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Park Jin Woo
We are more concerned about the competition in China than the short-term effects of the Thaad
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Sep 29 2017
Geng Shuang, Harry Harris, Harry Kazianis and Jeffrey Lewis, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about THAAD. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 88 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 121 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Geng Shuang is: “The deployment of THAAD in South Korea will destroy the strategic balance in the region and bring about a further increase in tensions. The Chinese side strongly urges the US and South Korea to cancel the deployment and withdraw the equipment.”.
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Bruce Klingner

I'd say it certainly does send a signal that this is a good system for defending against theater-level ballistic missile threats, including North

Laura Grego - Union of Concerned Scientists

While the THAAD system does have a good number of interceptors, I can imagine it getting overwhelmed by sheer

Laura Grego - Union of Concerned Scientists

We generally say they are scripted for success. They don't have challenging countermeasures of the type that a really dedicated adversary would

Scott A. Snyder - Council on Foreign Relations

There's the possibility that there could be additional discussions about how long this [THAAD] review is going to

Lee Seok-ju

I see this going on for at least two years, and at longest, even five. If this was going to end in one or two days, we would have fought tooth and nail, but we're saving our energy for the long

Lee Dong-ryul

Moon Jae-in doesn't seem to want to aggravate the current uncertain situation by proceeding with the deployment. Given unfavourable domestic sentiment, he is using procedural legitimacy as an excuse to halt Thaad, while taking his time to persuade China on the matter and improve relations with North

Ed Royce

The THAAD defensive missile system is critical to protecting South Koreans from Kim Jong Un's growing arsenal. I hope any environmental concerns related to the full deployment of THAAD will be dispelled with a quick and thorough review. We need to use every tool at our disposal –- including additional sanctions -– to address the Kim regime's threats. And we must continue to press China and Russia to play more productive roles, since North Korea's nuclear program endangers us

Hua Chunying

We have said many times before that the United States deployment of THAAD not only is not beneficial for the resolution of the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, it is also not good for regional stability. On this issue, China and Russia are agreed and have common interests. Of course China and Russia will continue to closely communicate on this issue, we will oppose the United States deploying THAAD in South

David Helvey

This is about readiness. This demonstrates that the United States has military capabilities across the western Pacific, including in the Sea of Japan. It sends a message of reassurance, and it does send a message of resolve. But this is part of our routine actions and our presence. I can't get into the specifics of what was communicated by whom and when. We have been consulting with the R.O.K. government throughout this entire process to get the entire Thaad battery to the Korean Peninsula, which includes six launchers. We have been very

Harry Kazianis

North Korea has over 1,000 missiles that literally could strike South Korea at any time. So they need as many interceptors as they can

Harry Kazianis

When they lose money from a big economy like China – tourism, manufactured goods, other types of trade – that hurts them. So that's why this is a much bigger deal than it should

John Venable

You've got folks who are in place, elected by the people, who are not representing them

Harry Kazianis

The Chinese have essentially put a de facto blockage on South Korea for deploying

Wu Riqiang

I don't think China can persuade South Korea to give up Thaad. China will build more nuclear weapons but won't do so

John Delury

There is a search for a face-saving trigger. During the review, the Thaad equipment would stay there but would be turned

Cheng Xiaohe

South Korea could make a promise to only allow one set of Thaad on its territory. But that's not enough. China could ask South Korea not to join a trilateral alliance with Japan and the United

Lee Hae-chan

President Moon said he hopes I'd also pass on his gratitude to you for your message of congratulation and the telephone call after he was

Xi Jinping

China , too, pays great attention to the bilateral ties . We're willing to work with South Korea to preserve the hard-won results, properly handle dis put es, put China -South Korea relations back onto a normal track and benefit both peoples on the basis of mutual understanding and mutual respect. China is willing to strengthen communication with the new South Korean government... (and) continue to push for the denuclearisation of the Korean

Ariel Cohen

A win for left-leaning Moon Jae-in, the favorite in the race, may cause turbulence in Seoul's relationship with Washington. Moon supports a version of the 'sunshine policy' towards the North Korean dictator, and has criticized President Donald J. Trump's attempt to stick the U.S. ally with a bill for the THAAD missile system

Scott Seaman - Eurasia Group

As tensions with North Korea have risen and China continues to oppose South Korea's plans to deploy the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system, security and foreign policy has become a much larger campaign

John Park

Trump's statements have helped Beijing in its efforts to reverse or slow THAAD deployment in South

John Pomfret

If South Korea re-thinks the THAAD deployment, it does not bode well for the rest of

Hyun-Wook Kim

One of the reasons we tried to quickly finish THAAD deployment [is] because we believe the U.S.-South Korea relationship was a firm alliance. But then Trump … gives me some internal debate about what to do with China and the

Donald J. Trump

If it would be appropriate for me to meet with him, I would absolutely, I would be honored to do it. If it's under the, again, under the right circumstances. But I would do

Jeff Davis - Navy

[Thaad] is moving very quickly; it will have initial operational capability very soon. The relationship on Thaad, on our defence relationship going forward, will be renegotiated, as it's going to be with all of our

Bonnie Glaser

Trump's remarks reflect his persistent desire for allies to pay more for their defense. As far as their impact on South Korea's election, they will likely boost support for Moon, and if he wins, it will make it harder for the U.S. to sustain a hard-line policy against North Korea. So Trump's remarks don't seem very strategic to

Daniel Pinkston - The International Crisis Group

This almost certainly will become another self-inflicted wound for the alliance and for U.S. foreign

Theodore Postol

The THAAD interceptor is very easily defeated by either causing a missile to tumble end over end, or by intentionally fragmenting a rocket into pieces. This makes it possible for the THAAD radar to quickly acquire ICBMs launched from China well before the ICBMs rise over the horizon where they could be then seen by U.S. national missile defense

Kim Ki-jung

Even if we purchase THAAD, its main operation would be in the hands of the United States. So purchasing it would be an impossible option. That was our topic when we were considering the

Chung Eui-yong

This is a new dimension. Our position has been that we should review THAAD even if we are not paying for it, but his comments on the cost have changed the fundamental aspect of this issue. We will have to choose what is best for our national

Theodore Postol

This makes it possible for the THAAD radar to quickly acquire ICBMs launched from China well before the ICBMs rise over the horizon where they could be then seen by U.S. National Missile Defence

Harry Harris

The ROK-US alliance decided last July to deploy THAAD, that's a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, which will be operational in the coming days and able to better defend South Korea against the growing North Korea threat. So if China wants to do something constructive then they ought to focus less, in my opinion, on South Korea's defensive preparations and focus instead more on North Korea's offensive

Kwon Ki-hwan

People of my generation are more worried about our national security because we know what war is like. I've seen what happens to people during a war with my own eyes, so I support anyone who puts our security first. And that includes deploying Thaad. I would prefer peace through talks, of course, but that's for the politicians to decide. My biggest fear is that one day we will have a second Korean war. It might be sparked by a decision made by the US, but the victims will be

Lee Seok-joo

We are worried that we are now a North Korean target. But there is also a strong element of political theatre in all of this. To get the votes they need, the main candidates in the presidential election are pandering to conservative voters – and that means not outwardly opposing

Harry Harris

[Thaad] will be operational in the coming days and able to better defend South Korea against the growing North Korean

Cai Jun

The real goal of the United States and South Korea in deploying Thaad is as a move in the game of the United States' global antimissile defense system. This will further tighten the Asia-Pacific antimissile barrier enclosing China and Russia, and will weaken their strategic capacities – something we adamantly

Park Kwang-on

Moon Jae-in has been consistent in his position on the THAAD deployment: that it must be decided by the next administration after enough public discussion and by national consensus. Any deployment that completely ignores appropriate processes must be suspended now, and the final decision should be made after consultation between South Korea and the

Geng Shuang

The deployment of THAAD in South Korea will destroy the strategic balance in the region and bring about a further increase in tensions. The Chinese side strongly urges the US and South Korea to cancel the deployment and withdraw the

John Delury

There's a sense in Seoul that THAAD deployment has been rushed based on the timetable of South Korea's presidential election, rather than North Korea's threats. To some extent, the acceleration of THAAD deployment has 'worked,' limiting the next South Korean leader's room for maneuver. But there's the danger of a backlash among the South Korean public feeling like a pawn in the game of 'America

Kang Hyun-wook

Police let THAAD equipment pass through (protesters) by repressing them. The THAAD deployment is illegal and should be

Kim Jong-kyung

We will continue our fight and there's still time for THAAD to be actually up and running so we will fight until equipment is withdrawn from the site and ask South Korea's new government to reconsider the

Andrew Gilholm - Control Risks

Beijing is likely to keep the pressure on until the new government is set up in Seoul and has made its position (on THAAD)

John Pike

Even if THAAD works reasonably well and even if Patriot in Japan works reasonably well, all they (North Korea) have to do is get one warhead through and then what happens. It would not be pretty. There would be a lot of dead

Michael Hayden

Frankly, we did that. President Obama did that with the deployment of THAAD. We planted this high-end air defense system in South Korea that has obvious implications for the Chinese because the radar fans go all the way through Manchuria. There are things like that, actions we could take that are logical and useful to defend against this particular kind of threat that we should not forgo merely because it would upset the

Zhang Baohui

It is clear that there is no one in China who really knows the technical capability of THAAD and that's part of the problem. THAAD's full capabilities are secret so there is a real knowledge gap among Chinese strategists. If they are misplaced, they are at least genuine in their concern - they have to assume a worst case

Peng Guangqian

We can also make THAAD useless through electronic interference and feigned military activities, because such activities can interrupt the functioning of the THAAD

Wu Qian

We are willing to make joint efforts with the U.S. side ... so as to maintain a stable military-to-military relationship while striving to make new gains. The deployment of the THAAD system will definitely not make (South Korea) any safer. And secondly, the Chinese military's opposition to the THAAD system will definitely not be confined to just

Sean Spicer

It's the purpose of this meeting, of that kind of a meeting, to help defuse tensions over North Korea and the recent deployment of a THAAD military battery to South

Ahn Hee-won

Anti-Korean sentiment is running high in China due to the THAAD issue. Given the local political and economic situation, we asked schools to visit domestic destinations instead of going

Ji Wonik

But I didn't tell my parents because they might feel terrible, too. I hope the government could quickly come up with diplomatic

Gary Ross

THAAD is a purely defensive system designed to counter short- and medium-range regional ballistic missiles. It will not undermine China's or Russia's strategic

Richard Weitz

China has already engaged in one of its most assertive influence campaigns in recent history to prevent the THAAD deployment, encompassing threatening leadership speeches, alarming media commentary, and most recently coercive economic pressure that has included government-sanctioned trade

Daniel Pinkston - The International Crisis Group

If people say THAAD is ineffective but it will antagonize North Korea and China, well, that's contradictory, because if it's ineffective then the first parties that would be celebrating would be North Korea and China, because of the opportunity cost. If the US and Korea just dumped a billion dollars in to something that doesn't work, that's money that didn't go into something that was

Brendan M. Howe

The threat from North does not come from North Korean nukes, it comes from the Soviet-era artillery all along the DMZ (the 250-kilometer de-militarized zone that separates the South from the North). THAAD cannot defend against Soviet-era artillery. Really, it doesn't improve South Korea's security at all. Even if he decides that THAAD has to remain, maybe there is a way he can allay Chinese fears over the radar penetration. It's going to be a very difficult negotiation but I think that is the only way

Moon Jae-in

We should complain about what needs to be complained about and we should make diplomatic efforts to persuade China. It is also not desirable for China to harm our relationship with excessive retaliation. I call on China to immediately

Mark Toner

In addition to Thaad these [drones] are defensive measures that are a response to what we – and by 'we' I mean South Korea, the United States and Japan – view as a real and credible threat to our

Wang Hongguang

We will complete our deployment before THAAD begins operations. There is no need to wait for two months [before the election of the next South Korean president]. We already have such equipment in place. We just have to move it to the right

Jonathan Berkshire Miller

Any delay or disruption of THAAD deployment plans would be nonsensical considering Pyongyang's dramatic record of missile development. This situation and doubts within Seoul on how to approach Pyongyang will leave even more fertile ground for North Korea to

Jaganath Sankaran

The Thaad radar simply cannot cover the entire or even a substantial part of the Chinese

Jeffrey Lewis

I don't think that the Chinese and U.S. have, historically, experienced the kind of tit-for-tat modernization that we saw during the U.S.-Soviet arms race. The Chinese more or less modernized for their own reasons and according to their own ideas. I don't see the deployment of Thaad in South Korea as a significant improvement in the ability of the U.S. to monitor Chinese missile

Jeff Davis - Navy

We made an agreement with the Republic of Korea that this was a capability that they needed ... This is something that is needed militarily. That agreement was reached and we remain committed to delivering on

Geng Shuang

We are all very clear that the crux of the problem between China and South Korea is that South Korea is ignoring China's concerns and is deploying the THAAD antimissile system with the United

Lee Chung-min

Despite Moon's inclination to oppose THAAD deployment, he will not undo it at the expense of worsening ties with Trump just as Moon begins his term in

Lee Chung-min

If Moon wins the general election, he will emphasize South Korea's alliance with the U.S. and a strong defense posture. But his heart will lie in fostering deeper engagement with the North and negotiating an early summit with Kim Jong Un. While China might expect a U-turn over THAAD if Moon becomes president, it will be extremely difficult for Moon to do that, since THAAD is being placed primarily for the defense of the United States Forces in

Jeffrey Lewis

It's not that [China's objections] are irrational, but it's more about what the deployment symbolizes than the radar's actual capability. It's very controversial, the THAAD system. And whoever comes after Park will have the system in place without the responsibility of having agreed to

Nikki Haley

Tell me why we wouldn't do the THAAD in light of 24 ballistic missiles, in light of two nuclear tests, knowing that we're going to protect our allies. We're not going to leave South Korea standing there with the threat of North Korea facing them and not help. The reason for THAAD is because of the actions of North

John Schilling

This is somewhat exaggerated as a threat, but the full capabilities of the THAAD system are classified so it can't be entirely

Hong Ik-pyo

They say this is only to defend us from North Korea, but everyone knows this is part of the American missile defense plan. China sees the Thaad deployment in South Korea the way the Americans saw the in the

Wang Yi

It's common knowledge that the monitoring and early warning radius of Thaad reaches far beyond the Korean Peninsula and compromises China's strategic security. It's not the way that neighbors should treat each other, and it may very well make South Korea less

Mark Toner

We've been very clear that a decision to deploy THAAD is as a defensive measure, in order to protect not only South Korea, but also our military who is stationed in South

Geng Shuang

China firmly opposes the United States and (South Korea) in deploying the THAAD anti-missile system in the (South Korea). We will surely take necessary measures to safeguard our own security interests. The United States and the (South Korea) will bear all the consequence arising therefrom. We, once again, strongly urge relevant parties to stop the deployment process and not to go any further down the wrong

Geng Shuang

China firmly opposes the deployment of THAAD. We will definitely be taking necessary measures to safeguard our own security interest. All consequences entailed from that will be borne by the U.S. and (South Korea). We once again strongly urge the relevant sides to stop the process of deployment and refrain from going further down that wrong

Geng Shuang

I want to emphasize that we firmly oppose the deployment of THAAD. We will resolutely take necessary measures to defend our security interests. All consequences entailed from this will be borne by the U.S. and the Republic of

Rajiv Biswas - IHS Economics & Country Risk

China's economic measures in response to South Korea's installation of THAAD are having an increasingly significant impact on the South Korean economy. The South Korean economy is highly vulnerable to Chinese economic retaliation as China is its largest export

Yang Uk

THAAD installation will not be met with fully open arms but semi-open arms. A majority of South Korean people do understand the need for installing the THAAD and also that it is better sooner than later, but China's trade attack and pressure on South Korean people and businesses is [stopping] many South Koreans from welcoming

Yang Uk

The reality is that China is opposed to THAAD deployment not because of South Korea, but because of the U.S., and so if the U.S. works closely with South Korea to alleviate China's pressure against South Korea, more South Koreans will openly support THAAD

Jeffrey Lewis

An advantage of the ER Scud over the Rodong is that the ER Scud is much cheaper. So North Korea can presumably build more ER Scuds to overwhelm

Michael Elleman

I would be disappointed to learn that four attacking missiles would overwhelm

Joshua Pollack

The use of multiple shots, timed ever-more-closely together, appears destined to rehearse saturating a defensive system by presenting it with an overwhelmingly complex radar

Markus Schiller

The number of interceptors is limited, and the number that one THAAD system could handle at once is limited, too. THAAD has fared well in tests, but has not been used in real combat, under real

Gary Ross

The specific number of threats (THAAD) can engage at once is classified, but we have successfully demonstrated the ability to engage multiple

Joe Bermudez - AllSource Analysis

If all three nations and their assets are integrated – and they can be integrated, there are systems for doing that – then the system has a synergy that is quite

Harry Harris

Continued provocative actions by North Korea, to include yesterday's launch of multiple missiles, only confirm the prudence of our alliance decision last year to deploy THAAD to South Korea. We will resolutely honor our alliance commitments to South Korea and stand ready to defend ourselves, the American homeland, and our

Cui Zhiying

The U.S. and South Korea are not dealing with the the THAAD issue very well because they have not fully considered China's security concerns. All parties should cooperate on this issue, instead of U.S. and South Korea getting together to suppress

Harry Harris

Continued provocative actions by North Korea, to include yesterday's launch of multiple missiles, only confirm the prudence of our alliance decision last year to deploy Thaad to South

Harry B. Harris Jr.

Continued provocative actions by North Korea, to include yesterday's launch of multiple missiles, only confirm the prudence of our alliance decision last year to deploy Thaad to South Korea. We will resolutely honor our alliance commitments to South Korea and stand ready to defend ourselves, the American homeland and our

Sean Spicer

The launches are consistent with North Korea's long history of provocative behavior. The United States stand with our allies in the face of this very serious threat. The Trump administration is taking steps to enhance our ability to defend against North Korea's ballistic missiles, such as through the deployment of a THAAD battery to South

Geng Shuang

There are absolutely no anti-THAAD campaigns in China, still less violent campaigns. Instead of chasing shadows that don't exist, we hope the South Korean side will heed the voice of the people and take concrete actions to avoid causing further damage to bilateral

Wang Yi

China understands South Korea's need to protect its own security, and at the same time South Korea should respect China's reasonable position. What we need is multiple layers of defence ... THAAD is really relevant. We don't pose any threat to China. All parties, at the same time as strictly enforcing (U.N.) Security Council resolutions, should proactively look for break through points to resume negotiations, to break the negative cycle of the nuclear issue on the

Lu Kang

On principle, I can say that China welcomes foreign enterprises to invest. At the same time, relevant companies operating in China must abide by laws and

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

Were it not for the provocative behaviour of North Korea, we would have no need for Thaad out here. Thaad should be a worry to no nation other than North Korea. I talked to President Trump and he wanted to make a very clear statement about the priority that we place on this alliance between our two nations, the secretary said. Our new administration inherits a very strong, trusted relationship between our two countries and it's our commitment to make it even stronger especially in the face of the provocations that you face from North

Florian Kohlbacher

(Chinese retaliation) is happening and will further accelerate. It's not going to have an impact on South Korea's in a sense that they are not going to reconsider the decision to deploy

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

There is the issue of relations with neighbouring countries. This problem can be solved

Joo Hyung-hwan

We plan to present the relation between China's actions that have been pointed out by our companies and the THAAD deployment during a meeting on Friday regarding the free trade agreement between South Korea and

Moon Jae-in

It is inappropriate for the THAAD deployment process to go on under the current political

Stephan Haggard

There is certainly a chance that blocking deployment of THAAD will be a long-run objective, or creating conditions under which it would not need to be deployed. But an incoming president and opposition party will need to think about its broader relationship with the U.S. and might be cautious at the

Stephan Haggard

The opposition has long believed that a confrontational stance toward the North is counterproductive, and needs to be balanced with greater

Geng Shuang

The Chinese side is always positive to people-to-people and cultural exchanges with the Republic of Korea. However, I believe you can all understand that such kind of exchanges should be based on public support. China's steadfast opposition to the deployment of THAAD is well known to all...Relevant parties must have taken note of

John Kerry

There should be no doubt that the United States will do whatever is necessary to defend ourselves and to honor the security commitments that we have made to allies, including to the Republic of Korea. And we will deploy as soon as possible a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense battery to our Korean

Cai Jun

The United States' blind development of anti-missile systems that exceed demand and its search for absolute unilateral military superiority inevitably damage global strategic equilibrium and gravely harm major powers' strategic trust. China and Russia are in close communication on next year's

Geng Shuang

We keep repeating our position that the deployment of the THAAD missile system by the United States and the ROK [Republic of Korea] will not address the concerns of relevant parties, contribute to denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, or aid the peace and stability of the Peninsula. The deployment will severely damage regional strategic security interests and harm the regional strategic

Shen Dingli

I think any idea to ask North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons would fail, and any idea to ask South Korea to abandon THAAD would

Park Geun-hye

The deployment of THAAD is an act of self defense. Her priority as president was to "protect the lives of our people from the reckless provocations of the

Wang Yi

THAAD is most certainly not a simple technical issue, but an out-and-out strategic

Joshua Pollack

In addition to the basic goal of enhancing missile units' readiness to fight, it might be a way of reminding their southern neighbours that the site chosen for a THAAD battery in South Korea is within

Liu Jieyi

At this second all events involved ought to keep away from actions that may additional worsen rigidity on the bottom. China opposes the deployment of the THAAD anti-missile system … as a result of such an motion harms the strategic and safety pursuits of China and different nations of the

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