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Nimay Mehta - Lead Edge Capital
The internet is tougher. There's a lot of capital sitting on the sidelines and all of us are looking for great ideas and places to put our
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NEW Apr 25 2017
The latest person who has talked about Snapchat is Jim Cramer: “Ultimately, the only thing that you need to fear about owning stocks is fear itself, the fear that professionals drum into your head that you're way too dumb to put two and two together and pick stocks that are behind the phone you love, those boxes at your door, the application you check endlessly, or the shows you watch even if you cut your cord. Until we get a clearer road map here, unfortunately, I think the stocks will have a very hard time finding bottom.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Jim Cramer and all the other people that have spoken about Snapchat. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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Heather Poole

In 99.9 percent of situations, it's not what a passenger did, but how they responded when confronted or asked to do something. I know you have a really difficult job to do but. …. That melted my heart. If someone says that to me, it's like: 'Snap! I hear you.' It doesn't usually go like

Marco Petagna

Temperatures will recover back towards average by the weekend, so it's only a short-lived spell of cold weather. There will be widespread frost and sleet and snow showers in some

Marco Petagna

There's a big change on the way. Certainly Tuesday and Wednesday nationwide look to be much colder days next week. Monday will be a transition day and we'll start to see colder air pushing down across the north and then much colder across all areas the following two days. We're going to see a northerly feed of air come across the UK, so the wind is swinging down from the

Kim Kardashian

I think dieting is so important to weight loss, whereas, I didn't really ever think that before. I thought, Oh, I can work out, I can just eat whatever I want.' But you have to work out all the

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

Most of them won't be in users' hands anytime soon. Facebook has the resources to move fast in this area and the audience to spread those features much more widely than

Nick Pinchuk - Snap-On

What I told the president is one of the key things about Snap-On ... [is] our people generate customization in the midst of

Serena Williams

Ok so this book Kelly wrote is a guide for new moms. One of these days I hope to apply this (but for now I'll stick to my dog Chip). The introduction is hilarious and had me hooked from the first word! Congrats my

John McDonnell

The economy is going to turn, we are seeing inflation increasing, wages stagnate and people in heavy debt. They know … they'll be deeply

Donald J. Trump

Right now, widespread abuse in our immigration system is allowing American workers of all backgrounds to be replaced by workers brought in from other countries to fill the same job for, sometimes, less pay. This will stop. Some of them (IT firms) had started their journey some years ago. They wanted to be seen less as job snatchers and more as multinational organisations. This (executive order) reinforces the decision. They (IT firms) are saying we'll have to increase our US footprint by hiring more people there (US).feedback

Amanda Lenhart

They're first-movers, in many ways. It speaks to the level of embeddedness of the technology in black youths' lives and their willingness to move into new platforms more quickly than their

Hope Wright

I don't actually want to have a lot of social media. I've heard a lot of things happen that I want to avoid. Some people use it to make friends, but I don't. I make them in

Adrian Kavanagh

It's a huge iceberg and it's in so close that people can get a good photograph of it. It's the biggest one I ever seen around here. You can see off in the distance on a clear day . . . you can see five or six big

Rick Secor - Snap-On

We will continue to abide by all visa regulations set forth by the U.S. government for the handful of people we

Ron Hira

As much as industry claims they are not using H-1B visas for cheap labor, in reality, this is what they care about – the lower cost. This is legal underpayment. Industry claims these are super specialized workers, so what gives? They are paying below what you would pay an average American in that job. It lowers the wages for everybody in that sector, depressing what Americans can

Jeremy Corbyn

The Prime Minister also says this campaign will be about leadership. So then let's have a head-to-head TV debate about the future of our country. Why has she rejected that request?feedback

Theresa May

The country is coming together but Westminster is not… if we do not hold an election now (opposition politicians') political game playing will

Theresa May

As our Prime Minister Theresa May has said, the country is coming together, but Westminster is

Theresa May

Britain is leaving the European Union and there can be no turning back. And as we look to the future, the Government has the right plan for negotiating our new relationship with Europe. At this moment of enormous national significance there should be unity here in Westminster, but instead there is

Theresa May

We need a general election and we need one now. The country is coming together, but Westminster is not. Division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of Brexit and it will cause damaging uncertainty and instability to the country. Every vote for the Conservatives means we can stick to our plan for a stronger Britain and take the right long-term decisions for a more secure

Alex Dryden - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

For us, for U.K. investors, it certainly adds to the short-term noise, but what it might lead to is a softer Brexit. A bigger majority for the Conservatives in the House of Commons might allow Theresa May to talk a softer Brexit stance which is why we've seen the pound nose up since the election

Donald Tusk - European Council

It was (Alfred) Hitchcock, who directed Brexit: first an earthquake and the tension

Tim Bale

She has a small majority, a big task ahead of her and a huge opinion poll lead. If you put all those things together, they equal a general

Donald J. Trump

We believe jobs must be offered to American workers first. Does that make sense? Right now widespread abuse in our immigration system is allowing American workers of all backgrounds to be replaced by workers brought in from other countries to fill the same job for sometimes less pay. This will stop. American workers have long called for reforms to end these visa abuses and today their calls are being answered for the first

Mike van Dulken - Accendo Markets

Calls for a negative open for equities come after losses on Wall St amid mixed corporate results overnight (Yahoo! beat, IBM missed), another leg down for Crude Oil drove a poor session in Asia and additional GBP strength took FTSE futures lower. Copper may be off its worst levels, but remains in a clear downtrend, although a rebound for Iron Ore offers some respite for a commodity sector troubled by scepticism about stimulus; too much in China and nothing to show yet from Trump in the

Mark Mahaney

Snapchat showed what you could do with a camera. Now Facebook is going after them

Amber Rudd

The choice [between the parties] is clear-cut, but the decision to call this election was anything

Amber Rudd

The point is with the EU they will know we have a small majority. They will watch the polls, see the debates, they read the newspapers. It's important for the EU to realise we have a strong government that is supported by the country so that we can get the best negotiation with them. Division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of

Tim Sehn - Facebook

We never wanted third-party apps on our platform. We have created a product where it is more critically important than ever before that we control the end user experience. We've made commitments to our

Joaquin Candela - Facebook

This is heaven. We have this massive release channel and we're just going to keep putting stuff in

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

We're going to go through a period where people don't understand what we're doing. And don't understand the full vision. But, hey, that's the cost of entry to doing anything

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

There's all these different random effects which are fun, but also foundational to a platform where people can create 3D objects and put them into the

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Facebook is so much about marrying the physical world with online. When you can make it so that you can intermix digital and physical parts of the world, that's going to make a lot of our experiences better and our lives richer. The camera needs to be more central than the text box in all of our apps. We're making the camera the first augmented reality platform. Even though they'll feel a little bit different in terms of features between Instagram and WhatsApp and Messenger, all the stuff that developers are going to build is going to be fundamentally compatible with cameras in all of

Jeremy Corbyn

Well, it's an opportunity for the people of this country to change the direction of this country, to decide they do not want a hard Brexit, they want to keep Britain in the single market, and indeed, it's an opportunity for us to have a decent strong opposition in this country, that we desperately

Nicola Sturgeon

But it's very clear that the prime minister's announcement today is one all about the narrow interests of her own party, not the interests of the country overall. Clearly she sees the opportunity given the total disarray in the ranks of the Labour party to crush all opposition to her, to get rid of people who disagree with

Jeremy Corbyn

I welcome the opportunity for us to put the case to the people of Britain, to stand up against this Government and it's failed economic agenda which has left our NHS in problems, our schools underfunded and left so many people uncertain. We want to put a case out there to the people of Britain of a society that cares for all, an economy that works for all and a Brexit that works for all. We're going out there to put the case for how this country could be run. How it could be different, how we could have a much fairer society that works for all, for everybody in our

Gerwin Schalk

If you could somehow interface with a computer directly, bypassing all the constraints of your sensory motor capacities, you could make all the feelings and perceptions and desires of a person directly accessible to technology. You could completely eliminate this communication bottleneck and essentially create a symbiotic relationship between technology and the

Terry Scuoler

Industry will welcome the Prime Minister's decision to seek a clear mandate. The last year has been one of considerable uncertainty which, if it had gone on unchecked, would have risked hampering future investment. We have significant negotiations to undertake with our partners in the rest of Europe and, doing this with a fresh and stable mandate from the country can only provide greater certainty about the future direction of travel for policy, and the potential to seek the best deal possible for the

Alex Ohanian

It feels good. He's incredibly – a really nice person. I think he definitely treats everyone the same, which is really cool to see. Really, really nice to

Alistair Carmichael

I think actually it makes her look a little bit arrogant and a little bit complacent. She's taking people for granted already and voters never like

Theresa May

So we need a general election and we need one now, because we have at this moment a one-off chance to get this done while the European Union agrees its negotiating position and before the detailed talks begin. I have only recently and reluctantly come to this conclusion. Since I became Prime Minister I have said that there should be no election until 2020, but now I have concluded that the only way to guarantee certainty and stability for the years ahead is to hold this election and seek your support for the decisions I must

Jeremy Corbyn

I welcome the Prime Minister's decision to give the British people the chance to vote for a government that will put the interests of the majority first. Labour will be offering the country an effective alternative to a government that has failed to rebuild the economy, delivered failing living standards and damaging cuts to our schools and NHS [National Health Service]. In the last couple of weeks, Labour has set out policies that offer a clear and credible choice for the country. We look forward to showing how Labour will stand up for the people of

Crispin Odey

Economically speaking this is probably the best time she can do it but the current environment won't last and things are bound to get

Michael Rake

If the election empowers the Prime Minister to negotiate a pragmatic Brexit with appropriate transitional arrangements it will be

Rafael Behr

The prime minister claims to want unity over Brexit, but this move is designed to call out her rivals as sowers of discord. Psychologists talk about hindsight bias: our tendency to project inevitability on to unforeseen events. That which surprised us yesterday will tomorrow be treated as if there were no other way things might have

Brian Wieser - Pivotal Research Group

The copycatting impacts sentiment among investors because to some degree the advertising spending that goes to Instagram and Snapchat comes from the same pool. To the extent that Instagram can launch all these Snapchat-like features, advertisers may wonder why they're advertising with

Gemma Craven - Social & Mobile

To me, Snapchat has always been ahead of the curve. I fondly call it the 'Snapchat effect.' They lead and others follow. Snap called itself a camera company and now Facebook is talking about the camera being the most important part of any device, you see it all

Noah Mallin

Instagram is still a place for users to show off their day in images and has built an aesthetic around smartphone photography. What brings many users back to Snapchat is… the messaging they do with

Brian Fitzgerald

In our proprietary survey we were surprised to see that Snapchat's engagement is growing in older demographics. We found that usage has increased across the platform, but the most improvement has been seen in users aged

Veit Medick - Spiegel Gruppe

Jones isn't crazy. He is well-read, knows how to do his research and knows a bit about international politics. When the microphone is off, his speech sometimes sounds as dry as if he were a member of the European Commission. But when the microphone is on, he slips into his role and becomes a

Tom Brady

Mom is doing better. She's been going through a lot – a lot of intensive

Alec Berg

We have difficult CEOs and people who are bombastic and somewhat enamored with themselves. I'm not saying anyone whose name may or may not be Travis, I'm just saying that's what I've

Alec Berg

He has a perspective because he's slightly removed from it all and he can look at Silicon Valley from the outside. As comedians, what we're always trying to do is look at the way systems work from the outside and kind of take them

Bryan Carter

Emerging markets have been strengthening from the fundamental case for several months. We made the decision back in September that emerging GDP growth rates ... were re-accelerating, so we thought we were back in a bullish

Nicola Sturgeon

Having written to Theresa May on the back of the Scottish Parliamentary vote, I've said some time after the Easter recess I will set out what I consider the next steps to be, but I will set that out to parliament. These are not the kinds of things I am thinking of. I was elected as First Minister just less than a year ago. I've got a responsibility to lead this country. But I also think it's right that Scotland doesn't have our future direction as a country imposed on us, but that we get to choose

Johnelle Allen

One of my friends was following them on Snapchat, and she kind of got me

Nicola Sturgeon

But I also think it's right that at the right time Scotland doesn't have our future direction as a country imposed on us, but that we get to choose

Nicola Sturgeon

I'm absolutely clear that the position of Theresa May, I just don't think is politically sustainable. If the Scottish parliament is of the opinion, as it is because it has voted in this way, that Scotland should be given a choice, not now, but when the time is right, when there is clarity about Brexit and when obviously there is clarity also about independence, that we should have a choice about our

Bill Gurley

Evan, as we've watched him evolve, was also one of the first people to exploit AR. Those features were in the phone for like two or three years ... no one did it. Evan did it. Which is pretty

Bill Gurley

It was fairly early – I think it was a single warehouse. I remember because Scott Cook and I did a presentation on why the employees should not watch the stock price everyday, at Jeff's request. I would say of all the people I know, he's certainly the most strategic thinker I've ever met. When we first stumbled upon this opportunity years ago, there was a lot of noise that suggested the company was all about sexting. When we spent more time with Evan, he had a very passionate view that social media, as it was defined at that moment, was

Isabel Lopez

She was like, you know, everybody at work is going crazy, because they're saying ICE is coming. Even people on Snapchat were talking about

John Ions

If I can hire one new fund management team a year for the next three years, I would do well. There's a lot out there, finding good ones [is when it] becomes

Cole Sprouse

This instagram is dedicated to the people out there who secretly take photos of me, and how I take photos of them first. May the fastest camera

Sandy Miller - Institutional Venture Partners

You don't want to see stocks double or triple on the IPO. Snap and others are up in a nice pattern and I think [they] set the stage

Josh Protas

No one is suggesting that people who don't want to work should get benefits. There are stereotypes about SNAP recipients, and myths about the program … that are very harmful to people in need who could take advantage of

Jim Cramer

Ultimately, the only thing that you need to fear about owning stocks is fear itself, the fear that professionals drum into your head that you're way too dumb to put two and two together and pick stocks that are behind the phone you love, those boxes at your door, the application you check endlessly, or the shows you watch even if you cut your cord. Until we get a clearer road map here, unfortunately, I think the stocks will have a very hard time finding

Jim Cramer

Trump can't force utilities to use more coal, but he can make it easier for oil and gas producers to drill more aggressively. I think these [oil and gas] stocks have more room to

Marty Mucci - Paychex

Small businesses, mid-sized businesses are taking a little bit of a pause right now. The optimism is turning into jobs, but I think it's still got a little bit of a ways to

Donald J. Trump

They're looking for revenue, they're looking to push their own overtime rules, their own minimum wage rules, and it's getting very confusing, maybe even more confusing for small to mid-sized businesses, and so they're turning to us. Because if you're a multi-state employer, which many are, it's going to get even harder than when the Fed had

Brian Fitzgerald

We see the roll out of clone features in Instagram and now core Facebook as a sign that Snap is creating the best and most engaging tool

Gary Zenkel - NBC Olympics

We will take to the market and into our Olympic discussions that unique opportunity to get in front of a very young audience during the period of the

Coco Austin

When I start doing a little mini photoshoot at home, she starts to liven up. She's a ham – she'll pose and move, and I'm like, [If] you're like that [at 1 year] old, [I wonder] in another year what you'll be

Coco Austin

Chanel was in a daze (not amused) but managed to wave to the crowd. First time ever I'm on the catwalk with out heels..I'm clumsy in flats but actually I was wearing sneaker wedges but its still weird)

Mohamed Nasser Ismail

SGX is well known for our listing standards, high regulation standards and expectations on all listed companies. (Such a reputation) matters (for companies) when they're looking for new business partners and going into new

Mohamed Nasser Ismail

I don't think what we have envisaged for dual-class share structure is until that extent, where investors are merely financial investors and have no say in the direction of the company. We're not there yet. We're not the U.S. market that has other mechanisms for regulating corporate excesses like class action suits. So, an offering like Snap is not something that would be considered here, not at this time. It's pretty radical. Well, we proposed it, (but) I don't know what the outcome will be, frankly… What the market thinks of this matters a lot, not so much my

Youssef Squali - Cantor Fitzgerald

It's a great move and one that we expected. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of quarters, but clearly if you're Snap, you're worried. It's easy to copy a lot of these functions and the issue is really around engagement and user growth,

Rahul Sood

Snap understands their audience better than anybody. These guys are hardcore marketers. It gives the an opportunity to play with it and use it. Instagram tried it with their Stories, and it feels sort of like an after-thought, like a bolt-on feature to Instagram. I don't get it, to be

Ben Rogoff - Polar Capital

These companies that come along and change the world often look like drunks at the wheel of a car… and then what happens is they reach a certain size where they can start pulling levers on monetization and ad-load and all of a sudden they look like very real

Ben Rogoff - Polar Capital

The size of the audience is critical to the valuation of (a company) because those large networks change behaviour… The challenge is we just cannot know whether or not (Snap) is going to grow into another Facebook in terms of the size of its

Jim Cramer

What do you think about the idea that Zuckerberg, the day after this Snap [rating], comes out with basically 'Snap two'?feedback

Jim Cramer

If you're looking to migrate to mobile or the cloud or maybe you want to embrace advanced data analytics software, they're the guys who can

Jim Cramer

Mark Zuckerberg's a vicious competitor, and to me, the fact that he didn't acquire Snap simply means that he plans to kill it himself. Discipline can be a real buzzkill at the beginning, but it's saved my bacon too often for me to ignore it. So I say enjoy Snap all you want, but you'll be enjoying it without me. Many people may want to lump everything into the Trump rally rubric, but earnings play a far more important role when it comes to the direction of the stock

Jim Cramer

If you believe that oil could be poised to rebound here back to the mid $50s, admittedly a very big if, then Occidental could be worth speculating on because it may be too hated and some very good analysts who didn't care for it higher are now

Jim Cramer

Snap's got massive growth, with its sales perhaps ready to double, and analysts can't resist recommending a stock with that kind of growth. Facebook trades at under 11 times 2017 sales and just 8.5 times next year's number. Alphabet's at 5.4 times 2017 sales and 4.7 times next year's revenue. Both companies are wildly profitable, while Snap's projecting gigantic losses for as far as the eye can see. Discipline can be a real buzzkill at the beginning, but it's saved my bacon too often for me to ignore it. So I say enjoy Snap. Let it go higher all you want, but you'll be enjoying it without

Jim Cramer

I get it. This is the year that all advertising firms are sampling Snap, so when you see the sales numbers they'll be humongous, no doubt more than the current estimates of even the stock's biggest

Heath Terry - Goldman Sachs Group

With Snap's large, valuable, and highly engaged user base generating ad inventory and the monetization path in mobile now well worn, we believe the potential for outperformance as the company continues to innovate against the growing mobile opportunity outweighs those early stage

Jamie Webster

The world has gotten awfully light. It's a nice problem to have, but if you have a coker, the last thing you want is to have a stranded

Kim Kardashian

Kendall is so sweet, sensitive and caring and she feels so guilty for testifying, but this guy could have really hurt her. She has to protect herself, first and foremost. She has to

Kris Jenner

I really think you should see a therapist. So it doesn't creep up on you three months from now … You have to do whatever makes you feel safe. You just have to be

Kim Kardashian

I never want to have to do that again. I am realizing now, regardless of his mental heath, we as a family have to protect ourselves. I hope he gets the help he

Arlene Foster

We are just disappointed that Sinn Fein did not come to the talks in the same spirit as we came to the talks. We are standing firm - previous agreements need to be implemented. We came at the negotiations with the right attitude, wanting to make the institutions work, wanting to deliver for all citizens. Unfortunately, the DUP maintained their position in relation to blocking equality, delivery of equality for citizens - that was the

Mark Mahaney

Snap has become an innovation leader -- for both consumers and advertisers – in arguably the single fastest advertising medium today -- Mobile. It has also emerged as one of the leading Media Platforms for Millennials. We believe that if it sustains its current level of innovation, it can sustain premium growth for a long time and scale to

Kornelia Ninova

I voted for change, security along our borders and in our homes, and for justice. Every child should have access to education. Every person who needs treatment should have access to it. Small and medium-sized businesses should work in an environment free of pressure. More Bulgarians should have jobs and higher

Mike Durney - DHI Group

When he was a star research analyst, I always found his thinking to somewhat forward-looking, and investment banking-like, as opposed to pure research. There are a number of people in banking that wouldn't get Snapchat. If you look at how the media world has evolved over time, they are at the forefront of it. I think that fits with the way he thought more generally, focusing on where the world is

Georgi Kasabov

It liberated us, it helped us build so many

Georgi Kasabov

BSP is quite right. Who, if not Bulgaria, should be Russia's closest partner? Why don't we remember what Russia did?feedback

Brian Wieser - Pivotal Research Group

Snap is a promising early stage company with significant opportunity. Unfortunately, it is significantly overvalued given the likely scale of its long-term opportunity and the risks associated with executing against that

Nick Baughan

It isn't a case of the emperor's new clothes, it is an exciting opportunity. But the IPO came quite early, before advertising products have grown to full

Cathy Boyle - eMarketer

You often hear advertisers saying they are getting uncomfortable with such a large portion of ad spend going to just two players. If there can be a third or fourth player they are interested in spreading the wealth beyond the

Boriana Dimitrova

The GERB party, to a much greater extent, will maintain Bulgaria's Euro-Atlantic orientation and integration. If Bulgaria begins giving up on participation in a number of EU integration policies, underlining its specific interest and privileged relations with Russia, that wouldn't just put it on Europe's periphery, it would move it into a different

Jim Cramer

With the rise of Instagram and Snapchat and selfie culture in general, people want to have the best possible smile they can, which means more adults are getting braces. Having healthy, non-crooked teeth is a pretty universal sign of prosperity, so as more and more people in developing countries join the middle class we see rising demand for dental

Emma Roberts

I talk to Lea [Michele] all the time. In the past week I've talked to every single person on the show: Keke [Palmer], Billie [Lourd], Abby [Breslin] and

Emma Roberts

He's funny without meaning to be, which is why it's funny. He's just so … cute funny. He's cute funny. I love him. He's one of my favorite people that I got to meet through that

Christoph Schult - Spiegel Gruppe

Life was largely back to normal in a day. So an incident like London is even less likely to create any extra sense of insecurity. While some people do feel insecure about terrorism and might link it to the refugee crisis, they think the government is now doing O.K., that there are some fanatics in the world and what can you do?feedback

James Quarles

We very much want to be part of that second budget, the latter which is measured by physical

James Quarles

If you're a small business, Instagram is a place where people are seeking passion. Eighty percent of people on Instagram follow a

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

Snap is a very unique tech company that should not be pigeonholed in a particular industry, or investors risk missing the forest for the trees. Snap views itself as 'a camera company' and we believe this fosters a mindset for innovation to transcend the boundaries of its competitors. We view Snap as a platform for the imagination that unlocks the creativity of its users and allows uninhibited expression with friends. Snap is a fun place to spend time which can be

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

Although other social messaging platforms enjoy a much higher user base, we believe Snapchat has a cachet with millennials that will be difficult for other platforms to

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

It's really not a competitor to Snapchat – which I originally thought when I read about it – because they don't have an actual network. That piece of it is pretty set in stone – that they're still learning about how they can influence AR. If you really dig into this Clips, it's more about them working with filters and augmented reality. That's more of an indication where Apple's going longer term – that caught my

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

Longer term, the significance of augmented reality for Apple is having a place at the table in the future of computing, which will shift to AR. Separately is building their services business. And so, what they want to do is have app developers create these wicked great experiences that they can take 30 percent from. And so, that's the longer-term profitable significance of what you are seeing in Clips

James Cakmak

This is going to be a [complete] TV, mobile, video experience. We recognize we are potentially giving too much credit for unproven skills in building a business, rather than just a product, but we see more to Snap than many suggest. Where's the innovation coming from? It's coming from

Matt Montei

While everyone has a favorite flavor or color of Starburst, pink has always risen to the top for our fans. From memes about relationships to sharing photos of excitement when getting a pink Starburst, over half of all references to Starburst on social media are about pink Starburst. So we knew it was time to give our fans more pink Starburst than ever

Emily Ratajkowski

The main criticism I get is 'Aren't you just conforming to a patriarchal standard of beauty?' Well, this is just the body I was given. I didn't do anything to it– it's just my body. But even if I had altered it, that would be fine

Ross Levinsohn

Here's the one statistic I saw that really interested me: Snapchat has about 31 percent of social media users and 2 percent of the advertising dollars. You can't reach my daughter and all of her friends unless you are where they are. That is a really important market. She's on Netflix. She doesn't watch network television as we did, and she is on Snapchat 72 times a day. My own recommendation is take a deep breath. Congratulate Evan and the team on an amazing

Ross Levinsohn

This is a long term trade. I'd like to come here a year from now and see are they closing that gap? Did they get advertisers (to invest)? If they don't, they have a nasty

Mark Dinan

We're starting to get a lot of résumés from [software engineers at] companies where the business model isn't working and they can't get funding, so they are closing down or cutting back. Silicon Valley has not had a major success in terms of IPO before Snap for years – and Snap is in LA. I got here in 97 and it was like it is now – incredibly packed, impossible to commute, high apartment

Ricardo Batiz

They're staying away from me. I say 'Hi' to them, and they avoid me completely. I don't know what they've been saying amongst themselves. But no one is signing up anymore, and the people who need to renew are not

Chamath Palihapitiya

The ad load is limited … [so] you have to be growing users and engagement violently to make maximum profit and maximum value. I'm not a

Jackie Vimo

This is a response to the climate of fear and terror that immigrant families are living in because of the Trump administration. These are unfounded fears. But they're based in this environment, and they're very

Michael Nathanson - MoffettNathanson

As a result, we believe its current valuation 'bubble' at 7X 202 EV/revenue is set up more for a [Twitter] like pop over the next year than a steady rise from today's levels. SNAP's income statement is going to look a lot more like [Twitter] than [Facebook].feedback

Miguelina Diaz

They're making these decisions based on what they hear in the news or information they're getting from other people. People started asking questions right after Trump took

Jackie Vimo

We are creating an environment where there are kids living in this country exposed to hunger and malnutrition, and without access to health care. The consequences of not properly caring for those children will catch up with us when they're

Luisa Fortin

I get calls from concerned parents all the time: 'should I take my kids out of the program?'. They're risking hunger out of fear … and my heart just breaks for them. And I try my best to keep in touch in them. … But in the end, if that fear is too real, I tell them it's their family's decision. And I connect them with a food pantry or mobile food

David Thomsen - National Council Of La Raza

We used to tell people that signing up does not make you a public charge. Now my advice would be, if you're worried, talk to a

Youssef Squali - Cantor Fitzgerald

I don't think it necessarily resonates with older audiences yet. They need to work on solutions to cater to people not 18 to 24 to become more like Facebook. Snap is a great app, it's not a viable app platform just

Youssef Squali - Cantor Fitzgerald

Sequential DAU and monetization growth throughout 2017 will be key in determining the growth curve of Snapchat, and whether it's more likely to mimic Facebook in its user/advertiser appeal or

Verne Lundquist

There used to be a four-letter word that begins with 'F.' Now the most dangerous four-letter word in English is S-E-N-D because when you push send it's gone and you can't reach out and grab it

Ernie Johnson

I love new technology. I'm not like Chuck. I'm not going to refuse to get on Twitter because he feels like if he gets on Twitter they're going to know what he ate for dinner. I see some valid reasons for a lot of the new

Wally Szczerbiak

I'm old school, I like watching games on TV. How can you not want to watch your game on a 55-, 65-, 75-inch high-definition TV? That's the way sports was meant to be

Kaleana Markley

Snap just felt like the IPO of my time and seeing where Facebook and Amazon are now, I really think Snap has the potential to grow (like them). There are a lot of companies I don't know or recognize, but Snap, I use the product, and know everyone - my friends, my co-workers, even my parents - uses

Chris Roh

I bought it even when I was pretty positive I would not make a profit in the short run, but just because I am a fan of the

Ken Bertsch

At some point, there's some question of market confusion and a disabling of passive

Kevin Systrom

Just like when Facebook invented the [News] Feed, and every social product was like, That's an innovation, how do we adapt that to our network,' you're going to see stories pop up in other networks over time, because it's one of the best ways to show visual information in chronological

Tony Leach - Facebook

AOL Instant Messenger inspired some of the stuff that we've been doing

Michael Stachowicz - National Park Service

We have various stages, so we have various sensitivity to the weather. We hope is that there's enough variation in our bud stages that we could still put on a pretty good

Michael Stachowicz - National Park Service

If you get one day of 10- percent kill, I wouldn't be too concerned. But three days in a row could start to be pretty damaging. I think we're going to get some damage. I don't want to be alarmist about it, but we've been brought along to a tender

Jack Kent

Hardware launches can provide a valuable new revenue stream if executed correctly and for a company like Snap we also saw that its initial limited hardware launch had marketing and brand benefits beyond just revenues. The rollout of devices to new markets became a news story in

Jack Kent

The hardware market is very competitive with high price sensitivity putting pressure on margins for many device makers. App-based companies looking to enter the devices market should look at the wider platform strategies of their competitors, which often have much bigger audiences and deeper pockets. Some companies can use hardware to drive an alternative business model around content, advertising and services – others may look to make money on hardware which can subsidize a content business. Companies must understand the wider strategies of their competitors if they are to

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

Snap has the lead and, more importantly, Snap has won the trust of the college demographic. If Snap puts something out, it will likely catch on. We believe the camera is at the center of how Snap must advance the platform with new devices and new features to stay ahead of Facebook's improved filters. If Snap slows on its vision as a camera company, Facebook will likely catch

Oren Soffer

What Snapchat is attempting is to apply technology to visual products to create a fading-away effect – just as spoken words fade away in the air after

Gretchen McCulloch

If you've ever looked at Ikea instructions, those don't have any words in them, and they're notorious for how frustrating they are to use. Ikea instructions would be a lot nicer if they came with words. So I don't think words are going

Gretchen McCulloch

That's the purpose of the face filters or the geofilters in Snapchat – they provide a fun way to communicate these same kinds of phatic messages with pictures. In digital environments, what you talk about is Snapchat's filters, or sticker collections, or you talk about an interesting GIF. They're a shared object to talk

Joe Weisenthal - Bloomberg

Complicated, nuanced thoughts that require context don't play very well on most social platforms, but a resonant hashtag can have extraordinary

Jim Cramer

Only after an IPO is seasoned, which takes months and months and often doesn't happen until insider stock is released from a lock-up, can the valuation stand up to close

David Berger

Often at the top of that list is information about the rights of

Justice Treacy

Our guideline on the sentencing of children and young people has the prevention of reoffending at its heart. No one wants children who commit offences going on to become adult criminals. The guideline therefore looks with far greater detail at what kind of sentence would prevent this based on the age, background and circumstances of each child or young person, so that it can help them reintegrate instead of becoming alienated

Dan Schatt - Stockpile

These are people that have pride of ownership, they love Snapchat, they use it everyday, and they want to own what they

Kathy Smith - Renaissance Capital

Investors are going to take a good look at this, and we'll see if that continues the strong trend. The average IPO so far this year has been priced below the mid-point of the range and the returns have been positive both from the IPO and also for post-IPO investors. We think there still is a lot of price sensitivity in the market and Snap may be an opening for other [$1 billion start-ups], but there are many other IPOs that are being down at fairly reasonable

Marc Scibilia

I was 18 when I moved from Buffalo to Nashville. My dad would call me once a week and end every conversation with, One more time, what's your address?' and he would never send me any mail. The song is a little bit about my hometown, my family, but mostly just someone looking for an excuse to call someone they miss – thanks for always calling, Dad. I missed you

Chris Stearns

Snap is the first IPO-centric stock I've taken. It's a huge growth

Will Jamieson

There's a lot of upside in Snapchat going forward and I wanted to partake in its

Spencer Wilson

Every single one of my friends uses it. I think it will be really

Ryan Eshagi

It defined the way teens and young adults communicate with one another. I see the company growing a

Amy Borrus

They're tapping public markets but giving shareholders no say. What we would like to see at the least is for the indexes to exclude new no-vote

Scott Redler

The market does have a bit of an exhaustive feel. I think the bears would love to think with two major events like the Trump address to Congress and the Snap IPO, with heavy valuations, and now Yellen pretty much signaling three rate hikes will happen, it would be the kind of week they sell the news and we finally get a corrective phase. Traders are trying to stay with the rally but the higher we go, the harder it

Peter Hain

To effectively hand power back to London would I think be a disaster for devolution and a serious set back for progress in Northern

Jon Tonge

If Sinn Fein becomes the largest party, the DUP will not go into government with them and if the DUP remain the largest party, Sinn Fein have said they won't work with Arlene Foster. I just don't see it

Jon Tonge

The prospect of a devolved government being formed, which was already slim anyway, is very

Jon Tonge

There's a distinct possibility that Sinn Fein could become the largest party. There's also a possibility that there could be a

Peter Hain

That would be a total failure of the politicians of Northern

Hasan Piker - The Young Turks

For the most part my generation has left cable. We're not going to come back if you buy Snapchat or Disney buys Maker. Snapchat may become the main entertainment platform for my

Hasan Piker - The Young Turks

In order to remain a viable platform, you need to have a library of things for people to look

Simon Chiu

It was a little bit of fish out of water for me. I'm an educator. It's not what I

Simon Chiu

With the full impact has yet to be realized, the return on the investment will allow us to accelerate the goals of our strategic plan, which emphasizes our commitment to make Catholic education more affordable and accessible to our community, recruit and retain outstanding faculty and staff, and develop innovative programs and

Jim Cramer

Those who were shorting it ... they're already screaming. You can't short when you start these new deals by the way, but people do. That's going to be a wake-up call. There's going to be a lot of deals announced with media

Simon Chiu

I think everyone understands it's a pretty transformational event for our school. Our kids are understanding that it's pretty exciting to live out in Silicon Valley. It's hard to imagine it happening anywhere else. If you work hard and do the right things, sometimes luck will find

Jessica Liu - Forrester Research

That's not to say that Snap can't be a success, but it would do well to temper its expectations to the more realistic growth trajectories of pretty much any company other than

Jeff Zell

I don't think people are looking at that exact metric right now. They still consider this a growth story. It's a demographic that's really appealing to advertisers. Q4 was a struggle – they brought in new users, but at a lower percentage. People believed in the story, now it's about producing. In this environment, we're in a super-bullish market, just look at the conditions in which Snap went public. All the conditions are perfect for people to accumulate risk. Snap definitely took advantage of that as far as the timing of their

James Cordwell

At current levels the stock is trading at a premium to Facebook after normalising for engagement levels. This seems unsustainable given Snap's unproven monetisation potential, structurally lower profitability and likely challenges in materially reaccelerating user

Victor Anthony - Axiom Capital

Chief amongst those concerns [is] ... slow user growth. When I speak to advertisers, they're salivating at the prospect of getting in front that demographic of 13- to24-year-olds. I think this is good and healthy for the tech space going forward. But Snap, the business itself – I think it's slightly

Jay Gruden

I think the progress is being made that we want to see, really, but obviously there's still a long way to go. I just want to make sure that he's not in a boot in February still. Now, we're seeing him do some things on Snapchat. Heck, I follow him. I don't even know what that is, but it's good to see him out there doing some football

Jay Gruden

We fully anticipate him being healthy. That's obviously out of our control, but he's going to have a major impact on this offense once he gets healthy. And that's the biggest thing for him is can he take the strides necessary to get healthy, not overworking it, but continue to keep pushing himself, which I see him in the weight room all the time working hard. He's working with [head strength & conditioning coach Chad Englehart], and he's working with [head athletic trainer Larry Hess]. They'll get him right, and he'll get himself

Brian Wieser - Pivotal Research Group

Snap is a promising early stage company with significant opportunity ahead of itself. Unfortunately, it is significantly overvalued given the likely scale of its long-term opportunity and the risks associated with executing against that opportunity. There are some lessons to be learned from the Twitter IPO. A difference with Snap is that I don't know that investors necessarily believe that. Maybe some

David Seaburg - Cowen and Company

But going forward, when you think about this as a retail investor at home, Should I jump in at these levels?' given the fact that it was priced at $17 and now trading at $25, the key metrics when you're really valuing one of these companies is user growth and

Simon Chiu

The school's investment in Snap – which this morning announced the completion of its IPO – has matured and given us a significant boost as we continue our work towards realizing the bold vision and goals set out in our community-inspired strategic plan: leading with Hope & Zeal. This incredible boon will not, by itself, completely fund the goals of the strategic plan, but it will lay the necessary foundation and give us a remarkable head

Kiran Kowshik - UniCredit Research

The EM rally has hit a bit of a speed bump. The market is moving to price in a hike in March following the recent comments from Fed officials, that's driving a retreat in some emerging market

Fabiana Fedeli - Robeco

Trump cannot upset what is driving emerging markets at this point in time that is, a cyclical global growth upturn which is evidenced when you look at global

Martin Sorrell

If you look at the competitive reaction, if you look at Facebook's reaction in terms of copying or imitating a lot of the features that Snapchat has, that's indicative of the issues that Facebook faces in relation to Snap and its growth. So you have a search war developing between Amazon and Google and you have a social media war, if I can put it that way, or market share war between Facebook and Snap. We'll see how far they go, that pales into relative insignificance to

Martin Sorrell

Google and Facebook dominate digital advertising. They own about 75 percent of the market. And they get about 100 percent of incremental spend at the moment. What our clients want and what our agencies and indeed our competitors' agencies want is more competition in the market

Brian Hamilton - Sageworks

This looks and smells like Twitter to me. I'm concerned that investors will have to wait a very long time, if ever, before they see any meaningful

Michael Nathanson - MoffettNathanson

Even with rosy growth forecasts, at $22 billion, we're looking at a stock trading at five to eight times estimated revenues in 2020. The only companies in that domain are Facebook and Alibaba, and they have massive scale. And both of them are

Michael Nathanson - MoffettNathanson

Snapchat has built a better mousetrap. It's engaging, and it's fun, especially for young

Perry Gold

There is something brilliant about going public after only a few years of generating any revenue at all. The sky's the limit and history is not a guide. People are saying they'll wait for a valuation that's truly astronomical, and then take the other side of the bet. They feel Snap will be richly valued out of the gate but possibly run into trouble over the next few

Simon Chiu

Silicon Valley is a pretty amazing place to live. This obviously couldn't have happened anywhere else. I think everyone understands it's a pretty transformational event for our

Trip Chowdhry - Global Equities Research

Let all the hot air go out, let the private investors cash out, let's see how the Industry evolves in 1.5

Steve Burke - National Broadcasting Company

It is rare to have the opportunity to invest at this stage in a company as visionary and dynamic as

Simon Chiu

I am happy to share some momentous news with you. The school's investment in Snap has matured and given us a significant

Kevin Galvin

We don't just have our headquarters here; many of us also call Venice home. No one could have anticipated how quickly we've grown, and we have already begun focusing our future growth outside of

Aaron Levie

My message to Snap was certainly make sure that you drive predictable consistent growth, and you over-communicate what makes you different, and then ultimately Wall Street will really understand the story. This is a massive milestone for our

Jim Cramer

A declining day following a rampaging bull run is a sign of health, especially when it is associated with a gigantic, yet well run IPO. It should ultimately bring out more buyers than sellers, and more initial public offerings of companies that had been fearful to tap the

Jim Cramer

When one of these blows up, it makes you feel reckless trying to save money with these flimsy pieces of

Simon Chiu

This incredible boon will not, by itself, completely fund the goals of the strategic plan, but it will help lay the necessary foundation and give us a remarkable head

Simon Chiu

I don't think there have been any other high schools that have invested so early in a company such as

Victor Anthony - Axiom Capital

As such, we see Snap as a sustained ad share gainer over the next two years. That alone should be enough to lead to upside to the offering price range this

Sean Stiefel - Navy

This is not about 2016 numbers. This is about the story of bridging the divide between physical and digital

Eric Hippeau - Lerer Hippeau Ventures

We had a duopoly [in digital ads]: Facebook, Google. I think they're going to continue to do well. But now there's a new player on the scene. Snap is a network – of younger people who are having fun. It's hard to pry those people away from the

Anthony DiClemente

1) Already slowing growth in daily active users (DAUs) 2.) Slowing monetization (ARPU) [average revenue per user] growth 3.) Fierce competition from larger rivals such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp 4) Rich valuation relative to current and future

Anthony DiClemente

Snap Inc. is becoming a public company just as its user growth and monetization growth rates are beginning to meaningfully slow. We see Snap's revenue opportunity as constrained relative to expectations and, as such, we think shares are fairly valued at best at the IPO price. We believe much of the slowdown is being driven by increased competition, i.e., the launch of Instagram Stories in August 2016. A slower user growth trajectory in the present naturally limits upside in Snap's revenue generation in future

John Chambers - Cisco Systems

We used to be the start-up nation and we have fallen way behind. It's tremendous to have a Snap but we need 5 Snaps. We only took 90 companies public on the Nasdaq last year – we normally run 200. We only took 35 companies public on the New York Stock Exchange, we normally do 80. You have got to do what Israel, Germany, India, France are

Scott Kessler - S&P Capital IQ

I think, very much like Facebook before, the key to the company's longer term success is whether they're able to move from more of a niche product, catering to younger people to one that becomes broader, not just demographically, but around the world. And that's really the challenge for the company as they look to move from a niche product to a mass market product and monetise

Michael Matoff

I see it as a major boon for the community and for the company itself, I don't know. It's almost like Venice won the

Wendy Lockett

They are pushing people who have lived here for generations upon generations out because they can't afford to live here

Judy Krandel - SNAP Interactive

As a policy, we don't speculate on stock price. We're all in the social media space. But we are a new

Brian Wieser - Pivotal Research Group

Significant ongoing dilution from share-based compensation will likely represent an additional negative consideration for the

Paul Meeks

The problem is, at least at this point, [that] it's a one-product company. And also, they do dominate, in a traffic demographic, the younger folks. But at some point, at least in the United States, that might be saturated, and they're going to have to come up with another

Paul Meeks

One is a re-acceleration in daily active users, and two is an increase in the average revenue per user, particularly abroad, where the APRUs are always less than they are in the United States. The company, at some point, will reach a crisis where it's really going to be a make or break for the business, and if they handle it well, it becomes a star. If they don't, unfortunately, it becomes '

Paul Meeks

I actually think if you were trading-oriented, you may want to be selling into the open and see how this business model matures over

Stephen Isaacs

The other view which I'm afraid I agree with is that we are in a cycle, we are at the top of the cycle, valuations show absolutely no value and then Snap comes along. Sometimes a deal at the top of the market can be something that crystallizes the