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Javid Faisal
Since the Afghanistan mission is predominantly seen from a military point-of-view in the U.S., I am assuming that it was meant to draw attention to other opportunities and facts that offer strategic and win-win prospects.feedback
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Aug 19 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Taliban. 302 people are quoted and you can read 509 citations of them about Taliban. Ashraf Ghani, John Kerry, Hamid Rahimi and Alexander Blackman, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Ashraf Ghani said: “Once again, these terrorist are attacking civilians and targeting government staff.”.
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Agha Lalai

He was very worried about his safety. He had a conversation with his family and he gave last instructions to educate his children, on his money, most of the talk was instructions in the case of his death.feedback

Abdul Raziq

He was a prime target for the Americans and the Afghan government. He was a terrorist.feedback

Abdul Raziq

There were reports that he may have wanted to escape. We knew one month before that Mansour was ready to make peace.feedback

Abdul Raziq

Ten days before he was killed he sent messages to villages and to commanders asking them to share their views on peace talks.feedback

Michael Kugelman

This is a struggling organisation that is trying to re-establish networks and membership after being hit hard on the battlefield in recent years. Women are a strategic demographic because they have the ability to exert influence over their sons. If women are converted to the militant cause, they can encourage their sons – or daughters for that matter – to join it as well.feedback

Sharif Aminyar

According to our credible information, 50 people have been killed.feedback

Zabihullah Mujahid

Ghazanfar is not Daesh – he is our commander in Sar-e-Pul, a very active commander, and he is under our command, our flag. He has allegiance with us.feedback

Sharif Aminyar

It was a joint Daesh and Taliban operation. The Taliban were led by Mullah Nader, and Daesh was led by Sher Mohammed Ghazanfar. Despite several demands for air support and the special forces, the demands were ignored by central government. They told us the air force was busy in other provinces.feedback

Attah Mohammed Noor

We may have to take control of administrative buildings and airports to put pressure on and paralyze the government. We were the ones, not Ghani, who helped the U.S. fight the Taliban. It is wrong that the U.S. should use us when they need us and then throw us away like empty Pepsi cans. They shouldn't support a group of five individuals against everyone else.feedback

Ghulam Mehdawi

The Taliban are saying, It wasn't us – it was Daesh that did it.feedback

Ghulam Mehdawi

This was a massacre – they executed 24 people at once, then they killed a woman and her husband near the mill, four people inside the mosque.feedback

Abdul Qadir

I lost my brother and father. Now I have to take care of three families – my father's family, my brother's family and my own family.feedback

H.R. McMaster

Fewer and fewer Americans understand what is at stake in the wars in which we are engaged. How many Americans could, for example, name the three main Taliban organizations we are fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan?feedback

Janan Agha

I heard loud explosion and then saw one of the armored vehicles in flames. Then the road was blocked and the helicopters arrived.feedback

Tadamichi Yamamoto - United Nations

This attack deliberately targeting civilians at prayer can have no justification whatsoever. Fanning terror and sectarian violence against a specific community is abhorrent, and those responsible must be brought to account.feedback

Zia Durani

The area is cordoned off by the coalition forces. We are not aware of their casualties.feedback

Juma Gul Hemat

In recent operations, we have inflicted heavy losses on them but their focus is to recruit fighters from this area. They are not only from Pakistan or former Taliban, there are fighters from other countries and other small groups have pledged their allegiance to them.feedback

Noor Nawaz Piawari

For the last two weeks, the Taliban have been attacking the northern districts of Kandahar and have killed many Afghan security forces.feedback

Shakeela Mangal

They have taken position in the mountains above the district center to strike on the Afghan forces, in case they plan to move ahead to retake the district.feedback

Mohammed Yousuf Younusi

The Taliban fooled the officials – they split into three groups, and launched simultaneous attacks. One group attacked Shah Wali Kot District, another attack Nish District, and a third group attacked this Afghan Army base which is not far from the district center. Things are really bad, and this is a shame.feedback

Donald J. Trump

We've been there for many years. We've been there for now close to 17 years, and I want to find out why we've been there for 17 years, how it's going, and what we should do in terms of additional ideas.feedback

Waheed Muzhda

You can bring any amount of explosives into the city if you have money. Corruption is the big problem. Any group, even a small group, can bring weapons, ammunition to anywhere in the city.feedback

Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi

The police are corrupt, the security people are corrupt and the people are against the government, all this together makes it easy for the Taliban.feedback

Ali Ahmed

I was in my shop when suddenly I heard a terrible sound and as a result all of my shop windows shattered.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

Once again, these terrorist are attacking civilians and targeting government staff.feedback

Shehbaz Sharif

No words can express the grief which grips my heart right now. [The] blast destroyed many families, but terrorists can never destroy our resolve.feedback

Haider Ashraf

We suspect that he (the suicide bomber) came on a motorcycle and he rammed it into a police checkpoint.feedback

Mohammed Rasool

Taliban gathered from four provinces to launch the offensive on Taiwara, and their numbers were between 1,500 and 3,000 people.feedback

Naser Khan

Tell the government, for God's sake, don't give up hundreds of people's sons for slaughter here. If they don't pay attention, hundred people will be lost here.feedback

Naser Khan

There is no water, no ammunition. We have nothing – it's only God and that's it. The Taliban are attacking us, firing mortars and heavy weapons, saying, Surrender or we will kill you all.feedback

Borhan Osman

Haibatullah is a cleric who has shown he is not much for the worldly business either, and he is trying to return to the earlier spiritual way of Mullah Omar's leadership.feedback

Sediq Sediqqi

They lied – it's part of propaganda. The Taliban leaders and their families are living in luxury in Pakistan and Qatar, and they incite others to kill Afghans in the name of jihad.feedback

Adam Stump - the Pentagon

This decision does not reduce the significance of the sacrifices that the Pakistani military has undertaken over previous years. We continue to be encouraged by Pakistan's operations in North Waziristan and elsewhere in the [federally administered tribal areas]. Pakistan's efforts have reduced the ability of some militant groups to use North Waziristan and the [tribal areas] as a safe haven for terrorism. However, the Taliban and the Haqqani Network continue to operate in other locations in Pakistan.feedback

Michael O'Hanlon - The Brookings Institution

I'm skeptical that the strategy can be dramatically improved. You can try to be tougher on Pakistan. You can try to make clear that we are there for a long-term commitment. But I don't expect a dramatic metamorphosis of this mission.feedback

Kamel Danesh

I didn't hear the blast. I was just knocked over. My mouth filled with dust. I tried to stand up but couldn't. I looked down and my leg was cut off at the bone. My hand was cut off.feedback

Allan Oshea

Everybody who's been here before me has a story – 'I did this, I did that.' With them it turned into an ego trip in a way. Yeah, you came here and you performed your mission. But now I am here to help the Afghans perform their mission.feedback

Matthew Reid

You carry that baggage with you – of the places we fought and sacrificed, and to see it rolled back. Dwelling on the past is just not useful, because we have a job to do going forward.feedback

Matthew Reid

It went back to what, I think, you could have reasonably predicted it would have – because, fundamentally, we weren't here long enough.feedback

Abdul Karim Attal

Over the past three days, a joint effort is underway to disrupt the momentum of the Taliban in Nawa District, because Nawa is becoming a growing threat for the capital of Helmand.feedback

Joe Dunford

Winning is getting major areas of the country under control, and working towards some kind of ceasefire with the Taliban. They will not negotiate unless they think they are losing.feedback

Nawaz Sharif

No Muslim can ever imagine to commit such horrific act. Such acts of terrorism will be dealt with full power of the state.feedback

Asif Ghafoor

Today's incidents are an effort to spoil the festive mood of Pakistani nation post-cricket victory and upcoming Eid.feedback

Charles Cleveland

The November attack spurred us to re-examine who is working on the base. We have made changes, not only based on force protection concerns, but we also took the opportunity to bring the number of contractors in line with the reduction of forces.feedback

Malik Abdul Jabbar

If they were inside the base, it would have been more secure for them, but Americans are not allowing Afghans inside the base.feedback

Mohammad Asif

Sometimes it makes one say, based on the principles of Islam, may God banish them from this land.feedback

Lal Muhammad Omarzay

We do not have any direct contacts with Mullah Rasoul's group, but we do not fight them either. They do not face us, and we do not face them either.feedback

Abdul Manan Niazi

The reason they targeted us with a car bomber is the Taliban are afraid of us, because we are enhancing our influence in Helmand and the people realize now the Taliban are getting financial support from Iran and Russia. They have lost touch with the grass roots.feedback

Abdul Manan Niazi

We have told the residents not to allow Taliban to stay in their villages, and if anyone is found giving shelter to the Taliban, their homes will be burned to ashes.feedback

Ajab Gul

Rasoul's group are supported by the government forces, they operate very freely in government controlled areas. They can come to the main town of Shindand and target people they dislike.feedback

Ali Sadaat

ISIS claimed responsibility, but we are not sure. It may be Taliban terrorists, it may be a fifth column in the government. There are too many questions unanswered, like how did these terrorists know about last night's program?feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

We are not winning in Afghanistan right now. And we will correct this as soon as possible. The Taliban had a good year last year, and they're trying to have a good one this year.feedback

Jennifer Solari

The government is not in any way suggesting the defendant has become a jihadist or that she is a Taliban sympathizer.feedback

Sayed Hamed Daqiq

It is really difficult to be optimistic for peace with the Taliban and other armed oppositions when Kabul has witnessed such a tragedy. With the current government leadership, it is nothing more than a dream.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

It is time to get serious . . . because our region is under threat. We want to talk with the Taliban, but it is not an open-ended opportunity. If the Taliban wants to join peace talks, the Afghan government will allow them to open an office, but this is their last chance.feedback

Afshan Jafar

Attacks aren't our fault, and we often suffer the most from them.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

Half of the body of a person standing less than two meters away from Dr. Abdullah ended up in one hospital, while the other half was taken to a different one.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

There are too many players running too many parallel tracks with too little clarity on who they are and what they represent. We also ask that you respect the integrity of an Afghan-owned and -led consolidated process and not set up separate tracks of your own.feedback

Rahila Jafari

Our brothers and sisters were martyred in the bloody attack on Wednesday, and our leaders are doing nothing to stop this carnage. We want justice, we want the perpetrators of the attack to be hanged to death.feedback

Abdul Hakim Mujahid

There are movements underway about peace and the making of a peace deal, but I am not hopeful about the current situation.feedback

Ghulam Sakhi

For God's sake, what is happening to this country? People leave home to fetch a loaf of bread for their children and later that evening, their dead body is sent back to the family.feedback

Mirwais Yasini

This is an inept government that cannot protect the people and must be dissolved. It is time for an interim government to be formed.feedback

Basir Mujahid

It was a car bomb near the German embassy, but there are several other important compounds and offices near there too. It is hard to say what the exact target is.feedback

Mohammad Haroon

I've never seen such a powerful explosion in my life. Business will be very bad, nobody will come for shopping anymore.feedback

Mohammad Moheq

The reason the Taliban resort to such acts is that they want to make sure their legitimacy is not questioned by the sermons of these ulema. The only thing that undermines their legitimacy is the ability and power of these ulema if they preach and argue against them. Only they can challenge the Taliban's ideology, not the liberal academics or others, and the Taliban understand that.feedback

Abdul Hafiz Mowahed

These are not new enemies. The Prophet Muhammad predicted that once the sword bleeds innocent blood, this blood will run until the Day of Judgment.feedback

Aziz Agha

I saw the Mawlawi lying on his back – when he saw me, he moved his lips to say something, but he couldn't.feedback

Jan Agha

When I come to work, the first thing I do is recite a verse of the Quran at his grave. Then I weep, and then I go to my office.feedback

Alexandra McClintock

I remember the sound that came out of me when I collapsed, I remember crawling into my fireplace.feedback

Jack Keane

The questions they have to ask are: Is that additional force decisive? Are we going to win? Can we force a political settlement? The reality is that the Taliban have the initiative. They have the momentum. They attack when they want, where they want, and the outcome is usually successful for them.feedback

Bismullah Afghanmal

Luckily, there are no human losses, but damage has been done to the properties of local people and governmental buildings.feedback

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

I am proud to be a part of this beautiful film with this timely and very important subject matter. Millions of girls around the world have to grow up before their time, working to provide for their families at a very young age and in difficult circumstances. They have the strength to do what no one should ask little girls to do. I hope this film is able to bring this discussion to a broader audience.feedback

Malay Khan

When I came outside, I saw all the children lying around – some of them had hands missing, some head, some feet.feedback

Tadamichi Yamamoto - United Nations

I was appalled to hear that an unexploded mortar round killed five boys from the same family yesterday. The children were playing outside their home and found the mortar round, likely fired during fighting earlier in the day. A family destroyed in seconds - this horror is just one of too many incidents documented at the onset of this fighting season.feedback

Malcolm Turnbull

We are certainly open to increasing our work there, but we've obviously got to look at the commitments of the ADF in other parts of the region and indeed in other parts of the world. But it is very important that we and our other allies in the effort in Afghanistan continue to work together to build up the capacity of Afghanistan's own security forces so that they can keep that country secure from the threat of terrorism, both ISIL (Isis) and of course the Taliban.feedback

Rod Nordland

Afghanistan would become a Taliban state again in a fairly short time, or at the very least the Taliban would reconquer large parts of the country. ISIS would probably roll back Iraqi forces from Mosul and might even threaten Baghdad again, and ISIS would be expanding rather than shrinking in Syria, as it is now. The Damascus regime would be less affected, since the American military role is only oriented against ISIS, and the regime is much more threatened by other opposition rebels than ISIS.feedback

Rod Nordland

I think both in Iraq and Afghanistan it's been the single biggest recruiting tool, death through airstrikes especially, for the Taliban and for Al Qaeda and its allied groups in Iraq. Airstrikes have almost never succeeded, especially against irregular forces, or with very limited objectives. I can think of one case where they succeeded, against Milosevic in Serbia, but even that is debatable, the Russians withdrew support.feedback

Alexander Blackman

I said, Don't ever say that to me again... my marriage vows are my marriage vows and I'm with you all the way. Like I say the likelihood of me ever finding myself in that position again is so remote it's almost comical. So it's really, I can't really answer how I'd act because I don't think that's ever likely going to happen again. I really couldn't tell you. I have spent a lot of time thinking about it and I haven't got a definitive answer. I feel personally fairly certain that if he had a time machine and could go back and do things differently he absolutely would.feedback

Alexander Blackman

I made a split second-mistake. I had been sent to a brutal battlefield to fight for my country in an unpopular war. And yet at the end of my trial, the Establishment lined up to portray me as an evil scumbag because it suited them to do so at the time.feedback

Alexander Blackman

You feel like going outside for five minutes, you can, you feel like going outside for the whole day, you can. It's a really good feeling.feedback

Alexander Blackman

It's such a unique circumstance in a unique area of the world. Like I say the likelihood of me ever finding myself in that position again is so remote it's almost comical. So it's really, I can't really answer how I'd act because I don't think that's ever likely going to happen again. I really couldn't tell you. Like I say I have spent a lot of time thinking about it and I haven't got a definitive answer. It's hard to explain how really good it is, just the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.feedback

Andrew Wilder

The review is an opportunity to send a message that, yes, the U.S. is going to to send more troops, but it's not to achieve a forever military victory, . Rather, it's to try to bring about a negotiated end to this conflict.feedback

Condoleezza Rice

Well, I'd certainly urge the President to look at how we can turn the tide in Afghanistan. I know we've been there a very, very long time and obviously the goal is to have a government that's stable in Kabul that can't be assaulted by the Taliban.feedback

Condoleezza Rice

What is the strategy now? It doesn't make sense to increase troop strength to keep doing the same thing. One of the first conversations needs to be with Vladimir Putin and to say, Do you really want to get back into Afghanistan after what happened to you before in Afghanistan?' There's no reason for the Russians to be arming the Taliban, and so that conversation needs to take place.feedback

Sayed Jamal

It is up to the intelligence service to find out if any teachers are Taliban. So far, nobody has informed me that they are.feedback

Timor Sharan - The International Crisis Group

It has restructured itself as a shadow state. In that sense the Taliban needs to deliver a certain level of services in the areas they control.feedback

Safeer Ahmadie

[People] don't stand up to the Taliban, they don't open their mouth. And that gives the Taliban more space to influence.feedback

Andrew Wilder

If we don't achieve that, Plan B should be to prevent state collapse, which would also require additional military resources.feedback

Daniel Feldman

All of this leads back to prioritizing the launch of a viable peace process in Afghanistan and using any military decision to support that process.feedback

Alexander Blackman

I know I made a terrible mistake. I don't know why I did it. I think about it a lot and have done ever since, but I still can't put an exact thought to why I did what I did at that moment in time. I wish I could.feedback

John McCain

If the present status quo prevails, then there's no end to it.feedback

Lily Allen

It just seems that at three different intervals in this young boy's life, the English in particular have put you in danger. We've bombed your country, put you in the hands of the Taliban and now put you in danger of risking your life to get into our country. I apologize on behalf of my country. I'm sorry for what we have put you through.feedback

Chris Terrill

I was joking with Claire that they'll have to work out who is going to control the television zapper. This is not the time to be talking about Hollywood blockbusters. It's a great time for the Blackmans, but it's a very serious time, too. He was someone's son, brother, possibly husband. He's guilty of an illegal killing. He says: 'If I could turn back time and undo what I did, I would.feedback

Zabihullah Mujahid

Hence, keeping the evolving situation in mind, this year's Mansouri Operations will differ from previous ones in nature and will be conducted with a twin-tracked political and military approach.feedback

Christine Wormuth

Before you can get to the question of how many troops is enough you have to have clarity on what is the goal. Is the goal to decisively defeat [the Taliban] and make Afghanistan into a viable state (or) is the goal to continue to prop up the government of Afghanistan?feedback

Claire Blackman

We have had so many setbacks over the years that I almost cannot believe it is really going to happen this time. I can't wait to see him and spend some quality time together. This is the moment we have all been fighting hard for. It is hard to believe that this day is finally here.feedback

Andrew Wilder

How the Trump administration can move from a policy of avoiding failure to one of achieving success.feedback

Javid Ahmad

The Taliban's use of such attacks reveal that it understands Afghan military and intelligence gaps far better than its opponents do.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

For example, any weapons being funneled here from a foreign country would be a violation of international law. We are under no illusions about the challenges associated with this mission.feedback

Michael Kugelman

Let's face it, no matter how many troops you may send to Afghanistan, it's going to be very difficult to end the war. We had 100,000 troops fighting in Afghanistan during the height of the surge and we didn't end the war.feedback

John Nicholson

We continue to get reports of this assistance. We support anyone who wants to help us advance the reconciliation process, but anyone who arms belligerents who perpetuate attacks like the one we saw two days ago in Mazar-e Sharif is not the best way forward to a peaceful reconciliation.feedback

H.R. McMaster

Our enemy sensed that and they have redoubled their efforts, and it's time for us, alongside our Afghan partners, to respond.feedback

Zabihullah Mujahid

Our fighters have inflicted heavy casualties on the Afghan army stationed there.feedback

John Nicholson

The attack on the 209th Corps today shows the barbaric nature of the Taliban. The Afghan National Defense and Security forces and the people of Afghanistan have my personal assurance that we will continue to stand with them. We support our valuable friends and partners in the fight against terrorism.feedback

Ahmad Saboor

The first vehicle had a light machine gun mounted on it and started firing at dozens of soldiers and officers coming out of the mosque. The second vehicle went towards the dining hall and started shooting.feedback

Shazia Ramzan

The Taliban stopped us, two boys – or men. One was in the front and the other one came to the back. He said: 'Who is Malala?' We had our faces covered [with niqabs], but Malala didn't. Malala died. I was lost. I could not sleep because whenever I closed my eyes I thought that guy was going to come and shoot me again. They try their best. Before, my mind was closed. I thought about education just related to my family. But now I think about all girls. I want to stand up for them.feedback

Erin Cunningham

More than 8,000 U.S. troops are helping Afghan forces battle the Taliban. The commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr., has said that he will need thousands of additional troops to better support the international coalition's mission. While here, McMaster … met with Nicholson, senior Afghan officials and other NATO commanders overseeing the mission to advise Afghan security forces.feedback

Dawood Moradian

Many people in Afghanistan are wondering about the nature of relations between the United States and Pakistan, particularly the fact that everyone recognizes the principal role of Pakistan in supporting Taliban and other terrorist groups.feedback

Hamid Mir

His surrender is very significant as it gives an impression that Ahrar is suffering from internal differences and division. It will have a demoralizing effect on other militants.feedback

Akhtar Mohammed

Before the ban, one motorcycle was enough for a small family, but now each family has to buy two or three bikes.feedback

Bismillah Khan

It has become part of life here. Without a motorcycle, you are like a prisoner.feedback

Bismillah Khan

It's a bit difficult for us now to take a second person – the police stop you and give you a hard time.feedback

Mohammad Nateqi

First, people are concerned now about how Americans view Afghanistan, and whether or not they will change their minds about supporting us. The relationship between Afghanistan, the United States, and NATO has been very strong. But if there are bad relations between Iran, the United States, and Russia, it will be very dangerous for us.feedback

Gul Ahmad Azami

We are worried that Afghanistan will become another Syria, with world powers confronting each other here.feedback

Mohammad Akram Arefi

Iran is worried that with American troops in Afghanistan, the two militaries will end up confronting each other. Iran also wants to revive its power in the region, by having influence over Afghanistan. And with America here, they can't have the type of influence they want.feedback

Malala Yousafzai

I realized that extremists tried all their best to stop me; they tried to kill me and they didn't succeed. And it is a clear evidence that no one can stop me. This means that now this a new life, a second life, and it is for the purpose of education.feedback

John Sopko

We hear story after story of commanders who steal the fuel, sell it to the Taliban, who take the weapons we – you – pay for and sell it to the Taliban. The irony of it is, the terrorists are at the end of our supply chain.feedback

Mohammad Humayon Qayoumi

Afghanistan has always been interested in the U.S. investing in many areas, specifically the mining area. Within mining, there are some areas that are strategic materials such as lithium. There was a quite good matter of interest from President Trump's administration.feedback

Omara Khan Masoudi

I'm very happy to see the president pay attention to the reconstruction of this palace. It's really important. The media now is celebrating this as the land of terrorism, Al Qaeda and Taliban. This is something different.feedback

Hassan Abu Haniyeh

The Taliban, Ansar al-Sharia, ISIS and other movements don't need to prove if they have a good way of ruling.feedback

Mohammed Sadiq

Last night, Afghan forces, along with foreign forces, raided the clinic around 11:30 p.m., and arrested some 40 to 50 villagers, and took them to the desert, and only left women and children in the houses. They put explosives over the clinic and detonated it, and the mud house next to the clinic collapsed. The only person who survived is the son who had gone to Herat province for work.feedback

Bill Salvin

We have seen the reports of civilian casualties in southern Helmand last night. We take all allegations of civilian casualties seriously, and we will convene an inquiry into this allegation.feedback

Omar Zwak

They set up explosives to detonate the cache, and it damaged the house where the civilians were staying.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

We have seen Russian activity vis a vis the Taliban. I am not going to say at this point if that is manifested in the weapons and that sort of thing. But certainly what they are up to there, in the light of their other activities, gives us concern.feedback

Nawaz Sharif

It is our responsibility to continue the war against terrorists. The network of terrorists has already been broken and it is our national duty to continue this war until the complete annihilation of the scourge of terrorism from our soil.feedback

Zabihulhah Mujahid

We have no problem with the United Arab Emirates. And there is no reason that someone who is helping, particularly an Islamic country, should come under attack.feedback

Abdul Raziq

We might have been the target, but Quetta was told the Emiratis were going to be present. There is no doubt that Pakistan and the Taliban have good relations with the Emiratis. But we have proof that it was done – planned by Pakistan and handled by the Taliban.feedback

Mohammed Yousuf Yousufi

The chandelier dropped from the ceiling, and the room immediately caught fire – it was dark, and there was smoke, and fire.feedback

Alexander Blackman

When you are facing on a daily basis people trying to kill you, you inject humour as a coping mechanism as otherwise I would say things would be very dark.feedback

Neil Greenberg

There isn't any such thing as a Rambo-type, Arnold Schwarzenegger soldier who can face all sorts of stressors and appear to be invulnerable. That sort of person only exists in the cinema.feedback

Jonathan Goldberg

We have turned the page on that chapter as a nation. What good will it do to keep him – the last casualty – in prison? The incarceration of almost three and a half years, which he has already served, is already too much for his crime.feedback

Jonathan Goldberg

It is that the vast majority of right-thinking ordinary men and women in this country recognise that our way of life and our values and even perhaps our civilisation is today under threat as rarely before by dark forces, and that it is the courage and sacrifice of men like Marine A [his anonymised codename during his original court martial] without whom we would all be at the mercy of the new barbarians.feedback

Dawood Moradian

There is an emerging Taliban Axis comprising of Pakistan, China, Russia, and Iran. They are united in two things: evicting US from Afghanistan and combating Daesh.feedback

Hashim Alokozay

The district of Sangin was surrounded for 14 months by Taliban. The forces couldn't get reinforcements and supplies. So the government failed soldiers. They left the district. The Taliban will now be able to recruit more people into their ranks. So with the government leaving Sangin to Taliban... Lashkargah is surrounded.feedback

Omar Mohammed Amir Nessar

As long as the Talibs have a conflict with Isil, it would make sense for Russia to have contact with them. For one thing, there's no guarantee the weapons you supply will stay with the faction you give them to.feedback

William Patey

No one will want to inherit this crock of the proverbial. We just didn't have the stamina - we always rush to hand things over to the locals, which is very laudable, but we did it before the institutions had been build. But this kind of thing really takes 20 or 30 years.feedback

Kareem Amin

For 30 years, people only heard the opposition propaganda about us. We are not intransigent warlords. We want to unify and rebuild Afghanistan.feedback

Timor Sharan - The International Crisis Group

Hezb is very fragmented, and it's all about personal interests. We don't know whether these former commanders will unite around Hekmatyar or work against him. This is his last attempt to reach power, this time through elections.feedback

John Nicholson

This public legitimacy that Russia lends to the Taliban is not based on fact.feedback

Bill Salvin

This move to a new district center had been planned for some time. The only thing they left to the Taliban is rubble and dirt.feedback

Curtis Scaparrotti

NATO and the United States, in my view, must win in Afghanistan.feedback

Curtis Scaparrotti

I have seen the influence of Russia of late -- an increased influence -- in terms of association and perhaps even supply to the Taliban.feedback

Matthew Harrelson

It was easy to connect Goodyear and innovation. And then 'Spirit' just seemed to make the name flow better.feedback

Eddie Ogden

Because a Goodyear Semirigid Dirigible doesn't roll off the tongue. There were a couple tears because they've been working with blimps for so long.feedback

Mirdad Nejrabi

No one is above the law. Being a member of Parliament does not mean one has immunity to do whatever he or she can to disrupt law and order.feedback

Alexander Blackman

There you are. Shuffle off this mortal coil, you c*** . . . It's nothing you wouldn't do to us. Obviously this doesn't go anywhere fellas. I've just broken the Geneva Convention.feedback

Jeanne Shaheen

This is a matter of life and death for interpreters and other support staff. As we speak, many of them are being hunted down by the Taliban and other terrorists. We have a moral obligation to protect the thousands of Afghans who put themselves, and their families, at risk to help our soldiers and diplomats. To abandon them now would be a stain on our nation's honor. There's no excuse for Congress to not act in a bipartisan way to approve these additional visas as it has done in the past.feedback

Jeanne Shaheen

It's imperative that Congress act quickly to approve more visas. This is a matter of life and death for interpreters and other support staff. As we speak, many of them are being hunted down by the Taliban and other terrorists.feedback

Khalida Popal

If the haters couldn't stop me, Trump can't. Sometimes I still have nightmares, . Those men are standing and looking at me and laughing or there is the fear that they will rape me. If those people inside my country, those haters, couldn't stop me, Donald Trump or [even] a hundred Trumps will never stop me.feedback

Khalida Popal

Even when I was sick in the asylum centre I saw women who had worse situations than me and I wanted to save them. I was taking them out for walks and I had a football and told them: 'Just kick the ball.' They would be running after the ball, kicking it with bare legs and sandals.feedback

Khalida Popal

I was not the woman I used to be. I said to myself so many times, I didn't risk my life to end up in an asylum centre in Denmark; it was not the goal. I felt like a bird in a cage. I was very depressed. I stopped talking to anyone, I had those dreams where someone is coming, I was dreaming that they sent me back. I missed my team – those girls I could hear their voices calling my name and laughing. It was really tough for me.feedback

Khalida Popal

I think pay should be equal for male and female players. That is what I told the president. I looked into his eyes and said: 'Whenever you take a decision think about the father who has a son and a daughter when he is out shopping for his kids. He always wants to buy the same-value thing for both of them because he knows otherwise there will be a fight at home. Think like a father.' He was laughing and said: 'Yes, I will do that.feedback

Khalida Popal

My problem was not the Taliban with the gun, it was also the Taliban with the tie, the suit and the boots, people with the mentality of the Taliban who were against women and their voice.feedback

Massood Sanjer

People trust us. They see us as a source of help and pressure. I get 1,000 calls a day and I have a database of 10,000 phone numbers. We get answers, and we change people's lives. We need a Trump who will seal the border completely.feedback

Massood Sanjer

There are so many shocking stories. You can be killed for love in Afghanistan. We are much better today than during the Taliban, but some things make me hopeless. In some ways we are still back where we were then.feedback

Massood Sanjer

You can always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I don't feel scared to walk down the street. The country needs us.feedback

Malala Yousafzai

I have applied to study PPE so for the next three years I will be studying that. But other than that I want to stay focussed on my Malala Fund work.feedback

Mohammad Nabi

It was a nightmare situation, because those who came had white uniforms on, I mean the uniform of a doctor. Nobody can imagine a doctor with a Kalashnikov who opens fire. It is very strange to see people in white uniforms kill people. They killed our patients in their beds and they killed our doctors.feedback

Vanda Felbab-Brown - The Brookings Institution

We still haven't heard a peep from the Trump administration for what its plans or ambitions or intentions are for Afghanistan. This current levels he cannot break the stalemate. So far no word, no focus, no indication of any kind from the White House.feedback

Theo Farrell

While disturbing, [Wednesday's attack] should not be mistaken for the rise in ISIS. All the evidence suggests that [ISIS has] been contained in Kandahar. And while there are ISIS cells in other parts of Afghanistan, the country is very hostile ground for them.feedback

Dawlat Waziri

The attackers are in the second and third floors of the hospital, and right now a gunbattle is underway.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

All women must unanimously stand against such acts. A hospital is a place that is considered immune in any law, any religion and sect. Attacking a hospital is an attack against the entire people of Afghanistan and against all the women of Afghanistan.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

In all religions, a hospital is regarded as an immune site and attacking it is attacking the whole of Afghanistan.feedback

Ali Rizvi

You can't sanitize scripture. I think fundamentalists have a more honest approach. … They're more consistent. The reason that anti-Muslim bigotry exists is not because people like me are talking about what we're talking about. It's because there are millions of people watching their TV screens and they're seeing a guy drive a truck into a crowd in Nice, screaming 'Allahu Akbar,' or they see the Taliban go into a school in Peshawar and kill 132 kids, screaming 'Allahu Akbar' and quoting from the Quran, and they look at this and they just put the dots together.feedback

Sayed Zaffer Shah

Hundreds of Pashtuns are being arrested and harassed in the name of terrorism. We never said all Punjabis are terrorists, though Punjabi Taliban were involved in bombings. This discrimination will only spread hatred.feedback

Najib Danish

Right now, police forces have started a clearing up operation inside the police compound.feedback

Abdul Nasir Ziaee

Two terrorists entered a building. One blew himself up and the second was shot by Afghan security forces.feedback

Mohammad Shah Baz

I escaped towards the canteen and climbed the wall to save my life. But there were many people dead and injured.feedback

Saira Ali

If my visa had not been rejected, I wouldn't have seen Pakistan.feedback

Mohammad Ashfaq

As soon as I entered the shrine, I heard a dreadful sound. The first thought that came to my mind was that this could not be a bomb blast but then the next thought that came to my mind was that we were dead. It was like doomsday.feedback

Ali Hussain

I wish I could have been here and died in the blast last night. No one bothered to secure this place.feedback

Aziz Hakimi

These groups are all very similar, but are entirely separate forces. The Taliban is a local force limited to within Afghanistan while ISIL thinks bigger, of a Great Muslim Caliphate, and its Afghan branch is an integral part of this new global Islamic adventure.feedback

Sameer Ahmad

We just couldn't understand what happened,' Tufail Nabi told local Geo News TV. It was as if some big building collapsed.feedback

Dejan Panic

It makes us fear for the future of our operations, because all of the serious aid organisations operate without armed guards, and we can be easy targets in this changing environment.feedback

Khalid Fahim

There is no doubt that our operations are increasingly affected by increased insecurity. The practices on the ground often conflict with what leaders say at the high levels. What facilitates access is acceptance and impartiality. We are there for the people of Afghanistan. If people want us, then they facilitate the access.feedback

Christine Monaghan

In areas where ISIS has tried to expand its influence, residents are often caught between the Taliban, government forces, and ISIS in a back-and-forth.feedback

John Nicholson

These contributions could come from our allies as well as the United States. We have identified the requirement and the desire to advise below the core level so these additional forces would enable us to thicken our advisory effort across the Afghan ministries and do more advising below the core level.feedback

Dad Khuda

Unfortunately, several people were killed and wounded.feedback

Stephane Dujarric - United Nations

Those behind today's bombing and other such despicable acts must face justice.feedback

Haidary Mohammad

I've been through a lot of firefights and ambushes and stuff like that in Afghanistan. The Taliban look for the guys who work with Americans, and I was one of the guys. There's two friends of mine still working in the north of Afghanistan with the Special Forces. Their paperwork is nearly done, one already got his visa, and they're still hoping to come.feedback

Matt Zeller

Not only is this executive order a death sentence for Iraqis and Afghans who have served faithfully alongside U.S. troops, but it feels like a death sentence for our service members who are in the Middle East. I'm only alive because my Afghan Muslim translator saved my life by killing two Taliban fighters who were about to kill me in battle.feedback

Ali Sufyan

That was our combined work with Shahryar group of Mahsud Taliban.feedback

John Nicholson

On this occasion the Taliban chose to hide amongst civilians and then attacked Afghan and U.S. forces. I wish to assure President [Ahsraf] Ghani and the people of Afghanistan that we will take all possible measures to protect Afghan civilians.feedback

Toryalia Kakar

More than 50 people, including women and children, were killed in the Afghan and U.S. forces' attack in Buz-e Kandahari.feedback

John Nicholson

Regardless of the circumstances, I deeply regret the loss of innocent lives. On this occasion the Taliban chose to hide amongst civilians and then attacked Afghan and U.S. forces. I wish to assure President (Ashraf) Ghani and the people of Afghanistan that we will take all possible measures to protect Afghan civilians. We will continue to assist the Afghan security forces in their efforts to defend their country.feedback

Timothy Weeks

They are being held there illegally and the Taliban has asked for them to be released in our exchange. If they are not exchanged for us then we will be killed.feedback

Timothy Weeks

Donald Trump sir, please, I ask you, please, this is in your hands, I ask you please to negotiate with the Taliban. If you do not negotiate with them, we will be killed.feedback

Roger Turner

We're viewing this as a high-risk mission...We're not in any way viewing this as a noncombat mission, or something to take lightly.feedback

Maria V. Zakharova

(The three countries) expressed particular concern about the rising activity in the country of extremist groups including the Afghan branch of ISIS.feedback

Ahmad Shekib Mostaghni

Discussion about the situation in Afghanistan, even if well-intentioned, in the absence of Afghans cannot help the real situation and also raises serious questions about the purpose of such meetings.feedback

Jack Reed

The ability to negotiate, the ability to assure they will go ahead and deliver on their part of the bargain, if there is a bargain, is a practical constraint. But we all should be concerned. It's despicable what they've suffered. It is heart-rendering. And it also indicates how despicable the Taliban and the Haqqani network ... are.feedback

John Kirby

It's obviously reprehensible to hold them in the first place, let's put that aside, they need to be released period. But to include children in the video is specifically despicable. We want to see them all safely returned and I can assure you that this administration will continue to work very, very hard to see that outcome.feedback

Caitlan Coleman

We understand both sides hate us, and are content to leave us and our two surviving children in these problems. But we can only ask and pray that somebody will recognise the atrocities these men carry out against us as so-called retaliation, in their ingratitude and hypocrisy.feedback

Javid Faisal

The Taliban never protects projects, and it isn't their job. There is no stake for a terrorist group in the [national] projects.feedback

Robert Crews

Taliban spokesmen have been presenting the movement as a competent, development-oriented government-in-waiting, one that can advance the welfare of the Afghan people more efficiently than the current Afghan government.feedback

Ash Carter

The United States presence and continued support to Afghan forces and strategic partnership with the government of Afghanistan demonstrates to the world that America is and will remain committed to a sovereign and secure Afghanistan.feedback

Peter Cook

In his meetings with senior Afghan officials, the secretary will discuss the growing capabilities and resilience demonstrated by Afghan security forces in recent months. He will also discuss ongoing efforts to continue building Afghan combat capacity including aviation.feedback

Abdul Rahman Mangal

He wanted to spend his holiday at home but was captured on Thursday by local Taliban and they hanged him in public. As soon as we got information, we tried to help him but the Taliban hanged him immediately.feedback

Zabihulhah Mujahid

Once we finish our investigation and fact-finding, we will share the details.feedback

Stephen Vladeck

More than any other criminal prosecution that we have seen since 9/11, this case really gets at some of the awkward legal problems that arise from applying ordinary criminal law on a battlefield.feedback

Jens David Ohlin

I would be very surprised if he could get any traction on this legal argument at all.feedback

Jordan Paust

You know what this guy was accused of? Things that soldiers do in war.feedback

Wahid Sediqqi

After this attack, American forces have agreed to share that information about their Afghan workers with us.feedback

Wahid Sediqqi

He was a former Taliban ... working inside the base for a long time, gained their trust, and based on that trust he carried out this attack.feedback

Ash Carter

For those who carried out this attack, my message is simple. We will not be deterred in our mission to protect our homeland and help Afghanistan secure its own future.feedback

Maheullah Noori

Gold, emeralds, rubies, and amethyst are all illegally mined by local militiamen and the Taliban who profit by hundreds of millions of afghanis monthly.feedback

Gul Mohammad Bedar

These mines are created by our Allah for us to dig and feed our families and it is not the property of the government or others.feedback

Abdullah Naji

The local people invited them back because it is good business.feedback

Gul Mohammad Bedar

The Taliban provide protection for the villagers to mine and the people are happy to do it despite the fact that there's a presidential decree banning any uncontrolled mining.feedback

Ash Carter

Some of our Afghan partners also died. Our service members were doing their part to help the Afghans secure their own country while protecting our homeland from those who would do us harm. On this difficult day, please keep their families, friends and teammates in your thoughts and prayers. We will honor their sacrifice by finishing our important mission in Afghanistan.feedback

John Nicholson

On behalf of all of U.S. Forces - Afghanistan, today's loss is heartbreaking and we offer our deepest condolences to the families and friends of our service members who lost their lives today. Our wounded soldiers are receiving the best medical care possible and we are keeping them and their families in our thoughts today, as well.feedback

Sayed Zia Hussaini

We selected the engineers by only considering their expertise and experience. It was a transparent process and women engineers went through the same selection process as their male counterparts.feedback

Zahra Jafari

Our participation in this important project breaks the taboo that considers women to be too weak to work on construction projects. It's a huge responsibility on each and every one of us. We strive for excellence and work hard to achieve success beyond expectation. And we want to prove that women are capable of implementing national projects.feedback

Shahshad Khan

FIA along with security forces came, entered her house, searched all belongings and took important papers including $2,800.feedback

Abdul Hai Khateby

The locals were so angry and they were throwing stones toward the governor's building.feedback

Abdul Hai Khateby

The group is former Taliban who just a year ago announced their support to their Islamic State group and changed their white flag to black.feedback

Charles Cleveland

The increase in strikes is due to the additional authorities U.S. forces received and due to the Afghan change in strategy to offensive operations. The new authorities have allowed the U.S. to be more proactive and deliberate in supporting this year's Afghan offensive operations and in aggressively targeting (Islamic State).feedback

Kiley Dougherty

Coalition air power degrades the enemies capability, denies their sanctuary and eliminates their ability to take or hold territory.feedback

Ali Youssafzai

I am staying here in France because I will seek asylum and I didn't go to the UK. Because I have many issues to leave my country. It's about the Taliban, I have a problem, so I leave my country. It's difficult for me but I will survive.feedback

Yury Fedotov - United Nations

The new report shows a worrying reversal in efforts to combat the persistent problem of illicit drugs and their impact on development, health and security.feedback

Zabihulhah Mujahid

The delegation was sent to discuss some major issues with Pakistani leadership including the arrests of Afghan refugees and their repatriation to Afghanistan.feedback

Tadamichi Yamamoto - United Nations

Increased fighting in densely populated areas makes it imperative for parties to take immediate steps to ensure all feasible precautions are being taken to spare civilians from harm.feedback

Charles Cleveland

Helmand continues to be the Taliban's main effort. So they commit a lot of effort and a lot of capability into Helmand.feedback

Sarfaraz Bugti

It is not possible for us to predict who among the refugees will become the president of Afghanistan or the leader of the Taliban.feedback

Hafiz Abdul Majeed

Once he became Emir, he left with his whole family. You can't teach religion and run [the Taliban's] government at the same time. And it would of course have been dangerous for us and the students and the mosque if he remained here.feedback

Hafiz Abdul Majeed

We are sad that he is gone because he was a great teacher and a great asset for this mosque.feedback

Abdul Sattar Shah Chishti

Akhundzada lived for many years in Kuchlak. I met him many times. He used to come to Quetta often.feedback

Sarfaraz Bugti

I strongly reject any organised presence of Taliban in Baluchistan.feedback

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