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Andrew Wilder
How the Trump administration can move from a policy of avoiding failure to one of achieving success.feedback
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NEW Apr 27 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Taliban. 238 people are quoted and you can read 409 citations of them about Taliban. John Kerry, Asif Ali Zardari, Hamid Rahimi and Barack Obama, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. John Kerry said: “The Taliban and their allies cannot wait us out ... We will not abandon our Afghan friends.”.
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Akhtar Mohammed

Before the ban, one motorcycle was enough for a small family, but now each family has to buy two or three bikes.feedback

Bismillah Khan

It has become part of life here. Without a motorcycle, you are like a prisoner.feedback

Bismillah Khan

It's a bit difficult for us now to take a second person – the police stop you and give you a hard time.feedback

Mohammad Nateqi

First, people are concerned now about how Americans view Afghanistan, and whether or not they will change their minds about supporting us. The relationship between Afghanistan, the United States, and NATO has been very strong. But if there are bad relations between Iran, the United States, and Russia, it will be very dangerous for us.feedback

Gul Ahmad Azami

We are worried that Afghanistan will become another Syria, with world powers confronting each other here.feedback

Mohammad Akram Arefi

Iran is worried that with American troops in Afghanistan, the two militaries will end up confronting each other. Iran also wants to revive its power in the region, by having influence over Afghanistan. And with America here, they can't have the type of influence they want.feedback

John Sopko

We hear story after story of commanders who steal the fuel, sell it to the Taliban, who take the weapons we – you – pay for and sell it to the Taliban. The irony of it is, the terrorists are at the end of our supply chain.feedback

Mohammad Humayon Qayoumi

Afghanistan has always been interested in the U.S. investing in many areas, specifically the mining area. Within mining, there are some areas that are strategic materials such as lithium. There was a quite good matter of interest from President Trump's administration.feedback

Omara Khan Masoudi

I'm very happy to see the president pay attention to the reconstruction of this palace. It's really important. The media now is celebrating this as the land of terrorism, Al Qaeda and Taliban. This is something different.feedback

Hassan Abu Haniyeh

The Taliban, Ansar al-Sharia, ISIS and other movements don't need to prove if they have a good way of ruling.feedback

Mohammed Sadiq

Last night, Afghan forces, along with foreign forces, raided the clinic around 11:30 p.m., and arrested some 40 to 50 villagers, and took them to the desert, and only left women and children in the houses. They put explosives over the clinic and detonated it, and the mud house next to the clinic collapsed. The only person who survived is the son who had gone to Herat province for work.feedback

Bill Salvin

We have seen the reports of civilian casualties in southern Helmand last night. We take all allegations of civilian casualties seriously, and we will convene an inquiry into this allegation.feedback

Omar Zwak

They set up explosives to detonate the cache, and it damaged the house where the civilians were staying.feedback

Nawaz Sharif

It is our responsibility to continue the war against terrorists. The network of terrorists has already been broken and it is our national duty to continue this war until the complete annihilation of the scourge of terrorism from our soil.feedback

Zabihulhah Mujahid

We have no problem with the United Arab Emirates. And there is no reason that someone who is helping, particularly an Islamic country, should come under attack.feedback

Abdul Raziq

We might have been the target, but Quetta was told the Emiratis were going to be present. There is no doubt that Pakistan and the Taliban have good relations with the Emiratis. But we have proof that it was done – planned by Pakistan and handled by the Taliban.feedback

Mohammed Yousuf Yousufi

The chandelier dropped from the ceiling, and the room immediately caught fire – it was dark, and there was smoke, and fire.feedback

Alexander Blackman

When you are facing on a daily basis people trying to kill you, you inject humour as a coping mechanism as otherwise I would say things would be very dark.feedback

Neil Greenberg

There isn't any such thing as a Rambo-type, Arnold Schwarzenegger soldier who can face all sorts of stressors and appear to be invulnerable. That sort of person only exists in the cinema.feedback

Jonathan Goldberg

We have turned the page on that chapter as a nation. What good will it do to keep him – the last casualty – in prison? The incarceration of almost three and a half years, which he has already served, is already too much for his crime.feedback

Jonathan Goldberg

It is that the vast majority of right-thinking ordinary men and women in this country recognise that our way of life and our values and even perhaps our civilisation is today under threat as rarely before by dark forces, and that it is the courage and sacrifice of men like Marine A [his anonymised codename during his original court martial] without whom we would all be at the mercy of the new barbarians.feedback

Dawood Moradian

There is an emerging Taliban Axis comprising of Pakistan, China, Russia, and Iran. They are united in two things: evicting US from Afghanistan and combating Daesh.feedback

Hashim Alokozay

The district of Sangin was surrounded for 14 months by Taliban. The forces couldn't get reinforcements and supplies. So the government failed soldiers. They left the district. The Taliban will now be able to recruit more people into their ranks. So with the government leaving Sangin to Taliban... Lashkargah is surrounded.feedback

Omar Mohammed Amir Nessar

As long as the Talibs have a conflict with Isil, it would make sense for Russia to have contact with them. For one thing, there's no guarantee the weapons you supply will stay with the faction you give them to.feedback

William Patey

No one will want to inherit this crock of the proverbial. We just didn't have the stamina - we always rush to hand things over to the locals, which is very laudable, but we did it before the institutions had been build. But this kind of thing really takes 20 or 30 years.feedback

Kareem Amin

For 30 years, people only heard the opposition propaganda about us. We are not intransigent warlords. We want to unify and rebuild Afghanistan.feedback

Timor Sharan - The International Crisis Group

Hezb is very fragmented, and it's all about personal interests. We don't know whether these former commanders will unite around Hekmatyar or work against him. This is his last attempt to reach power, this time through elections.feedback

John Nicholson

This public legitimacy that Russia lends to the Taliban is not based on fact.feedback

Bill Salvin

This move to a new district center had been planned for some time. The only thing they left to the Taliban is rubble and dirt.feedback

Curtis Scaparrotti

NATO and the United States, in my view, must win in Afghanistan.feedback

Matthew Harrelson

It was easy to connect Goodyear and innovation. And then 'Spirit' just seemed to make the name flow better.feedback

Eddie Ogden

Because a Goodyear Semirigid Dirigible doesn't roll off the tongue. There were a couple tears because they've been working with blimps for so long.feedback

Mirdad Nejrabi

No one is above the law. Being a member of Parliament does not mean one has immunity to do whatever he or she can to disrupt law and order.feedback

Alexander Blackman

There you are. Shuffle off this mortal coil, you c*** . . . It's nothing you wouldn't do to us. Obviously this doesn't go anywhere fellas. I've just broken the Geneva Convention.feedback

Jeanne Shaheen

This is a matter of life and death for interpreters and other support staff. As we speak, many of them are being hunted down by the Taliban and other terrorists. We have a moral obligation to protect the thousands of Afghans who put themselves, and their families, at risk to help our soldiers and diplomats. To abandon them now would be a stain on our nation's honor. There's no excuse for Congress to not act in a bipartisan way to approve these additional visas as it has done in the past.feedback

Jeanne Shaheen

It's imperative that Congress act quickly to approve more visas. This is a matter of life and death for interpreters and other support staff. As we speak, many of them are being hunted down by the Taliban and other terrorists.feedback

Khalida Popal

If the haters couldn't stop me, Trump can't. Sometimes I still have nightmares, . Those men are standing and looking at me and laughing or there is the fear that they will rape me. If those people inside my country, those haters, couldn't stop me, Donald Trump or [even] a hundred Trumps will never stop me.feedback

Khalida Popal

Even when I was sick in the asylum centre I saw women who had worse situations than me and I wanted to save them. I was taking them out for walks and I had a football and told them: 'Just kick the ball.' They would be running after the ball, kicking it with bare legs and sandals.feedback

Khalida Popal

I was not the woman I used to be. I said to myself so many times, I didn't risk my life to end up in an asylum centre in Denmark; it was not the goal. I felt like a bird in a cage. I was very depressed. I stopped talking to anyone, I had those dreams where someone is coming, I was dreaming that they sent me back. I missed my team – those girls I could hear their voices calling my name and laughing. It was really tough for me.feedback

Khalida Popal

I think pay should be equal for male and female players. That is what I told the president. I looked into his eyes and said: 'Whenever you take a decision think about the father who has a son and a daughter when he is out shopping for his kids. He always wants to buy the same-value thing for both of them because he knows otherwise there will be a fight at home. Think like a father.' He was laughing and said: 'Yes, I will do that.feedback

Khalida Popal

My problem was not the Taliban with the gun, it was also the Taliban with the tie, the suit and the boots, people with the mentality of the Taliban who were against women and their voice.feedback

Massood Sanjer

People trust us. They see us as a source of help and pressure. I get 1,000 calls a day and I have a database of 10,000 phone numbers. We get answers, and we change people's lives. We need a Trump who will seal the border completely.feedback

Massood Sanjer

There are so many shocking stories. You can be killed for love in Afghanistan. We are much better today than during the Taliban, but some things make me hopeless. In some ways we are still back where we were then.feedback

Massood Sanjer

You can always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I don't feel scared to walk down the street. The country needs us.feedback

Malala Yousafzai

I have applied to study PPE so for the next three years I will be studying that. But other than that I want to stay focussed on my Malala Fund work.feedback

Mohammad Nabi

It was a nightmare situation, because those who came had white uniforms on, I mean the uniform of a doctor. Nobody can imagine a doctor with a Kalashnikov who opens fire. It is very strange to see people in white uniforms kill people. They killed our patients in their beds and they killed our doctors.feedback

Vanda Felbab-Brown - The Brookings Institution

We still haven't heard a peep from the Trump administration for what its plans or ambitions or intentions are for Afghanistan. This current levels he cannot break the stalemate. So far no word, no focus, no indication of any kind from the White House.feedback

Theo Farrell

While disturbing, [Wednesday's attack] should not be mistaken for the rise in ISIS. All the evidence suggests that [ISIS has] been contained in Kandahar. And while there are ISIS cells in other parts of Afghanistan, the country is very hostile ground for them.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

All women must unanimously stand against such acts. A hospital is a place that is considered immune in any law, any religion and sect. Attacking a hospital is an attack against the entire people of Afghanistan and against all the women of Afghanistan.feedback

Ali Rizvi

You can't sanitize scripture. I think fundamentalists have a more honest approach. … They're more consistent. The reason that anti-Muslim bigotry exists is not because people like me are talking about what we're talking about. It's because there are millions of people watching their TV screens and they're seeing a guy drive a truck into a crowd in Nice, screaming 'Allahu Akbar,' or they see the Taliban go into a school in Peshawar and kill 132 kids, screaming 'Allahu Akbar' and quoting from the Quran, and they look at this and they just put the dots together.feedback

Sayed Zaffer Shah

Hundreds of Pashtuns are being arrested and harassed in the name of terrorism. We never said all Punjabis are terrorists, though Punjabi Taliban were involved in bombings. This discrimination will only spread hatred.feedback

Najib Danish

Right now, police forces have started a clearing up operation inside the police compound.feedback

Abdul Nasir Ziaee

Two terrorists entered a building. One blew himself up and the second was shot by Afghan security forces.feedback

Mohammad Shah Baz

I escaped towards the canteen and climbed the wall to save my life. But there were many people dead and injured.feedback

Saira Ali

If my visa had not been rejected, I wouldn't have seen Pakistan.feedback

Mohammad Ashfaq

As soon as I entered the shrine, I heard a dreadful sound. The first thought that came to my mind was that this could not be a bomb blast but then the next thought that came to my mind was that we were dead. It was like doomsday.feedback

Nawaz Sharif

Each drop of [the] nation's blood shall be revenged, and revenged immediately. No more restraint for anyone.feedback

Ali Hussain

I wish I could have been here and died in the blast last night. No one bothered to secure this place.feedback

Aziz Hakimi

These groups are all very similar, but are entirely separate forces. The Taliban is a local force limited to within Afghanistan while ISIL thinks bigger, of a Great Muslim Caliphate, and its Afghan branch is an integral part of this new global Islamic adventure.feedback

Sameer Ahmad

We just couldn't understand what happened,' Tufail Nabi told local Geo News TV. It was as if some big building collapsed.feedback

Dejan Panic

It makes us fear for the future of our operations, because all of the serious aid organisations operate without armed guards, and we can be easy targets in this changing environment.feedback

Khalid Fahim

There is no doubt that our operations are increasingly affected by increased insecurity. The practices on the ground often conflict with what leaders say at the high levels. What facilitates access is acceptance and impartiality. We are there for the people of Afghanistan. If people want us, then they facilitate the access.feedback

Christine Monaghan

In areas where ISIS has tried to expand its influence, residents are often caught between the Taliban, government forces, and ISIS in a back-and-forth.feedback

John Nicholson

These contributions could come from our allies as well as the United States. We have identified the requirement and the desire to advise below the core level so these additional forces would enable us to thicken our advisory effort across the Afghan ministries and do more advising below the core level.feedback

Dad Khuda

Unfortunately, several people were killed and wounded.feedback

Stephane Dujarric - United Nations

Those behind today's bombing and other such despicable acts must face justice.feedback

Haidary Mohammad

I've been through a lot of firefights and ambushes and stuff like that in Afghanistan. The Taliban look for the guys who work with Americans, and I was one of the guys. There's two friends of mine still working in the north of Afghanistan with the Special Forces. Their paperwork is nearly done, one already got his visa, and they're still hoping to come.feedback

Matt Zeller

Not only is this executive order a death sentence for Iraqis and Afghans who have served faithfully alongside U.S. troops, but it feels like a death sentence for our service members who are in the Middle East. I'm only alive because my Afghan Muslim translator saved my life by killing two Taliban fighters who were about to kill me in battle.feedback

Ali Sufyan

That was our combined work with Shahryar group of Mahsud Taliban.feedback

John Nicholson

On this occasion the Taliban chose to hide amongst civilians and then attacked Afghan and U.S. forces. I wish to assure President [Ahsraf] Ghani and the people of Afghanistan that we will take all possible measures to protect Afghan civilians.feedback

Toryalia Kakar

More than 50 people, including women and children, were killed in the Afghan and U.S. forces' attack in Buz-e Kandahari.feedback

John Nicholson

Regardless of the circumstances, I deeply regret the loss of innocent lives. On this occasion the Taliban chose to hide amongst civilians and then attacked Afghan and U.S. forces. I wish to assure President (Ashraf) Ghani and the people of Afghanistan that we will take all possible measures to protect Afghan civilians. We will continue to assist the Afghan security forces in their efforts to defend their country.feedback

Timothy Weeks

They are being held there illegally and the Taliban has asked for them to be released in our exchange. If they are not exchanged for us then we will be killed.feedback

Timothy Weeks

Donald Trump sir, please, I ask you, please, this is in your hands, I ask you please to negotiate with the Taliban. If you do not negotiate with them, we will be killed.feedback

Roger Turner

We're viewing this as a high-risk mission...We're not in any way viewing this as a noncombat mission, or something to take lightly.feedback

Maria V. Zakharova

(The three countries) expressed particular concern about the rising activity in the country of extremist groups including the Afghan branch of ISIS.feedback

Ahmad Shekib Mostaghni

Discussion about the situation in Afghanistan, even if well-intentioned, in the absence of Afghans cannot help the real situation and also raises serious questions about the purpose of such meetings.feedback

Jack Reed

The ability to negotiate, the ability to assure they will go ahead and deliver on their part of the bargain, if there is a bargain, is a practical constraint. But we all should be concerned. It's despicable what they've suffered. It is heart-rendering. And it also indicates how despicable the Taliban and the Haqqani network ... are.feedback

John Kirby

It's obviously reprehensible to hold them in the first place, let's put that aside, they need to be released period. But to include children in the video is specifically despicable. We want to see them all safely returned and I can assure you that this administration will continue to work very, very hard to see that outcome.feedback

Caitlan Coleman

We understand both sides hate us, and are content to leave us and our two surviving children in these problems. But we can only ask and pray that somebody will recognise the atrocities these men carry out against us as so-called retaliation, in their ingratitude and hypocrisy.feedback

Javid Faisal

The Taliban never protects projects, and it isn't their job. There is no stake for a terrorist group in the [national] projects.feedback

Robert Crews

Taliban spokesmen have been presenting the movement as a competent, development-oriented government-in-waiting, one that can advance the welfare of the Afghan people more efficiently than the current Afghan government.feedback

Ash Carter

The United States presence and continued support to Afghan forces and strategic partnership with the government of Afghanistan demonstrates to the world that America is and will remain committed to a sovereign and secure Afghanistan.feedback

Peter Cook

In his meetings with senior Afghan officials, the secretary will discuss the growing capabilities and resilience demonstrated by Afghan security forces in recent months. He will also discuss ongoing efforts to continue building Afghan combat capacity including aviation.feedback

Abdul Rahman Mangal

He wanted to spend his holiday at home but was captured on Thursday by local Taliban and they hanged him in public. As soon as we got information, we tried to help him but the Taliban hanged him immediately.feedback

Zabihulhah Mujahid

Once we finish our investigation and fact-finding, we will share the details.feedback

Stephen Vladeck

More than any other criminal prosecution that we have seen since 9/11, this case really gets at some of the awkward legal problems that arise from applying ordinary criminal law on a battlefield.feedback

Jens David Ohlin

I would be very surprised if he could get any traction on this legal argument at all.feedback

Jordan Paust

You know what this guy was accused of? Things that soldiers do in war.feedback

Wahid Sediqqi

After this attack, American forces have agreed to share that information about their Afghan workers with us.feedback

Wahid Sediqqi

He was a former Taliban ... working inside the base for a long time, gained their trust, and based on that trust he carried out this attack.feedback

Ash Carter

For those who carried out this attack, my message is simple: We will not be deterred in our mission to protect our homeland and help Afghanistan secure its own future.feedback

Maheullah Noori

Gold, emeralds, rubies, and amethyst are all illegally mined by local militiamen and the Taliban who profit by hundreds of millions of afghanis monthly.feedback

Gul Mohammad Bedar

These mines are created by our Allah for us to dig and feed our families and it is not the property of the government or others.feedback

Abdullah Naji

The local people invited them back because it is good business.feedback

Gul Mohammad Bedar

The Taliban provide protection for the villagers to mine and the people are happy to do it despite the fact that there's a presidential decree banning any uncontrolled mining.feedback

Ash Carter

Some of our Afghan partners also died. Our service members were doing their part to help the Afghans secure their own country while protecting our homeland from those who would do us harm. On this difficult day, please keep their families, friends and teammates in your thoughts and prayers. We will honor their sacrifice by finishing our important mission in Afghanistan.feedback

John Nicholson

On behalf of all of U.S. Forces - Afghanistan, today's loss is heartbreaking and we offer our deepest condolences to the families and friends of our service members who lost their lives today. Our wounded soldiers are receiving the best medical care possible and we are keeping them and their families in our thoughts today, as well.feedback

Sayed Zia Hussaini

We selected the engineers by only considering their expertise and experience. It was a transparent process and women engineers went through the same selection process as their male counterparts.feedback

Zahra Jafari

Our participation in this important project breaks the taboo that considers women to be too weak to work on construction projects. It's a huge responsibility on each and every one of us. We strive for excellence and work hard to achieve success beyond expectation. And we want to prove that women are capable of implementing national projects.feedback

Shahshad Khan

FIA along with security forces came, entered her house, searched all belongings and took important papers including $2,800.feedback

Abdul Hai Khateby

The locals were so angry and they were throwing stones toward the governor's building.feedback

Abdul Hai Khateby

The group is former Taliban who just a year ago announced their support to their Islamic State group and changed their white flag to black.feedback

Charles Cleveland

The increase in strikes is due to the additional authorities U.S. forces received and due to the Afghan change in strategy to offensive operations. The new authorities have allowed the U.S. to be more proactive and deliberate in supporting this year's Afghan offensive operations and in aggressively targeting (Islamic State).feedback

Kiley Dougherty

Coalition air power degrades the enemies capability, denies their sanctuary and eliminates their ability to take or hold territory.feedback

Ali Youssafzai

I am staying here in France because I will seek asylum and I didn't go to the UK. Because I have many issues to leave my country. It's about the Taliban, I have a problem, so I leave my country. It's difficult for me but I will survive.feedback

Yury Fedotov - United Nations

The new report shows a worrying reversal in efforts to combat the persistent problem of illicit drugs and their impact on development, health and security.feedback

Zabihulhah Mujahid

The delegation was sent to discuss some major issues with Pakistani leadership including the arrests of Afghan refugees and their repatriation to Afghanistan.feedback

Tadamichi Yamamoto - United Nations

Increased fighting in densely populated areas makes it imperative for parties to take immediate steps to ensure all feasible precautions are being taken to spare civilians from harm.feedback

Charles Cleveland

Helmand continues to be the Taliban's main effort. So they commit a lot of effort and a lot of capability into Helmand.feedback

Sarfaraz Bugti

It is not possible for us to predict who among the refugees will become the president of Afghanistan or the leader of the Taliban.feedback

Hafiz Abdul Majeed

Once he became Emir, he left with his whole family. You can't teach religion and run [the Taliban's] government at the same time. And it would of course have been dangerous for us and the students and the mosque if he remained here.feedback

Hafiz Abdul Majeed

We are sad that he is gone because he was a great teacher and a great asset for this mosque.feedback

Abdul Sattar Shah Chishti

Akhundzada lived for many years in Kuchlak. I met him many times. He used to come to Quetta often.feedback

Dawlat Waziri

An Afghan army helicopter crashed in northern Baghlan province due to some technical problem.feedback

John Kerry

This a model for what might be possible ... I think the message from every person here would be to the Taliban: take note.feedback

John Kerry

There are several countries that actually can help come together, and I urge Russia, China, Pakistan, India and Iran to think about the special role that they could play in this region in order to make a major difference ... in reaching peace with the Taliban.feedback

John Kerry

There is a path forward towards an honourable end to the conflict that the Taliban have waged – it is a conflict that cannot and will not be won on the battlefield. A political settlement negotiated with the Afghan government is the only way to end the fighting, ensure lasting stability, and achieve a full drawdown ultimately of international military forces, which is their goal.feedback

John Kerry

Their goal of ridding Afghanistan of external forces will not occur by ... the continued insurgency, it will come though peace.feedback

John Kerry

The Taliban and their allies cannot wait us out ... We will not abandon our Afghan friends.feedback

John Kerry

In return for keeping these commitments, Hekmatyar's group will be able to emerge from the shadows to rejoin Afghan society.feedback

Dawlat Waziri

I totally reject claims that the Taliban have taken over Kunduz city.feedback

Mohammad Yusouf Ayubi

Intense fighting is going on right now at the governor's compound and the NDS (intelligence agency) office.feedback

Zabihulhah Mujahid

A massive operation started on Kunduz capital from four directions early this morning.feedback

Charles Cleveland

At this point, we are not observing evidence via our internal means to support the reports that Kunduz is under significant attack.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

Now is the time for the Taliban and other groups to decide whether they want to continue the war, or participate in peace talks.feedback

Khalil Zadran

When any woman or girl commits an act that is considered a crime, the governor or police commander calls me and says 'we don't have any prisons for women here, so if possible, keep her at your place'. Then I provide a safe location for the women and keep them until their time is served.feedback

Bibi Hawa

The situation is settled in a way in which it is, once again, women who are losing. The main challenge for women in Paktika is not having a prison and a safe house upon their release.feedback

Timor Sharan - The International Crisis Group

(Hekmatyar's) arrival is likely to intensify tensions within an already fragile state by opening up historical grievances among different factions and strongmen. The key question is whether some of these rival leaders are ready to give up a piece of a pie to their arch enemy.feedback

Naveed Akbar

The suicide bomber was in a crowded mosque, he shouted 'Allahu akbar' (God is greatest) and then there was a huge blast. A portion of the mosque and verandah collapsed in the blast and fell on worshippers. We are still retrieving bodies and the injured from the rubble of the mosque.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

There is hope that, God willing, the agreement will be finalised soon and we will witness a major step towards the creation of peace environment and end of fighting.feedback

Mohammed Nayab

This morning was very bad, but the security situation is better now. This morning the circle of fighting was a kilometer or so from the main bazaar. The government and (officials) were all escaping to the airport and trying to get out to Kandahar.feedback

John Kirby

I would tell you that the video is still being examined for its validity. We remain concerned, obviously, about the welfare of Caitlan and her family, and we continue to urge for their immediate release on humanitarian grounds.feedback

Bruce Riedel - The Brookings Institution

Congress is no longer willing to fund a state that supports the Afghan Taliban, which is killing American soldiers.feedback

Karim Atal

If we don't receive support from the central government, the province will collapse soon.feedback

Muhammad Amir Rana

The claim of responsibility by Jamaat-ur-Ahrar is more credible.feedback

Abdul Majeed Akhonzada

That's why they attack at night, and that's why they can see our men but our men can't see them. This new group is so effective that only four Taliban captured a police compound where more than 20 soldiers were living.feedback

Asim Bajwa

They are being looked after, being provided tea, food, everything. We are in touch with the Pakistani officials. We conveyed to them that they are in safe hands.feedback

Asim Bajwa

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani assured all possible assistance in this regard.feedback

Nawaz Sharif

Formal and informal channels are being used to ensure safe recovery of the entire crew.feedback

Jawad Rezayee

We have lost many of our family and friends here, We have come here to bury our martyred and name the hill the martyred hill.feedback

Tadamichi Yamamoto - United Nations

Every civilian casualty represents a failure of commitment and should be a call to action for parties to the conflict to take meaningful, concrete steps to reduce civilians' suffering and increase protection.feedback

Barack Obama

As President and Commander in Chief, I've made it clear that I will not allow Afghanistan to be used as a safe haven for terrorists to attack our nation again. The narrow missions assigned to our forces will not change. They remain focused on supporting Afghan forces and going after terrorists.feedback

James Dobbins

We went into Afghanistan to make it more peaceful, and so far we haven't succeeded.feedback

John Sopko

The bottom line is too much has been wasted in Afghanistan. Too much money was spent in too small a country with too little oversight. And if the security situation continues to deteriorate, even areas where money was spent wisely and gains were made, could be jeopardized.feedback

Nesar Ahmad Abdul Rahimzai

The initial reports found five civilians were killed and 19 others wounded in Sunday morning's attack on Logar provincial Appeal Court office building.feedback

Thomas Ruttig

It was much quicker than most people expected, including myself. It shows that the Taliban are keen not to have a new conflict.feedback

Bruce Riedel - The Brookings Institution

Prospects for the Afghan peace process remain poor. The Taliban leadership including the new commander Mullah Akhundzada believe military victory is only a matter of time.feedback

Sayed Zafar Hashemi

Latest developments offer Taliban groups opportunity to end violence and resume peaceful life; else they will face the fate of their leadership.feedback

Nicholas Haysom

Attacks against judicial authorities are cowardly and contrary to international humanitarian law. the mission urges "authorities to do everything in their power to ensure adequate protection of judicial officials.feedback

Chaudhry Nisar Khan

You could not see a spot of paint ... that's how bad it was hit. How was a passport lying just a few yards away? So first we have to establish that, whether he was actually using it.feedback

Bill Roggio

These guys don't retire. Their retirement is death. They say in their propaganda their goal is to die fighting, and they do. And then they're replaced.feedback

Mullah Akhtar Mansour

Fighting may well pick up in some parts of the country after the killing of the Taliban leader, with suicide and bomb attacks (used) as a means of downplaying the importance of losing their leader.feedback

John Kerry

We have had longstanding conversations with Pakistan and Afghanistan about this objective with respect to Mullah Mansour, and both countries' leaders were notified of the air strike. Mullah Mansour, as I said a moment ago, has been actively involved in planning attacks in Kabul, across Afghanistan, presenting a threat to Afghan civilians and to the coalition forces that are there.feedback

John Kerry

Peace is what we want. Mansour was a threat to that effort. He also was directly opposed to peace negotiations and to the reconciliation process. It is time for Afghans to stop fighting and to start building a real future together.feedback

Thomas Ruttig

Haqqani ... as a non-Kandahari and as someone who is unfamiliar with the insurgency landscape beyond Loya Paktia, would likely struggle to gain the support of the powerful southern Taliban commanders who still dominate.feedback

John Kerry

This action sends a clear message to the world that we will continue to stand with our Afghan partners as they look to build a more stable, united, secure and prosperous Afghanistan. The United States has long maintained that an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned reconciliation process is the shortest way to achieve peace and peace is what we want. Mansour was a threat to that effort and to bringing an end to the violence.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

With the killing of Mullah Mansoor, those groups of the Taliban get a chance to stop the bloodshed and fighting, come to their own country from foreigner's soil and join the peace process.feedback

Ahmed Chaudhry

We believe that there should be effective action by Afghan national security forces to ensure that there are no military gains by the Taliban. [The Taliban] need to realise that they would have more to gain on the table than they can do on the battlefield. Pakistan was doing all it could to bring the insurgents to the negotiating table.feedback

Richard Ojeda

I've dealt with the Taliban and al Qaeda. I'm not scared of some ignorant, uneducated, a-------.feedback

Michael Kugelman

There's no one sole source of the Haqqani network's strength, though three places you can point to are its personnel, its links to Pakistan, and its ties to the Gulf region.feedback

Michael Kugelman

I can't imagine the Afghans would be able to take on the Haqqanis themselves. I'm not sure they'd be able to take them on even with assistance from foreign combat forces.feedback

Islam Karimov

Russia has and always had its vital interests in this region. We believe that attempts to resolve this (Afghan) issue without Russia are unreasoned and precipitous.feedback

Islam Karimov

There is a serious and a real threat of instability spilling over into neighbouring countries and regions.feedback

Dawa Khan Menapal

We have made our decision and the decision was announced by the president today. Now it is Pakistan's turn to fulfill their promise according the decision of the four nations meetings.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

But we want Pakistan to fulfil its promises ... and take military action against their sanctuaries and leadership based on its soil. If they can't target them, they should hand them over to our judiciary. If we do not see a change, despite our sincere efforts for regional cooperation, we will be forced to turn to the UN Security Council and start serious diplomatic efforts.feedback

Zabihulhah Mujahid

The nation is not blind, people understand who the slave is and who works for the interest of others.feedback

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

We've seen that there have been attempts with the Taliban to negotiate with them. Do you ever see a point where we could negotiate with the Islamic State (ISIL)?feedback

Dawlat Waziri

It was a crowded area and it is hard to say now how many of them were from the defense ministry.feedback

Ahmad Hakimi

The funds will help us to make national progress, particularly on poverty and women and … that is a solution to the problems that we are facing, that is conflict, violence, and, very importantly, migration.feedback

Fereshteh Karimi

We ask the international community and the European community to continue with their financial and moral support to the people of Afghanistan so that we can have a country with calm, peace and stability.feedback

Maria Sarsalari

The attack this week by the Taliban in Kunduz province showed that Afghanistan has a long road to achieving peace, it also reminded the international community once more that if government and civil bodies in Afghanistan are not supported enough, there may be the danger that the country may turn into another Iraq.feedback

Nawaz Sharif

I am here to reiterate the national determination to fight terrorism to eliminate it from our society. The fight is not over. In the last three years, the government and security agencies have reduced terrorist activities. We will follow the path of success, despite recent attempts.feedback

Rand Paul

The relationship between US and Pakistan has been a troubled one. Though the government of Pakistan is considered America's ally in the fight on terrorism, Pakistan's behaviour would suggest otherwise. While we give them billions of dollars in aid, we are simultaneously aware of their intelligence and military apparatus assisting the Afghan Taliban.feedback

Zamir Kabulov

We are urging the Taliban to do this and we hope that they (talks) will start as soon as possible to prevent the beginning of a new 'combat season.feedback

Mirza Khan Rahimi

The district is completely under the control of the government security forces, the enemy never took control of Sangin district.feedback

Hillary Clinton

I was the boss of ambassadors in 270 countries. I was the boss of ambassadors in places like Afghanistan, where shortly before I visited one time, the embassy had been under brutal assault by the Taliban for hours. I am very well aware of the dangers that are faced by our diplomats and our development professionals. There was never a recommendation from Chris Stevens or anyone else to close Benghazi.feedback

Joanne Liu

It's very important that somehow there is some clarity on what happened, and that as a community we reaffirm that we are upholding the Geneva Conventions. Otherwise, as a humanitarian aid actor, it won't be possible to continue to work.feedback

John Campbell

To be clear, the decision to provide aerial fire was a US decision made within the US chain of command. A hospital was mistakenly struck. We would never intentionally target a protected medical facility.feedback

James Orbinski

Silence has long been confused with neutrality… We are not sure that words can always save lives, but we know that silence can certainly kill.feedback

John Campbell

We have now learned that on October 3, Afghan forces advised that they were taking fire from enemy positions and asked for air support from US forces. An air strike was then called to eliminate the Taliban threat, and several civilians were accidentally struck.feedback

Josh Earnest

The scale of this tragedy is significant enough… So there are actually three different investigation ongoing. Each of these investigations will be aimed at trying to get as much accuracy as possible around the details of what transpired and the lead up to this tragedy.feedback

Mohammad Ali Ahmadi

Six armed men in military uniforms entered the prison. First they broke the lock of the prison's main entrance, then they shouted to the prisoners 'We are the Taliban. We have come to free you from this jail.feedback

Mohammed Ali Ahmadi

Roads to the prison were covered with land mines in advance to avoid reinforcement. An army vehicle coming for reinforcements was blown up by a roadside bomb while trying to reach the prison.feedback

Zabihullah Mujahid

Forty Afghan security forces and prison guards were killed in the prison break and important military mujahideen officials have been freed.feedback

Haroun Mir

For example, in eastern Nangahar, they were able to kick out Taliban from some of the districts. That is also a danger for the peace process, because I don't think that all Taliban would agree with the peace process. Some of the field commanders, they might refuse and they could become members of Daesh.feedback

Syed Abid Hussain

My mother was killed…but I am not afraid and I will get an education.feedback

Eric Tremblay - NATO

It is planned, anticipated, that right before election day, that there will be a surge of activity by the insurgents.feedback

Mohammad Amin Wahidi

The international community still has responsibilities in Afghanistan. Their responsibilities have not finished yet because there is still a war going on. We are asking not to be forgotten. We are still not standing on our own feet, even after the transition, and we need financial help.feedback

Robina Jalali

Before, we were scared of people, the opposition and the Taliban, but fortunately today we have our people beside us to stand up and fight against any obstacles ahead of us.feedback

Wolfgang Schneiderhan

In light of the results of the investigation, I have no reason to doubt that German soldiers acted appropriately in military terms given the difficult situation….feedback

Abdullah Abdullah

A lot of irregularities which have taken place should have been prevented and shouldn't have happened, so there are a lot of complaints about irregularities throughout the country. There are reports of rigging.feedback

Hamid Karzai

We say the same thing; Maybe we won't need a second round and Abdulla won.feedback

Hillary Clinton

We commit to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Pakistani people in your fight for peace and security. We will give you the help that you need, in order to achieve your goal.feedback

Robert Gates

We have always acknowledged that reconciliation has to be part of the solution ultimately in Afghanistan and we will do whatever we can to support that process.feedback

Richard Holbrooke

Everybody in Pakistan should examine whether they are making as much of a contribution as they could in this moment of need. But I understand from the comments that have been made that the Pakistanis are in fact examining ways to improve their revenue base.feedback

Shah Mehmood Qureshi

The Taliban issue was not discussed here. This was not on the agenda. What was on the agenda was the energy report. What was on the agenda is what we need to do in the water sector. What was on the agenda was how to build the capacity of the institutions.feedback

Mali Khan

They are focusing on the east of Afghanistan but they are spreading their activities into Kabul.feedback

Nicolas Sarkozy

The operation started ten years by Jospin and Chirac naturally has a fixed term. And this term isn't fixed by the Taliban. It's fixed by the conviction we all have, President Karzai included, that a country of 30-million inhabitants must be able to assure its own security and can not accept foreign military bases on its territory.feedback

Hamid Karzai

In view of the contradiction between acts and the statements made by the United States of America in regard to the peace process, the Afghan government suspended the negotiations.feedback

Jens Stoltenberg - NATO

They have a force of 350,000 soldiers and police. They are trained and they have received a lot of equipment… and we are still going to be there with the resolute support mission.feedback

George W. Bush

Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters, and drug traffickers and criminal elements and local war lords remain active and committed to destroying democracy in Afghanistan. Defeating them will require the full commitment of our alliance. For NATO to succeed, its commanders on the ground must have the resources and flexibility they need to do their jobs.feedback

Abdullah Abdullah

I think it is mainly the show of solidarity with mujahadeen in Afghanistan with those millions of people who fought during Jihad against the Soviet Union and also during resistance for liberation of Afghanistan against Taliban and Al Qaeda.feedback

Matthew Kelley - Stryker

Over the past 2 years, there's been a significant amount of development. It's really evident in seeing how many people are out in the street. They're walking around, going to markets, talking with the Afghan border police. And you can see, we probably have 3 or 4 more police trucks driving around here and doing their patrols. And that presence really sends the message to the people that it's safe, we're here to help protect you.feedback

Ghulam Hussain

We have our own national army and national police who can stand against any enemy like the Taliban, Pakistan and Iran.feedback

Nadir Nadiri

We are requesting both parties in this conflict, be it the Taliban, the international forces of the Afghan National forces that they make the protection of the civilians their prime concern and their prime objective.feedback

Hanif Atmar

The insurgents were using a compound, which at that point our forces didn't know whether it was occupied by the civilians.feedback

Ahsanullah Ahsan

We, the Tehreeke Taliban Pakistan, claim responsibility for what happened. We believe the Pakistani police and army are not for protecting Muslims, but their mission is to finish off the Mujahideen.feedback

Mohammad Yahya Johar

You must abstain from all these bad activities and not commit these activities in Pakistan.feedback

Golab Mangal

Once the military operation is over, very soon we will start the development programmes, providing jobs for people, reconstruction. Bringing the rule of law and the eradication of poppies are all included in our programmes.feedback

Piero Fassino

I hope there'll be a sense of responsibility. Nothing's changed about Italy's commitment in Afghanistan. I don't see why the centre-right should vote against it.feedback

Michael O'Hanlon - The Brookings Institution

I think there is a danger that the Taliban could take over Afghanistan and it's one of the reasons why the United States, together with other outside parties to this effort, is trying very hard to send messages that we intend to keep helping after 2014.feedback

Ziauddin Yousufzai

She also asked her mother: 'How are the two other girls, Shazia and Kainat?' She enquired about their health and she told me on the phone, please bring me my books of class nine and I will attend my examination in Swat, board examination.feedback

David Cameron

I am delighted that that rescue attempt has been successful. All four hostages are now safely back at the British Embassy in Kabul. None of our soldiers was injured. A number of Taliban and hostage-takers have been killed.feedback

Johnny Morris

All this was wired up to go pretty much at the same time, so if we came down this road instead of coming from the east it would have been real bad.feedback

Haroon Mir

In any insurgency like the current insurgency in Afghanistan, as long as the Taliban leadership remain in safe havens, in sanctuaries inside Pakistan, they receive financial, logistical support and they could freely move around Pakistan. It is very difficult to defeat this insurgency just by killing rank and file and low level Taliban fighters.feedback

Haroon Mir

The overall assessment shows that NATO has been unable to defeat the Taliban. Instead, they have regrouped and expanded their territory, intensifying attacks against NATO and the government.feedback

Faisal Ali

There was a blast, then there was a lot of gunfire. Gunmen were spraying bullets at everyone.feedback

Zuhra Alamyar

Every day there is more of this violence and these killings. We want the government to take serious action to stop it.feedback

Sima Samar

We want the government to take serious steps in this case of the killing of women, to bring the culprits to trial.feedback

John Thomas - International Security

Our initial indications were that there were about 30 insurgent fighters in the compound that we fired upon, if there were any civilians in the compound we regret the loss of life or injury, but we don't have a number of how many civilians there might be and we are trying to assess how civilians may have been killed, if they were, because at this point we have no indication how they may have died.feedback

Waheed Arshad

The operation is still in progress. As you are aware, in the afternoon, I had mentioned that clearance of the southern portion of the madrassa was in progress and during that clearance, in one of the basements, Abdul Rashid Ghazi and some of his men got killed.feedback

Abdullah Abdullah

We will not allow big fraud to decide the outcome of the elections, there is no doubt that the state crafted, very widespread engineered fraud has been under way.feedback

Nawaz Sharif

I assured President Karzai that Pakistan will continue to extend all possible facilitation (regarding Taliban peace talks), to the international community's efforts for the realisation of this noble goal. Pakistan would also help reinforce the regional efforts in support of stabilisation of Afghanistan.feedback

Greg Austin

In principle, Afghanisation is, of course, the only way to go. The people of Afghanistan have to be responsible, ultimately, for solving this war and bringing this country to peace. They rely on the support of the international community for that, but we have to be careful about the word 'Afghanisation' … it really covers a broad policy disposition.feedback

Condoleezza Rice

If you allow a failed state in that strategic of a location, you're going to pay for it. And I know that there's a sacrifice. And I know that it's hard work. And I know that there are times when it seems that things are not going in a straight line.feedback

Luc De Vos

If their essential stronghold is taken, they'll have to go elsewhere and reorganise themselves, and this will take time. I think this plays an important role, and obviously there is also the problem of the opium, which is also produced in this region.feedback

Luc De Vos

There are some people in the Arab world who hand over money because they think it's the right thing to do, or because they're scared of certain reactions. They pay to continue to have a normal life. So, there's a form of racketeering going on.feedback

Luc De Vos

At the end of the day it's a fight for the heart of the people, who have to choose between two systems. Neither one is perfect – that's the least we can say. But they have to choose the less bad one, and indirectly the less bad one for us, because we have to avoid Afghanistan becoming a sanctuary again.feedback

Deeba Shabnam

Especially for girls we were having a lot of problems because in their view (parents'view) education is not very important for girls, because in their own areas early marriages are very common. Children are married from when they are 9, 10 or 12, and education has no importance for them.feedback

Sania Gul

Parents were threatend by the Taliban. They didn't send their girls to school because otherwise it would have become a problem for them.feedback

Deeba Shabnam

They are exposed to a new environment, where they have opportunities for schooling, they have health education also. As long as they live in this camp they should know about the importance of education and they should be aware that when they go back they should struggle for their children's education and send their children to school.feedback

Monica Pinna

Between 2008 and 2010 over 4 million people fled the tribal areas in north west Pakistan because of internal conflicts and the war against terrorism. Some of the displaced people came to Jalozai camp, near Peshawar. Here, thousands of girls have started going to school for the first time.feedback

Javeed Kohestani

The pullout of 10,000 to 15,000 American troops from the south will definitely impact security in Afghanistan, because these troops are stationed near borders with Pakistan. If they leave, the insurgents will easily cross the border and infiltrate Afghanistan.feedback

David Miliband - International Rescue Committee

We now need to implement the agreement that was made in London yesterday. I think it is a very strong agreement about security, about governance, about economy and above all the political settlements Afghanistan needs.feedback

Martha Raddatz - ABC News

Well I think they know that this is a battle that is much more difficult. That Afghan society is rampant with rumours. Not only is this an horrific event, but you are probably going to have exaggeration, you are probably going to have the Taliban taking advantage of this and telling other villagers that this is what Americans are doing and that they might do it again. They are going to put the fear in as many villagers as they possibly can.feedback

Nadir Nadiri

These acts will undermine all the efforts to stabilise Afghanistan, it will also provide more tools for the insurgents to provoke people against the Afghan government and its international partners.feedback

Shagul Rezai

This kind of incident will have a negative impact and will create distrust between the people and coalition forces, and of course it will have negative impact on the ongoing negotiation, with regards to strategic partnerships.feedback

Ijaz-ul Haq

At this time, as far as we know, there are about 500 people hostage. The women have been separated from the children and locked up.feedback

Gordon Brown

I've come here to show solidarity with the Afghan people and to remind us all that the reason why 41 countries are in Afghanistan in support of the democracy of Afghanistan, is that we will not allow the Taliban or terrorists to defy the democratic will of the Afghan people.feedback

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

The independent Human Rights Commission has also documented distressing instances of civilian casualties resulting from the operation of international forces.feedback

Hamid Karzai

For those Afghans living in the Southern Province of Afghanistan who face murder and destruction at the hands of terrorists or even to those civilians who inadvertently fall victim to counter-terrorism operations, demand on justice is reduced to a bleak minimum.feedback

Robert Gates

I think it is important that we not let this success here in Afghanistan slip away from us and that we keep the initiative. There's no reason to sit back and let the Taliban regroup and threaten the progress that's been made.feedback

Sadaf Rahimi

My family has been threatened several times because we are three sisters in the boxing club, they asked my family why the three girls from one family are boxing. Boxing is a hard and difficult sport even for men that is why people are surprised and our family was threatened because of our choice.feedback

George W. Bush

I am confident with actionable intelligence we will be able to bring top al Qaeda to justice, constant communications with the Pakistan government. It is in their interest that foreign fighters be brought to justice.feedback

Syed Qaim Ali Shah

Our security forces confronted and killed them. They destroyed them. It is good that this operation was over in about four, five hours.feedback

Shahidullah Shahid

The senior leadership of the Taliban advises all subgroups to respect the Taliban's call for a ceasefire and abide by it and completely refrain from all jihadi activities in this time period.feedback

Imran Khan

The Taliban forced us to leave at gunpoint. They took us to the hills and left us there. We have come back voluntarily.feedback

Gordon Brown

We have put the Taliban on the defensive by the combined efforts of everyone. At the same time our strategy for the future is development, defence and diplomacy, all three working together.feedback

Stanley McChrystal

I think Americans and all our coalition partners need to understand that this will be difficult. I won't predict casualty numbers but I do believe that there will be a difficult struggle with the insurgency in the months ahead.feedback

Stanley McChrystal

We changed some of our structures and I believe we are on the way to convincing the Afghan people that we are here to protect them.feedback

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

We have not agreed to start handing over the lead, the conditions are not yet right. The Afghan security forces are not yet strong enough and I must also stress that transition when it happens does not mean NATO forces leave.feedback

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

It costs about 50 times more to support a NATO soldier in Afghanistan than it costs to support an Afghan soldier.feedback

Massimo D'Alema

We are not negotiating with the Taliban. There are humanitarian channels following this matter and I believe that, to achieve our aim, they must be allowed to act in the greatest discretion.feedback

Victoria Nuland

You don't negotiate a peace deal at the end of a war with your friends. We've seen in many other conflict situations that you have to have a political address if you are going to begin a political conversation.feedback

Mohammad Riaz

They went to see the flag ceremony at the Wagah border.feedback

Chuck Hagel

The President has constitutional responsibilities and constitutional authorities to protect American citizens and members of our armed forces. That's what he did. America does not leave its soldiers behind. We made the right decision, and we did it for the right reasons – to bring home one of our own people.feedback

Chuck Hagel

War is a dirty business. And we don't like to deal with those realities, but realities they are.feedback

Chuck Hagel

It was disturbing. It showed deterioration in his physical appearance and mental state compared to previous videos.feedback

David Wakefield

Our initial understanding of what happened yesterday appears to be an individual, a rogue who commited this. We are putting every effort, as you can imagine, into tracking this man down and those responsible for it.feedback

Gordon Brown

The death of five brave soldiers in a single incident is a terrible and tragic loss. And I want to pay tribute, as the whole house will, to their professionalism, courage and service.feedback

Ari Gaitanis - United Nations

It is unacceptable and they must come to an immediate halt. In terms of the UN's commitment to Afghanistan, this won't change. The UN here, of course, is committed. It has been for the past many decades now in Afghanistan and remains committed to helping Afghanistan on the path to peace and stability.feedback

Abdullah Abdullah

I'm concerned about the violence which is underway today, about security incidents but on the whole I'm very positive.feedback

Hamid Karzai

It's the second presidential and parliamentary elections in Afghanistan and I'm sure that, Inch Allah, this will be for peace, for progress and for the wellbeing of the Afghan people.feedback

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

We have seen Afghans defying threats of intimidation and violence to exercise their democratic rights and I would like to say that seen from a security point of view, the elections today have been a success, not least thanks to the efforts by the Afghan national security forces.feedback

Matt Bazeley

They've all left the area, what was their drugs capital and what was their IED centre has been abandoned by the Taliban and we are just opening this route and now we can press on and clear the whole area.feedback

Sayed Ansari

The Islamic Government of Afghanistan has confirmed the detentions of two foreigners by the intelligence service. We confirm it as well.feedback

Chaudhry Nisar Khan

The government of Pakistan does not see this drone attack as an attack on an individual, but as an attack on the peace process (…) the entire perspective of Pak-U.S. relations and cooperation is going to be reviewed.feedback