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Dave Mosley - Seagate Technology
This agreement has the opportunity to increase the potential for meaningful future revenue growth from Seagate's NAND storage
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Oct 26 2017
Toshiba has been commented on by 85 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Toshiba are: Satoshi Tsunakawa, Steve Milligan and Hiroshige Seko. For instance, the most recent quote from Satoshi Tsunakawa is: “We must think about various measures in accordance with changes in circumstances. Nothing has been decided, but it's true that we are considering potential measures.”.
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Steve Milligan - Western Digital

I am not a litigious person by nature. Personally, I have never sued anyone. I understand that the litigation and ongoing disputes have created significant ill will for some within Toshiba. This is regrettable and I am deeply sorry for the feelings this has

Satoru Oyama - IHS

Samsung has been buying up advanced production equipment for (next-generation) three-dimensional NAND chips to widen its lead. Western Digital and Toshiba really need each other because they can't compete against Samsung without

Makoto Kikuchi

It's cleared the first hurdle. The second hurdle will involve negotiating the sale of its chips unit, currently in dispute. There's still a risk it will not be able to fix its excess liabilities, and be

Satoshi Tsunakawa

We still believe it's possible to close by the end of March and are making our utmost efforts. We haven't decided what to do if those efforts

Hideaki Miyajima

You could say there's been a step forward, given how long the auditors dragged things out and that they went for any kind of adverse opinion at

Makoto Kikuchi

The real focus is whether Toshiba can sell its chip business and raise cash before the current fiscal year ends because if the company's liabilities exceed assets for two years in a row, it will get delisted

Yasuo Naruke - Toshiba

As a practical matter, we don't expect to close a deal during the period addressed in the order. We look forward to successfully presenting Toshiba's position to the (arbitration) tribunal, which we believe will be formed within the next month or

Toru Ibayashi

U.S. yields seemed to have hit the ceiling and the dollar is weakening against the yen, and that's dragging down

Fujio Ando - Chibagin Securities

I wouldn't recommend Toshiba to investors. This is a company that cannot even announce its earnings. It could have been delisted. Toshiba plans to start selling OLED TVs in the autumn but LG is selling them at half their price. Toshiba could end up losing money on

Aaron Rakers - Stifel

Given that some negotiations between (Western Digital) and Toshiba on proposed acquisition terms started over the past month, we think a resolution could be possible prior to the (July 14)

Richard Mora

No decisions have been made with regard to either the IPO or the dual-track potential trade sale. We have a significant amount of interest with regard to Landis+Gyr, both on the trade sale and on the IPO as

Masahiko Ishino - Tokai Tokyo Securities

New details coming out through the media such as the convertible bonds suggest there may be some flaws in the scheme. Toshiba must now explain its exact structure. Reaching a deal is now looking

Richard Mora

We think our post-IPO shareholder return policy is attractive and

Satoshi Tsunakawa

Western Digital has been interfering with no due cause in the process of the chip unit sale with its request for arbitration and its

Steve Milligan - Western Digital

I must make it clear that Western Digital will not consent to a transaction with the proposed consortium. This potential course of action would make further litigation

Satoshi Tsunakawa

Western Digital used to be a good partner, so we want to continue talks. I'm disappointed with the current

Satoshi Tsunakawa

We want Western Digital to jointly invest in fighting against Samsung. It will be so disappointing if we can't do so because of the

Terry Gou - Foxconn

It is not a done deal yet. I believe there is still a chance for

Terry Gou - Foxconn

I haven't gotten any government money. I haven't asked for a single dollar from the Taiwan

Tai Jeng-wu - Sharp Corporation

We will continue our efforts. We will use our track record, our efforts at Sharp, Foxconn's global reach - we are a global company, not a Taiwan

Carlos Ghosn - Renault

No one in the consortium knows the management of the memory chip business as SK Hynix would stay in the

Tsugio Makimoto

Chip chiefs must be someone like Carlos Ghosn, who exercised strong leadership in Nissan's turnaround. It will be hard for a patched-together group like the Japan-U.S.-South Korea consortium to achieve such

Kuninori Hamaguchi - Oki Electric Industry

INCJ's investment in Renesas is considered a success. Their strategy worked because they narrowed down their target to the automotive industry and focused on automotive chips. But Toshiba's memory business is massive in scale. Flash memory will be central to data servers in coming years. It would be a capital

Damian Thong

The whole point of this is to help Japan retain control of the semiconductor operations and business of Toshiba. This is Japan trying to protect its position and relevance in global

Shuri Fukunaga

Toshiba appears plagued by a legacy of opaqueness. Without a complete overhaul of its organization, Toshiba will have a very difficult road to recovery of its reputation and trust, essential ingredients to its

Bill Melo - Toshiba America Business Solutions

I wouldn't use it for highly confidential things. But for everyday things, it would be

Bill Melo - Toshiba America Business Solutions

It is somewhat ironic to have a printer company focus on reducing the amount of paper we

Paul Bowers - Georgia Power

We are pleased with today's positive developments with Toshiba and Westinghouse that allow momentum to continue at the site while we transition project management from Westinghouse to Southern Nuclear and Georgia Power. We are continuing to work with the project's Co-owners to complete our full-scale schedule and cost-to-complete analysis and will work with the Georgia Public Service Commission to determine the best path forward for our

Yutaka Miura - Mizuho Securities

Since Japanese tech shares had chased strong performances on the Nasdaq, they will likely see a correction for

Michele DeWitt

Westinghouse put forth its best and final offer given the current very serious business conditions. As the Boilermakers were not willing to accept the offer, the company made the difficult decision to invoke a lockout. We are disappointed the union was unwilling to accept the fair offer presented to them but remain hopeful we will reach an agreement that is in the best interest of all

Masako Kuwahara - Toshiba

While we believe that the successful sale of its chip business is indispensable for Toshiba to remain a going concern, hurdles to realising such a goal are

Steve Milligan - Western Digital

Toshiba's attempt to spin out its joint venture interests into an affiliate and then sell that affiliate is explicitly prohibited without SanDisk's consent. Joint ventures are inherently intimate commercial relationships, and in order to protect against being forced into such a relationship with parties not of their choosing, SanDisk and Toshiba agreed to protect their interests in the joint ventures by prohibiting transfers without the consent of the other

Jacob Hawkins - Southern Co.

We remain in discussions with Toshiba to add structure to their payment obligation under the US$3.68 billion parent guarantee. We will take all actions necessary to hold Westinghouse and Toshiba accountable for their financial obligations, including the parent

Zheng Dongshan

How this project will go ahead smoothly, how we will have as good a relationship as we have now – this is the first

Steve Milligan - Western Digital

The joint venture that we've had with Toshiba is 17 years running. I would contend that it's probably one of the most successful technology joint ventures in the history of our industry. And so our first goal is let's keep that joint venture

Steve Milligan - Western Digital

Rest assured, we're going to do our very best to make sure that we protect our interests and advance not only our position, but the stakeholders that Toshiba has, and really come to a resolution that helps us to continue to be successful going

Hiroshige Seko

INCJ's role is to support industrial innovation and if a proposal meets its objectives then it can get

Richard Morningstar

What is happening to Westinghouse and Toshiba only emphasises the need to double down on research on new, safe, nuclear technologies, such as small modular reactors. If we do not do so in the US, leadership will be ceded to other

Richard Nephew

I don't think it is necessarily because of an inherent issue of US skills but rather the lack of practice. There simply have not been as many new reactor builds in the US and this has reduced the overall pool of skilled labor, no question. This experience may push the US into a different model, perhaps focused on smaller modular reactors, or less complicated

Justin Bowden

The big moral of the story is what on earth we are doing as a country, leaving our fundamental energy requirements to foreign companies or foreign governments?feedback

Amit Daryanani - RBC

We believe that WDC has rights surrounding the JV including the consent to approve/disapprove of any transaction involving the joint venture. We believe that WDC has the legal wherewithal to veto or approve a winning

Hiroshige Seko

For those reasons, we continue to carefully monitor Toshiba's business conditions and the sale of its chip

Taro Aso

The problem is it is not clear why the auditors did not sign off, . If you're a shareholder or an investor, you'd look at Toshiba's earnings and ask, What is this?' This could fuel speculation that Japan's auditing standards are soft or that Toshiba has

Kevin Coyne - Unite

Unite renews its call to the business secretary, Greg Clark, to step in and pledge public investment to ensure that the project goes ahead on schedule, as Toshiba is in deep financial trouble and has a big question mark over its

Kazunori Ito - Morningstar

The base case scenario could see Toshiba bring in at least 1.7 trillion yen from the

Damian Thong

The disposal of the memory business is absolutely key to turn around the (broader) business. The future of Toshiba will not have memory. Memory business, regardless of how it will come out, will be sold in some form to some entity, whether it's foreign or

Kevin Coyne - Unite

The latest news about the very poor financial health of Toshiba raises further concerns about its involvement in the construction of the Moorside nuclear power station in Cumbria. This follows hard on the heels of the Toshiba-owned Westinghouse Electric Company, due to supply the three AP1000 reactors for Moorside, applying for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the

Satoshi Tsunakawa

Tokyo Stock Exchange rules say that if it decides to delist a company, then it obviously thinks the stability of the market is threatened if it's not delisted immediately. So we will do our utmost to avoid being

Mark Newman - Sanford Bernstein

The jobs would move to China from Japan, and furthermore China would go after market share at the expense of crushing industry economics, so the U.S., Taiwan, Korea, Japan all get hurt substantially by this

Nobuhiko Kuramochi - Mizuho Securities

The market is not too worried that more action on Syria by the U.S. is imminent and investors are not expecting Le Pen to win the French election, but the market is already tense. Investors are preparing for any possibility

Kevin Coyne - Unite

The importance of Moorside can't be underestimated as it is expected to generate 20,000 highly skilled jobs during its construction and when it is up and running – and also supply 7% of the UK's electricity needs from

Satoshi Tsunakawa

The decision on any delisting is for the stock exchange to make. We will do our utmost to avoid

Hiroshige Seko

It is fundamentally unthinkable that the Industry Ministry would intervene and take some kind of

Akira Kitamura - Venture

Companies are investing in open innovation because they don't want to end up like Sharp or

Tim Yeo

The question is whether Government is prepared to reverse the principled objection it has to using taxpayer money to help support the development costs. We have been arguing for some time that the Government should use its advantageous credit rating to borrow money more cheaply than any private company would be able

Yasuo Naruke - Toshiba

The changes in the environment for the nuclear business, including the Fukushima disaster, were the remote cause for the Westinghouse

George Borovas

They can come out of this (Westinghouse bankruptcy) with a very healthy nuclear business in Japan. Business lines such as nuclear fuel supply and services have a significantly different risk profile to nuclear new build

Tom O'Sullivan

It would make sense. There's no point in having three companies chasing a dying market in

Hiroshige Seko

The issues related to Toshiba are for the managers of individual companies to

David Tawil - Maglan Capital

It's a coveted corner of the market. People like DIPs a lot; there's not a lot of opportunity. (That's) extremely rare, when you have no secured debt on a

Satoshi Tsunakawa

We want to make this our first step toward recovering our solid

Richard Savage

The closure of our assessment of the generic design of the AP1000 reactor is a significant step in the process, ensuring the design meets the very high standards of safety we expect. We will now focus our regulatory attention on site specific assessments, and NuGen's application for a nuclear site

Jos Emeterio Gutirrez

(The regulator review) represents a major milestone toward bringing a new generation of safe, clean energy to the United Kingdom through the Moorside Project. In addition, it expands the global regulatory pedigree of the AP1000 plant design and further confirms Westinghouse's innovative safety

Kevin Marsh - Scana

Our preferred option is to finish the plants. The least preferred option is

Doug Parr - Greenpeace

The world is watching the meltdown of a major corporation and questioning the cost of new nuclear. Declaring bankruptcy in the USA might shield Toshiba from Westinghouse's debt, but as Toshiba's share price ricochets and its multi-billion dollar losses escalate, the beleaguered nuclear industry is being shaken to the core again. Every nuclear project in Europe and the USA has gone massively over time and over budget. If Moorside is to go ahead, the UK government is likely to have to wade in with taxpayers' cash now Toshiba is poised to drop its majority

Ai Kashiwagi - Greenpeace

Toshiba is scrambling to find a buyer to take the Westinghouse anvil from around its neck. That is unlikely given the enormous uncertainties of future costs and likely multi-year lawsuits. While KEPCO might buy into the UK's Moorside project, doing so would not be a smart move. The Moorside reactors are of the same design that sunk Westinghouse's nuclear business. While KEPCO may be desperate to access the U.K. nuclear market, they would be making the same disastrous mistake that Toshiba made with its purchase of Westinghouse a decade

Dan Aschenbach - Moody's

As these units get decommissioned, to stay at that percentage you need more units. But you can't get there if you cannot construct

Jos Emeterio Gutirrez

We are focused on developing a plan of reorganization to emerge from Chapter 11 as a stronger company while continuing to be a global nuclear technology

Paul Dorfman

While Kepco may wish to buy into NuGen they may find it both legally and financially

Paul Dorfman

Toshiba has fallen on its sword and this has significant consequences for the UK's plans for new nuclear. Kepco of South Korea may come and buy into NuGen [the consortium behind the UK's Moorside plant]. But you can't necessarily sell off the bad bits of a nuclear corporation and keep the good

Satoshi Tsunakawa

It is unlikely that we will carry out construction work for future nuclear power plant projects, in order to eliminate

Georgia Power

We're continuing to monitor the situation with Westinghouse and are prepared for any potential

Georgia Power

We will continue to hold (Westinghouse) accountable for their responsibilities under our agreement. Work continues to progress at the Vogtle site, we are monitoring the situation and prepared for any potential

Yoshihide Suga

Toshiba's chip business is highly competitive globally and important in terms of keeping jobs in Japan. Flash memory is also expected to increase in importance from the standpoint of information

Shane Oliver - AMP Capital Investors

Solid U.S. employment growth of 235,000 in February, a fall in unemployment and a slight rise in wages growth keep the Fed on track to raise interest rates again this coming Wednesday. However, with U.S. monetary policy a long way from being tight, future rate hikes likely to be gradual and US economic data likely to be solid we don't see it derailing the bull market in

Mitsushige Akino - Ichiyoshi Investment Management

The market is holding up well considering how much it had already rallied in the previous session. But we have the Fed meeting coming up. An interest rate hike by the Fed is almost fully expected, and with the yen unlikely to weaken much further with a tightening mostly priced in, participants are wary of taking domestic stocks much

Stefan Worrall - Credit Suisse Group

It feels like an air pocket, as the Nikkei is boxed into a range. Near-term macro catalysts are obviously the U.S. payrolls this

Mitsushige Akino - Ichiyoshi Investment Management

The market is nervous as Toshiba is reporting its earnings soon. We don't know how much Toshiba is planning to sell its semiconductor business for, and we don't know for sure how much loss in total Westinghouse will end up posting...there are too many important numbers that investors still don't

Terry Gou - Foxconn

I cannot say we are for sure getting it, but we are very confident. We are also very sincere. Money should not be the only thing (for Toshiba) to consider... We can help its technology to be sold in products all over the world. That is Foxconn's advantage. Because we have the experience with Sharp, we think if Toshiba goes to us, we are its client, its user. We would even invite it to set up a factory in China. It can keep its core technology in Japan but it is about expanding

Tom O'Sullivan

Signing up for the gas is another example of Toshiba's poor management oversight. It is also an example of a conglomerate strategy unique to Japan, where many of these corporations pursue so many different lines of

Sekhar Basu

The financial dialogue has yet to open over the new

Sekhar Basu

As for the technical execution of the project, I do not see many

Hikaru Sato - Daiwa Securities Group

With third quarter corporate earnings releases over in Japan, investors will likely monitor the dollar-yen levels for catalysts

Hiroki Shibata - Standard & Poor's

If any financial support includes debt-to-equity swaps or changes in loan conditions, we would consider that as selective default. In that event, we might cut its rating by several

Masayuki Kubota - Rakuten Securities

Usually in a corporate turnaround plan, the company would keep its most competitive business after selling non-performing businesses. This turnaround plan gives no hope for Toshiba's

Takuya Takahashi - Daiwa Securities Group

The market took heart from Yellen's comments and such positive sentiment will likely last throughout the

Satoshi Tsunakawa

We are considering various offers for the chips business and we will act flexibly - even if that means giving up a majority of the unit. Looking at today's numbers it is difficult to say that the acquisition was the correct

Yoshinori Shigemi - JPMorgan Asset Management

Since the Nikkei has recovered from its recent lows, investors started to be cautious about its

Zuhair Khan - Jefferies

Finally now people are starting to recognize that internal control problems, the accounting issues and governance issues are very real and no longer abstract. They impact the viability of the

Makoto Kikuchi

The delay shows that the company is in a mess. We can assume that the company is not delaying its earnings release for good news. The market speculates that Toshiba will be releasing figures worse than what is being reported

Shane Oliver - AMP Capital Investors

While the low September quarter inflation reading leaves the door wide open for another rate cut, a move on Tuesday is unlikely as the inflation outcome was in line with the RBA's own forecast. It's likely to want to monitor the recent uptick in lending to property investors and see how the economy performs after the September quarter

Claire Kyung-min Kim - Daishin Securities

If a Chinese firm buys a stake in Toshiba it would be a risk for all other memory

Takuya Takahashi - Daiwa Securities Group

Negative news from the global market is souring sentiment, but even without it, investors would wait a bit to chase the market

Ric Spooner - CMC Markets

Newcrest Mining had a solid production report this morning, which leave it on track to achieve production guidance for the current financial

Mark Newman - Sanford Bernstein

The NAND business is the only one with value, as it makes up all of the semi-conductor profits, which comprise 75 percent of the overall company's profit. I won't be surprised if they sell another 20 percent in a few years time and then another 20

Satoshi Tsunakawa

We will do whatever it takes, including increasing capital. I really feel

Yasuo Naruke - Toshiba

It used to be said we were two years behind Samsung (in 3D chips). But we were faster in (64-layer chip) sample shipments, so we believe we've caught up with Samsung

Roger Kay

It really is in the banks best interest to extend credit further to Toshiba and try to get it back on its

Roger Kay

Even though they did change half of the management team 18 months ago, it looks to me that they have to clean the rest of the house… if you have repeated financial scandals, then there's something systemic that has to be

Damien Thong - Macquarie Capital Securities

Toshiba's liquidity is likely more than enough to cover bond redemptions and capex (capital spending) over the next year even without operating cash inflows or fresh external financing beyond the untapped commitment

Kathy Lien - BK Asset Management

The dollar is marking time before U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's press conference on Wednesday. Trump will most likely repeat everything that he previously vowed to achieve while giving little details on specific policy actions. The question then becomes how the markets will react - will they be disappointed by the lack of specificity or encouraged by his pledge to

Shigenori Shiga

At this moment, I have been told that (banks) will continue to provide

Ken Courtis

Toshiba's immediate problem is that it is burning cash at an alarming rate, and this will be more than challenging. I see little option but to sell a slew of non-core

Hiroki Shibata - Standard & Poor's

Toshiba doesn't have many saleable assets in hand. It has mostly sold assets which have big price tags or that could easily find buyers already. It would be difficult to secure big funds through asset

Norihiro Fujito - Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities

If the company wants to survive, it needs to go through a 'scrap-and-build' process. Right now, even if banks are assisting, it's like they are throwing their money down the

Satoshi Tsunakawa

It just defies common sense that this would come out only now about a deal done a year

Masako Kuwahara - Toshiba

Although Toshiba is still assessing the exact amount of the impairment loss, its financial metrics will likely deteriorate further, potentially resulting in a negative equity

Tom O'Sullivan

This will come as an additional shock to Toshiba 's institutional investors that may further undermine confidence in company management, as well as significantly weakening its international nuclear

Satoshi Tsunakawa

Sullivan noted the acquisition in December 2015 coincided with the finalizing of a record fine by Japanese regulators for accounting irregularities at Toshiba , indicating that corporate governance controls were extremely weak. We would have needed to boost our capital base anyway because our shareholders' equity ratio is

Masahiko Ishino - Tokai Tokyo Securities

There will be a lot of companies that want to buy Toshiba 's businesses. It is possible that its NAND flash memory business would attract various buyout offers as there are few players in the

Takuya Takahashi - Daiwa Securities Group

Most foreign investors and institutional investors are on the sidelines

Hikaru Sato - Daiwa Securities Group

While foreign investors are away for the holidays, retail investors are the main players

Masayoshi Hirata - Toshiba

This incident was revealed as we applied stricter rules in asset

Yoshinori Kawamura

Japan's corporate culture has changed a lot. But the Toshiba scandal highlighted a very Japanese management climate, and confidence has been lost. Though some bad aspects have been solved, we can't say with conviction that everything is really

Kazutoshi Harada

Auditors are essential infrastructure for Japan's capital markets. And their listening to third-party opinions is crucial for them to function as that

Jamie Allen

You need the bottom-up push. It's really the shareholders and the other stakeholders that drive the culture change in

Soren Aandahl

There has to be teeth to a policy for it to be effective. There has to be a way to deter an auditor from signing off on what should be obviously inappropriate accounting or

Claire Stovall

Right now, there's an interesting mix of factors at play in Japan. The Toshiba scandal could be seen as a blow to investor confidence, but that and Abe's moves also created the opportunity for short-sellers to spark a conversation on overvalued

Masako Kuwahara - Toshiba

Given strong anti-nuclear-power sentiment after the Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011 and delays in plant construction, we believe this target is

Kazuyoshi Saito - IwaiCosmo Securities

The acquisition of Toshiba Medical will allow Canon to create a new business pillar, on top of cameras and office equipment businesses. It might be a little pricey, but will generate profits in the first year. It is more reasonable than Hon Hai paying about the same for

Damian Thong

I think the bid is clearly positive for Toshiba if the number is right. It would be a good way to shore up its equity capital base which would be otherwise be a concern for lenders and

Masashi Muromachi - Toshiba

The nomination committee is currently discussing the CEO selection. It will make a final decision probably after the Golden Week holiday (that ends early May).feedback

Masashi Muromachi - Toshiba

Regardless of the writedown, the nuclear business is progressing as

Martin Hamilton-Smith

This is an example of the impact the Future Submarines project would have across other industry sectors. It also underlines the economic effects of a local build and why such effects should be taken into account when the Federal government considers where the submarines will be

Phil Eisler

There are different methods of doing 3D. The oldest one is the red green glasses, the paper glasses you probably remember going back to the 1950s. The problem with that is that it only gives you half the colour per eye, so you get a distorted colour when you're in 3D mode. The newer methods are the sequential frame active glasses, such as the ones from Nvidia, the 3D vision glasses which give you full resolution and full colour per eye, and there is another method called micropolarised, which polarizes the light into left and

Georg Schnurer

The screen has to be large, at least 55 inches. Any smaller and the curves won't have any effect. Secondly, it only works if you are sitting right in front of the screen, where you feel you're embedded in the picture. If you're watching TV in a group, those on the edges feel they get a warped

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