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Nick Longman
If there is sufficient consumer demand ... then we will introduce a programme to Tunisia. We'll possibly look at it for summer, but more likely it will be next winter.feedback
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Oct 18 2017
Tunisia has been commented on by 166 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Tunisia are: Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi, Rashed Al Ghannouchi, Adell Dellal and Mehdi Jomaa. For instance, the most recent quote from Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi is: “The state is obliged to achieve full equality between women and men and to ensure equal opportunities for all responsibilities.”.
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Bochra Belhaj Hmida

It was completely different this time. I felt that every woman agreed on the need of this law. The debate was more heated between men and women than between parties or political ideologies.feedback

Monia Ben Jemia

We had too many reports over the years from victims of domestic abuse who said they were not taken seriously by the police when they filed a complaint.feedback

Monia Ben Jemia

This is why the new law is so important, because it also takes care of the preventive side of violence against women in general, not only the reform of the criminal side.feedback

Tariq Ahmad

We want people to be safe so they can enjoy their holidays. As well as reading and taking note of our travel advice and taking out appropriate insurance, I encourage people to watch this film before they go away. While there is no specific information that British holidaymakers will be targeted this summer, it sets out some simple steps we can all take to minimise the impact of an attack if one does take place.feedback

Scott Wilson

We want people to think of this in the same way they do the safety film airlines show before take-off. They don't expect anything bad to happen but it is a sensible safety precaution to show people what to do.feedback

Scott Wilson

The chances of being caught up in a terrorist incident are still low, but sadly we have seen atrocities take place in the UK and abroad. So it is important everyone stays alert and knows what to do if the worst was to happen.feedback

Wissem Hadidi

I locked myself in my house for a week. I could not go back to high school. You see, I literally saw him burning and I can still remember the smell.feedback

Adel Dridi

I wanted to burn myself because I was burning inside. I wanted to die this way.feedback

Fatma Charfi

With the dictatorship, the state was ubiquitous; we were under a police rule and deviation was less possible. There were already suicides with self-immolation or hanging, but it was in the privacy of the home, not in the public sphere like today, and the youth is very exposed to this new phenomenon.feedback

Mehdi Ben Khelil

This kind of suicide stands more as a dissenting attitude toward the post-revolution society, which deeply changed.feedback

Nadia Ben Slama

There is a symbolism in the public gesture of self-immolation. It is usually to denounce injustice or an oppressor, but also to make the other one feel guilty, the one who witnessed the injustice and who did not act on it. That one is society in general.feedback

Nadia Ben Slama

Most of those who survived told us they just could not take it anymore. They frequently used two words in Arabic: el kahra, which means helplessness or the feeling of being oppressed, and the word hogra, which means scorn or contempt from others.feedback

Ahmed Ghanmi - Imed

Imed used to pour gas on himself as a way to blackmail the police so they would give him back his merchandise. He had already done that as a last resort two or three times before and he told me it worked.feedback

Youssef Chahed

We are not targeting people but the whole system. Our aim is to dissect the systems of trafficking, to break the smuggling networks and to reveal the financing and sites of this phenomenon.feedback

Sihem Bensedrine

I think they seized this opportunity to do what they had not dared. Maybe this is a first step, it is good that they started.feedback

Youssef Chahed

It is a war, not a one-off battle. We are going to continue to the end. It is very important for the Tunisian economy, for the security of the territory.feedback

Leila Trabelsi

If you have someone at the customs, you have no problem. I was generous with the customs officials. They knew that I paid four or five times more than the others.feedback

Youssef Chahed

We are persuaded there is a link between smuggling, terrorism financing, cross-border activities and also capital flight.feedback

Barack Obama

Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been a part of America. The first Muslim ambassador to the United States, from Tunisia, was hosted by President Jefferson, who arranged a sunset dinner for his guest because it was Ramadan – making it the first known iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago.feedback

David Scowsill - World Travel & Tourism Council

There are two types of terrorist attacks. One is an attack that is directly aimed at tourism – like what we have seen in Tunisia and Egypt – and in those cases those countries can often take about two years to recover. The second type of terrorist incident – and this is what we saw in Manchester – is a random attack, often in a city centre, often in a crowded place, where it is not specifically aimed at tourism and tourists. In those cases the impact on that city [in terms of tourism numbers] is very small. France is still the most visited place in the world. The impact was pretty negligible.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

I want to emphasize here there has been no change to our rules of engagement, and there has been no change to our continued extraordinary efforts to avoid innocent civilian casualties. The foreign fighters are the strategic threat should they return home to Tunis, to Kuala Lumpur, to Paris, to Detroit, wherever.feedback

Benjamin Moeling

Tunisia's democratic evolution has been a model for the entire Arab world. Tunisia has been a partner in the war on terrorism, particularly against al-Qaida and Isis in the region, and it is very difficult for any country to cooperate with international partners if it's fighting economic disaster and unrest at home.feedback

Morched Garbouj

If we take serious steps now, this can be eradicated. Date exports represent a big chunk of our economy. We're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars a year. The government has to be committed to fixing this.feedback

Mark Hoddle

This is probably the most severe insect threat the Tunisian date industry has ever faced. If the weevil was to show up in the date-producing oases tomorrow, within months you'd start to see the trees showing the first signs of infection, and that's what makes this weevil so dangerous. You don't know you have an infestation until you start to see the trees with these very extreme symptoms.feedback

Friedrich Joussen - TUI

When you look at the performance in H1 and when you look at the underlying trends, I think it's very strong. Also we've had last year a profit increase of 14.5 percent and we guided for this year another profit increase of 10 percent – and the basis for that is a transformation story. We have been a [tour] operator only and now we are a hotel and cruise company, and when you see the profit contributions it is cruise and hotel profits which are driving the performance.feedback

Friedrich Joussen - TUI

We are very certain and very confident that we actually can achieve our guidance of at least 10 percent EBITA growth for the full year. I think when you look at the overall customers for H1, you can see that we had a roundabout 8 percent more customers than the year before. So yes it's true that we shift some demand away from Tunisia or Egypt or Turkey into other countries.feedback

Friedrich Joussen - TUI

However also in all fairness, I think as always the countries will come back, particularly right now Turkey, we see a very much increasing trends – so therefore I think it is some volatility but as long as we are more relevant to more customers, I think we are in a very healthy industry.feedback

Alexandra Azarova

They are coming; not in great quantities, but they are coming. But it's too early to celebrate the numbers.feedback

Zouhair Mbarek

Tourism will not recover very soon in Tunisia until Libya returns to calm.feedback

Tarek Haddad

We paid no attention to the president's speech. We will continue our peaceful protest for our rights, that is development, work and our share in energy riches. We are ready to talk, but we won't give up until our region gets solutions.feedback

Hela Chikhrouhou

Cutting off routes and halting energy production is a crime. It will not be tolerated any more because it is destroying the economy.feedback

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

It is a serious decision, but it must be applied to protect our resources. Our democratic path has become threatened and law must be applied but we will respect freedoms.feedback

Paolo Gentiloni

Now is the moment for the US and Italy to work together to stabilise the situation and broaden the support for the Tripoli government to other actors. The division of Libya is not a good idea. It would be dangerous for Egypt, dangerous for Tunisia and for the interests of Europe.feedback

Fadil Aliriza

Fadil Aliriza is an independent researcher and journalist currently based in Tunis.feedback

Kathleen Rivera

[Lomax] was poring over these punch cards and computing systems for entire days. His vision couldn't match the technology that he had at the time. Today, we have the system that can make it all very clear for people.feedback

Nick Varney - Merlin Entertainments

It definitely does have an effect. As I look at the bookings for this year, we're in the second year of a massive German staycation boom. All our parks are full – in Denmark, Germany and Italy – because the Germans decided to stay home because they weren't going to Tunisia, Egypt or any of their traditional locations. If you get a big hit in a market like London, then it's difficult. I don't think they want to. I think what they would say is that the current arrangement is one that they like as they found to their own cost that they're not theme park operators.feedback

Brian Klaas

Brian Klaas is a fellow in comparative politics at the London School of Economics and author of “The Despot’s Accomplice: How the West is Aiding and Abetting the Decline of Democracy.”.feedback

Richard Singer - Travelzoo

Since Tunisia happened, safety and security has moved higher and higher up the agenda.feedback

Angela Merkel

We have agreed with Tunisia to send back 1,500 Tunisians to Tunisia who have been refused (permission) to stay in Germany. Those who want to return voluntarily will be eligible to receive aid.feedback

Judith Sunderland

Ensuring safe and swift returns of Tunisians and Egyptians who are not in need of protection is legitimate, as long as the procedures are fair. It's another thing entirely to pursue dodgy deals that could trap asylum seekers and migrants from elsewhere in countries like Tunisia and Egypt that cannot guarantee decent treatment or meaningful access to asylum.feedback

Rabia Farjallah

My son is still the same person he was before. He wants to come back to Tunisia. He wants to earn money and support his family. He wants to live with me. My son broke down when he heard about the death of his father. He is still young. He was exploited. I want my son back.feedback

Mohammed Iqbel

There are terrorists, there are innocent people, there are those who fought for the Syrian opposition. We need to classify them, lets not talk about terrorists, we don't support terrorists.feedback

Ridha Raddaoui

How can we judge people based on files we don't have? On crimes we know nothing about ? We don't know what happened in Syria, we have no files.feedback

Boutheina Chihi Ezzine

Even if we have begun to have some political stability, we remain a country that has lived through attacks, through political assassination.feedback

Ridha Raddaoui

Tunisia is horrified by the idea that there are thousands of Tunisians who will return together to Tunisia. That's not happening. We know that these people left in small groups of two or three people and they are returning the same way.feedback

Mehdi Ben Gharbia

All violations mentioned in the report Amnesty ... are individual violations (and) are being investigated. We cannot accept these kind of violations in the new Tunisia. In Tunisia we will win our battle against terrorism, but also will win battle of human right values and we will continue to reform and change in mentalities.feedback

Alexander Badle

The main suspect is a 36-year-old Tunisian citizen who is suspected to have worked, since August 2015, for the foreign terrorist organisation calling itself the Islamic State. The suspect is alleged to have worked as a smuggler and recruiter for this organisation here in Germany.feedback

Ibrahim al-Malhouf

We have some foreign workers including from the Philippines, Tunisia and Sudan but they are not specialists and the specialist work now depends on Libyans.feedback

Juan Ignacio Zoido

We are studying all possible connections [between Amri] and our country, above all with one specific person.feedback

Nour El Houda Hassani

I will never say that he is my son because he is a traitor to us and to Tunisia. He won't be my son anymore.feedback

Ralf Jaeger

Tunisia at first denied that this person was its citizen, and the papers weren't issued for a long time. They arrived today.feedback

Kaed Essebssi

Tunisia is a target for terrorists because its democratic and social model is the opposite of their obscurantist approach. Tunisia is on the frontline in the fight against terror and deserves to be fully supported in its efforts.feedback

Kaed Essebssi

Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt have direct contact with Libya on three levels: security, geographical and economic levels. May God help us to meet and coordinate together with Libyans. If this happens, we might give Libya, through our help, the opportunity to stabilise the country.feedback

Zied Ladhari

Tunisia has presented itself once again as a very attractive investment destination.feedback

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

Tunisia has an advanced infrastructure, and a competent and open economy, which is integrated in the global market. This qualifies it to become a real destination for investments and exports in the European, Arab, and African markets.feedback

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

Tunisia has been passing through a very particular phase and requires a level of support that it would not normally need.feedback

Manuel Valls

The French government and investors need to stand by Tunisia's side more than ever.feedback

Sihem Bensedrine

The goal is not revenge. We need to expose these testimonies for history. The Tunisian people are tolerant, but they are tolerant after knowing the truth ... Tunisia will no longer accept human rights violations.feedback

Mark R. Cheadle - US Army

There are US service members working with the Tunisian security forces for counter terrorism and they are sharing intelligence from various sources, to include unarmed aerial platforms.feedback

Youssef Chahed

But the revolution is threatened if we do not succeed in achieving the economic and social goals, which the people have been awaiting for six years.feedback

Ali Mokdad - Hezbollah

Along with population growth and ageing, these ongoing conflicts have dramatically increased the burden of chronic diseases and injuries and many health workers have fled for safer shores. These issues will result in deteriorating health conditions in many countries for many years and will put a strain on already scarce resources.feedback

Ali Mokdad - Hezbollah

Life expectancy decline is traditionally regarded as a sign that the health and social systems are failing. The fact that this is happening in several countries indicates there is an immediate need to invest in health care systems.feedback

Hamma Hammani

The Chahed government wants to chip away at freedoms to push through painful measures in his economic plan. But the government will fail because it is not proposing anything new, just the same as Essid.feedback

Jean-Jacques Urvoas

There was an altercation between him and another driver and he hurled a wooden pallet at the man.feedback

Jens Stoltenberg - NATO

What NATO is doing is that we are addressing the root causes by our presence in Afghanistan, our training of Iraqi forces, our presence in Jordan, in Tunisia, and also of course our presence in Turkey, bordering the turmoil and the instability in Iraq and Syria. And then we are also supporting the coalition fighting ISIL, so this is partly about military efforts, NATO's playing a key role, but also civilian efforts, where the European Union and others are playing the leading role.feedback

Jean-Luc Leborgne

We were upset. As you know Sharm El-Sheik's hotels were already 80 percent closed, so life is reduced to almost nothing there but, despite this morning's events, we still decided to go.feedback

Salama Kordeya

I think we have to go back to our country whatever the conditions. If we don't travel today, we'll travel next week, we will travel next month, but in the end we will go back.feedback

Michael Healy - Thomas Cook

This year we've been able to completely remix our holiday program from Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and taking 1.2 million bookings from there to Spain or other destinations… the Canaries [Islands] are up 27 percent, long-haul is up 40 percent, so there is a response that we're managing.feedback

Habib Essid

The lessons that can be drawn from this attack is that we must always be vigilant, we have to count on our own means, and make sure that we are always ready to react strongly and quickly to any other possible attack.feedback

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

Today's attack on the army, the guards and security in Ben Gerdane since 5 a.m. is unprecedented, organized and was probably meant to control the area and declare a new state (territory). In fact, I would like the Tunisian people to be proud that the Tunisian army, guards, and security personnel were vigilant in response to previous events. Reinforcements were in place and were poised for an attack.feedback

Khaled Chouket

We understand well the demands of protesters and they are legitimate. But there may be attempts to infiltrate the protests to darken the name of Tunisia and undermine our democracy.feedback

Habib Essid

It is an economic problem, it is about unemployment. We have a set of policies to try and solve this issue, it is one of the government's main challenges. We do not have a magic wand. We cannot solve the problem of unemployment in one go.feedback

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

I know that the state and the government are able to find the appropriate funds, even if we have to take it from somewhere else to allocate it to this issue, because this is our responsibility.feedback

Haamza Hizi

I thought the revolution would give us hope to find work with dignity. I never thought I would repeat the same demands as five years ago. The old regime has robbed our dreams.feedback

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

Daesh, which is present in Libya at our borders, finds that the moment is opportune to act in Tunisia.feedback

Ben Hamda

We really need less impunity, because what we have today is not a problem of corruption or abuse of power. The real problem is the problem of impunity.feedback

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

There are studies that show that 73 percent of Tunisians are optimistic, as they see that the security situation is continuously improving and that the most important thing we've gained since the revolution is freedom.feedback

Angela Merkel

Today, Istanbul was the target, before Paris, Copenhagen, Tunis, and so many other areas. International terror changes the places of its attacks but its goal is always the same – it is our free life, in free society. The terrorists are the enemies of all free people, indeed, the enemies of all humanity, whether in Syria or Turkey, in France or Germany.feedback

Ben Moussa

The terrible attacks that happened in Tunis in the same month tried to end the democratic process. We must help Tunisia's young democracy to preserve peace in Tunisia, France and everywhere else in the world!feedback

Beji Caïd Essebsi

They want to make us live with horror, but we'll bring that horror to the terrorists.feedback

Maria del Mar Bonet

Music opens the way for dialogue. It does not mean that all musicians in the Mediterranean do the same kind of music, of course, but there are many things that unite us all. Throughout my career I've sung with artists from Syria, from Tunisia. I had the chance to work with Turkish musician Zülfü Livaneli. All my life I've tried this musical dialogue with all my colleagues from the Mediterranean.feedback

Habib Essid

I would also like to stress, however many times I must, that the war against terrorism is not only the responsibility of the government, the security forces, and the army, it is a national responsibility, and people must understand that our country is in danger and we have to be a united front.feedback

Habib Barhoumi

But things are getting better and I hope that within one or two years the situation will improve. Tourism and everything will be better.feedback

Kaci Kullmann Five

It was thus instrumental in enabling Tunisia, in the space of a few years, to establish a constitutional system of government guaranteeing fundamental rights.feedback

David Cameron

Ten years on from the 7/7 London attacks, the threat from terrorism continues to be as real as it is deadly. The murder of 30 innocent Britons whilst holidaying in Tunisia is a brutal reminder of that fact. But we will never be cowed by terrorism.feedback

Mohammad Ali Al-aroui

We will carry out vigorous security operations inside tourist institutions, and we will call up army reserves to support the security apparatus as well.feedback

David Cameron

Here in the UK the threat level remains severe, meaning a terrorist attack is highly likely. But until we've defeated this threat, we must resolve as a country to carry on living our lives alongside it.feedback

Theresa May

President Essebsi is the first democratically elected president of Tunisia. Tunisia is a symbol of what is possible and we've had a meeting this morning with my Interior minister colleagues which has shown the determination that we all have to fight against this perverted ideology that is causing this death and destruction.feedback

Bernard Cazeneuve

Determination is the key to the success we will obtain against those who organise attacks on us. As my colleague Theresa May has just said, we will win this war against terrorism, we are determined to win it.feedback

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

This area is known as a jewel of the Tunisian coast. It's a favourite with tourists. But now the visitors have gone. All that is left here are traces of blood, left by the attack.feedback

Salma Loumi

This is a catastrophe for the economy. Our losses will be great, but the loss of human life was even greater.feedback

Elizabeth O'Brien

I honestly thought it was fireworks and then when I saw people running… I thought, my God, it is shooting. The waiters and the security on the beach started to say 'Run, run, run!'.feedback

Claudia Cardinale

In Tunisia it's called Mektoub. Destiny. What hasn't happened to me just wasn't meant to happen to me. I've still fulfilled alot of dreams though.feedback

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

We call for a proactive exchange policy for partnerships and investments. We call for the establishment with our partners of a permanent framework for reflection and the establishment of a foundation promoting integration between Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean.feedback

Habib Essid

We have eliminated this brigade which was involved in the terrorist attacks that Tunisia has recently witnessed.feedback

Annie Villard

There is a reluctance which surrounds North Africa, Egypt, those destinations.feedback

Said Aidi

The emergency services brought them to hospital and they are now doing well. The woman was pregnant.feedback

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

May God forgive those who caused this. We must not cry over our fate. Tunisians must show solidarity and give priority to our security forces to defeat terrorism.feedback

Saber Mednini

We are aware that these regions have long been marginalised and that Dhehiba's citizens are essentially living from commercial activity with Libya.feedback

Ibrahim Ben Abdelrahman

He became a follower of Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria, ISIS. He developed a takfiri mentality [a Muslim who accuses others of abandoning Islam]. Whenever we spoke to him, he'd forbid everything, say no to everything, accept no debate.feedback

Alaya Allani

It's ideological brainwashing. They also make promises, telling the recruits they're going to make loads of money in Syria.feedback

Ibrahim Ben Abdelrahman

[Marwan] saw trainers and leaders drinking, but not those who travelled with him. The trainers' justification is that they have to pretend to be 'normal' people, that when they leave the camp, they have to appear to lead a normal life, appearing untrained, seemingly non-practicing Muslims.feedback

Alaya Allani

An important part of those who left can't come back here since a law was adopted that makes them criminals. They prefer to either stay there or to go to other countries such as Libya or Iraq.feedback

Hamadi Jebali

Ennahda is not a religious party. I want to tell you this and confirm it officially. It is a civil party.feedback

Frédéric Ramade

What's unique about the movies we select is that most of them don't have distributors at the time they are screened here, so being shown in Cannes is an amazing opportunity for them, allowing most of the movies selected – if not all – to find a distributor.feedback

Sayed Ahmed

We have brought with us all our Tunisian brothers so we can take them money, equipment and our love. God willing we will get there and stand with them.feedback

Maya Jeribi

Some people want to get rid of the Personal Status Code and to change the traditions of this society. Our message is that we are celebrating our anniversary to preserve our rights and to defy those who are against us having rights.feedback

Lotfi Ben Jeddou

The investigation has revealed that the gun used to kill Mohamed Brahmi, a 9mm gun, is the same weapon that killed the martyr Choukri Belaid. The first elements of the investigation showed that the author of these murders is Boubakar Hakim, a member of the extremist Salafist movement operating in Tunisia.feedback

Moncef Marzouki

Today we have an opportunity to stop and ask ourselves whether we should protest over what has not been achieved or celebrate what has been achieved, and where we stand today and where are we heading to. Dear citizens, in order to be impartial, we need to acknowledge that we have achieved many things.feedback

Nicolas Sarkozy

In Asia, neighbouring countries have harnessed their complementary strengths. The drama of the Mediterranean is that it is on just the opposite path: opposing and excluding one another.feedback

Latifa Habachi

She wore it and then he raped her. She suffered all types of violence that could be inflicted upon a girl.feedback

Latifa Habachi

During the electoral campaign, they all said 'if Ennahda wins, it will allow polygamy, that women will have to stay at home', but look since Ennahda is in power none of that has happened.feedback

Barack Obama

As president of our country and commander in chief of our military I accept that people are going to call me awful things every day. And I will always defend their right to do so. There are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. There is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy. There is no slander that provides an excuse for people to burn a restaurant in Lebanon or destroy a school in Tunis or cause death and destruction in Pakistan.feedback

Ibrahim Issa

I sent all my family to Tunisia in order to be safe. In Libya, I couldn't be sure that nothing would happen to them, because the bombing was arbitrary. There are troops everywhere and you do not know where the shots are coming from.feedback

Hatim Saied

I hope the situation will not last long. If it does, we have a long term plan and a contingency plan. If there's a massive influx, the camp has capacity for 10,000 people or 1,500 families.feedback

Naoufel Dzirisaid

We only fear God, but we are asking forgiveness from the people of Tunisia. We want forgiveness… because we love them. I am from Tunisia too.feedback

Rachid Ghannouchi

This day is a day of victory. This day is a day of pride. This day is a day of humility. This is the day when Tunisians spoke with one voice in rder to realise the aims of the revolution.feedback

Jaloul Ayed

In Tunisia for example (there are) 700,000 unemployed. How are you going to find jobs for those? Through investments. Do you know how much we should invest to absorb those 700,000 unemployed? We need to invest something close to 25 to 30 billion dollars. And so the real question is: who is going to be investing that?feedback

Mohamed Mouldi Kefi

It will probably be a bell-weather model for the others.feedback

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

It was a well managed camp despite the challenges of addressing different cultural backgrounds and finding different solutions for them. Not everyone can get on a plane and go home, and you have to manage the expectations of those who stay behind.feedback

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

There were groups of Egyptians, Chadians, Eritreans, Somalis and other nationalities.feedback

Shimon Peres

I don't think it's connected whatsoever, you know. It may be used as an excuse but not as a reason. Whatever happened in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Syria or in Yemen, has nothing to do with Israel. It is a result of their internal situation. So we pray for peace, not only between us and the Arabs, but for peace all over the place.feedback

Josette Sheeran - World Food Programme

We've had more than 70,000 people move through here and there are many thousands at the border and so we see the situation isn't going to alleviate immediately and so now we have to look at how we can help shore up the work that is being done here by these local heros. These people are heros, what they have done is extraordinary- they are great humanitarians.feedback

Amna Guellali - Human Rights Watch

Naturally, we must be cautious with Ennahda and all parties, that they practice what they preach, and that coalitions in the assembly are in line with the protection of human and individual rights.feedback

Nazir Fernandes - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We really call upon Europe, which is our traditional partner in helping find solutions for refugees. Resettlement is a worthy solution for refugees. We call upon them to please help us and in solidarity with Tunisia, which was going through a very delicate process and, despite that, opened its door.feedback

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

The fall of Gaddafi allowed most Libyan refugees in Tunisia to go home. But it's double punishment for those originally from Sub-Saharan countries; they had to leave not only their home countries but also Libya, where they went for refuge, and where their life was unenviable, with or without Gaddafi.feedback

Mohamed Ennaser

We have taken all the necessary measures to deal with these new waves of refugees. We've also doubled our efforts and cooperation with civil organisations.feedback

Jamel Ezzedini - Euronews

Hundreds of Bangladeshi refugees have been repatriated back to Bangladesh in the last four days. Others are in a camp waiting their turn to go back home to their home country. The Tunisian government – in cooperation with domestic and international organisations and also Arab countries – is preparing to welcome a wave of refugees. The question is whether these preparations will be enough. That will remain unanswered until it becomes clear what is happening on the other side of the border.feedback

William Lacy Swing - International Organization for Migration

One has to be prepared in case large waves of migrant workers start coming across again, or if it becomes a case of mixed migration, where you have in addition to migrant workers, you have refugees. Then you have another situation.feedback

Hamadi Jebali

I promised, and made the commitment, that if my attempts failed, I would step down from my job and resign my post as head of government. That is what I have just done now, during my meeting with the President of the Republic.feedback

Moncef Marzouki

This is a heinous murder of a political leader who I know well, who has been my friend for a long time, Chokri Belaid. This is a political assassination, knowing today, at this time, they knew I would be speaking to you. It is a threat, it is a letter, but it won't be received, we refuse, we reject this letter, we reject the message and we will continue to expose the enemies of the revolution.feedback

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

So, now the United Stated is talking about human rights?! Where are human rights in Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Tunisia, or Egypt?feedback

Salvatore Martello

And just as that balance is being broken at the holding centre, it is also being broken with regard to the very small population which needs to live in peace.feedback

Jamel Ezzedini - Euronews

All the organisations who've spoken here at the Choucha refugee camp say the situation is under control – although there's a need for more sanitary equipment. This thanks to the efforts of everyone here, with the solidarity of the Tunisians especially appreciated. However there are fears that these refugees won't be repatriated in the days to come – yet more are arriving each day.feedback

Nima Ghadakpour

The regime in Tehran thinks that there are not many protesters in Iran and the protests can't compare with those in Egypt and Tunisia and that means that the Iranian people don't want change. Do you think there will be any fundamental change in Iran?feedback

Abdul Salam Jrad

The revolution continues until we have solved the reasons behind it. The revolution is not over. The revolution does not end with the exit of the heads of corruption. The revolution is against corruption and against being wronged, against dictatorship.feedback

Maya Jribi

It is the responsibility of the government and those who've closed their eyes to the gradual escalation of violence – everyone who helped or was complicit in things that have led to this phenomenon of terror.feedback

Hamadi Jebali

I have decided to form a technocrat government which does not belong to any party.feedback

Sami Frad - Euronews

The success of Tunisia's transitional period has brought optimism to some, who consider it an exemplary model of the Arab Spring uprisings in Arab countries. That might be overstating things somewhat, but gradually here in Tunis, there's no denying that democracy is moving forward.feedback

Mohamed Ali EL-Aroui

These elections will be successful. Both the Interior and Defence Ministries are ready to ensure that these elections will unfold properly. Fifty thousand police officers and soldiers will be deployed at voting stations and thoughout the country. Our units are ready to make this a success. Tunisia will succeed in its transition to democracy.feedback

Nidhal Ouerfelli

We are on the right track concerning security, with positive results, we have the proof, especially in the fight against terrorism. I hope the governments that follow will continue on the same path.feedback

Nidhal Ouerfelli

We have re-checked control posts, including Ras Jedir, where we agreed to rehabilitate infrastructure. We are also coordinating with the army, national military police and customs.feedback

Abdelfattah Mourou

The Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication wrote to us that we are forbidden from talking to foreign media. Try not to put me in an embarrassing position, otherwise I would be punished and they'll say, that one didn't obey the law.feedback

Nidaa Tounes

Men who were in power or who had ties to power recruited young Tunisians, exploiting poverty and social exclusion, unemployment, bribes and jihad – as if that were true jihad.feedback

Mohamed Ali EL-Aroui

We've found problems on the border with our brother country Algeria, at Mount Chaambi. We've arrested several terrorists in the past few days. Our raids were effective, and we also eliminated other elements. We've made a lot of progress in the fight against terrorism.feedback

Claude Moniquet

There is obviously a window of opportunity for Europe, and that's quite rare. A chance for Europe to play a role on the international stage, and if there's anywhere where Europe can be significant, it's obviously in North Africa and Africa. North Africa and Libya, it's just the other side of the street from us, like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia…for us these are neighbouring countries, countries with which we have a common history, long-standing relationships, and I think that's the right policy to show: that we are interested in these situations and that we are on the side of their people.feedback

Catherine Ashton

It's very important that the Egyptian people choose the way that they will move forward. It is not for us to do that. It is for us to help build the systems, the processes, the democratic building blocks to help them do that. And that is what we have been doing in Tunisia: working out with the transitional government exactly what they need.feedback

Adrianus Koetsenruijter

The big difference is now this is a free country and this is what I have been observing in the past nine months. We can speak to many more people, and also the associations, political leaders, than we could ever before. In many ways it's also like a new freedom in our relationship, also for the Europeans.feedback

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

Whatever questions Europe has, these election results are feeding an unprecedented, open debate in Tunisia. Strengthened by its revolution, public opinion is determined not to be disappointed.feedback

Faiza Garah

President Beji Caid Essebsi has said several times that his party Nidaa Tounes will not govern alone. How do you see the next government? Will Ennahda be a part of it?feedback

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

I want to speak to my people whether in the south or the north. We are all the children of Tunisia. I am very sorry about the events that have taken place in some parts of the south. I believe there is no need for that, and that they were brought about through manipulation by suspicious hands.feedback

Astrid Zand

ITB is the leading international fair for the tourism industry. We have nearly 11,000 exhibitors from 189 countries and we're the biggest and most international event of this kind in the tourism industry in the world.feedback

Amel Karboul

Democracy doesn't work if people don't have food to eat. And for us, tourism is a big part of the economy. We need all of Europe to help Tunisia, which was the first democracy in the Arab World.feedback

Hammadi Rdissim

People in the Arab world will watch Tunisia as a laboratory. We can do it, it's not a myth, it can be a reality, and elections and democracy are possible in an Islamic country.feedback

Gabriele Albertini

People's faces sometimes tell more than the whole procedure. There's serenity and joy at the same time. A few times I saw people – young and not so young – with the tears in their eyes.feedback

Mohsen Marzouk

According to the first indications from polling stations we can say that Beji Caid Essebsi has won the 2nd round.feedback

Sami Frad - Euronews

What is the fallout of this assassination on the political stage in Tunisia?feedback

Beji Caid Sebsi

There was a disagreement about October 16. The electoral committee hadn't insisted on that date, it was not set in stone, so it was decided to take all opinions into account in the search for a compromise date which everyone would accept. And that is October 23.feedback

Jamel Ezzedini - Euronews

Tunisia's revolution is marking its first anniversary but it still has a long way to go before its objectives are reached. Tunisians are in the streets today to celebrate, but also to remind the leadership that the revolution that toppled Ben Ali can get rid of them too if they have not yet learned the lesson.feedback

Abdel Jalil

The number of refugees is growing all the time. We don't have exact figures but there are thousands arriving. We're trying to organise medical help for the sick.feedback

Jamel Ezzedini - Euronews

Tens of thousands of Egyptians and other foreigners were having to spend another night outside at the mercy of the elements in Ras Jedir. Everyone hopes that tomorrow will bring a solution to end their suffering as the aid efforts from the Tunisians are not nearly enough.feedback

Daline Hassan

What information do you have on the political parties meeting to discuss the formation of a coalition government until elections are held.feedback

Daline Hassan

How did the Tunisian people use the new technology of the Internet and Facebook in their uprising against Ben Ali?feedback

Daline Hassan

Its been reported relatives of Ben Ali and others were arrested can you tell us more on this?feedback

Jamal Ezzedini

As you know there is a control on press freedom in Tunisia so that the opposition's voice could not be heard inside the country or even beyond the boundaries of the country. The only voice the opposition has had to express their beliefs, to get their message across and to talk to other people who opposed the President's rule has been on the Internet. The opposition have used Facebook, and YouTube.feedback

Daline Hassan

After the the popular revolution to unseat former President Ben Ali, under the constitution the speaker has been appointed acting president, pending parliamentary and presidential elections. There is still unrest in the country. Jamal Ezzedine our special correspondent in Tunisia what is the latest situation?feedback

Jens Hjorth

If you look at European harbours in the Mediterranean area like Savona, Barcelona and others, you can really see the impact of the new regulations – you can see a decrease by two thirds – 66% – of SO2 concentrations in harbours. But in Tunis, which of course is not covered by these rules, there's no change at all.feedback

Jamel Ezzedini - Euronews

Tunisia's political conflict is turning into a race to get mobilised, and a show of force in the streets between Ennahda in power and the opposition. Everything is happening amid a charged atmosphere where anything can happen.feedback

Sami Frad - Euronews

The presence of Tunisian voters in the polls is unprecedented, it is exceptional, Tunisians believe this operation will succeed, and create a true Republic.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

All the Libyans are saying the Somalis are mercenaries. It's killing me.feedback

Catherine Ashton

We reiterate our engagement with Tunisia and its people and our willingness to help find lasting democratic solutions to the ongoing crisis.feedback

Patrick Baudouin - International Federation for Human Rights

22 years on, when you compare the reality of the country to the promises made, you can see that none of his promises have been kept and that President Ben Ali has done the exact opposite of what he promised to do.feedback

Ilkka Laitinen

That has to be solved in a comprehensive way, putting all the political sectors together, putting all the practitioners, authorities together with a common strategy. Border control is part of this solution but it is not the [only] solution.feedback

Roberto Maroni

I have asked, and I think it is fundamental, that Europe – at its top levels – meaning heads of state and government – defines a strategy, takes the initiative and starts a strong diplomatic action towards all the countries that are touched by these phenomena.feedback

Laurent Fabius

There are laws to be respected but their act does not require major punishment.feedback

Maya Jribi

That they continue to shoot at crowds, even after the announced measures is unacceptable and risks plunging Tunisia into violence. We are calling for an immediate end to the shooting and a program of wholesale reforms to put in place by a caretaker government.feedback

Neiji el-Beghouri

Last night there were clashes between the security forces in the suburbs and surrounding areas. According to reports from union and legal sources around 16 people died. The situation here is now wide open, anything can happen. We don't want things to get worse, we only want to see a democratic climate with respect for human rights and all basic freedoms, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and of the right to demonstrate. A climate in which we can resist corruption and abuse of power, and give everyone the chance to equally share in the country's riches.feedback

Alain Juppé

I was happy to see there was a consensus – unanimity – around the table to relaunch the Union for the Mediterranean around concrete projects.feedback

Rafik Abdessalem

Of course, we are in a democratic process, democratic transition, in Tunisia, just in the beginning of the process. Things are going well. This does not mean that we are living in paradise. We have some difficulties. We are just in the second phase of the democratic transition. The first one was a peaceful revolution. We succeeded in stabilising the country. For the second stage we have had a democratic election, on 23 October, and I think the country is moving in the right direction.feedback

Catherine Ashton

I asked if they needed our help to cope with these exceptional circumstances. Their reply was clear: 'No thanks, we do not need the European Commission's assistance at this stage.' Despite the lack of a request from their side, I immediately asked my services, the Frontex agency and the European Asylum Support office, to assess how the European Commission could support the Italian authorities in this difficult situation.feedback

Hani al-Masri

It is obvious that the Palestinian leadership is taking steps to soften the outcome of the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, with regard to the Palestinians. The new situation is completely different, and must be dealt with differently: the policies, methods and people.feedback

Nidhal Ouerfelli

The sole problem, after these last three years, and notably following the revolution, is the economy. Social, political and constitutional affairs have been front and centre stage, and economics has sometimes been neglected. The economy is calling us back into line.feedback

Daniel Cohn-Bendit

European foreign policy was done with the member states, even if it concerned dictators oppressing people. That's what has to be called into question. We see today what we're asking Mrs Ashton to do is to really help people who are freeing themselves.feedback

Mario David

It's too bad, with the Lisbon Treaty having given the EU the basis of an effective external policy, to then not use it, with each country continuing to work for itself.feedback

Mehdi Jomaa

They're living all over the place. These people in Syria are asking for services and we have a duty and an obligation to provide that support. This kind of service should be provided by all countries for their citizens.feedback

Mehdi Jomaa

It's about technical reinforcement. We're talking about equipment, technical support and know-how – the way we're used to working. We have the resources that can be adapted to all techniques. That's how we want to work with Germany. But we're also working with other friendly countries.feedback

Mehdi Jomaa

Simply because we are at a stage where we have to let people know what is happening in Tunisia. It's been a difficult time, and it's vital to present this very dynamic image of Tunisia – of a new Tunisia, a Tunisia that is stabilising and that can once more welcome investors and visitors. It's to present our point of view and explain what's happening in the region.feedback

Mehdi Jomaa

Tunisia today I'd give the image of clearing up the inside of a house. We're making progress but sometimes it's difficult. We're on the right track. I also use the image of a house where the neighbour's home is catching fire. We have to protect our house from that spreading, and we are under an obligation to plan towards helping our Libyan brothers put out their fire. It's not about fear. It's being rational: admitting there are problems. There are tense households next door. We must protect ourselves effectively, take measures to guard against the danger.feedback

Mehdi Jomaa

I have an important role, and that is to offer the elements and the conditions so that the elections unfold in the best possible way. The political parties' role is to find ways that will suit them in the form of a coalition, an agreement for finding the president they consider will represent the Tunisian people the best, bringing about a consensus. So, I'd keep my distance on this question, and will stick to procedure strictly, to accomplish my mission and my role without interfering in questions that do not directly concern me.feedback

Mehdi Jomaa

No, I'm not a candidate. I've decided to make a success of the last stage of the democratic process and I'm concentrating on that, and I hope, with everyone's help, to succeed in that mission. That's the most important thing for me.feedback

Mehdi Jomaa

Germany has important know-how in border control. In Tunisia today, we need to reinforce this, and Germany is one of the partners we're in talks with. It's not the only thing we're discussing.feedback

Mehdi Jomaa

I don't think there's a difference. We agree it's critical. It's even dangerous. I think we have always wished for Iraq, which is a great nation in Arab history, we have wished for Iraq to become stable. It isn't today. It's complex. We all have to contribute today, each in his own way, to stabilise Iraq. As we see everywhere, we really hope for peace and stability in this dear brother country, Iraq.feedback

Mehdi Jomaa

We do things in order of need, I think. The most important thing today is to try to bring support to our people who are living in Syria. It's an obligation a state has. I think that's the priority today.feedback

Mehdi Horchani

Thousands have taken to the streets, people have blocked roads and set tyres alight.feedback

Nabil El-Araby - Arab League

The (meeting in Tunisia) will include a large number of countries and the goal of this meeting is to put extra pressure on Syria. Also, there are indicators coming from China, in particular, and to a certain extent from Russia that there maybe a change in (their) position.feedback

Jean Hervé Lorenzi

Financial regulation has still not fulfilled the role it had been given, and it must attack these Over-the-Counter markets to finally make them transparent.feedback

Amira Yahyaoui

Strangely I'm very confident because my view is that these are very good results in the sense that they are very representative of Tunisians. It's the first time Tunisia has ever had real statistics, not distorting the will of Tunisians, their hopes, their thoughts. I am really confident about the constitution which will be written at the end of the year by the constitutional assembly and at the same time I'm happy to see an Arab Muslim country where the winning Islamist party has understood that it cannot 'reign' without applying a real democracy or without thinking about human rights.feedback

Francois Hollande

I would tell her simply that if we want growth as well as controlling public debt and containing expenditure, Europe itself must be a growth factor through the value of eurobonds.feedback

Rached Ghannouchi

They will not succeed, thanks to the vigilance of our security and our army and our unity against terrorism.feedback

Barack Obama

We will be discussing in depth how we can fully support countries like Egypt and Tunisia, not only in the transition to democracy, but also ensuring that democratic transition is accompanied by economic growth.feedback

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

The AKP is the party closest to us and the similarity between the Turkish and Tunisian situation is the same, even in the context of the historical development in both countries along with the proximity to the West and their recent historical experiences. All these factors are similar and our ties with the AKP are deep, we are moderate Islamic parties and we use the AKP as a model, we can benefit from Turkey's economic success and in terms of human rights and democracy, though each country is unique with its own circumstances.feedback

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

Tunisia governed by a national coalition led by Ennahdha.feedback

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

They promised investment, loans, aid and an increased partnership with Tunisia. The US wants to invest in Tunisia, promoting tourism and the Gulf states, which are the main investors in Tunisia, the neighbouring Maghreb countries, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and the Arab world.feedback

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

Do you have any names, countries, organisations?feedback

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

It could have been avoided, if both sides had been more flexible. It is normal the university is concerned with security. Every institution has to deal with unknown identities, it is necessary to verify the identify of students. It's necessary to check.feedback

Adell Dellal

Tunisia is in an economic downturn with low growth, tourism is sluggish, which is the backbone of the economy and unemployment is at around 800,000. What are your plans to deal with this.feedback

Adell Dellal

Many journalists are outraged following the controversial new appointments in the media. By such decisions Ennahdha are seen as trying to contain the media, which would undermine the freedom of expression and a free press.feedback

Adell Dellal

Many are waiting for the truth to come out about the excesses of the army and police to quell the revolution, when do you think the authorities will publish the results of their investigation?feedback

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

There is no magic solution, we can not say today we have a solution for unemployment and a growth rate from zero to eight per cent as we would wish. This requires all Tunisians, the government the opposition, all classes and people must work together to rectify the situation, back the government and its institutions and find national and foreign capital, there are many promises and many investment opportunities in Tunisia.feedback

Adell Dellal

And economically of course, but what of the other Islamic experiences , like Algeria in the early nineties, What about Somalia which model do Ennahdha intend to follow.feedback

Adell Dellal

The AKP the Islamic party in Turkey has proven it's worth politically….feedback

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

I said each country has it's own circumstances.feedback

Adell Dellal

Ennahdha's current policies are considered by many in Tunisia and abroad to threaten secularism, which is feature of Tunisian politics. What guarantees can you offer those who are concerned about this perceived threat?feedback

Adell Dellal

You have been critical of the Tunisian media.feedback

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

That is for the courts they are currently reviewing the report and it all takes time. It is necessary to conclude the investigation quickly. A year has gone by and still no results. The courts have ruled on some cases of theft and embezzlement, but injuries and death are still down the line, it is slow, but all the cases are before the courts and we hope to resolve the matter as soon as possible, in a legal and fair way.feedback

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

The government must exercise it's powers, they did that with the recent appointments of who those who oversee the media.feedback

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

Tunisia is not a secular country, the language in Tunisia is Arabic and the religion is Islam, we provide guarantees for all Tunisians, whether secular or Islamic, we believe the state is based on the principle of citizenship. People, despite their differences and attitudes, men and women should enjoy equal rights in Tunisia. All are equal before the law regardless of their beliefs.feedback

Adell Dellal

The AKP is considered secular with Islamic roots.feedback

Mohamed Boughanmi

The rulers of the country are sitting on seats stained with our blood. They haven't given us our rights. They must understand that the revolution will resume if we don't get our rights. Last time the revolution was triggered with stones, this time it'll be more than stones.feedback

Mohammed Ghannouchi

I vow that I will respect the constitution and implement the political, economic and social reforms that have been announced … in consultation with all political sides including political parties and civil society.feedback

Jamel Ezzedini - Euronews

I am now in the main avenue of the Tunisian capital, Al Habib Bourgiba, where thousands of Tunisians are demonstrating and demanding the resignation of the president and the government. The demands are no longer about social conditions, there is only one call – for the departure of the president.feedback

Fayçal Dchicha

Almost the entire budget is spent reinforcing security. There's no real development programme. Last year there were 15 projects, and this year 18 projects have been set up. We're in the process of studying a further 63 projects, but there are around 700,000 unemployed people and young graduates looking for work, and we can't take care of all of them. It just gives a little hope.feedback

Hillary Clinton

The people of Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Tunisia did not trade the tyranny of dictator for the tyranny of a mob.feedback

Mohamed Taher Khadraoui

There are not enough medical staff. We are expecting the death toll to increase. It could exceed 40.feedback

Mokhtar Trifi

We told the prime minister that if he wants to announce a new era and a new government, he shouldn't have chosen figures from the old regime.feedback

Kamel Morjane

Of course this [these democratic elections] will take time. We cannot fix it today. This will be fixed by the different parties, and when I say parties, it is not only those who are in government. We are in contact with all the elements, political elements of the Tunisian society.feedback

Nicolas Sarkozy

If we want to control matters in the Mediterranean, we can only do so with the cooperation of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya.feedback

Barack Obama

And we saw that desire to be free in Tunisia where the will of the people proved more powerful than the writ of a dictator. And tonight let us be clear, the USA stands with the people of Tunisia and supports the democratic aspirations of all people.feedback

Ali Larayedh

Because of this, I am really concerned that this case has been used to stir up affairs in general, or to influence public opinion, or to affect negatively this person or that person, or has been used for political ends. At a government level, we are working seriously, and we are doing everything we can to put our expertise to work to find out who attacked Tunisia, its revolution and the democratic transition process.feedback

Ali Larayedh

There are parties and individuals who can create disturbances, as is the case now. They can distort the process but they can't stop it.feedback

Ali Larayedh

I think I still know more than anyone in Tunisia about the Ennahda party, which is among the biggest parties that will be running in the next elections; but as for how many votes it will get… it's too early to say; that's hard to predict.feedback

Ali Larayedh

After the revolution, Tunisia's justice system became independent. In Europe, when there is a ruling by a justice system, people with political responsibilities refuse comment on the work of the judges. As far as we are concerned, we are going to follow the same procedure.feedback

Ali Larayedh

That's the first thing. Apart from that, the case of Belaid's assassination has been exploited intensely not to get at the truth but for political ends, and to attack parties or individuals. Several things were brought about which turned out to be proven in error, and afterwards no one made any apology. We heard a lot of things, several analyses. And then when people discovered things that were inexact, no one said sorry.feedback

William Hague

We have also received a request from the Egyptian government to freeze the assets of several former Egyptian officials. We will of course cooperate with this request, working with EU and international partners as we have done in the case of Tunisia.feedback

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

The EU calls for a reform of laws inherited from the previous regime, particularly in the criminal code to ensure freedom of speech for Tunisian men and women.feedback

Victoria Nuland

If we can't get Assad to yield to the pressure that we are all bringing to bear we may have to consider additional measures.feedback

Francois Hollande

This is an historic document because it's a result of the institutional compromise that you've managed to forge between you, and because it can serve as an example and a reference point for a lot of other countries.feedback

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

But it's not just about the economy, it's about a bigger engagement with those societies, with those civil societies, and I think they are ready. Let's now do everything we can to support this Arab spring.feedback

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

A visit to Gaza is not planned at the moment, but frankly I'm yearning for such a visit. I really would like to visit Gaza as soon as possible.feedback

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