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Kylie Jenner
Once I have a kid I'm not going to be on Instagram. You know, I'll probably delete my Instagram and just … I don't know, live life. In order to stay relevant for the public, I have to be on Instagram and I have to be on Snapchat just keeping people entertained. And then there's who I really am around my friends. That's who I want you guys to get to
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Sep 22 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Snapchat. You'll find 948 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about Snapchat are: Jim Cramer, Evan Spiegel, Martin Sorrell and Bruce Cleaver. Jim Cramer specifically said: “It turned out to be the maker of the semiconductors used in gaming, artificial intelligence, machine learning. It turned out to be one of the greatest bargains of all time. But a funny thing happened since Lynch penned his seminal work. The homework has, in some cases, actually kept you out of stocks that you might otherwise have owned and made fortunes in.”.
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Alexis Ohanian

[Serena] won the Australian Open while pregnant. And she remarked that she feels like it has to be a girl because everything that that baby went through and handled like a champ, only a woman could be strong enough to take

Uli Hoeness

The real problem on the weekend was not the interview of Robert Lewandowski to Spiegel , but that we played very, very weakly and lost, and that's not what anyone in the newspaper

Bjarni Benediktsson

I was told by the justice minister that we were discussing confidential matters, which followed the rules of the ministry...I decided to handle the issue as a confidential

Bjarni Benediktsson

First, it was illegal for me to [divulge] the information, second, I informed them when I could. This week, it came forth that my father had written a letter... I couldn't have written such a letter myself and I will never try to defend

Bjarni Benediktsson

This situation was uncalled for but we will have an election. There is nothing else to do in Iceland but to let the voters (decide).feedback

Bjarni Benediktsson

We have lost the majority and I don't see anything that indicates we can regain that... I am calling an

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

It's hard to have a community be a meaningful part of your support structure if you're not also connecting in the real world. We're going to keep focusing on giving everyone a voice and helping them stay connected to their friends and family but understanding that now we need to do more to help bridge some of the divides in society and bring the world closer

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

No, but this may be the last time Priscilla lets me dress her. I'll take a month off to be with Priscilla and the girls at the beginning, and then we'll spend the whole month of December together as

Stephen Brown

I think if there's going to be another election and possibly the chance of a more left-wing government, then that probably decreases the chance of monetary policy being loosened any further in the future. That could be quite

Lloyd Walmsley

After broad conversations across the ad ecosystem over the last month, feedback was decidedly mixed. Facebook's efforts to copy Snap's product (on a best-in-class ad platform) has also somewhat obviated the imperative some had around Snap a year ago; many feel they can get the key younger audience via Instagram. We continue to see an attractive LT opportunity given product innovation and improving ad tech. But we believe new products may take longer to improve the DAU trajectory, and note a reduced imperative for advertisers to experiment with Snap

Lloyd Walmsley

Marketers are just not as interested in Snap. The exciting new platform buzz seems to have shifted to Amazon of

Piera Gelardi - Refinery29

People are craving in-person experiences more than ever before, and experiential events offer new opportunities for live social story

Piera Gelardi - Refinery29

29Rooms gives brand partners – ranging from emerging artists to corporate brands – the opportunity to have people interact with their products and brand in a completely new tangible

Myron Fields

God will get us through. We trust our house to

Carlos Gimenez

Call up family, friends, coworkers, anyone who does not live in an evacuation zone and ask them for shelter. Now is the time for us to come together and help each other

Del Campo

I feel calm. Worrying beforehand is worthless…My son is more

Brett Spiegel

We have stockpiled large amounts of food and a not insignificant amount of beer and

Miranda Kerr

If you're really an alpha female, you don't allow [your partner] to have the space to feel like the man in the relationship. Maybe I am too traditional, but men feel important when you ask for their help, instead of thinking you can do it all on your own. It was the right thing to do; we weren't bringing out the best in each other. There's no hostility there, we'll always be

Kora Organics

I've modeled for 20 years, it's just not a priority any more. Now, if an opportunity comes up, I think, Is this in the best interest of my family?feedback

Miranda Kerr

At work, I'm like, We need to do this!' and, This needs to happen.' But at home, I slip into my feminine and empower Evan to be in his masculine. Just be more in my feelings. More gentle, leaning back. It's a nice

Kora Organics

Evan inspired me. He said, Why are you spending your energy working for other companies when you should be focusing on your own? You need to take a risk. If you believe in this, put everything into

Miranda Kerr

My grandma taught me that men are visual and you need to make a little effort, with a wink. So when [Evan] comes home, I make sure to have a nice dress on and the candles lit. We make time to have a nice dinner together. If you're really an alpha female, you don't allow [your partner] to have the space to feel like the man in the

Tony Nunan - Mitsubishi

One good piece of news is that the WTI-Brent spread has blown out so much that means excess U.S. crude is going to be exported. It looks like there wasn't much damage to export facilities and they should come back up quicker (than expected).feedback

KY Lin

We're watching the situation. U.S. crude's length may worsen and put more downward pressure on prices in the next two

Ashley Graham

I never told my grandparents that the man I was bringing home was black. I naively hoped everyone would be color-blind – which is not what happened. When my grandparents met Justin, my grandmother was cordial but cold. She greeted him and immediately walked away. When it came time for them to leave, my grandparents didn't even acknowledge him. I had never seen my loving, hardworking and wonderful grandma be so hurtful and so racist. I was in

Selena Gomez

It's really hard when I would want to spend so much time hiding things. It's too much pressure, and I think everyone gets over everything eventually … I just want to be happy. If that's me just being myself, then I don't really

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

For a few months during the pregnancy we just had a lot of time to think about the world that she was going to grow up in and there are all these dreams that we had

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

It's hard to have a community be a meaningful part of your support structure if you're not also connecting in the real world. We're going to keep focusing on giving everyone a voice and helping them stay connected to their friends and family but understanding that now we need to do more to

Theresa May

She is a great Prime Minister, I think. I have served her for the last 12 months, I have been never anything less than impressed in the way she runs the country. That's what matters. That's what matters to the people. Not the politics, running the country, and she does a good

Eugenio Suarez

That's a good win. We're playing hard and trying to win every game. For me, it was a really good game. After two strikeouts, I made my adjustments and tried to make those

Brad Ziegler

It was fun to watch. As well as Dillon pitched, it's frustrating not being able to get the win for

Pete Mackanin

I told him we're not going to pay him -- he only threw three pitches to get the

Gerrit Cole

I made a mistake to Hamilton. I made a mistake to Duvall. Really, the first inning with those two mistakes was kind of the big

Bryan Price

He's pitched beautifully. I would have loved to see him get that third win, or at least be in a position to do that, but I just couldn't pull the trigger on

Martin Sorrell

Amazon is becoming a force in advertising. Surrounding all of this for our clients is the question of who controls the

Robert Doar

SNAP is a program that is designed to help people get through difficult times when they are not working. It's taken a long time, but more people are working

Brynne Keith-Jennings - Snap

In almost every state, a smaller share of the population received SNAP in January 2017 than four years

Patrick Moorhead

We have seen AR in a simple way with Snapchat and Facebook filters where our faces get covered to look like something else, like the Night's King, and we take a video or picture of it. But AR can be a lot more advanced and

Josh Protas

No one is suggesting that people who don't want to work should get benefits. There are stereotypes about SNAP recipients and myths about the program … that are very harmful to people in need who could take advantage of

Bruce Cleaver

We're now in the position where a sensible acquisition would be possible, but only if it enhanced the quality of our

Bruce Cleaver

Diamond consumption is very linked to GDP growth. If you feel confident, you buy more discretionary

Bruce Cleaver

The law I practised was commercial – deals that involved complex personalities, complex problems to solve. That always fascinated

Bruce Cleaver

You always get people asking about how they can get a cheap diamond, . I have to keep saying 'it's not about a cheap diamond! It's about buying a diamond that you

Bruce Cleaver

There are not a lot of businesses I can think of that have that breadth – from exploration to retail. And the brand is so iconic, pretty much everybody has heard of De

Bruce Cleaver

You have to keep reinventing yourself. You can't assume that success in the past is going to deliver success in the

Bruce Cleaver

The charter's conditions say you may own no more than 48pc of an exploration project. In those circumstances, it's hard to see how we would fund future exploration there, if you don't have control of your own

Bruce Cleaver

I can't say I knew anything about diamonds when I joined, but the product always intrigued me. I'm not sure unless you are a lifetime diamantaire you are ever an expert, but I've had to become a lot better at looking at a diamond. We have 14,000 prices – it shows you how many different diamonds come out of the

Bruce Cleaver

Millennials [people born since 1980] love showing it off on social media, they love taking a selfie of the event. We say to retailers we have to think differently about how we market

Boris Johnson

Unless and until this country has a functioning and unifying government, Libyans will continue to suffer grievously. Without a political solution this country will still be the front line – our front line – in the struggle against illegal migration and

Boris Johnson

In Libya today there are three guns for every human – but there is no single source of law or authority, let alone power. There are two central banks, two rival parliaments, three prime ministers and up to four governments. And, of course, there are umpteen militias vying with the Libyan National Army for control of the vast and lawless beige spaces on the map. And in those lawless territories we are seeing the breeding-grounds of terrorists and people smugglers – the criminals whose activities have had such an impact on western

Matthew Glotzbach - Quizlet

The Bay Area is such a competitive market. There's Google, Facebook, Snap and Uber here, all hungry for talent. Especially when it comes to software engineering, design and product

Martin Sorrell

Our spending on Snap for example which last year was $100 million and our spending this year is projected at $200 million pales in to relative insignificance to the investment that is made in to Google…or in Facebook. That doesn't mean, I have to say, that Snap does not present an alternative in the long

Graeme Souness

That kind of money you can't say no to. Is he that good? For that sort of money you want a player that is a game-changer, the difference in big games, and I don't see him as that. Yeah, he is an attractive little footballer, he is neat and tidy on the ball, he wrong-foots people, he scores some wonder goals, but at that sort of level I would take the

Daniella Isaacs

Working in this industry [as a ghostwriter for a wellness brand], I saw it up close and personal. These people that are running wellness brands are just as messed up as the people following them. They're actors in a play and their play is Instagram or Snapchat. What I want to do in this play is expose the mess and celebrate

Oscar Orozco - eMarketer

We see teens and tweens migrating to Snapchat and Instagram. Both platforms have found success with this demographic since they are more aligned with how they communicate–that is, using visual content. Outside of those who have already left, teens and tweens remaining on Facebook seem to be less engaged, logging in less frequently and spending less time on the platform. At the same time, we now have 'Facebook-nevers'–children aging into the tween demographic who appear to be overlooking Facebook altogether, yet still engaging with Facebook-owned

Keith Thomas

You drove at breakneck speed saying you were trying to reach one hundred miles an hour. And you ignored signs telling you to slow down and that there were bends ahead. Your friend was only eighteen and had his whole life in front of him. You have caused incalculable loss to his

David Bailey

Great Wall is very keen to get into the SUV products of FCA. In its home market about 80pc of Great Wall's sales are SUVs and it is under pressure to deliver new models against serious competition - Jeep could be a way of doing that and would certainly lend it a certain cachet having the Jeep

Youssef Squali - Cantor Fitzgerald

We also note a massive lock-up expiration of shares in the last two weeks, intense competition from Instagram/Facebook for users and

Youssef Squali - Cantor Fitzgerald

Facebook/Instagram and YouTube are quick followers, constantly improving their value proposition as well, at materially greater

Rebecca Hollington

We know that young people wanting to come to university are digitally savvy – and we need to be as well. For young people, picking up the phone to discuss their future on results day can be quite daunting, which is why we look to grow and adapt how students can contact

Paul Hindle

Two or three years ago a lot of call centres found that it was the poor person doing Twitter in the corner that was absolutely deluged with inquiries. People have gone from phones to social to this kind of direct messaging, so we anticipate it will be

Kim Kardashian

Okay guys, I get it. I didn't know how to f–ing swatch powders before at the beginning. I'm learning, but you're stressing me the f–k out. Guys, I see that my fans are totally hating on someone like Jeffree Star for being, you know honest about my struggle swatches. But because of his remarks I'm learning from the best, like from Mario, how to swatch

Kip Paulson - Cantor Fitzgerald

We're upgrading SNAP … to reflect the significant shift in risk/reward following expiration of the largest remaining lock-up period (8/14) and an 8.5% decline since Snap's 2Q print. Although daily active user trends were disappointing in Snap's first two quarters and the transition toward self-serve ad sales is an near term headwind on ARPU [average revenue per user] growth, it's important to note that engagement is

Kim Kardashian

I see [my fans] being so petty bringing up things from his past where he, you know, was negative, but he's also apologized for those things. And I get that it's a serious deal if you say racial things but I do believe in people changing and people that apologize, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I welcome honest, you know, comments about my product and because of it I'm swatching better now. So everyone get off his a--, and let's not be so negative. We're all in this together, there's room for all of us. Love you, Jeffree!feedback

Kim Kardashian

I see that my fans are totally hating on someone like Jeffree Star for being honest about my struggle swatches. But because of his remarks, I'm to swatch

Gerrick Johnson - BMO Capital Markets

As the nation's largest retailer of recreational vehicles (RV) and related products and services, Camping World Holdings benefits from robust growth in the RV industry. While controlling only 6 percent of U.S. RV dealerships, the company has a significant scale advantage in purchasing, pricing, advertising, cross-selling and leverage, allowing it to sell 15% of the industry's new

Kip Paulson - Cantor Fitzgerald

We remain on the sidelines until we see signs of re-acceleration in user growth, an inflection on Snap pricing ... and/or get closer to the end of the lock-up

Michael Kasdan - Wiggin and Dana

The app is very addictive… every time you open it marks where you

Michael Kasdan - Wiggin and Dana

Teenage users, a lot of them don't necessarily think about the privacy implications, they're more thinking about connecting with their friends, and whatever …everyone else is

Michael Kasdan - Wiggin and Dana

There is that risk of real bad actors…someone stalking and someone being able to locate someone in the real

Matt Horne

Students sign up for personalised information on the clearing process, course places and help and advice around results day – and this year we're extending that to WhatsApp, so they get alerts straight to their phones. We're using Snapchat influencers to encourage our target audience to sign up for alerts. Students will also be able to contact us through WhatsApp to ask any questions they might have about clearing, results day and coming

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

The company's reluctance to provide guidance is driving the Street to make unachievable forecasts. This is turning strong quarterly performances into

Neil Campling - Northern Trust

This company lacks scale in terms of users and hardware provides no clear linkage to improving the problems of scale or of increasing DAU growth. Facebook will likely continue to pressure Snap's core offering and it is difficult to see how Snap can differentiate in our

Brian Fitzgerald

Near-term issues hang on the stock, but we believe patient investors should look through the noise at the long-term opportunity. We are lowering our numbers in the near-term on weaker pricing. Lastly, we feel that SNAP's unwillingness to provide Street guidance will continue to be a disservice to shareholders as estimates continue to fluctuate wildly and it introduces unneeded uncertainty into results (even an overly conservative guidance would be appreciated).feedback

Michael Meisler

She tried to resist as much as possible. Verbally saying 'no,' and things like

Michael Meisler

We're sorry this happened to this young lady. It was obviously horrible, but we're happy she was able to capture the images and video on her cell

Michael Meisler

He really did the right thing and we applaud him for

Salvatore Recco

There is a lot of heavy competition and the company has not figured out how to monetize its audience yet. Until they do, investors will likely continued to be

Laura Allen

We know that applicants may be worried about speaking to someone over the phone, from past experience of students saying they'd rather speak to us

Brian Wieser - Pivotal Research Group

Snap was massively overvalued because, as a private company, it could set a valuation based on the opportunity for

Jason Moser

If that's how (Chief Executive Evan Spiegel) wants to play his cards that's fine, but there's going to be a trade off. And that's going to be reflected in the stock

John Vella

She explained that sex with the victim is not something she wanted to do, but she was helping him. When asked to explain how she was helping him, the defendant had a hard time explaining, but stated she was helping him, release his whatever.' This is an incident that this is clearly a

Martin Sorrell

But it's at very low levels. It's $200 million versus $6 billion [on Google] or $2 billion for Facebook. So, you're talking about a flea on the elephant's backside. I think [Snap is] potentially more competitive as the third

Nick Pinchuk - Snap-On

Obviously, there are understandable questions about the tools group. The sales were down some. But I think … the good things about the performance, the strengths in the performance greatly outweigh the

Jason Cohenour - Sierra Wireless

We already have quite a few automotive deals. It's a key secular growth opportunity for the company. The connected car is, we think, going to be very big. It's a market that's only 13 percent penetrated today. We think it's going to 100 percent

Nick Pinchuk - Snap-On

Every time we sell a diagnostic unit, it ignites a plume of updates in terms of software, so that's a pretty good business. The good news is the vehicle repair market is pretty

Jim Cramer

It turned out to be the maker of the semiconductors used in gaming, artificial intelligence, machine learning. It turned out to be one of the greatest bargains of all time. But a funny thing happened since Lynch penned his seminal work. The homework has, in some cases, actually kept you out of stocks that you might otherwise have owned and made fortunes

Simon Mottram

It was very important to me that they are both passionate cyclists. If they understood the broader vision of the sport, then I felt they would also feel sure that our model is the right way to do things. A partnership with Steuart and Tom also appealed because their firm is not a rapid turnaround kind of outfit, focused on short-term gain. Their fund really does have a long-term view, which is important given the size of our ambitions for the

Simon Mottram

It is all very exciting, not least as we all hold huge ambition for the sport and just want more and more people to enjoy it, not just in America but all over the world. Cycling ticks all the boxes when it comes to the sort of lifestyle that more and more people are turning to. Cycling is a sleeping giant. It helps you see new places, is a social activity and can easily be slotted in as part of daily life. From here on in, it will only get

John Amato

Millennials are practically native to the mobile experience. It's how they've learned to consume content including video and they want that information and entertainment quickly and in an organic

John Amato

We believe that Snapchat is the premier platform for younger millennials and we want to continue to find new opportunities to reach that audience. Snapchat's Discover is a curated and selective environment. With a sea of options that exist across these new platforms, including social media, we believe that premium content benefits from curation. We couldn't have a better partner than Snapchat for

John Amato

I wouldn't necessarily refer to this as 'short form' as much as I would refer to it as '

Jared Carmel

It's a perfect storm. We're going to see a lot more IPO activity through 2017 and the first half of 2018. I don't know where the second half of 2018 lies but in the meantime I think we'll see a lot more liquidity acts that people don't know are ready to go

Alan Jones - Bluechilli

The overall market is the driver that's causing companies to come off the

Kathy Smith - Renaissance Capital

There's a lot of Blue Apron kinds of companies that have been funded. Your confidence gets shook when you see there's a lot of competition by others that do the same. Snap was a fairly unique company, but ever since Snap has been public, its revenue growth was light, suggesting that Facebook was penetrating its

Matt Borchard

Part of the issue is discoverability. Instagram is built for finding what you don't follow easily, Snapchat isn't. If Snapchat can figure that out, that will help, because why make content people can't find?feedback

Matt Borchard

My guess is most people are asking themselves: 'Why invest in content on a smaller, and slower growing, platform than Instagram and Facebook Stories?'. This seems a bit short-sighted though right? Brands should make content for audiences, not platforms. If your sweet spot is 18-25 years olds, Snapchat is probably a good place to distribute content but so is Instagram. I don't think it's one or the other, but finding the right

Andy Amendola

It felt like they spent all their money at Cannes, instead of doing roadshows and getting in front of agencies. If they are really interested in making a profit, they should make it easier for advertising agencies to work with

Matt Borchard

For how long, who knows? Wall Street might kill them before Facebook and Instagram

Victor Ricci

That well has run dry with our influencers. Most of them no longer reach out to add Snap to their profiles, and a lot of them have listed their pages as inactive. A lot of them are focusing on doing Instagram Stories

Mark Mahaney

It's a very hard thing to predict. We do like, though, the ongoing... innovations that we're seeing in Snapchat. I thought Snap Maps was one of the more interesting features that we've seen in the space for a while. They have to continue to do that, and this team seems to have a pretty good track record so far, the stock should

James Neary

He now feels numb about what happened. He realises somebody could have been seriously

Bruce Nagel

For months, there were texts, there was Snapchat, there was Instagram. For months she was told she's a loser, she has no friends. And finally, she was even told, Why don't you kill yourself?feedback

Jason Helfstein - Oppenheimer Holdings

The question is, Have consensus expectations come down enough? We think they could beat. Maybe not by a lot, but they can actually come ahead of the headline

Duncan Davidson

It has always been a poor idea for tech companies to maintain control this way. The value of being in the index is much higher today than previously because so much capital is passively invested in ETFs that follow indexes. A stock like SNAP should be in the index due to its market

Shifa Dhorajiwala

I'm hooked to Instagram and Snapchat. They are like an informative bulletin. Even if you don't read newspapers, you get updates on everything on Facebook and Instagram. I'm on my phone all the time, but no one finds it weird. Pretty much everyone else is

Andrew Frankel - Stuart Frankel

If people are placing negative bets or were trying to liquidate, in both cases, you'd want to have done it before today. It's down certainly because the lockup has expired. It's not down 5 percent because it's not new

Ali Mogharabi - Morningstar

Apparently enough sell-off has taken place in the last couple of months. Some on the retail side must be viewing this as a opportunity to get in at a low

Mark Cuban

When you're already large, it's hard to accelerate your

Duncan Davidson

It's the perspective of what the buyer of the stock is expecting. You would put your ten grand into Amazon and be worth ten million. That was the social contract with the retail

Fred Wilson

The big problem is, companies can get much better valuations in the private markets than they can in the public markets. Companies will come out and go public, and the stock will trade below where they did their last round of financing in the private market. I think companies should be going public earlier in their life cycle so the broader public can be shareholders. I think it's not good for society for all the gains in these game-changing companies to be held between a very, very small

Duncan Davidson

They are way beyond the scale where they can shoot up just on

Duncan Davidson

The public market window is not really opened up. We've been testing the window. Snapchat should have done better. You have to have enough quantity to play a portfolio. The retail investor can't spread their risk around. ... Now the whole market is passive investing. No one can use their wit, you don't have access to the insider stuff in Silicon

Jim Strugger - MKM Partners

Notably, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook all bottomed within a week of their lock-up expirations, a bias that points to getting directionally long SNAP down

Marcel Rosenbach - Spiegel Gruppe

If there's actually something in the material that amounts to something – if there is a scandal to be reported on – that's the most important

Susie Hargreaves

It's been really disappointing to us that the Premier League didn't get involved in the project. The Premier League clubs have a duty to provide safeguarding and their safeguarding teams vary in size. Some of them are tiny. It needs to be taken on board at the highest

Dan Nathan

People are expecting a lot of downside volatility, and sentiment is

Brad Lamensdorf

If it's a really weak story and it's going down, the lockup is going to provide a catalyst for it to go down

John Kasich

I am terribly saddened by this accident, by the loss of life and that people were injured enjoying Ohio's fair. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those grieving and injured. I have ordered a full investigation into this incident and have ordered that all fair rides be shut down until additional safety inspections can be completed. It's a very tough day. It's a very tough night for the people of our state because of the loss of our

Kourtney Kardashian

I kept battling with myself back and forth – like, why am I doing this diet? I have always felt fine before when eating dairy and gluten, but I do believe that we have one life to live and I would like to live it feeling my best. I have noticed a great positive change in behavior with my children when we stick to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. I don't think everyone needs to eat this way but we had muscle testing done, which showed we all have sensitivities to corn, gluten and

Barbara Dorris

While we understand and respect the American judicial system, we fear for the safety of children now that Shanley has been released. Research and experience teach us that age does not cure pedophilia. Often, age gives predators an advantage. People may see an old man and assume he is harmless. That is not the

Amit Menipaz - eBay

Corrigon's technology and expertise will help buyers find the best results when shopping on eBay through experiences that were not possible a year ago, before our investments in structured

Mohan Patt - eBay

By applying machine learning technology, eBay can deliver a fast and reliable shopping experience backed by one of the world's largest commerce data sets. Moments of shopping inspiration can come at any time, whether you're walking down the street or browsing your social media feed. At eBay, we're focused on creating new complementary technology that helps our millions of shoppers easily find the things they love at the best

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

We had a good second quarter and first half of the year. Our community is now 2 billion people and we're focusing on bringing the world closer

David Wehner - Facebook

In mobile we're continuing to see great strengths. We're seeing more and more ad dollars getting allocated to mobile, and we think that trend will continue. Clearly, the biggest driver of growth is, overall, Facebook News Feed. Instagram is making a contribution, and an increasing

Nicki Minaj

He's so dope. He's the king. He is the King of Queens, and I'd like to think I'm the Queen of

Ben Schwerin - Snapchat

We created Official Stories to give them additional tools, and make them easier for our community to find. We continue to expand the product, and there is more amazing content to watch every

Harris Markowitz

This took too long, and removed the 'instant' ability of these features. Bit by bit, I have seen my peers and social groups give up Snapchat and go totally [Instagram] stories, even ones that say they never

Harris Markowitz

We saw a decline in viewership on Snapchat and an increase on Instagram. Snapchat should've went back to the drawing board and figured out a new way to compete, instead of being romantic to how [it] has been running for the last couple of years. The positives of my Snapchat followers is that they seem extremely loyal. They seem a bit more like a big family

Alex Crockford

When it comes to my business activities, like linking people easily to websites, tagging other brands and companies, it's extremely simple and effective to do on

Arndt Ellinghorst - Evercore ISI

This new chapter in the diesel saga needs to be taken seriously. Our conclusion is that there might be a risk of several hundred millions or even low

Gian Fulgoni - comScore

The length of time of an episode or a viewing period is really important and has got to be short otherwise you just wont keep the attention of

Gian Fulgoni - comScore

It's going to be interesting to see what happens over time especially as these millennials age into the older

Kathy Smith - Renaissance Capital

Second half of 2017 will be better than 2016, but we might not get to the 2015, 2014 levels this

Michael Nathanson - MoffettNathanson

While advertisers continue to slowly ramp their spend, there remains a lot of pushback that Snap still costs too much and returns too little relative to

Chrissy Teigen

How cute is my rustic zucchini cake with spiced walnuts and honey yogurt?feedback

Dick Costolo - Twitter

I think the world of Susan Wojcicki, the person who's running YouTube. She's an extremely smart and talented operator. I wouldn't count them out .... I think Susan's going to try to have it all with YouTube Red, YouTube TV, and the long tail trunk of content where you see Facebook competing. She may be able to do

Dick Costolo - Twitter

I think Mark [Zuckerberg] and Facebook have been very smart about the way they've thought about this space. Instagram is the platform through which they are really going after Snap. And then they've got Messenger and the messaging applications, that's where they can do more bot testing with customer support and purchases. And so they've got these pieces that support each other, that they can use to advertise and promote each other. It's an extremely powerful position to be

Dick Costolo - Twitter

What you have to understand about the specific space at which Twitter is operating in – and you're seeing this a bit now with Snap – is that when you're competing directly against Facebook, they can just bring enormous market leverage to bear against you and so you have to look for, you know, flanks, if you will, into which you can operate and

Dick Costolo - Twitter

These tech cycles go in waves. You've got a number of companies on deck that appear to be doing quite well. those companies are setting up nicely to the next year or so. ....The advantage today is for these still private companies that can tell the stories of their private

Dick Costolo - Twitter

It's rough. You've got companies like Netflix, like Amazon, that can bring billions of dollars to bear on content. You don't have to always pick winners, you can just make a lot of picks. With shareholder constraints, it's a lot harder to do

Dick Costolo - Twitter

You've got this real separation that the hyperscale companies .... are getting right now. Blue Apron .... Fitbit, and others are really struggling to escape the levels at which they

David Li

In overseas markets, users tend to broadcast and socialize more. We know Instagram and Snapchat's (content creation) numbers are both below 10 percent, around 4 percent, 6 percent or 8 percent. Yet for us, 30 percent of our users are willing to provide content and I think this is a very valuable resource of the