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Dennis Gartman
We'll walk in one day and this will all have ended. And it will end very
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Aug 14 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Starbucks. 157 people are quoted and you can read 325 citations of them about Starbucks. Howard Schultz, Jim Cramer, Kevin Johnson and Mark Kalinowski, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Howard Schultz said: “The natural answer was to move senior tenured Starbucks managers to China to run the business and to imprint the Starbucks culture with our Chinese employees. It was a mistake. The unlock was when we realized it had to be a combination of both U.S. and Chinese leaders, and over time a totally dedicated Chinese leadership team led by a Chinese C.E.O. They are the most self-contained autonomous business unit within the company.”.
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Rachel Clarke

Not everyone can go to a book club meeting at Starbucks and pay $5 for a coffee but public libraries are open to everyone and always will

Kevin Johnson

What we see here in the last quarter is a little bit of softening, which indicates that consumers are spending their money on other things right now. We saw in the back half of last quarter, we saw industry data around away-from-home food and beverage that prompted us to take a cautionary posture for Q4. This is a near-term phenomenon. Nothing to be concerned about long

Matthew DiFrisco - Guggenheim Partners

In FY17 SBUX has struggled to unlock the next meaningful sales-driving initiative. Their digital platform and Starbucks Rewards is beginning to show stagnant growth, as it delivered 36 percent of total sales for the quarter, inline with

Mark Astrachan - Stifel

Our hold rating on Starbucks shares reflects our view that global and US comp store sales will continue their decelerating trend due to macroeconomic factors in retail/restaurants and share loss. We believe both pressures could lead to a need for increased investment to change the current glide path, ultimately resulting in management reducing long-term EPS

Kevin Johnson

[Many] of our Teavana mall-based stores have been persistently underperforming. We conducted a strategic review of the Teavana mall-based store business and concluded that despite our efforts to reverse the trend through creative merchandising and new store designs, the underperformance was likely to continue. As a result, we will be closing all 379 of our Teavana mall stores over the coming

Angela LaRocca

I thought if I put myself out there forcefully, I would land somebody. I don't want to say it was one disaster after another, but after a few years of one or two dates and then nothing really developing, you kind of ask yourself: 'Is it me? What's going on here?feedback

Graham Watson-Ringo

That's when it hit me. Angela is the female version of

Angela LaRocca

I wasn't sure if this thing with Benjamin was more a business relationship or if I was once again caught in the friend zone. I was 30, my biological clock was more or less ticking, and my parents were back living in St. Louis. I was also shocked to find out how much entertainment business was in St. Louis, which was a huge part of why I wanted to be based here. And I knew I wanted to find a good guy with 'Midwestern values' to settle down

Geraldo Rivera

Here's the corrupt I.T. guy standing at the shoulder of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, arrested at the airport trying to flee. He has all of the passcodes. He has the passwords. He has all of the

Sean Hannity

Maybe Debbie Wasserman Schultz didn't want to be exposed, which is why they smashed the hard drives – because she knows she colluded against Bernie Sanders! She knows the primary was rigged!feedback

John Boccabella

I find it really hard to believe that he doesn't remember every detail of the most serious mistake he ever

Tiffany Joh

They made me pour out my Starbucks in the security screen

Greg Bertelsen

The way we look at it, climate legislation has to have a few key elements in order to get it over the finish line. There have been many well-intentioned policies of all shapes and sizes, but to date, they have all come up short on one of those key criteria. That's what's so promising about the Baker-Schultz plan. It's a policy that would do all of those things, and also incentivize other countries to fall in

Kevin Johnson

During her years at Starbucks, she has held a variety of important positions that have, in sum, given her a comprehensive understanding of Starbucks operations and our unique culture. As many of you already know, to work with Lucy is to understand her profound passion for partner

Reggie Borges - Starbucks

All of our metrics show we are moving in the opposite direction of what the survey claims. Over the last eight months, we've added labor to about 15 percent of our stores and are looking to add more in the months

Muhammad Azril Maridzuan - Starbucks

Don't make it such an issue that we have to boycott a company because of one small

Tony Lewis

These should not be present at any level – never mind the significant numbers

Carter Worth - Cornerstone Macro

I want to make the bet that Starbucks, after selling off 10 percent, is going to come to life. I'm a

Fetty Kwartati

We also value the religious background of our customers and

Martin Brok - Starbucks

These results demonstrate the work we have undertaken to bring our company structure in line with the way we run our business today and enhance transparency. The growth we experienced during the period has been driven by expansion into new markets and focus on decreasing costs as we continue to invest in growing our presence across the

Margarita Gomez Escalada

The levels allowed by law of bacteria in tap water are super low, so we would find say maybe 10 microorganisms per millilitre – we found hundreds per

Tony Lewis

Given that there are tens of thousands of coffee shops around the UK, we have to put this into context. The samples that the BBC have got indicate a problem, or problems, in respect to the Costa and the Caffè Nero and the Starbucks that they sampled – but at the end of the day the public should not panic about this. You can't generalise from the small sample size that we have got

Dennis Gartman

The primary cost of almost any production is energy. In steel production, in aluminum production, in shipping, in assembly; energy is Starbucks' second most important input. So if energy prices are falling, it may be detrimental to energy companies but it's materially beneficial to everyone and everything

Scott Maw - Starbucks

For Starbucks, we are focused on two things. If you want to be a successful physical retailer, you have to deliver an experience ... a third-place

Kelly Osbourne

SHAME on U @Starbucks #PissedMyOwnPants in this location because UR shameful employees refused to let me use the [toilet]. I have p-s in my

Boaz Hirshberg

Handled that problem together, like we learned how to handle so many other problems that would come our way. We always manage to get things done despite the fact that we're both pretty anxious people. Maybe we both drink too much

Boaz Hirshberg

I was just pacing while I tried to come up with another plan. It was just a lot of nervous energy on my part because I wanted her to have a good time and I was feeling

Addison Schultz

When I looked at his profile, it seemed like we both had a lot in common. We both love standup comedy and hip-hop music from the '90s, and we both love to

Ahmed Zulkamal

The market keeps getting more diverse, the offerings are more varied every year. People always want to try the 'in'

Kayla Hart

They shouted out build a wall and shoved a drink at me and then all the baristas in the back started cracking up

Mike Schultz

For the last 188 days, confined to the halls of Boston Children's Hospital, he hasn't gone far. Yet, at the same time, he's lived a life far more rich and full than many of us ever

Nick Seytan

Our recent checks of 5 percent of U.S. co-owned locations point to a modest acceleration in [the third quarter,]. However, we expect overall [third-quarter] Americas comps in line to slightly below 5.3 percent consensus. We continue to model 5 percent for [the third quarter.].feedback

Nick Seytan

We believe Starbucks has the highest visibility into sustained annual mid-single digit comp growth and mid-to-high-teens EPS growth within the publicly-traded restaurant universe. Nevertheless, we believe these factors are fully incorporated in current

Mark Lamkin

I go through my clients' check register and highlight how many times they went to McDonald's, how many times they went to Starbucks and how many times they spent money on frivolous things. Two things happen: They have no idea they are frivolously blowing $500 to $600 per month. Then you see their face

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

Unfortunately, we live in a sea of mediocrity in all walks of life. We live amid a fracturing of civility. Everywhere we go as consumers, we're getting people who don't want to reach into our hearts or know who we are; they want to reach into our wallets and get some money. The only way we can succeed and sustain growth is linked to the basic elements of one cup of coffee, one customer, and one barista at a

Jim Cramer

And then there's the clinchers, frankly: McDonald's, Yum [Brands] and Starbucks. These are three classic growth names that have all the same concerns: labor costs going up, strong dollar liabilities, higher price-to-earnings multiples than we might otherwise expect. But they're all hitting the new high list

Darlene Guzman

We were baking out of the house, selling to my friends, neighbors and word of mouth. She would make cookies, tarts cheesecakes, cakes. Our ultimate goal was to have a mobile truck and sell Starbucks and

Thomas Druitt

It is the nature of markets to fluctuate in price. That is what they do. It is what they have always done. We might not be certain in which direction they will fluctuate in the future, but we can be sure that the U.S. stock indices will continue to fluctuate in price. Sometimes there is an identifiable reason. Other times there appears to be no reason at all. More often than not the reasons behind serious and sustained market price fluctuations like the 2007-09 bear market are only identifiable to us months after the fact and with the benefit of perfect 20/20

Thom Link

Yes, I expect Trump Chaos [not Scandals, per se] to prevent much upward movement and to exacerbate any downward movement in the stock market. But as I still have seven years before my likely retirement, I will return to a more aggressive asset mix in six to twenty-four months … after the coming correction/crash. Or after a Trump exit from office, whichever comes

Thomas Druitt

One should be very careful is assigning causality to stock market price

Jonnelle Marte - the Post

Financial experts say young people saving for a home need to think bigger if they really want to see their savings accumulate. A person hoping to buy a $1 million home in New York would have to give up 20,440 avocado toasts at $10 each to have enough for a 20 percent down payment. In other words, it would take a very, very long

Tony Seba

In fact what is going to happen, in 80 per cent or maybe more, parking spaces are going to be vacant. Because we are going to have, fewer cars on the road. Imagine a Starbucks on wheels. Essentially transportation is going to be so cheap, it's going to be essentially cheaper for Starbucks to run around and take me to work, which is, you know, 60 kilometers away, and give that transportation for free, in exchange for going to buy coffee in that hour of

David Leavitt

MULTIPLE CONFIRMED FATALITIES at Manchester Arena. The last time I listened to Ariana Grande I almost died too. Honestly, for over a year I thought an Ariana Grande was something you ordered at

Mike Sullivan

Hornqvist, Kuhnhackl, and Ruhwedel stayed in Pittsburgh. They are rehabbing there. Schultz is in Ottawa but will not play

David Cahill

Everybody says it, but we were wasting a lot of money at Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. We were regularly going to movies, buying a lot of non-basic grocery items and probably the biggest thing was that we had some unused subscriptions and memberships. The support that we got from them – the texts and phone calls of encouragement – really made a difficult experience for us that much more gratifying. Accountability was a huge piece for us and we were fortunate to have good friends that provided

Jim Cramer

But what matters to me is that I don't want to be shaken out by this period of underperformance any more than I wanted to be shaken out of Apple during its swan dive at this exact time last year. I don't want to look back at Starbucks like so many look back at Amazon and say, Yeah, let's see, I sold that, what was it? It was something having to do with Trump? Comey? I don't want [that] to happen to my charitable trust, because that's not how you invest. It is how you panic, though, and there you go: no one ever made a dime

Jim Cramer

What did Starbucks do wrong that I wanted to sell it other than the action in the overall market made me nervous? Panera Bread had the same problem, and when it was fixed, the stock zoomed. Now, ultimately, Panera got a takeover bid. That's not going to happen at Starbucks. But the stock's resistance to falling does tell me that you can't give it away here. If anything, you want to be a buyer into the

Katherine Drake

I'm sure if you went to Starbucks and asked for that they'd look at you like you had three

Brett Levy

Starbucks remains largely a one-of-a-kind company … Recent U.S. SSS [same-store sales] improvements, refocused operations and the prospects for the coming years gives us reasons to be optimistic about the long-term story. Starbucks remains a standout operator and performer that should separate itself from its peers through ongoing menu innovation, its technology initiatives, and a focusing on the in-store experience, in our

Jarryd Boyd - Starbucks

If a customer would like to order a beverage that is not listed on our menu boards, we recommend they know the recipe so that their barista can handcraft the beverage perfectly for

Ryan Coombes - Starbucks

Mint is instantly cooling. It contrasts with the dark cocoa and whipped cream for a balanced, refreshing beverage. People are gravitating toward vibrant colors. Jet black is filling the void in unexpected

Kevin Johnson

We have got singular focus on Happy Hour this year. We're going to bring at least one entirely new drink into Happy Hour this year that is going to be as good as Unicorn or

Jennica Robinson - Starbucks

We started by thinking of the heydays of summer. We were inspired by thoughts of dark starry nights, looking up at the sky with a cool summer

Kevin Johnson

Last week with the introduction of the Unicorn Frappuccino we had this phenomenal organic, social response to Unicorn that sold out in two to three days and that has set us up very well for this … Frappuccino happy hour

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

We're building the company for the next fifty years not the next quarter. We are very bullish and optimistic on where we sit as a company … Our best days are ahead of

Scott Maw - Starbucks

Because Starbucks is a customer destination, profitability in our Starbucks stores have been largely unaffected. But the Teavana mall stores have not been immune, reporting negative comps and operating losses for

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

The seismic change that we talked about a number of years ago, with regards to compression in terms of mall traffic and street traffic, has certainly

Kevin Johnson

We're seeing all the signs of transactions growing, comps growing and you can just feel the momentum turning and we see it in the numbers. So, that gives us optimism that we're making

Esther Myers

No. There's a great deal of inter-individual variability in how people respond to caffeine. That's one of the research gaps. We need to better identify differences and identify people who are more

Braden Burson

I need to rant just a little bit. I have never been so stressed out in my entire life, it has been insane. If you love us as baristas, don't order the drink it's so difficult to make -- people were coming in left and right, drive-thru or in the front -- we don't know what type of frappuccinos go where, we just hand them

Jim Cramer

Alphabet needs to show that it's gotten its arms around the YouTube ad problem, where companies don't want to be next to content that's porn or hate speech. I think they'll show you that they've gotten a handle around this problem and therefore the stock can rally, and that's what we've been telling club members. If Starbucks can do it, the stock goes from $60 to $70. Otherwise, it should fall back a couple bucks and we've got to wait for another quarter for it to fix its through-put

Tina Lee

As a barista, just know that every time you ask me to make this, a part of me dies

Braden Burson

Today, it came out, and I have to tell you, PLEASE DON'T GET IT. I have never been so stressed out in my entire life, it has been insane! I have unicorn crap all in my hair and on my nose. If you love us, as baristas, DON'T ORDER IT! It's a great drink. But it is difficult to make when there are like 20 fraps all at once both front and drive

Preena Gadher

The brain processes visuals faster than text – marketing and PR people all know this. Create something that is visually stunning: it's much more marketable and shareable. When it looks good enough to share, you're getting your customers to do the marketing for

Preena Gadher

People all over the world are talking about it. The drink itself undermines it. In an ideal world it would look good and taste great – but whether Starbucks cares is another matter. The fact people are having that debate is worth a lot of

Chris Riotta

To be clear, this is the worst drink I have ever purchased in my life. That is not an understatement, either: the Starbucks Unicorn tastes like a combination of the topical fluoride used by dental hygienists and metallic

Braden Burson

If you love us as baristas, don't order it. For the love of God and everything that is good, don't get the Unicorn

Braden Burson

I need to rant just a little bit. Because it's been so popular online everyone is like 'oh my gosh I need to try it when it comes out'. I have never made so many Frappuccinos in my entire life. My hands are completely sticky. I have unicorn crap all in my hair and on my nose. I have never been so stressed out in my entire

Braden Burson

PLEASE DON'T GET IT!!! I have never made so many frappuccinos in my entire life! My hands are completely sticky. I have unicorn crap all in my hair and on my nose… If you love us as baristas, don't order it!feedback

Carla Hall

It sounds...sweet. That's just another form of sugar to give our kids, cause all our kids are gonna want that. Insert

David Burtka

It looks like it's not that great for you. All that dye, and it changes color! It's tart but it's sweet. I can't imagine putting that in your body. I love Starbucks, but that's something I think I'm gonna have to

Mike Schultz

Our son Ari is an inspiration to us. He's taught us to be brave. He's shown us how to fight. Our lives have been difficult recently. It would be easy to sit here and do nothing. But for Ari, and for every person and child waiting for the gift of a life-saving organ, we felt we could make a difference. So we're doing what we can, and hoping people join us to help save #100kLives. We think about the donor family and the enormous, selfless, life-saving choice they made during their most devastating

Mike Schultz

When we were first told Ari needed a heart, we learned there are not enough organ donors. Ari was given an 80% chance of surviving the wait because it could be so long and he was so sick. If you are a donor, you can help spread the news. If you aren't, you can register and save lives! It takes one minute to register and you can do it

Mike Schultz

We are completely amazed by the shows of financial and housing support for us when we lost everything. We have a great team working on building a safe and comfortable new house similar to our old one right on the same

Matt Kepnes

When you use your credit card abroad, you will often be given the option to be charged in your home currency. Never say yes. The rate at which they are converting the currency is always worse than the rate your bank will give you. Pick the local currency and let your credit card company make the conversion. You'll get a better rate. Libraries, Starbucks, and most cafes have free WiFi. Instead of being stuck having to pay for Internet access, go to one of these

Adeline Waugh

People get so mad about toast, it is crazy. The cream cheese version really just tastes like cream cheese. It doesn't have a strong flavor. It's more for aesthetic purposes. I have my doubts. I mean, it's not like I created unicorns, so I can't be too mad about it. But I definitely think the whole trend took off after my toast

Martin Brok - Starbucks

The UK remains one of the most important EMEA markets for us and we will continue to grow where our customers want to find

Martin Brok - Starbucks

Whilst there are undoubted challenges presented by a more cautious consumer environment, lower high street footfall, and adverse currency impacts, we are investing significantly to drive innovation in our food and coffee offering, and are greatly encouraged by our customers'

Carter Page

It shows how low the Clinton/Obama regime went to destroy our democracy and suppress dissidents who did not fully support their failed foreign policy. I have frequently dined in Trump Grill, had lunch in Trump Café, had coffee meetings in the Starbucks at Trump Tower, attended events and spent many hours in campaign headquarters on the fifth floor last

Jacobus J. Boomsma

The K-T boundary must have created tremendous novel empty niche space where surviving organisms could 'experiment' with wild innovation without being wiped out by traditional competitors right away. The innovation point comes out clearly, one lineage of specialized predators (this is rare among the evolutionary derived ants) and one lineage inventing fungus

Ted R. Schultz

It isn't like we proved cause and effect. But it fits the dating. It's a pretty nice circumstantial

Ted R. Schultz

In lower ant agriculture, the ants are obligate symbiotes – they have to grow fungus to survive. But the fungi, they are perfectly capable of living without the

Jacobus J. Boomsma

The 'out of the rain forest' domestication result is also very interesting. That really changes the way we think about the history of ant

Ted R. Schultz

For 60 million years, the ants have been doing this. If you want to be an agriculturist, why wouldn't you want to look at some other successful agriculturalists?feedback

Belinda Wong

Starbucks success in China is directly attributed to the passion and dedication of our partners as well as the unwavering support from their

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

These meetings produce an unbelievable level of emotion around the relationship the parents and children now have with Starbucks. There isn't one rule for how to build a company or how to lead an organization. Many times you have to customize your leadership style for what it is you're trying to do and make it as relevant as possible to the people you're trying to lead and

Jim Cramer

Dave Cote, who retired last Thursday from Honeywell at right about the all-time high of the stock, and Ron Shaich, who just sold Panera Bread for a monster-good $315 per share, both deserve to have their numbers retired. These guys should be given a place of respect for other CEOs to aspire to. Talk about a call to buy. Ron vowed to conquer the mosh pit and he ended up creating Panera 2.0, which not only solved the mobile pay issue – one that dogs Starbucks to this day – but actually turned Panera into one of the few mid-single-digit growers in an industry that has truly struggled of

R.J. Hottovy - Morningstar

[Panera] could be a competitive threat to Starbucks. [JAB] overpaid in this case. You also have to factor in what JAB will [now] do with Panera. Panera could be [JAB's] first move going after the likes of

Ron Shaich - Panera Bread

To the degree we can use any resources and capabilities of our partner brands within JAB to do a better job, you can count on us to take

Emily Gilas

It's very important when you're walking around. There's a Starbucks on every corner, but those bathrooms are pretty

Matthew DiFrisco - Guggenheim Partners

We think it is unlikely a Private Equity player steps in like JAB. JAB has completed five deals in the last six years, focusing on emerging, differentiated franchise concepts that skew towards cafes and consumer packaged

Peter Saleh - Telsey Advisory Group

While we believe the list of potential strategic buyers is likely limited to Starbucks and McDonald's given size, strategy and financial capacity, we think such a strategic buyer is possible with greater likelihood from private equity or other private

Andrew Puzder

Really, if I were staying on as CEO at CKE, I think my biggest challenge would be to determine how you adjust to the different way people are purchasing things. You could see retail significantly changing over a five- or 10-year period, and the companies that can adjust to that will survive and the ones who can't will not. You need to get people prepared for the jobs that exist. And while we're doing that, you shouldn't eliminate the jobs that they can get now and learn the skills they need to move up that ladder of

Andrew Puzder

Please don't price young people out of the labor market. When you do that you hurt them, you hurt the economy, and they don't get the training that they

Andy Tennant

He had always said his door was open and I had never taken him up on that. I could see my Olympics slipping away. In my opinion when I asked for support it was there. At the end of the day I went to the big boss – not my coach, I skipped about four steps – and he was willing to take time out of his schedule and sit down for about and hour and half. I think it was a Starbucks in Wilmslow. And then I won a silver and a bronze at that World championships and a lot of that was through being able to talk to

Kevin Johnson

I was hired to scale up the company and take it to the next level. The status quo wasn't going to get us there, and I didn't have all the time in the

Kevin Johnson

I can't try to be Howard. I'm not Howard. Particularly in the beginning, it's important to look at the way you sequence decisions and

Andy Tennant

About two or three weeks before [the 2016 worlds] I could see that I had a problem but he had said that his door was always open. I'd never taken him up on that before but I could see my Olympics slipping away. We sat down and he talked to me for quite a long time, so in my opinion when I asked for the support it was there. I'd just gone to the big boss, straight to the top, he was willing to take time, we had about an hour and a half in Starbucks in Wilmslow. I went on to win a silver and a

Michael Bufano

As a matter of policy, we never comment on rumors or

Brien T. O'Connor - Mallinckrodt

In particular, it is wrong to suggest Mallinckrodt was involved in any conspiracy related to Dr. Barry Schultz and Sunrise Wholesale. In reality, Mallinckrodt worked with law enforcement to investigate potential diversion by the physician and to audit Sunrise, and, importantly, the DEA praised the company's handling of the

Jim Cramer

It's all being done on faith, not unlike Disney, and it's working, as the stock of Starbucks has been climbing on both good days and bad

Ed Rogers

The Post’s John Wagner, Mike DeBonis and Robert Costa had a story yesterday entitled, “Trump threatens hard-liners as part of escalating Republican civil war.” It made me wonder: Why has the president himself had to take the point in the fight against inter-party opposition? Not that anyone can control the president’s tweets, but where has the Republican National Committee’s new chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel, been? I was often critical of former Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but President Barack Obama knew he could rely on support from the DNC when times got tough. Even if Wasserman Schultz’s support was counterproductive at times, at least it was there. I give the now-exiled DNC chair her due. So where is the RNC?feedback

Goda Yoga

That's nothing compared to Santa Monica, where there must be 20 in one mile. It's like Starbucks. There's a yoga studio on every

Jason Schloetzer

This is a lot of detailed involvement for someone who's relinquished day-to-day

Jim Donald

We've been planning this for so long. I feel very comfortable in my own skin with regards to the

Sara Senatore

Schultz's presence is far more likely to be viewed as a positive than a negative. If he were to segue entirely, investors would view that

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

I don't think it's going to be challenging at all. Kevin and I have laid out a very specific level of understanding between us in terms of role and responsibility and I'm going to respect that. The conventional wisdom is they should move on. But the conventional wisdom is often wrong if they can define a meaningful

Steve Mader

They come to work every day, but they basically find themselves as a quasi-supervisor of the CEO, working old relationships. What's often going on when a founder leaves is an experiment in leaving his or her

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

He's got meaningful projects to work on, something he's really impassioned

Grant Cardone - The New York Times

I can promise you will not get rich by skipping your daily latte. Look, if you don't have income then there is no money to save. Don't let anyone give you the idea that you need to skip your Starbucks coffee and save $3 a day and that will somehow turn into a

Eva Longoria

I was at a Starbucks in San Antonio and the woman in front of me had my top on. I was like, Oh my god! That's my top!' And she was like, It's my top.' And I'm like, No, no, I am sure you bought it. I am just saying I designed it.' It's so

Eva Longoria

They were like, Eh, I wish it stretched more,' or 'Eh, I wish the waist was a little higher. All of my friends, my sisters and my family come in all different sizes, so I wanted to make sure that my line was accessible for the everyday woman. There are still dresses and workwear, but for spring we have a lot of sundresses in fun prints and colors. So it feels a little lighter than my fall

Andrew Richardson

On [March] 20th, this woman, Debbie, came through the drive through while I was working. She was extremely pleasant, and we had some friendly conversation while her drinks were being made. She had multiple drinks, and we didn't have drink carriers. I informed her and she was a touch frustrated like anyone would be. It was not a big deal at all in my eyes. Being in customer service you can experience a lot of negativity and

Louis Freeh

Graham Spanier, Gary Schultz and Timothy Curley were the most powerful men who ran the Pennsylvania State University. Today, they are convicted criminals. And Joe Paterno's once iconic legacy is forever marred by his own decision to do nothing when he had the chance to make a real

Dave Chappelle

I mean, I go to the same Starbucks every day, and last week, they ask me for pictures. The perception of you changes because they saw you on that thing, which is fine. I just don't want to go too far in that

Sam Silver

They made judgment calls. They did not engage in crimes. They did not enter in a conspiracy. Mr. Schultz made clear - he, Gary Schultz, told Graham Spanier that it was horseplay. That's not a conspiracy. That's an email exchange of responsible people trying to figure out what's appropriate under the

Manny Chirico - Pvh

From an industry point of view, from a retail point of view, it is a terrible idea. It is basically a $500 billion hitting tax on the consumer. I couldn't be more passionate about how I think this is bad for the consumer [and] the American tax base. I think this is just

Jim Cramer

As more and more retailers shut down underperforming locations, something that's become a common refrain when these companies report, the retail oriented REITs are going to see their occupancy rates plummet, and they'll have to lower the rent to entice in new tenants. Of course, e-commerce has been crushing mall and shopping-center-based stores for ages. The thing is, that weakness is finally starting to hit their landlords, the retail REITs, which had been unscathed for years, and hitting them in a meaningful

Jim Cramer

I think if you want to make money, you do the opposite of what this market says to do. I suggest you buy the stocks of companies that are doing well, like a Starbucks, betting that Trump's daily vicissitudes are not that important to creating long-term wealth. All I am saying is that with a euro that's seemingly found its footing, economies that are growing stronger, and an underrated level of political stability, Europe might be a better place to invest than the U.S, at least for

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

We must do more for our people that we serve, the communities, and we have a bigger responsibility. We can't wait for Washington. All these things, I think, are part and parcel with building the kind of company that has a conscience. Our success as a company, the $80 billion of market value, all of that is steeped in the humanity of Starbucks, of balancing profit with a social impact

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

I could not be more optimistic, more excited, and more bullish about the opportunities that we have at a time in America where there is great uncertainty politically, where there's a seismic change in consumer behavior. On balance the stock is undervalued, and we will demonstrate both in the short and the long term that we are building a great, endearing

Kevin Johnson

I think anyone stepping in this role would acknowledge that they have Venti shoes to fill. [It] gives me some comfort that not only do we have the opportunity, but we've got the leadership and a world-class leadership team to take us into the

Kevin Johnson

You don't get that kind of recognition because you have a mobile order and pay problem. You get that kind of recognition because you have a body of work that stands the test of time, and we are just getting

Jim Cramer

The positives are so pronounced that the stocks connected with them managed to bounce back nicely today, even with the terrorist incident outside of Parliament in London. I think if you want to make money, you do the opposite of what this market says to do. I suggest you buy the stocks of companies that are doing well, like a Starbucks, betting that Trump's daily vicissitudes are not that important to creating long-term wealth. When interest rates go lower, that means Trump's not going to get his way and his political clout is nil and the economy's grinding to a

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

I have so much faith in Kevin's ability and leadership skills that he's the right person at the right

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

That has been in my pocket for 35 years. As I have more time on my hands then I have had as CEO, that I can work toward elevating the national conversation on a more compassionate society, on a more compassionate government, and work alongside like-minded CEOs and government

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

If there's one message that I think, I hope, you came away with today it's that none of the things we've tried to do as a company, which is based on humanity and compassion, is based on politics. But it's based on principles and our core beliefs. I can unequivocally tell you…that there's zero, absolutely no evidence whatsoever, that there's any dilution in the Starbucks brand, reputation, or core business as a result of being

Jason Moyer-Lee - Independent Workers Union of Great Britain

The category of self-employed person who carries out their work as part of someone else’s business exists. It’s called a worker. And they have rights. So Matthew Taylor, Theresa May’s appointee to lead an inquiry into the so-called “gig economy”, has called for employment rights for the self-employed. You might expect that we at Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), many of whose members work in the so-called gig economy to be delighted. And yes, employment rights should certainly be improved, but a category of self-employed person who carries their work out as part of someone else’s business and as such has employment rights already exists. It’s called a worker (or limb (b) worker, to use the legal term).feedback

Darren Tristano - Technomic

You have this whole group of consumers who believe gluten isn't good for you. And if you're not speaking their language, you risk losing [them]. To be honest, they're kind of late to the party. I don't see that this will have a dramatic impact on [Starbucks] sales but will help more with retention of customers. This is designed to build trust with customers, so they respect your

Carter Page

I have frequently dined in Trump Grill, had lunch in Trump Café, had coffee meetings in the Starbucks at Trump Tower, attended events and spent many hours in campaign headquarters on the fifth floor last

Julia Vander Ploeg - McDonald's

We look forward to learning from our customers in these markets as they order ahead, pay within the app and choose one of the various ways to pick up and enjoy their favorite McDonald's

Richard Cohen

The longer Donald Trump stays in office, the worse things get for Oprah Winfrey. She is among several Democratic billionaires who get mentioned as possible presidential candidates. The thinking is that if Trump can win the presidency with no experience in government or the military then why couldn’t Howard Schultz of Starbucks, Robert Iger of Disney or Marc Benioff of Salesforce? None of them have any government experience and all have been mentioned as possible presidential candidates. Trouble is, as Trump is proving, none of them is

Hiroaki Hayashi

Foreign issuers are more responsive than Japanese issuers to the demand for those products. For Japanese issuers, it is a bit tortuous to issue such bonds. They don't need to issue them at all, because they can borrow money as much as they like, as Japanese investors have lots of funds. As interest rates are low here and bonds with that sort of concept can attract demand, foreign issuers are responding more quickly than Japanese issuers to the demand among Japanese

Hiroaki Hayashi

I believe, from my experience, it is actually companies that contribute to society that give high returns in the long run. It is a good thing that people start to realise that. Demand for such bonds is definitely growing. The fact that Starbucks drew such a large response verifies

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

To me it's an act of retaliation, in addition to him continuing to be religiously

Ted Marzilli - YouGov

Consumer perception dropped almost immediately. That would indicate the announcement has had a negative impact on Starbucks, and might indicate a negative impact on sales in the near

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

We have a long history of hiring young people looking for opportunities and a pathway to a new life around the world. This is why we are doubling down on this commitment by working with our equity market employees as well as joint venture and licensed market partners in a concerted effort to welcome and seek opportunities for those fleeing war, violence, persecution and

Jason West

Our work shows a sudden drop in brand sentiment following announcement of the refugee hiring initiative on Jan. 29th, to flattish from a run-rate of ~+80 (on an index of -100 to +100). Net sentiment has since recovered, but has seen significant volatility in recent

Wolfram Schultz

This makes us go for more reward and individuals that have more reward have a higher chance of survival. This is the biological process that makes us want to buy a bigger car or house, or be promoted at

Colin Blakemore

The implications of these discoveries are extremely wide-ranging, in fields as diverse as economics, social science, drug addiction and

Adam White

You can't walk into a Starbucks today and carve off a little bit of gold to buy your cup of coffee, but you can pay for it with Bitcoin. Bitcoin has inherit benefits over gold that gold can't compete with. Bitcoin is not going away. This new asset class, which Bitcoin represents the first of, is sticking around. The units of measurement are very arbitrary. For us, we're focused less on the price, and more on how the fundamentals of the Bitcoin network are

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

I didn't think we were ready to come to Italy. I think Italy is such a special place. I am so respectful of the Italian coffee heritage and the Italian culture, and I think we had to earn that respect, opportunity, and I think over the years we got to the point that we are now ready to come. For Starbucks to be authentic. For us to be

Christine Kung

We are happy the way we are. We don't need to be invaded by American scenery. We already have McDonald's and that's

Antimo Santoro - Starbucks

It is something completely different. Their strongest point is to take away, to buy and take away. Our strong point is service, we serve a coffee of very high quality, with a very refined blend, a great

Giulia Rizzi

When I go abroad it's a place I go to very often because I like it both for the place and for what they do, which can't often be found in Italy. Of course in Italy coffee is sacred so perhaps not everyone will like

Darren Tristano - Technomic

I think the bigger issue for Starbucks is they need more baristas and more

Warren Solochek

The restaurant industry in general, and even quick service restaurants, have really been impacted by a slowdown in visits. So, the fact that Starbucks could drive that number of additional visitors to their units is great. It's a nice problem to have. More quick service restaurants would like to have that problem. That kind of demand does not exist all day, just at certain

Andre Neyrey

In a restaurant or even a cafe setting generally you are limited to the orders created from the number of seats or line that forms in the store. When faced with an unlimited number of orders at the same time just handling them could create issues or bottlenecking. This also affects customers in line as well because it could slow the staff down serving

Andrew Feinberg - Deloitte

Mobile order and pay is being adapted full-scale across the restaurant and food service

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question. These uncertain times call for different measures and communication tools than we have used in the past. There are more than 65 million citizens of the world recognized as refugees by the United Nations, and we are developing plans to hire 10,000 of them over five years in the 75 countries around the world where Starbucks does

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

I write to you today with deep concern, a heavy heart and a resolute promise. We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question. Building bridges, not walls, with Mexico. We stand ready to help and support our Mexican customers, partners and their families as they navigate what impact proposed trade sanctions, immigration restrictions and taxes might have on their business and their trust of

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

If the recent Executive Order related to health care remains in place and the Affordable Care Act is repealed causing you to lose your healthcare coverage, you will always have the ability to return and can do so within 30 days of losing that coverage rather than having to wait for an open enrollment

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

I write to you today with deep concern, a heavy heart and a resolute promise. We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question. We stand ready to help and support our Mexican customers, partners and their families as they navigate what impact proposed trade sanctions, immigration restrictions and taxes might have on their business and their trust of Americans. But we will continue to invest in this critically important market all the

Alejandro Moreno

It's time for Mexicans to show what we're made of. Actions like this should multiply across the

Carlos Slim

They are American businesses that have come to invest in Mexico, to give employment in Mexico, to produce in Mexico. What needs to be done really is consuming what the country

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

We are now laser-focused on fixing this problem, but the nature of it -- too much demand - is an operational challenge we have solved before and I can assure you we will solve

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

If you go back to the long-term, the five-year plan that we have committed to – mid-single-digit comps, 10 percent revenue growth and 15 to 20 percent EPS growth over the next five years – I wouldn't get too concerned about this quarter. We said all along, there would be ups and downs, but here we are, a company that's been public for 25 years and we've proven over and over again the sustainability, the relevancy and the growth and development of

Mark Kalinowski

The good news is the comparisons Starbucks will lap get less challenging over the next three to six

Peter Saleh - Telsey Advisory Group

We continue to see Starbucks as one of the most compelling and forward thinking concepts with ample opportunity for growth despite its size. While disappointed by the same-store sales results, particularly in the U.S. where adoption of Mobile Order and Pay is creating operational challenges, we believe Starbucks can reaccelerate comp growth in the coming

Will Slaubaugh - Stephens

This was one of the worst retailing months of December that we've ever

Sara Senatore

There is some incremental labour, but it's mostly just using it more

Mark Kalinowski

Over the next six to 12 months, particularly as Starbucks begins to lap less difficult year-over-year same-store sales comparisons, we believe that investors' nervousness about these two factors will

Matthew DiFrisco - Guggenheim Partners

Mobile order and pay along with food and beverage innovation give us increased confidence in the sustainability of mid-single digit same-store

Will Slaubaugh - Stephens

We view this as a reminder that, despite (Starbucks') relative consistency and outperformance vs. peers, it isn't completely immune to a meaningful deterioration in retail

Richard Edelman - Edelman

They wanted CEOs to help fill the hole, they want more people like (Unilever CEO) Paul Polman or (outgoing Starbucks CEO) Howard Schultz. They want people who are recognizing that business has a social responsibility. I'm not talking about CSR (corporate social responsibility), I'm talking about dealing with automation or trade, what's going to happen to me (as an employee).feedback

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

We can't travel with more than a certain amount of liquid because there was an individual on a flight who tried to use a small amount of liquid to detonate an explosive device. We need to review not only the question of whether people should be able to travel with their firearms, but we need to take a hard look at the security around baggage claim

Mark Kalinowski

Looking toward the future, we believe that Starbucks can grow its nascent Starbucks Reserve business from a tiny revenue generator today into a $3 billion revenue business over time (1,000 Starbucks Reserve stores achieving $3 million in average unit volumes, or roughly twice what the average U.S. Starbucks store attained in fiscal 2016).feedback

Mark Kalinowski

Starbucks' heritage of innovation is largely unmatched in the restaurant industry. If we had to name two (and only two) Great Disruptors for the restaurant industry, we would cite Starbucks and privately held Chick-fil-A. Well beyond 2021, we would not be surprised to see Starbucks exceed the 50,000-store

Mark Kalinowski

It is rare for retail companies of Starbucks's size (market cap of over $83 billion as of this writing) to offer this kind of unit growth potential. We believe that investors will continue to pay a premium multiple to enjoy this type of unit growth potential in their

Mark Kalinowski

Most of our restaurant stock coverage list is dominated by concepts that are food-focused in nature (with many of them selling some beverages). In contrast, Starbucks is beverage-focused (while selling some food). This key differentiating factor is one reason why Starbucks tends to face less direct competition than most other concepts in the highly competitive foodservice

Mark Kalinowski

Over the next 6 to12 months, particularly as Starbucks begins to lap less difficult year-over-year same-store sales comparisons, we believe that investors' nervousness about these two factors will

John Ivankoe

Our conclusion is that Starbucks remains an exceptional company with leading long-term growth prospects but we take a more conservative approach to long-term earnings

Belinda Wong

There is plenty of space to infill in first and second tier cities where we have already opened – Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen,

Belinda Wong

Shanghai Roastery is going to be much better than the Seattle one. It's going to attract not only people in Shanghai but attract a lot of tourists in

Chris Malone

Starbucks, they're kind of the model citizen of the United States as an employer, paying benefits for their part-time employees, high wages, even education assistance. … I don't see Donald Trump being able to leverage very much pressure on

Dave Burwick

We like it. The more interest there is in super-premium coffee, the more opportunities Peet's will

John Hanke - Niantic

Starbucks has played an important role in creating welcoming places for people to come together for refreshment and social engagement. The physical locations component of the collaboration is important to us as we look for ways to use technology to encourage exploration, exercise and real world social interaction, and Starbucks' footprint throughout the U.S. provides an awesome

Kevin Johnson

I can't predict the political environment, but I do know that we have been in China for 17 years. We've done it in a way that is showing great respect to the culture and the people in

Kevin Johnson

We are very intentional. We know what we are doing and we've got a clear plan to go do

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

The most important currency in leadership is trust. Kevin has the trust of our partners and our people. He has the trust of the street as you saw today, and this is going to be a very smooth and natural

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

Not only will China one day be bigger than the U.S., but our business in China will demonstrate that we will be one of the...most significant winners in terms of a Western consumer

Belinda Wong

Despite our early success, we are only in the beginning chapters of our growth story. In the next five years, we're well positioned to double our scale to 5,000 stores in over 200

Matt McGinley - Evercore ISI

Coffee consumption in China is currently low, but growing rapidly. On a per person basis, Chinese people consume less than 2 percent of the coffee of U.S. consumers and less than 3 percent of the coffee of Japanese

Sharon Rothstein - Starbucks

We are relentlessly focused to innovate in all things cold coffee. And that starts with Cold

Sharon Rothstein - Starbucks

[Roastery] serves as a really unique laboratory for experimentation and exploration. We have the ability to test, learn and then quickly scale our new customer favorites to all our Starbucks

Sharon Rothstein - Starbucks

[Cold Brew] is another example of premiumization at play as customers have traded up from their iced coffee habits to Cold Brew. In less than a year and a half, Cold Brew has really become big business for

Kevin Johnson

Demand is there and our ability to deploy capital and get the return on invested capital is very

Ric Rhinehart

Starbucks is the millennials' parents' coffee house and Starbucks is acutely aware of

Robert Passikoff - Brand Keys

There is always a market for what is different, special and rare, but the minute you become so available that anyone can get what you are selling, you lose your

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

Our family had no income, no health insurance, no worker's compensation, nothing to fall back on. I knew in my heart that if I was ever in a position where I could make a difference, I wouldn't leave people

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

Starbucks has been in business now for 45-plus years. You know, I'm not putting myself in the class of Tom Brady or any other athlete that has been at the cornerstone of success on a team sport. This is a team sport. It has always been a team sport. I've gotten more credit that I deserve. The company has a large base of fantastic

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

What was clear was Kevin's ability. He is much better prepared to manage the global operations of the company than I am at this

Jim Cramer

When I heard the news, I was immediately very disappointed because I love what Howard [has] done. He is iconic. But what Howard did subsequently in our interview is state, Look, this is how it's going to go. I'm still very much involved, but we do have technology problems.' Kevin's better than that, better at that than he

Bonnie Herzog - Wells Fargo Securities

While we acknowledge that Schultz is without question one of the strongest and most visionary leaders in the consumer/retail world, we believe the succession planning put in place several years ago assures the recent exceptional performance will likely

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

[But] I don't think on any level that the brand or what we represent is at odds with the president-elect or his supporters. Ninety million customers a week are going through Starbucks stores, and I assume many of them voted for Donald

David Palmer - RBC Capital Markets

Unlike the period surrounding Mr. Schultz's previous departure, we believe the company is transitioning to a new CEO during a period of strength, with a solid macro-economic backdrop, a strong leadership team, and a robust pipeline of innovation in technology, food,

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

I'm not leaving the company. I will be here every day -- but Kevin and the team are in

Jim Cramer

I think he has done it, he's been on the board a long time. He's done a good job. I am sad to see Howard not be

Jim Cramer

Howard Schultz built an empire, a fantastic company. He has stepped aside once before and the stock did not do

Jim Cramer

I think that given that their main product has got to get through in the morning with lots of alacrity. Kevin can do that, and I like the fact that Howard is going on to the Roastery, which could be the next big

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

Many of you are familiar with the breadth of global management experience and the deep consumer and technology experience and expertise that Kevin brought to Starbucks when he joined our board in 2009. For years he has provided invaluable insights into how we scale the company around the world and how to best integrate industry-leading customer facing technology into our customer experience and

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

The two fiscal years following [Johnson's] engagement have been the best years in the history of Starbucks coffee

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

I'm all in on all things Starbucks and have no plans to run for public

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

As I focus on Starbucks next wave of retail innovation, I am delighted that Kevin Johnson – our current president, COO, a seven-year board member and my partner in running every facet of Starbucks business over the last two years – has agreed to assume the duties of Starbucks chief executive officer. This move ideally positions Starbucks to continue profitably growing our core business around the world into the

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

This is a big day for me. I love the company as much as I love my

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

Building a new brand is not unlike what Ralph Lauren did with Purple

Jim Cramer

Buyers just can't wait for this market to come down. They are stepping up each day for a host of stocks. The result? I always say there is a bull market somewhere and right now there are almost too many to

Jim Cramer

The opportunity was just too great, and they didn't want to miss

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

There was little sign in this data of consumer hesitancy ahead of the election that some retailers have blamed (Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts in particular but restaurant/bar sales did fall) for soft October

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

I have such a big heart for any entrepreneurial person that's trying to do something against all

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

Two people show up at the front desk of Starbucks from France. They came from France!feedback

Jim Cramer

I think everyone is ignoring the other big online travel play, Expedia, which isn't getting the credit it deserves for its smaller

Alex Gorsky - Johnson & Johnson

They touch all aspects of our business, and frankly, we couldn't do what we do without the great leadership, the great work of

Jim Cramer

I think this rally could be getting out of hand. There is no way that the velocity of these moves, both up and down, can last beyond a few days past the

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

What we need inside Starbucks in the HR group is we need veterans recruiting veterans who understand their language, their challenges, their issues. So the people who are recruiting veterans at Starbucks are the people who have worn the cloth of the

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

What we have learned is that the level of attrition rate among veterans is lower. The level of performance is higher, and these are great, great young men and

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

What I would say is simply we should not be acknowledging veterans who have served the country only on Veteran's Day. We should be doing it every single day. We owe them a great, great debt of

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

Washington has been broken for quite some time. The rules of engagement for a public company today are very different as a result of Washington not doing its

Kevin Johnson

Don't get caught up in a short-term view of same-store comparables. We'll go through ebbs and flows on

Kevin Johnson

All retailers are facing some challenging operating conditions today. Certainly, the election is creating a lot of noise in the market. That's requiring retailers, us included, to work harder to break

Kevin Johnson

This has been a very divisive election season. There's been a lot of discussion around the election on television, in print, and customers discussing it. But at the end of the day, I think people come to Starbucks for a bit of a retreat from all that noise, for a place to come to have a joyful experience – enjoy a beverage with family and friends – and just connect with

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

Starbucks' record Q4 and fiscal 2016 financial and operating results in the face of ongoing economic, consumer and geopolitical headwinds, and the significant investments we continue to make in our people and our business, once again demonstrate the power, relevance and resilience of the Starbucks business and

Howard Penney - Hedgeye Risk Management

Same-store sales have cooled, due to a shift in its loyalty programme and a prolonged period of raising prices

Joel Benenson

If not we're going to be very vulnerable on that throughout and I think our opponents and some on our side will say at is unseemly for a potential U.S. President taking money from foreign governments for her private

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

The green cup and the design represent the connections Starbucks has as a community with its partners (employees) and customers. During a divisive time in our country, Starbucks wanted to create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values, and the need to be good to each

Andrew Keene

I think Starbucks has gotten sold off pretty hard, a lot of selling pressure, but it could consolidate and move even

Nigel Travis - Dunkin' Donuts

If you compare us to everyone else in our industry with the exception of Starbucks … we are clearly a strong No. 2. We continue to open stores at very high rates. We continue to bring jobs into the

Nigel Travis - Dunkin' Donuts

People want to have certainty about the economy. They want to know who is going to be in government, who's going to be in the Senate, and who's going to be in the Congress. A number of our franchisees have expressed concerns about the lack of

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

We believe very strongly that these are the early days for Starbucks in

Todd Gordon

It's a stock that's just been underperforming for months and heading into earnings on November 3. I think Starbucks is finally ready to punch through pretty critical support

Randy Garutti - Shake Shack

In creating our first-ever app, we took great care to develop a mobile ordering platform that maintains the high quality our guests have come to know and love, but now just a tap away. We're meeting people where they are and giving our guests a whole new way to experience Shake Shack. We've got a lot to learn, and we intend to take our time listening to our guests and tweaking the app before launching it in additional

Andrew Vagner

I came up with a few ideas based on what I tend to drink, which is usually over ice. The customization idea I submitted was a pumpkin spice cold brew topped with breve, which includes pumpkin spice sauce for a hint of spicy sweetness and cream on top to add a smooth richness. I love how it looks when the cream floats down over the ice in the

Jim Cramer

We own this one for the charitable trust, too, and we would love to buy more at these levels, but you need to be aware that Moreno is not a fan. GE's got a lot of aerospace, which is today's big freak out, so I understand the weakness, but I still believe that $25 would be a huge and unlikely

Jim Cramer

Whatever you think of Disney's fundamentals, and I think they are terrific, the chart is clearly not friendly to the

Loretta L. Worters - Insurance Information Institute

People will buy a Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) coffee every day for a year, and that's OK. That's not too far away in price from getting the flood insurance, but they won't get

Sam Oches

I was really, really surprised to see Starbucks as the slowest ? and not just the slowest ? but by far the

Sam Oches

When you're talking about a chain that's primarily coffee and baked goods, how long does that take?feedback

Sam Oches

When the restaurants look at the drive-thru, they're really prioritizing accuracy and the experience over simply getting them out quickly. They recognize that customers are more angry with rude service or inaccurate service, than slower speed of

Mick Farrell - ResMed

What we do across the spectrum is we take patients who are sick and in hospital and we put them in the home, and we take care of them in the home. We have portable respiratory devices and home respiratory devices that with sleep apnea literally help them breathe every night – give them the gift of

Stephen King

We feel really good about our promotional lineup both from an advertising and sports standpoint … as well as some of the games we have coming

Elyse Oleksak - Bantam Bagels

The Starbucks customer looks for elevated versions of iconic food and they're always on the

Christian Kern

What Ireland, the Netherlands, Luxembourg or Malta are doing here lacks solidarity towards the rest of the European economy. They massively suck up the advertising volume that comes out of the economy but pay neither corporation tax nor advertising duty in

Michelle Sundquist - Starbucks

When we think about fall, often people think about warmth and spice, like cinnamon and apple pie. We decided to take that idea in a new direction with chocolate and a bit of

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

This is a community with an incredibly progressive heart that has lifted me up and helped be able to shout from the roof tops the idea that you can, in America, use government as a catalyst to improve peoples'

Tom Lopach

We are proud to congratulate Patrick Murphy on his decisive victory in tonight's

John Connor

Companies such as Starbucks and Lavazza, as well as the International Coffee Organisation, have already publicly acknowledged the severity of climate risks. Consumers are likely to face supply shortages, impacts on flavor and aromas, and rising

Tim Canova

High up on my list of suspects would be the super PAC people. They have the resources, they have the motivation, they have enough distance from Wasserman Schultz that she can deny having any

Tim Canova

Bernie is not on the ballot, and I think coming here might have presented certain liabilities anyway, so it might be a blessing that he never

Tim Canova

Our ground game is so big that we've really expanded the

Tim Canova

Bernie ran a lousy campaign in Florida. Bernie had his problems with certain constituencies that I don't have problems

Sophie Bock

She's always been that sweet kid. I admire her stamina. With three children and cancer and Congress, and then the

Nigel Travis - Dunkin' Donuts

Millennials love Cold Brew. Millennials love technology. We launched our app back in 2012. We've now got 5 million [DD Perks] members. It's probably the fastest-growing rewards program in the

Nigel Travis - Dunkin' Donuts

Franchisees will tell you ... [finding workers] is biggest issue facing them. We're at relatively full

Karen Holthouse - Goldman Sachs Group

Looking at this breakdown over time supports the view that the loyalty transition was the disruption in the [third]

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks

The real story is what these emails contain and they show collusion. We have not disclosed our source, and of course, this is a diversion that's being pushed by the Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump would be a disaster for this country. He must be defeated. We've got to elect Secretary

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Going forward, the best way for me to accomplish those goals [of winning the presidency for Hillary Clinton] is to step down as party chair at the end of this convention. As party chair, this week I will open and close the convention and I will address our delegates about the stakes involved in this election not only for Democrats, but for all

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Hey @Reince - I'm in Cleveland if you need another chair to help keep your convention in

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Going forward, the best way for me to accomplish those goals [which include electing Clinton president] is to step down as Party Chair at the end of this convention. As Party Chair, this week I will open and close the Convention and I will address our delegates about the stakes involved in this election not only for Democrats, but for all

Hillary Clinton

There's simply no one better at taking the fight to the Republicans than Debbie, which is why I am glad that she has agreed to serve as honorary chair of my campaign's 50-state program to gain ground and elect Democrats in every part of the country, and will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign nationally, in Florida, and in other key

Christine Wang - CNBC

The coffee chain said it saw global same-store sales increase by 4% during the quarter, below Wall Street expectations of 5.7%, according to

Will Slaubaugh - Stephens

That's a pretty good sign that consumer spending trends aren't great right

Missy Cummings

Go into Starbucks, for example. No one can just patiently wait in line, they're all doing something on their phones. It's kind of

Ron Crawford - Starbucks

Providing industry-leading benefits for eligible full- and part-time partners is a cornerstone of who we are as a company. Much like a travel site, our partners will be able to navigate an easy-to-use online platform to choose between more insurance carriers and coverage levels at more competitive prices to help them find the right plan for their own

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

It's nice to try to lead the way. The labor market is tight and going to get tighter. Our biggest problem going forward is not going to be unemployment, it's going to be a lack of labor. It's not surprising that companies are trying to get out ahead of this and trying to raise wages. He's not the first. You had McDonald's, Wal-Mart, Target and

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

China represents the most important and exciting opportunity ahead of us. As our first international Roastery, we will take even bolder steps to make this Shanghai location our most stunning store, while making it completely unique and relevant to the Chinese

Kevin Johnson

This was in an extremely challenging consumer, economic, geopolitical environment across the

Matt Ryan

We are not seeing any of the noise that has been speculated

Snaja Gould - Starbucks

As soon as we were made aware of a supplier issue with a specific lot of Sausage, Egg and Cheddar Breakfast sandwiches, we removed the impacted product from the select Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas area stores that carried it. The product itself has not tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes. No other products are affected because of this issue. We have not received any reports of