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Adaire Fox-Martin - SAP Asia
We are disappointed SAP has let down South Africa: its communities, our employees, the partners we work with in South Africa and, importantly, our customers
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Oct 26 2017
South Africa has been commented on by 151 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about South Africa are: Jacob Zuma, Cristian Maggio and Julius Malema. For instance, the most recent quote from Jacob Zuma is: “He was a musical giant. This is indeed a huge loss for South Africa and the music industry as a whole. We are with his family in thoughts and prayers during this trying period. May his soul rest in peace.”.
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James Whitaker

A tour of Australia is the ultimate test for our squad. We have provided Joe Root and Trevor Bayliss with a well-balanced squad with options in all areas. After a successful summer, having won the Test series against South Africa and West Indies, there is real competition for places and we have selected a squad that will work hard and compete against Australia, aiming to win the

Trevor Bayliss

Stoneman does look like a tough cricketer at the top of the order - his game is in good order nothing much phases him, he's calm around the changing room, he has a good knowledge of the game and what works for him. He copped a couple of good ones during this series and he didn't let it worry him he just came out and made some runs in some difficult circumstances. Again Westley against South Africa - there weren't too many more difficult situations than that Malan missed out early and there was a bit of pressure on him - he has got a couple of 60s since so very much in the

Kevin Anderson

I really didn't know too much about college tennis when I was in South Africa. My last year of juniors I started getting calls from coaches, and the more we looked at it, the more we realized it was a very worthwhile opportunity to explore. Coming from South Africa, we didn't have the funding required to establish a base in the U.S. where I could play a lot of tournament and develop my game, which was

Kevin Anderson

Something about Illinois really struck me. They had just won the NCAA title the year before, and Craig Tiley was very well known in South Africa. I didn't know anything about the place or the city. I just wanted to go to the best tennis program, and I was able to make a great

Sam Mkokeli

The ban on Bell Pottinger does not mean what they have created in South Africa is over. The evil tactics they have introduced will be used as South Africa heads to national elections in

Dawid Malan

I try to score off every ball I face and that innings was out of character for me, I didn't find it easy, I didn't have rhythm, my feet weren't moving and I ended up trying to grind my way through. [Against South Africa] I was thinking about scoring a hundred every game and how I was going to score it, where I was going to hit Rabada. Before you know it, you're out in the middle then back in the pavilion. You've let the occasion get to

Wayne Rooney

Capello's English wasn't great, and it just didn't feel right. He brought his backroom staff in and they were all Italian and it just didn't feel right. I remember at the World Cup in South Africa, Fabio and his coaches were watching Italy play and they were cheering when Italy scored, and he was there as England manager. I don't think that was right. It didn't work and we had to move

Virginia Davids

She is such a huge inspiration to singers in South

Wayne Rooney

My mind's made up. I've seen it a few times when players come out of retirement and gone to tournaments and it's not right. I think the lads now who are trying to qualify for Russia, if they get there they're the players who will deserve to play in the tournament, so my decision is made. At the World Cup in South Africa, Fabio and his coaches were watching Italy play and they were jumping up and cheering when Italy scored and he's there as England manager. I don't think it was right but it didn't work and we moved

Joe Root

It was a very difficult decision to make, with Toby putting in some strong performances. But if Chris had been fully fit at the start of the series he would have come straight back into the team. He has been phenomenal and his record last year was outstanding. We have a lot of depth in the bowling department... they are all pushing each other for spots. It is vitally important that we back up last week's strong display. We didn't play well at Trent Bridge earlier this season after a really good start against South Africa and we have to have that mentality of being

Hamad Kalkaba Malboum

We are talking with Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco – those countries have the facilities. I have very positive sounds from some of them. People said that Africa could not host the World Cup in football, but we did it very

Jonathan Agnew

With cricket, there is always politics. If you take something like South Africa and the D'Oliveira affair, that really split the commentary box down the middle. Brian Johnston believed we should keep playing South Africa, that engagement was the right way to go. John Arlott was the opposite, he was a big anti-Apartheid campaigner. And they really fell out over it. It created

Cheraé Robinson

I think it's about marrying the premium and the authentic and pealing back the layers. So if we're in South Africa, yes we're showing you Maboneng and the creative scene, but we're also talking about gentrification. If we're in Ghana, we're going to talk about having a housegirl or a houseboy because that's a reality

Fikile Mbalula

The SAPS (South Africa Police Service) have already put tabs in the borders in relation to her (Mugabe) leaving the country so there is no question about that. The red alert has been

Stuart Broad

I really enjoyed watching it. It's quite an exciting concept. Their twilight period comes a bit earlier, and South Africa actually declared in that twilight period. The exciting thing as a player is that we are going in with a completely clear mind, almost learning on the job. The team that will come out [the] most successful this week is the team that reacts

Candice Swanepoel

I feel like you could do better as a female model. If I had a daughter and felt that she could do really well it would be fine. I don't think I would want her to get into it unless I knew she would do really well. Because it's amazing, but it's not super easy. It's an indigenous name from the Amazon. I've always been amazed by the Indian culture of Brazil because I came from such a strong culture in South Africa – the Zulu area. Strong culture is really amazing to me, so we were talking names [and] it was the first one that popped into our heads that we both

Toby Roland-Jones

Naturally England is where I have played my cricket so I am more adept in those conditions than anywhere else purely on the basis of playing so much over here. But certainly I don't see that as a limiting factor for me or anything like that. I've enjoyed bowling whenever I have gone away - I was in Sri Lanka this year I enjoyed the challenges that those conditions offered and we have played in Australia and South Africa. So I see myself as someone who adapts to whatever conditions I

Ben Stokes

It has been tough work over the last six or seven weeks. Since the knee trouble I had in the one-dayers (against South Africa and in the Champions Trophy) I have found it tough to get back to my best rhythm-wise,

Remi Adekoya

Most of Africa's biggest economies like Nigeria, South Africa and Angola are all struggling following the downturn in commodity prices since 2014. There need to be determined efforts to curb Africa's population growth because financial resources are not limitless, neither that of Africa nor of the international community, which may be inclined to

Mike Brearley

If Test cricket declines further in places like Pakistan, and I don't mean they're declining as a team, they're doing very well, but in countries like Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, where there are no crowds, then it will die in those countries. We made some of those statements at the end of our meeting two or three weeks ago in London and actually I've heard nothing from them (the game's authorities).feedback

Andrew Zimmern

She's like, I'm obsessed with your show, it's just amazing what you do and I just looked at her and I said, You know, you're one of my heroes. You're a great actress but your work with AIDS in South Africa and her CTAOP Foundation is really

Marijke Zewuster - ABN AMRO

Most emerging markets are doing quite well at the moment, especially in Asia, the figures for China are positive. If you look at the underlying figures they are relatively strong at the moment - the global environment is still favourable for emerging markets. With South Africa, the problem is there is a lot of structural weakness, so rate cuts will not really help

Mohamed Hamad

There's a whole musical wave out of Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa being played in nightclubs all over the world and setting trends. In the past two or three years, I've been able to make a living playing the music I

Ottis Gibson

It would be a great game for us to win from here. A lot of credit goes to South Africa for the way they've come out over the last three days and played. They've put us under a lot of pressure, some of it we haven't responded very well to - getting bowled out in the first innings - but clearly today we have shown a lot of character, not just the bowlers but the fielders as well. This morning in the huddle the captain said he wanted people to step up. And I thought Anderson, who bowled a lot of overs in the first innings, came in and led really well this

Adam Habib

South Africa is not unique. It's just the most acute manifestation of a global conflict that's

Jacob Zuma

He was a musical giant. This is indeed a huge loss for South Africa and the music industry as a whole. We are with his family in thoughts and prayers during this trying period. May his soul rest in

Stuart L. Pimm

Should we be concerned about the loss of species across large areas – absolutely – but this is a fairly crude way of showing that. There are parts of the world where there are massive losses, but equally there are parts of the world where there is remarkable progress. It is pretty harsh on countries like South Africa, which is doing a good job of protecting

Neil Hammerschlag

All of sudden they're in people's backyards, not in Australia or South Africa. Great white sharks make news. Great white sharks in your backyard make news even more. Because they're large and can pose a risk to humans, I would generally not swim in a spot where you know sharks are. It's the same as when you're driving on the highway and if you know there's a reckless or drunk driver. It's smart to not drive near them. But you're not going to stop driving on the highway

Vanessa De Luca

I think Durban has so much to offer. It is a beach destination and the vacation spot for the rest of South Africa. And, there's such a mix of global cultures. It's a nice melting

James Whitaker

Gary Ballance could play his first Test since October. He has been in fantastic touch with the bat in the Championship averaging over 100. He deserves to be included and we feel that he will add maturity and experience to our middle-order. Toby Roland-Jones is a player we have been monitoring for quite some time and deserves his chance after a strong couple of seasons with Middlesex in red ball cricket... On behalf of the selectors, I would like to wish Joe Root, Trevor Bayliss and all the squad the very best for what will be a competitive series against South

Brian McMaster

Regardless of what happens in South Africa our story still makes

Quinton Fortune

I was very fortunate to play for South Africa against him in the Olympics in front of 72,000 fans. But, when he was at Barcelona, he was a different Ronaldinho so I'm hoping we get a glimpse of that and I hope I won't have to mark him!feedback

Eoin Morgan

They (South Africa) were certainly entitled to appeal and the spirit of the game is open to

Malusi Gigaba

We need to protect at all times the independence of the South Africa Reserve Bank so we don't subject it to undue influence from anybody. At the moment the central bank is acting on its own initiative, on its own

Manuel S. Silva

We will go from 3 million to 15 million passengers per year. This airport will be amongst the top three in Sub-Saharan Africa, in competition with Lagos and South

Brian McMaster

Supply out of South Africa is only going to go one way. There is a supply deficit in the market so there is a need for more

Tyler Broda - RBC Capital Markets

What is certain that South Africa continues to be a terrible destination for mining investment and assets in South Africa will continue to trade at a discount, impacting the likes of Anglo American, Lonmin, South32, Petra Diamonds and

Sone Aluko

It's just ironical; same stadium, same two nil. We lost this game 2-0 and when I played [against South Africa in 2014], I scored two goals though there's no saying if I played this game I'd have scored two

Robert Bouroujerdi

Five companies poised to dominate disruption - Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet - have added a total of $600m (£474m) of market cap this year, or the equivalent gross domestic product of Hong Kong and South Africa combined. Parallels to the 'nifty-fifty' and 1999 to 2000 are growing as their performance is even more pronounced on a risk-adjusted

Cecilia Wessels

I literally took the picture to show my mum and dad in South Africa, Look there's a tornado,' and now everyone is like, Why is your husband mowing the lawn?'. It seems that most people here mow before the rain comes, so he thought he would do that, and, well, ended up

Kyle Sinckler

I like the Phil Vickery one with Andrew Sheridan before the first Test (in South Africa). What was he saying? 'You listening to me' and then he headbutts him. I've always been a fan and always will be, so it's just a massive honour for me to put on the jersey at the weekend and, hopefully, I leave it in a better

Trevor Noah

I was born in South Africa during a time when there was apartheid. Apartheid was a system of laws that were racist laws designed to separate and segregate people in the country. One of the core tenants of these laws was that black and white people weren't allowed to fraternize; weren't allowed to share the same spaces; weren't allowed to live in the same areas; and most importantly weren't allowed to have, as they call it, carnal

Gavin Hunt

The players are going back. Sundowns want double figures (in millions) for them. At this point in time‚ they don't want to go back‚ but they'll go back. They have a contract and that was part of the deal. If you look at the local market‚ and I said to somebody yesterday (on Friday)‚ 'If you give somebody R100 million‚ who are you going to buy in South Africa?' because you don't want to pay prices like that‚ and spend ridiculous money on players, and we don't do

Simon Amor

We're looking forward to playing the best side in the world. We know just how good South Africa are and it is always a tremendous battle between us. If we approach this with the same amount of energy and passion and continue to work hard to make the supporters proud then we put ourselves in the best place

Michael Stipe

No one would come and play South Africa because of apartheid. What they were left with were these really cheesy, shitty–it was really bad bands, only bad acts. As a teenager and someone who also shares my political views and attitude, it was really unfair to her and to her friends that they were not able to experience these–the whole punk rock movement was something that they experienced pre-internet, just as almost cargo cult. I feel quite the

Sebastian Barbe - Crédit Agricole

We are seeing a classic rise in global uncertainty with risk assets being out of favour and positions being closed on some of the most risky emerging markets such as Turkey and South Africa. We have been advising clients to be a bit cautious, even before the Trump issues, because volatility was low, good news had been priced in and protectionist fears had already receded. This is not just the usual political noise that's spreading to markets, it can impact the ability of the government to finalise reforms which are necessary for appetite of investors to

Senzeni Zokwana

As the fall armyworm is a new pest to South Africa, no pesticide was previously registered to be used against it. A process of emergency registration of agricultural chemicals is ongoing with two active ingredients already registered to be applied against this pest. As with all agricultural remedy applications the label instructions must be followed in accordance to the supplier's

Aly-Khan Satchu

I think by consolidating the African businesses, you could apply scale and target these markets to make a wider opening to Vodacom and Safaricom. It makes sense to try and get some of the acceleration that we have seen in Safaricom complemented to Vodacom South

Priyanka Chopra

The subject matter was so hard because it was sexual violence against kids and the number is ridiculously staggering. … One out of three girls in Zimbabwe under 18 has been sexually violated in some way. One out of three. South Africa is one out of five. And these are children who are violated, it's not by strangers, but by relatives and uncles and fathers. It's just so harrowing and hard to

Jim Farley

For Ford, it's not only important for the UK's agreement with the 27 (remaining EU) countries but equally important are countries like Turkey and South Africa which hasn't really been talked about. There should be a transition period. That transition period is really critical for the future of our investments in the

Steve Hansen

They're one of [our rivals], along with South Africa, Australia and France. By the time the World Cup comes around, any one of a number of teams could win the tournament. England are getting better and better all the time, but they're in a really strong pool. It's going to be interesting. Will we play Japan between now and the World Cup? We'll have to wait and see, but it wouldn't be a silly

Brian O'Driscoll

I think it is [the toughest tour]. I didn't get much love in the Test series [in 2005]. I'd imagine the [Tests] were pretty tough – the first 30 seconds was tough enough for me. But the other games were ferocious. Way more so than in South Africa and Australia. I just thought the intensity of the midweek games and the Saturday games before the Tests were really, really tough. The New Zealand Maori were the ones who beat us and that will be remembered for a long long

Priyanka Chopra

I heard a lot of this when I asked these government officials who said girls are asking for it. In neighboring South Africa it's one out of five, she said. I am from India and I have seen wealth and poverty live together all my life. That is the state of the world. That is our reality. It takes people like us who are privileged, who have everything that we may need in abundance, to be able to share it in parts of the world where they may not have

George R.R. Martin

It's distraction. Because the books and the show are so popular I have interviews to do constantly. I have travel plans constantly. It's like suddenly I get invited to travel to South Africa or Dubai, and who's passing up a free trip to Dubai? I don't write when I travel. I don't write in hotel rooms. I don't write on airplanes. I really have to be in my own house undisturbed to write. Through most of my life nobody did bother me, but now everyone bothers me every day. I have assistants and minions whose main job is to make sure people don't bother me so I can actually get writing

Tyler Broda - RBC Capital Markets

With the coming revisions to the mining charter in South Africa and recent commodity price volatility, trading in Anglo is expected to remain

Dominic West

Oh, they're killing thousands every year in South Africa. It's just

Daniel Moreno

Of the big countries, that's the one that has more risk attached to it politically, even more so than Turkey. In Turkey there is certainty, in South Africa there isn't. They need a very stable government with a very clear policy and they don't have that. As long as we have a country that is driven by internal politics at the ANC, I don't see how it can get any

Gardner Rusike - S&P Global

We've had three downgrades over the last four or five years which means that the credit story for South Africa has been

James Barrineau

This is a very South Africa-specific story in terms of its unique political dynamics. We expect some forced selling of South Africa from funds that can hold only investment-grade rated credits; however much of this was anticipated by the markets and occurred immediately following the news that Gordhan would be

Alastair Newton

The country has clearly been struggling economically for some considerable time. If you look at GDP growth it's been very poor indeed and, certainly, that is even poorer if one puts it alongside the demographics of the country. Things may pick up once Zuma is gone or once we know who his replacement is going to be because markets are very good at dealing with poor situations if they are stable situations. With the Rand plummeting, South Africa becomes even more attractive to tourists. It's pretty cheap going down there right now and it still has a wonderful, wonderful, tourist

Julius Malema

Zuma must leave office and the sooner the better, because this country must recover economically. So, because we love South Africa, today we are going to march hand in hand with all political parties. We want you to send one message and one message only, that Zuma must step

Victor Montagliani

Listen, Mexico's a tremendous footballing country and we know that. But you know what? (Canada) is a tremendous footballing country. The stats bear it out. In Brazil and South Africa, the No. 1 (non-participating) country that attended those World Cups was Canada. And if you factor in participating countries we're No. 10, so it's not like we're not consumers of football as

Maro Itoje

It was in South Africa – that was the first tour I was interested in. My interest in 2013 was even more profound. I had been playing rugby for a couple of years then, it was a great tour. But the thing that stands out for me is Ugo Monye's try [in 2009]. To see him run down the wing, intercept and celebrate – it was good, to see a fellow Nigerian do that for the Lions was

Rilee Rossouw

It is a great pity that monetary considerations should be put forward to take [him] away from his country and from international cricket. My sympathies are entirely with South Africa. To say the least, a player under such circumstances can only have a very doubtful welcome to English cricket, and I question whether he should be permitted to participate in it – in spite of previous precedents – when obviously it is his duty to be loyal to his own country and those who have done so much for

Daniel Silke

The checks and balances in South Africa and the waning political support for the ANC itself make it difficult to disregard or change the constitution. We are in a very different space to what was a very autocratic

Daniel Silke

Jonas is the one to watch out of the three. Could he join an alternative movement seeking to shape a better future for South Africa?feedback

Walter Mzembi

(Our biodiversity) has been kept largely authentic, original and undisturbed with very sound conservation models that have become models for the region. I dream big, and I don't think I dream impractical. My dream for the World Cup is based on integration of strength and effort that are neighbours to Zimbabwe, like South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia. Nothing is impossible. The current administration is too preoccupied with the self. Too inward-looking and nationalistic, to the point where they are indifferent to anything happening

Lucy Manne - ActionAid

While the nation's eyes are on the future of the Adani coal mine, Efic and the Australian government are quietly considering using tax-payer dollars to fund a new coal mine in South Africa. Efic thought this proposal would slip by unnoticed, but this letter shows the outrage they can

Lorraine Kakaza

Mining in South Africa has a negative impact on women. At the environmental level, the air that they breathe is polluted. The soil, it's no longer fertile, they can't plant, they can't do anything. They lose their loved ones at an early age due to the gasses – the carbon dioxide they inhale almost every

Greg Mills

Jeffrey Herbst is president and chief executive of the Newseum. Greg Mills is director of the Brenthurst Foundation in Johannesburg. They are co-authors of “How South Africa Works” and the forthcoming “Making Africa Work: A Handbook for Economic Success.”.feedback

Bangu Masisi

Most people think that a vacation to South Africa is out of their budget, but these trips prove that it's more affordable than they may

Joyce Endresen

It's a great plan, and that's why I still work. We celebrated two years of no tumor in December and went to South Africa . I wear it and wear it proudly. It's an incredible machine and I'm fine not having

Malusi Gigaba

As government, our focus is now very much on the radical transformation of our economy so that all who live in South Africa can benefit from the economy. Tough and unpopular choices will have to be made to ensure such a vision. The assurance we can give is ... we are not a bunch of wild gunmen running amok, gung-ho into Treasury, to do different things. We are going maintain the programs that are being

Cristian Maggio - TD Securities

South Africa remains greatly exposed to a risk of a strong correction. That is something the market is wary of as it would be a further step in the direction of a junk

Danny Jordaan

If you look at the allocation of Afcon tournaments, you'd realize that West African countries have been preferred more than countries in the Cosafa and Cecafa regions, excluding South Africa in 2013 of course – Equatorial Guinea and Gabon in 2012, Equatorial Guinea in 2015, Gabon in 2017, Cameroon in 2019, Ivory Coast in 2021 and Guinea in 2023. So, those are some of the things we looked at, and decided that change was needed. In that way, we will have to come up with ways to ensure that everyone is considered going

Danny Jordaan

It simply means the end of a 28-year era, and the start of a new regime, not only for South Africa or Cosafa, but for Africa as a whole. The new president will definitely bring change and improvement to the federation, but that we can only achieve if we work as a team. The distribution of revenues to various associations is another thing that will be looked at for example, and I think there will be more changes and improvements under the new

Cyril Ramaphosa

Let us act together in unity. Unite our country, unite our movement under one goal. The goal of making South Africa great. The goal of making South Africa corruption free. The goal of making South Africa a South Africa we can all be proud of and getting rid of greedy people, corrupt people within our

Craig Kreeger - Virgin Atlantic

The same thing is true of our sales efforts in China, Hong Kong and South Africa. We're spending more of our resources to drive traffic into the

Kathrine Switzer

One of the races that's always been on my bucket list has been the [56-mile] Comrades Marathon in South Africa. I've wanted to run that ever since I first heard about it in the late '60s, so who knows, I might get there

Mike van Dulken - Accendo Markets

Calls for a negative open come after a down session in Asia overnight at odds with a positive US finish, the latter benefiting from upward GDP revisions. Market weakness may be explained by an element of risk-off into the week-, month- and quarter-end following one of the best starts to the year since 2013. This despite political risk aplenty, the most recent coming from South Africa. Reassuring China PMI prints (employment best in 5 years) are being largely

Julius Malema

We came here to a lodge a complaint with the Constitutional Court, asking the Constitutional Court to direct parliament to institute disciplinary proceedings against the president of the Republic of South Africa who was found to have breached his oath of office by this highest

Andy Lipow - Lipow Oil Associates

There are signs elsewhere that some inventories are getting liquidated, like for storage in South Africa, we're seeing oil come out. We don't see floating storage of crude oil in the North Sea so there are some signs that things may be getting better for

Piotr Maty - Rabobank

Gordhan's departure would increase the risk that the required structural reforms will not be implemented and the commitment to maintain spending in check may weaken, which could lead to ratings agencies downgrading South Africa to

Andrew Mlangeni

It was not that he hated the organisation. He criticised it because he loved it and he was prepared to say where it had gone wrong. The organisation should not take his criticism lightly, because many other people are beginning to criticise the ANC, which we love so much. His criticism is genuine criticism. Something is wrong and he was saying let us correct our mistakes to lead South Africa correctly. When I saw him in the hospital, I knew in my heart that sooner or later he was going to leave

Winnie Mandela

Anyone who cannot see that South Africa is in a crisis is kidding

Neeshan Balton

This is great loss to the ANC (African National Congress), the broader liberation movement and South Africa as a whole. Internationally, he was staunch in his support for the Palestinian struggle. Kathy' was an inspiration to millions in different parts of the

Simon Kjaer

We must go to the World Cup this time after missing out in 2014. I have played for my country at both the World Cup in South Africa and the Euros in Ukraine and Poland, and it is something that I can't bear to miss out on again. Honestly, I haven't even been watching the tournaments without us - it is too hard to sit on the couch at home instead of being there as a

Per Hammarlund

The rand has been supported by the commodity rally. Partly that's the reason why CPI came in a bit lower – because the rand is stronger than expected. I don't think it has really turned a corner – it's not a structural improvement in South Africa, it's more the commodity cycle that it's gaining from right

Nina Tanggaard Lomeland

Well, I have lived in different places in the world like South Africa and Mexico and…I can really see that in Norway, we are privileged in many ways. I don't know if we can say that we are the happiest people because you also have a lot of depressed people and lonely people but for me, I feel very

Johan Froneman

In the deepest and most shaming of ironies, government relies on a private company ... to get it out of this predicament. The sole reason for this litigation is ... the minister's failure to keep its promise to the people of South Africa. There must be public accounting for how this was allowed to

Mark Cutifani - De Beers

If someone has a view on how they would like to see something consolidated in South Africa, we are open to the conversation, but I would have to be able to demonstrate to all of our shareholders that it created

Tom Steyer

I love puzzles. I love figuring things out. I'm someone who really is interested in how companies work, and how industries work, and figuring out – that's the biggest puzzle in the world! How do you think about a Saab dealership in South Africa?feedback

Robert Mugabe

We are not the ones who killed him. We don't know where he died in South Africa but he demanded that he be buried here. The colonialists here in Zimbabwe listened to his wish, which was written in his will, and buried him

Alastair Buchan

One of the things that we did lose was that nice and easy flow of clinicians and clinician science from Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We had really good collaborations, which hopefully in this Brexit climate might be reinvented , because that movement of English-speaking medicine was actually a casualty of joining

Julius Malema

People of South Africa, where you see a beautiful land, take it, it belongs to

James Wright

Exploring our network of contacts led to successful identification by Marc Dando, who is a local professional wildlife artist, whose work can be seen at the aquarium. This species has never been recorded in the UK before, as it is normally found in deep waters during the day in tropical climates. It is likely to be an isolated incident, but there have been similar stranding incidents in South Africa. This time of year though UK waters are at their coldest so this occurrence is very

Jacob Zuma

Many citizens of other countries living in South Africa are law abiding and contribute to the economy of the country positively. It is wrong to brandish all non-nationals as drug dealers or human traffickers. The numbers of the foreigners in South Africa are far more than the numbers that Europe is fighting

Guy Hayward - Massmart

We are hopeful that several key economic drivers in South Africa will improve in 2017 - lower food price inflation, some rand strength and possibly lower interest

Joanna Dudley

It's certainly drawing on the history of South Africa, it's drawing on his own personal history and then also for me it's the whole world. It's life, it's death, it's the celebration of life and death, it's a celebration of birth, so it's very human, it can be very funny, but at the same time you can cry at any

David Phiri

The situation remains fluid. Preliminary reports indicate possible presence (of the pest) in Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has positively identified the presence of the pest while the rest are expected to release test results

Jacob Zuma

South Africa has lost a legend and one of the best rugby players that the country has ever produced. On behalf of the Government and the people of South Africa, our heartfelt condolences to Mr van der Westhuizen's family. May his soul rest in

Gerhard Herselman - Ford Motor

We are encouraged by and grateful for the continued customer confidence in the Ford brand... despite the challenges relating to the safety recall announced in January for the 1.6-litre Kuga sold in South Africa in 2013 and

Meg Hillier

The threat of cyber-crime is ever-growing yet evidence shows Britain ranks below Brazil, South Africa and China in keeping phones and laptops secure. Leadership from the center is inadequate and, while the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has the potential to address this, practical aspects of its role must be clarified

Rangana Herath

I don't think I will have much help in South Africa from the wickets. It will be much better for the

Lily Sanya - International Organization for Migration

Due to climate change, Zimbabwe is also increasingly becoming a transit route for migrants from other countries such as the Horn of Africa and Malawi heading to South Africa and other parts of

Peter Attard Montalto

Ultimately South Africa is not a shock wham bam crisis country that jumps to junk. It is a slow grind of under

Cristian Maggio - TD Securities

They have had a negative outlook on for a year so given that the political and economic situation has deteriorated there's a very good chance they will resolve that outlook into a downgrade. The market has become overly optimistic on South Africa - it has priced in for too long without any solid reason that (President Jacob) Zuma may end his term

Murat Toprak - HSBC

The market sees Turkey as the weak link in the emerging markets story ... One reason is it perceives political risk as higher in Turkey than in Mexico or South Africa. Mexico has played out, the market has priced the U.S. election and now is waiting to see which Trump policies will be implemented and

Guillaume Tresca - Crédit Agricole

Usually they are more negative than the other ratings agencies regarding South Africa ... When you read all the statements from S&P regarding South Africa they always mention the indebtedness of the public

Glenda Gray

The people of South Africa are making history by conducting and participating in the first HIV vaccine efficacy study to build on the results of the Thai trial. HIV has taken a devastating toll in South Africa, but now we begin a scientific exploration that could hold great promise for our country. If an HIV vaccine were found to work in South Africa, it could dramatically alter the course of the

Hongtao Jiang - Deutsche Bank

The significant increase in (third quarter) CDS trading volume over the previous quarter was mostly driven by a higher level of activities in Mexico, Turkey, and South Africa, due to idiosyncratic developments in these

Nishant Upadhyay

While obviously not the same risk, Turkey and South Africa have similar

Gary van Staden

President Zuma's contribution to the overall political risk assessment of South Africa is significant. He is clearly a drag on both the economic and financial

Roxanna Hulea - Société Générale

It's good news the charges were dropped but this does not necessarily remove the possibility that South Africa will be downgraded in December. I wouldn't say this is the end of it. Going into ... next year we will continue to be in this environment, plagued by a lot of political news and headlines which will drive

Roxanna Hulea - Société Générale

We are seeing broad-based weaker momentum in EM and a few stories are compounding that, including the tabling of the budget in South Africa, and that is spilling over to the (Turkish) lira. The drop in oil prices as well, because that undermines the performance of the commodity exporters; the rouble, Mexico and Brazil as well. The freeze in output is not coming through as expected, with a lot of defectors such as Iran and

John C. Lechleiter - Lilly

The pharmaceutical giant will expand a program already in place to provide parts of Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and India with treatment for Type 2

Colin Coleman

Obviously South Africa since December has been something of a roller-coaster. But this year has been a very good demonstration of the strength of all our

David Makhura

It undermines every little effort that South Africa is making to move

Murat Toprak - HSBC

That hasn't really reassured the market and it shows again that the political side of things remains extremely uncertain and volatile, hence the market is approaching (South Africa) in a very cautious

Sipho Pityana

Zuma must go. We must seize the moment and save South

Tembinkosi Bonakele

South Africa is a strategic hub for the trade of goods in and out of the southern African region. Any cartel by shipping liners in this region results in inflated prices for cargo

Timothy Ash

This seems perverse given the political/policy setting in South Africa, (and) worse ratios over

Zachary Karabell - Envestnet

The concern last year and into this year was that the incredible collapse of the commodity cycle would lead to huge defaults in emerging markets, particularly those markets like Brazil and South Africa and elsewhere that were really exposed to

Uhuru Kenyatta

Volkswagen South Africa will now again establish an assembly plant to produce motor vehicles at the Kenya Motor Vehicle Manufacturers limited in

Martin Plaut

The ANC, and the population of South Africa, is deeply wedded to the democratic

Harry Newman

The establishment of a yuan clearing centre in South Africa in July 2015, as well as Singapore's increased use of the yuan for payments with South Africa, have been a catalyst for yuan growth in the

Graeme Stephens - Sun International

In South Africa, the economic environment remains a serious concern. We do not anticipate any meaningful growth in gaming revenue until there is a recovery in the economy and renewed consumer

Wandile Sihlobo

Food inflation in South Africa is likely to remain high throughout the

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

Our growth momentum in AMAP remains strong, with excellent performance in South Africa, Turkey and Egypt and ongoing recovery in

Nilan Morar

The market does like these expansion stories. It dilutes some of that South Africa performance into another area in the world and diversifies that income

Ben Lawson

It's impacting all the major export markets because now the Indians are not at a loss for choice, and you can see that from month-to-month they just skip around from South Africa to

Win Thin - Brown Brothers Harriman

South Africa has been hit by a prolonged slowdown coupled with a weaker

Jasper Lawler - CMC Markets

A big part of getting agreement from regulators was guaranteeing employment after the deal. Keeping staff in South Africa shouldn't be too damaging given the region represents one of the biggest growth opportunities in the global beer

Fidel Castro

My modest suggestion is that he reflects (on the U.S. role in South Africa and Cuba's in Angola) and not now try to elaborate theories about Cuban

Liow Tiong Lai

The coastal search will be by a Malaysian team and focused around South Africa and

Mike Nelson - Reliance Industries

We have seen some competitive rates coming from Australia, Columbia and Russia as well, but South Africa should be a consistent player going

Lesetja Kganyago

It is a complex transaction and very difficult at this stage to say definitively what the impact is. All that we can tell is that a priori, it is positive for South

Francois Hollande

Brexit will effect no consequences on relations between the European Union and South

Ian Herbert

It's no more or no less than Warren Gatland's accomplishment with Wales, a side down to third-string players some of their most avid followers had never heard of, who took South Africa to the

John Kerry

There's such a fascination with Cuba because 1959, face it, African-Americans, Latino-Americans couldn't vote, had no basic human rights, almost all of Latin America was under occupation. Africa, down to South Africa was under some form of occupation or colonialism and all of those nations found hope in Cuba's

Llewellyn Hartnick

She's unapologetic in speaking the truth about modern South Africa, okay? In terms of the state of the

Armando Guebuza

We are collaborating very closely with South Africa and Tanzania, but we are also looking for European support, especially from Spain. We hope they can give us the technical means and training so that our navy are better prepared to

Maria Barradas

But there is no consensus. Some countries, in particular Angola and South Africa are accused of supporting Laurent Gbagbo and therefore adding to the tension….feedback

Barack Obama

We all recognise that he has given everything to his people, the people of South Africa, to the people of the continent, and he's ended up being an inspiration to all of us. When you think of a single individual that embodies the kind of leadership qualities that I think we all aspire to, the first name that comes up is Nelson

Prince Albert

Yes, a little rest and recuperation. Right after the wedding we will be going to South Africa for a few days that are very studious for me because it'll be the International Olympic Committee session in Durban so I'll be in the meeting room for three days. But we will be able to have an evening with a lot of friends from the Olympic world but also a lot of friends and family of Charlene's from South Africa so it'll be I think a great occasion. And after these proceedings we'll venture off into the unknown!feedback

Nelson Mandela

We are here to honour an amazing man who I believe saved South Africa from total

Cara Loening

The deaf community in South Africa are completely outraged and nobody knows who he is. We can't find a name or anything. The organisations who have accredited interpreters do not know him at

Sébastien Vaugnat - Euronews

In the context of the world economic crisis, the World Cup has given a boost to South Africa with the injection of 1.2 billion euros. A secondary benefit will be the money brought in by some half a million visiting

Mac Maharaj

President Zuma wished Madiba a speedy recovery and appeals to the people of South Africa and the world to pray for our beloved Madiba and his family and to keep them in their

Jacob Zuma

We sincerely thank you for dedicating a life to building a free and democratic South Africa in which all shall live in equality and dignity. One thing we can assure you of today Tata as you take your final steps is that South Africa will continue to

Margaret Thatcher

The ANC is a typical terrorist organisation … Anyone who thinks it is going to run the government in South Africa is living in cloud-cuckoo

David Cameron

The fact that there is so much to celebrate in the new South Africa is not in spite of Mandela and the ANC, it is because of them – and we Conservatives should say so clearly

Marcus Soloman

There were people in there because of the struggle for a better world, and that struggle is continuing, because what we struggled for is not yet the reality in South

Lee Berger

What we have here is the highest resolution scan of an object this size that we can do anywhere in the world. It's a fossil skull of a new species of human ancestor from South Africa dating to about 1.9 million years. And what it's going to do is to allow us to look at internal morphology, the age of death and structures we can't even imagine, in a way that's quite literally unprecedented in paleontological

Antonio del Greco

Nineteen cases have been confirmed by the judicial authorities. People received superficial medical examinations in Brazil and then they were taken in South Africa. Here they were subjected to surgery and these organs were transplanted to wealthy

Hammes Boshoff

A lot of customers just see Africa. They see it as one country. I try and tell people that Europe and America are closer to the Ebola outbreak than South

Nelson Mandela

Well, there are many people in South Africa who are rich, who can share those riches with people who are not so fortunate, who have not been able to conquer

Francois Hollande

He had already entered into history during his life, and, in death, he takes his place in the universal consciousness. Nelson Mandela not only changed South Africa – he also sped up the pace of change in the

Jan Egeland - United Nations

Well we recruit we believe the best of the best. As researchers being experts on countries, they go to the field, the go to Syria, the go to Russia, they go to South Africa they go to China they go to all of the places where there is war, repression, discrimination and human rights abuse. They undertake hundreds of interviews and there are reports then as we publish them every week new reports, new press releases is footnoted to the minutest of detail because we must be absolutely sure that what we publish is the truth and that is our strength what we say is the truth as we have seen it, smelt it, discovered it in the

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