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Charles Blahous
There's two issues here. There's the problems in Medicaid that were created under the Affordable Care Act, and then there are the problems that predated that. Medicaid was already on a financially unsustainable course before the Affordable Care
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NEW Jun 23 2017
The latest person who has talked about Trumpcare is Jennifer Rubin: “President Trump says the Senate health-care bill needs more negotiation. (So what foolish lawmaker would sign onto it now?) Planned Parenthood, hospitals, every Democratic lawmaker and a number of conservatives have panned the bill.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Jennifer Rubin and all the other people that have spoken about Trumpcare. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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Jennifer Rubin

President Trump says the Senate health-care bill needs more negotiation. (So what foolish lawmaker would sign onto it now?) Planned Parenthood, hospitals, every Democratic lawmaker and a number of conservatives have panned the

Larry Levitt

There is no question that Anthem has soured on the marketplace, given underlying instability and the tremendous uncertainty stoked by the Trump administration and the health-care debate in Congress. Assuming other insurers in Indiana and Wisconsin stick around, there will still be at least one insurer in all counties in these

Donald J. Trump

Karen Handel for Congress. She will fight for lower taxes, great health care strong security -- a hard worker who will never give up! Vote today!feedback

Peter Zeidenberg

I don't care who Trump hires. There's no reason to think he's going to listen to legal advice. Good luck trying to represent

Andy Slavitt

The question is how many hours will there be to review the actual text & CBO score before the vote. It can be done in 28 – 8 hours of review + 20 [hours]

Kim Monk - Capital Alpha Partners

All these groups have things that they want. They're all similarly motivated in that it's not just about the [Affordable Care Act]. They know they have a few years ahead of issues they have to

Ron Wyden

The point was to say that the states, the laboratories of democracy, would have an opportunity to show that they could do better than the Affordable Care

Chuck Schumer

Republicans are drafting this bill in secret because they're ashamed of it, plain and simple. These are merely the first steps we're prepared to take in order to shine a light on this shameful Trumpcare bill and reveal to the public the GOP's true intentions: to give the uber-wealthy a tax break while making middle class Americans pay more for less health care coverage. If Republicans won't relent and debate their health care bill in the open for the American people to see, then they shouldn't expect business as usual in the

Rand Paul

What I'm telling them is if they get to an impasse, come talk to me, because I'm more than willing to vote for a partial repeal if I can't get complete repeal, but I'm not willing to vote for new Republican entitlement

Donald J. Trump

Let me start by saying that I'm glad Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and I, along with a very talented team, were able to get Otto Warmbier back with his parents. What's happened to him is a truly terrible thing, but at least the ones who love him so much can now take care of him and be with him. Also my dear friend Steve Scalise took a bullet for all of us. And because of him and the tremendous pain and suffering he's now enduring – he's having a hard time, far worse than anybody thought –our country will perhaps become closer, more unified, so

Donald J. Trump

I'm so glad Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and I, along with a very talented team, were able to get Otto Warmbier back with his parents. What's happened to him is a truly terrible thing, but at least the ones who love him so much can now take care of him and be with him. Also, my dear friend Steve Scalise took a bullet for all of us, and because of him and the tremendous pain and suffering he's now enduring – and he's having a hard time, far worse than anybody thought – our country will perhaps become closer, more unified, so important. So we all owe Steve a big, big thank

Donald J. Trump

I do have a big heart. We're going to take care of everybody… But I will tell you, we're looking at this, the whole immigration situation, we're looking at it with great

Ben Wikler

If you're a voter sitting at home looking at your newspaper's front page, it's possible to have no idea the 'Trumpcare' train is barreling down the tracks at

Edward J. Markey

Think of every Trump tweet as an attempt to get the media to not cover the destruction of the Affordable Care Act. That's what's going

Joseph R. Swedish - Anthem Inc.

We've also said that it's possible without the right kinds of changes with respect to funding levels and other regulations associated with the Affordable Care Act that we may have to exit certain markets because those markets are not sustainable. Adjustments have not occurred and certain decisions have not been made to further strengthen or stabilize that marketplace. ... [W]e've come to sort of a fork in the road in terms of our inability to service our

Joseph R. Swedish - Anthem Inc.

Fixing the individual market, fixing the Affordable Care Act and possibly getting to some new model of delivery for the individual marketplace will evolve so that sustainability is

Mike Pence

Now I know this room is filled with men and women who care deeply about bringing high-quality health care to every American. Rest assured, Donald Trump wants the exact same

Michael Needham

House Republicans’ attempt to undo Obamacare’s perverse incentives is

Mercedes Ibarra

Within that year, the Affordable Care Act totally saved my life. It's a huge difference and it's a lifesaving difference because… if I didn't have access to health care right now, I wouldn't be able to do the things I

Donald J. Trump

Now, he's representing China. He's not representing us. But he's a good man. And I believe he wants to get that situation taken care of. They have tremendous power, and we'll see what

Bernie Sanders

During his campaign, Trump posed as a friend of the working class. Do not tell us that you are a friend of the working class when you throw 23 million Americans off of health care, and make devastating cuts to education, senior needs, nutrition, housing, and environmental

John Cornyn

I'd say give us a little more time. The end of July by the

Nicole Gill

The Trump Administration's own Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released a report today proving that the American Health Care Act would be a disaster for American families as it increases their out-of-pocket health care costs by an astounding $221 billion over the next ten years. That is a stunning jump in cost-sharing that will be a heavy burden for American families, all to pay for tax cuts for the rich. This report proves one thing: This bill literally takes money out of the pockets of working families to pad the wallets of millionaires and

Leslie Dach

President Trump now believes the House Republican health care is too mean because it hurts people – we agree. The problem is that the Senate's secret health care repeal plan does almost all the same things. It's no wonder they don't want anyone to see

Rob Portman

He just mostly listened. No, but that wasn't the purpose of

Donald J. Trump

I will treat this provision consistently with my constitutional responsibility to take care that the laws be faithfully

Donald J. Trump

If we had the greatest bill in the history of the world on health care, we wouldn't get one vote from the Democrats, because they're obstructionists. That's what they want to do. That's the game. They think that's their best political

Ricki Seidman

I know a number of people who have said that anything that helps Trump in any way is heretical to my values. But I don't think personalizing the polarization has any value. If you look at it just politically, then let [Kushner and Ivanka Trump] sink. But if you care about the country, look at what Mark Warner and others are doing to bring people

Leslie Vinjamuri

I don't think that the relationship between the U.S. and U.K. was the key driver of the election by any stretch, but it's clear that it didn't play to May's advantage. The contours of this election demonstrate that the youth care about globalization and liberalism, things that Trump has distanced himself from. Trump's vision is not resonating across Europe. It suggests that there is support in the U.K. for having close relationship with Europe and being international player, issues that are challenged in current era of American

Jim Cramer

What surprised me the most today, though, was that the rally also included health care stocks that had been stalled, chiefly pharma and biotech, as well as industrials that are involved in the extraction of oil – think Caterpillar and Helmerich and Payne – which, until today, candidly, had been 'the house of pain'. The Treasury can't afford to run out of money and this could further delay the Trump agenda for tax reform and repatriation. I smell trouble

Tony Dwyer - Canaccord Genuity

The Trump trade was a Trump fade since December. If you look at the banks, the industrials, the energy, the materials against the anti-Trump trade, technology and health care, that has been an awful trade over the course of the last four or five

Jared Bernstein

I think of Vice President Pence as being for standard-issue conservative economic policies, including tax cuts in the spirit of Ryan/Trump, smaller government, spending cuts everywhere, including entitlements, except defense, . On health care, however, he was one of a minority of [GOP] governors who took the ACA Medicaid expansion in his state, so that cuts against type a

Larry Bossidy

It seems to me that capital spending has been relatively weak through the recovery. One of the reasons is because of the noncompetitive U.S. tax rate in corporations. If that were to change, I think it would give an impetus to more capital spending. If it weren't to happen, I think it's going to hurt the market in general but it's also going to hurt the economy. When you look at the tax policies, I'm still enthused about what Trump is trying to do in terms of tax reform and the Affordable Care Act

Donald J. Trump

Obamacare is in a total death spiral. Health care is more about so much more than dollars and cents. It's about real

Randy Chrisman

You know, we've built some really good things but keeping up with it and keeping the maintenance of it - some of its really hurt the

Randy Chrisman

Sometimes it would be good if he said less, maybe, on Twitter. But that's what he chooses to

Donald J. Trump

Senate passed the VA Accountability Act. The House should get this bill to my desk ASAP! We can't tolerate substandard care for our

Donald J. Trump

The Senate, I'm sure, will follow suit and get a bill across the finish line this summer that will be great health care for Americans. And I'm looking forward to seeing it, so looking forward to seeing

Donald J. Trump

Health care is about so much more than dollars and cents. It's about real people. ObamaCare is dead. It's only obstruction from the Democrats. The Democrats are destroying health care in this country. It's all going to be Republicans or bust. And the Republicans are working very, very hard on getting a great health care

Boris Johnson

The invitation has been issued and accepted and I see no reason to change that. I don't wish to enter into a row between those two individuals who I think are perfectly able to stick up for themselves. Sadiq Khan was saying something very reasonable and sensible about how there was no reason for the public to be alarmed by the presence of armed officers on the streets. This is frankly a trivial controversy by comparison of the enormity of what happened on Saturday night and the importance of getting the right

Heidi Beirich - Southern Poverty Law Center

It doesn't seem like Trump cares about hate crimes against these populations. When it comes to extremism bred from our own culture, he says nothing–or very, very little. It makes you wonder whether the alt right and the extremists who supported him during the campaign–whether he's somehow afraid of offending them. The [victims] are fellow citizens–he should care about

John Kennedy

I think there's a consensus on parts of the plan. Whether we'll be able to get consensus on the whole, we'll see. The areas we have consensus on? Obamacare sucks. Look, I think President Obama and my friends on the other side of the aisle were very well-intentioned in passing the Affordable Care Act. But you know what? One hundred fifty years ago doctors used to bleed their patients with the best of intentions. They stopped it because their patients died. The Affordable Care Act has not

Steny Hoyer

Instead of holding insurers and consumers in limbo, Republicans ought to end this TrumpCare charade and work with Democrats to restore

Ian Gillule

In the early years, they weren't being billed [for the club]--the bills would just disappear. Mr. Trump had a cow. He flipped. He was like, We're donating all of this stuff, and there's no paper trail? No credit?' And he went nuts. He said, I don't care if it's my son or not--everybody gets billed.' . I would always say, I can't believe that his dad is billing him for a charitable outing.' But that's what they

Sadiq Khan

There are literally millions and millions of Muslims around the world who love America. They love Britain, they want to come here to study, to be a tourist, to start up a business, to work, to learn. Why would you want to stop them coming?feedback

Brigid Harrison

What most New Jerseyans care about are taxes, they care about reforming the pension. They care about the cost of college. But what the candidates talk about is Mr. Trump and Mr. Corzine, probably not the concerns of most New

Josh Holmes

The one thing that I think is underappreciated is the extent to which the entire Obama agenda in the last term was executed through executive order. Much of what President Trump was elected to do was roll that back. To the extent that a lot of this is focused on that, that's the way you handle it. Most administrations, there are legacies left by signature legislative accomplishments – and [Obama] had health care and Dodd-Frank, but he basically spent six and a half years doing nothing from a legislative

Andrew M. Cuomo

With Washington trying to take a wrecking ball to our health care system, we are taking concrete steps to ensure core protections of the Affordable Care Act remain intact. New Yorkers will continue to have access to the quality medical care they need and

Susan Collins

There is no denying that the Affordable Care Act has made insurance available to millions of Americans and allowed people to leave corporate jobs and start businesses. We are disproportionately affected, which is one reason I've spent so much energy on this issue. One of the problems with the exchanges is that the pools are not large enough. It would cost $15 billion annually to expand nationally a patient stability fund like Maine

Nicholas Bagley

The administration should not have found an appropriation where none existed. The Obama administration argument that the Affordable Care Act included an appropriation for the cost-sharing payments never held water. The biggest source for the instability in the markets in 2018 is the

Iain Duncan Smith

Why would you have a policy in which you're prepared to spend billions of pounds to have a nuclear deterrent and then tell the world you'll never use it, in which case it's a waste of money and they will know that you'll never use it so it doesn't deter anybody. She started off this campaign by saying she could be strong and stable, I'm afraid strong and stable now seems like a bit of a joke, because she's seemed weak and wobbly in so many different circumstances. Whether it's refusing to debate Corbyn, whether it's her u-turn on social care, not standing up to Donald

Daniel Hilferty - Independence Blue Cross

As such, it is critical that the federal government commit to funding cost-sharing reductions to avoid disruption in the market and to ensure those with low and moderate incomes get the care they

Teresa Miller

The 506,000 Pennsylvanians with Affordable Care Act-compliant plans in the individual market deserve single-digit rate increases like the ones most people will see if Congress and the Trump Administration choose not to risk consumers' health and financial well-being by jeopardizing the stability of these

Kevin Counihan

It also shows the risk of continued ambiguity around CSR funding and individual mandate enforcement. All new and broad social programs, particularly market-based ones, require time to adjust. The results from Pennsylvania are the most recent example of engagement and

Teresa Miller

These law percentages show that Pennsylvania's market is stabilizing and insurers are better understanding the markets and the population they serve. Information provided by insurers shows the extent to which instability and changes would impact Pennsylvania's 2018 health insurance rates. This proves what we already know – instability caused by adverse action from the federal government will do nothing but hurt consumers who are stuck in the

Glen Bolger

There is no question it helps Trump with his base. Trump voters believe that the world is out to get us and that we would be the only country to live up to the accords. Therefore, America would lose and the rest of the world would laugh at us. Obviously, it makes Clinton voters hate him even more, but from a political calculation standpoint, the White House does not and should not

Damian Paletta

White House officials plan to push Senate Republicans in June to vote on a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and they want to spend the rest of the summer whipping up support for major tax

Rich Galen

What they need to do is crank up the legislative side of things and say, OK, that's going on, and Trump's going to be Trump,' but meanwhile, they're actually working to get some kind of health care plan through the Senate, some kind of tax reform, and do what they promised they

Leigh Ann Caldwell - National Broadcasting Company

After weeks of meetings, Senate Republicans attempting to hash out a way forward on a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act are no closer to agreeing how the country's health care system should operate. One decision has been made, however: Over the upcoming 11-day recess, staff of the key committees have been tasked with beginning the process of putting pen to paper and crafting health care legislation. It's a step forward but it doesn't mean Republicans have reached any consensus

Andrea Miller

Twenty-three million Americans would lose coverage under this sorry excuse for a replacement for the Affordable Care Act. Calling the AHCA a 'health care' bill is an oxymoron – it would drastically impede access to health care for the people who need it

Harold Wimmer - American Lung Association

The CBO … confirmed that by allowing states to opt out of the Essential Health Benefits, patients would be left with inadequate coverage that will not suffice for patients when they need it most. The Affordable Care Act is not perfect but any changes to current law should prioritize preventing disease and preserving healthcare coverage for all Americans – regardless of income or pre-existing

Edward J. Markey

The more the public understands about what the Trump administration is trying to do to net neutrality, they'll understand that it's the same thing they're trying to do to the Affordable Care Act, to the Clean Air Act, to gun safety laws – and net neutrality is just another part of the very same

Jon Peacock

Republicans have railed against the Affordable Care Act by arguing incorrectly the government was coming between people and their doctors. And that's exactly what Wisconsin is doing

Nancy Pelosi

Thursday's devastating CBO score hammers home Trumpcare's dire consequences for working families and seniors across the country. House Republicans have tattooed themselves with a Trumpcare bill that means higher costs, 23 million hard-working Americans losing coverage, shredding key protections, a crushing age tax and stealing from

Glenn Kessler

As a mom, rising health-care costs are a big concern. My family lost our insurance and doctor because of the Affordable Care Act. But now, we have hope. The ultimate shape of the Republican replacement for Obamacare is still uncertain, if it even emerges from the Senate. But this ad glosses over many details to paint a rather rosy picture of reality. Jacinto – and readers – should be aware that rising health costs are unlikely to be halted under the [bill] as currently

Chuck Schumer

The report makes clear that Trumpcare would be a cancer on the American health care system. Republicans were haunted by the ghost of CBO scores past, so they went ahead without

Tom MacArthur

I don't agree with them that waivers will destabilize [the market]. I think waivers will cover people with preexisting conditions because they'll have to create risk pools. I respect the CBO's role, but just because a group of auditors down the block have created a model that has a lot of ifs, ands and maybes, looking out ten years, doesn't make that the gospel. That is somebody's opinion at CBO. I have a different

Paul Ryan

Under Obamacare, premiums have more than doubled, and choices have dwindled to the point that many families have no options at all. We are on a rescue mission to bring down the cost of coverage and make sure families have access to affordable care. This CBO report again confirms that the American Health Care Act achieves our mission: lowering premiums and lowering the deficit. It is another positive step toward keeping our promise to repeal and replace

Chuck Schumer

The report makes clear: Trumpcare would be a cancer on the American healthcare system, causing costs to skyrocket, making coverage unaffordable for those with pre-existing conditions, and many seniors, and kicking millions off their health insurance. Unless you're a healthy millionaire, Trumpcare is a nightmare. This report ought to be the final nail in the coffin of the Republican effort to sabotage our healthcare

David Hopkins

Health care attracts more interest and passion and anxiety than any of the other 'Trump scandals' – people aren't keeping up with the FBI director or the Russians or these other things that Washington is obsessed with. Everyone cares about health care and understand how it affects their

Sheryl Skolnick - Mizuho Securities

There is a caring aspect to this that is mutually beneficial, helps the individual and helps the company. Yeah, it's about making money and providing the service, but it's also about

Justine Handelman

There needs to be sustained federal funding. It's critical to ensuring overall

Leslie Dach

Today's delay in committing to cost sharing payments will force millions of people across the country to pay 20 percent more for their coverage – a Trump Tax – solely because of the deliberate uncertainty created by the President and his allies. Instead of undermining our health care system, three-quarters of Americans want the President to make the Affordable Care Act

Nancy Pelosi

The Affordable Care Act enables every state to create a public option. I believe that California must take the

Adam Schiff

Would the country, would the Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, view the president's conduct as so serious as to be disqualifying? Or would it be viewed as just a way to nullify the election by other means?feedback

Chet Burrell - CareFirst

Failure to enforce the individual mandate makes it far more likely that healthier, younger individuals will drop coverage and drive up the cost for everyone

Julie Mix McPeak

We have trouble discerning who has decision-making authority. We reached out to the Department of Health and Human Services. They referred us to the Office of Management and Budget, which referred us to the Department of Justice. We reached out to the White House Office of Intergovernmental

Lamar Alexander

In order to rescue Americans from collapsing Obamacare exchanges, Republicans are likely going to have to temporarily do some things we may not like, including looking at funding the cost-sharing

Anita Dunn

There's this Washington narrative, and then there's a voter narrative. Significant parts of our base are following the Washington narrative very closely, but for voters who voted for Donald Trump or voters who didn't vote at all, I think Democratic candidates are going to have to make the election meaningful to those voters' lives. But the health care contrast, which is a very, very powerful one if you look at the polling, is where we can draw a sharp

Kirsten Gillibrand

I was prepared to lay out a case today for how President Trump is routinely betraying the working-class voters he pledged to fight for, from his budget to his tax plan to his health care plan and more. But last night's reporting has taken us to a whole new level of abnormal. This is not business as

Shadi Hamid

No one is going into this thinking that Trump is good on Islam. We're all going into it with the opposite idea. Those low expectations might work in Trump's favor because as long as he takes care to avoid saying something terribly offensive, it might be seen as neutral or even

Donald J. Trump

This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history! No, no, next question. I think it's totally ridiculous -- everybody thinks so, and again we have to get back to working our country properly so that we can take care of the problems that we have. I respect the move, but the entire thing has been a witch hunt. There has been no collusion between certainly myself and the campaign -- but I can always speak for myself -- and the Russians: zero. I'm fine with whatever people want to do, but we have to get back to running this country really, really

Barbara Gault

It's such a tiny portion of the education budget, but these kinds of supports are crucial, and we should be building on

Colin Seeberger

Walking away from families facing some of the greatest financial strain who are trying to get ahead, would seem to be an abdication of the values that the Department of Education and our government have long stood

Colin Seeberger

This is a program that is absolutely essential for opening doors to higher education for student parents. Cutting aid to student parents makes one wonder whether the administration understands the challenges that today's students actually

Alex Whiting

It's quite hard to find a proper purpose for that

Susan Bloch

Whether or not one can indict criminally a sitting president is an unanswered question. It's never happened and people are not sure whether it

Michael Gerhardt

It doesn't mean what Trump did is not a problem, but the facts are

Alex Whiting

When you put that all together with his statements and explanations and conduct, then common sense tells you that what he's trying to do is shut down this

Fred Wilson

I don't follow Trump – I have opted out of that. It's counterproductive. .... Trump is a troll, and what we must do to trolls is we must ignore trolls. They get their power from us paying attention to them. We have to just stop paying attention to him. The democracy and political system will take care of him in due course. .... and we will go on and do other things, like fix the f------ health-care system – that would be more

Jim Robenalt

For President Trump, the drip, drip, drip of scandal has sidetracked, for example, health care and tax

Kirsten Gillibrand

I was prepared to lay out a case today for how President Trump is routinely betraying the working-class voters he pledged to fight for, from his budget to his tax plan to his health-care plan and more. But last night's reporting has taken us to a whole new level of abnormal. This is not business as usual. This president is creating chaos that doesn't create a single job or make us

Meaghan Smith

HHS's role is to implement the law of the land, which includes the Affordable Care Act, not sabotage health care programs that millions of Americans rely

Bill Hammond

New York health plans have requested double-digit rate hikes in each of the past three years, and it's a safe bet they will do so again. The driving forces would include an underlying increase in health-care costs, the Trump administration's repeated threats to withhold $8 billion in promised subsidies, and uncertainty about Obamacare's future, given the attempts to repeal and replace it with something very

Jeremy Corbyn

The global situation is becoming more dangerous. The US is the strongest military power on the planet by a very long way. It has a special responsibility to use its power with care and to support international efforts to resolve conflicts collectively and peacefully. Waiting to see which way the wind blows in Washington isn't strong leadership. And pandering to an erratic Trump administration will not deliver stability. This is the fourth general election in a row to be held while Britain is at war and our armed forces are in action in the Middle East and

Piers Morgan - CNN

Would Donald Trump consider success to be somebody who hasn't won a major trophy in 13 years? No, I think he would be using the immortal words: 'Arsene, you're fired'! The real problem is that Arsenal fans don't care enough. They have been too brainwashed. This is the worst season Arsene Wenger has ever had. We are going to end up out of the top four. This guy talks like he is Alex Ferguson, talks like he is Jose Mourinho, and he has not won the league since 2004. He has won a couple of FA Cups - well whoopie

Tom MacArthur

I want to be sure we don't pull the rug out from 20 million people. No American should lack insurance. And I'm not talking about access – I'm talking about

Tom MacArthur

She had over $1 million in medical bills. So I know what this is

Tim DiPiero

I've never had a client get arrested for talking too loud or anything similar to

Dan Heyman

Price "didn't say anything. So I persisted. At some point, I think they decided I was too persistent trying to do my job. I think it's dreadful. I mean, well, this is my job. This is what I'm supposed do. I am supposed to go out and find out if somebody is going to be affected by this health-care

Jordan Uhl

I'm not personally of a mind-set that this goes really deep and everything is connected to Russia. At the same time, whatever happened – and it's probably the most American thing to do – we need to have a fair inquiry. This may come off as partisan, but it's not, it's open to everyone. It will just be people gathering, with signs and chants, to show that this is something people are passionate about because Trump consistently insists that people don't

Jamie Lynn Crofts

Our First Amendment rights are under attack every day, particularly from the Trump administration. And it's not surprising to me that an incident like this would happen when a reporter tried to ask a question of a member of the Trump administration. They have shown us every day since Donald Trump took office that they don't care about the First Amendment, or the free press. Today was just another example of that. It's

Bryan Lesswing

If Marylanders weren't scared of Governor Hogan's refusal to oppose Trumpcare before, they should be

Sabrina Corlette

Insurers are notoriously risk-averse. They're looking at an environment where we don't know what's going to happen with the Affordable Care Act

Charles Grassley
Jason Chaffetz

The attached memorandum contains no exception whatsoever for lawful, protected communications with Congress. In its current form, employees are likely to interpret it as a prohibition, and will not necessarily understand their

Stephen Farnsworth

Over the last several days, it seems like Northam has been playing catch up on the health care debate. Powerful images can really trump substance as we've learned in politics, and the arresting image of a crushed ambulance is going to resonate with a number of voters a lot more than a quietly successful career in health

Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway

If there's one clear-cut message that comes out of that bill it is we're going to cut the hell out of income taxes for the rich on investment

David Herzig

You eliminate almost a 4 percent tax on not just capital gains, but all your investment income. That's a huge savings for wealthy

Howard Gleckman

Warren Buffett's right. For somebody like him this would be a major tax cut. If you just look at the tax provisions of the American Health Care Act, which repealed the tax increases in the Affordable Care Act, it dramatically is skewed towards the highest income households. What President Obama did explicitly with the Affordable Care Act is he partially paid for the act subsidies by raising taxes on high

Michael Knoll

I think the claim on the other side was one that was always pretty critical of this tax. This 3.8 percent tax looks much more like an element of redistribution, and that, in the view of some, is not what these kinds of plans are meant to

Ed Rogers

The Democrats and their allies in the media want you to believe two conflicting “certainties” about the recently passed House Republican health-care bill. First, they want you to think that this bill doesn’t amount to anything - that it’s not a victory for Trump, will never become law, and has been completely disregarded by the Senate. Second, they want you to think that Republicans’ repeal-and-replace bill is a catastrophic development for the GOP and the nation - that it will cost Republicans their majority, is certainly political suicide for the party as a whole, and is already adversely affecting the health of many Americans. But the health-care bill simply cannot amount to nothing on the one hand and deal a fatal blow to the entire Republican Party and be a plague on the population on the

Margot Sanger-Katz - The New York Times

Insurance companies could charge a 64-year-old customer five times the price charged to an 18-year-old one, to cite the most extreme example. The changes in the subsidy formula would also require older middle-class Americans to pay a much larger share of their health insurance bill. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that far fewer older Americans would have insurance coverage under this bill than under the Affordable Care

Jennifer Reilly

Last week, the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act, which would cut Medicaid considerably and allow insurance companies to charge people with preexisting conditions significantly more for coverage. As a mom of four kids — two with Type 1 diabetes, an unpreventable, incurable and expensive disease — I am terrified that this [].feedback

Paul Ryan

We think we need to do even more support for people who are older and also more support for people with pre-existing conditions. The Senate will complete the

Andrew Kim

We have an opportunity to take down the person who was the author of Trumpcare 2.0. He owns every part of

Scott Jennings

McConnell never took his eye off the ball and lost sight of the fact that at the end of the day, no matter what individual issue was happening, it was going to be Trump or [Democratic nominee Hillary] Clinton. Maybe they needed a little more prodding and

Scott Jennings

I'm not sure that U.S. senators that have been in office for a long time and have their own opinions and ideas of on legislation need some hand-holding from outside

Mitch McConnell

We've had very candid conversations about that. And as you can see, my advice has not made a bit of

Michael Steele

Whether or not they are able to forge a positive, personal and working relationship will be one of the early tests of

Lindsey Graham

The Senate is the place, still, in my view, where you deliberate, you have a say, you

Derek Mitchell

The country wants it. It gives them a sense of confidence. But the focus on things we care about, such as values and democracy and human rights, they don't feel that with Trump. There's a cost in losing all of

Rachel Easter

It's just devastating for women. They suffer more from chronic asthma and arthritis, for example, which are pre-existing conditions. And one of the most egregious situations would be the undermining of protections for people who are survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault. There were really horrific stories about this happening before the Affordable Care Act – it could be the provision of preventive HIV medicine after a sexual assault or receiving counseling for trauma related to that. People are really scared for their health and their economic

David Blumenthal

The U.S. spends more on health care than any other country, but what we get for these significant resources falls short in terms of access to care, affordability, and

Bernie Sanders

The president has just said it, that's great. Let's take a look at the Australian health-care system, and let's move – maybe he wants to take look at the Canadian health-care system, or systems throughout Europe. Thank you, Mr. President. Let us move to a Medicare-for-all system that does what every other major country on Earth does: guarantee health care to all people at a fraction to what we

Bernie Sanders

Yes, Mr. Trump, the Australian health care system is a lot better than ours and infinitely better than the disastrous bill you

Tom Price

We don't want anybody to be without coverage, remembering that there are 20 million folks right now in this nation who said I'm going to pay a penalty. I'm going to suffer the potential from the IRS or ask for a waiver because what the federal government is doing for them as it relates to health care doesn't respond to their needs. We need a better

Bernie Sanders

Let us move to a Medicare-for-all system. Thank you Mr. Trump for admitting that universal health care is the better way to go. I'll be sure to quote you on the floor of the

Bernie Sanders

Thank you Mr. President ... Let us move to a Medicare for all system that does what every other major country on Earth does, guarantee health care to all people at a fraction of the cost per-capita that we spend. Thank you Mr. President. We'll quote you on the floor of the

Tom Price

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the privilege of being on your

David Turner

As a doctor, Ralph Northam has been fighting for a fairer healthcare system his entire career. Virginians know he's helped lead the fight to implement the Affordable Care Act in the commonwealth and expand Medicaid to 400,000 people. Republicans should be ashamed of the bill passed today, and Dr. Northam is going to call them out for their

Nancy Pelosi

Republicans have made Trumpcare even more dangerous and destructive than the last time they brought it to the floor. Trumpcare will take away health coverage from 24 million hard working people. Trumpcare means soaring premiums. It's frightening for families who need care the most. You're voting to take away their

Chuck Schumer

This bill is going nowhere fast in the United States Senate. Rather than trying to pass a different version of the same Trumpcare bill that would mean higher costs and less care, Senate Republicans should refuse to follow their House colleagues over a cliff, reject repeal, and work with Democrats to improve our health care system in a bipartisan

Paul Ryan

[I've] only been a politician for a short period of time. How am I doing? Am I doing okay? I'm president. Heh! Hey, I'm president!feedback

Leana Wen

Right now, the Affordable Care Act protects those with pre-existing conditions. States could allow insurers to set much higher rates for patients who have a pre-existing condition. That's terrifying, because patients could in essence be priced out of coverage. I remember seeing a patient in his mid-20s who had a seizure disorder. He would have had to pay like $8,000 a month for health insurance. . This is not about people paying a few dollars more a month. These are preventable deaths and I saw them every day in the

Andrew Gurman

High-risk pools are not a new idea. Prior to the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, 35 states operated high-risk pools, and they were not a panacea for Americans with pre-existing medical

Fred Upton

Is it enough money? I don't know. That's the question that I asked. I was led to believe that $5 billion would be enough, which is why it's $8 billion, to make sure that in fact it's more than

Chuck Schumer

Even if the new version of Trumpcare passes the House – and we hope that it does not – its chances for survival in the Senate are small. We don't even know if the new version would survive under the rules of

Stephen Colbert

Folks, if you saw my monologue Monday, you know that I was a little upset with Donald Trump for insulting a friend of mine. So, at the end of that monologue, I had a few choice insults for the president in return. I don't regret that. I believe he can take care of himself. I have jokes; he has the launch codes. So, it's a fair

Nancy Pelosi

Trumpcare means heart-stopping premium increases for people with preexisting conditions, and no Band-Aid amendment will fix

Nita Lowey

It's imperative to note what this bill does not contain. Not one cent for President Trump's border wall and no poison pill riders that would have prevented so-called sanctuary cities from receiving federal grants, defunded Planned Parenthood, [or] undermined the Affordable Care

Larry Levitt

There is still nothing in the bill that guarantees people with pre-existing conditions will have access to affordable coverage if states waive community rating. There's no way a reinsurance program or direct subsidies could ever fully offset that for everyone, and states aren't required to do

Nancy Pelosi

Every Republican who votes for Trumpcare will have it tattooed on their forehead. They will be held

Nancy Pelosi

Forcing a vote without a CBO score shows that Republicans are terrified of the public learning the full consequences of their plan to push Americans with pre-existing conditions into the cold. Trumpcare spells heart-stopping premium increases for Americans with anything from asthma to cancer. It's a frightening future for families who need affordable, dependable health care the

Nancy Pelosi

Democrats wholeheartedly agreed, and at every point in the process of passing the Affordable Care Act, we ensured an up-to-date CBO estimate was available for the legislation being voted on. Now, House Republicans are hoping to bring the latest version of Trumpcare to the Floor before the CBO can reveal its catastrophic impacts on millions of American

Steny Hoyer

The American people will surely hold Republicans accountable for their votes tomorrow on whether to advance this deeply flawed TrumpCare bill or to send a message, once and for all, that making Americans pay more for less, discriminating against those with pre-existing conditions, and kicking millions off their coverage will not happen on their

Mike Coffman

The current bill has a lot of strong elements – giving the states more flexibility is sound public policy. But I worry that, under the current language, a small percentage of those with preexisting conditions may not be adequately protected. If House Leadership will work to tighten protections for those with preexisting conditions, I'm a yes on sending this bill to the Senate for further consideration. If not, I'm a no, and we'll go back to the drawing board to clean up the mess created by the Affordable Care

Jennifer Rubin

Is President Trump winning yet? “The revamped Republican push for a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s health-care system ran into a new roadblock on Tuesday when a key lawmaker, Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), said he would vote against the current proposal.”.feedback

Frank Pallone

The current version of Trumpcare allows insurance companies to discriminate against the 129 million Americans with pre-existing

Steny Hoyer

Its actions, continuing to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, will inevitably force premiums to skyrocket, hurting

Mark T. Bertolini

I don't think it's a matter of raising premiums on people with pre-existing conditions. I think people with pre-existing conditions, people under the age of 26, should get insurance. Anybody who applies should get insurance. I think the biggest program with the [Affordable Care Act] is how it is funded. If it were funded correctly, all these people could get coverage. If it's just funded on the premium basis without reinsurance, if cost-sharing reductions don't show up after September, none of it

Nancy Pelosi

Republicans are clearly terrified of their Members and the American people seeing the full consequences of their plan to gut critical protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions. The American people have a right to know the full consequences of Trumpcare before their representatives vote on

Jimmy Kimmel

Trump last month proposed a six billion dollar cut in funding to the National Institute of Health. If your baby is going to die, and it doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make. I think that's something that, whether you're a Republican or a Democrat or something else, we all agree on that, right? This isn't football. There are no teams. We are the team, it's the United States. Don't let their partisan squabbles divide us on something every decent person wants. We need to take care of each

Jennifer Rubin

On President Trump told John Dickerson on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that any health-care bill he would support would “guarantee” protection for people with preexisting conditions. “Preexisting conditions are in the bill ” he declared. “And I mandate it. I said ‘Has to be.’ ” Politico like a number of outlets pointed out that this is a “shift from language in the Republican replacement bill circulating in the House.” That will surprise Republicans whipping the vote. (CNN noted “The amendment would allow states to seek waivers to weaken several key Obamacare insurance reforms that protect those with pre-existing conditions including the benefits insurers must cover in their policies and the ban on allowing carriers to charge more based on a person’s health background.”).feedback

Valerie Fleisher

We were actually more concerned when it didn't come up for a vote last time because that meant there was no room for compromise at the middle. It would have to move more to the extreme, more to the right, to get the votes that it needed from the Freedom

Hasan Minhaj - The Daily Show

Only in America can a first-generation Indian-American Muslim kid get on this stage and make fun of the president. The orange man behind the Muslim ban. And it's a sign to the rest of the world… even the president is not beyond the reach of the First Amendment. But the president didn't show up, because Donald Trump doesn't care about free

Lou Dobbs - Fox Business

Well, he's pretty close to perfect, Sean. I'm serious. He's worked his tail off. Still is. Meanwhile, he's taking care of national defense, national security, on all the challenges that aren't on the Trump agenda. It's truly remarkable what he is doing and the credit that he is not receiving for what he has

Siddharth Varadarajan

The international climate today is far more permissive of minority-bashing, bashing of human rights – all the nasty stuff you would expect to be called out on by the international community. The fact that Trump doesn't care, and hence the U.S. government is not going to care, it does create more room for

Tom MacArthur

This is my great concern: that if we don't get this done now, we may be losing our last chance. Of course. That's been the whole motivation for me in proposing a

Brendan Daly

It's the only time we can actually get this done. That's what drove a number of the members to support

Brendan Daly

I think that is the absolute difference here. This has real consequences for

Donald J. Trump

I loved my previous life. I had so many things going. I actually, this is more work than my previous life. I thought it would be easier. While I had very little privacy, in my old life because, you know, I've been famous for a long time. I really – this is much less privacy than I've seen before. This is, you know, something that's really amazing. At the same time, you're really into your own cocoon because there's such massive protection, that you really can't go anywhere. Now, I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject. Nobody knew health care could be so

Heidi Heitkamp

Once … the Democrats were willing to do more on defense and the Republicans were willing to fulfill the commitment under the Affordable Care Act and not waste money throwing something at a border-security provision that wasn't actually going to enhance security – I think those were the two big things that needed to

Mark Sanford

Unequivocally so. From a conservative's vantage point, there are a number of different things that have been added, and I think we got to the high-water mark on what could or couldn't be added, and people were ready to strike a deal and move

Paul Gosar

I'm trying to make sure we're not making this more complicated than we should. Wouldn't it be nice to repeal the thing? And start simple? We talk about market-based applications, and that's hardly what we're trying to do with the [American Healthcare Act].feedback

Leonard Lance

I am opposed to the bill, and I think the Democrats should come to the table on the issue of the exchanges, which I think is an area that needs reform immediately. I want to vote for a proposal that lowers premiums for the American people, and I don't think this bill does

Paul Ryan

We think the MacArthur Amendment is a great way to lower premiums, give states more flexibility. We think it's

Paul Ryan

No. I think people's seats are at risk if we don't do what we said we would do. We all campaigned on repealing and replacing this law that is collapsing. The American healthcare system in the individual market is in peril right now. We have a moral obligation to prevent people from getting hurt, to stop damage from being continued, and we promised that we would do this. If you violate promise, if you commit the sin of hypocrisy in politics, that's the greater risk, I think, to a person's

Leigh Ann Caldwell - National Broadcasting Company

The White House has made a second major concession to Democrats in the final stages of negotiations on a critical spending bill, paving the way for a deal to avert government shutdown. The White House said Wednesday that it would drop its opposition to a subsidy for low-income people in the Affordable Care Act, known as Cost Sharing Reductions, a funding stream that the Trump administration had threatened to stop. The agreement removes a politically toxic issue that was threatening to hold up negotiations with only two days left until government funding runs out on Friday at

Mark Hamrick

As we know, the failure of the president and the Republican-led Congress to make good on his promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act was a dramatic swing and miss. The challenge in pushing through a tax reform package of substance might well be even tougher. When discussing health care, we're talking about a segment of the U.S. economy. When discussing individual and corporate tax reform, we're basically talking about the entire economy. The split within the GOP over taxes might well be just as difficult to

Nancy Pelosi

Our major concerns in these negotiations have been about funding for the wall and uncertainty about the CSR payments crucial to the stability of the marketplaces under the Affordable Care Act. We've now made progress on both of these fronts. More progress needs to be made on some of our priorities, and we continue to be concerned about poison pill riders that are still in this

Beth Mattingly

We know a lot of families opt out of child care due to cost, either by also opting out of work (it just doesn't pay to work), using split-shift parenting schedules, relying on kin care, and using less than ideal care either in terms of quality or

Jessica Tercha

High-quality programs could conceivably be much higher in cost than the state

Joan C. Alker

This is potentially more major than repealing the Affordable Care

Nancy Pelosi

Our major concerns in these negotiations have been about funding for the wall and uncertainty about the [cost-sharing] payments crucial to the stability of the marketplaces under the Affordable Care Act. We've now made progress on both of these fronts. More progress needs to be made on some of our priorities, and we continue to be concerned about poison pill riders that are still in this legislation. Our appropriators are working in good faith toward a bipartisan proposal to keep government

Rand Paul

My reaction in general is I think the Freedom Caucus has done a good job trying to make the bill less bad. For me, it's a big stumbling block still that there's taxpayer money that's being given to insurance companies. And I'm just not in favor of taxpayer money going to insurance

Andrew Brenner

[Trump] said as recently as last week you have to have the health-care plan in force first ... the health-care plan is not even on the agenda this week after being promised last

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

If you have something permanent, you have to have it revenue neutral. This was just a starting point that Congress wanted the administration to lay out. Where health care is being debated within Congress, I think on the tax side people wanted Trump to create a starting

Mark Sanford

It's not a repeal, lets be clear. I think it's very important to be clear with the American public and not to oversell this thing: 'Oh we repealed it'. No we didn't repeal the Affordable Care Act. We have trimmed back a couple of its key features...I think that, in short form, it's the most you can get out of this conference. . And so, what you then say is 'OK what's the most you can get within this context of non-repeal?' And we ultimately thought that this was

Joshua Matz

Yet another executive order by the US president was blocked by the courts, in part because of his own words. His tweets are a political doomsday device. Welcome to the age of presidential sabotage. Since assuming office, President Donald J Trump has shown little inclination to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed”, as commanded by the US constitution. Instead, he has openly declared his intention to wreak havoc in key

Nancy Pelosi

Many would lose access to affordable health coverage entirely, on top of the 24 million hard-working Americans who would already lose insurance under the original TrumpCare language. The monstrous immorality of TrumpCare is perfectly encapsulated in House Republicans' plan to exempt their own health coverage from the damage it will do to everyone else. If House Republicans are afraid of TrumpCare for themselves, they have no right to force it on hard-working American

Edward Campbell

I don't think health care is the issue the market is focused on. It's much more focused on tax reform. But [with President Donald Trump and the Republicans] having failed so spectacularly on health care, it's not really a great omen for delivering on corporate tax reform. We're vulnerable to high expectations on the policy front and the possibility for

Rojan Robotham

It's very challenging to find quality before and after-care and care that works with a military schedule. So I am hoping if not yourself or Ivanka Trump – somebody– takes it on and really solves it for us, cause it's a need. I hope to encourage her and others to advocate to not cut child care in general and increase more. I think it's great that she is hearing it from myself and other people 'cause oftentimes you have to hear it from more than one person and different parts of the community for people to take

Larry Levitt

Either this ends up costing the federal government more money, or there's chaos that leads to people losing their health insurance. This would hardly be an orderly transition to a new

Sean Spicer

I think we've made it very clear that we want border wall funding and we want greater latitude to deny federal grants to sanctuary cities, we want hiring of immigration agents and we want $30 billion to infuse the military budget. Those are our

Mick Mulvaney

I don't think anyone foresees or expects or would want a shutdown. I don't think anybody expects us to roll out bill language on Wednesday. Still, his White House is eager to tout progress on the litany of agenda items he promised to fulfill in his first 100 days, despite setbacks including court bans on his proposed immigration limits and the high-profile failure in repealing and replacing Obama's health

Nancy Pelosi

He's saying, I can't control our borders. I have to build a wall. We certainly would like to -- we have a responsibility to control our borders. Building a wall is not an answer, not here or anyplace. The wall is, in my view, immoral, expensive, unwise and when the president says, well, I promised a wall during my campaigns, I don't think he said he was going to pass billions of dollars of cost of the wall onto the taxpayer. You have to understand this part of the country -- there's a community with the border going through

Drew Hammill

Last minute White House efforts in this negotiation and public statements are making a bipartisan agreement more difficult to reach as is their push to have an ACA (Affordable Care Act) repeal vote next week. There is intense opposition to the wall from Democrats and many

Sam Glick - Oliver Wyman

The industry accounts for a lot of good middle-class jobs and, in many communities, it's the single-largest employer. One of the hardest decisions for the new Trump administration is how far do they push on health care costs at the expense of jobs in health

Steven Mnuchin

The president wants to get health care done and he wants to get tax done. Hopefully we're going to get both done, but we're going to get tax

Mark Lucas

The Choice Program was passed as a quick fix to the wait list manipulation scandal that broke three years ago, and while it's helped, too many veterans still are forced to seek care at failing VA facilities. Congress now has some time to work with Secretary Shulkin on broader, more permanent choice reforms that will truly put the veteran at the center of their health care and remove VA bureaucrats as the

David Shulkin

This is a good day for veterans. This is a great day to celebrate not only what veterans have contributed to this country but how we are making things better for them, and by working together, we're going to continue this

Jennifer Rubin

Republicans, under heavy pressure from the White House, are inching closer to passing a bill to repeal and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act, but possible revisions released Thursday may not clinch a deal. . .feedback

David Shulkin

It's this approach where veterans can get care wherever they need it that really is the way that we're going to address all the needs and honor our commitments to our

Josh Kraushaar - National Journal

Republicans were able to use their traditional playbook (to force a runoff), painting Ossoff as a down-the-line liberal to stunt his momentum. If that strategy works in the midterms, they'll be well-positioned to hold their House majority. Democrats need to win these types of diverse, affluent Republican districts to regain control of the lower chamber. … All told, it doesn't look as if many typical Republican voters -- even those who don't care for Trump -- were inclined to vote for a Democrat to send a message….feedback

Ana Draa

It's what my faith calls me to do. The reality is the more we talk, the more commonality we're going to find and the more we humanize each other, which is so important. I'm not saying you excuse racism or sexism, but by talking to people, that's how you break those barriers

Thomas E. Perez

She's the person who supports Donald Trump's efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. I wonder if Donald Trump and she are going to campaign on that issue in her district. We have a lot of wind at our back. The progressive energy out there is

Craig Garthwaite

The regulatory uncertainty is something that is very hard for these people to price in. How do you develop a model for the thoughts of the Trump administration on what they're going to do policywise in health care? Many mysteries of life can be answered with the statement: Insurers are bizarrely

Jennifer Rubin

Fewer than 100 days after Republicans assumed complete control of Washington, their botched attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and broader struggles to cooperate have stoked widespread distrust and despair inside the party. The friction is evident at town hall meetings across the country during the current congressional recess. ….feedback

Paul Waldman

Having failed at their first big legislative push to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Republicans are now turning their attention to their second priority, the one that was always first in their hearts: tax