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Melania Trump
As most of you know, before being elected president my husband was never in politics. So you can imagine that after he won we were very busy with all that goes into preparing for a new administration and all the changes that we as a family would be facing. To be honest, what I would wear to the inaugural ball was the last thing on my mind, in fact by the time I got around to thinking about my wardrobe choice poor Hervé was only given two weeks to design and produce this couture
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Oct 21 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Smithsonian. You'll find 92 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about Smithsonian are: Doug Erwin, Ted R. Schultz, David J. Skorton and Melania Trump. Doug Erwin specifically said: “Any comparison of a long-term rate to a short term one almost inevitably comes up with a higher short-term rate.”.
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Martin Collins

Many people grasp that satellites are important in our lives, but they may not see exactly in what

David J. Skorton

Gus brings an impressive combination of knowledge, experience, communication skills, and passion to the National Museum of African Art. His presence at the museum will boost its already prestigious programs and compelling exhibitions and inspire more people across the nation and around the world to explore the rich cultural heritage of African

Gus Casely-Hayford

I want to draw in everyone, not just people of African descent. Africa has a fantastically rich heritage, and we know so little about

Gail Ashton - British Antarctic Survey

The loss of biodiversity is very concerning. This is an indication of what may happen elsewhere with greater

Nick Pyenson

Every mammal on the planet was a suction feeder since the origin of mammals. It's the basic way a mammal feeds as a

Robert Boessenecker

It's a highly specialized species but it's essentially a dead

W. Fitzhugh Brundage

A slave whipping post isn't something we want up, just out in public without interpretation. But on the other hand, if you have it in the Smithsonian where people can see it and it can be properly interpreted, it's a valuable teaching

Alexander MacDonald - Nasa

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are really following their own intrinsic motivations; they want their own futures in space. What's different from them to [philanthropist] Andrew Carnegie or [Smithsonian director] Charles Abbot? The best mechanism for achieving their motivations is a corporation. The Carnegie model was make all your money and donate it through a philanthropic foundation. These guys are still in their forties. They intend to be in the game of trying to advance our activity in space for the rest of their

Gerardo Ceballos

Even these common species are declining. Eventually, they'll become endangered, and eventually they'll be

Jacquelyn Gill

At the end of the day, protecting biodiversity is the goal. Even if this isn't a mass extinction, we're clearly still losing species that we care about. The loss of the white rhino hurts even if wasn't geologically

Gerardo Ceballos

At the end of this, we'll probably be able to say, yes, we were in the sixth mass extinction and we lost 75% of everything. But we don't have to wait until the

Gerardo Ceballos

If jaguars become extinct in Mexico, it doesn't matter if there are still jaguars in Brazil for the role that jaguars play in Mexican ecosystems. Or we might able to keep California condors alive forever, but if there are just 10 or 12 individuals, they won't be able to survive without human intervention. We're missing the point when we focus just on species

Jacquelyn Gill

The real trouble with mass extinctions, from a modern perspective, is that it's really hard to know you're in one before it's too late. By the time you compile the casualty list, the damage is done. What's really powerful about [Ceballos's new] study is that it focuses not on the losses, but on the early warning signals. Population declines are a common precursor to extinction, and it's a process we can actually do something

Doug Erwin

Any comparison of a long-term rate to a short term one almost inevitably comes up with a higher short-term

Doug Erwin

Yeah, everything's fine until it's not. And then everything goes to

Doug Erwin

If we're really in a mass extinction–if we're in the [End- Permian mass extinction 252 million years ago]–go get a case of

Doug Erwin

So there are estimates of what the standing crop of passenger pigeons was in the nineteenth century. It's like 5 billion. They would black out the

Doug Erwin

People who claim we're in the sixth mass extinction don't understand enough about mass extinctions to understand the logical flaw in their argument. To a certain extent they're claiming it as a way of frightening people into action, when in fact, if it's actually true we're in a sixth mass extinction, then there's no point in conservation

Doug Erwin

And this is seven hours into the blackout. New York City is almost dark. The blackout extended all the way up into Toronto, all the way out to Michigan and Ohio. It covered a huge section of both Canada and the United States. And it was largely due to a software bug in a control room in

Doug Erwin

Because it was not clear how to manage that collapse–although after the fact it was clear that it should have been easily contained–it cascaded into failure of grids across the northeastern United States ... I mention this because it turns out that, from a mathematical point of view, the problem of understanding these food webs is exactly the [same] problem as understanding the nature of the power grid. There's a very rapid collapse of the ecosystem during these mass

Doug Erwin

So you can ask, Okay, well, how many geographically widespread, abundant, durably skeletonized marine taxa have gone extinct thus far?' And the answer is, pretty close to

Doug Erwin

He was using this as an example of the destruction of plants in these cloud forests in Venezuela, all of which could be completely true. The problem is, the probability of finding one of those cloud forests in the fossil record is

Doug Erwin

The only hope we have in the future, is if we're not in a mass extinction

Richard Roberts

People must have been involved in heating the flints, and these have been dated directly using well-established TL

Richard Potts

I think we have a good instance of early Homo sapiens from

Richard Potts

This view promoted by Hublin is by no means a slam dunk, but it is feasible. It will doubtless be tested over and over by further African fossil discoveries in this important time

Richard Roberts

I feel the authors have presented pretty convincing evidence for the presence of early modern humans at the site by 300,000 years ago and possibly a little

Richard Potts

In short, the dating has a lot of [indirect] links in the chain of

Shannon McPherron

The overall picture that one gets is a hunting

Frank Brown

I think it's wonderful that finally we've got a date from Jebel Irhoud. They're not Homo neanderthalensis. They're not Homo erectus. They're not Homo anybody

David J. Skorton

The Smithsonian family stands together in condemning this act of hatred and intolerance, especially repugnant in a museum that affirms and celebrates the American values of inclusion and diversity. We will not be intimidated. Cowardly acts like these will not, for one moment, prevent us from the vital work we

David J. Skorton

The Smithsonian is committed to be a welcoming, inclusive, and safe place for all. I know you join me in deploring this act. A criminal investigation is

Nick Pyenson

We really are living in the time of giants. Why is that?feedback

Graham Slater

If you are a whale, the easiest way to take advantage of dense but sparsely available resources is to get big. If you are big, you basically can get more miles to the

Nicola Astudillo-Defru

The present conditions of the red dwarf are particularly favorable -- LHS 1140 spins more slowly and emits less high-energy radiation than other similar low-mass

Jason Dittmann

This is the most exciting exoplanet I've seen in the past decade. We could hardly hope for a better target to perform one of the biggest quests in science – searching for evidence of life beyond Earth. What's great about having a density ahead of an atmospheric study is that this density tells you how tightly the planet holds on to its atmosphere (the atmospheric scale height).feedback

Victoria Meadows

M dwarfs are the most common type of star in the galaxy, and the discovery of LHS 1140b provides us with an excellent opportunity to learn more about whether planets orbiting these stars are habitable. If planets like LHS 1140b orbiting M dwarfs can be habitable, then it will increase the potential prevalence of life throughout the

Jason Dittmann

Since these two things have similar effects, you can't disentangle the two. Here, having a mass measurement is super helpful because then you already know the effect of the mass of the planet, and anything 'extra' can be due to

Jason Ditton

We could hardly hope for a better target to perform one of the biggest quests in science: searching for evidence of life beyond

Jacobus J. Boomsma

The K-T boundary must have created tremendous novel empty niche space where surviving organisms could 'experiment' with wild innovation without being wiped out by traditional competitors right away. The innovation point comes out clearly, one lineage of specialized predators (this is rare among the evolutionary derived ants) and one lineage inventing fungus

Ted R. Schultz

It isn't like we proved cause and effect. But it fits the dating. It's a pretty nice circumstantial

Ted R. Schultz

In lower ant agriculture, the ants are obligate symbiotes – they have to grow fungus to survive. But the fungi, they are perfectly capable of living without the

Jacobus J. Boomsma

The 'out of the rain forest' domestication result is also very interesting. That really changes the way we think about the history of ant

Ted R. Schultz

For 60 million years, the ants have been doing this. If you want to be an agriculturist, why wouldn't you want to look at some other successful agriculturalists?feedback

Adrienne Crosier

The average litter size is three, so this time we've got an incredible pile of cubs. In just one week, we increased the number of cheetahs at SCBI by 50 percent. Each and every cub plays a significant role in improving the health of the population of cheetahs in human care and represents hope for the species

Lonnie Bunch

It is a distinct honor to have these photographs that tell an important part of America's history. We are pleased and humbled to work with the Library of Congress to ensure that this rare and significant collection will be preserved and made accessible to the American

Paula Jones

We have collected food history for many years, so when we were doing the research for the exhibition, which is all about big changes in the post WWII era in how and what we eat, one thing we were curious about is the craft beer movement. We were looking at wine, coffee, cheese, artisanal bread, and farmers markets. Well, this movement with small-scale, local regional beer is part of the

Theresa McCulla

Smithsonian has already used food as a very critical and successful entry point into talking with the public about much bigger questions relating to American history. We really feel quite strongly that beer is a very effective lens into much bigger questions about American history. If you look at the history of beer, you can understand stories related to immigration and industrialization and urbanization. You can look at advertising and the history of consumer culture and changing consumer taste. Brewing is integrated into all facets of American

Theresa McCulla

One common stereotype about American beer is its identity as largely, if not exclusively, masculine. But the history shows us that the very first brewers were women and enslaved peoples who brewed beer in the

Mike Ness

Around the house, my father liked country and my mother was more rock & roll. I remember a lot of Johnny Cash, the Dillards and Buck Owens. Country music was just always in the background and I absorbed all of it. Also, this was in the period of the folk revival, so we had that big Smithsonian box set [The Anthology of American Folk Music] where I distinctly remember hearing the Carter Family for the first time. Their tones and that style of music really resonated with me as a kid. Early on, I wanted Social D to be the Carter Family with electric

Lonnie Bunch

Anytime you have a new president, you want this person to care about the

David Norman

The repercussions of this research are both surprising and profound. The bird-hipped dinosaurs, so often considered paradoxically named because they appeared to have nothing to do with bird origins, are now firmly attached to the ancestry of living

Elizabeth Cottrell

I liked knowing and understanding how things worked. This planet started as a big, mixed-up ball of metal and rock. How did we get from stardust to skyscrapers . . .? I love geology's ability to explain the world around me. Kids are often amazed to find out how much we don't know, and how much they can

Shami Chatterjee

I am not exaggerating when I say there are more models for what FRBs could be than there are

Avi Loeb

An artificial origin is worth contemplating and checking. Deciding what's likely ahead of time limits the possibilities. It's worth putting ideas out there and letting the data be the

Matthew Bailes

Duncan Lorimer and I were just completely gobsmacked. The day we discovered the first FRB we couldn't

Manasvi Lingam

That's big enough to carry living passengers across interstellar or even intergalactic

Matthew Bailes

We don't have a convincing model for FRBs at the moment. The leading model is some form of very exotic neutron

Mary Jo Arnoldi

Some of them are too big, some of them are too fragile and some just don't fit into the stories we are telling in the current

James Guillochon

For most of the time we've been looking at this object, it has been growing rapidly. This tells us something unusual -- like a star twice as heavy as our Sun -- is being fed into the black

LeBron James

Every professional athlete, regardless of race and gender, owes a huge debt of gratitude to Muhammad Ali. His legacy deserves to be studied and revered by every generation. I am honored to partner with the Smithsonian to celebrate one of the most influential figures in our nation's history who, along with Jackie Robinson and Jesse Owens, used the power of sports to advance our civil

Howard-John Wesley

It's a beautiful thing, especially in this day and time when we're fighting to remind ourselves how important black lives

Donald Sparks

Hopefully this grand occasion allows the rest of the nation to come out and see a building that's not just for African-Americans, it's for all of America. I'm just elated and can't express how much joy and gratitude I have to be here today and witness

Robert L. Wilkins

It's been 100 years in the making. So many people have dreamed about this, fought for this and wanted this to

David J. Skorton

Opening now, at a time when social and political discord remind us that racism is not, unfortunately, a thing of the past, this museum can, and I believe will, help us advance the public

Shaun Williams - National Transportation Safety Board

Remains of a bald eagle was found on the tail of the aircraft. Remains were sent to the Feather Identification Lab at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. There, they were able to determine that the portions of feather and other material came from an immature bald

Steve Brusatte

Timurlengia would be a frightening creature, in the same way that a lion is pretty frightening to us. But if you were somehow transported into an alternate dimension and had a choice between facing down a Timurlengia or a T. rex, you would go with Timurlengia

Barack Obama

This won't apply to the benefits folks get through Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare. And it won't apply to our national security including benefits for veterans. But it will apply to all other discretionary government

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