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This is someone who is alone and just a person available to communicate with about someone who is not there. That is her brother's friend who lives and works in Oman and with whom she communicates through Skype. She does research on the internet that becomes an extension of our own memory or knowledge.
Mar 19 2017
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Peter Lee - Microsoft Research

I can't tell you how dismaying it was when we found out stuff wasn't working well for Skype Translator when we first embarked on that. But now that we're climbing that mountain, we're in possession of these speech and translation models, especially the speech models – they're shockingly good.

Peter Lee - Microsoft Research

It was a complete surprise to me. Satya really put us in jail with this Skype Translator thing.

Derrick Connell - Bing

It's the modern era – you don't have to be an expert in speech and language understanding. Just use our tools. Go build your branded bot with our tools and put it on whatever canvas – it might be Slack, it might be Facebook Messenger. We hope it might be Skype or Windows. But you choose.

David Buttress -

What's been really exciting to see is the advancement of technology, particularly in the last three of four years around robotics which has made this really achievable in the coming years, not ten years away.

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

It wasn't easy at all, it took a lot of reassurance, a lot of conversations over the phone, by email, on Skype, on Facebook. They really were scared to speak. Of course it's difficult for any woman to talk about abortion, whether it's legal or not. The first thing we had to do was to take a written commitment for us not to reveal their identity, and that was reassuring.

Miki Kuusi

We are looking to expand to other countries, starting with the Nordic region.

Steve Ballmer - Microsoft

Today is a big day for Microsoft and Skype, as well as consumers and businesses around the world. We're making life better – by providing tools that help people to learn, to analyse, to take action, as well as to enjoy and to socialise.

Gabriella Cortellessa

The idea is to incorporate sensors that can help monitor different kinds of situations, to help prevent dangerous scenarios inside a home like gas or water leaks for example, but also to monitor any symptoms of illness in the patient.

Artur Santos

Learning how to send emails, use Facebook and other platforms like Skype, means that distances between people are lessened, and especially the gap between grandparents and grandchildren is closed.

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