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Toby Poston
The industry is obviously determined to prevent these attacks. We've been in discussions with various government departments and law enforcement agencies, and we have to make sure we comply with data protection and laws on discrimination. Ultimately, the police and government are the only ones who can make any changes. We want some kind of cross referencing of the data given to rental companies and the counter terrorism watchlist.feedback
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Aug 20 2017
Terrorism has been commented on by 362 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Terrorism are: Donald J. Trump, Theresa May and Rex W. Tillerson. For instance, the most recent quote from Donald J. Trump is: “You heard that, right? They were having terrorism problems, just like we do. And for 25 years, there wasn't a problem. Okay? Twenty-five years, there wasn't a problem.”.
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Mike Signer

I think the worst case scenario is public officials who are stubborn and inflexible and don't take in new developments.feedback

Mike Signer

He is serving to unify America against the normalization of hatred, bigotry, and bullying in our democracy.feedback

Mike Signer

It confirmed my belief already that what had happened the night before was tantamount to terrorism, this visual display of these images meant to intimidate and to terrorize the population. But this [Heyer's murder] was a specific act.feedback

Mike Signer

It's in the quiet moments when the reality of it all sets in. They attacked us because of who we are. It was our work as a progressive southern city on race that made us a target.feedback

Mike Signer

I'm not going to sit here and criticize our first responders and police, and the hundreds of men and women in government and in our society who worked so hard to try and restore order.feedback

Mike Signer

I felt a combination of outrage and a kind of deep, welling sadness that these people would do this on that particular university. This is Thomas Jefferson's university. Its role in our long democratic experiment is very central. UVA was designed to inculcate the practices of a healthy democracy that was guided by stewards who were deeply committed to things like deliberation, fact-finding, civility, expertise, statesmanship as an ideal, challenging public opinion, trying to elevate the process so that you actually reach outcomes, so that you serve the people.feedback

Mike Signer

Locality will be the laboratory of the new democracy. These people [white extremists] really are attacking democracy itself. They see their mission in life as essentially violent, authoritarian, totalitarian, and based on spectacle and intimidation. That's fundamentally a violation of the democratic compact.feedback

Ada Colau

Terrorism will not stop us being who we are, a city that is open to the world.feedback

Simon Jenkins

The white van has become the poor man’s guided missile. We must work out how to retain a balance between defacing cities and averting risk. Europe has endured seven acts of vehicle terrorism in the past year, and the Barcelona killer was apparently able just to walk away. What on earth can be done?feedback

Donald J. Trump

You heard that, right? They were having terrorism problems, just like we do. And for 25 years, there wasn't a problem. Okay? Twenty-five years, there wasn't a problem.feedback

Nihad Awad

By directly stating that the only way to stop terrorism is to murder Muslims in graphic and religiously-offensive ways, he places the millions of innocent, law-abiding citizens in the American Muslim community at risk from rogue vigilantes.feedback

James Murdoch - Fox News Channel

The presence of hate in our society was appallingly laid bare as we watched swastikas brandished on the streets of Charlottesville and acts of brutal terrorism and violence perpetrated by a racist mob. I can't even believe I have to write this: standing up to Nazis is essential; there are no good Nazis. Or Klansmen, or terrorists. Democrats, Republicans, and others must all agree on this, and it compromises nothing for them to do so.feedback

Sadiq Khan

My thoughts are with the victims of this barbaric terrorist attack in the great city of Barcelona and with their brave emergency services. London stands with Barcelona against the evil of terrorism.feedback

Donald J. Trump

They were having terrorism problems, just like we do. And he caught 50 terrorists who did tremendous damage and killed many people. And he took the 50 terrorists, and he took 50 men and he dipped 50 bullets in pigs' blood – you heard that, right? He took 50 bullets, and he dipped them in pigs' blood. And he had his men load his rifles, and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people. And the 50th person, he said: You go back to your people, and you tell them what happened. And for 25 years, there wasn't a problem. Okay? Twenty-five years, there wasn't a problem.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

There is no place for hate in our community. That's why we've always taken down any post that promotes or celebrates hate crimes or acts of terrorism – including what happened in Charlottesville. It's a disgrace that we still need to say that neo-Nazis and white supremacists are wrong - as if this is somehow not obvious. My thoughts are with the victims of hate around the world, and everyone who has the courage to stand up to it every day.feedback

Andrew M. Cuomo

Renaming these streets will send a clear message that in New York, we stand against intolerance and racism, whether it be insidious and hidden or obvious and intentional. Given the events of this week, including the violence and terrorism perpetrated by white supremacists in Charlottesville and the resulting emboldening of the voices of Nazis and white supremacists, I now strongly urge the U.S. Army to reconsider its decision and I call on them to rename these streets. Symbols of slavery and racism have no place in New York.feedback

Theresa May

Britain can be proud of this ship and what it represents. It sends a clear signal that as Britain forges a new, positive, confident role on the world stage in the years ahead we are determined to remain a fully engaged global power, working closely with our friends and allies around the world. Whether the task be high intensity war-fighting, targeted action to fight terrorism, or humanitarian relief to save lives overseas, these ships will transform the U.K.'s ability to project power around the world.feedback

Stefano Scuratti

European cities have been dealing with the aftermath of terrorist attacks, increased unease towards Brexit, and there is still a degree of unease towards migrant crisis. There have been more episodes in Sydney of suspected events [of terrorism], and general unease towards the topic.feedback

Richard L. Trumka - AFL-CIO

We cannot sit on a council for a President that tolerates bigotry and domestic terrorism. President Trump's remarks today repudiate his forced remarks yesterday about the KKK and new-Nazis. We must resign on behalf of America's working people, who reject all notions of legitimacy of these bigoted groups.feedback

Richard Barrett

Just because there was one attack in a city is not to say there would be another, just as if there has not been an attack in a city it means that it is well protected. I'm not sure it's a particularly accurate measurement, and it certainly doesn't do counter-terrorism much good, because it encourages people to think that terrorism can have that broader effect on a city's economy, its reputation and so on.feedback

Donald J. Trump

You can call it terrorism. You can call it murder. You can call it whatever you want. I would just call it as the fastest one to come up with a good verdict. That's what I'd call it. There is a question. Is it murder? Is it terrorism? Then you get into legal semantics. The driver of the car is a murderer. What he did was a horrible, horrible, inexcusable thing. They are not taking their jobs seriously as it pertains to this country. We want jobs, manufacturing in this country. Look, I like Mr. Bannon. He is a friend of mine. Mr. Bannon came on very late. You know that.feedback

Terry McAuliffe

Neo-Nazis, Klansmen and white supremacists came to Charlottesville heavily armed, spewing hatred and looking for a fight. One of them murdered a young woman in an act of domestic terrorism, and two of our finest officers were killed in a tragic accident while serving to protect this community. This was not 'both sides.feedback

Narendra Modi

A collective resolve of the citizens was visible during 1942 to 1947 across the country, which forced the British to quit India within a span of five years. We will have to exhibit the same resolve from now on … to the year 2022.feedback

Narendra Modi

Use resolve to oust Britain 70 years ago to now end terrorism. Together, we will make an India free of terrorism, communalism and casteism. Together we will make an India free of corruption and agreements based on nepotism. Together we will make an India that is clean, healthy and self-reliant.feedback

Narendra Modi

Sometimes in the name of faith some people, due to lack of patience, end up destroying the social fabric. The country is governed by peace, harmony and unity. The poison of casteism and communalism can never benefit the country. This is the land of Gandhi and Buddha.feedback

Narendra Modi

Together, we will make an India free of terrorism, communalism and casteism. Together we will make an India free of corruption and agreements based on nepotism. Together we will make an India that is clean, healthy and self-reliant.feedback

Keith Ellison

Through his silence, President Trump is speaking loudly and clearly on how he feels about bias-motivated violence against people outside of what he considers his base. Right-wing terrorism is far more prevalent than any other form of terrorism in our country, by a 2-to-1 margin. It's time for the president's administration to address the right-wing hate groups that are a threat to American citizens.feedback

Christian Picciolini

The recruiters are very savvy and good at placing blame on blacks, on the government, on everyone else. These groups offer young disenfranchised whites power, purpose and an identity. They are being radicalized by fake news and conspiracy theories. We are ignoring a massive domestic terrorism problem that already exists in our borders.feedback

Barack Obama

Extremely poor societies and weak states, provide optimal breeding grounds for disease, terrorism and conflict.feedback

Bill Nettles

The point of terrorism is to spread fear. The point of a hate crime is to inflict hate on one of the specific groups that is narrowly defined in the statute.feedback

Timothy J. Heaphy

It matters a lot for public confidence in government and our ability to respond to attacks like this. If this is domestic terrorism, if this is hate based, it has to be called out as such. It may not make a difference for the number of days this person may spend incarcerated, but it makes a huge difference for … our ability to hold people accountable for what they did.feedback

Bill Nettles

For something to be a hate crime, it has to be more than you hate somebody. It's got to be you hate somebody that is one of the groups of people, the narrowly defined groups of people, contained in the hate crimes statute.feedback

Timothy J. Heaphy

If you're a racist and you kill someone, that doesn't mean it's a hate crime. There has to be an explicit connection between the two for it to be a civil rights offense.feedback

David C. Gomez

It goes back to motivation. Either way, a hate crime in court, a prosecutor has to prove motivation, and for terrorism, he has to prove motivation. So for the investigator, they say, How do I prove that?feedback

Mitch Landrieu

These monuments purposefully celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy. After the Civil War, these statues were a part of that terrorism as much as a burning cross on someone's lawn; they were erected purposefully to send a strong message to all who walked in their shadows about who was still in charge in this city.feedback

Rich Lowry

He used Washington-speak three times to basically answer your question: 'No, I cannot work with Steve Bannon,'.feedback

Mike Cernovich

That's all the alt-right stands for, is white nationalism. They are now indistinguishable. Worse than that, they are now associated with domestic terrorism.feedback

Heather Nauert

At this point we are left with one simple question: were the actions really about their concerns regarding Qatar's alleged support for terrorism.feedback

Lisa Monaco

I think the biggest question is whether the F.B.I. is going to investigate this as a domestic terrorism case, given the presence of groups that have been the subject of such investigations before or would meet their criteria, like the K.K.K., and the nature of the attack. A guy plowed his car into a crowd of protesters – that kind of violence, committed for seeming political ends, is the very definition of domestic terrorism.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Mr. President, we must call evil by its name. These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism.feedback

Michael Kasdan - Wiggin and Dana

The app is very addictive… every time you open it marks where you are.feedback

Michael Kasdan - Wiggin and Dana

Teenage users, a lot of them don't necessarily think about the privacy implications, they're more thinking about connecting with their friends, and whatever …everyone else is doing.feedback

Michael Kasdan - Wiggin and Dana

There is that risk of real bad actors…someone stalking and someone being able to locate someone in the real world.feedback

Cory Gardner

We must call evil by its name. Praying for those hurt & killed today in Charlottesville. This is nothing short of domestic terrorism & should be named as such. Mr. President - we must call evil by its name. These were white supremacists and this was domestic terrorism.feedback

David Graham

You know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did that so good. … Today, Iraq is Harvard for terrorism.feedback

Sean Spicer

The president's address to the leaders of more than 50 Arab and Muslim nations was a historic turning point that people will be talking about for many years to come. He did exactly as he promised in his inaugural address: united the civilized world in the fight against terrorism and extremism.feedback

Jane McAdam

Longer-term movement will generally be gradual rather sudden, and movement that is sudden (for instance, in the aftermath of a disaster) will often require temporary relief rather than permanent migration. There is scant evidence to justify claims that there will be mass outflows of people across international borders which will threaten international, regional or national security, or generate new risks of Islamist terrorism or fundamentalism.feedback

Simon Cole

We have recently seen the devastating effects of what can happen when radicalization is allowed to fester unchecked. What we've seen since the dreadful attacks in Manchester and London is that twice as many people have been coming forward and talking to local Prevent teams about people they have concerns about being drawn towards terrorism and we're really encourage by that. Not only will that possibly stop another lethal terrorist attack from taking place, but it will also potentially prevent vulnerable people being drawn into criminal activity from which there is no coming back.feedback

Simon Cole

Even though these referrals from the public are increasing, we still need more people to have the confidence to tell our safeguarding experts if they are worried about someone's behaviour. All of us involved in Prevent need to work to improve that public confidence and understanding, challenging damaging myths and be more transparent in our approach. We would rather people show concern before something happens.feedback

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Germany is abetting terrorists. We gave (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel 4,500 dossiers, but have not received an answer on a single one of them. When there is a terrorist, they can tell us to give that person back. You won't send the ones you have to us, but can ask us for yours. So you have a judiciary, but we don't in Turkey?feedback

Mark Dayton

What a terrible, dastardly, cowardly, terrible act this was that was committed. This is an act of terrorism. This is against the law in America.feedback

Ayoub Kara

Lately, almost all countries in our region have determined that Al Jazeera supports terrorism – supports religious radicalisation. Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt. We also intend to join them at a summit focused on regional, political, economic and even defence agreements.feedback

Amir Malik

If a bias motive is proven, this attack would represent another in a long list of hate incidents targeting Islamic institutions nationwide in recent months.feedback

Jennifer Rubin

Republicans of all people should know that scrubbing words from an administration’s vocabulary (e.g., “Islamic terrorism” or “Islamic fundamentalism”) can be a powerful signal to enemies and friends around the globe. Language is the stock and trade of diplomats, so even small changes can carry great weight. When changes come in a context in which the administration’s commitments and/or intentions are unclear, word choice can be even more powerful, whether it is intended to be so or not.feedback

Alan Duncan

This will enable us to impose sanctions as appropriate either alone or with partners in the EU and around the world, to take targeted action against countries, organizations and individuals who contravene international law, commit or finance terrorism or threaten international peace and security.feedback

William Bratton - New York City Police Department

To this point, security has been about crowd management, but now there has to be terrorism [prevention] built into the concert.feedback

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

We want to make sure all of us do our part to stop terrorism and so our Facebook policies are very clear. There's absolutely no place for terrorism, hate, calls for violence of any kind. Our goal is to not just pull it off Facebook but to use Artificial Intelligence and technology to get it before it's even uploaded.feedback

Fritz Bezikofer

We're not assuming that this is an act of terrorist violence. The motives of the man who acted alone are unclear. We are still investigating, but the circumstances surrounding the events at the disco in the evening before the shooting are a bit clearer and this led us to rule out a terrorism background.feedback

Ben Wallace

Prosecution and conviction is always our preference for dealing with terrorists. Tpims (terrorism prevention and investigation measures) are one of a range of powers at our disposal to disrupt terrorism-related activity where prosecution is not possible. We have planned and prepared for the risk posed by British returnees as Daesh [Isis] is defeated in Iraq and Syria and we are using a range of tools to disrupt and diminish that threat.feedback

Darren Chester - Federal Transport

All Australian airports have been asked to exercise increased vigilance in their security operations, including at security screening points and within the terminal area. These additional measures complement the security arrangements already in place and are being applied as an extra precaution, in coordination with counter terrorism raids in Sydney last night.feedback

Mohammed Afif - Hezbollah

We are the ones defeating terrorism. The Americans and their allies are the ones who are supporting terrorism, and they are the last ones who should be criticizing Hezbollah.feedback

Mohammed Afif - Hezbollah

The current American president is ignorant of the region. We are the force that fights terrorism while the United States continues to support terrorism in many forms.feedback

Malcolm Turnbull

This is an example of the outstanding work that is conducted by the joint-counter terrorism team. The tight cooperation and collaboration between our security and intelligence agencies is the key to keeping Australians safe from terrorism. We face a range of terrorist threats. Some of them are lone actors, who activate very quickly with very little warning. On other occasions you get quite elaborate conspiracies. This appears to be in that category.feedback

Andrew Colvin - Australian Federal Police

In recent days, law enforcement has become aware of information that suggested some people in Sydney were planning to commit a terrorist act using an improvised device. We do believe it is Islamic-inspired terrorism. Exactly what is behind this is something that we will need to investigate fully. At this time we don't have a great deal of information on the specific attack, the location, date or time. However, we are investigating information indicating that the aviation industry was potentially a target.feedback

Mick Fuller

With terrorism you can't wait, you can't wait to put the whole puzzle together, you do have to go early because if you get it wrong the consequences are severe. You need to make the decision at some stage, when is the right time to go. Both AFP and NSW Police agreed last night was the right time to go.feedback

Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa

The four countries are ready for dialogue with Qatar with the condition that it announces its sincere willingness to stop funding terrorism and extremism and its commitment to not interfere in other countries' foreign affairs and respond to the 13 demands.feedback

Peter Leahy

You've got a choice between going for them early, or waiting until they're well prepared. My option would be to go a long way upstream to take away any of the risk, and you might be able to turn them around into the deradicalisation space.feedback

John Blaxland

This speaks to me of the high level of proficiency, the high level of coordination, and the well-oiled machinery of state that has effectively enabled Asio, AFP, state police and related threat assessment bodies ... to collaborate effectively and be ahead of the game. It does lead to the question of 'if we're this good, which the Brits don't appear to be, why are we following the British model?feedback

John Blaxland

There's a recognition that there's a greater tolerance in the community for a proactive approach by the police on these types of issues. No one wants to wait until after the fact to collect the evidence ... that's just not going to cut it these days.feedback

Andrew Colvin - Australian Federal Police

That will mean sometimes the community will need to have patience with police because we'll be taking action when we don't have all the pieces of the puzzle to put together. We may not be in a position to charge people straight away.feedback

Mia Rose

It's true that some people blame the fires on terrorism and they write it on Facebook.feedback

Steven Mnuchin

This administration will continue to aggressively target Iran's malign activity, including their ongoing state support of terrorism, ballistic missile program, and human rights abuses.feedback

Donald J. Trump

The nation of Qatar, unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level. And in the wake of that conference, nations came together and spoke to me about confronting Qatar over its behaviour.feedback

Nicholas J. Rasmussen

Our view of this has changed a little bit as an intelligence community in the last several months. I think at one point we were worried about this outrush, this massive outflow of foreign fighters once the battlefield situation changed in Iraq and Syria–and that western countries, even countries in the region, would be flooded by returnees.feedback

Farhan Haq - United Nations

He supports the efforts of the government of Pakistan to fight terrorism and violent extremism with full respect for international human rights norms and obligations.feedback

Kadri Gursel

I find myself here before you, not because, while not being a member of a terrorist organisation, I knowingly and willingly aided a terrorist organisation, but because I am an independent, investigative and critical journalist.feedback

Anne Owers - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The deaths happened across six forces, and one was terrorism-related. All but two incidents involved cars. Pursuits are dynamic and fast-moving events, and there are authorised procedures to ensure that they are as safe as possible. However, each death is an individual tragedy, and it remains the case that the great majority of those dying both during and immediately after custody are vulnerable – through mental health and/or substance use problems.feedback

Rebecca Harms

It's clearly a political trial, it's to threaten independent journalists, especially ones like Ahmet Sik. He was one of the most known investigative journalists in Turkey and he is in prison because of his investigations and because of the quality of his articles and not because he is a terrorist.feedback

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

This is an ideological battle against the culture of ISIL. There are considerable profits, estimated between 2 and 5 billion euros per year produced from the illicit traffic of cultural goods.feedback

Frederic Loore

These lootings are used to finance armed groups such as ISIL, for example, but other groups also use the tactic. They use they money to pay the men who fight for them in war zones. But they also serve to finance terrorist acts outside these countries and especially in Europe.feedback

Can Dundar

I´m proud of my friends in jail still resisting and defending the paper and their rights to express themselves and defending the truth.feedback

Steven M. Ellis

The indictment seems to rely on reporting – they spoke to people or reported what they said. We see that claim as most suspicious.feedback

Akin Atalay

Cumhuriyet is not going to be scared, it is not going to stop. It never had any relationship with a terrorist group. Its only activity is journalistic.feedback

Akin Atalay

One aim is to silence Cumhuriyet or seize it. The second aim is to show other journalists their fate and in practice what will happen if they write what the government does not like.feedback

Tobias Garnett

This trial offers the government another opportunity to change course in its campaign against Turkey's independent media. Journalism is not a crime. Prosecutors should stop dressing up legitimate criticism as terrorism and harassing journalists through the courts.feedback

Nicholas J. Rasmussen

I've seen nothing that would lead me to believe that the leader of ISIS (Islamic State) has been removed from the battlefield. We know a good bit. We just donât have information that would confirm his death and demise.feedback

Rex W. Tillerson

Positive movement. The Qataris have continued to move forward on the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) that the US and Qatar entered into to address many of the terrorism, terror financing, counterterrorism concerns that people have. So we're, I think we're satisfied with the effort they're putting forth. I hope the four countries will consider as a sign of good faith lifting this land blockade, which is really having the most, I think, negative effects on the Qatari people.feedback

Nicholas J. Rasmussen

I think, speaking kind of broadly, that's less likely than when we perhaps first assessed if we were talking about this a year ago. Many if not most of the foreign fighters who made their way to the conflict zone will end up staying, fighting, and potentially dying in order to maintain the caliphate.feedback

Adam Stump - the Pentagon

This decision does not reduce the significance of the sacrifices that the Pakistani military has undertaken over previous years. We continue to be encouraged by Pakistan's operations in North Waziristan and elsewhere in the [federally administered tribal areas]. Pakistan's efforts have reduced the ability of some militant groups to use North Waziristan and the [tribal areas] as a safe haven for terrorism. However, the Taliban and the Haqqani Network continue to operate in other locations in Pakistan.feedback

Tim Farron

Theresa May now has a choice. Does she publish that report or keep it hidden?feedback

Jeremy Corbyn

It is no good Theresa May suppressing a report into the foreign funding of extremist groups. We have to get serious about cutting off the funding to these terror networks, including ISIS here and in the Middle East.feedback

Saif bin Ahmad Al Thani

It is especially unfortunate that this shameful act of cyber terrorism is being attributed to a fellow member of the Gulf Cooperation Council. This criminal act represents a clear violation and breach of international law and of the bilateral and collective agreements signed between the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, as well as collective agreements with the Arab League, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and the United Nations.feedback

Robert Quick

Counter-terrorism funding is ringfenced but cuts to the general policing budget [have] impacted on neighbourhood policing teams in many parts of the country including London. This has reduced the capacity of the police to work in communities building relationships and trust to in turn generate community-based intelligence about persons of concern.feedback

Lucy Mason

We must bring together the brightest minds from the private sector and academia to help find solutions to keep our country and people safe and secure.feedback

Emmanuel Macron

Donald Trump listened to me, he understood the meaning of my approach, including the link between global warming and terrorism. He told me that he would try to find a solution in the coming months, . We spoke in detail about the things that could make him come back to the Paris accord. It is important to maintain the dialogue so that the US can eventually reintegrate the field of action against global warming and play the game of multilateralism. Something could happen with respect to the Paris accord, let's see what happens.feedback

Yasser Sobih

The participation of tourists in training in these camps built on occupied Palestinian land means that they support the occupation and we ask them to stop it.feedback

Ben Wallace

In light of the horrific attacks in London and Manchester, the Government has committed to review its counter-terror strategy. I am announcing today that we are making up to two million pounds available to fund research into cutting edge technology and behavioural science projects designed to keep people safe in crowds. The threat from terror does not stand still so neither will we, which is why we are calling on the best and the brightest from the science and technology sector to come forward with their ideas and proposals to support our ongoing work to keep people safe.feedback

Sharon Gat

In two hours you can't become a professional, but we give visitors some awareness of what it means to secure yourself, your community and your family. Many (visitors) have heard from their friends (about us), that this was the highlight of their trip to Israel and that is why they come. They know it's an attraction they can't see anywhere else.feedback

Gianni Infantino

The countries warned FIFA of the risks threatening fan and player security in a country that is 'the base and the castle of terrorism.feedback

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

We believe the main issue is not about terrorism. The main issue is opposing differences and the way to shut the other voice. Maybe they are looking at Qatar [and thinking] that it's punching over its weight.feedback

Emmanuel Macron

This rage, I know, many of you still carry it in the pit of your stomach, Everything will be done in order for the republic, the state and public authorities to regain your trust … We'll respond by a fight without mercy outside and inside our borders against terrorism, everywhere. My determination is total.feedback

David Friedman

I am shocked and horrified by the despicable attack today in Jerusalem. Terrorism must be condemned by all and defeated. We pray for the victims.feedback

Birney Bervar

You're going to stay in for now, and we're going to get you evaluated and see what's going on.feedback

Karl-Johan Molnes - Norne Securities

The climate for European Airlines is this year probably the worst since the financial crisis. Brexit and terrorism in Europe plus passenger fees in Norway are making it difficult for all airlines.feedback

Angela Merkel

Europe alone cannot win the war on terrorism. We also had to name clear differences, for instance regrettably the difference on whether we need the Paris climate accord or not. We did not paper over these differences, but nevertheless contact, the ability to speak is of course important. We all agree that we need close cooperation on security questions with the United States of America, despite all differences of opinion.feedback

Rex W. Tillerson

The agreement which we both have signed on behalf of our governments represents weeks of intensive discussions between experts and reinvigorates the spirit of the Riyadh summit. The memorandum lays out a series of steps that each country will take in coming months and years to interrupt and disable terror financing flows and intensify counter terrorism activities globally.feedback

Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer

It's for France a unique opportunity to show French military power . . . and that's very important for Trump.feedback

Donald Trump Jr.

If it's what you say I love it. Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russia to greatly step up their fight against ISIS and terrorism.feedback

Loretta Radford

While we don't believe there is evidence of domestic terrorism, we also don't want to rule out that possibility.feedback

Awwad Alawwad

If there is a list of names of Saudi individuals or organisations with proven links to UK terrorism, the think tank should present them and Saudi Arabia will deal with them.feedback

Jeff Sessions

As you all know, we have a multi-front battle in front of us right now: an increase in violent crime, vicious gangs, an opioid epidemic, threats from terrorism and human traffickers.feedback

Caroline Lucas

The statement gives absolutely no clue as to which countries foreign funding for extremism originates from – leaving the government open to further allegations of refusing to expose the role of Saudi Arabian money in terrorism in the UK. The government accept that foreign funding is a significant source of income for some extremist groups here in Britain – but they won't say in public where that money is coming from.feedback

Erik Jones

They have completely contrasting messages, where Trump has argued for 'America first,' Emmanuel Macron is arguing for a kind of cosmopolitan globalist vision of France and of Europe. That is going to create very sharp contrast when the two meet in France.feedback

R.C. Hammond

Qatar and the United States have signed a memorandum of understanding between the two counties outlining future efforts Qatar can take to fortify its fight against terrorism and actively address terrorism funding issues. This is a hopeful step forward.feedback

Haider al-Abadi

The end and the failure and the collapse of the terrorist state of falsehood and terrorism which [ISIS] announced from Mosul.feedback

Rim-Sarah Alouane

People feel safe when this kind of measure is taken. But by institutionalizing the state of emergency, not only are you putting civil liberties at stake, you are not addressing the root of terrorism at all. It gives you the illusion of of security, but that's it. It's extremely worrying for a country that is known for human rights. It speaks volumes about the culture of fear we have.feedback

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

Today, the state of Qatar was the first to sign the executive programme with the United States to fight terrorism financing.feedback

Rex W. Tillerson

The US has one goal: to drive terrorism off the face of the Earth. The president said every country has an absolute duty to make sure that terrorists find no sanctuary on their soil. Together the United States and Qatar will do more to track down funding sources, will do more to collaborate and share information, and will do more to keep the region and our homeland safe.feedback

Ahmed Abu Zeid

It is unacceptable for the coalition to have amongst its members states that support terrorism or advocate for it in their media. The decision by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain to boycott Qatar – a coalition member – is in accordance with that principle.feedback

Haider al-Abadi

I announce from here the end and the failure and the collapse of the terrorist state of falsehood and terrorism, which the terrorist Daesh announced from Mosul. I hereby pay homage to Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani and his historic fatwa, calling on all Iraqi citizens to defend their country. I also pay tribute to all Iraqi fighters and soldiers, who played a role in this battle and the families of the martyrs.feedback

Henry Wilkinson

It is much more nebulous. It is much more spontaneous. Obviously, the United States has invested huge sums of money and time and resources into its counter-terrorism programme and the scale of intelligence collection and training and other things reduces the threat significantly.feedback

Damian Green

There are big issues facing this country. Not just Brexit … but counter-terrorism, improving the world of work, the issue of social care. I'm sure most of the people watching this programme will say that it's possible that no political party has the complete monopoly of wisdom. We want to see our politicians working together. That's the point the prime minister is making.feedback

Damian Green

That's one of the lessons you can draw from the general election result … people want politicians to address the big issues and if they can do it across the divide of parties then so be it. There must be things we can agree on in terms of fighting terrorism, of dealing with social care, of getting the best Brexit deal for Britain.feedback

Hassan Chalghoumi

I believe it's our job, the Muslims in Belgium, Germany, in France, in Italy and elsewhere to say no, no to terrorism and no to hate, no to barbarism. Another message is that of brotherhood and love.feedback

Marek Halter

I think that for non-Muslims it'll be about discovery, the discovery of another Islam. And for Muslims, they'll have an example, people to follow.feedback

Steve Hall

The Russians will establish some sort of counter-terrorism cooperation as a chit, a quid pro quo, and withdraw it because of some of the other things we're doing.feedback

Paulo Sergio Pinheiro

Fighting remains brutal in purpose and reprehensible in method. The imperative to fight terrorism must not, however, be undertaken at the expense of civilians who unwillingly find themselves living in areas where ISIL is present.feedback

Michael Wahid Hanna

Let us unite and be hand in hand in the face of terrorism.feedback

Vladimir Putin

I had a very lengthy conversation with the President of the United States, there were a lot of issues such as Ukraine, Syria, other problems, some bilateral issues. We again returned to the issues of fighting terrorism and cybersecurity.feedback

Theresa May

We know that the terrorist threat is evolving. We have seen the threat spread out of Syria and Iraq – into other countries and online. As we deny physical space to terrorists to operate in theatre, we must outpace the terrorist methodology as it develops to attack other vulnerable targets and increases inspired attacks. We must therefore combat the threat from every angle. This includes taking measures against permissive environments for terrorist financing, and monitoring the dispersal of foreign fighters from battle.feedback

Hans-Georg Maassen

We have to assume that we can expect further attacks by individuals or terror commandos in Germany too. Islamist terrorism is the biggest challenge facing the BfV and we see it as one of the biggest threats facing the internal security of Germany.feedback

Donald J. Trump

We are fighting hard against radical Islamic terrorism. And we will prevail. We cannot accept those who reject our values and who use hatred to justify violence against the innocent. Today, the West is also confronted by the powers that seek to test our will, undermine our confidence and challenge our interests. To meet new forms of aggression, including propaganda, financial crimes and cyber warfare, we must adapt our alliance to compete effectively in new ways and on all new battlefields.feedback

Donald J. Trump

We must stand united against these shared enemies to strip them of their territory, their funding, their networks, and any form of ideological support. While we will always welcome new citizens who share our values and love our people, our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism. As far as North Korea is concerned, I don't know, we will see what happens. I have some pretty severe things that we are thinking about. That doesn't mean we are going to do it. I don't draw red lines.feedback

Heather Nauert

We believe that overall, the fight against terrorism is something that will bring all these countries together eventually, because we still have that shared fight. And I think all the nations recognize that.feedback

Jeremy Corbyn

If Theresa May is serious about cutting off financial and ideological support for terrorism, she should publish the suppressed report on foreign funding of UK-based extremism and have difficult conversations with Saudia Arabia, not hug Saudi and allied Gulf states even closer.feedback

Caroline Lucas

It's astonishing that the prime minister is claiming to clamp down on terrorist funding, yet seemingly failing to acknowledge that one of Britain's closest allies, Saudi Arabia, is at the heart of this global problem.feedback

Donald J. Trump

In those dark days, you have lost your land but you never lost your pride. America and Europe have suffered one terror attack after another. We are going to get it to stop. While we will always welcome new citizens who share our values and love our people, our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism of any kind. To those who would criticize our tough stance, I would point out that the United States has demonstrated not merely with words but with its actions that we stand firmly behind Article 5, the mutual defense commitment.feedback

Donald J. Trump

For two centuries, Poland suffered constant and brutal attacks. But while Poland could be invaded and occupied and its borders even erased from the map, it could never be erased from history or from your hearts. In those dark days, you have lost your land but you never lost your pride. We must stand united against these shared enemies to strip them of their territory, their funding, their networks, and any form of ideological support. While we will always welcome new citizens who share our values and love our people, our borders will always be closed to terrorism and extremism.feedback

Khalifa Haftar

Your armed forces declare to you the liberation of Benghazi from terrorism, a full liberation and a victory of dignity. Benghazi has entered into a new era of safety and peace.feedback

Xi Jinping

We need to have open and innovative cooperation. We want to intensify our cooperation in the areas of trade and economy, finances, and investments but also in the fight against terrorism together.feedback

Emmanuel Macron

These people are nothing. They are terrorists, thugs and assassins. And we will put all of our energies into eradicating them.feedback

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

When measures are clothed in this context, it is because they think they will be met with international sympathy because they are 'anti-terrorism' measures.feedback

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

The list is unrealistic and is not actionable. It's not about terrorism, it's talking about shutting down the freedom of speech.feedback

Rodrigo Duterte

I am commending our troops… on the ground for your relentless effort and determination in our goal to retake the city of Marawi from the Maute group and the other local terrorist groups. I enjoin the operating troops to carry on until our objective of wiping out these enemies of the state and the people has been achieved. I urge you to remain steadfast and alert as martial law in Mindanao will remain in effect to counter the persistent threat of terrorism and insurgency.feedback

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

What Qatar has given in goodwill and good initiative for a constructive solution, based on dialogue, we believe should be sufficient (to show) we have carried out our duties from our side. There is a lot of progress that has been made on that front (countering terrorism financing)... but of course there is always room for improvement.feedback

Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan - Emirates

To defeat terrorism, we must confront extremism, we must confront hate speech, we must confront the harboring and sheltering of extremists and terrorists, and funding them. Unfortunately, we in this region see that our sister nation of Qatar has allowed and harbored and encouraged all of this. Enough is enough. Any steps taken by these countries in case Qatar fails to respond will be taken within the framework of international law, including the procedures that sovereign states have the right to take against another country.feedback

Graham Jones

We have to talk about their concerns – counter-terrorism, nationalism, defence and community, the nuclear deterrent and patriotism.feedback

Sigmar Gabriel

We all know that (this support) is not organized by states, but often by private persons. But we must somehow succeed in ending support in the region for extremist and terrorist organizations.feedback

Patrick Surry

We have already seen a pretty significant shift in terms of where Americans are looking to fly, a shift away from national destinations and more towards domestic ones. I think [this shift] is driven by these kinds of concerns about security risks, bad publicity that you're hearing from places all around the world with these kinds of terrorism incidents and so forth.feedback

John Oliver

Perhaps the most troubling thing of all is that Sinclair has a daily must-run segment called the terrorism alert desk. That's right, they report on terror every single day, whether there is something major to report on or not, which means sometimes the updates contain things like this. That is not about terrorism. It's just about Muslims. By that definition, terrorism is anything a Muslim does. Tonight, Mahershala Ali on the cover of GQ, Kareem Abdul Jabbar sneezed in an airport, and happy birthday to Fareed Zakaria. This has been your terrorism alert desk.feedback

Donald J. Trump

We cannot allow this terrorism and extremism to spread in our country, or to find sanctuary on our shores or in our cities. We want to make sure that anyone who seeks to join our country shares our values and has the capacity to love our people. Not only has God bestowed on us the gift of freedom, he's also given us the gift of heroes willing to give their lives to defend that freedom.feedback

Donald J. Trump

We cannot allow this terrorism and extremism to spread in our country, or to find sanctuary on our shores or in our cities. We want to make sure that anyone who seeks to join our country shares our values and has the capacity to love our people. We're going to start saying Merry Christmas again.feedback

Matthew Jury - Mccue & Partners

The DUP has assured us that the issue of compensation for the variety of victims of Libyan sponsored IRA terrorism throughout the UK is very much on the agenda for the Government/DUP Coordination Committee, and that discussions on how to achieve a resolution with Libya will now be taken forward at a ministerial level. This is a promising development which we hope will mean that, after decades of being ignored by successive governments, justice may finally be done.feedback

Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat

He doesn't listen to anyone. He just releases the security apparatus and they treat people unjustly, torturing and imprisoning them in the name of combating terrorism. He is just doing this to achieve his personal glory.feedback

Emmanuel Macron

The United States has announced it wants to withdraw from the Paris accord while we are facing the challenge of migration, while the fight against terrorism is a challenge affecting all our societies and where free trade is challenged by several countries. Today, we must defend those things that are common to us all.feedback

Stephen Yale-Loehr

Similarly, why can a stepsister visit the United States but not a grandmother? The State Department should vet visa applicants on a case-by-case basis for terrorism concerns, not impose overly broad categories that prevent innocent people from coming to this country.feedback

Oscar Pérez

Who gains from this? Only Nicolas for two reasons: to give credibility to his coup d'etat talk, and to blame Rodriguez.feedback

Diego Arria

This caught them by surprise. They were trying to make a point – that's why no one was killed.feedback

Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani

We do not support terrorism, we do not interfere in the internal affairs of our neighbors, and we are not secret allies of Iran.feedback

Gregory M. Lipper

We litigated against a number of religious organizations, and they all, generally, have similar or slightly different angles. But the ACLJ seemed to become much more like a movement right-wing organization. They were very noisy on Islamic terrorism . . . and they started to sound more like Fox News than focusing specifically on free speech or religious liberty issues.feedback

Emmanuel Macron

In terms of the fight against terrorism, he has the same drive for efficiency that I do. I don't share some of his choices, above all on the climate issue.feedback

Mohammad Javad Zarif

The problem for some is terrorism and support for terrorism is measured by the amount of money they spend on buying arms from the U.S.feedback

Artem Shevchenko

The picture of the crime looks like it was a planned act of terrorism.feedback

Mohammad Javad Zarif

We always believed that the Muslim ban that President Trump imposed soon after assuming office had no basis in facts and would not help fight terrorism. For some terrorism and support for terrorism is measured by the amount of arms they buy from the U.S, and not by actually being involved in acts of terrorism.feedback

Bob Corker

I could not have been more pleased with the President's recent trip to Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, the GCC did not take advantage of the summit and instead chose to devolve into conflict. All countries in the region need to do more to combat terrorism, but recent disputes among the GCC countries only serve to hurt efforts to fight ISIS and counter Iran. Before we provide any further clearances during the informal review period on sales of lethal military equipment to the GCC states, we need a better understanding of the path to resolve the current dispute and reunify the GCC.feedback

Rex W. Tillerson

Qatar has begun its careful review and consideration of a series of requests presented by Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE. While some of the elements will be very difficult for Qatar to meet, there are significant areas which provide a basis for on-going dialogue leading to resolution. We believe our allies and partners are stronger when they are working together towards one goal which we all agree is stopping terrorism and countering extremism. Each country involved has something to contribute to that effort. A lowering of rhetoric would also help ease the tension.feedback

Darren Best

We obviously needed to investigate properly given the nature of the incident and what we have seen elsewhere in the country. We needed to be careful that we ourselves didn't jump to conclusions and say things too early. I think it is absolutely and completely understandable that people jumped to the conclusions that they did given the incidents people have seen nationally.feedback

Bob Kipps

Between Europe getting its economic legs under it again, and that's where most of the terrorism has been lately ... there's a sense that global defence budgets are going to be increasing from now. It's less Trump rhetoric than the pace of events.feedback

Asif Anwar

The lady lost control of the car and hit some people. Two of them were kids. It was chaos, everyone was panicking. People just don't know what is going on these days. Terrorism is what everyone was thinking straight away.feedback

Youssef Chahed

We are persuaded there is a link between smuggling, terrorism financing, cross-border activities and also capital flight.feedback

Zaker Choudhry

This is the true face of Islam. We are sending a message to the whole world that we are united against terrorism, united against hate.feedback

Michael Fallon

There are some 10,000 servicemen and women who are working for us around the globe on operations or in our bases. They have been helping to deal with Daesh terrorism, they have been helping to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean, they have been on Nato deployments, they have been peacekeeping in South Sudan.feedback

Michael Fallon

The armed forces are always ready now to deploy in aid of the police, as back-up for the armed police and in aid of local authorities. The operation after Manchester has been well-rehearsed. They were ready to deploy. They have been helping to deal with Daesh terrorism, they have been helping to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean, they have been on Nato deployments, they have been peacekeeping in South Sudan.feedback

Michael Fallon

The armed forces are always ready now to deploy in aid of the police, as back-up for the armed police and in aid of local authorities. The operation after Manchester has been well-rehearsed. They were ready to deploy. We deployed nearly 1,000 armed troops within 12 hours on the streets, which freed up armed police to do more patrolling. They have been helping to deal with Daesh terrorism, they have been helping to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean, they have been on Nato deployments, they have been peacekeeping in South Sudan.feedback

Nawaz Sharif

No Muslim can ever imagine to commit such horrific act. Such acts of terrorism will be dealt with full power of the state.feedback

Niall Murphy

His evidence can be used as evidence against other suspects in the U.V.F., but also his R.U.C. Special Branch handlers. His admissions have led to a process of truth telling, which is important for these families. The wider perspective is the scale to which the state supervised and directed his terrorism.feedback

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

The recent terror attacks in London and Manchester –like violence anywhere – are absolutely heartbreaking. No one should have to live in fear of terrorism - and we all have a part to play in stopping violent extremism from spreading. The UK Online Civil Courage Initiative will support NGOs and community groups who work across the UK to challenge the extremist narratives that cause such harm. We know we have more to do - but through our platform, our partners and our community we will continue to learn to keep violence and extremism off Facebook.feedback

Steven H. Schulman

I find it offensive, because no reasonable person would sit down and say Radwan Ziadeh is a terrorist. There are real terrorists out there. We all know that. Somehow, we are unable to distinguish between people who actually engage in terrorist activity and who do not engage in terrorist activity.feedback

Radwan Ziadeh

Right now, I can't even plan for the future. What will happen? I have three American kids. I love, actually, the U.S. I visited all 50 states, even U.S. territories. I visited all the presidential libraries.feedback

Eric Schwartz

You had legislation that broadly expanded the definition of terrorist activity, captured people who could have been coerced into terrorist activity and created this Tier III catchall category.feedback

Robert Ford

The U.S. administration, myself included, regularly spoke with members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood who were themselves members of Syrian opposition coalitions and delegations.feedback

Radwan Ziadeh

It gives you a sense how much the U.S. government abandoned the Syrians.feedback

David Thompson

The firearms commanders, casualty bureau, custody staff, body recovery teams and uniformed officers patrolling crowded spaces that are so central to preventing and responding to a terror attack are paid for by core police funding. Over two-thirds of the policing effort after the Westminster attack was not counter-terrorism funded. This figure will be much higher following the Manchester attack.feedback

Philippe Couillard

You cannot disconnect this type of event, terrorism, from Islam in general. I think President [Emmanuel] Macron yesterday was very eloquent about this when addressing the Muslim community in France. He told them it's also your responsibility to act on the theological front to explain to your people that this is not part of the religion, that it's contrary to the teachings of the religion.feedback

Philip Hammond

We don't agree on everything, but on the big issues about the Union, about the need to grow our economy and to spread the benefits of that growth across all corners of the United Kingdom, on the need to be strong on defence and counter-terrorism - on all of these areas we agree with the Democratic Unionist Party and I am confident that we will be able to come to an arrangement with them to support the Government in the key areas of its programme.feedback

Neil Basu

Following the attack, specialist counter terrorism officers have spoken to 28 witnesses who were at the scene. We are very grateful to everyone who has provided information so far – their accounts are assisting the investigation hugely – but we need more people to come forward and tell us what they saw and what they know about the driver of this van. If you think you may have spoken to the driver please get in touch.feedback

David P. Gelios - FBI

We're trying to develop more as to his timeline and where he went after he entered the United States in Lake Champlain, New York. We have no information to suggest a wider plot, but it's certainly very early in the investigation. At this time, we view him as a lone wolf. Suffice it to say, he has a hatred for the United States. Preliminary indications are that we had no visibility on this individual.feedback

David P. Gelios - FBI

When the subject went up to the officer and stabbed him, he continued to exclaim 'Allah' and made a statement, something to the effect of 'You have killed people in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and we are all going to die.feedback

Jeff Sessions

I want to assure all our law enforcement across the nation, any attack on someone who serves and protects our citizens will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I am proud of the swift response from the FBI and our federal prosecutors and their partnership with local police and the Canadian authorities. Our prayers are with the officer and his family for a full recovery. President Trump has prioritized the safety of all law enforcement officers, and this Department of Justice is committed to that goal.feedback

Heather Nauert

The more that time goes by, the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Were the actions really about their concerns about Qatar's alleged support for terrorism, or were they about the long-simmering grievances between and among the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries?feedback

Helima Croft - BC Capital

We contend the region could witness more near-term volatility and heightened risk of military confrontation. The political risk premium may therefore be set to stage a comeback. This is a big generational shift in Saudi Arabia. I used to talk about 70 being young for a Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia. To have 31-year old Crown Prince is a decisive break with past practice. To move aside Mohammed bin Nayef, the counter terrorism czar, the figure of the establishment, this is ground breaking for Saudi Arabia. The question is can Mohammed bin Salman deliver on his big reform plans?feedback

Donald J. Trump

We're going to have a lot of great success over the coming years, and we want to get as many to fight terrorism as possible.feedback

Donald Tusk - European Council

It is fair to say that we will meet in a different political context from that of a few months ago, when the anti-EU forces were on the rise. The current developments on the continent seem to indicate that we are slowly turning the corner. In many of our countries, the political parties that have built their strength on anti-EU sentiments are beginning to diminish. We are witnessing the return of the EU rather as a solution, not a problem.feedback

Ralph Goodale

There is complete co-operation between the RCMP and other Canadian authorities and agencies with all of their counterparts in the United States and we will do everything we possibly can to assist in this matter.feedback

Alain Bauer

The question that was asked was not to know whether there would be bombings, but how to endure them, resist against them, stand up against them with the idea that at the end, they would win. We have gone from hyperterrorism or gigaterrorism to lumpenterrorism, low-intensity terrorism of proximity, with few victims but with a strong media amplification.feedback

Damian Green

There's still the possibility, there's every possibility of a DUP deal. The talks have been taking place in a constructive way. Clearly, two political parties, we have some differences. But we have a lot in common. We're both unionist parties at our heart. We're both obviously very concerned with combating terrorism, we both have similar views about delivering a good Brexit for this country and obviously, we're both very, very concerned with the Irish border issue. But all talks of this kind take a long time, and they're still continuing.feedback

Carolyn Everson - Global Marketing

Facebook is a safe place for brands, let me start there. The second thing I would say is we have zero tolerance, zero tolerance for hate speech and terrorism. There is no place for any of that on our platforms, and we have already made a commitment.feedback

Diane Abbott

We know that a large proportion of referrals to Prevent involve far-right or fascist terrorism, but it is far less clear whether this is reflected in the charging or conviction rates. Terrorism affects us all.feedback

Theresa May

It is a reminder that terrorism, extremism and hatred take many forms; and our determination to tackle them must be the same whoever is responsible. This was an attack that once again targeted the ordinary and the innocent going about their daily lives ? this time British Muslims as they left a Mosque having broken their fast and prayed together at this sacred time of year. Today we come together - as we have done before ? to condemn this act and to state once again that hatred and evil of this kind will never succeed.feedback

David Anderson

The threat from extreme Right-wing terrorism in the UK is currently fragmented but the massacre perpetrated by Anders Breivik in Norway is a warning against underestimating the threat. Both the Government and the courts treat the threat with the seriousness it deserves. Extreme Right-wing ideology can be just as murderous as its Islamist equivalent. A sophisticated network is not a prerequisite for mass slaughter.feedback

Theresa May

This morning we have seen a sickening attempt to destroy those freedoms, and to break those bonds of citizenship that define our United Kingdom. It is a reminder that terrorism, extremism and hatred take many forms, and our determination to tackle them must be the same whoever is responsible.feedback

Theresa May

It is a reminder that terrorism, extremism and hatred take many forms; and our determination to tackle them must be the same whoever is responsible. As I said here two weeks ago, there has been far too much tolerance of extremism in our country over many years – and that means extremism of any kind, including Islamophobia.feedback

Theresa May

Hatred and evil of this kind will never succeed. There has been far too much tolerance of extremism over many years. This was an attack on Muslims near their place of worship and like all terrorism, in whatever form, it shares the same fundamental goal. It seeks to drive us apart and to break the precious bonds of solidarity and citizenship that we share in this country. There has been far too much tolerance of extremism in our country over many years and that means extremism of any kind including Islamophobia.feedback

Theresa May

It was an attack that targeted the ordinary and the innocent. Today we come together as we have done before to condemn this act and state an act of hatred of this kind will never succeed in dividing us. Like all terrorism, in whatever form, it shares the same goal: to drive us apart. We will not let this happen.feedback

Sadiq Khan

While this appears to be an attack on a particular community … it is also an assault on all our shared values of tolerance, freedom and respect. Terrorism is terrorism, whether it is Islamist-inspired or inspired by others.feedback

Sadiq Khan

We will not allow these terrorists to succeed ... We're going to carry on being a united city. Unfortunately there has been a spike in hate crime after the other attacks.feedback

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