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Alan Rabinowitz
The Thai forestry department proved that with protection you can not only bring tigers back, but now the western forest complex, specifically Huai Kha Khaeng, is a global model of tiger conservation. It is one of the best protected and best tiger areas left in the world. Thailand has shown that you can protect tigers and bring them back. They can do this now in the eastern forest complex as they've done in the western forest
Mar 28 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Sustainable Development. 133 people are quoted and you can read 158 citations of them about Sustainable Development. Barack Obama, Jack Kittinger and Inger Andersen, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Barack Obama said: “Ancient islanders believed it contained the boundary between this life and the next. This is a hallowed site, and it deserves to be treated that way. And from now on, it will be preserved for future generations.”.
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Geoff Cousins

Australians don't want this dangerous coalmine. It's clear from new polling that the community are with us – they know coal is a dirty, dying industry. The government and the Labor party must categorically rule out any public funding for the

Bob Brown

Adani's coalmine will be the most dangerous in our history, ramping up global carbon pollution precisely when emissions need to be drastically

Cristiane Mazzetti - Greenpeace

If I get one amnesty, who knows? In another few years from now I might get another. The last government headed by Dilma Rousseff didn't issue hardly any conservation areas of demarcated indigenous territory. These are good instruments for fighting deforestation. Regeneration is a slow process, we need zero deforestation

Alexander Karnaukhov - World Wide Fund for Nature

The protected areas here are not located in snow leopard habitats. So for now, this work gives no result for snow leopard

George Dunn

I commend the National Trust for its determination to work positively with its tenant farmers to achieve greater nature conservation objectives from its land. Accepting that it has much to learn from working in partnership with its tenants who are already farming to high environmental standards, the National Trust must now put in place the practical arrangements to deliver this. Farm tenants will be heartened by the National Trust's clearly expressed position that good environmental management in the countryside cannot be divorced from the achievement of productive and sustainable

Samuel Stone - Marine Conservation Society

These fisheries are in a more exposed position than previously thought and we want people to make the most responsible decision when choosing fish, and go for green-rated fish. But the haddock population hasn't suddenly crashed and there is in fact evidence that the stock will increase by a meaningful amount this

Bernadette Clarke

These ratings changes have come about because scientific perception of the stock has changed. Compared to 2015, the stock numbers in 2016 were below the recommended level and at the point where action is now needed to increase the number of fish of breeding

Michelle Bachelet

This is a key step to treasuring this giant source of biodiversity and safe keep it in the public

Chris Parish

I'm a hunter, too, so I'm kind of stuck in the middle. Do x-rays on carcasses and show hunters the gut piles. This is real conservation that makes sense. Read all the politics you want, but here's the real dope. Here's what we need you do to, and here's a box of bullets to give it try. The condor could stand as a symbol of what we're capable of, not just another endangered species program nagging

Richard Vigne

I don't think the world of conservation has the money to spend that would be needed to make an anti-poaching drone

Khaled al-Anani

Now my colleagues of the conservation department in the ministry will work on it, and the colossus, as well as the head, as well as the statue of limestone of the Seti II, will be in display in a few days in the garden of the Cairo museum. It's a big discovery. In my opinion, it's one of the greatest discoveries of the last

Beth Firchau - Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

We are thrilled to be able to provide a new companion for Clara. Having the ability to care for this rescued otter, and support southern sea otter conservation with our partners, makes bringing this new sea otter to New Orleans that much more exciting and

Philip Isaac

The College will be re-roofing Bodley's Court using Collyweston stone as part of a refurbishment of the building in 2018 - 19, in line with recommendations from Historic England and Local Conservation

Julie Bailey

It's an unfortunate part of red squirrel conservation that we have to kill gray squirrels. But we have an obligation to undo the damage the Victorians did by bringing them here in the first

Nantarika Chansue

I felt angry that humans, whether or not they meant to do it or if they did it without thinking, had caused harm to this

Dolores Johnson

I did have them appraised. We're not talking about vast sums of money here. But conservation is terribly important. And it's out of respect for the artists. I would hope they would think that I was being

Janelle Schuh

Trey's participation has also allowed us to communicate the importance of our Animal Rescue Program and the work we do in ocean conservation to a much broader audience. We are grateful to Trey and the New England

Matthew Cobb

For the mammoths, the end point was extinction; these findings may enable us to develop better conservation strategies for animals that are currently

Zippy Duvall - American Farm Bureau Federation

EPA has too long been characterized by regulatory overreach that disregards the positive conservation efforts of farmers and threatens their very way of life. Today's action is as much a beginning as an end, and there is much work to do to ensure that any revised rule is transparent and fair for Americas farmers and

Sandro Gozi

Europe absolutely has to break away from the status quo. If it stays like this, there will be no more Europe in 30 years. The disintegration that has already started will continue. If Europe makes a political choice to exit this status quo, though, I imagine a Europe of sustainable development, a federal Europe, a protagonist in the

Jack Pascoe

The assumption was that by preserving so much country in the national reserve system that conservation was going to be ensured. But we're seeing more and more that without some sort of direct intervention we're going to lose many of our most threatened

Cathy Longmore

So we can see what animals we have out in certain areas as well as how many foxes we have and how many feral cats we have. We can go back and see what we had in year one versus year five, ten and into the future

Inger Andersen

Our daily activities, such as washing clothes and driving, significantly contribute to the pollution choking our oceans, with potentially disastrous effects on the rich diversity of life within them, and on human

Joao de Sousa - International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

The findings of this report have important implications for the global strategy to tackle ocean plastic pollution, which currently focuses on reducing plastic waste. They show that solutions must include product and infrastructure design as well as consumer behavior. Synthetic clothes could be designed to shed fewer fibers, for example, and consumers can act by choosing natural fabrics over synthetic

Wolfgang Schaefer-Klug

Tavares communicated convincingly in the talks that he is interested in a sustainable development for Opel/Vauxhall as an independent

Judy Adler

Conservation is a nonpartisan issue, and it is a shame it is being

Madeleine Berg

We are delighted that so many nurdle hunters braved the winter weather this weekend. The information we've gathered will be vital to show the UK government that pellets are found on beaches all around the UK, and, importantly, that so many people care about the issue. Simple precautionary measures can help prevent spillages and ensure nurdles don't end up in our environment. We are asking the UK government to ensure best practice is in place along the full plastic supply chain, and any further nurdle pollution is

Daniel Johan

It's a blatant offense against Indonesia's conservation laws. Police have to investigate this cruel

Herb Christophers

It was an excellent public response. People seem to have an emotional attachment to marine mammals. They've been singing songs to them, giving them specific names, treating them as kindred

Amanda Harvey

We had a little bit of time where the whales were one the dry sand but very quickly this tide has come racing in and now we're all up to our knees, some people up to their waists in water and we're starting to get a bit of floating happening, and we're just helping assist the whales with their breathing until the water gets deep enough so that they can

Andrew Lamason

Fingers crossed, the new whales are going to lead them out into deeper water. There's a chance some might come back onto the

Cheree Morrison

I walked away crying my eyes out. We knew there were limited things we could

Cheree Morrison

You could hear the sounds of splashing, of blowholes being cleared, of sighing. The young ones were the worst. Crying is the only way to describe

Kath Inwood

It can be really quite distressing seeing so many dead whales. People need to be resilient and handle that and then get on with what needs to be

Elena Tvorogova

We are also trying to give new skills, knowledge and opportunities for young people here, so that they don't leave the area for larger cities, and can contribute to the sustainable development of their

Charles Littnan

This is phenomenal, hopeful news for the population. Yet we have a long way to go to recovery. This should be a bright spark, a glimmer of hope, that thing that fuels conservation. It shouldn't breed

Richard Curtis

I was in a meeting at Davos with the President of Rwanda, the President of Ethiopia, the Prime Minister of Sweden… all of whom are committing to putting their work next to the Sustainable Development Goals, so I think Trump will change his

Xi Jinping

The restructuring of China's economy and the upgrading of our industries will generate huge new demand. In terms of intellectual manufacturing, finance, insurance, energy conservation, environmental protection, energy generation, electricity, food and medicine, Switzerland has advanced technology and... expertise and could be a new partner for innovation for

Vazrick Nazari

I hope that the president will make conservation of such fragile ecosystems in the U.S. his top priority. These ecosystems still contain many undiscovered and undescribed species, and deserve to be protected for future

Edward Randolph - California Public Utilities Commission

At this point in time, there's no information that would indicate that returning to that whole capacity of the 83 billion cubic feet would ever be

Xi Jinping

The restructuring of China's economy and the upgrading of our industries will generate huge new demand. In terms of intellectual manufacturing, finance, insurance, energy conservation, environmental protection, energy generation, electricity, food and medicine, Switzerland has advanced technology and ... expertise and could be a new partner for innovation for

Martin Perschler

One of the main goals of the project is to ensure that the (Egyptian) museum has a full inventory of the objects and understands their conservation needs, so that the coffins can be made available for research by scholars but also for the

Josh Frydenberg

It is not necessary to kill whales in order to study them. We will continue our efforts in the International Whaling Commission to strongly oppose commercial whaling and so-called 'scientific' whaling, uphold the moratorium on commercial whaling, and to promote whale

Azhar Qureshi

The Pakistani capital has undergone expansion at a startlingly high pace. This has led to a steep rise in the use of private cars and motorbikes - and the average city temperature. Promoting cycling culture on a mass scale can effectively... address heat island effects in urban centers and improve public

Haroon General

People will... get coaxed into cycling when they watch others riding bicycles. They really will find it hard not to enjoy the beauty of the lush green Margalla Hills where the track

Samina Mishaal

This one-off cost will allow us to cut our monthly spending on taxis. Besides, it will help my children overcome their

Karam Daad

My children are now getting an opportunity for some physical activity with cycling instead of being glued to video games, music gadgets and (sitting) in front of computer screens – which has made them overweight and

Sarah Durant

Given the secretive nature of this elusive cat‚ it has been difficult to gather hard information on the species‚ leading to its plight being overlooked‚. Our findings show that the large space requirements for cheetah‚ coupled with the complex range of threats faced by the species in the wild‚ mean that it is likely to be much more vulnerable to extinction than was previously

Sean O'Sullivan

ADB's countercyclical support is critical for Azerbaijan's economy now and will help promote sustainable development and inclusive growth over the longer term. Transforming Azerbaijan into a dynamic and diverse economy will need major improvements in public-sector efficiency, the ease of doing business and

Lawrence Nyagwande

We need to educate and train these village elders on the importance of... climate change adaptation measures like conservation agriculture and water

Tushar Dash

The biggest stumbling block is that there's very limited understanding of the Forest Rights Act, even within the government. They believe granting forest rights obstructs development, and are instead giving forest lands for industrial use. But it's been established that protecting forest rights encourages development and helps conservation efforts far

Federica Mogherini - European Union

Cuba is changing deeply and the EU is going through this process along with the Cuban government and the Cuban people as friends. That is a common opportunity to boost sustainable development, social justice in order to enhance democracy and the respect of human

Stuart L. Pimm

There's a strong tendency to think that familiar species (such as giraffes, chimps, etc.) must be okay because they are familiar and we see them in zoos. This is

Vytenis Andriukaitis

Speaking about Northern countries they have platforms, each organised many many events in Denmark, in Netherlands, in Italy, in France. We have excellent examples at the moment. All 28 member states signed (up to) Sustainable Development Goals. And they are obliged to halve food waste till (by) 2030 and it is (an)

Dan Isaak

It's just been an ongoing revelation. It still seems like magic to me that you can go take a water sample and you have instruments powerful enough to discern what species are

Michael Schwartz

Any time science undertakes large projects like this, the payouts can be in directions you don't

Dan Isaak

It's kind of the Holy Grail for biologists to know what a true biodiversity map looks like. To have that formatted digitally so you can do lots of science with it will be transformative in terms of the quality of information we'll have to conserve

Lauren Eyles - Marine Conservation Society

In the last decade, our Great British Beach Clean volunteers have found an average of 10 single-use carrier bags for every 100 meters of coastline

Lauren Eyles - Marine Conservation Society

This year, for the first time since the charges were introduced, we've seen a significant drop in the number and that can only be as a result of the 5p charge which is now in place in all the home nations. It vindicates the charge, which we predicted would be good news for the marine

Alexander Peterc - Société Générale

People were hoping for better. All these measures point to a company being highly focused on

Liz Bennett - Wildlife Conservation Society

We had assumed older ivory from stockpiles was leaking into trade, particularly from more corrupt countries. This study shows that's not the case. The source is from freshly poached

Jo-Anne Bragg

Proper court scrutiny of decisions made about massive projects such as Adani's Carmichael mine are important because they build community confidence in the planning system, help guard against corruption and result in better environmental assessments and

Abdelmalek Faraj

Our goal is to develop and strengthen aquaculture. It has a very significant potential, the fisheries sector's fastest growth in recent years. However, our goal is sustainable development. So we want to encourage the development of seaweed farming and that's why in Morocco we have several experimental projects you can see here today such as with macro

Park Geun-hye

I've reached a conclusion that we can no longer delay discussing amending the constitution, which was also my campaign promise, to break down limits we face in the big picture for the Republic of Korea's sustainable

Susan Lieberman - Wildlife Conservation Society

Inclusion in Appendix I is in the best interests of the conservation of the species as it faces both habitat loss and rampant illegal and unsustainable trade for the international pet

Carol Jenkins - World Learning

These programs help further World Learning's mission of creating a more peaceful and just world through education, sustainable development and

Jack Kittinger

We really have to do a good job of managing these special, amazing places, and Kona is absolutely one of them. If there's one (hotspot) in Kona, there's probably dozens and dozens of them in other places, including in Hawaii. We just haven't stuck anything down there to find them

Bradley Campbell

For more than three decades, ExxonMobil has devoted its resources to deceiving the public about climate science while using its knowledge about climate change to advance its business

Jamison Gove - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Yet we know that Hawaii is this biological hotspot. So there's kind of this paradox: How can you have so much productivity around Hawaii yet the surrounding ocean waters are literally a barren ocean landscape?feedback

Janet L. Yellen - Federal Reserve System

The existing capital conservation buffer would be replaced with a risk-sensitive, firm-specific buffer that is sized based on stress test

Sarina Jepsen

[The] Endangered Species Act safeguards are now the only way the bumble bee would have a fighting chance for

Peter Seligmann

We don't know anything about the ocean floor. What we know is that each one of those seamounts is a refuge for new species, but we don't know what they are. We don't know how they've evolved. We don't know what lessons they have for

Greg Stone

We don't know what we're going to find. There will always be the unexpected when you go into the deep

Greg Stone

My goal today is to ... find out what's living on them, find out how they support ocean life, what their effect is from ocean currents and essentially what drives the ocean, what makes the ocean what it is. Seamounts are a key part of that, and something which humanity knows very little

Ouk Vibol

With very few Royal Turtles left in the wild and many threats to their survival, Cambodia's national reptile is facing a high risk of extinction. By protecting nests and head starting the hatchlings, we are increasing the chances of survival for this important species for

Mostapha Zaher

It has got a great potential for ecotourism, even for people who are interested in archaeology, people who are interested in anthropology, researchers who are interested in Afghanistan, people who are interested in glacial melt, mountaineering, the

Mostapha Zaher

We receive reports from all of the provinces that hunting is still going on illegally, whether it is because of poverty, whether it is as a hobby, whether it is for selling

Ashley Vosper

It is a new concept for these people, a new concept for Afghanistan in fact, so it takes time to do that, but we are getting there and they are starting to understand that they are not going to lose land or anything crazy like that, which is the important

Sayed Naqibullah - Wildlife Conservation Society

In the past, wild animals were responsible for killing a lot of the livestock, but we've managed to curb that to a certain level. Over the past three years, there haven't been any killings of farmed animals by wild

Joseph Moravec

We're talking about the extinction of elephants. Ivory markets are going to close one way or the other, whether it's us closing them when the elephant is still alive, or they're going to close in a few years when these species are still extinct and there's no more ivory

Susan Lieberman - Wildlife Conservation Society

Some governments just don't see the reality of the crisis that the countries of central and East Africa are facing right now. This is about saying to all governments, Make it so people can't buy ivory, because that's the only thing that's going to stop the organized criminals who are causing the poaching of elephants.'.feedback

Phil Fernandez

We want the reef to come back. We fish, and the health of fish is completely dependent on habitat. When the habitat is decimated, the fish goes

Julian Fennessy

The conservation implications are immense and our findings will hopefully help put giraffe conservation on the

Zhang Hemin

If the conservation status is downgraded, protection work might slacken off and both the panda population and their habitat are more likely to suffer irreversible loss. The present protection achievements will be lost and some small sub-populations may die

Shi Xiaogang

But as conservators, we know that the situation of the wild panda is still very

Zhang Hemin

A severely fragmented natural habitat still threatens the lives of pandas; genetic transfer between different populations will improve, but is still not

Inger Andersen

To see the Eastern gorilla -- one of our closest cousins -- slide towards extinction is truly

Elizabeth Williamson - International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

Chimps get by even if there is only a remnant of a forest. They can raid crops and steal fruit from farms - gorillas and orangutans don'

Jack Kittinger

As an island state, Hawaii is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including increased storms, coral bleaching as well as local impacts that place our reefs at risk. CI is grateful to the Governor for committing to protect our natural environment so that it can continue to benefit our communities now and into the

Barack Obama

Ancient islanders believed it contained the boundary between this life and the next. This is a hallowed site, and it deserves to be treated that way. And from now on, it will be preserved for future

Cándido Mezua

By establishing a direct relationship with the guardians who protect their forests, the governors can ensure their conservation strategies will actually work. They must listen to us because we are the ones who are putting our lives on the line to protect tropical forests in Mesoamerica, the Amazon and other

Barack Obama

When it comes to climate change, there's a dire possibility of us getting off-course, and we can't allow that to

Barack Obama

The challenges of conservation and combating climate change are connected, they're

Anthony Foxx

There are significant safety benefits to this proposed rulemaking. In addition to saving lives, the projected fuel and emissions savings make this proposal a win for safety, energy conservation, and our

Thane Maynard

We are not amused by the memes, petitions and signs about Harambe. Our zoo family is still healing, and the constant mention of Harambe makes moving forward more difficult for us. We are honoring Harambe by redoubling our gorilla conservation efforts and encouraging others to join

Kathy J. Willis

I think on the positive (in the report), we're still discovering a lot of new plants. 2,000 new plant species a year on average. And we're finding new plants for food, for fuel, for drugs. On the negative, we're seeing a huge change in land cover type, mainly driven by agricultural activity. A little bit of climate change in there as

Timothy Utteridge

The way that I would like to write myself out of a job is by actually describing all of the plants species on the planet. But yes if the biomes, the forests change so much then all I'll be doing is describing species from herbarium specimens and the plants that no longer exist in the

Kathy J. Willis

There are very, very few areas currently that are recognised for the important plants they contain. Most of our conservation areas are important bird areas for example. And we really do need to change that around, given how fundamental plants are to human

Anne Gonzales

Electricity supplies statewide are expected to be tight because of high summer temperatures driving up demand, power plant outages and transmission line import capacity reductions. Power imports may be limited (Wednesday) because of high temperatures in neighboring

Eva Muller

In the past agriculture was focused on producing food, and forestry was focusing on something else, they were never talking to each other so sometimes their policies ended up being even contradictive. If you're really looking at sustainable development, and this is what everybody wants, we need the forests because they are essential for regulating water flows, storing carbon and preserving

Wang Yi

Through this bilateral mechanism, the two sides can have ... in-depth discussions to find solutions acceptable to both parties and in this way maintain free trade and sustainable development of the global

Steven Barshov - Sive, Paget & Riesel

If the land is really worth a lot to [preservation groups], there could be a purchase price for the conservation itself. It's not just the tax

Ken Engle

If I develop the land, it becomes a commodity. I sell it one time and then I can't do anything with it. If I conserve it, it's a resource. I can grow something and create income for many

Christopher Davis

The interesting thing about this building is it is actually a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building, which is a relatively hard thing to get. It means that there is a certain energy conservation point to it from the very design, all the way through construction and now through operations. The waterfall for instance is a recycled waterfall, very little water

Mary Robinson

We have to do it differently next time - we cannot have an El Niño aggravated by climate (change) undermine development hugely, drastically. We will never achieve the Sustainable Development Goals unless we address

Bob Aronson

The idea is to create tourism and wildlife conservation in the northern part of the depot and develop businesses in the southern

Larry Solheim

You're just essentially buying a permit if you pay this conservation fee. It's just totally subjective – if they want to have this kind of requirement, they need to have clear

Steve Berberich - California Independent System Operator

We are confident we have a strong plan in place to meet the operational challenges posed by the upcoming hot temperatures. Conservation efforts by consumers are key to reducing stress on the system and to help avoid service

Bob Iger

As a parent and a grandparent, my heart goes out to the Graves family during this time of devastating loss. My thoughts and prayers are with them, and I know everyone at Disney joins me in offering our deepest

Jerry Demings

We are dealing with this family now, who there's no question will lose a 2-year-old child. It has been now about 15 hours since the child was taken into the water by the alligator, so we know that we are working on recovering the body of the child at this

Jerry Demings

Our ultimate concern is about the safety of the guests here at Disney as well as the public. I'm certain there will be opportunities in the future to look at what has occurred here and see if it can be prevented in the

Federica Mogherini - European Union

We have a duty to contain and face the threats, but we also have the duty – I would say a moral obligation – to unlock the world's immense potential for growth and for sustainable development. Also because this is the most powerful way to prevent future crises, the next

Inger Andersen

To see the Eastern Gorilla – one of our closest cousins – slide towards extinction is truly

Marco Lambertini - World Wide Fund for Nature

The recovery of the panda shows that when science, political will, and the engagement of local communities come together, we can save wildlife and also improve

Ed Buchanan

It's just great to have the support of the Wyoming voters. They share Ted Cruz's conservation principles, and that's why we're successful

Dennis Speigel

People will come back because they will appreciate what the company is doing. SeaWorld needs to reinvent itself and reconstitute its products. Shamu will no longer be the face of the company, so they will have to highlight all the other things they have, like its conservation

Andrew M. Cuomo

I have directed the state Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services' Office of Emergency Management, the Office of Fire Prevention and Control, the Department of Environmental Conservation as well as foam equipment to assist in suppressing the spill and provide support to hazmat teams that will be working to patch the

Thomas Bach - International Olympic Committee

Coming from different starting points, for all four there is a clear focus on sustainable development, legacy and in particular how the facilities are going to be used after the Olympic Games. We are delighted to have four extremely strong candidatures and look forward to a fascinating

Valerie Langer

This full implementation of the Great Bear Rainforest agreements is one of the most visionary forest conservation plans on

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

Climate change undermines development gains. If we do not properly police this Paris agreement, then the remaining 16 sustainable development goals will be

Barack Obama

The challenges of conservation and combating climate change are connected. They are

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

Our enterprise might not be perfect, but without the United Nations I can tell you that our world would be a far bleaker place. And now with the adoption of the inspiring 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations has pointed the way towards progress for all human

Johnny Rodrigues

He never bothered anybody. He was one of the most beautiful animals to look

Mark Hamann

As the turtle comes to the surface, the little tag will be attached to its back and it will get a signal, we can download that data from the internet and we can figure out the locations and where the turtle's

Yoshihide Suga

I believe dolphin fishing is one of Japan's traditional fishing industries and is carried out appropriately in accordance to the

Yoshinobu Nisaka

Dietary culture varies and it is the wisdom of civilization to mutually respect other standpoints unless the world faces a lack of

Alexandra Troi

The aim of the 3Encult project is to produce guidelines and solutions on how we can upgrade historic buildings in an energy efficient way bringing together teams of technicians, conservation experts and city planners. The idea is to find the best solution to answer the special requirements of an historic

Romualdo Pacheco Paz

There's no deforestation here because the community has a forestry culture, which means we care about forest conservation and we do it in a controlled way, because the forest is a treasure to us, it's a source of

Hisham Kandil

What I'm saying is that the EU are doing a lot, and they can do more in providing support to the countries of the Nile basin and North Africa in terms of capacity building and technical support to improve water efficiency and water

Lawrence Williams

One of the things we set up is something called the Ballabu Conservation Project which is an 85 square kilometre area that surrounds Makasutu. And within that, we have a new project 'wide open walls', which is a community-based street art project. So for the last three years I've been bringing artists from all over the world to paint in the local communities. We paint on people's houses and the plan is to hopefully start bringing tourists into the area where they will pay to come in and see the art on the walls. And that would be a direct income for the local

Bernadette Ségol

Yes, it can help. We believe that these economies are in great trouble and that trade could help them to find solutions, but trade is not going to build democracy in these countries. You need a lot more than trade to build these democracies. So trade, yes, for building these economies, but it is not the final word to have sustainable development

José Sócrates

Between 2000 and 2007, we haven't had a politically structured and institutional dialogue with Africa. That can't continue. Europe has already decided to hold a summit with Africa during the Portuguese presidency. Because there are many unanswered questions that need to be addressed: questions of development, matters relating to migration, but also relating to endemic diseases, the fight against poverty and questions about sustainable

Claire Munck

They are investing in cosmetics, in sustainable development, in industry, in agriculture, so it's really

Maria de Belem Roseira

It's evident that we consider the market economy important, but this means a market economy that is socially regulated, and which pays attention to sustainable development. We can't live with an economy that preys on people and natural

Wen Jiabao

We should speed up enhancing our industry, push for energy conservation and build an ecological

Giovanni Magi

Food verification is regulated by the European institutions, and there are national agencies that perform research and analysis on products, conservation and production

François Fillon

I would like to indicate that the decisions we are going to take regarding sustainable development have to be better coordinated with all European countries, so as not to widen our gap in competitiveness with our neighbour

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