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Kristin Cavallari
Really, it's not that bad. We're going to see him a lot, and the five months will go by quickly. Thanksgiving, Christmas and all that good stuff, we'll be out there with
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Oct 25 2017
Stephen D. Lebovitz, Barack Obama, Matthew Shay and Jennifer Aaronson, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Thanksgiving. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 163 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 245 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Stephen D. Lebovitz is: “Nothing is set in stone forever, but it's a very high likelihood we will continue this unless the circumstances change.”.
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Stephen D. Lebovitz - CBL & Associates Properties

Nothing is set in stone forever, but it's a very high likelihood we will continue this unless the circumstances

Rebecca Gardner

Holidays are a time to connect with those closest to you, and when you're on a trip, there can be a tendency to lose sight of the specialness of the

Rebecca Gardner

In a private dining room, you can make toasts and carry on without worrying about your voice. You can lose or forget about gifts, but unique experiences will stay with you

Stephen D. Lebovitz - CBL & Associates Properties

Our properties are not just about retail or shopping – they serve as gathering places for their respective

Cameron Huddleton

For the most part, the places that are most affordable to visit [during the holidays] are places where it's the off-season. That's when you can find some really good

Cameron Huddleton

If you want to travel, get online and start searching now for flights. Seats will fill up fast, especially for Thanksgiving because it's the busiest time of the year for

Stephen D. Lebovitz - CBL & Associates Properties

We had such overwhelming support from last year's decision. We felt validated by that ... it was the right thing to

Patrick Surry

Prices will really begin spiking by $10 per day during the final two weeks leading up to

Patrick Surry

Based on Hopper's historical data, the best time to book Christmas flights is about 83 days before departure, which is the first week of October. Prices begin rising by about $4 per day around Thanksgiving, and then by about $7 per day in the final two

Patrick Surry

If you have flexibility, in general it will pay to extend your

Patrick Surry

Pricing is extremely nuanced. Everyone wants a golden rule about when to buy, but it really depends on your route, dates and

Matthew Shay

Our forecast reflects the very realistic, steady momentum of the economy and overall strength of the industry. Although this year hasn't been perfect, especially with the recent devastating hurricanes, we believe that a longer shopping season and strong consumer confidence will deliver retailers a strong holiday

Gary Wortham - Woodbridge

It was a hard pill to swallow last year finishing 3-7. That's just not the nature of the program. The guys rallied around that bad situation and got to work right after Thanksgiving last year. Also having a healthy Antevious Jackson makes a huge

Lena Waithe

I see each and every one of you. The things that make us different, those are our super powers. Every day, when you walk out the door and put on your imaginary cape and go out there and conquer the world – because the world would not be as beautiful as it is if we weren't in it. And for everybody out there that showed so much love for this episode, thank you for embracing a little Indian boy from South Carolina and a little queer black girl from the South Side of Chicago. We appreciate it more than you could ever know. Thank you, Academy, for this. We love you all. God bless you

Lena Waithe

There's so much of me in that episode of television. It's a beautiful tribute to my family, to black women everywhere, to black matriarchs. It's just such a wonderful ode to my childhood and my growing up and my evolution as a woman and being comfortable with myself. It really started out with me going to New York and sitting with those guys, just talking about a bunch of stuff, and that was the thing they really landed

Lena Waithe

My LGBTQIA family, I see each and every one of you. The things that make us different, those are our superpowers. Every day, when you walk out the door, put on your imaginary cape and go out there and conquer the world, because the world would not be as beautiful as it is if we weren't in it. And for everybody out there that showed us so much love for this episode, thank you for embracing a little Indian boy from South Carolina and a little queer black girl from the South Side of

Bruce Arians

It's a great opportunity for Kerwynn Williams and Andre. We'll get Chris Johnson back up to

Bruce Arians

It was a really hard one. He was just getting back into good shape, and I look forward to having him

Octavia Spencer

I think women are sexy when they are confident. I think trying to wear nine inch heels and tights trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey, those days are gone [for me].feedback

Mike Ervin

He and his telethon symbolize an antiquated and destructive 1950s charity

Mitch McConnell

There is a great deal of bipartisan consensus about what ails our tax code, and my hope is that our friends on the other side of the aisle will join with us in a serious

Susie Landau Finch

The Reiners were my parents best friends and when I was little Carl, Estelle and Rob and Mel Brooks would be over and there were all these funny jokes. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas actors were coming over and improving and it was a lot of

Carly Zakin

What worked, when you deconstruct it is, it was two to three hours of telling you, here's everything you need to know to be a functioning person: This is the news, the latest movie that's out, the book to read, how to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. Our audience is not watching morning TV in those ways

Brian McCarthy

We like the idea of having the same booth announcers from Sunday night and Sunday afternoon to carry over to Thursday. We're hoping for that same magic 'Sunday Night Football' has with Al and Cris to carry over to Thursday

Lindsey Vonn

Tomorrow is thanksgiving so before my family gets here I want to take the time and give thanks. Even though I'm injured, again, I have so much to be thankful for; incredible friends, an amazing boyfriend, my family and a lot of loyal supporters….feedback

Brant Pinvidic

We left Albert in the chicken coop for a week before we let him roam the yard with the other chickens (they need to imprint on their new home or they wander off). On Thanksgiving Day, we let him out for the first time and rather than wandering the yard with the others, he followed me right inside the house. Albert is literally the happiest when he is surrounded by people. He LOVES attention and will head right to the crowd. He is definitely not trying to mate; I've seen him mate and it's very

Sophie Turner

I found it easier to date someone who understands the [showbiz] industry or is in that world. You realize that you're not going to see each other all the time. And you don't feel like a jerk when you're like, My publicist says I can't do

Leon Talley - André

I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas there. In the past, I've had terrible challenges around the holidays, so this year I decided to go there. It's a very encouraging environment. I had to cut out ice cream and desserts, pie, cakes and cookies. I don't keep those things in the house. It's very tough with my lifestyle. I have learned to avoid the temptations. There is no bullying about my weight. The fashion world has accepted me and they keep me there for my knowledge, not my

Vanna White

I was in my living room. It was the day before Thanksgiving in 1982. She called and said I got the job, and I was just in heaven. I still count my

Richard Langford

Our plates are what most people use as meat

Michael Brierley

Recently, Vale of Evesham asparagus has been awarded EU protected name status, and when the festival organisers asked if a round of asparagus could be blessed in a service at the cathedral on St George's day, the first day of the farming season, the cathedral was very happy to include a thanksgiving for the vegetable at its evening service, as a sign of the abundant provision and generosity of

Janice Dean

I started to imagine myself in V-neck dresses without feeling like I should be gobbling to Thanksgiving dinner. There has been overwhelming support, and I'm hearing stories about other people that have also had complications with cosmetic procedures. It happens a lot more than we hear about. But, we don't talk about it because we live in a society where we are all supposed to look healthy and beautiful and young '

Julia Roberts

He, like, floated and told us all about this space mission that he is on. And I told him, You are officially the coolest guy I went to high school with.' . I think I'm a slow rise. I'm like a slow Thanksgiving dinner

Tommy DiDario

You know Italians and Cubans – we love our traditions! We learned creating our own as a family can be really fun. Each year, we put up our Christmas tree right before Thanksgiving and host a big feast for our family in our apartment. It's just a simple reminder of what truly matters – being surrounded by friends, family and

K.T. McFarland

First of all, President Trump hired me, and he gave me a call on Thanksgiving Day to ask me to be the deputy national security adviser. The president and I have had a number of conversations over the last two months, really, about what my role would continue to be and where I could be best used for what his vision is of foreign policy. So I can tell you we talked about it again last night and there are changes coming, but I'm not going to tell you what they are. You've gotten enough secrets out of me this

Neil Saunders - Banana Republic

While [Thanksgiving to Christmas] remains the most important single period for purchasing, it accounts for a much smaller share of annual sales than it once

Debbie Berger Fox

My parents always wanted to live in Somerset, so part of renovating this house was in honor of him. I was able to spend a lot of time with him during his last six months, and, in fact, his last outing out of the house was to come here for

Meghan Markle

Both my parents came from little, so they made a choice to give a lot – buying turkeys for homeless shelters at Thanksgiving, delivering meals to patients in hospice care, donating any spare change in their pocket to those asking for it, and performing quiet acts of grace – be it a hug, a smile, or a pat on the back to show ones in need that they would be alright. This is what I grew up seeing, so that is what I grew up being: a young adult with a social consciousness to do what I could, and to, at the very least, speak up when I knew something was

Amy Schumer

I look very stupid skinny. My dumb head stays the same size but then my body, like, shrivels and just look like a, like a Thanksgiving Day parade [balloon] of Tonya Harding. Nobody likes it. It's not cute on me. I got worried because it gets in your head – just everything on television and movies and magazines and the internet. All the women are just beautiful little skeletons with tits … I'm like, Oh, my god! Are men still going to be attracted to me?' And that's when I remembered…they don't care. I feel very good in my own skin. I feel strong. I feel healthy. I do. I feel

Richard Jaffe - Stifel, Nicolaus & Company

The strength around Thanksgiving and Christmas was insufficient to offset the sales weakness in the balance of the

People receiving these letters have already made up their minds about Obamacare when they applied for an exemption or paid a

Louise McNitt

Clostridium is one of the most common foodborne illnesses in the U.S. It can be found in the human intestine without hurting us, but eating food containing large amounts of this bacteria can cause illness and in some cases death. This bacteria usually causes fairly mild symptoms, such as stomach cramping and diarrhea that lasts for 6 to 12

Marilyn Underwood

We're saddened for the families that suffered losses this holiday season. We encourage anyone planning charity events where food will be served to the public to contact us to understand the permitting process and to learn about food

Louise McNitt

Clostridium perfringens is one of the most common foodborne illnesses in the U.S. It can be found in the human intestine without hurting us, but eating food containing large amounts of this bacteria can cause illness and in some cases

John Heimlich

As we saw over Thanksgiving, U.S. airlines are well positioned to handle the increase in passengers expected this holiday season. Airlines' concerted and well-coordinated efforts over Thanksgiving helped ensure the traditional holiday rush was as smooth as could be for fliers, resulting in shorter security wait times and noticeable higher on-time performance rates. We expect to see much of the same this winter holiday travel

John Heimlich

An improving economy and reduced airfares remain the driving force behind the growth seen in air

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

This was the drama-free weekend. It's the calm after the storm and the calm before the

Donald J. Trump

I am working hard, even on Thanksgiving, trying to get Carrier A.C. Company to stay in the U.S. (Indiana). MAKING PROGRESS – Will know soon!feedback

Matthew Graham - Mortgage News Daily

This could be viewed as the first evidence that rates are topping out in the recent range and thus [one could] consider waiting for more potential improvement. Waiting is risky, of

Michael Fratantoni

The mix continues to shift towards higher balance loans, as the average purchase loan size reached a new survey record. First-time buyers and buyers of lower priced units may have stepped away from the market to some extent given the jump in

Michael Fratantoni

Mortgage lenders have been very thankful for a strong 2016 in terms of origination activity. However, mortgage application volume in the Thanksgiving week dropped sharply to the lowest level since early January, as mortgage rates increased to their highest point since July,

Tamara Gaffney - Adobe Systems

They've figured out the key, which we're seeing is really the combination of social and mobile and

Paul Trussell - Deutsche Bank

We believe Black Friday weekend represented a modestly positive kick-off to

Liza Landsman

The U.S. election dominated the news cycle and the time people spent online, and a lot of what we are seeing online is a condensing of that demand into a shorter time

Tamara Gaffney - Adobe Systems

Consumers converted carts into purchases at record high levels before the season, and likely the year's lowest price deals ended. It's an incredible milestone, but it's also incredible that Black Friday inched so close to Cyber Monday this year, generating only $110 million less in online sales. We'll be watching this closely next year as Black Friday could be the one to top the

Matthew Shay

The traffic in stores has been great but online is really taking

William Junkin

We've seen in recent years that most places will have good sales after Black Friday comes and goes, so we don't have to do everything this weekend. We'll see how it all plays

Dave Hollis

If you look at the track record of this year, there's definitely a correlation to the films that have broken out and become hits. Each of (Disney's top performers) had Rotten Tomatoes scores in the 90 percent range, each of them had CinemaScores that were 'A's. If you make something that has great story and huge scale and is ultimately living under the brand, the chances of having success are overwhelmingly

Madison Agnello

Instead of fighting the lines, there are even better deals online. I'm shopping soon rather than later, to get it over with and not having to worry about things being sold

Rishi Chhabra - First Data

It was strong shopping. But people are shopping online more. And that trend keeps going up and

Becky Tasker - Adobe Systems

Cyber Monday is on track to hit our prediction of $3.36 billion and could retain its position as the top online shopping day of the season, but only if retailers continue to push as good of deals today as they have over the holiday

Gerry Mandelbaum

So far, everyone I've talked to sounds pretty good, and I would have a good sense of that because I do have a lot of stressed customers. Today's been an especially busy Sunday. I'd say we're 20 to 30 percent over normal

Matthew Shay

It was a strong weekend for retailers, but an even better weekend for consumers, who took advantage of some really incredible

Shelley Kohan - RetailNext

We knew it (holiday season) was going to be off to a slow start. The first couple of weeks with the election were a complete distracter from the normal course of business and...a warmer climate in November may have made the sales more

Kyle Davies

It played older and older audiences don't storm the theaters weekend one. I think they're going to take their time. There's not a big influx of new movies until you get closer to Christmas, so we think that's good for the playability of the

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

I don't think you could find a better line-up in theaters right now. I'd rather see a group of great movies maybe not breaking a record than a group of terrible movies breaking records left and right. This is better for the long term. This creates

Ash Carter

It is a painful reminder of the dangers our men and women in uniform face around the world to keep us safe. Please keep this servicemember's family, friends and teammates in your thoughts and prayers, and this Thanksgiving I hope you will join me in expressing thanks to all of our dedicated troops who selflessly protect us

Koji Fukaya - FPG Securities

The dollar has run out of lift as Treasuries are settling down after Thanksgiving, and before hedge funds' earnings releases and events due to take place towards the weekend. When the dollar's rise stops, it's time for domestic players like exporters to

Dave Hollis

We are working with the greatest brands and we're doing big, broad storytelling that resonates domestically, but has the power to transcend borders and languages and cultures around the

Janice Allsop

The stock markets have gone up. I'm just delighted with President Trump. I'm not afraid (to spend more). If Hillary Clinton would have gotten in, I would have been very scared, very

Joyce Hill

I'll spend less because you don't know what's going to happen. I don't think he'll (Trump) support us but I don't know if he's gonna let things stay status

Matthew Shay

People are much more deliberate about the purchases they make. In a perfect world, everyone would sell at full price, but as consumers and as buyers all of us would like to get a deal on things we buy. The era of promotional sales is with us to

Bill Taubman - Taubman Centers

Resolution is a good thing. That makes people feel somewhat more

Carmen Cunnyngham

I'm trying to make sure I get the wish lists in and look at those and shop and do what I can before Christmas gets

Megan Colligan

It's just okay, and over Thanksgiving you always hope for something a little better than okay. The bright spot is that there's not a lot of competition in the marketplace over the next few weeks and our audience takes a minute to get to the

Kevin Mansell - Kohl's

The biggest priority we have in terms of growth is our loyalty program. That will be the driver of our business in

Anna Andreeva - Oppenheimer Holdings

Over Thanksgiving and Black Friday it seemed like athletic apparel was not as strong as we had seen over the past couple years, I think it was skewing more towards fashion

Dan Jasper

The energy has been extremely high. It's a completely different vibe than the past few

Dan Jasper

The coolest thing is from the employees. They are just so grateful that they got to spend the day with their

Stephen D. Lebovitz - CBL & Associates Properties

People were lining up at 3 a.m. at some places. The traffic is definitely more than it was last year so far this

Terry Lundgren

That combination of using technology and the experience of being inside the store is the way the consumers are shopping today and [it] will continue to be so in the

Jeremy Stretch - CIBC World Markets

U.S. yields gapped higher at open but we have been unable to hold those gains and that has encouraged some profit-taking. There is a degree of consolidation (but) there is still a consistent bias that means the dollar will remain pretty much supported into the Fed meeting next month. The message seems to be to take some profit and we will be looking to go

Kit Juckes

The euro's indulging in a bit of ... short-covering, and I suppose it can benefit from quiet, thin markets. At the very least, dollar-yen is a buy on dips in this environment. Our target is 120 next year, but our 114 forecast for March could be reached a week after we revised it. If this move continues at the recent pace the whole 2017 USD rally might have been done by the time 2017 even

Pam Goodfellow

Millennials continue to drive the trend of hitting the stores – both on their feet and online – as soon as the turkey is

Wanda Dench

Of course you can. That's what grandmas do…feed everyone!feedback

Julie Singewald

I'm a point-and-click person. If it were up to me, I would be in my pajamas and on my computer at

Craig Johnson - Customer Growth Partners

Initial reports show it's steady and not very busy at stores around the

Stephanie Grisham

They recognize how precious this kind of time is, and look forward to an evening together to celebrate and count their many

Paul Lejuez - Citi

It is becoming increasingly difficult to use stores as a barometer for success as more business shifts online, particularly during the high traffic

Brian Cornell

The most encouraging trend I'm seeing is while guests were in our stores shopping for those big doorbuster items, they continued to shop multiple categories. Our guests still enjoy shopping on Thanksgiving

Stephen D. Lebovitz - CBL & Associates Properties

Black Friday historically has been such a great shopping day. It's lost its luster because we've diluted it. … We want to bring back Black Friday and make it

Lisa Dench

But then they came rushing in. I scrolled and scrolled and said to my mom, You've got a lot of love. We've got to make this into

Lisa Dench

We feel like it was fate that this occurred during such a rough time and right before

Jamal Hinton

I'm thankful for all the nice people in the world. I never met her ... and she welcomed me into her house, so that shows me how great of a person she

Elle Steinbrecher

Victim of our success, we've run into lags on our site due to exceptionally high

Brian Cornell

So far, the most encouraging trend we are seeing is that while door-busters continue to be important, once guests are there, they are shopping multiple

Ric Spooner - CMC Markets

Brent oil is parked just below $50 as traders wait on the outcome of the OPEC meeting. This sets oil up for a significant move next week depending on whether or not OPEC achieves an agreement on meaningful production

Ric Spooner - CMC Markets

The question for traders today will be whether buyers are prepared to act independently of a lead from U.S.

Ann Davidson

Just the entertainment of a dog distracting your attention for at least a little while helps to improve your experience at the

Amanda Harrison

It's my first time away from home, definitely it's a little bit hard, but I'll be able to call my family on Facetime later then I'll be able to share the holiday with them that

Barack Obama

They still believe in bad puns. They still believe in the grandeur of this occasion. They still have

Bill de Blasio

We are aware of some of the reports that have been out there, but I want to assure all New Yorkers there's no credible and specific information of any specific threat directed toward this

Jim O'Neill - Bruegel

We get paid to keep people safe and we'll keep people safe

Ashley Shelton

Most of the time Black Friday deals start the day of: Thanksgiving. So tomorrow we're not really going to do as much shopping. Shopping starts on

Wanda Rone

We were at Macy's parade and we wanted the whole

Sarah Bender

There are so many police officers out here you can't help but feel safe. It's a day to have fun, watch the balloons and celebrate with your family. You can't spend your life worrying about what could

Annie Quinn

We sat here for hours, but it was worth it. This was the best parade I've seen in a

Jamey Reil

They come at us with violence, we come back with

Betsy DeVos

A lot of the things he has said are very off-putting and

Barack Obama

Thanksgiving's also a reminder of the source of our national strength, that out of many we are one, that we are bound not by any one race or religion, but rather by an adherence to a common creed, that all of us are created equal. And, while accepting our differences and building a diverse society has never been easy, it has never been more

Jeffrey Halley

The Thanksgiving Holiday today has thinned traders interest ... but the OPEC result next Wednesday is the only game in town for energy

Barack Obama

Thanksgiving is a family holiday as much as a national one, so for the past seven years I've established another tradition – embarrassing my daughters with a corny-copia of dad jokes about turkeys. This year they had a scheduling conflict. Actually they just couldn't take my jokes anymore. They were fed

Michael Sheats

There is nobody out there at the packer saying, Joe Blow wants another turkey so let's process it and ship it out. You always see the wholesale market rise in advance of Thanksgiving and you always see it fall just before Thanksgiving – that won't tell you what consumers were

Barack Obama

Look, I know there's some bad ones in here, but this is the last time I'm doing this, so we're not leaving any room for

Barack Obama

This year, they had a scheduling conflict. Actually, they just couldn't take my jokes anymore. Malia and Sasha are thankful, by the way, that this is my final presidential turkey pardon. What I haven't told them yet is that we are going to do this every year from now on. No cameras, just us. Every year. No way I'm cutting this habit cold

Jeanenne Tornatore - Orbitz

This is the busiest travel weekend of the year, and travelers should prepare for very long lines regardless of what's happening with the

Jim Waters

So as opposed to walking up to a package and sniffing the package, they can work a large crowd area by just having the right wind

Jim Waters

This year we're going to see a bit more of a robust counterterrorism presence. There's been a lot of rhetoric and propaganda from ISIL and from al Qaeda recently...and we don't take any chances here in New York

Dan Pickering

Just like Thanksgiving 2014 OPEC meeting was a catalyst for global oil markets (to the downside), the November 2016 meeting will also be a catalyst, but this time to the upside. While it will be noisy leading into the OPEC meeting at the end of November, there will be a coordinated action that will support/lift oil prices. This will accelerate the ongoing tightening of the global oil supply/demand

Arlene Anjos

My sister-in-law is a big Trump supporter, and she and I have gone back and forth for this entire election. It got to the point where we were having a conversation about Thanksgiving and … one of the agreements was that we're not going to talk about politics anymore. That is off-limits for this Thanksgiving

Shane Kimbrough

It's going to be a little bit different for us up here in space , but I'm going to try to make it as much like home as we

Kevin Baumann

My family loves to talk about things together and the election is something huge. Every holiday they sit down and talk about things like that. It's going to be

Sharyn Ioffe

I won't bring it up. But if someone else does, I'll say I don't want to discuss

Mathan Somasundaram - Baillieu Holst

If you look at the multiples, the banks are still relatively cheap, the risk is lower there, with resources, the big miners, trading at decent

Mathan Somasundaram - Baillieu Holst

The key thematic that has been running in the market has been the U.S. We are pretty much going to wait to see what happens there. And you have got the Italian referendum and the Austrian presidential election the following

Wick Moorman - Amtrak

This is a day when we need everything to go right in order to not have a serious issue with delays, with folks being backed up into stations. Knock on wood when I say this, everything's going

Natalie Kotlyar - Bdo Usa

The holiday season is expanding, and Black Friday is no longer the kickoff for the

Traci Gregorski - Market Track

They are all trying to beat each other to the punch and starting their promotions earlier and earlier every

Mark A. Cohen

Consumers know great deals and discounts are available throughout the year, and prices during the holiday season will only get better if they

Jeffrey Halley

The market seems unwilling to push oil towards $50 a barrel ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow. Their reticence is understandable given that longs (long positions) put on above that level have not ended well in recent times. Tonight's (US) EIA Crude Inventory numbers should provide a welcome, albeit temporary sideshow to the OPEC main event. Otherwise, we expect Asia to continue the sideways trading

Satoshi Okagawa - Sumitomo Mitsui Banking

Bonds have settled down, and that's a reason why dollar- buying hasn't been so

Art Cashin

Quite often when stocks re-rally into something or commodities re-rally into something like that, you do get a pullback. So, I'll be watching crude

Jeremy Klein - FBN Securities

The commuter trains should start thinning out by this afternoon as traders take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday. The price action for the next several days should therefore put investors to sleep which will preclude the reprise of any deleterious amount of

Heather McCutcheon

They are anticipating at best that it will be awkward and uncomfortable; at worst, a

Stephanie Keller

I hope that people calm down and realize that a decision has been made by obviously a majority of the United States and that we can just come together and support him the way that we're supposed

John Miller

You can ram a New York City Sanitation Department sand truck with a lot of things, but you're not going to move

Armstrong Williams

The president-elected asked him to consider it and he's considering

Scott Redler

Thanksgiving week tends to trend higher. Today could set the tone for the rest of the week, barring any kind of incident. I would think it continues. As far as seasonality, it will play a big role. Then into Christmas performance chasing could start to happen as well. Besides the solid technical landscape, there are still a lot of fund managers under-invested and a lot of retail investors not in the

Samantha Heller

If someone has special dietary needs it is always helpful when they can bring a dish to a party that they and others can share. This can take the burden off of party hosts and ensure that the person has foods they can

Sarah Clark

Parents should recognize that this is part of normal adolescent development toward becoming an independent adult; with that in mind, try to avoid seeing the situation as a challenge to parental

Samantha Heller

So, if your teen decides to try a new fad diet, seek the advice of a registered dietitian. She or he can help create an evidence based, healthy meal plan that takes into consideration a person's lifestyle, food preferences, goals and

Steve Breen

And, three out of four customers tell us they want to shop cyber deals earlier, so after our Black Friday event in stores Thursday night, customers can continue to save as we kick off Cyber Week on Friday. No matter how or when you shop Walmart – in stores, online or through our app – you're going to save on everything you want throughout the

Masafumi Yamamoto - Mizuho Securities

The market is buying the dollar and selling US Treasuries, and it seems this trend may continue because we don't know the details of 'Trumponomics', and we will not have it until after the 20th of January next year. Until then, investors need to follow the trend. We might see some correction ahead of

Patrick Fleming

It is advantageous in pricing thanks to the record hog production this

Jay Jandrain

Supply has come back fully with production up over last year. And from a whole bird stand point, specifically for the holidays, there is sufficient product out

George Michel - Boston Market

People are getting busier and busier with their lives and spending less time planning Thanksgiving than they did

George Michel - Boston Market

Some customers come and eat in the restaurants, some pick up meals to go home, some pick up side orders or pies as gifts or to supplement their own

George Michel - Boston Market

It's very stressful cooking dinner for 10 to 20 people. [Consumers] are looking for solutions to take the risk out of cooking the

Doug Jeske

Family remains central to the Thanksgiving holiday, far outpacing food, football and Black Friday shopping. But to keep family a blessing, many Americans decide to avoid conversations that might change their feelings toward their family

Matthew Shay

Black Friday remains one of the busiest shopping days of the year, with Americans planning to take advantage of aggressive in-store and digital promotions over the entire holiday

Donald J. Trump

I worked hard with Bill Ford to keep the Lincoln plant in Kentucky. I owed it to the great State of Kentucky for their confidence in me!feedback

John Newton - American Farm Bureau Federation

Consumers will pay less than $5 per person for a classic Thanksgiving dinner this year. We have seen farm prices for many foods -- including turkeys -- fall from the higher levels of recent years. This translates into lower retail prices for a number of items as we prepare for Thanksgiving and confirms that U.S. consumers benefit from an abundant, high-quality and affordable food

Scott Redler

Typically when you hit the tightest range bar, you get some expansion. The question is which way does it break. It still looks like it's going to be higher. If the S&P goes above 2,181 and holds, we should be seeing new highs by the weekend. If it doesn't hold, and we trade back to 2171, new highs might be more toward Santa Claus rather than

Ed Perkins

Figure out what would be your ideal situation, or least worst alternative, if your regular flight is

Ed Perkins

As much as you can, start thinking about Plan B. If there is a problem, what are you going to do?feedback

John Miller

This is not something that just occurred to us over the weekend. Bottom line: Come to the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Have a good time. Bring the

Malcolm Nance - NBC News

As early as last year, they were putting out propaganda pieces talking about Donald Trump and his ban on Muslims. But now, just in the last few days, we've seen multiple pieces of ISIS propaganda portraying this as a new rallying point for their jihad against the

John Miller

Come to the Thanksgiving Day parade. Have a good time. Bring your family. I always go. I always bring

John Miller

What you see is the psychological warfare of printing materials that indicate, Be afraid, be very afraid.' We never accede to

Tom Spagnola - CheapOair

Most searches will be done on the 11th and 12th, but most people will commit on the 13th, after thoroughly looking and comparing the previous prices

Stephen D. Lebovitz - CBL & Associates Properties

They're appreciative. They say we'll come to your mall on Black Friday. We don't want to shop on

Stephen D. Lebovitz - CBL & Associates Properties

We have 1500 CBL employees, and almost 100,000 employees for our stores across our portfolio, and we think that they deserve Thanksgiving

Dawn Perry

The first thing you want to do, make a menu and decide how many people you're going to feed. And then you're going to want to make a list and the stick to

Dawn Perry

Lot of us have that classic green bean casserole on the table, but green beans are actually at their peak in high summer, so what we want to do is focus on ingredients that are at their peak right

Dawn Perry

Hook up with a local farmer, sometimes there are great deals right in your

Dawn Perry

This isn't a time you should shell out a ton of money on premium for every step of every recipe. A pound of organic butter could cost you $8, but it's likely getting buried in the

Jill Cataldo

For me, dinner for eight people with an 18- to 20-pound turkey, I'm spending $25 to $

Teri Gault

Use whatever produce is on sale for your side dishes. All those things are going to come together, so, so

Steve Bratspies

Our goal is not to advertise a great price and then not have the product for the

Janna Potts - Target

Shopping on the evening of Thanksgiving really has become an activity for the entire family to

Joelle Maher - Sears Holdings

We've opened our doors on Thanksgiving Day for the past four years based on feedback from Shop Your Way members, who seek more flexible holiday in-store shopping times and are eager to shop doorbuster deals. We've closely monitored member response from prior years, considered shifts in member shopping behavior, the competitive landscape, and came up with the best plan to serve them and address the needs of the

Joe Venezia - Toys R Us

Our customers have voted at the doors year after year, and they continue to want the option to get an early start on their holiday shopping

Jacqui Gifford

January and February it's the quiet months there, they call it the Cabernet Season, and you can get a great deal on a

Jacqui Gifford

You don't have to stay in a five-star property to have a really cool room and have a beautiful

Rod Sides - Deloitte

For them, it is important to be able to have people enjoy that

John Heimlich

Airlines are adding capacity to accommodate the increased demand. While more people will be flying, there will be more than an adequate number of seats

Jeff Bock

This isn't the end of the series, it's just the beginning. There are so many holidays left. There's Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and he hasn't even done a Thanksgiving one

Holly Thomas

We surveyed our store associates well in advance, giving them an opportunity to tell us their preferences, and we are working diligently to staff Thanksgiving with associates who volunteer. Doing so means that our employees are able to make their own decisions about how they contribute to our most important and busiest weekend of the

Holly Thomas

In response to significant, ongoing customer interest in shopping on Thanksgiving, both at Macy's and at many other retailers, we will be opening our full-line department stores at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving

Troy Rice - Office Depot

As we evaluated our store hours for this holiday and weighed the business and personal considerations, we decided it was best to provide our associates with the day off to spend time with family and friends by closing our retail stores on Thanksgiving

Stephen D. Lebovitz - CBL & Associates Properties

We think that for our employees and for the store employees, they deserve the day off and to be able to spend the day with their families. Thanksgiving is a special holiday, and it's unfair for them not to be able to enjoy it like everyone else

Clayton Rollins

We count on the weekend to carry us through four or five weeks to

George Hobica -

I don't believe there's a magic time to book, but there is a magic time to look – and that is every

Peter Brainard

You remember the day after Thanksgiving. That's going to be every day this

Neil Saunders - Banana Republic

Prior to the economic downturn of 2008 the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas was key for jewelry buying. Jewelry is no longer at the top of the Christmas

Barack Obama

In 1620, a small band of pilgrims came to this continent, refugees who had fled persecution and violence in their native land. Nearly 400 years later, we remember their part in the American story – and we honor the men and women who helped them in their time of

Stephan Grobe - Euronews

For all intents and purposes, talks to avert the fiscal cliff seem to have barely progressed. President Obama is expected to hit the road this week to drum up public support for his proposal. The idea is to put additional pressure on Republicans in

Dale Achabal

The online retail world's answer to the Black Friday weekend. But it's very real, because as consumers continue to shift a significant portion of their holiday shopping from brick and mortar environment to online. It's grown tremendously!feedback

Eric Bana

I just thought it was a really, really well written script, I thought it was very entertaining without out meaning to be funny or entertaining. But I thought the situations that in particular that my character forces everyone to be in, was really compelling, and kind of humorous. It's hard finding great scripts, and it is also hard finding great dialogue. I felt like this was the case where the two came

Janet Napolitano - Homeland Security

Most Americans are not used to a real law enforcement pat down like that. Of course we will listen to concerns, of course we will make adjustments or changes when called upon, but not changes or adjustments that will affect the basic operational capability that we need to have to make sure that air travel remains

Norma Meeks

It has been a really sad situation. I pray for both families. And I hope and pray that everybody will have

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

Consumer confidence rose to a five-year high in November, as the job market is slowly improving and home prices are up. But as Americans approach the holiday-shopping season they are worried that they will soon have less money in their pockets, if no deal is reached over the fiscal cliff by the end of the

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