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Steven Ellison
It was great. There was a lot of buzz; the articles went everywhere – music [publications], film [publications], Reddit. I didn't hear about any other movies at Sundance like that. Not every film gets that kind of shine. I spent so much time doubting myself and thinking myself into holes of un-productivity. I do believe there is something to be said for striking in that moment. The longer you sit on ideas, the easier it becomes to talk yourself out of pursuing
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Jul 19 2017
“The news media world has shrunk into more of a sound bite world. Everything's so clipped and short, it gives you no time to digest, no time to contemplate. It's already moving on to the next event.” said Robert Redford speaking about Sundance Film Festival. It’s one of the 47 quotes about Sundance Film Festival you can find on this page. 34 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Ted Sarandos, Michelle Williams and Trevor Groth. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Jason Segel

It's going to be a scary awakening when you realise this reality show is interactive and he can take your health

Charlize Theron

We have to have empathy and compassion. We're gonna become a nation that's so cut off from the rest of the world if we allow him to continue the way he wants to, the way he talks. And I just can't – there's a part of me that will fight until the bitter end to not have that

Mary J. Blige

She was so strong and silent. She never really said a lot, but when she said something it meant something. ... She planted her own food, she killed her own chickens, she killed her own cows. (She) and my grandfather were Hap and Florence. Southern people are really all about love, and that's what I took. I'm born and raised in the Bronx in New York, and as a child I went down South every summer, so I saw my grandmother give love. I was raised with 'yes ma'am' and 'no ma'am.'.feedback

Dee Rees

It's not didactic, it's not preachy. The thing I love about it is it's multiple points of view. Both went away and came back and both didn't quite get what they should have

Kimberly Steward

(It's) making sure people in society who we've labeled as other have a seat at the

Kerry Washington

Sometimes the people who are in charge of those rooms, they want us to feel lucky to be in the room. And we are because we're all really blessed to be doing what we do ... but that doesn't mean that I don't get to bring other people with me. Being alone in the room is exhausting ... you feel like you have to stand up for the entire gender or race. Why do we allow this myth of risk to remain? And if it doesn't work, who cares? So many movies don't

Shari Frilot

I thought this is definitely the year to do this because people will be looking for

Daniella Segal

You can take something that may feel very cutting edge and very technological and make it something that every person can find the value

Linc Gasking

This really opens up lots of promotional opportunities in

Robert Redford

Dig in and dig deep – those two things affected my film-making

Robert Redford

The news media world has shrunk into more of a sound bite world. Everything's so clipped and short, it gives you no time to digest, no time to contemplate. It's already moving on to the next

Martina Costello

The groundswell that we needed before that election is happening now. There's something happening and I feel

Ted Sarandos - Netflix

We acquired films ahead of Sundance so that we could really showcase them at the

Ted Sarandos - Netflix

An Oscar would be really great for the filmmakers. We've campaigned four times and it'd be really great to see it through to the finish

Amir Bar-Lev -

We showed this film to a number of people and everyone was excited, but the guys from Amazon really understood the film on a level I hadn't really

Liesl Copland -

Amazon is very much a pro at integrating the theatrical release, Netflix is very much doing things for their large, international subscriber base, and now Hulu is working more like a paid television

Robert Redford

Presidents come and go. The pendulum swings back and forth. It always has, it probably always will. So we don't occupy ourselves with politics. We try to stay away from politics per se and we stay focused on what are the stories being told by

Jeff Flake

Somebody said at one point when we burst through it looked like the saloon doors in 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance

Jon Shenk

I think the film will be surprisingly hopeful for people who have been bowled over by Trump's

Jon Shenk

The climate community of environmental activists and people who are concerned about the climate are deeply concerned - of course, how can they not be?feedback

Jeff Orlowski - Sundance

How do you take climate change and make it emotional? How do we make science the hero, make it accessible to people who don't understand this stuff? There's such a compelling story buried within the

Pierre-Emanuel Fleurantin

The Sundance Festival is a great success story. It is where quality independent movies are screened and we would like to do the same but with independent European films and take them further into cinema screens and on

Trevor Groth

The beauty of independent film is it's not a copycat world, unlike some of the Hollywood stuff where they follow trends. Independent film has always been about originality and choice and something

Trevor Groth

You really see a lot of different African-American lives on screen that you don't often see in

Robert Redford

From the passion and chaos of creativity, independent filmmakers make decisions to harness that energy, break new ground and tell their stories. This year's Festival reflects every step of that journey, and shows how art can engage, provoke and connect people all over the

Michelle Williams

The authenticity and the elevation – how he makes things seem so natural and ordinary and then he's able to elevate them to this kind of almost – dare I say – spiritual

Michelle Williams

When I first saw this movie at Sundance, I was really surprised at how frequently people laughed. And then, in between the laughs, you'd hear people sniffling. I love

Casey Affleck

I respect him so much and I respect all the decisions he's made in his career. I think he's a beautiful, brilliant model for how we can create meaningful careers and choose meaningful

Nate Parker

You're by yourself and all you have in your hand is your script and your dream – whatever that thing is, your voice – and you're surrounded by fear. I've worked very hard to use my art to combat injustices everywhere I see them. That's my voice... and having institutions like Sundance support those things is

James Franco

It's the young Ginsberg. I agree that I wasn't the first person on people's minds when it comes to Ginsberg. Out of all those guys, Kerouac, Ginsberg, Cassidy, out of those guys you would expect me to play Kerouac over

Robert Redford

We like to provide but we don't do the deciding. That's up to the audience. But the providing is where it's at. I always felt you shouldn't even be in the business if we weren't going to be maintaining a freshness and keeping on the cutting edge of things. To do that you need fresh new blood. You need to reconstitute yourself from time to

Alrick Brown

It's our belief that as much as it is important to show the statistics and the death and the horror in Rwanda, you prevent these things, and you prevent war, by showing life and love and by humanizing people, as opposed to dehumanizing them and showing seas of faceless

Alrick Brown

It was just listening to people and hearing their stories, and not asking them about the tragedy. Actually just asking them about what they thought was interesting, and what happened. And they would tell us stories about love in the midst of all this, or forgiveness in the midst of all this, or something really crazy, and as I heard these things I said 'wow, this is what the world should see,' because we wanted to focus on the hope and the life. Rwandans are kind of over the genocide, they don't want to talk about it, the negativity, anymore. They want to move

Laurine Garaude - Reed Midem

A Sundance producer from the US said to me yesterday that great content is now produced from all around the world. So our catch phrase for this year's MIP 'the quest for original content' couldn't ring more

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