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Rex W. Tillerson
We take full responsibility for that and obviously regret that that happened. In terms of fixing the relationship between the United States and Great Britain, this special relationship that exists between our two countries will certainly withstand this particular unfortunate
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NEW May 26 2017
The latest person who has talked about Snapchat is Jim Cramer: “You've got to put him through some sort of gauntlet because this guy is so arrogant. He's so arrogant that I mean, honestly, Evan Spiegel, listen to me and listen to me good: You're going to introduce yourself next time and then you're going to back off and let your CFO talk. You're going to say, You know what, I did not do the job I'd like to, but I'm going to work harder. Humility is a fabulous thing.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Jim Cramer and all the other people that have spoken about Snapchat. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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Sonny Perdue

Obviously, some may see this as a glass half full. I see this as an opportunity to demonstrate to the American people that we can do more with less – and we will do more with

Willy Ritch - Policy Action

A budget proposal is about priorities for our county – and the budget the president released [Tuesday] is filled with misplaced priorities that would be terrible for America's food system, our people and our

Michael Young

We include the full amount needed to finance the estimated SNAP participation

Dani Mathers

That was absolutely wrong and not what I meant to do, . I know that body-shaming is wrong. That is not the type of person I

Mike Conaway
Pat Roberts

We need to take a look at our nutrition assistance programs to ensure that they are helping the most vulnerable in our

Mick Mulvaney

We do not touch mainline Social Security and we do not touch Medicare in this program. What we've done is not to try and remove the safety net for folks who need it, but to try and figure out if there's folks who don't need it, that need to be back in the work

Mariano Rajoy

There won't be early elections. The Socialist party changes nothing for me. I'll try and reach agreement with them on issues, but if we don't reach an understanding, so be

Steve Bodow

We slipped into it like it was standard procedure. We quickly bid goodbye to a bunch of Snapchat and Instagram jokes and hello to special counsel Robert

Shirley Cramer

Social media has been described as more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol, and is now so entrenched in the lives of young people that it is no longer possible to ignore it when talking about young people's mental health issues. It's interesting to see Instagram and Snapchat ranking as the worst for mental health and wellbeing - both platforms are very image-focused and it appears they may be driving feelings of inadequacy and anxiety in young people. The platforms that are supposed to help young people connect with each other may actually be fuelling a mental health

Jeff Glueck - Foursquare

The interesting thing about it is everyone who's not Facebook and Google is pretty much using our platform. We are one of only three companies in the world that can recognize, across the world, when phones walk in and out of these places. And if you look at all our paying customers, it's Apple, it's Microsoft, it's Snap, it's Twitter, it's Uber, it's Pinterest, it's Samsung, and 100,000 other

Jeff Glueck - Foursquare

It allows us to make technology that lets you tag a tweet on Twitter from where you're standing. It lets Snapchat make better geofilters. Uber drivers, if you use that app, they're using our database of the world's places kept fresh by people checking in and a million different people, kind of Wikipedia-style, editing. So all of these technology companies are benefiting from this living, breathing set of explorers that are mapping the world every

Debra Aho Williamson - eMarketer

Snap makes itself challenging to use. I think that's what appeals to young people. Pinterest got its start being aimed toward midwestern moms. That has continued. Young women to middle aged women are the primary users. It has to be easy to use. For that audience that's a

Becky Inkster

For young people, using social media and digital technologies as a tool to help with mental health make sense for many reasons. Social media is a part of their daily lives and so care could be delivered in a lifestyle-integrated, self-managed approach. This holistic perspective could integrate personal interests and activities. It might help improve psychoeducation, increase self-awareness of mental health and act as a preventative measure. Young people sometimes feel more comfortable talking about personal issues

Becky Inkster

We also have a unique opportunity to communicate with young people on their terms and in creative ways. As health professionals we must make every attempt to understand modern youth culture expressions, lexicons, and terms to better connect with their thoughts and

Craig Westwood

Anyone who is eligible to vote at the General Election should be able to take part. However, if you're not registered to vote by the deadline of 22 May, then you won't be able to have your say. We're urging anyone not yet registered to do so as soon as

Doug Anmuth - JPMorgan Chase & Co

We expect attention to turn to SNAP's July-August lock-up expirations. Snap has 150- & 180-day lock-up expirations beginning July

Regis Chatellier - Societe Generale

There is less and less clarity on what is going to happen in the United States, what the political landscape is going to be and what is going to be the agenda ... The two risks are if Donald Trump is under impeachment and a big retracement down on oil. Overall emerging markets have had very good momentum. (But) the fact that oil is trending down doesn't help. That clearly shows there is an interest in emerging

Michael Lynton - Sony

He was at our house one hour later. When you open Snap, you're in the camera. That gives you a big field to play

Christian Kern

There is no ambition left. We all know that. Why are we talking? I am very sure that there will be elections this

Sebastian Kurz

From my point of view, the first step must be that we make an unanimous decision for elections to be brought forward. By doing this we can stop the endless election campaign, which has started in the past couple of months, and make sure this doesn't go on for another

Kylie Jenner

I can't leave the house without lipstick. Everyone was so interested in the color I was wearing. But nothing was ever perfect for me. I just thought, Why not make my own lip kit with a liner and lipstick?feedback

Jamie Adenuga

I met Jeremy Corbyn today and explained why bare of us don't vote. I forgot to ask for a pic, so here's one I

Christian Kern

It was the case from the first day onwards that there was a group within the OVP that wanted to work with us (Social Democrats) constructively ... and then there were some who were less interested in this government succeeding. They have now prevailed within the

Christian Kern

There will definitely ... be an election, I assume in the coming autumn. The OVP ended the coalition on Friday. I have difficulty picturing a scenario in which we could put together a stable minority government. It would possibly have a numerical majority but probably not a political

Christian Kern

A working relationship with the Freedom Party would be a novelty for the SPO and we will therefore now discuss that internally in a sensitive

Eric Kim - Goodwater Capital

Right now, they clearly have a loyal user base in the younger population, but the over 30-year-old demographic is one of the most attractive segments for advertisers because of their spending

Shebly Seyrafi - FBN Securities

Some people may have taken these words more literally, and some less

Melissa Parrish - Forrester Research

I think this conflation leads to a misunderstanding of how tech companies can and will grow, and that leads to enormous valuations based on prior experiences that may not be analogous. That user number is the one I was focusing on and what I'm seeing now is we're hitting a level where Snap [has] gone from double-digit growth to quarterly single-digit growth. It seems to be happening sooner than what we

Ross Levinsohn

I think the negative here is that because they missed, it will give the agencies and CMOs a bit of leverage in negotiating

Ross Levinsohn

I go to Facebook, and I'm seeing more and more fake news, it's really heavy, heavy politics. I think Evan and team are creating the most unique creative platform that's been created on the internet in a very long

James Cakmak

The volatility in the stock was the function of an incredibly difficult setup where the most bullish financial expectations corresponded with the most bearish

Keith Noreika

These stores are propping up their failing businesses on the backs of lower-middle-class

Chris Paradysz

The core audience from Snap is the reason why advertisers are

Matt Britton

Advertisers don't use it personally. Facebook took off when brand managers were using it to share pictures of Little League games with each other. They really need to educate advertisers as users, as

Zack Green

It's just a platform that people don't know how to create for at the moment. Snap can do a better job in terms of educating people. We can't use measurement metrics. It's more looking for different and interesting creators to borrow their content to help advertisers gain scale. Instagram you can measure the reach, and engagement

Harry Kargman

Google and Facebook, while as big as they are now, in the early days they had the same problems that Snap did. If you look at Snap's progression and the trajectory and its journey, they haven't been around as long, and frankly, I don't think Evan [Spiegel] was focused on revenue before they went

Matt Britton

They need to make sure they don't lose their celebrity and influential base because they don't have vanity metrics. Influencers use their number of followers and monetize on that [by showing advertisers how popular they are], but they can't see that on Snapchat. That matters more than people

Brian Wieser - Pivotal Research Group

I don't think that the company needs to be concerned about that, except for the fact that a lot of employees who work there have been issued significant amounts of [restricted stock units] which are dependent upon a high stock price. The biggest risk for the company is, How do you manage a workforce whose compensation is largely stock-driven, if the stock comes down to earth?feedback

Jon Najarian - CNBC

Now, there are two basic reasons that someone buys a put contract; 1) to protect their long position in the equity 2) to bet that the equity may decline. When they scramble into puts in the final 5 minutes of trading, we think that's pretty

Aron Pinson

Stock prices, especially in the short term, are all about supply and demand, so any issuance of additional supply has an effect. In the case of SNAP specifically, the magnitude of supply hitting the market vs. the amount currently available is enormous and is sure to weigh on its

Brad Lamensdorf

We aren't covering a share. It is still at like 35 times sales which is silly. It will never grow into that price to sales ratio. A lower price is

David Nelson

Lock ups when they expire can easily act as a ceiling for the shares even if the news improves from here. It's important to remember these are motivated sellers with little price sensitivity. Their cost basis is significantly lower and any proceeds is almost pure

Ross Sandler - Deutsche Bank

The problem with such a print right out of the gate is that there is little near-term valuation support given the lack of profitability and massive lock up expiration around the

Jim Cramer

You've got to put him through some sort of gauntlet because this guy is so arrogant. He's so arrogant that I mean, honestly, Evan Spiegel, listen to me and listen to me good: You're going to introduce yourself next time and then you're going to back off and let your CFO talk. You're going to say, You know what, I did not do the job I'd like to, but I'm going to work harder. Humility is a fabulous

Evan Spiegel - Snap

If you want to be a creative company, you have got to be comfortable with and enjoy the fact that people copy your products if you make great stuff. Just because Yahoo! has a search box doesn't mean they're

Heath Terry - Goldman Sachs Group

While SNAP remains a near venture stage investment with all of the risks that implies, we continue to believe its audience and engagement represent a unique asset that will benefit from growth and diversification of internet usage and advertiser adoption as both

Stephen Ju - Credit Suisse Group

Snap is a scarce asset that offers advertisers access to a coveted younger demographic. Our long-term investment thesis has not changed on the back of this

Stephen Ju - Credit Suisse Group

Although we would certainly have preferred to have seen higher DAUs reported vs. our expectations and a higher reset to BOTH our revenue and Adj. EBITDA estimates, we settle for profit dollars for

Michael Graham

The question on people's minds is that is that slow from Facebook and Instagram creating another Snapchat in a very short amount of time?feedback

Evan Spiegel - Snap

If we had just in the beginning encouraged snapchatters to add all their friends in (their) contact book instead of just few of them, they might be really uncomfortable creating snaps and adding them to their

Anthony DiClemente

Snap came to the public markets just as its user and monetization growth were both starting to meaningfully slow. It now faces incrementally fierce competition from deeper-pocketed rivals including

Matt Britton

If you ask any teen how they use Snapchat, (most) say they use it to text people. I think texting, one-on-one, they have their audience hooked. That's going to continue. They need to acquire the next Snapchat — companies that are doing one thing right. Whatever the new thing is, they should acquire

Scott Raney - Redpoint Ventures

Start-up founders do pay attention to something like earnings, particularly with a company as high profile as Snap. It was surprising that this happened so soon after going

Drew Vollero - Snapchat

It's a modest program for us right now. 90 percent of our new hires were in engineering and

Evan Spiegel - Snap

We still have a lot of work to do, but I'm excited by the amount of progress we've made in such a short

Art Hogan

Its miss wasn't Draconian, but they missed by expectations that could have been reset during the course of the

Art Hogan

It's being punished because it didn't act like a publicly traded company. It acted like something cool my kids like to use. It's a cruel world out

Art Hogan

A larger hurdle to cross is for these traditional retailers to say something

Scott Kessler - S&P Capital IQ

I would be very surprised if people construed the aftermarket today or premarket trading [Thursday] in Snap as any kind of harbinger or broader market activity to come. I think people understand that this is a very different kind of company and it's really hardly a bellwether either in its specific category of choice. I don't think what they communicated is going to be viewed as issues for other companies. Snap clearly seems to have had some issues from a growth perspective. We'll see if that's

Scott Kessler - S&P Capital IQ

They highlighted that they upgraded and updated their Android app which has been somewhat challenging for them. I think this really comes down to the seemingly targeted and relentless competition from Facebook. It's really hard not to think about Facebook and everything they've been doing in the last six to nine months hasn't had a pretty negative impact on Snap's growth trajectory over that period of

Scott Kessler - S&P Capital IQ

I think there are true believers that will think about Facebook at this time five years ago and remember how the stock couldn't get out of its own way. People are now trying to figure out whether Snap is going to be Facebook or is it going to be Twitter, and I think people are leaning toward the latter. The difference between Facebook and Twitter, is the difference between a bellwether and an also

Evan Spiegel - Snap

I think in terms of our hardware strategy, our approach when we're exploring new technology is to usually work on it ourselves. That's our way to explore something really, really quickly and learn from it. So that's been our strategy today with Spectacles. I think it's been really exciting to see people capture memories from their perspective. There's obviously something exciting about

Jason Calacanis

The 'FAAAM' index – Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, Apple and Microsoft – these companies now have virtual monopolies. In fact, they've figured out how to game the Justice Department and really become monopolies that are immune to government action – at least, in the United States. They're not going to try to compete with the global user base in the same way Facebook is obsessed with having everybody. Snapchat is going to really get themselves into trouble if they get into Yahoo's big problem, which was a constant comparison to .... Google. Snapchat has to establish they are something

James Cakmak

Our favourable outlook on Snap stems not only from the company's ability to innovate and cater to millennials in high value markets, but also capture publisher content and consumer mindshare as video consumption grows on

Jessica Liu - Forrester Research

If they attempt to tackle both, Snapchat will discover that meeting the needs of a 15 year old vs. a 30 year old will be very

Evan Spiegel - Snap

It's an easy way to grow daily actives quickly but we don't think those techniques are sustainable over the long term and it impacts our relationship with

Ian Rogers - LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton

I find it interesting that the Parisian perspective on fashion has been missing from the e-commerce landscape until now. In my view it is a conspicuous absence and a huge market gap that we intend to fill. The move toward social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat comes hand-in-hand with the rise of the internet as a more visual medium and of mobile domination. Increasingly consumers want pictures over words. If you look at our site, we lean far further toward visually-led merchandising than the more editorial skew of our

Eric Kim - Goodwater Capital

Much of the call should be around Stories as it represents the bulk of Snap's future value given the importance of video advertising to the company's relatively nascent business

Brent Saunders

We're seeing more young people enter the medical aesthetics [space]. We're seeing it become less stigmatized. People are putting it on Snapchat, Facebook,

Ruth Simpson

We have had a reality check in the last few weeks from the frost in the UK. It is too soon to say how much it is going to set us back this year but that's part of the risk of where we have decided to grow

Frazer Thompson

It is a rare occurrence and the outlook for our dynamic English wines industry remains

Frazer Thompson

The impact of last week's frosts was mixed with some of our vineyards impacted and some not at

Frazer Thompson

It is far from catastrophic and the truth is that, as ever, we won't be in a position to gauge the potential crop until after flowering in

Sarah Hofstetter - 360i

For a generation of people, Snapchat is the place where they're getting all of their

Troy Young - Hearst

What Snapchat did well is it curated a place where a publisher's brand could live and it created an ad model that can

Nick Bell - Snap

Our focus is to help our partners develop businesses that are financially significant, and sustainable, in turn funding future investment in quality

Greg Gittrich - Mashable

Snap has given us a valuable, loyal, young audience of millions who can be hard to reach on other platforms. It's very profitable for

Chrissy Teigen

Reminder to never ever joke, ever. (I did do the armpits, no regrets except it clearly came back). You think I'd have this ass if I'd done extensive work? Like who would ask for this

Nirav Tolia - Nextdoor

We're not Snapchat, we're not Instagram. We don't have 50 million users in six

Jess Phillips

In 2022, this seat will be a fight between me and the Tories. Well, if I'm still

Melanie Mohr

We had delegations from Apple in our office… There are many ways our product is quite interesting to them, but I think that they are also looking into trends and they saw this is the kind of trend-capturing platform, and this Gen Z focus is something they are highly focused [on]. They know how to create good content and they know how to message it right to their crowd on other social

Melanie Mohr

Our app is a utility app, it helps everyone create good product videos. At the same time, it's a platform where these product videos can immediately transform into transaction videos and people can immediately purchase on our platform. You could say it's a marketplace, but at the same place an entertainment platform combined with many social factors, and I think this is what, especially when you are looking into this generation, this is what they want, they want to be social, they want to share products. They want to create products, and they want to make

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

We're going to keep putting video at the center of all of these services. There are lots of different apps that have cameras in it, or where a individual developers build an app that has a single camera effect. I think we were a little bit late to the trend initially around making cameras the center of how sharing works, but I do think at this point we're pretty much ahead in terms of the technology that we're building .... A lot of people are using these products across our family of apps, and I would expect us to continue leading the way forward on this from this point

Savannah Guthrie

She's such a natural, and also, there's so much that you learn on the fly. And she just is doing so great and she is so happy and it's so meant to

Savannah Guthrie

I see your awkward throwback pic, @hodakotb, and I raise you this 'mini Jabba the Hutt' baby

Savannah Guthrie

She's just like the Hoda you know. She's just full of love and energy, and she's also just wild and crazy. And funny and frazzled. She's just Hoda. She's great, and she's exactly where she's meant to

Bill Ford

What you're starting to see is serious advertisers are recognizing Snap as an ad platform of scale alongside of Google and Facebook, and [advertisers] want a third

Tim Wu

In the earliest days we were trying to save companies like YouTube. Now it's as much about trying to save the net from YouTube as it is about saving YouTube. Snapchat has grown up in an era of network neutrality, and I think Snapchat owes some of its existence to net neutrality. Facebook hasn't been able to destroy it yet, and they would have had an easier job in a non-net-neutrality world. The question is, will Facebook and Comcast be able to join together and gang up on a future Snapchat?feedback

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

Like Apple in its younger days, we view Snap as a disruptive innovator with a laser-like

Jimmy Kimmel

We had atheists praying for us. And I hate to say it – even that son of a bitch Matt Damon sent

Sarah Wollaston

Schools and colleges have a front line role in tackling mental ill health and promoting well-being among children and young people. We have heard, however, that financial pressures are restricting their ability to run services. Schools and colleges must be well resourced to provide on-site support and make referrals where

Serena Williams

I had to really take all that energy and put it in a paper bag, so to say, and throw it

Serena Williams

So I'm on my way to the's been a minute since I've been! I feel like I'm going to have a very fun story tonight, a lot of my friends are there, so I look forward to seeing them, catching up. It's going to be fun, stay tuned!' she

Sarah Wollaston

With half of all mental illness starting before the age of 15, and three quarters by aged 18, the Government and educators must ensure sufficient time is allowed for activities in schools and colleges that develop the life-long skills children and young people need to support their

Jim Cramer

That is a giant admission that these chains aren't going to be able to get as many people in the seats anymore buying beer for too much money versus what you can buy it for at the supermarket. And yes, selling marked-up alcohol is the secret behind the success of so many dinner chain restaurants. Whether it's student debt or lower wages or a sense that you want to multi-task, check out Facebook, Snap or Twitter while watching the game or looking at Netflix, or maybe all of those, the simple fact is that the change is accelerating, not arresting

Luben Pampoulov - GSV Capital

Facebook's not a personal content social network any longer. The only app where stories is working is Instagram. In our opinion there are two major differences between Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories: one is that Snapchat's product itself is ahead and more advanced technologically (especially after the launch of its new 3D image lenses), and the other is that the time spent per user is still superior at

Kiran Kowshik - UniCredit Research

April has been good for emerging markets, as well as the first quarter, and historically that is the

Gina Miller

By calling this election (Theresa May is) going to put in her manifesto exactly what her approach to Brexit is going to be. She's going to show all of her hand. If the only deals on the table are a bad deal or a no deal, that's not a real choice. That is the only way that MPs get a meaningful

Lukas Goodwin

I like to see what my friends and family are up to. I wouldn't want to take a break from

Martin Sorrell

The fundamental point is the acceptance by Google and Facebook that they are media companies and not technology companies and that they have the same responsibility as you do and for your content on CNBC on those media such as Google and Facebook or indeed Snapchat or Yahoo … so we are seeing some concerns in that area. This is an opportunity for traditional media to suggest that brand safety in traditional media is greater than it is in new

Amanda Lenhart

They feel that they are missing out, detached from important social relationships (as well as) news and

Mike Krieger - Instagram

We consistently find that performance improvements lead to usage improvements at the level of what a new feature would

Serena Williams

I was just saving them (for myself). I've been so good about it, but this was the one time it slipped. It wasn't very easy. You hear all these stories about people when they're pregnant – they get sick, they get really tired, really stressed out. I had to really take all that energy and put it in a paper bag, so to say, and throw it away. Pregnant or not, no one knew and I was supposed to win that tournament. Every time I play, I'm expected to win. If I don't win, it's actually much bigger news . I definitely plan on coming back. I'm not done yet. If she's still playing, I know I can

Miranda Kerr

Can they not innovate? Do they have to steal all of my partner's ideas? When you directly copy someone, that's not

Nimay Mehta - Lead Edge Capital

The internet is tougher. There's a lot of capital sitting on the sidelines and all of us are looking for great ideas and places to put our

Nimay Mehta - Lead Edge Capital

You see it with Snapchat today. Instagram stories has taken off like a rocket ship. It leaves question marks on whether Snapchat will reaccelerate growth and [Instagram is] a business as big as

Alex Burkill

We are going to see plenty of showers. They could be intense at times and, as a result, that will bring the risk of something wintry, even though temperatures are set to climb a little bit as we go through the day. The further north you are, the better chance you've got of catching a shower and a greater chance of any shower turning wintry. But you can't rule it out further south. It is fairly uncommon but we have seen events like this before. You only have to go back as far as last year - we had snow as late as this

David Blanchflower

Support for Brexit is likely to be driven by how the economy performs and whether living standards hold up and they aren't. I am hoping for some good economic news next month. I didn't see much of any this

Jonathan Taplin

As the poor folks at Snapchat are finding, these companies can crush even well-capitalized companies like Snapchat, by just knocking off their features. You could argue that Google is a natural monopoly. The problem is, the rise of Google, Facebook and Amazon has meant the fall of the creative

Jonathan Taplin

They need to be more generous with the creative community or there won't be a creative

David Esquibias

Amanda is doing exceptionally well. She is attending school and, as always, devoted to

Nicola Sturgeon

And whatever else happens in this election we should not allow the Tory party to escape the accountability for any misdemeanours that may have led to them buying the last general election. The SNP opposes Trident, not just in principle, but at a time when our public services and the vulnerable in our society are under so much pressure, spending tens of billions of pounds on weapons of mass destruction is the wrong choice. Labour should have the guts to simply say that. It's what we're told Jeremy Corbyn believes so he should have the courage of his convictions and say

Jeremy Corbyn

If you want progressive policies that deliver social justice, fairness and equality then you should vote Labour, vote Labours MPs to elect a Labour government. Let me be clear – there will be no deals with the SNP or anybody else. Remember, this is not a referendum, it's a General Election, and only Labour can form another government and offer an alternative that will transform the lives of people all across Scotland and all across Britain. I'm loving every minute of it. We are absolutely up for this

Peter Schaffer

So now it's evolved, to my understanding, where every team has at least one or two people monitoring all social media now for all rookies. The Instagram, the Snapchat and Facebook, all the stuff, it's now all final

Penny Gaines

We've got questions over the amount of commitment within May's government, and we've heard that people in the Treasury aren't very happy. I don't think anyone's expecting it to come in at £

Brian Battershill

I was sitting here one evening, with this lovely view, thinking how lucky I was. Next morning, in the letter box, HS2 told me we're demolishing your flat for high-speed rail. I was torn apart. Babies born here will be breathing these toxic fumes and dust until

Heather Poole

In 99.9 percent of situations, it's not what a passenger did, but how they responded when confronted or asked to do something. I know you have a really difficult job to do but. …. That melted my heart. If someone says that to me, it's like: 'Snap! I hear you.' It doesn't usually go like

Marco Petagna

Temperatures will recover back towards average by the weekend, so it's only a short-lived spell of cold weather. There will be widespread frost and sleet and snow showers in some

Marco Petagna

There's a big change on the way. Certainly Tuesday and Wednesday nationwide look to be much colder days next week. Monday will be a transition day and we'll start to see colder air pushing down across the north and then much colder across all areas the following two days. We're going to see a northerly feed of air come across the UK, so the wind is swinging down from the

Kim Kardashian

I think dieting is so important to weight loss, whereas, I didn't really ever think that before. I thought, Oh, I can work out, I can just eat whatever I want.' But you have to work out all the

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

Most of them won't be in users' hands anytime soon. Facebook has the resources to move fast in this area and the audience to spread those features much more widely than

Nick Pinchuk - Snap-On

What I told the president is one of the key things about Snap-On ... [is] our people generate customization in the midst of

Serena Williams

Ok so this book Kelly wrote is a guide for new moms. One of these days I hope to apply this (but for now I'll stick to my dog Chip). The introduction is hilarious and had me hooked from the first word! Congrats my

John McDonnell

The economy is going to turn, we are seeing inflation increasing, wages stagnate and people in heavy debt. They know … they'll be deeply

Donald J. Trump

Right now, widespread abuse in our immigration system is allowing American workers of all backgrounds to be replaced by workers brought in from other countries to fill the same job for, sometimes, less pay. This will stop. Some of them (IT firms) had started their journey some years ago. They wanted to be seen less as job snatchers and more as multinational organisations. This (executive order) reinforces the decision. They (IT firms) are saying we'll have to increase our US footprint by hiring more people there (US).feedback

Amanda Lenhart

They're first-movers, in many ways. It speaks to the level of embeddedness of the technology in black youths' lives and their willingness to move into new platforms more quickly than their

Hope Wright

I don't actually want to have a lot of social media. I've heard a lot of things happen that I want to avoid. Some people use it to make friends, but I don't. I make them in

Adrian Kavanagh

It's a huge iceberg and it's in so close that people can get a good photograph of it. It's the biggest one I ever seen around here. You can see off in the distance on a clear day . . . you can see five or six big

Rick Secor - Snap-On

We will continue to abide by all visa regulations set forth by the U.S. government for the handful of people we

Ron Hira

As much as industry claims they are not using H-1B visas for cheap labor, in reality, this is what they care about – the lower cost. This is legal underpayment. Industry claims these are super specialized workers, so what gives? They are paying below what you would pay an average American in that job. It lowers the wages for everybody in that sector, depressing what Americans can

Jeremy Corbyn

The Prime Minister also says this campaign will be about leadership. So then let's have a head-to-head TV debate about the future of our country. Why has she rejected that request?feedback

Theresa May

The country is coming together but Westminster is not… if we do not hold an election now (opposition politicians') political game playing will

Theresa May

As our Prime Minister Theresa May has said, the country is coming together, but Westminster is

Theresa May

Britain is leaving the European Union and there can be no turning back. And as we look to the future, the Government has the right plan for negotiating our new relationship with Europe. At this moment of enormous national significance there should be unity here in Westminster, but instead there is

Theresa May

We need a general election and we need one now. The country is coming together, but Westminster is not. Division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of Brexit and it will cause damaging uncertainty and instability to the country. Every vote for the Conservatives means we can stick to our plan for a stronger Britain and take the right long-term decisions for a more secure

Alex Dryden - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

For us, for U.K. investors, it certainly adds to the short-term noise, but what it might lead to is a softer Brexit. A bigger majority for the Conservatives in the House of Commons might allow Theresa May to talk a softer Brexit stance which is why we've seen the pound nose up since the election

Donald Tusk - European Council

It was (Alfred) Hitchcock, who directed Brexit: first an earthquake and the tension

Dean Turner - UBS

Market reaction we saw yesterday is probably well judged but we'll have to see what the next 50 days

Tim Bale

She has a small majority, a big task ahead of her and a huge opinion poll lead. If you put all those things together, they equal a general

David Marcus

I'm glad we called it a beta because we got a lot of attention for opening our platform, then we got a lot of attention for all the things we needed to do. We're going to give this another

Donald J. Trump

We believe jobs must be offered to American workers first. Does that make sense? Right now widespread abuse in our immigration system is allowing American workers of all backgrounds to be replaced by workers brought in from other countries to fill the same job for sometimes less pay. This will stop. American workers have long called for reforms to end these visa abuses and today their calls are being answered for the first

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Even if we were a little slow to add cameras to all our apps, I'm confident that now we're going to push this augmented reality platform forward. This isn't just about finding a Pokémon in a one-block

Mike van Dulken - Accendo Markets

Calls for a negative open for equities come after losses on Wall St amid mixed corporate results overnight (Yahoo! beat, IBM missed), another leg down for Crude Oil drove a poor session in Asia and additional GBP strength took FTSE futures lower. Copper may be off its worst levels, but remains in a clear downtrend, although a rebound for Iron Ore offers some respite for a commodity sector troubled by scepticism about stimulus; too much in China and nothing to show yet from Trump in the

Mark Mahaney

Snapchat showed what you could do with a camera. Now Facebook is going after them

Amber Rudd

The choice [between the parties] is clear-cut, but the decision to call this election was anything

Amber Rudd

The point is with the EU they will know we have a small majority. They will watch the polls, see the debates, they read the newspapers. It's important for the EU to realise we have a strong government that is supported by the country so that we can get the best negotiation with them. Division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of

Tim Sehn - Facebook

We never wanted third-party apps on our platform. We have created a product where it is more critically important than ever before that we control the end user experience. We've made commitments to our

Joaquin Candela - Facebook

This is heaven. We have this massive release channel and we're just going to keep putting stuff in

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

We're going to go through a period where people don't understand what we're doing. And don't understand the full vision. But, hey, that's the cost of entry to doing anything

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

There's all these different random effects which are fun, but also foundational to a platform where people can create 3D objects and put them into the

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Facebook is so much about marrying the physical world with online. When you can make it so that you can intermix digital and physical parts of the world, that's going to make a lot of our experiences better and our lives richer. The camera needs to be more central than the text box in all of our apps. We're making the camera the first augmented reality platform. Even though they'll feel a little bit different in terms of features between Instagram and WhatsApp and Messenger, all the stuff that developers are going to build is going to be fundamentally compatible with cameras in all of

Jeremy Corbyn

Well, it's an opportunity for the people of this country to change the direction of this country, to decide they do not want a hard Brexit, they want to keep Britain in the single market, and indeed, it's an opportunity for us to have a decent strong opposition in this country, that we desperately

Nicola Sturgeon

But it's very clear that the prime minister's announcement today is one all about the narrow interests of her own party, not the interests of the country overall. Clearly she sees the opportunity given the total disarray in the ranks of the Labour party to crush all opposition to her, to get rid of people who disagree with

Jeremy Corbyn

I welcome the opportunity for us to put the case to the people of Britain, to stand up against this Government and it's failed economic agenda which has left our NHS in problems, our schools underfunded and left so many people uncertain. We want to put a case out there to the people of Britain of a society that cares for all, an economy that works for all and a Brexit that works for all. We're going out there to put the case for how this country could be run. How it could be different, how we could have a much fairer society that works for all, for everybody in our

Jim O'Neill - Bruegel

But she's looking at the weakness of the Labour Party and thinking it is a low-risk

Gerwin Schalk

If you could somehow interface with a computer directly, bypassing all the constraints of your sensory motor capacities, you could make all the feelings and perceptions and desires of a person directly accessible to technology. You could completely eliminate this communication bottleneck and essentially create a symbiotic relationship between technology and the

Terry Scuoler

Industry will welcome the Prime Minister's decision to seek a clear mandate. The last year has been one of considerable uncertainty which, if it had gone on unchecked, would have risked hampering future investment. We have significant negotiations to undertake with our partners in the rest of Europe and, doing this with a fresh and stable mandate from the country can only provide greater certainty about the future direction of travel for policy, and the potential to seek the best deal possible for the

Alex Ohanian

It feels good. He's incredibly – a really nice person. I think he definitely treats everyone the same, which is really cool to see. Really, really nice to

Alistair Carmichael

I think actually it makes her look a little bit arrogant and a little bit complacent. She's taking people for granted already and voters never like

Theresa May

So we need a general election and we need one now, because we have at this moment a one-off chance to get this done while the European Union agrees its negotiating position and before the detailed talks begin. I have only recently and reluctantly come to this conclusion. Since I became Prime Minister I have said that there should be no election until 2020, but now I have concluded that the only way to guarantee certainty and stability for the years ahead is to hold this election and seek your support for the decisions I must

Jeremy Corbyn

I welcome the Prime Minister's decision to give the British people the chance to vote for a government that will put the interests of the majority first. Labour will be offering the country an effective alternative to a government that has failed to rebuild the economy, delivered failing living standards and damaging cuts to our schools and NHS [National Health Service]. In the last couple of weeks, Labour has set out policies that offer a clear and credible choice for the country. We look forward to showing how Labour will stand up for the people of

Crispin Odey

Economically speaking this is probably the best time she can do it but the current environment won't last and things are bound to get

Peter Cruddas - CMC Markets

My feeling is that the City expects she will win with a bigger majority. If she does, she will go into Brexit in a stronger position. So if anything this clears up uncertainty which the City is always in favour

Michael Rake

If the election empowers the Prime Minister to negotiate a pragmatic Brexit with appropriate transitional arrangements it will be

Rafael Behr

The prime minister claims to want unity over Brexit, but this move is designed to call out her rivals as sowers of discord. Psychologists talk about hindsight bias: our tendency to project inevitability on to unforeseen events. That which surprised us yesterday will tomorrow be treated as if there were no other way things might have

Paul Hollingsworth - Capital Economics

This election is probably going to be fairly certain compared with previous general elections - it is just a case of by what margin the Conservative government increases its majority rather than whether it is going to be a hung parliament. It is pretty clear cut. If it does then allow Theresa May to have a stronger mandate, it will allow her to push ahead with the Brexit agenda a bit more easily. So that might reduce a little bit of uncertainty over the next couple of years as there is more chance of that getting past

Brian Wieser - Pivotal Research Group

The copycatting impacts sentiment among investors because to some degree the advertising spending that goes to Instagram and Snapchat comes from the same pool. To the extent that Instagram can launch all these Snapchat-like features, advertisers may wonder why they're advertising with

Gemma Craven - Social & Mobile

To me, Snapchat has always been ahead of the curve. I fondly call it the 'Snapchat effect.' They lead and others follow. Snap called itself a camera company and now Facebook is talking about the camera being the most important part of any device, you see it all

Noah Mallin

Instagram is still a place for users to show off their day in images and has built an aesthetic around smartphone photography. What brings many users back to Snapchat is… the messaging they do with

Brian Fitzgerald

In our proprietary survey we were surprised to see that Snapchat's engagement is growing in older demographics. We found that usage has increased across the platform, but the most improvement has been seen in users aged

Veit Medick - Spiegel Gruppe

Jones isn't crazy. He is well-read, knows how to do his research and knows a bit about international politics. When the microphone is off, his speech sometimes sounds as dry as if he were a member of the European Commission. But when the microphone is on, he slips into his role and becomes a

Tom Brady

Mom is doing better. She's been going through a lot – a lot of intensive

Rick Stockstill

Their actions were in violation of the values and standards of our program. After reviewing the matter further, and speaking with authorities with the appropriate expertise, I have decided to dismiss Justin Akins and Shalom Alvarez from our football

Alec Berg

We have difficult CEOs and people who are bombastic and somewhat enamored with themselves. I'm not saying anyone whose name may or may not be Travis, I'm just saying that's what I've

Alec Berg

He has a perspective because he's slightly removed from it all and he can look at Silicon Valley from the outside. As comedians, what we're always trying to do is look at the way systems work from the outside and kind of take them

Bryan Carter

Emerging markets have been strengthening from the fundamental case for several months. We made the decision back in September that emerging GDP growth rates ... were re-accelerating, so we thought we were back in a bullish

Shaun Ruming

We're the largest employer of youth in the country, so we're trying to look for new and innovative ways to recruit crew people. We're looking for that positivity, bubbly personality, someone we think would be good in a customer service

Nicola Sturgeon

Having written to Theresa May on the back of the Scottish Parliamentary vote, I've said some time after the Easter recess I will set out what I consider the next steps to be, but I will set that out to parliament. These are not the kinds of things I am thinking of. I was elected as First Minister just less than a year ago. I've got a responsibility to lead this country. But I also think it's right that Scotland doesn't have our future direction as a country imposed on us, but that we get to choose

Johnelle Allen

One of my friends was following them on Snapchat, and she kind of got me

Nicola Sturgeon

But I also think it's right that at the right time Scotland doesn't have our future direction as a country imposed on us, but that we get to choose

Nicola Sturgeon

I'm absolutely clear that the position of Theresa May, I just don't think is politically sustainable. If the Scottish parliament is of the opinion, as it is because it has voted in this way, that Scotland should be given a choice, not now, but when the time is right, when there is clarity about Brexit