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Gerry Connolly
Congress has made clear it would not support cutting mail delivery from six to five days, and for good reason. Eliminating a critical competitive advantage, Saturday mail delivery, would kick off a vicious cycle of increasing volume reductions, service standard degradation, and customer alienation. We've finally got a postmaster general that understands that six-day delivery is an asset. It would be foolish for the Trump administration to re-litigate this
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May 26 2017
Trump administration has been commented on by 271 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Trump administration are: Josh Rogin, Chuck Schumer and Rex W. Tillerson. For instance, the most recent quote from Josh Rogin is: “The Trump administration has taken a specific approach to all of its foreign policy dealings.”.
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Richard Mallinson - Energy Aspects

We already have a Trump administration taking a notably different tone than the Obama administration. It hasn't yet torn up the Iran deal…but still we've got the sanctions under that deal being put under review by the State Department, we've got new sanctions being imposed for missile tests, we've got much tougher language coming out of the

Jeremy Corbyn

Britain deserves better than simply outsourcing our country's security and prosperity to the whims of the Trump White House. So no more hand holding with Donald Trump. Waiting to see which way the wind blows in Washington isn't s.trong leadership. And pandering to an erratic Trump administration will not deliver

Sergey Lavrov

As far as I can recall, maybe one month or two months before, the Trump administration had an official ban on laptops on airlines from seven Middle Eastern countries ... So if you are talking about that, I see no secret here. The current state of relations is beneficial to neither

Patrick Rea

The Trump Administration has not yet changed our strategy, because there's been a lot of rhetoric but not a lot of action. A lot of investors are becoming more aware that they have an impact on what the administration might decide or not decide to do based on how they present themselves as a business-friendly environment, creating jobs and having positive effects on

Rick Wilson

Ive been a Republican political consultant for almost 30 years, and Ive dispensed a lot of private advice. But now its time for me to reach out publicly to my fellow Republicans working in the Trump administration. We really need to talk. Whether you’re a 20-something fresh off the campaign trail, or a seasoned Washington [].feedback

Brian Katulis - Center for American Progress

You have a Trump administration that has a banner of 'American First' and is preparing a counterterrorism strategy that seeks to place the burden more so on the shoulders of our partners. Therein lies a potential for a mismatch of

David Clarke

I will be leaving the position of sheriff to accept an appointment as an assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security. I'm both honored and humbled to be appointed to this position by Secretary Kelly, working for the Trump administration. One of the things that I have heard in speaking to several of those entities is they feel they're being ignored. If we're going to be successful in defending this homeland, then we have to make sure that those gaps don't

Ben Pace - HPM Partners

It stands that the sectors that psychologically benefited most form the Trump administration would be the ones hit

Nobuhiko Kuramochi - Mizuho Securities

Worries about European politics and North Korea have receded. The earnings are mostly over. But now we have worries about the Trump Administration. Given that there are some stock indexes that have risen more than 10 per cent so far this year, we may be entering a consolidation

Nobuhiko Kuramochi - Mizuho Securities

Worries about European politics and North Korea have receded... But now we have worries about the Trump Administration. Given that there are some stock indexes that have risen more than 10 percent so far this year, we may be entering a consolidation

Richard Kohn

Like dozens of other prominent GOP national security leaders, you may have publicly opposed Donald Trump's presidential campaign in harsh terms. (Or perhaps you found him appalling but kept your views to yourself.). Now that he will be moving into the White House, however, you must serve in a Trump administration if given the

Brian Dodge

There is no industry that wants tax reform more than retail. We are eager to work with Secretary Mnuchin and the entire Trump Administration to pass pro-growth tax reform this year so that American families can keep more of the money they earn and business can invest and

Byron Wien - The Blackstone Group

I'm worried that the Trump administration gets itself into trouble. Right now it's not doing any good, but it's not doing any bad either. So I'm just worried that there's a shift, and we lose confidence in

Niklas Höhne

The Trump administration has said that they want to take away and roll back policies that have already been implemented, and the question is whether that will really

Jeanne Shaheen

Today, the Trump administration confirmed our worst fears regarding this new, drastically expanded global gag executive order. This administration's pathetic rebranding of this policy is a thinly-veiled attempt to hide the tremendous harm it has around the world. President Trump's dangerous obsession with rolling back reproductive rights has severe consequences for millions of vulnerable women and children, and grossly undermines our nation's humanitarian leadership around the

Raegan McDonald-Mosely - Planned Parenthood Federation of America

The Trump administration must shut down this latest attack on women, because if the rest of the nation goes the way of Texas, it would result in a public health crisis for millions of

Eric de Place

We've all been waiting nervously for the Trump administration to dial up the intensity. Almost all the victories happened at the state or local

Raul Grijalva

The Trump administration should listen to the more than 65 percent of Alaskans, 80 percent of Bristol Bay residents and native communities, and 85 percent of commercial fishermen who oppose Pebble

Jeremy Corbyn

The global situation is becoming more dangerous. The US is the strongest military power on the planet by a very long way. It has a special responsibility to use its power with care and to support international efforts to resolve conflicts collectively and peacefully. Waiting to see which way the wind blows in Washington isn't strong leadership. And pandering to an erratic Trump administration will not deliver stability. This is the fourth general election in a row to be held while Britain is at war and our armed forces are in action in the Middle East and

Sudin Apte - Offshore Insights

It (the shift) was required, but in the last two years, nothing much happened. Now, because of the Trump administration, the process has got

Will Smith

At the end of the day, the Trump administration is pro-business and I think that's very important. So again, whatever happens with the tax bill, it reflects a pro-business approach and I feel very confident that it will continue to go well for

Maura Healey

The department has become a black box since the Obama administration left the building. Since taking office, the Trump administration has done nothing but undermine the protections we've fought for. During a national student debt crisis, they have turned their back on millions of struggling

James Clapper

The Trump administration understands preparing a new executive order and strengthening the cybersecurity of federal networks and critical infrastructure, emphasizes accountability, managing government IT architectures. What I expect is, though, that the accompanying authorities and resources will not match these bold

Ron Insana - CNBC

If the Trump administration ultimately fails to survive the political turmoil that intensified, without warning this week, one could rightly assume that the stock market could be vulnerable to an extended pullback. It could easily suffer a 10 percent to 20 percent correction as a consequence of a constitutional crisis which may well be in the

Rex W. Tillerson

In the United States, we are currently reviewing several important policies, including how the Trump administration will approach the issue of climate change. We are appreciative that each of you has an important point of view, and you should know that we are taking the time to understand your concerns. We're not going to rush to make a decision. We're going to work to make the right decision for the United

Sergey Lavrov

Now our dialogue is free of the ideology that was characteristic of the Obama administration. The Trump administration, the president himself and the secretary of state, I was persuaded of this once again today, are people of action. I believe it is even humiliating for the American people to hear that the Russian Federation is controlling the situation in America. How can it be possible for such a great power, and great country?feedback

Victoria Herrmann

We are unsure what the Trump administration thinks about the Arctic region in general, about the Arctic Council in particular and about its

Matt Miller

It "couldn't be [clearer] who [the Trump administration] cares about and who it doesn't. If you are addicted to opiates, you'll get White House attention and increased treatment options. If you get picked up with crack in your pocket, you'll get jail time and a mandatory

Douglas Brinkley

We haven't had a voice from within the Trump administration denounce this yet. I think at this moment the question is, will leading Republicans step out of the box and become profiles of courage?feedback

May Boeve

We need our governments to act, but we're not powerless when they don't. We're trying to make a connection between the fact that the Trump administration is run by fossil fuel millionaires, from Rex Tillerson to Scott Pruitt. And there's an effort to try to get the public and elected officials to break sides with fossil fuel industries and

David Victor

Paris was designed to be less brittle than Kyoto, so that it could bend without breaking. Whether the Trump administration decides to leave or not will be a big test of that

Charles Moran

Brownley is a very junior member in the minority party. Contrast that against … Antonio Sabato Jr. … you have somebody who is a member of the majority party who has good relations with the Trump administration. Being a Republican and with proximity to the White House and Republican leadership, he's going to be able to get more done – being in the majority, with his notoriety, for the residents of the 26th [Congressional]

Nan Aron

The Trump administration has made clear its intention to benefit from Republican obstructionism and to pack the federal courts with ultraconservatives given a stamp of approval by the Federalist Society. We'll be scrutinizing the records of these nominees very carefully. Given the critical importance of the circuit courts, it is incumbent upon the Senate to treat its duty to provide advice and consent very

Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk

If the Trump administration moves forward with their interests, they are taking us backward 100 years, rupturing trust once again between the federal government and Indian

Kevin Brady

That's the argument and the case we're going to make to the Senate and the Trump

Erik Solheim

Even if the worst were to happen and the United States were to withdraw, the consequences would be much less than people think. We definitely want to ask the Senate and the U.S. Congress to keep as much of the U.S. contribution as possible to the U.N. and to the climate work. If they drastically reduce we would for sure ask others to step up and provide more money. It's not all that bad that there is some scrutiny. We are happy to work with the Trump administration on how to make the United Nations more

Adam Sarhan - Sarhan Capital

Energy and commodities, in general, are putting pressure on the overall equity markets here. There are also some questions about what can the Trump administration accomplish at this

Tina Tchen

We didn't know anything about it. We had no conversations with anyone in the Trump administration about Let Girls Learn. Adolescent girls' education is not really partisan. If they are not going to change it and it's going to continue to be a branded initiative as a priority of the U.S. government, we'd be delighted. And if they don't continue it, we're disappointed. These girls need every bit of help that we can get them. … They have huge obstacles to overcome. She's already been thinking what next could she do as a private

Jaret Seiberg

This is the most bullish sign yet for the biggest banks that the Trump administration will pursue a traditional Republican approach of financial regulation rather than adopt a more populist tone that could include high leverage capital

Dana Perls - Friends of the Earth

This is a really clear example of big ag influencing policy. The Trump administration is putting big ag before consumer desire and public health … Consumers do not want

Richard Pidduck

It is evident that the California citrus industry is the pawn in a greater trade deal between the Trump administration and Argentina. When the fruit comes into the U.S., it could bring things we don't want with it. There are a number of pest and diseases and phytosanitary issues in Argentina that we have not had to deal with here in the U.S. and that's why the fruit has been kept out. California is not in the president's best graces. We're an easy industry to give

Donald J. Trump

The Trump administration that newly took office in the U.S. is provoking the DPRK with no reason, not knowing what rival it stands

Archie Parnell - Goldman Sachs Group

I have to say, something is going on here and it's special. The Trump administration is going off the tracks, and I think a lot of people feel they need to do something now. It takes resources to get the message

Amy Searight

This is certainly an attempt by the Trump administration to re-elevate these relationships. The U.S. needs to maintain a coalition of countries that continues to support a rules-based order and pushes back against bullying by

Charif Souki

It's been demonstrated over the last two years that when you have low natural gas prices, demand increases much faster than what people think. The Trump administration has discovered the power of natural gas. Today, we are the top gas producer in the world, and in another three or four years, we'll be one of the top two gas exporters in the world, right up there with

Leon Fresco

One thing this administration has done that the Democrats' message has to recalibrate for is that it's not credible to the American people to say enforcement plays no role in [reducing] the numbers of immigrants coming illegally. Some have tried to perpetuate a myth that it is not linked. To the extent the numbers stay low, one thing the Trump administration has been able to say that is a correct statement is that enforcement does factor into the

Wilbur Ross

We need the president's tax plan, regulatory relief, trade negotiations and the unleashing of [the] American energy sector to overcome the dismal economy inherited by the Trump

David Gergen

Unfortunately, we have lost sight of that vision in recent years, and it has almost disappeared during the first 100 days of the Trump

Paul Getsos

We had planned to…make climate an issue for the next president no matter who it was. That shifted with the Trump administration. We had to talk about overall

Francis Fukuyama

The Trump administration is seriously damaging the norms of American

Larry Rubin

Since nobody knows who will be the next president – it could be someone on the left or someone on the right – the best bet for the Trump administration is to have negotiations completed before

Ben Adler

The Trump administration presents the presidents executive order, the “America First Offshore Energy Strategy,” issued Friday, as a boon to American energy consumers. Among other things, it directs the Interior Department to review and revise its five-year offshore drilling plan, making a first step toward opening parts of the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans to [].feedback

Ron Johnson

I applaud the Trump administration for taking action to hold bad actors accountable and enhance whistleblower protections throughout the

Steven Choi

We're seeing an unprecedented amount of enthusiasm and activity. It's driven by the fact that Trump administration has made immigration the tip of the

Andrew Wilder

How the Trump administration can move from a policy of avoiding failure to one of achieving

Leigh Ann Caldwell - National Broadcasting Company

The White House has made a second major concession to Democrats in the final stages of negotiations on a critical spending bill, paving the way for a deal to avert government shutdown. The White House said Wednesday that it would drop its opposition to a subsidy for low-income people in the Affordable Care Act, known as Cost Sharing Reductions, a funding stream that the Trump administration had threatened to stop. The agreement removes a politically toxic issue that was threatening to hold up negotiations with only two days left until government funding runs out on Friday at

Josh Rogin

The Trump administration has taken a specific approach to all of its foreign policy

Andrew C. Fish

Our companies make plans five, 10 years into the future, sometimes at the very least. Uncertainty is always a challenge for our industry, and I think most others. We would certainly welcome policy clarity, sooner rather than later, and would like to work with the Trump

Lloyd Wood

Obviously, that's some pretty big numbers, and so Nafta is obviously extraordinarily important to the United States textile industry. That being said, we agree with the Trump administration that Nafta is due for a comprehensive review to determine whether it can be

Chris Coons

It was a sobering briefing, and an important opportunity for the entire Senate to hear the emerging plans of the Trump administration to confront what is a very real threat to our security. I'm fine coming here. Frankly if the President and his entire national security leadership team wants to provide a thorough, detailed consultation with the Senate, I think that's

Dennis Herrera

Faced with the law, the Trump administration was forced to back down. This is why we have courts – to halt the overreach of a president and an attorney general who either don't understand the Constitution or chose to ignore

Steven Choi

I think it's helping make the wall between the Trump administration and New York City a little thicker. It gives more tools to New York City to push back and stop enforcements as much as

Margaret Yang - CMC Markets

In spite of concerns that the Trump administration will be unable to deliver his fiscal stimulus promises any time soon, many investors remain hopeful of future reforms, particularly after the White House signaled this week that it plans to introduce legislation aimed at reducing the corporate tax

Brigitte Amiri

To be honest, I think it's more of a 'kicking the can down the road' than anything else. We're deeply concerned that, ultimately, the Trump administration is going to weaken or eliminate the contraception coverage requirement, but I don't see this particular court filing as indicating anything, really, one way or the

Kate Kelly

With this review, the Trump administration is walking into a legal, political and moral minefield. No president has ever attempted to revoke a national monument – and for good reason: such an attack on our nation's public lands and heritage is deeply unpopular and illegal. Any honest, transparent review of national monuments will reveal them for what they are: testaments to our nation's heritage and economic engines for local communities. But make no mistake – this review should worry all Americans who want to pass on our national parks and public lands to the next

Thomas Shattuck

Once again, the Trump administration fails to send an urgently needed signal on human

Sarah Binder

It's clear nothing's really happening on the legislative front, other than Gorsuch, for the Trump

Leonard Leo

The Trump administration does have an opportunity to really put its mark on the future of the federal

Sam Glick - Oliver Wyman

The industry accounts for a lot of good middle-class jobs and, in many communities, it's the single-largest employer. One of the hardest decisions for the new Trump administration is how far do they push on health care costs at the expense of jobs in health

Paul Getsos

Our position is if you march for science in your communities on April 22, we hope that you will come to Washington, D.C. to show the Trump administration that there is a strong resistance at the end of 100

Seth Stein

This is nothing new. This grandstanding shows how out of touch the Trump administration is with reality. Contrary to their alternative facts, New York is the safest big city in the country, with crime at record lows in large part because we have policies in place to encourage cooperation between NYPD and immigrant

Brian Skorney - Robert W. Baird & Co.

A march on Washington under the idea of a march around science could be considered a partisan protest of the Trump administration. I think the industry's careful that they don't want to be seen as an opposition force. There's an essence of the March for Science that's preaching to the choir and unlikely to convert

Sasha Lezhnev

It's a big mistake for the Trump administration to pull out of this mission right at a time when the government of Sudan is on the hook for providing actionable intelligence to find Joseph Kony, finally. This problem will fester, and will just increasingly infect this region to the point where there'll likely be a new major humanitarian

Kevin de León

It has become abundantly clear that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration are basing their law enforcement policies on principles of white supremacy – not American values. Their constant and systematic targeting of diverse cities and states goes beyond constitutional norms and will be challenged at every

Trevor Timm

Every newspaper worth its salt has published classified information, and who believes the Trump administration, with its press hatred, would stop there?In an unprecedented and dangerous move that threatens the press freedom rights of all journalists, the US Justice Department has indicated it is preparing to charge WikiLeaks with a crime and may attempt to arrest its founder Julian Assange. The charges may stem from the publication of US State Department cables in 2010 and their more recent of disclosure of CIA hacking

Rex W. Tillerson

The evidence is clear: Iran's provocative actions threaten the United States, the region, and the world. As I indicated at the beginning, the Trump administration is currently conducting a comprehensive review of our Iran policy. Once we have finalized our conclusions we will meet the challenges Iran poses with clarity and

Rex W. Tillerson

This deal represents the same failed approach of the past that brought us to the current imminent threat we face in North Korea. The Trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on Iran. The evidence is clear Iran's provocative actions threaten the U.S., the region and the

Rex W. Tillerson

The JCPOA fails to achieve the objective of a non-nuclear Iran. It only delays their goal of becoming a nuclear state. The Trump administration has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on

Alvin Tan

What's happening is that the market continues to price out the reflation trade in the United States, . There are greater doubts now about large-scale fiscal stimulus under the Trump administration, and on top of that the U.S. inflation numbers have been

Ian Bassin

The suggestion that the Trump administration should steamroll long-standing civil service protections in order to facilitate voter suppression efforts – all against the backdrop of phony claims about millions of noncitizen voters – is a perfect storm of threats to our

Naomi Ages - Greenpeace

If the Trump administration allows Exxon to move forward with extreme offshore oil drilling in Russia despite sanctions, the United States Congress must resist. Removing barriers to Exxon drilling in the Russian Black Sea with a state-controlled company like Rosneft would not only jeopardize global progress on climate change and provide momentum for a similar waiver in the Russian Arctic, it would also send a message to Russia that it can intervene in any country, including the United States, with no

Kate Warne - Edward Jones & Co.

The reason it's so important is that the stronger growth is likely to support higher stock prices even in the absence of pro-growth policies from the Trump

Philip Gibbs - KeyBanc Capital Markets

I'm a lot less optimistic than I was three-and-a-half months ago because so far what I've seen coming out of the Trump administration is the same as the prior

Patrick Cronin - Center for a New American Security

The Trump administration, having looked at the options, is speaking out of both sides of its mouth, which if done deliberately is good policy. The idea is that we have the means of striking back, we're certainly going to protect our allies . . . but we're not going to make the mistake of starting a war. The patience of the United States and our allies in this region has run out, and we want to see change. Our hope is that we'll be able . . . to achieve this objective through peaceable

Ann Weeks

The Trump Administration and EPA Administrator Pruitt are again playing fast and loose with Americans' health. Seeking to delay the oral argument scheduled for May 18th serves no public purpose

Craig Garthwaite

The regulatory uncertainty is something that is very hard for these people to price in. How do you develop a model for the thoughts of the Trump administration on what they're going to do policywise in health care? Many mysteries of life can be answered with the statement: Insurers are bizarrely

Maria Korsnick

Our nuclear plants produce jobs and tax revenues which the markets ignore. New York and Illinois moved to save their reactors because they too saw nuclear energy as offering a value that should not be characterized by price alone. We're glad to see that Secretary Perry and the Trump administration see the problem as

Gideon Rachman

There are members of the president's inner circle who do indeed believe that the Trump administration is seriously contemplating a 'first strike' on North Korea. But if Kim Jong Un has drawn the same conclusion – he may reach for the nuclear trigger

Kevin Book - ClearView Energy Partners

We do not currently believe the Trump administration plans to withdraw from either Paris

Bill Lane - Caterpillar

Without Ex-Im, you're putting U.S. exporters at a competitive disadvatage, which make no sense when one of the top goals of the Trump administration is to increase

Jennifer Rubin

Warning. “A senior Trump administration official warned Sunday that North Korea’s provocative behavior ‘can’t continue, ’ and said the U.S. is working with partners including China to develop a range of possible responses to future ‘destabilizing behavior.’ ”.feedback

Masafumi Yamamoto - Mizuho Securities

Market reaction, if there was one, to the currency report has already faded. The U.S. Treasury does not look like it will take a strong stance on currencies. But in the case of the Trump administration the market will need to watch out for what his trade advisors may have to say on this

John Paulson

Gary is a huge asset to the Trump administration. He'll be of great help in eliminating unnecessary regulation, stimulating growth and reforming the tax

Josh Rogin

Pence's trip to Asia comes at a crucial time when U.S. allies are looking for signs that the Trump administration has their

Ashley Etienne

House Democrats have sent more than 100 letters to the Trump administration seeking answers to urgent questions … and received no response. If there is a concerted effort by the Trump administration not to respond to House Democrats … we will take appropriate action to address

Josh Rogin

The Trump administration is not trying to topple Kim Jong Un but is preparing for a regime collapse just in

Jon W. Davidson

Here is yet another instance of the Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions withdrawing the federal government's support from transgender individuals, and they are using the fake repeal of HB 2 as cover. Sadly, this was not unexpected, now that anti-transgender forces are in charge of the Departments of Justice and Education. Once again, the Trump administration continues to abandon transgender

Michael Dubke

The White House Office will disclose Secret Service logs as outlined under the Freedom of Information Act, a position the Obama White House successfully defended in federal court. By instituting historic restrictions on lobbying to close the revolving door, expanding and elevating ethics within the White House Counsel's office, and opening the White House press briefing room to media outlets that otherwise cannot gain access, the Trump administration has broken new ground in ensuring our government is both ethical and accessible to the American

David Donnelly

The "only excuse for this policy is that the Trump administration has something to hide. This kind of secrecy will allow big donors, lobbyists, and special interests to have unknown levels of influence in the White House. It's the exact opposite of 'draining the

James Esseks

The Trump Administration may want to use the fake repeal of HB 2 as an excuse to further turn their backs on the transgender community, but the rest of us aren't going to give up that easily. We'll continue this fight as long as it takes to truly strike down this disastrous law for

Jonas Short - North Square Blue Oak

There are demons below the surface and, given the unpredictable start of the Trump administration, it's very hard to see what will happen come

Carol Werner

I really do think that the transition to cleaner energy is underway. There are many factors influencing that, and while the Trump administration is seeking to halt a variety of regulations and policies, I think that there is embedded change. The genie is out of the bottle. With lower gas prices, the sale of SUVs is up. That is not

Boris Schlossberg

As a flight to safety into U.S. Treasurys comes in and yields continue to compress, gold becomes a lot more attractive. I do think with the Trump administration and with the militarization that's going on right now, the risk is very high, so gold does have the chance to go

Daisuke Karakama - Mizuho Bank

It appears that the Trump administration is trying to make up for its internal policy shortcomings with a show of force in external policy, leading to a confrontational stance with trade partners. Currencies rates and trade balance inevitably become themes to confront others countries with. So if you are in the forex market it requires a lot of courage to buy the dollar right

Wilbur Ross

There is fair and unfair trade, and the distinction is not very hard to make. We will not stand for the distortions in foreign markets being used against U.S. businesses. The Trump Administration will continue to employ all of the tools provided under the law to take swift action against harmful trade practices from foreign nations attempting to take advantage of our markets, workers, and

Doug Sachtleben

Ex-Im has a long history of cronyism and corruption that is well-known to many in the Trump Administration, and while we hoped it would be done away with, the administration now has taken on the almost impossible challenge of reforming a federal agency whose mission has been to pick winners and losers with taxpayer

Hans Mikkelsen - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

This year we have seen a notable gap between positive equity market performance and a more skeptical bond market where yields have not gone up. We continue to think that the biggest near term risk to our bullish outlook for credit spreads is a correction in equities, should the Trump administration disappoint on tax

Rick Perry

Innovation is also a top priority for the Trump Administration. We are committed to developing, deploying and commercializing breakthrough technologies and developing the necessary policies that will help renewables become competitive with traditional sources of

Michael Gerson

Inconsistency is so far the most consistent theme of the Trump

Rahm Emanuel

As the Trump administration pulls back on building a clean energy economy, Chicago is doubling down. By committing the energy used to power our public buildings to wind and solar energy, we are sending a clear signal that we remain committed to building a 21st century economy here in

Noah Bookbinder

We hoped that the Trump administration would follow the precedent of the Obama administration and continue to release visitor logs, but unfortunately they have not. Given the many issues we have already seen in this White House with conflicts of interest, outside influence, and potential ethics violations, transparency is more important than ever, so we had no choice but to sue. It is crucial to understand who is potentially influencing the decision-making of the president, particularly when you have a White House that tends to lean toward secret

Lindsey Graham

Ambassador Haley just said on your program, You'll never end the war with Assad in power. So that means regime change is now the policy of the Trump administration. That's at least what I've

Richard Fontaine - Center for a New American Security

The (Trump) administration is reviewing its options for how to deal with North Korea but all of them seem to be trending towards the more coercive side of the

Adrian Mowat - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Clearly, what the Syrian situation does is illustrate that the Trump administration is willing to use

Josh Rogin

The Trump administration must turn its attention to the province of Idlib before it’s too

Larry Summers

By focusing on trade and currency manipulation, the Trump administration is missing the bigger, more important,

Jennifer Granick

The anonymous account holder is safe, for now. Perhaps the Department of Justice has learned a lesson. Perhaps the Trump administration may try to find the poster another way, for example by monitoring the government's INS

Mary Kay Henry - Service Employees International Union

The Trump administration is just another step in a 40-year attack that's been waged against unions. The American labour movement is bound together by our deep desire to create good-paying union jobs. We're not going to support any agenda that seeks to divide unions from each

Seth Johnson

Smog is dangerous to kids, seniors and asthmatics. The Trump administration is taking the first step toward tearing down a crucial protection against dirty

Ed Perlmutter

The Trump administration, coupled with the gridlock that exists in Congress, really is causing things to go backward. I feel I can provide more service and leadership at home than I can in Washington. The Republican Party can't agree with itself right now. When the majority party is kind of in a chaotic state, nothing moves. I think that there is a check and balance that the state of Colorado and other states can provide in contrast to this

Dmitry Medvedev

That's it. The last remaining election fog has lifted. Instead of an overworked statement about a joint fight against the biggest enemy, Isis (the Islamic State), the Trump administration proved that it will fiercely fight the legitimate Syrian

Nicholas Bequelin - Human Rights Watch

There is no such thing as 'embedding' human rights – either you raise human rights or you don't. It looks like the Trump administration is determined to turn its back on human-rights

Dmitry Medvedev

The rest of the pre-election fog has melted away. Instead of the mass-circulated narrative about a joint fight against our main enemy, ISIL, the Trump administration has demonstrated that it will be fiercely fighting the legitimate government of

Eric Pelofsky

[The Russians] probably made a misjudgment about where they thought the Trump administration was going to put its first platoon down and I think they are now

Dmitry Medvedev

That's it. The leftovers of the pre-election haze are blown away. Instead of the much-publicized idea about joint fight against the arch-enemy, [Islamic State], the Trump administration proved that it would fiercely fight against the legal government of

Qusai Zakaria

They were testing the waters. These were small attacks but they wanted to see how the Trump administration reacted. This is will give Syrian people hope. It's all about

David Brooks

What if the Trump administration runs out of errors?feedback

John Sandweg

It's very difficult when you have recalcitrant countries that typically will not take those individuals back. I'm not at all surprised to see that the Trump administration is having to release

Josh Rogin

The Trump administration has some explanations for striking Syria, but many questions are still

Chuck Schumer

Making sure Assad knows that when he commits such despicable atrocities he will pay a price is the right thing to do. It is incumbent on the Trump administration to come up with a strategy and consult with Congress before implementing it. I salute the professionalism and skill of our Armed Forces who took action

Ralph Northam

Ed Gillespie should stick to what he knows best: how to navigate the D.C. swamp to help millionaires and corporations, because when it comes to women's health, he doesn't know what he is talking about. Clearly, he is emboldened by the rhetoric and actions of the Trump

Nicholas Burns

These are the two most important leaders of the world. Frankly, building some kind of relationship with Xi Jinping ought to be the first priority. That's a tall order. But I think the Trump administration is right to go there. I don't think the United States can or should go it alone. We have two very important allies in Japan and South

Urgyen Badheytsang - Students for a Free Tibet

We are asking the Trump administration to see Tibet as a barometer, to see Tibet as an indicator of China's track record and to basically sternly oppose their human rights record and look to resolve these outstanding

Steve Shur

The Department of Transportation must live up to its mandate on consumer protection and ensure consumers have access to all the information they need to make a purchasing decision. We urge the Trump administration to take the necessary steps to protect

Cynthia Cox

While we have seen signs that the market is moving toward stabilization, generally speaking, there are parts of the country that are likely fragile and at high risk of losing insurers or having premium increases. There's a lot of uncertainty around repeal and replace; it's not clear what the Trump administration may do around the individual mandate or cost sharing subsidies and without more clarity from the administration and Congress, insurers are likely very hesitant to participate in the individual

Shane Goldmacher - Politico

Another is through Kennedy's other son, Gregory, and Trump's Silicon Valley adviser Peter Thiel. They went to Stanford Law School together and served as president of the Federalist Society in back-to-back years. More recently, Kennedy's firm, Disruptive Technology Advisers, has worked with Thiel's company Palantir Technologies. In fact, during the early months of the Trump administration, Gregory Kennedy has worked at NASA as a senior financial adviser as part of the so-called 'beachhead'

David Dollar

In the Obama administration, China was a good citizen cooperating with us on Iran sanctions and on climate change, which I think made it hard for the U.S. to contemplate anything that harsh in the trade arena. You could have something similar if the Trump administration wants China to cooperate more on North Korea. That could be hard to turn around and be harsh on them in the economic

Michael Brune - Sierra Club

What more evidence do you need that the Trump administration wants to pave paradise to put up a coal mine? They are literally trading a photo of families enjoying our most cherished landscapes for a pile of coal. This is one of the most obvious signs yet that they are putting the profits of corporate polluters before the

Lauri Myllyvirta - Greenpeace

Given the absolute lack of leadership from the Trump administration, China is seeing a stronger role both in its self-interest as a country threatened by the impacts of climate change, and also as a diplomatic opportunity in the vacuum left by Trump's retrograde

Phil Gordon

In that sense, the Trump administration is simply recognizing the reality: We are not, and have not been, prepared to do what's necessary to overthrow the

Adam Birnbaum - Avon

Our concern is the idea that the only answer is the one coming from the mouthpiece running the [Trump] administration and that there's this effort to sort of snuff out anything but

Dana Milbank

The dictionary’s Twitter account has been repudiating the Trump administration, one definition at a

Alyssa Rosenberg

When the Museum of Modern Art decided in February to make a curatorial response to President Trump’s attempts to restrict immigration from some majority-Muslim nations into the United States, it did what seems like the most subversive thing possible in these heated times. The directors decided not to turn the whole world, or at least the fraction of it enclosed in their galleries, upside down. Instead, they put a series of works by artists who hailed from some of the nations targeted in Trump’s executive orders on display in an act that upset the museum’s traditional use of chronology and left a trail of artistic and political bread crumbs for interested visitors to follow. When I meandered through the museum this weekend, I found it to be one of the smartest artistic responses to the Trump administration I’ve seen so

Chong Ja Ian

Any gifts from the Chinese side will probably be something that emphasizes U.S.-China cooperation, but also Chinese resolve. Given the tone of the Trump administration, it is possible that the U.S. side will select something that underscores American strength in some

Katrina vanden Heuvel

As the Trump administration appears poised to embroil America in endless military conflicts, King’s words are chilling and

Bernie Sanders

We need to elect progressives at every level of government if we are going to beat back the dangerous agenda of the Trump Administration and its Republican allies. Tom is committed to fighting the rigged economy and income inequality. He was the first major statewide candidate in Virginia to run on a $15 minimum wage and the first to say two years of community college should be

Kumar Palghat - Kapstream Capital

On the medium-to-longer term, I think you should still be bullish risk assets. There'll be some sort of delivery from the Trump administration – and this is just a hope – whether it comes from corporate taxes or infrastructure or

Minori Uchida - The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

If we get strong reading in U.S payrolls data, the markets will try to price in a rate hike in June. The Trump administration is not necessarily seeking to reduce trade deficit through a cheaper dollar. But it has strong intentions to do that and it could use a weaker dollar as a bargaining tool in trade

Kevin Brady

We have so much in common with the Trump administration, it wouldn't make sense to have a separate tax bill from Secretary Mnuchin, a separate one from Gary Cohn, a third from whomever. Why not take the basis of the House plan?feedback

Lindsey Graham

We're going to talk about the Flynn deal. It's getting weirder by the day, isn't it? Yeah. Let's see what kind of business dealings he had. So, when issues arise, about people around the campaign or in the Trump administration have deals that don't sound right or look right, we'll look at

Radley Balko

Here’s the latest from the Trump administration on civil liberties and criminal

John Hudak - The Brookings Institution

The future of scientific research under the Trump administration generally is quite

Jennifer Rubin

Conservatives who excoriated President Barack Obama for acquiescence to genocide in Syria should be just as vocal when it comes to the Trump administration. Indeed, the Trump administration seems to have thrown in the towel entirely on seeking to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, thereby consenting to Iran’s effective domination of the country and to Russia’s success in defending its allies Iran and

Jennifer Robinson

It was the end of November when Julian was questioned after a delay of six years … and we're still waiting for a decision on whether [Sweden] are going to pursue the allegations. It's just unacceptable. We are obviously hoping that there will be a change in approach from the new [Trump] administration. We have been seeking dialogue with the Department of Justice for a very long time, and we will continue to make those

Brett Adlard - Piper Jaffray

It could be considered a dead-cat bounce in the market as people are starting to get comfortable with their ability to pay their bonds and it doesn't appear that this is going to lead to a default. The Trump administration, being so pro-jobs, shutting down these two large nuclear plants would look like a negative from their

Robert Laszewski

Will Anthem, part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield exchange market backbone left in most of the states, really exit? Or, is this just a negotiating ploy just as the Trump administration is about to make key decisions regarding the Obamacare exchange market for 2018? I have my doubts that Anthem will end up exiting the Obamacare

Patrick Gallagher - Sierra Club

I think the bottom line is that we hope any anti-regulatory rule-making should be so unscientific ... almost any federal judge should see through the Trump administration

Yacov Arnopolin

Some of the concerns around the policies of the new Trump administration, on trade and on China, have not been put to rest necessarily but they have been mitigated some what. A stabilisation of China's economy and the renminbi has also been a

Librada Antigua

The Trump administration may want us to disappear, but we're not leaving our children for

Sean Spicer

Women's History Month is coming to an end, but the Trump administration is committed to empowering women in the workplace. The President made women's empowerment a priority throughout the campaign, speaking out on affordable childcare and paid family leave, investing in women's health, and the barriers faced by female entrepreneurs and business

Evelyn Farkas

We were having a transition of power from the Obama administration to the Trump administration. If indeed there was an investigation ongoing, if indeed there was information the Obama administration had about Russian interference and possible American involvement, I wanted to make sure Congress knew about it. I was afraid of a cover-up. I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior (Obama) people who left, so it would be hidden away in the

Matt Welch

The betting money is that both the Trump administration and the GOP establishment it now sits atop will seek actively to marginalize the rebels and instead find common governing cause with centrist

Fahad Nazer

It understands that it is uniquely positioned to play a unique role in bringing some stability to the region, and I think there is a meeting of the minds between the Saudi leadership and the Trump

Richard Kahlenberg

I'm very concerned that if the Trump administration is not willing to continue even a small program for school diversity, then it's clearly not much of a priority for

Bruce Bennett - Rand Corporation

There will certainly be pressure from the Trump administration to deal with [missile tests] and rein it

Ed Gillespie

Just like the Trump administration is doing in Washington, here in Virginia for every new regulation we impose we need to repeal or modernize two old

Sarah Kate Ellis

By erasing LGBTQ Americans from the 2020 U.S. Census, the Trump Administration is adding a disgusting entry to a long list of tactics they've adopted to legally deny services and legitimacy to hard-working LGBTQ Americans. The Trump Administration is trying hard to erase the LGBTQ community from the fabric of America, but visibility has always been one of the LGBTQ community's greatest

Sheldon Whitehouse

The most voracious and malign special interest in American politics – the fossil fuel industry – has captured the Trump administration, installed its top henchmen at the EPA, and gone to work trying to unwind any environmental and public health safeguard that gets in the way of its

Ed Murray

Apparently the Trump administration, their war on facts has now become a war on cities. Let me be clear about the facts. We are not breaking any laws and we are prioritizing safety. This administration has created an atmosphere of anxiety in cities across America and has created chaos in our politics. It is time for cities to stand up and ask the courts to put an end to the anxiety in our communities and the chaos in our

Michael Ignatieff

We view it as discriminatory and we view it as a piece of political vandalism. We feel that this isn't just about us; this is about Hungarian academic freedom in general. If the government of Hungary was gambling that the Trump administration would say nothing about a flagrant discriminatory attack on an American institution, they judged

Jenny Harbine

No one voted to pollute our public lands, air or drinking water in the last election, yet the Trump administration is doing the bidding of powerful polluters as nearly its first order of business. Our legal system remains an important backstop against the abuses of power we've witnessed over the course of the past two months. That's why we're going to court to defend our public lands, clean air and water, and a healthy climate for

Greg Gershuny

The decrease in coal by the electricity sector is because of economic reasons, as it has been outcompeted by low-cost natural gas. This policy won't work. It is a mistake for the Trump administration to think it can reverse the demise of coal. Even the coal industry knows

Stewart Glickman - S&P Global Market Intelligence

It may have the impact of avoiding further job losses than it does bringing back plants that are closed. Natural gas as a competitive threat to coal isn't going away simply because we're gonna lift regulations on coal. And, ironically, to the degree that the Trump administration is able to put in place other changes that lift restrictions on drilling for crude oil and natural gas, all you're doing is making gas that much cheaper for utilities to

Bob Ward

We will have to wait to see how the Trump administration explains its actions to other countries when they meet in Bonn, Germany, in

Paul Waldman

Is trying to cover for the Trump administration in the ever-widening Russia scandal, he’s doing an absolutely terrible job of it. In fact, Nunes is acting as though he’s trying to convince everyone he’s staging a coverup. In the latest development, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has canceled all the committee’s meetings for this week amid calls for him to recuse himself from the investigation - which have come from, among others, the ranking minority member on the committee, Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.).feedback

Andreas Krieg

Fighting ISIS and fighting the jihadis is absolutely the first priority of the [Donald] Trump administration. This is why [Defense Secretary James] Mattis is going so hardcore after ISIS. And almost everything goes as long as they are fighting jihadis at the same time. These surrogates are doing their own operations and then the sponsors are doing air cover and artillery cover. Escalation is bound to

John Pomfret

It’s totally premature to have a summit with China early next month. The Trump administration clearly has no China policy and so meeting with China’s leader, Xi Jinping, at this juncture makes no sense. In fact, it could do more harm than good to America’s relations with

Daniel W. Drezner

There are lots of positive economic data that is positive about the Trump administration. How long it stays positive is another question

AshLee Strong

We're working with the Trump administration and evaluating the options in front of

Frank Sharry

It's simply outrageous that the Trump administration and their ICE agents are putting politics and scapegoating of immigrants ahead of public safety and the ability of local communities to decide how best to keep their communities

Chuck Schumer

If there was any doubt that big oil was back in charge under the Trump administration, today's executive order lays that to rest. It reads as if it was written in an Exxon boardroom, with no regard for the health and safety of the American people, or the

Chuck Schumer

This executive order is nothing more than a giveaway to big oil at the expense of the health and safety of our children and the bank accounts of hard-working middle-class families. Simply put, the Trump administration has put the health of the American people and the future of our planet on the back burner all for the sake of lining the pockets of big oil and extreme-right special

Travis Nichols - Greenpeace

The problem, of course, is how much devastation his administration will inflict on the climate, vulnerable communities and the environment in the meantime. With this proposed executive order the Trump administration is simply putting America further behind in the global race towards a renewable

Mohamed El-Erian - Pimco

Unless the Trump administration can work well with a cooperative Congress to translate market-motivating intentions into well-calibrated actions soon, the lagging hard data risks dragging down confidence, creating headwinds that extend well beyond financial

Walter Isaacson

The Trump administration probably has more of an opportunity because they are willing to kind of blow up the bureaucracy. That's what they really want to

David Kostin - Goldman Sachs Group

Our Washington, D.C. economist expects legislation that lowers the corporate tax rate and makes incremental tax reforms to be enacted by late 2017 or early 2018, meaning corporate earnings will likely not be affected any earlier than next year. The Trump Administration has called for broad deregulation and investors are focused on financials as the firms with the most to gain. Our banks analysts expect that reform will likely come through changes to existing rules as well as the interpretation and application of outstanding

Mick Mulvaney

You can blame it on the Freedom Caucus if you want to. But there's also a lot of moderates, Charlie Dent will be on your show in a little bit, who are also against the bill. I think more importantly, we haven't been able to change Washington in the first 65 days. And I think if there's anything that's disappointing and sort of an educational process to the Trump Administration was that this place was a lot more rotten than we thought that it was, and that I thought it was, because I've been here for six

Stefan Worrall - Credit Suisse Group

At a time when there is some degree of policy uncertainty that has emerged in the United States, questions about the timing of when the Trump administration can implement its agenda may be all feeding through into a period of 'risk off'. The end of the financial year is always a factor with regard to Japan to consider. The extent to which that may be contributing to yen strength is a possible

Silvia Riberio

Clearly parts of the Trump administration are very willing to open the door to reckless schemes like David Keith's, and may well have quietly given the nod to open-air experiments. Worryingly, geoengineering may emerge as this administration's preferred approach to global warming. In their view, building a big beautiful wall of sulphate in the sky could be a perfect excuse to allow uncontrolled fossil fuel extraction. We need to be focussing on radical emissions cuts, not dangerous and unjust

Shin Kadota - Barclays

Concerns towards the Trump Administration have been reignited after his health care legislation setback. This is resulting in a bout of risk-aversion weighing on the dollar. There isn't much going for the dollar right now and the market will be bracing for its further

Jay Edelson

We were forced to get involved politically because once we started winning a lot of cases in court, they all went on the offensive. It's important because the Trump administration is doing so much to roll back privacy rights, so there is going to be a huge shift to state lawmakers and state attorneys

John Wonderlich

If the Trump administration isn't going to continue a practice that was widely lauded by leaders across the political spectrum, Congress should mandate disclosure to guarantee public access to the visitor log

Larry Levitt

It seems that the Trump Administration now faces a choice whether to actively undermine the ACA or reshape it administratively. The ACA marketplaces weren't collapsing, but they could be made to collapse through administrative

Jim Cramer

I know the end-of-the-worlders constantly surface on any perceived weakness in the Trump administration, but the fact is that we have a ton of data and CEO commentary that suggests small and medium sized businesses are doing quite well and hiring new workers. The dental stocks have been quietly riding three big secular trends – an aging population, the need for most cosmetic dentistry in the age of the selfie, and the rise of the middle class in emerging

Kyle Cooper

I think the Trump administration is going to roll over the opposition groups and it will be done. This pipeline will give the Canadian sands a better net back. It's cheaper to use a pipeline than rail or truck. Their break-even just got lowered, and their economic incentive just improved. One thing you can say is that over the last 10 years, the North American E and P producer knows how to respond to economic signals. If there's a dollar to be made, they're going to get at how to make it. The Keystone pipleline will certainly give them the opportunity to make a

Johan Rockstrom

We should not be too concerned with the risks of the negative impact of the Trump

Jennifer Rubin

This seems entirely reasonable. “Republicans joined Democrats on Wednesday in pressuring the Trump administration to surrender records of former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s payments and contacts with foreign officials during the past three years.”.feedback

Matthew Colangelo

In just two months, the Trump Administration has already made it harder for African Americans to buy a house, to vote, to enjoy clean air and water, and to retire with dignity. The President's campaign pledge was correct: The results of his policies for African Americans have in fact been 'amazing' – it is amazing how much harm can be done so

Sean Spicer

I think nothing in this morning's report references any actions by the President, the White House or any Trump administration official. I should have been more precise with respect to Paul's role, so let me clarify this and kind of go through the facts. Paul was hired to oversee the campaign's delegate operation. In total he was involved with the campaign for a total of just under five

Morgan Sparks

''Given the track record for truthfulness by the Trump administration thus far, I am very doubtful of the underlying claims this policy is based on,''.feedback

Naureen Shah - Amnesty International USA

This could be the latest in what looks set to be a long line of discriminatory measures deployed by the Trump administration against Muslims around the world. This administration has consistently used 'national security' as shorthand for discriminating against Muslims, and we fear this latest decision may be no different. Muslims are once again left in the dark as the U.S administration piles up bans and restrictions against

Robert Reich

Ivanka into the White House? It's like a coup, and the dictator's family is moving into the palace as it prepares to the loot the country. The "utter disdain of the Trumps for ethics is jaw-dropping. Doesn't the Trump administration have enough ethics problems? Aren't there already enough conflicts of interest to sink a ship?feedback

Daniel W. Drezner

The Trump administration likes to talk a lot about improving Americas trade balance. So the hard-working staff here at Spoiler Alerts thought it might be useful to highlight a key sector of the American economy that is running an ever-increasing trade surplus: education, primarily higher education. When an overseas student studies at an American university, [].feedback

William Cohen - Cohen Group

There is a cloud hanging over the Trump administration saying what is the nature and the basis of this bromance (with President Putin)? The president should be asked three questions, number one, what do you own? Number two, what do you owe? And three, to whom you owe it? And if you resolve those issues then you remove the cloud (as) we all want a better relationship with

Sarah Kate Ellis

The Trump Administration is literally attempting to erase the LGBTQ community from the fabric of American history. Our LGBTQ seniors, many of whom survived the HIV and AIDS epidemic, do not deserve to have the government once again brush them off from obtaining transportation services, caregiver support, and even delivered meals that fit their needs. Access to these services is an American right, and this heartless move proves how anti-LGBTQ the Trump Administration has always been from Day

Piotr Matys - Rabobank

A gradual pace of monetary policy normalisation by the Fed, market optimism that the (U.S. President Donald) Trump administration will implement a substantial dose of fiscal stimulus and signs of improvement in economic activity in the emerging markets are positive factors supporting capital inflows to risky

Piotr Matys - Rabobank

Capital inflows to the emerging markets, however, are likely to be reversed if the Trump administration implements measures that would undermine globalisation – a major driving factor for export-oriented EM

David Albright

Until today, North Korea has been able to advance its nuclear programs by buying in China, having little fear of having controlled or uncontrolled nuclear related goods stopped prior to reaching North Korea. One hopes the Trump administration will succeed in pressing China to take the types of enforcement steps against commodity trafficking taken years ago in the

Karen DeYoung - the Post

But the Trump administration appears more serious than most in its threats to make deeper and more permanent cuts in payments that would significantly affect U.N. operations. At the same time, it has warned that it may withdraw altogether from U.N. agencies it considers particularly

Terry Garrett - Sustaining Technologies

I think it's kind of doubtful right now, looking at the Trump administration. Let's see them do health care first, round up immigrants, build a

Abraham Denmark

While the Trump administration should have time to develop its own strategy toward North Korea, it's curious that they have so far chosen to rhetorically define themselves in opposition to the Obama administration's approach without yet significantly changing any actual

Abraham Denmark

The Trump administration has more influence and more options because of this

Peter Conti-Brown

My guess is that whatever benefit Goldman would have from its senior executives leaving to go to the Trump administration, the reputational effects may well be more severe. If the best and brightest look at Goldman Sachs as an appendage of the Trump administration and react with horror, they'll be looking more closely at jobs with Morgan

Alexandra Petri

Some people are complaining that the budget proffered by the Trump administration, despite its wonderful macho-sounding name, is too vague and makes all sorts of cuts to needed programs in favor of increasing military spending by leaps and bounds. These people are wimps. Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney has called it a “hard power budget” which is, I think, the name of an exercise program where you eat only what you can catch, pump up your guns and then punch the impoverished in the face. This, conveniently, is also what the budget

Jackie Vimo

This is a response to the climate of fear and terror that immigrant families are living in because of the Trump administration. These are unfounded fears. But they're based in this environment, and they're very

Daniel W. Drezner

It's only week seven of the Trump administration and the White House has hit a fork in the

Chuck Schumer

The President's proposed budget cuts are devastating to the middle class. Once again the Trump administration is showing its true colors: talk like a populist but govern like a special interests zealot. This budget shifts the burden off of the wealthy and special interests and puts it squarely on the backs of the middle class and those struggling to get there. Democrats in Congress will emphatically oppose these cuts and urge our Republican colleagues to reject them as

Erik Wemple

Defending the positions of the Trump administration is a hazardous duty, as State Department acting spokesman Mark Toner demonstrated Wednesday in a briefing at Foggy Bottom. Reporters came to the session with multiple questions regarding media access to the ongoing trip of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Asia. News emerged last week that the State Department wouldn’t be allowing reps of State Department press corps onto Tillerson’s plane, breaking with a long tradition in U.S. international

Tim Kaine

We have to understand everything about the ties between Russia, the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, the Trump administration. Especially the degree to which Russia tried to invade the American election, because we have to protect future

Sean Hannity

It's time for the Trump administration to begin to purge these saboteurs before it's too

Michael Steel

It's difficult to see the kind of aggressive agenda that they've outlined for the rest of this year without some sort of repeal-and-replace success. Will show whether the Trump administration can use the tools of the White House to move legislation

Mitch Bainwol

By restarting this review, analysis rather than politics will produce a final decision consistent with the process we all agreed to under 'One National Program' for (greenhouse gas) and fuel economy standards. The Trump administration has created an opportunity for decision-makers to reach a thoughtful and coordinated outcome predicated on the best and most current data. Our industry is committed to producing even safer and more energy-efficient vehicles in the future, and that's what this process is all

Michael Mann

The EPA was a staunch defender of the environment and supporter of climate action under the Obama administration. It is now instead being wielded by the fossil-fuel interests who are running the Trump administration as just another weapon in their war on environmental protection and climate

Vicki Arroyo

While it's painful to watch a rollback of standards that took significant effort and input to put in place, the Trump administration will need to follow laws and regulations such as the Clean Air Act and Administrative Procedure Act before knocking down regulations. It's not as simple as kicking over toy building

Jason Putorti - AngelList

We will faithfully deliver any message our users send in, but the voice of the product is for the liberals and conservatives in opposition to the Trump administration. What staffers need are tallies, turning constituent input into a count of support for or against. Ideally there would be a much better system for this but our democracy isn't perfect, it's incredibly

Xavier Becerra

The Trump Administration may have changed the text of the now-discredited Muslim travel ban, but they didn't change its unconstitutional intent and

Edward J. Markey

By jumping in the speeding car with the Trump administration, [automakers] are putting themselves in danger of swerving off a cliff. We know that simultaneously the U.S. has a technological and economic imperative to keep our cars fuel

Erica Groshen

BLS data have not been manipulated by previous administrations. Not by the Obama administration, nor by the Trump

Jennifer Rubin

President Trump’s decision to fill out his White House staff and leave the rest of the executive branch without leadership tells us a lot about his limited business experience. He’s run a family business, a small one which operates on his gut instincts and impulses. That’s precisely what he recreated in the White House, complete with overlapping power centers where aides duke it out to win his favor. It may not be surprising then that what the Trump administration is lacking is the

Thea Lee - AFL-CIO

At the moment it appears that the Wall Street wing of the Trump administration is winning this battle and the Wall Street wing is in favour of the status quo in terms of US trade

Gary Palmer

I want to be as helpful to the Trump administration as I can. I'm very supportive of the president. I support him, I want to help him. But respect has to go up and down the street, it's got to go both

Greg Hayes

The current administration has reached out to business in a way the last administration has never done. I think getting a chance to go to the White House to have your voice heard is very, very important and I think the Trump administration is trying to do the right thing to bring jobs back to America, to grow the American economy and we're certainly supportive of all of those

Diana Furchtgott-Roth

The public expects a rollback in regulations and a new tax plan to result in higher earnings and more hiring. In order to fulfill these expectations, it is crucial that Congress come through with the promised tax plan. The Trump administration can reform regulations alone, but it cannot change tax

Karen Tumlin

This really sharpens the question to the Trump administration who has very much tried to have it both ways, (saying) they have a lot of love and heart for DACA recipients and immigrant youth ... but have refused to make clear to line immigration officers that it is not in fact open season on DACA

John Crew

This is a problem not just for San Francisco. It's a problem around the country of local police assigning officers to the FBI under arrangements that have not been scrutinized in the past, where local civil rights and racial profiling policies are going to be reevaluated in the era of the Trump

Bernie Sanders

I have no idea what the C.B.O. report will say, but I find it amusing that the right-wing Trump administration would try to cast doubt about the integrity of that report when it was the right-wing Republicans who handpicked its

Marc Bohn

It remains to be seen whether the Trump administration will be as aggressive. It's a big ship to

Timur Kuran

Every bureaucracy, past and present, contains vested interests. Every American administration, Democratic or Republican, has encountered pushback from vested interests within various agencies. So there is nothing unusual about the pushback that the Trump administration is experiencing. Bureaucrats don't like to change established practices. They are threatened by changes in chains of command. They will try to undermine changes dictated from above and even to sabotage them, when possible to do so with

Fareed Zakaria

While the Trump administration wastes time on its travel ban, cyberwarfare goes

Paul Waldman

We need to talk about the Congressional Budget Office. But before you click away from what you assume will be a dreadfully boring discussion of arcane legislative procedures, let me assure you that there’s something larger going on in this argument, one that gets to the heart of where the Trump administration and Republicans are taking our entire political system. So stick with

Charif Souki

We're exporting gas, so we're very happy. It's too soon to say where the Trump administration is going to go on the long-term basis. We have to give them a chance to start articulating

Vanda Felbab-Brown - The Brookings Institution

We still haven't heard a peep from the Trump administration for what its plans or ambitions or intentions are for Afghanistan. This current levels he cannot break the stalemate. So far no word, no focus, no indication of any kind from the White

Josh Rogin

China wants the United States to deal with Kim Jong Un, but the Trump administration wants to raise the heat on Pyongyang

Abteen Vaziri - Greystone

The Trump administration has been all about creating jobs and what better way to create jobs than a program that creates as many jobs as it does. There is a market out there for immigrant investors looking to migrate to countries which typically have good education

George Stein

The Trump administration is already having an impact on hiring decisions. Two of our international clients are considering basing foreign hires outside of the United States because of difficulties arising from the

Eliza Byard

I joined my colleagues from NCTE and Equality Michigan and a delegation of families in meeting with Secretary DeVos to relay the concerns and fears of hundreds of thousands of students, educators, and parents who have been affected by the alarming actions of the Trump administration. We highlighted the pervasive violence and discrimination that the majority of transgender students face across the country, including being prevented from using their correct name and pronouns and appropriate school

Christine Levinson

Iran is responsible for Bob. They know where he is and what happened to him. They've had him for 10 years. And we need the United States government to meet with them and find out what's necessary to get Bob home. I'm hoping that the Trump administration will be able to do

Bob Bland

The "misogynist views and actions of the Trump administration transcend partisan politics. What we're seeing is a threat to women overall and to our democracy. We would need to do this regardless of who's in

Peter Mallouk - Lehman Brother Holdings

The Trump administration is looking to roll back the DOL rule, and I think this is a ridiculous debate. The rule is really just some baby steps toward a standard that should be a minimum standard, and that is that an advisor needs to act in their client's best interest. It's kind of amazing that anyone would argue with this

William Hague

We have a new Prime Minister and Cabinet facing the most complex challenges of modern times: Brexit negotiations, the Trump administration, the threat from Scottish nationalists, and many other issues. There is no doubt that they would be in a stronger position to take the country through these challenges successfully if they had a large and decisive majority in the Commons and a new full term ahead of them. If asked I am sure ministers will say that they have no plans to introduce a change. However, quietly and carefully, it is worth thinking

William Hague

We have a new Prime Minister and Cabinet facing the most complex challenges of modern times: Brexit negotiations, the Trump administration, the threat from Scottish nationalists, and many other issues. There is no doubt that they would be in a stronger position to take the country through these challenges successfully if they had a large and decisive majority in the Commons and a new full term ahead of

Athan Manuel - Sierra Club

Bottom line, we think this is a terrible idea, whether it was done by the Obama administration or the Trump administration. It's time to keep oil in the