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Michael Nathanson - MoffettNathanson
While advertisers continue to slowly ramp their spend, there remains a lot of pushback that Snap still costs too much and returns too little relative to
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Jul 20 2017
“While the potential Discovery-Scripps deal, at about $10 billion is more than twice the size of the $4.2 billion food transaction ... these are happening for similar reasons. Companies, afraid of losing their relevance and their clout, are merging with their peers or rivals in order to produce stronger entities with more appeal to their masters, meaning their distributors and their ultimate customers.” said Jim Cramer speaking about Snapchat. It’s one of the 860 quotes about Snapchat you can find on this page. 512 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Evan Spiegel, Martin Sorrell and Theresa May. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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David Li

Actually, last year [2016] was the year where we saw our slowest growth. In fact, our growth doubled every year during the first nine years of operation and quadrupled during our best

David Li

When we pitched our model to American investors a few years ago, all of them disagreed. They think that advertisement is the best revenue model and still refuse to admit that there's actually a better model besides that. It will definitely be more and more challenging to keep up such an exponential growth rate in the

David Li

We estimate that by the end of this year, Bigo will generate an annual revenue of $300 million, which is a very good performance for a

Eric Hines - Cedar.

The kids love the videos, as you can imagine. They want to see themselves playing online and share it on their Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat and all

Michael A. Mussallem

The way you want to think about it is the total cost of the procedure. It's not very often where we have these incredible technologies where you get better outcomes, right, better mortality, less strokes, you get improved quality of life for these patients, which is a big deal, and you have better economics. This is one of those triple

Jim Cramer

While the potential Discovery-Scripps deal, at about $10 billion is more than twice the size of the $4.2 billion food transaction ... these are happening for similar reasons. Companies, afraid of losing their relevance and their clout, are merging with their peers or rivals in order to produce stronger entities with more appeal to their masters, meaning their distributors and their ultimate

Michael A. Mussallem

There's been a great evolution in technology, and surgery is still very important. And certain patients, really, their life depends on surgery. But this idea came about now almost 20 years ago and the first implant done almost 10 years ago, and it's really revolutionized the treatment for these

Kylie Jenner

My wax figure is here. This is so creepy. I donated the actual dress I wore to the Met so you can come see

Sean Mills - Snapchat

The Snapchat audience cares deeply about what's going on in the world and they want to know more. What they care about are the issues: climate change, gun violence, immigration, how they're going to pay for college. We see real spikes when we cover issues that they care

Sean Mills - Snapchat

If something happens in the world, we want people to go to Snapchat. NBC is making a big commitment – they are saying we are going to build a big team that is dedicated solely to this show, we're going to produce it every day. That's a pretty huge undertaking right out of the gate, and that's all about engagement and helping our community build a daily

Emily Passer - NBC News

NBC News had been experimenting on our own channels on Snapchat for awhile and during the election found that our Snaps were getting picked up by Snapchat's Election Night stories more than most media organizations. We found we had a real knack for producing content for this platform and were impressed with the engagement we were seeing. From there, the idea for a specific show, and later a daily show, was

Nick Ascheim - NBC News

This is a concerted effort that is crucial to our

Laura Barnett

The environment is much more Asian-friendly than it used to be with churches, grocery stores and schools that cater to their tastes. I have been told they target good schools and newer homes. Yards are not a high priority, but rather community

Elli Davis

There are more [baby] boomers now than ever before. It's the demographic. The real estate here is worth so much more money. They all have more money. They're selling the big city houses that are now $2 million-plus, where they went up so much in the last 10 to 15 years, so they're cashing

Adam DeSanctis

You could easily make the point that perhaps their uptick was wanting to buy now before new immigration policy was in

Lawrence Yun

Realtors in some markets are reporting that the effect of tighter regulations on capital outflows in China and weaker currencies in Canada and the U.K. have somewhat cooled non-resident foreign buyer interest in early 2017. Stricter foreign government regulations and the current uncertainty on policy surrounding U.S. immigration and international trade policy could very well lead to a slowdown in foreign

Miranda Kerr

Grace Kelly was a real inspiration with her dress and how timeless it is. I've had a lot of fun with fashion, and I used to be more wild, free, bohemian. But in this period of my life, my style is more pulled back. My greatest sources of inspiration have always been Grace [Kelly], Audrey Hepburn and my grandmother, who at 80 has an effortless chic: a nice pant, a white blouse, a scarf, a little heel.' For Miranda, the neckline and full sleeves lent the design 'a sense of purity and

Ken Bertsch

We don't want to kick Google or Facebook out of the indexes, it would be way too disruptive. Our concern is to set a limit on

Maria Grazia Chiuri

I have to be honest – she's not a difficult fit. She wanted something like a fairy tale, and she gave me this idea, to make a dress that was emotional and simple at the same

Krishna Subramanian - Captiv8

He was a great hire...a key player. He's been a critical part of their

Kevin Weil - Instagram

Snapchat was the first to create the format...more power to them, they did a fantastic

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

What made Snapchat appealing is that it's raw and unfiltered and people feel very comfortable sharing in a very honest way – something they don't do with Facebook or

Eric Schiffer

Snapchat was executed over the last year with a treasure chest of self-inflicted blunders caused by big egos and a lack of strategic focus. Facebook will continue to pile on. Advertisers won't bail right away but they didn't with Myspace. There was this long and painful

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

The unique reasons you went to Snapchat in the past are no longer unique. The value proposition of raw, personal sharing is something you can now do elsewhere with a bigger audience and more of your

Eric Schiffer

It was pure craziness for Spiegel to have rejected the sale back in

Cyrene Quiamco

Snapchat still wins on intimacy and engagement, and that's why I can't discount and leave Snapchat completely

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

If Snapchat gets stuck at 200m daily active users, it's still quite an achievement, but it's not what they or investors will have hoped

Corey Knebel

If you try to cast a fishing rod out in the back, it's going to be a terrible cast. Snap your wrist at the end – that's when it's going to go out

Maggie Rizer

I don't think dogs should be treated like bags. They're living, breathing creatures and parts of people's

Maggie Rizer

Last night we proudly welcomed our son, Edward Thomas Masud Mehran to the world. He is as sweet and soulful as his siblings, who are already over the moon about him. Edward is named after his very loved and very missed Grandfathers Edward McGowan, Thomas Watson and Masud Mehran. We are incredibly blessed to be his parents and have him in our lives and

Jim Cramer

There's a subtle moment … in this call. The implication was, don't fear the lockup expiration as much. A lot of it's done by insiders. I think the next thing that happens is the insiders come out and say, We're not selling, not at these prices. If anything, were buyers.' That gets the short squeeze

Frank Arthofer - Snapchat

This is the first step towards expanding our social media strategy. Right from the start, we have said we want to work with partners to bring fans closer to the amazing show that is Formula One, an incredible mix of technology and individual talent -- and Snap fits that bill. We need to continue to bring new fans to the sport -- by reaching out to them on social media platforms with behind the scenes, fun and engaging content. Snap's platform is one of the most popular among 'millennials,' a sector we are particularly keen on attracting, as it represents the future of our

Scott Devitt - Stifel, Nicolaus & Company

We think investors' anticipation of the event could be more impactful to the stock than actual selling from the lock-up expiration. Roughly 60% of shares unlocking are held by Snap's directors and named officers, including about 50% held by Snap's

Fred Ruffy

Buying interest in call options with strike prices above the current stock price is often a sign that players are positioning for a short-term move higher in the

David Pierpont - Ansira

The death knell for Snapchat was Instagram stories. When we saw that, we said, It's

Patrick Moorhead

There was a major push within Facebook to get more users on Instagram. It was the right strategy and it

Martin Sorrell

Snap obviously has been copied – plagiarized you could say – by Facebook, and very successfully

Martin Sorrell

If you went to the app developers' conference on the West Coast, at Facebook, the people who I spoke to came away from that saying that Facebook was very successfully countering

Kim Kardashian

Okay, you guys, I just got back to my hotel room and look at this table – same position, it's still there. So we did go to Dylan's Candy [Bar], I did think that it was our pixie sticks – but after all that, this table in the background is a marble table, you

Jeremiah Grossman

For the vast majority of people and the vast majority of circumstances, the benefits they get from sharing their whereabouts way exceed the risks that might be out

Jim Cramer

Why are so many energy stocks down versus where they were trading when oil bottomed early last year? Because in January of 2016, many investors believed oil and gas could rapidly come roaring back, maybe $60, maybe $80, but these days we've come to accept the lower for longer thesis. Still, I think there's value in stocks like a Carrizo, which have a real and I think sustainable rate of return down here, it just might take a long time for them to get the credit they

Rob Sands - Grupo Modelo

We call that category management, where we go in and we give advice, objective advice, to retailers about how they should, for instance, set their shelves. And obviously, they should be allocating more shelf space to the higher-margin, faster-moving premium items. So, again, our portfolio – Corona, Modelo Especial, Pacifico – these are very high-margin beers, very fast-moving items, and they actually are under-allocated shelf

Jim Cramer

Each area needs growth in earnings and in sales, or at least one of those, and the only way to get it by now is to actually do deals, do deals with other companies in the

Brian Nowak

We have been wrong about Snap's ability to innovate and improve its ad product this year (improving scalability, targeting, measurability, etc.) and user monetization. We also believe user growth trends have also been modestly weaker than expected ... On competition, we believe Instagram has become more aggressive in competing for Snap's ad dollars. As such, we see Snap ad revenue growth being materially slower than we previously expected. The key now is Snap's ability to execute and improve its ad

Scott Galloway

It's better to be private right now because you're not subject to the scrutiny of the public

Scott Galloway

The first thing Mark Zuckerberg thinks when he wakes up is 'must wipe Snapchat from the face of the planet' and I believe the last thing he thinks before he goes to sleep is 'must wipe Snapchat from the face of the planet,' he

Jim Cramer

Snap, crackle, pop. This is (Mark) Zuckerberg going after them in a way that is only – it's not even imaginable what he is doing. If Facebook wants to smash Snap, it can do it. This is becoming one the great busts of

Jim Cramer

Because then I think you can own the liquor market. ... This thing is a little too underage. And it's viewed as being a little too subversive and it also has a certain way of delivering a message that Instagram is just directly

Trip Miller

It could be why more and more of these companies remain private and out of the public eye. It is easier to build a company outside of the view of the

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

Of course, I won't go to the same field in Iran without telling Qatar. The Iranian block where we are supposed to produce is next to the border with Qatar. When I travelled to Doha I discussed it with the (Qatari) authorities and they told us: 'It is ok – we know

Rob Kardashian

Loved Chyna as my wife and accepted all the wrong she did and continued to ride for her and remain loyal to her. Never did I cheat. But she couldn't remain loyal and cheated and (expletive) way too many people and she got caught and now this is all happening and its sad. We had a beautiful baby girl that was the best thing that's happened to me and soon as that baby was born Chyna was out. ... I truly thought Chyna wanted to be a family and that's why I was so loyal to her but I learned my lesson and everyone else was

Theresa May

Well, I'm still Prime Minister. The 19 countries sitting around the table will be listening and will be taking us seriously and will be working with

Theresa May

Well, I'm still Prime Minister. I'm doing absolutely what I always do which is getting on with the job, which is delivering a stable government for the United Kingdom, ensuring that we focus on the key issue of getting those Brexit negotiations

Theresa May

There's two ways the government can react to that. We can be very timid and sit back or we can be bold and that's what we are going to be. I think it was the right decision to actually call that election. I'd hoped for a different result. As you know, I think mental health is an issue that has been left to one side for too long and we need to firmly address that in everybody's

Rob Kardashian

Loved Chyna as my wife and accepted all the wrong she did and continued to ride for her and remain Loyal to her. Never did I cheat. But she couldn't remain loyal and cheated and f–ed way too many people and she got caught and now this is all happening and it's sad. We had a beautiful baby girl that was the best thing that's happened to me and soon as that baby was born Chyna was

Khaled Mohamed Khaled

I only know how to be me. Say I misspelled something on Snapchat or social, that's just me. If it's me loving my flowers, me in the studio, me with my son, I'm just being me. I don't know what else to

Corinne Olympios

I felt victimized by the fact that others were judging me through conflicting and unsubstantiated reports, while I myself had no recollection of the events that transpired. My team's investigation into this matter has now been completed to my satisfaction. I am also happy about the changes that have been made to the production of Bachelor in

Rob Kardashian

Soon as Kylie [Jenner] and Tyga broke up Chyna was over the game. She had a baby out of spite and I'll never view her the same. I truly thought Chyna wanted to be a family and that's why I was so loyal to her but I learned my lesson and everyone else was

Julian Huppert

I'm not a particularly expert programmer but there are real problems around the NHS and how it uses data and how securely that is kept and the relations it forms with

Julian Huppert

If you look at the WannaCry attack, that encrypted data but if it had instead been aimed at exfiltrating and publishing all of that data I don't believe there is much that could have stopped

Julian Huppert

There are a lot of companies that supply technology systems within the NHS. I suspect if you were to examine any of them you would find quite a lot of things one could question. I think that there is a problem with the skill levels within the NHS and some cases within the companies that supply it. I think there are real questions about security of data

Julian Huppert

There is a huge amount of work in my view to improve the standards of data security to improve the standards of privacy across the entirety of the

Anthony Codling - Jefferies

Land, planning and build programs are all on track to deliver the expected results for 2017-19 and if it hadn't been for that pesky election we are sure that [2017's full-year results] would have been just fine. However, since the election, the market has slowed, a

Clive Fenton

The Group has made good progress in rebuilding its forward order book despite the lower number of new sales releases this year. The market for high-quality retirement housing remains strong notwithstanding any potential uncertainty as a result of the UK General Election outcome and the underlying housing market continues to be supported by low interest rates, good mortgage availability and low levels of

Jaclyn Hill

She was just so intrigued by what I do and Youtube and how I got started and just like this whole community. It was really sweet. She asked me so many questions. She was genuinely interested when the cameras weren't

Jaclyn Hill

We were watching it together and she was like, Oh my god!' That was definitely one of those moments in life where you're like wow. She was just so calm and cool and Zen and collected just opposite of who I am. I am always level 10 like 'zzzz!' and she was so real. Like so real. Facetimed her kids in front of us, told them goodnight, was showing us

Liam Payne

Everybody downloads one app that is like, the put-the-baby-to-sleep app. For us, it's the hair-dryer sound. Every individual baby has their own little noise [preference] – 'Oh, we like Ocean Tide number 11,' or whatever it is. So it's like an album going around of baby sleeping

Kayla Rae Reid

I'm so proud of you!! Seeing you with Caiden makes my heart so happy. Caiden and I are so lucky to have you in our

Keaton Keller - YouTube

On Facebook the revenue that we make primarily comes from sponsorships and brand deals. I wouldn't say monetization has been a big thing yet. I'm hoping it [Facebook ads] finally catch up to what YouTube is. For the meantime it's just going to be

Rosanna Pansino

I have not seen any decline. My content, because it's baking videos, is very family friendly. Me as a person – I'm family

Javier Ribalta

They have been beautiful years, in which I have worked very well. I thank everyone at the club and in particular Giuseppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici for the faith they have demonstrated in me from the first day. It has been a great experience and I will always remember it with great

Jack Brody - Snap

There's definitely the aspect of where are my friends and what's happening around them, but then there's a greater aspect of what's happening globally. There's something really powerful about seeing the diversity, but also the similarity of snaps around the

Larry Magid

Parents need to sit down with their kids and get them to really consider which friends they are sharing with. Users should be aware of the feature and review it periodically – if a friend becomes an ex-friend, for

Paul Meeks

Snap is already public so unless something happens [Spiegel] is ok. But if it has one or two quarters where user growth is a disappointment he may have to resign. Part of the problem with Snap is not only the arrogance, but they're also a little mysterious. You don't know much about these guys and when they open their mouths they sound insensitive. [Speigel and Kalanick] have vision, but sometimes their arrogance and narcissism gets in the way. Whether it's by their actions or what they say, they seem to think they're God's

Paul Meeks

If you have blow away financial success, people will look the other way. But when you have a company like Uber that's not even public yet, that has to support that $68 billion valuation or it's under the gun like Snap...I do think the culture of the company, the leadership of the CEO how he or she is perceived is definitely

Jeanette Edwards

We've been shocked by some of the evidence we've seen, including make-over apps and cosmetic surgery 'games' that target girls as young as nine. There is a daily bombardment from advertising and through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat that relentlessly promote unrealistic and often discriminatory messages on how people, especially girls and women, should' look. There are legal age limits for having tattoos or using sun beds. Invasive cosmetic procedures should be regulated in a similar

Jared Bernstein

Conservatives are reducing the effectiveness of safety net policies while raising the likelihood of the next recession, which is when we'll need those safety net

Jeremy Liew - Lightspeed Ventures

Bitcoin and the other digital currencies, they all really see a lot of benefit in times of political and economic instability. Fundamentally when a citizen doesn't have faith in their currency of their country, then they are looking for alternatives, and a digital alternative like bitcoin becomes much more compelling in those

Jeremy Liew - Lightspeed Ventures

If you're going to be an investor in anything, you want to be where the most trading volume is happening, and right now that's happening in

Carolyn Everson - Global Marketing

We think Stories is also another format that not only consumers but advertisers use. You are going to see Stories in a lot of different

Peter Crouch

I would've been a virgin if I wasn't a professional

Peter Crouch

Summer for me is about time with family. I'm glad we won so I could go and have my picture with a guy in Speedos. Absolute hero and I am pleased we got the win for him as

Bertrand Gautier

The Irish renewable energy market, with Ireland's abundant wind resource, offers a compelling opportunity for investors. The consolidation of a high quality portfolio of operating assets will allow us to create long term value for

Antonio Brown

I'm sure the guys are looking forward to it, the O-line, some of the guys who don't get to celebrate with the guys who are getting in the end zone. I think it will be

Mark Cuban

Now my daughter tries to say discovery on Snapchat is keeping up. I'm on Snapchat, I get to see the discover right? It's not the

Ira James Hudspeth

I was emotionally drained from the panel discussion. So I said good night again and went home to lay down for a

Vadim Vasilyev

We are pleased to announce the signing of Jordy Gaspar to AS Monaco. He is an young, exciting French prospect recognized for his potential and who will find all the conditions to progress here under the influence of Leonardo

Jonathan Corpina

I don't think we've had a presidency where our markets have watched headlines come out of Washington so much, and the headlines that have come from Washington have been so gray and uncertain. So as we get to the end of the month here, the end of the quarter, investors are going to feel a pause in the market, a reason to move

Michael Yoshikami - Destination Wealth Management

With Snap, it comes down to two things: Can they grow the user base and monetize their user base without alienating their current user base? I think it's very debatable, it's a work in progress. Personally, I think that Snap is a name that's speculative. Its not an investable

Kevin Nicholson

When you look at what tech has done this year versus the S&P, it's outperformed the S&P by almost 9%. So having a pullback like you're seeing today is only very minor. You have the big five names out there that have, you know, gotten a little bit ahead of

Jonathan Corpina

At this point, look at the participation we've seen in the market, S&P, DOW, up about 8.5, 9% for the year. Investors have a reason to pause at this point right. We talk about the Fed. We talk about North Korea. We talk about investigations into the Trump presidency and election process. Investors are not fully scared away from that, but it gives them a reason to take a step

Kathy Smith - Renaissance Capital

IPO investors are already cautious about valuations. Now they are going to be even more

Francis Dean

He told her to keep calm and that they were coming to get her. He kept saying that to her again and again. But then he handed me the phone and said to me 'Tell her you love her'. I knew then to fear the worst. The phone went dead and I couldn't talk to

Khaled Mohamed Khaled

Being authentic always wins. When people see somebody that is just real, they love it. It ain't no act. It ain't no

Khaled Mohamed Khaled

I think it would be genius if the CEOs got together. I know everybody's competitive, and everybody getting their money and doing what they have to do, but if they got together and made maybe a switch where we didn't have to rip stuff off and put it and post it and find a way to break down the pie off (it would be great).feedback

George R.R. Martin

I would probably be Samwell Tarly. I love Sam, too. He's a great character. Tyrion might be who I want to be, but Sam is probably closer to who I actually am. The fat kid who likes to read books and doesn't like to go up a lot of

Brad Lamensdorf

Its price-to-sales ratio is just so freaking

Brett Gardner

It was not the outcome I was looking for. I was trying to come through in a big situation; I fouled off some really, really good pitches. If I hadn't already thrown my helmet, I probably would have thrown it after I flied out in the 11th. Frustrating

Imran Khan

I think as you build your sales force you're educating more [of the] market; as you are launching self-service, it reduces the friction for advertisers to buy advertisement on a

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

We know marketers want to compare results across platforms and placements. Historically, we've enabled larger marketers to do this. In Q1 we started testing a set of advanced measurement tools that make it easier for marketers of all sizes to compare the effectiveness of Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network alongside other

Jez Langhorn - McDonald's

We're always looking for new and innovative ways to find job seekers. We thought Snaplications was a great way to allow us to meet job seekers where they are – their phones. As we see the younger generations seeking out their first jobs, we want to make them aware of the great opportunities available at McDonald's, especially considering we're committed to being America's best first

Imer Mushkolaj

These economic promises will not materialise without foreign investment or building new economic capacities that will lower unemployment. Unemployment and poverty are the main problems in Kosovo's

Julian Emanuel - UBS

When you have a move of this magnitude, the one thing we know is volatility is now heightened, and volatility can work in both directions. We will just have to see how deep the psychological change is with investors, having two days to think about it. It doesn't interrupt our long-term view … but too much of a good thing can be too much of a good thing. That's what the market is telling

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

We went parabolic. This is what happens when you go parabolic. The real test is what happens after the bounce. You know there will be dip buyers. If we fail and have a lower high, from a technical perspective, that tells you it could be something deeper than

Mark Cabana - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I think that the market actually took this released testimony to indicate that there wasn't a clear smoking gun. There wasn't much we didn't already know, so I think there was a little bit of relief after that largely because there wasn't another shoe to drop. While the testimony made for interesting theater, I don't think it really gave the market a tremendous amount of

Mark Cabana - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

We actually think it will be tough for them to be more dovish than what the market is

Julian Emanuel - UBS

What we'll have to see is whether that loss of momentum will bleed over into other sectors, and, to that respect, what the Fed says and how their body language is becomes even more important. We will want to see reassurance that the economy is on track. It's a change in sentiment that in the near-term, at a minimum, stops the momentum. We have to see if there's downside follow-through in the next

Kevin Systrom

It would be crazy if we saw something that worked with consumers that was in our domain and we didn't decide to compete on it. I think Snapchat's a great company, I think they're going to continue to do well, but when you look back – they didn't have filters, originally. They adopted filters because Instagram had filters and a lot of others were trying to adopt filters as well. And you could have said the same thing at the time, We're copying each other,' but I don't know, that's just the way Silicon Valley

Kevin Systrom

Let's take Instagram, Day One: Instagram was a combination of Hipstamatic, Twitter [and] some stuff from Facebook like the 'Like' button. You can trace the roots of every feature anyone has in their app, somewhere in the history of technology. Imagine the only car in the world was the Model T right now. Someone invents the car, it's really cool, but do you blame other companies for also building cars that have wheels and a steering wheel and A.C. and windows? The question is, what unique stuff do you build on top of it?feedback

Kevin Systrom

The question is, who executes the best? That is going to be the determination of who wins in the long run. But honestly, it's not going to be one winner. Facebook's not the only social network in the world, but I think that's okay. I think that's what makes Silicon Valley work, that competition, looking around and adopting best-in-breed things to make your service

Kevin Systrom

When we adopted [Stories], we decided that one of the really annoying things about the format is that it just kept going and you couldn't pause it to look at something, you couldn't rewind. We did all that, we implemented

Mark May - Citi

Given continued Android issues, summer seasonality, heightened competition and the nature of Snap's social network, we expect user growth will remain modest near

Mark May - Citi

The expiration of the IPO lock-up in August will increase the stock available for sale (float) by >500% or 949mn shares, which could pressure shares (especially during this period in the company's cycle).feedback

Anthony DiClemente

I think there's going to be pressure on the stock ahead and through the lockup. It's dramatically

Anthony DiClemente

I think it's a risky and speculative stock, and the data is starting to bear that

Anthony DiClemente

By comparison, Instagram downloads have demonstrated YoY growth, suggesting that competitive pressures may be intensifying for Snap, challenging the platform's ability to attract and retain new users. Our overall takeaway from these datapoints is that Instagram's strategy of replicating key aspects of Snap's use case is bearing fruit, limiting Snap's ability to attract new

Boris Johnson

All the stuff Corbyn is talking about is not new, people think it's new, this isn't new. We had this- it was a disaster. Nationalisation- we've done all that- it doesn't work. It's called left wing

Katie Cassidy

I YOU to the moon and back @mattyice432 Thank you for a magical evening I will forever

Todd Vasos - Dollar General

We continue to believe many of the headwinds we faced in 2016, and are continuing to face, are transitory in nature, such as ... customer behavior that we believe to be associated with changes to the federal SNAP benefit

Neil Saunders - Banana Republic

This is definitely a big concern. Anything that can damage [shoppers'] spending power can have a serious impact on the amount stores take in ... food stamps does have a big effect on the amount they can spend and on the frequency of their trips to

Craig Johnson - Customer Growth Partners

It's not insignificant. People are very stretched financially ... this is yet another pressure

Theresa May

We will continue make sure that students get the support that they need, but what's most important is that when they finish studying there are great job opportunities for them to take up. That is why it is important to get the Brexit deal right. We want to be global leaders in free trade and that's around the world...we weren't able to do this as members of the EU. There's a couple of shops that I normally go to when I'm looking for shoes, particularly my kitten heels, that's Russell and Bromley and LK

Evan Spiegel - Snap

It's about us figuring out if it fits into people's lives and seeing how they like it. It was our first vacation, and we went to Big Sur for a day or two. We were walking through the woods, stepping over logs, looking up at the beautiful trees. And when I got the footage back and watched it, I could see my own memory, through my own eyes. It was

Evan Spiegel - Snap

It's one thing to see images of an experience you had, but it's another thing to have an experience of the experience. It was the closest I'd ever come to feeling like I was there

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Happy Birthday to my incredible son @kroyjaggerbiermann I just can't believe you are 6 today!! I love you to the moon and back a bazillion times. You taught me the love between a mother and a son is indescribable. You amaze me daily! You are the most incredible 6 year old I have ever met!! We are about to have the best day EVER!!! Now let's do this. SWIPE TO SEE ALL THE

Amritansh Raghav - Skype

What differentiates one application from the other is the network that you have. For us, we have a network on Skype, and it is the exact network that we want to grow - the personal network. From our perspective, we look at giving our users the tools they

Dani Mathers

I've lost a lot of that myself as well. We've had a lot of paparazzi involved in my family life. I had my privacy taken away after I took someone else's. I haven't been able to actually meet the woman involved, although I've wanted to. So there's just been a lot of unresolved issues. I never meant to hurt her. I never ever intended on showing the world this photo. And that I hope that she could forgive me. I don't expect her to forget. I don't expect her to like me. I just, I really want her

Evan Spiegel - Snap

I think the bottom line is, like, if you want to be a creative company you've got to get comfortable with, and basically enjoy the fact that people are going to copy your products if you make great

Matteo Renzi

Voting with Berlin would make sense for many reasons on a European level, and would allow the new parliament to set five years of economic policy without losing a

Tom Mesereau

I think the upshot is she wanted to go to schools to talk about the evils of social media and how simple mistakes can be catastrophic, and the judge did not want her in

Rex W. Tillerson

We take full responsibility for that and obviously regret that that happened. In terms of fixing the relationship between the United States and Great Britain, this special relationship that exists between our two countries will certainly withstand this particular unfortunate

Margarette Purvis

And it is not as if we have seen a reduction in the number of poor people since then. There is a lot of

Melony Samuels

After all of these years of telling people to eat healthfully, we have to turn families away because we don't have enough fresh fruits or vegetables to give

Klaus Brinkbaumer - Spiegel Gruppe

Donald Trump is not capable of being President of the U.S.A. Trump must be removed from the White House. Fast. He is a danger for the

Mike Feuer

The message today is clear: body shaming is not tolerated in the City of Los Angeles. That's crucial, because every day that picture lives online is another day of

Mike Conaway

It's important to note, #SNAP plays a crucial role in protecting our most vulnerable citizens who've fallen on tough

Sonny Perdue

I don't think there's any reason to try to sugar coat this. I've communicated with our team at USDA and just said 'look, when times are tough we just dig down and do more' – and that's what we will do here. The legislative proposal going forward is obviously something you and all of your members in Congress will deal with and have your stamp on

Lucy Melcher

I don't think there's a person living in poverty today who wouldn't be affected by this

Jill Greuling

Her behavior is appalling and puts every member at risk of losing their privacy. Our written rules are very clear: Cellphone usage and photography are prohibited in the locker rooms. This is not only our rule, but common

Cindy Leung

If you're low-income, when you're going to the supermarket, you might see things on sale, and soft drinks and junk food are promoted [in stores]. The person might think, My family deserves a treat,' or 'I'm going to buy this soda because it's cheap.' I don't think it's because they don't care about their families. Would hurt a lot of

Sonny Perdue

Obviously, some may see this as a glass half full. I see this as an opportunity to demonstrate to the American people that we can do more with less – and we will do more with

Willy Ritch - Policy Action

A budget proposal is about priorities for our county – and the budget the president released [Tuesday] is filled with misplaced priorities that would be terrible for America's food system, our people and our

Michael Young

We include the full amount needed to finance the estimated SNAP participation

Dani Mathers

That was absolutely wrong and not what I meant to do, . I know that body-shaming is wrong. That is not the type of person I

Mike Conaway
Pat Roberts

We need to take a look at our nutrition assistance programs to ensure that they are helping the most vulnerable in our

Mick Mulvaney

We do not touch mainline Social Security and we do not touch Medicare in this program. What we've done is not to try and remove the safety net for folks who need it, but to try and figure out if there's folks who don't need it, that need to be back in the work

Mariano Rajoy

There won't be early elections. The Socialist party changes nothing for me. I'll try and reach agreement with them on issues, but if we don't reach an understanding, so be

Steve Bodow

We slipped into it like it was standard procedure. We quickly bid goodbye to a bunch of Snapchat and Instagram jokes and hello to special counsel Robert

Shirley Cramer

Social media has been described as more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol, and is now so entrenched in the lives of young people that it is no longer possible to ignore it when talking about young people's mental health issues. It's interesting to see Instagram and Snapchat ranking as the worst for mental health and wellbeing - both platforms are very image-focused and it appears they may be driving feelings of inadequacy and anxiety in young people. The platforms that are supposed to help young people connect with each other may actually be fuelling a mental health

Jeff Glueck - Foursquare

The interesting thing about it is everyone who's not Facebook and Google is pretty much using our platform. We are one of only three companies in the world that can recognize, across the world, when phones walk in and out of these places. And if you look at all our paying customers, it's Apple, it's Microsoft, it's Snap, it's Twitter, it's Uber, it's Pinterest, it's Samsung, and 100,000 other

Jeff Glueck - Foursquare

It allows us to make technology that lets you tag a tweet on Twitter from where you're standing. It lets Snapchat make better geofilters. Uber drivers, if you use that app, they're using our database of the world's places kept fresh by people checking in and a million different people, kind of Wikipedia-style, editing. So all of these technology companies are benefiting from this living, breathing set of explorers that are mapping the world every

Debra Aho Williamson - eMarketer

Snap makes itself challenging to use. I think that's what appeals to young people. Pinterest got its start being aimed toward midwestern moms. That has continued. Young women to middle aged women are the primary users. It has to be easy to use. For that audience that's a

Becky Inkster

For young people, using social media and digital technologies as a tool to help with mental health make sense for many reasons. Social media is a part of their daily lives and so care could be delivered in a lifestyle-integrated, self-managed approach. This holistic perspective could integrate personal interests and activities. It might help improve psychoeducation, increase self-awareness of mental health and act as a preventative measure. Young people sometimes feel more comfortable talking about personal issues

Becky Inkster

We also have a unique opportunity to communicate with young people on their terms and in creative ways. As health professionals we must make every attempt to understand modern youth culture expressions, lexicons, and terms to better connect with their thoughts and

Craig Westwood

Anyone who is eligible to vote at the General Election should be able to take part. However, if you're not registered to vote by the deadline of 22 May, then you won't be able to have your say. We're urging anyone not yet registered to do so as soon as

Doug Anmuth - JPMorgan Chase & Co

We expect attention to turn to SNAP's July-August lock-up expirations. Snap has 150- & 180-day lock-up expirations beginning July

Regis Chatellier - Societe Generale

There is less and less clarity on what is going to happen in the United States, what the political landscape is going to be and what is going to be the agenda ... The two risks are if Donald Trump is under impeachment and a big retracement down on oil. Overall emerging markets have had very good momentum. (But) the fact that oil is trending down doesn't help. That clearly shows there is an interest in emerging

Michael Lynton - Sony

He was at our house one hour later. When you open Snap, you're in the camera. That gives you a big field to play