is part of the truth, but if you leave out the alternative histories it's a less accurate

Sonny Liew

When people ask me about Singapore and politics, I tell them I'm just a cartoonist. My book is meant to offer a more inclusive vision of Singapore's history, one that encourages readers to look at all narratives with a critical

Stephen Constantine

We are a fairly young team and a new team. We've lost one and won one against Singapore. We will probably be the underdogs going into the tournament, but the boys are

Aimone Ripa di Meana - Lazada Group

We feel very confident about what we've built so far – we have a very unique approach to business. Having built teams that have been with us for a long time that function in a very organic way that know the markets, know the complexities that are in each market, which can't easily be replicated. I don't think knowing how to do (business in) Singapore is in any way relevant to how you build your business in the Philippines or

Jonathan Larsen - Ping An

The primary rationale for the fund is find capabilities, ideas, business models and technologies that can be valuable to Ping

Jonathan Larsen - Ping An

We are at a point where we can very selectively contemplate international opportunities. And the fund could play a role in that mostly through

Lim Chow Kiat

Compared to last year, the world has become more uncertain ... but the market seems quite happy. I hope the market is right, but we are cautious. We are prepared for a period of protracted uncertainty and low

Jeffrey Jaensubhakij

Two years ago, we said the market would return x over the next 10 years. We would argue half of the x was returned in the first year, year and a half. Now there is only half an x over the next eight and a half

Paddy Lowe - Hamilton

We were immediately slow starting [Friday]. That was clear. We were doing different bits of testing across the garage in the normal way but it was obvious the pace wasn't in the normal

Mark Ritson

Brains don't change in a decade. We're still driven by the same goals as our

Elisabeth Kelan

Much of the research is not based on really good evidence. I think it's much more about the experiences that led you to have a specific mindset. They see it as a marathon not a sprint - it's much more about where that job can take you in the

Stephen Constantine

We have treated the U-23 boys the same manner we train the senior national team with respect to the training, the meetings, the discipline and the diet

Sean Bratches

We have a proud and longstanding relationship with motorsport in Asia, working with some great motor race circuit owners and successful race promoters from Singapore to Suzuka in Japan through to Shanghai in China. Across the region, Formula One fans have proven themselves to be some of the sport's most passionate supporters with over 8.8 million people attending race weekends since

Wei Zheng Kit

Our own estimates suggest $5.8 billion of bonds of real estate, oil and gas, and homebuilding companies maturing from Dec 2016 till end

Wei Zheng Kit

The order backlog for Keppel Corp for example, at $3.5 billion Singapore dollars ($2.5 billion) in (the first quarter of 2017) … (were) mostly repair

H.R. McMaster

I'll just note that while in Hamburg, the President will meet with many world leaders, including Chancellor Merkel of Germany, the host of the G20, Prime Minister May of the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Abe of Japan, President Moon of South Korea, President Xi of China, President Putin of Russia, President Peña Nieto of Mexico, President Jokowi of Indonesia, and Prime Minister Lee of Singapore, among others. There's no specific agenda. It's really going to be whatever the president wants to talk

Lee Hsien Loong

I agree with them. This is not a soap opera. We must all get back to work. Come together, tackle the challenges before us. My team and I will do our best to continue building this Singapore, keeping it safe, and making it

Ernesto Abella

With the Supreme Court decision, the whole government now stands together as one against a common enemy. We ask the public to give their full support and cooperation to local authorities. After all, securing communities is a responsibility that must be shared by

Pasquale Terracciano

There's a danger in fact. We are concerned because having an easy and relatively cheap access to market capitals here in London is very important for our industry at large. We'd not like seeing all the activities shifting from Europe to New York or Singapore. We'd all lose out in this

Ernest Kan

We are expecting a strong pipeline of blockbuster listings in the second half of 2017 and coupled with the strong post-IPO performance of the companies listed in the first half, Singapore's IPO market is certainly buzzing with

Tan Chuan Jin

This is a personal family issue, and it shouldn't be brought to the national level because it might create a bad impression around the

Kirsten Han

These are allegations of abuse of power, subversion of due process, cronyism and nepotism. If true, they upend Singapore's carefully cultivated, squeaky-clean, corruption-free image. And, more important for the people of Singapore, they reveal that the 'A Team,' who have for decades presented themselves as the best option for the country, are actually using the power the electorate has bestowed upon them for their own personal

Eugene Tan

Ultimately, Prime Minister Lee and the government have to prevail in the court of public opinion. They have their work cut out for them, and how they do so matters immensely to Singapore and

Lee Hsien Yang

Regarding the house, and how its continued existence enhances my aura as PM, if I needed such magic properties to bolster my authority even after being your PM for 13 years, I must be in a pretty sad

Lee Hsien Loong

In Singapore, everyone is equal before the law. Mr Lee (Kuan Yew) understood this most of all. When the dust has settled on this unhappy episode, people must know that the government operates transparently, impartially, and properly. That in Singapore, even Mr Lee's house and his wishes are subject to the rule of

Lee Hsien Loong

It would also drag out the process for years, and cause more distraction and distress to Singaporeans. Therefore, fighting this out in court cannot be my preferred

Lee Hsien Loong

Their allegations are entirely baseless, but they have already damaged Singapore's reputation. Unrebutted, they can affect Singaporeans' confidence in the government. As your prime minister, I deeply regret that this has happened and apologize to Singaporeans for this. As a son, I am pained at the anguish this strife would have caused my parents if they were still

Ravi Menon - Frost & Sullivan

The rise in rates is itself a response to strengthening economic activity. But vigilance is still called for. Economies and markets ... could be thrown off balance if rates rise faster than

Ravi Menon - Frost & Sullivan

The calibrated adjustments by the government earlier this year do not signal the start of an unwinding of the property cooling measures as some commentators have suggested. Regional property markets have been buoyant and their respective authorities in the past months introduced further property cooling measures. Easing the measures will now send wrong

Ravi Menon - Frost & Sullivan

The property market has substantially stabilized over the last three years. The risk of a renewed unsustainable surge in property prices is not

Ravi Menon - Frost & Sullivan

They (the profits) do not reflect the underlying investment approach of the MAS which is conservative and emphasises steady, long-term

Darren Ho

No system will replace imports, we are here to make us more food

Britney Spears

I'm glad you're addressing this question because it's really funny – a lot of people think that I don't sing live. I usually, because I'm dancing so much, I do have a little bit of playback. It really pi**es me off because I am busting my ass out there and singing at the same time and nobody ever really gives me credit for it, you know? In that situation, when you're not in control, you become less excited, and there's less passion when it comes to

Matt Smith

None of those three are showing signs of a materially tightening market. I think the global market is showing signs of strain simply because you've got floating storage off Singapore and Malaysia close to the highest levels of the year. They're not dropping. In fact, they're tipping

Ahmed Zulkamal

The market keeps getting more diverse, the offerings are more varied every year. People always want to try the 'in'

Michael Buchanan - Western Asset Management

It's not the households. It's not the government, at least at the starting point, that has a lot of the debt. It's the corporate sector. So you look at the corporate sector and look at the interest bill versus earnings and if that gets too scary, then you're going to have concerns over the banks, and then you get deposit flight and then the government has to make some serious choices about currency stability versus tighter domestic

Michael Buchanan - Western Asset Management

If you're using the metrics from the Asia crisis, you're going to get the wrong answer. No one was saying to Thailand back in 1996, when it was running a 7.7-7.8 percent current account deficit, massively overvalued currency and no reserves, you need to consume more. The capital stock has not necessarily been

Michael Buchanan - Western Asset Management

The efficiency of investment of investment might not be great, but there's no return on consumption. It's a little bit inconsistent to say, Gee you built the schools in a really inefficient way. I wish you'd bought donuts,' which is what a lot of people have been saying about

Todd Schubert - Bank of Singapore

We believe that the company is in dire need of a transformational transaction such as a strategic partner or sale of a significant portion of its assets to arrest the negative feedback

Gloria Tsuen - Moody's Investors Service

Although the extension of the maturity on the secured credit facility temporarily alleviates the significant pressure on Noble's liquidity, we expect the company's liquidity risk to remain elevated given its large debt maturities over the next 12 months. We also expect its cash flow to remain weak over the next 12 months, given its deteriorating operating performance and working capital

Mustafa Izzuddin

The PM had to do something about this amid fears it could impact investor confidence and the

Floyd Pinto

[Singapore] are miles apart [from Saudi Arabia in terms of quality] but hopefully we can control the game in the second half. We can be much more effective in the final third and score more goals. We usually don't concede more than two goals against any side. So that's something we can work

Lewis Hamilton

In Singapore it was a bit more of an unknown what happened there. I definitely came away still not fully understanding why we were in the position we were in. This one, the team worked, the engineering was so much better, we really understood what went wrong, we really understood where the car was, why we couldn't activate the tyres, we came to Canada with actual real knowledge rather than an idea of what potentially might have been the case -- we came with real

Lee Hsien Yang

Lee Kuan Yew's final will was simply Lee Kuan Yew's first will of 20 Aug 2011 re-executed on his

Sam Leith

When I asked a spokesman for Singapore Airlines, he confessed that even the company's CEO had been baffled as to what they were doing

Selena Ling - OCBC Bank

The two straight months of NODX declines is not a cause for concern at this juncture amid the healthy electronics momentum and resilience in key NODX markets. NODX growth is coming off a very strong first quarter and January-May NODX growth was already 8.8 percent year-on-year. So some normalization is to be anticipated, but electronics exports remains the key to watch going

Ku Swee Yong

You can't build 20 storeys on it, so that puts a cap on the land value. Depending on how you design the two-floor mixed-landed project the land value could be worth a little bit more, so let's say S$25

Winston Lee - PropertyGuru

Usually in a property cycle, in a down-cycle, the indicator of a bounce back does not start with price. It actually starts with the volume. So that volume bounce back sent a certain signal and also gives a confidence booster to the property developers that the market in Singapore might have a bottomed

Lee Hsien Yang

I have no desire to leave. Hsien Loong is the only reason for my

Lee Kuan Yew

I've seen other houses, Nehru's, Shakespeare's. They become a shambles after a while. People trudge through. Because of my house, the neighbouring houses cannot build high. Now demolish my house and change the planning rules, go up, the land value will go

Lee Kuan Yew

I don't think my daughter or my wife or I, who lived in it, or my sons who grew up in it will bemoan its loss. They have old photos to remind them of the

Lee Hsien Yang

If Hsien Loong is prepared to act thus against us, both contributing members of Singapore's establishment, to advance his personal agenda, we worry for

Wei Ling
Lee Hsien Yang

Since the passing of LKY, we have felt threatened by Hsien Loong's misuse of his position and influence over the Singapore government and its agencies to drive his personal

Lee Hsien Yang

I am very disappointed that my siblings have chosen to issue a statement publicizing private family matters. Since my father's passing in March 2015, as the eldest son I have tried my best to resolve the issues among us within the family, out of respect for our

Catherine Lim

This new, very acrimonious development of the feud, is likely to unfold further, and probably in unexpected ways, over the coming

Lee Hsien Yang

We are concerned that the system has few checks and balances to prevent the abuse of government. We feel big brother omnipresent. We feel hugely uncomfortable and closely monitored in our own

Jorge Sampaoli

There's the possibility that there's two central defenders with one back up. The defence of the team are the 10 players, just as the match against Brazil showed. The variety of attackers lets us experiment with the varieties against Singapore. We have many offensive players and we will have to see how they play with the defensive part of the

Ilian Mihov

We are a bit afraid that if we set up a campus in China, it will be very Chinese. Certainly, it's under threat ... and I think right now we have to watch what happens with Brexit ... we have to watch what happens between China and the Unite

Ilian Mihov

The interesting thing is that it's a global increasing demand for our MBA here because many of the Americans, Europeans, Latin Americans ... they want exposure to Asia. It is quite possible that within the next 10 years, Asia will be 50 percent of our revenues of what we do in terms of executive education (and) MBAs. And probably will grow

Jorge Sampaoli

It's important to know how enthusiastic they are at trying to win the ball back when we lose possession. It's all about the development of our ideas for every position in the

Jorge Sampaoli

They were carrying over a lot of games (from the season just ended), so I think it was the right decision to let them go. It would have been very risky to let them play

Yu Xin

No one really rode bicycles in Singapore, but the government wanted to encourage cycling to reduce congestion and promote healthier

Dan McFarland

It's a good challenge. It is exciting from my point of view, a first Test match as a coach, so my expectations of intensity are pretty

Dan McFarland

As far as the game itself is concerned, Italy have shown the kind of rugby they can play. The have not always got the results their ability has merited, we expect them to be playing at a high level so we will have to play at a higher level to beat

Dan McFarland

You want to put yourself under pressure, you want to do something different. In the same way that guys who like to climb mountains don't just want to climb Ben Nevis every day, they are going to test themselves on something else, something more difficult; they don't whinge when Mount Everest is put in front of them. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the story afterwards. You can see in the players that feeling of anticipation that comes from representing your

William Lee

It's not the type of culture you want to create. You want to create a culture that's much more enhancing, where people are able to talk on the way to the office, on the way to the meetings. So the tall buildings and the elevators, socially you're supposed to be pretty silent. People don't want to walk beyond four

William Lee

Half the leaders believe that the campus needs to be much more open to the community for the company to survive for the next 50-100 years. There's another thought where tech companies have a lot of intellectual property and therefore, to protect that, you can't have a free-flowing campus. A lot of the Microsoft campuses have a strong balance of

Robin Hu - Temasek Holdings

If you are sitting on the board, whether as a director or an independent director, you must be caring about not just profit, but also the community that you belong to. You can not be a sustainable business if you are doing harm to the world around you. Sustainability is not a cost. It's actually a growth

Scott Pruitt

It was not a political decision. It was a right for this country, Chuck. This is a decision that was right for this country from a jobs perspective, an economy perspective, and an environmental perspective. But not Paris. Paris represents a bad deal for this country. It "contributes to climate

John Kerry

When Donald Trump says, well, we're going to negotiate a better deal, you know, he's going to go out and find a better deal? That's like O.J. Simpson saying he's going to go out and find the real killer. Everybody knows he isn't going to do that because he doesn't believe in it. If he did believe in it, he wouldn't have pulled out of Paris. America has unilaterally ceded global leadership on this issue, which for years, even Republican Presidents George H.W. Bush pushed in this

David Helvey

We'll continue to support that diplomatic effort until we're told otherwise. Our concern in the South China Sea certainly hasn't diminished. We would oppose any action that would infringe upon the fundamental principle of freedom of

David Helvey

We'll obviously get the input and recommendations from the commanders in the field. And then the secretary will make a recommendation on if and how we do any adjustments to that. But you know, whether or not we do that is a hypothetical that I'm not going to entertain at this

Johan Jooste - Bank of Singapore

When you look at fundamentals, the game in town is just to keep a steady track, no nasty surprises and this is what what we see this morning. It's more or less in line with what we think and that keeps the market in a sanguine

Mitul Kotecha - Barclays

The narrowing in the polls has clearly dented sterling's performance and continues to weigh on the currency, and is probably likely to do so in the near

Eugene Tarzimanov - Moody's

Loan growth will increase mildly but be sustained by the system's strong capital, funding and liquidity buffers. Improving growth momentum in Singapore's key trade partners will support export-oriented manufacturers and offset some lingering weaknesses in the local

Ravi Menon - Frost & Sullivan

MAS has... taken unprecedented enforcement actions. Financial institutions have increased their risk awareness and strengthened controls. Our financial industry is in a better position today. The price of keeping our financial centre clean as it grows in size, and inter-connectedness, is unstinting

Ravi Menon - Frost & Sullivan

The good news for Asian banks is these cyclical headwinds will pass in time. Growth is recovering, monetary policy is normalizing and commodity prices are

Ravi Menon - Frost & Sullivan

Banks are in the business of inter-mediating risks. When risks materialize, as they sometimes do when those who borrow get into difficulties, NPLs must rise. This may be odd for a regulator to say, but if NPLs did not rise at all during difficult times, then the banks are probably not lending enough, they're not taking on sufficient risks to promote business expansion or

Ravi Menon - Frost & Sullivan

Take for example Singapore. NPLs have risen amidst the weakening environment and emerging asset quality risks in the oil and gas sector, which has been weighed down by low oil prices… Banks in Singapore have made adequate provisions. The overall provisioning cover for the banking system, as a percentage of total unsecured NPLs, is about 100 percent. The local banks' provisioning cover is even higher at above 200

Ang Swee Hoon

Not all millennials are the same. They may belong to the same age group but there may be differences in attitude and

Karen Ngui - DBS Bank

This is why our regatta this year specifically focuses on themes that are close to [millennials'] hearts – fitness, wellness, music and

Michael Richardson

Last year I managed to scratch off Singapore, India and Taiwan in one weekend. The shower curtain has been stolen out of that room I don't know how many

Vivek Pathak

The initiative builds on IFC's efforts to deepen access to finance for underserved segments of the population. In today's world it is feasible to reach these segments of the population at a fraction of the cost and at a speed that was not feasible earlier. New business models resulting from the digital transformation of financial services and fintech adoption in the region can create new markets that will lead to a higher level of

Dominic Stevens - Australian Securities Exchange

On the Nasdaq you see listing of about $500 million, where as we see listings where companies are looking to raise between $50 to a few hundred million. We're seeing companies out of the West Coast of the United States, Singapore and Southeast Asia; where maybe they don't have a strong local exchange. If you look at the ASX resilience over the last 10 years, we're now a much bigger market with more complexity, but it kills me that things like that happen and we're working hard to make sure it doesn't happen

Avi Hasson

You can really see that happening for Israel in a big way, in China, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and so

Rupert Hogg - Cathay Pacific

We have had to make tough but necessary decisions for the future of our business and our customers. We have to see global capacity additions come down and airlines would have to mothball aircraft, instead of trying to still utilise and cover some of the costs associated with

Ling Ting Ming

Security companies have been talking to us. They want to use technology to replace labour, which is becoming more and more challenging [to find] in Japan, HongKong and

Ling Ting Ming

For a start we will look at quite basic stuff. If a bag is unattended for five minutes it triggers an alarm and needs further investigation. We can classify who is an employee, who is an intruder . . . there will be false positives [but] as the machine learns, it gets

Gary Hong

We needed to meet our requirement of storing a lot of cars. At the same time, we wanted to be creative and

Noboru Nakatani - Interpol

Without support from the private companies, law enforcement are not able to bring criminals into justice. We need to collaborate with them by receiving information from them. Then we can start to trace back criminals. The collaboration space was designed to expedite the process of information sharing in

Noboru Nakatani - Interpol

Sometimes evidence is located in different countries so international coordination is

Hartmut Issel

Singapore millionaires stand out by a few percentage points (in) each category by being more willing to embrace technology and think big data could be helpful to make sense of this

Hartmut Issel

Property is usually a key focus point in the region and it seems that Singapore is turning more positive whereas in Hong Kong, the authorities are still trying ensure better affordability. (The) property market can often swing the picture. I think there's work to be done for wealth managers in Singapore to at least put the context that while cash is always safe, it is also important to know that you have opportunity costs and inflation so it is not quite as safe as

Hartmut Issel

In terms of policies, their main concern is around trade. This correlates as Singapore is a very wealthy and open economy so if something happens on the trade side, historically it will affect the most open

Lim Chow Kiat

Conditions have changed fundamentally since GIC invested in UBS in February 2008, as have UBS strategy and business. It makes sense now for GIC to reduce its ownership of UBS and to redeploy these resources

Nirgunan Tiruchelvam - Religare Capital Markets

In their business, it is conceivable that there's a lot of fluctuation in their profits and in their cash flow positions and that's something investors need to account for. And in this case, it is conceivable that they would recover from the losses that they've just faced. The broad theme of food consumption in emerging markets is extremely compelling. As countries become more prosperous, there is greater demand for food especially in countries like China and

Michael Spencer

We clear dollars successfully in London; we clear yen - nobody's phoned London from Tokyo saying we must insist that your yen clearing in derivatives is moved back to Tokyo or Australia or New Zealand or Hong Kong or Singapore or

Stirling Moss

For now, they are looking forward to just lying back on their pillows in their bedroom and watching the Spanish Grand

Jeffrey Wolfe

The fundamentals of the business are in excellent shape, both in the market and our company… U.S. commercial real estate still offers very solid yields despite the higher interest rates and very good supply-demand

Will Smith

We see it like this: politics are politics. We have this new administration but business is business. We would not have two interest rates [hikes] – December and March – if the economy in America had not been doing very

Jeffrey Wolfe

Coming out of the Global Financial Crisis, there's very, very little development and that's largely bank driven… The changes to banking rules have made banks more conservative in lending, which constrains new developments. The U.S. has posted seven years of continuous positive net absorption [of office space] and there hasn't been any indication that that would change. They're more affected by the rapid rise in interest rates and the uncertainty related to tax reforms ... And they are predominantly our type of

Will Smith

At the end of the day, the Trump administration is pro-business and I think that's very important. So again, whatever happens with the tax bill, it reflects a pro-business approach and I feel very confident that it will continue to go well for

Stirling Moss

He is thrilled to be back where he belongs. He still has a substantial amount of recovery to undertake but says that he has determination and a great pit crew. He and Lady Moss are enormously grateful to the medical staff, both here and abroad, who worked so tirelessly to make all this possible. They also want to thank, from the bottom of their hearts, all the family, friends and fans for their love and support. It has been overwhelming and given them a lot of strength, smiles and

George Yeo - Kerry Logistics

The problem is that there are beneficiaries and losers. For example, Singapore is a beneficiary of roaming because it has lots inbound tourists, while Cambodia is on the other side of the coin. We have to find a mechanism to equate

William Ma - Noah Holdings

I think this is a very smart move. If you look at Chinese community, wealth management and asset management is going to be a bigger and bigger industry. We believe it is a good way to access the consumers, the middle class in China's market. We believe the decision is a very smart

Ching Wei Hong - Oversea-Chinese Banking

This deal makes financial and strategic sense to us. A mortgage loans book of more than 2 billion Singapore dollars is not small. It would have taken us time and money to grow our mortgage loans organically by that amount. We are now getting an immediate boost to our mortgage loans

Samuel Tsien

We achieved broad-based loan growth, grew our private banking assets under management (AUM), and reported significantly higher fee

Jane Dacre

I have seen transponders in action in Singapore and you simply tape them near the femoral artery and they tell you a patient's pulse, their rhythm, and where they are. I think this sort of IT could be absolutely transformational in the NHS, but you go into the average hospital trust at the moment and it's hard to find a printer that

Bruce Liang

A.I. could play a big role in supporting prevention, diagnosis, treatment plans, medication management, precision medicine and drug creation. Health care manpower, augmented with A.I. tools, could better address increased health care demands in the

Taizo Son

Their parents, especially conventional mothers, (would) say no, you should learn how to make a business by working in a big company. And then if you like to (work in a startup), then you start. They begin to be afraid of leaving the company and stand in the frontier. In my gut feeling, in my opinion, we need a safety net to leave. Japanese society is designed so that people can be comfortable working for a big company. So we need every kind of safety net, so that even though they leave to start a company by themselves, the quality of life or safety of life is the same as

Taizo Son

The Singapore government is one of the most advanced and forward-thinking governments. That's why I started, not for an economic reason, nor to be a celebrity. This is our family's life

Vidyuth Srinivasan

We're choosing to start with second-hand re-sellers initially as we see a huge lack of trust in the luxury goods space, especially online. We have mapped significant parts of how, where and when authentic goods were made (so) for fakers to beat the system, they need to use the exact same specs as the authentic goods made in the last 100 years. I wouldn't completely rule it out, but it is incredibly

Nejla Matam-Finn

Government need to take a zero tolerance approach to counterfeiting in general, especially in places like Singapore that trade on their reputation for transparency, trust and strong rule of

Kwek Leng Beng

Performance in the 'Rest of Asia' division was negatively affected by geo-political tensions impacting inbound tourism into Seoul and

Abhishek Gupta - IDFC Securities

The big challenge that we've seen in the telco space is that the traditional players have not really adjusted very well to the digital transformation that's been happening in the rest of the world. We can grow across geographies without having to plonk in billions and billions of dollars, without having to acquire a telco, which is how traditionally telcos have grown … For the first time in the history of telecom, a telco can grow like an internet

Abhishek Gupta - IDFC Securities

Our customer satisfaction ratio was 90 plus percent. That's a good 20-odd percent higher than the rest of the

Abhishek Gupta - IDFC Securities

Customers love the fact that you provide them $20 for 20 GB. So that's really, definitely a big

Tan Kiat

There's no precedence or useful examples. What we do is try, experiment, start small, start fast (and) if you have to fail, fail fast. And learn those lessons and apply them

Anne Laliron

This collaboration is a significant step towards fully autonomous vehicles, which will enable us to offer different mobility solutions to our

Yaacob Ibrahim

AI.SG will do three key things. First, address major challenges that affect both society and industry, second invest in deep capabilities to catch the next wave of scientific innovation, and finally, grow A.I. innovation and adoption in

Yaacob Ibrahim

This will help industry to adopt data science and analytics technologies to address real-world

Tan Kiat

Singapore is a young country, but I think we have certain things working for us. Look at how we started, we were a a country of migrants with an entrepreneur

Piyush Gupta - Standard Chartered

We have had a good start to the year. Earnings were maintained at the quarterly high achieved a year ago as business momentum and productivity gains were sustained, offsetting the impact of a lower net interest margin. Our business pipeline is healthy, consistent with the recent improvement in economic data for key markets. While asset quality pressures appear to be moderating, we remain vigilant to continued headwinds in the oil and gas support services sector. Our diversified business lines, nimbleness in execution and strong balance sheet put us in good stead for the coming

Bernie Ecclestone

I had a lot of conversations about Vietnam. I didn't do anything. I was asked to go over and meet the president there but I didn't go because I thought we'd got enough in their area. If we don't mind, we're stealing from other people... whether or not the new regime will want to do something, I don't know. I doubt it because I got criticised for going to a place just for the money. They (the new Formula One management) are looking at things a little differently to the way I used to look at them. They will decide what they want to do. They want more races in America, which is quite

Daniel Ricciardo

It was a bit like that last year, even with the ultra-soft sometimes we didn't really find any lap time, but then other times it kind of worked like there were a few qualifying with Monaco, Singapore, where if you can get it to work it happens. But it just seems quite fragile, delicate, and we are still learning. We kind of understood it towards the end of last

Steve Okun

The U.S. has 14 different FTAs right now. The U.S.-Singapore FTA has slightly different provisions than the U.S-Korea FTA, which has slightly different provisions than the U.S.-Australia FTA, but that doesn't include countries like Malaysia and

Allan Zeman

I think that [tourism] seems to have bottomed out in Hong Kong at the moment…but it is rising a

David Scowsill - World Travel & Tourism Council

The center of the universe is moving to Asia. I think the secret for both locations is they have to continue to reinvent themselves with new product so that visitors, particularly on the leisure side, come not once, not twice, but continually visit the location every three or four

Lionel Yeo - Singapore Tourism Board

Partnerships with Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines allow us to go into the international marketing space in a much more concerted way and effective way. We also have very good partnerships with JTB in Japan and Flight Centre in Australia, and that's helping us to drive tourists from those destinations as

Allan Zeman

I think we need to look at having an event a month, and if we can, become the event capital of

Faisal Husain - Synechron

I think there are many cases where Asia is leapfrogging perhaps the West, especially in emerging markets where fintech is playing a major role in financial inclusions in payments and transfers and microlending. But in places like Dubai and Singapore, you see the government playing a helpful role in supporting the start-up community because the VCs haven't come there yet. (T)he world is large … So you do need these hubs. You cannot have one hub, being the (global)

Vivian Balakrishnan

We are a single layer of government. So we may not have invented the autonomous car, but in terms of speed, the change in rules and regulations, we can do so far more quickly than in many other

Nicholas Yang

You've got to think about what innovation can and technology can do in terms of social improvements. And this is something that the current administration is trying to do it's not just economic growth it's also social

Paul Berriman - PCCW

As we move towards smart cities and start to have smart parking, what we don't want to have is each different carpark having a different system on a map, and a different app. We need to have a single method, and that can only come from some leadership and guidance and standards from the government, and I think that's when there's a gap at the

Nicholas Yang

We try to develop robotics and artificial intelligence. What we are trying to do is, we're trying to free some of human resources up so they can do higher-value-added

Taavet Hinrikus - TransferWise

We can be the guinea pig. Hong Kong is a great place, it's right next to Shenzhen and they can try some of their innovations on us, and if they work, take it to a wider

Vivian Balakrishnan

This is different from the previous revolutions, where value is the rise from scarcity where people are trying to create monopolies and walled

Oliver Tonby - McKinsey & Company

I think many people are worried. You know if you've been doing the same job in the same way for 20-30 years, you suddenly now need to do it differently. You know that that comes with a little bit of

Chew Sutat

There have been some smaller-name companies that have been delisted, but just in the last half year, we've had EC World REIT, China Jinjiang Environment Holding, Dasin Retail Trust and each of them is between half and a million (Singapore dollars) in market cap, which is far larger than those delisted in the last half

Max Loh

There is the perception that they are not garnering sufficient value and interest from investors on the SGX. In addition, the historical unfavorable experiences with certain S-chip companies continue to cast a pall over the entire slate of companies in this

Sundaram Janakiramanan

The exchange will take action if the company does not satisfy the minimum financial performance over a certain period of time… In addition, since bearish market generally happens with poor economic performance, financial performance of these companies also will be poor. Thus, these companies may decide to delist and go

Wang Tao - Reuters

Brent oil looks neutral in a range of $51.30-$52.32 per

Jeffrey Halley

It is clear that the world has plenty of oil in stock, making OPEC's life that much harder ahead of its June production cut rollover

Charlie Swanton - Francis Crick Institute

It hasn't been easy for Laura. When I first told her she couldn't go back to Singapore to visit her

Tim Huxley

The range of maritime services in terms of ship management, financial services, legal services, as well as access to new equity remains as strong as ever. The city remains one of the best places in the world in which to set up and run a shipping

Sabrina Chao - Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings

The situation of inadequate manpower resources is particularly serious in Hong Kong, probably because there are many career choices for our young

Anthony Bourdain

Probably Changi Airport in Singapore has the best food; it has a hawker center for the employees that's open to the public. Tokyo has a sushi bar right near the gates serving flights to the States that's extraordinarily good for an airport sushi place. And, as important, it has a Lawson convenience store that has these ethereal egg salad sandwiches that defy logic and science with their deliciousness and apparent freshness. They sit there at near room temperature for I don't know how long on white bread wrapped in plastic, and I don't know why but they're ridiculously

Barry Lee

I cannot look forward to know how many delistings there will be. I can tell you my pipeline of potential IPOs is better than what it was, so that's the relative

Max Loh

One can focus purely on the number of listings versus the number of delistings... I think it's important to look at funds raised as an additional

Max Loh

The outlook for the Singapore IPO market remains positive, and there is a continued pipeline of companies wanting to list on the SGX. Ultimately, local entrepreneurial companies have a penchant to list on SGX as a platform for growth. The sectors with listing potential in Singapore include consumer products, industrials, health care and

Barry Lee

Major considerations include the ability to attract the optimal valuation by being listed due to the generally subdued economic climate of recent years and the increased regulatory compliance burden and associated costs from a listing, such as listing fees and compliance requirements, director fees, professional fees. Staying private also provides more flexibility for the management team to manage the growth of their

Sigrid Zialcita - Cushman & Wakefield

The cooling measures have been, I would say, successful in decelerating that momentum in prices and what we've seen is that they've come down from their peak levels about an average 10 to 11

Liam Wee Sin

Just as you have introduced curbs in seven stages, the easing of the curbs in my opinion should be done in stages as well. People do read it as a signal that the government watches the market very carefully, and where appropriate and at the right time, they are prepared to make some

Lim Say Boon

Stabilizing does not mean that the inventory already built up will not require some years to work through. They will still need some years to work through the inventory that's already out

Sigrid Zialcita - Cushman & Wakefield

We still need a lot of the cooling measures to be taken out if we would like to see prices go up

Liam Wee Sin

It is a good test, because this was the first launch of the year. Analysts were all interested to see what the take up was going to be like. To date, we have about 55 percent sold. To me that's very good and very healthy indeed. Buyers today are very discerning. Because of the cooling measures, they really have options on the table and can go around from showflat to showflat. At the end of the day, when they move around and compare notes and compare prices, we hope they end up buying a unit from

Liam Wee Sin

For this particular project, so far we have been getting about 90 percent local and 10 percent foreigners buying. They come from either China or

Chris Wei - Aviva

For example, giving access to financial institutions, to Singapore government databases for identity validation, for anti-money laundering validation etc., that helps a lot. So I think Singapore has taken a little bit of a lead in that. The journey is not over, it's a long-term one, but that, I think, is the next

Tan Su Shan

How DBS wants to play in this field is to be able to harness this fabulous technology, to be able to give us that reach and that ability to reach out to a bigger market, a wider market without the cost that comes with an incumbent, you know, branch-based

Tan Su Shan

If you're talking about the equity markets, Hong Kong, you know, is part of greater China and the Chinese story is alive and well – and kicking. From an equity markets perspective, I think the Hong Kong capital markets is still extremely strong, valuations are not that

Anna Marrs - Standard Chartered

I think that Singapore is really in the right place as where the growth is. So if you think about the deep capital markets here, this ability to finance regional growth, its focus on wealth management, that sort of access to regional and international wealth management [are] opportunities from Singapore. When you look at where China is investing, and you look at the One Belt, One Road markets, it's not just about Hong

David Mulford

The U.S. position over all these years we've been talking about has been to promote and assist the rise of other nations. It is an extraordinary historic performance by a strong country. In doing so, we have created all kinds of rivals and this has caused hitches and glitches and problems in the system, which now have to be addressed and it's appropriate that we address

Tommy Koh

I worry about the rise of protectionism and economic nationalism in the U.S. and in Europe. I see this as a direct threat to the prosperity and prospects of Asia. Asia has been able to make enormous progress because of the liberal economic order that the U.S., U.K. and other countries created at the end of the Second World War. And this liberal world order seems to be in

Tommy Koh

You've been there before and I'm surprised that memories are so short in America and Americans are flirting with protectionism a second

Tommy Koh

It is not fair for you to say there is protectionism everywhere, including Asia, so what's the big deal about the U.S. turning protectionist. The trend in Asia is in the other direction. We are opening up the economies, liberalizing, integrating with one another. The trend in America and Europe is a worry, because you are going in the other way. There is a significant difference between the dominant trend in Asia – which is towards opening up the economy, liberalizing, integrating – and the trend in the

David Mulford

There is no shortage of protectionism in Asia. Let's be frank about that. It is a major part of the Asian economic

David Mulford

Are there benefits to be derived by bilateral trade agreements versus ambitious global trade agreements. I think smaller countries that are competitive, aggressive confident could do very well in bilateral trade negotiations and don't always have to be involved in a large package that makes it harder to negotiate a variety of different things rather than a one-on-one

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

[I]n our effort to always be open about what we're doing, we said that we were going to change the Vinson's upcoming schedule. [W]e're doing exactly what we said, and that is, we're shifting her. Instead of continuing in one direction, as she pulled out of Singapore, she's going to continue part of her cruise down in that region, but she was on her way up to

Tom Vater

Since the May 2014 military coup, Bangkok has been gradually changing from a chaotic, bustling happy-go-lucky south-east Asian capital with a hedonistic bent into an increasingly drab and orderly bargain basement version of Singapore. Street food lies at the heart of this development. The more than 20,000 street food vendors who currently face eviction have long been one of the city's major attractions and Bangkok is regularly cited as one of the world's street food

K.T. McFarland

First of all, President Trump hired me, and he gave me a call on Thanksgiving Day to ask me to be the deputy national security adviser. The president and I have had a number of conversations over the last two months, really, about what my role would continue to be and where I could be best used for what his vision is of foreign policy. So I can tell you we talked about it again last night and there are changes coming, but I'm not going to tell you what they are. You've gotten enough secrets out of me this

Alex Baillie

What we knew about working with Singapore previously was that the infrastructure here is world-class, all the facilities are exactly what we needed to deliver events of a certain quality. The fandom has been growing quite organically for a long time…and the themes of Star Wars are as relevant today as it was 40 years

Azmi Danuri

There's something in Star Wars for all of us, whether it be about good versus evil, space battles, feisty princesses or interstellar politics…the appeal transcends borders, age and

Azmi Danuri

We haven't had a Star Wars event of this scale in Singapore since

George Richardson - World Bank Group

It might not be in Singapore dollars. It could be in another currency. That's a discussion we are having with DBS. Private wealth can, but 'retail retail' can'

George Richardson - World Bank Group

At the moment, regulations prevent retail from purchasing those. Private wealth can, but 'retail retail' can'

Gary Neville

Singapore was an obvious choice (to expand their business) because of our partners, Rowsley and Peter Lin, whom we've worked with and is a good friend. So this looked like a good place to expand

Eric Eichmann - Criteo

If you don't know whether the user is the same, you might not spend your dollars – or your Singapore dollars or your Yen – profitably so it's very important to be able to match the users. The penetration of online commerce is only 3 percent in Southeast Asia. Compare that to the U.S., and the U.S. is about 14

Hari Krishnan

These increases could be indicative of an uplift in seller

Sigrid Zialcita - Cushman & Wakefield

That actually boosted sentiment in the market. We've seen an increase in foot traffic and it's incentivizing a lot of

Bill Gurley

We have created a society where you can sue anybody for anything. That's going to happen first in Singapore or China, most likely China I would say, for a couple of reasons. You have a single-minded government that can make decisions implicitly. You have a much higher death rate per mile you have more of an incentive. There's zero chance that China can evolve the way America did as far as cars per household – it's just impossible, there's no's just much more likely to happen

Bob Aubrey

Singapore is a laboratory because it's small and the government has a lot of control, but you can start to look at what works and what doesn't work. Singapore used to be an excellent adopter. They would go around the world and find best practice and bring it in. That's changed, and now it is, We are

Tan Kwang Cheak

This practice allows us to draw on a wider, more robust and diverse pool of

Helen Lim

So why not take some of these experienced older ones that can stabilize the company? They've still got energy. It doesn't mean that when you pass 55 you are downhill. You may use all your experience and you can still contribute to the company. A bit of diversity, a bit of planning – I think companies are welcoming that kind of

Walter Theseira

When you look at (the re-employment) policy, it is very sensitive to the fact that the biggest concern with older workers for employers is – to put it bluntly – whether employers think they will get their money's

Joseph Coleman

At a time when we would want more people participating in the labor force, we've got a relatively healthy, very educated, skilled section of the population that's being cut out of the workforce. This is a resource that's not being tapped

Khoon Goh - Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

There is no doubt that Singapore's economic data has improved. We need much stronger improvement before MAS will contemplate exiting the neutral

Bernard Aw - IG Markets

March saw a sharp increase in cost pressures, the steepest in over three-and-a-half years, as wage inflation gained momentum. At the same time, prices charged for Singaporean goods and services rose only modestly, indicating an on-going squeeze on margins. Unless demand increases further, this could have repercussions on investment and hiring plans in the months

Selena Ling - OCBC Bank

Both growth-inflation dynamics remain within their comfort zone and any upside (or downside) risks to their forecasts are muted for the foreseeable

Alex Capri

I think the long term plans for China, if you look at their 5-year plan to develop in terms of high technology – you know, the China 2025 plan – the renminbi is a very important part of that. They want the renminbi to be a major currency for trade, for transactions, so it's not really in their interests, medium-term, to devalue

Alex Capri

There will be an increase in anti-dumping duties, there will be an increase in countervailing duties levied against Chinese products. It's unlikely that we will see an across-the-board tariff of 45 percent across a whole suite of Chinese products. [The Chinese government] could certainly make business much more difficult for companies on the ground in China, and it's not exactly easy for them now as

Risto Vidakovic

We will see [if Ceres can maintain top position]. All the teams are strong. We have champions from Vietnam and strong teams from Malaysia and Singapore. You can see from the table it's not big difference from first to last. One win and many things can

Alistair Cox

I thought, That's exciting. If we are going to be a world-class country, you need world-class people and I don't feel the UK's doors have been open to the world's best talent for years because we have had restrictions on non-EU migration. I fail to see why we would welcome a very good engineer from Europe but close the door to one from Singapore or Canada or Australia. It makes no sense at

Robbie Hoyes-Cock

I think it's very equal. There's a lot of up-and-coming performers who are getting more regional and international

Corinne Bailey Rae

I play in Asia all the time … I go to South Korea a lot, I'm going to Japan after this. I've been to Singapore before. I love it here, I very much enjoy spending time in Asia. The jazz scene in Asia is really exciting. For me, the main thing is that it attracts so many young people. It's going to be really exciting to see lots of new

John Springsteen

There are many attractive prospects in ... Alaska, particularly when it comes to oil and gas development and our other natural resources. We are an enterprise infrastructure investor and we have a history of working with the money from Singapore and money from Korea, money from Japan, in order to meet the mutual interests for energy

Markus Tay

The cooling measures had lowered demand and curbed speculation, resulting in less

Markus Tay

This is a very high number in a quarter. 2017 will be a very good year for high-end property market with demand picking

Samuel Eyo - Christie's International Real Estate

The asking price isn't very high, it's only Singapore dollar 48 million ($34.4 million). He's asking a very reasonable price. We are not struggling to find a

Markus Tay

Recently, the government lowered the seller's stamp duty by 4 percentage points for each tier. This has helped to improve market sentiment, as many believe that more cooling measures will be

Desmond Sim - Cbre

It's not really a surprise statistic. Usually the first quarter is a little bit slow. It tends to run up a little bit more after the second quarter. We are seeing big size GCBs being chopped up into smaller sizes. So to have a relatively good size, more than 15,000 square feet, is a

Desmond Sim - Cbre

It's the crème-de-la-crème. It's always something that Singaporean's would yearn

Markus Tay

Before the introduction of [Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty] and Sellers Stamp Duty (SSD), there were more transactions. Now, sales volumes are

Desmond Sim - Cbre

It might seem a little bit slow this year with only three. We remain relatively confident that the transactions will come

Gordon Ramsay

There's no f****** way I eat on planes. I worked for airlines for 10 years, so I know where this food's been and where it goes, and how long it took before it got on board. A nice selection of Italian meats, a little glass of red wine, some sliced apples or pears with some parmesan cheese. I'm like a pig in s***.feedback

Rick Levin - Coursera

In Pakistan, Egypt, Mongolia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Singapore we have relationships with the governments, where we're actually using our courses to help them develop their workforce and 'upskill'. We have one such example in the state of Maine. There's a tremendous opportunity in the United States through state workforce development programs … and there should be some opportunities in the upcoming tax-reform bill, should it

John Nelson

There's been a lot of enthusiasm from a number of EU countries for Lloyd's to come to their country. If you look at the way we operate in different parts of the world – in Singapore, in China – nobody would say that we've gone there with our hubs because it's a light touch, light regulation regime. Quite the opposite. So anywhere we go, we want really good quality, firm regulation. We don't want to go to a sort of banana republic type country, but there aren't many of those, fortunately, in

Joel Robuchon

A nice selection of Italian meats, a little glass of red wine, some sliced apples or pears with some parmesan cheese, I'm like a pig in s***.feedback

Sadiq Khan

What we don't want to happen is businesses leaving London and leaving Europe and going to New York, Singapore and Hong Kong, or even Seoul. And so, I'm keen to keep the businesses we have. London is open. It's not simply open to business and talent, and to trade, it's also state of mind. It's open-minded,

Mohamed Nasser Ismail

SGX is well known for our listing standards, high regulation standards and expectations on all listed companies. (Such a reputation) matters (for companies) when they're looking for new business partners and going into new

Mohamed Nasser Ismail

I don't think what we have envisaged for dual-class share structure is until that extent, where investors are merely financial investors and have no say in the direction of the company. We're not there yet. We're not the U.S. market that has other mechanisms for regulating corporate excesses like class action suits. So, an offering like Snap is not something that would be considered here, not at this time. It's pretty radical. Well, we proposed it, (but) I don't know what the outcome will be, frankly… What the market thinks of this matters a lot, not so much my

Harsh Modi - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

There are two drivers. One is asset quality is starting to stabilize so credit costs are starting to come off, which is a very big positive. Also as the activity data on export, domestic manufacturing picks up, we're starting to get a pick-up in operating profit growth. Margin growth, loan growth are coming back so it's across the board. And it's very likely that we may be underestimating the upside here. Generally, when Singapore dollar rates go up, then Singapore banks make money. That has not happened yet in a meaningful