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We must make every effort to persuade Turkey that the path it is on is not the right path, and at the same time keep the channels of communication open.
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You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Turkey. 391 people are quoted and you can read 808 citations of them about Turkey. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Mevlut Cavusoglu and Angela Merkel, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: “Turkey is not a country you can pull and push around, not a country whose citizens you can drag on the ground. If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets. Europe will be damaged by this. We, as Turkey, call on Europe to respect human rights and democracy.”.
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Frans Timmermans - European Commission

There is a European solidarity. The remarks towards the Germans and towards the Dutch by president Erdogan are unacceptable. We do not want to be compared with Nazis.

Mahama Khalil

We will not accept a Turkish agenda or an Iranian agenda. Turkey and Iran are trying to pull Sinjar into a regional conflict, and Sinjar will not accept it.

Krasimir Karakachanov

An anti-Bulgarian, propagandistic party could enter the Bulgarian parliament in an artificial way, imported from another country.

Johannes Hahn - European Union

If it doesn't change course quickly, membership will indeed become more and more unrealistic.

Hadley Freeman

Richard Curtis’s sexist, saccharine turkey is being recooked at a time when TV romance is far superior. May it teach filmmakers to aim higher. It’s Comic Relief time, again, and truly, who could fail to wish it well? All that fundraising, all that cheer – as multiple celebrities will surely inform us on the night, this is Britain at its best. Except there’s a problem this year, and it comes in an oppressively heart-shaped form. The centrepiece of the night is a 10-minute sequel to the 2003 romcom to end all romcoms, Love, Actually.

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

I have just heard it and seen a short excerpt of the clip from the speech of Mr. Erdogan. This is impertinent, it´s shameless that an ally insults the head of this country.

Angela Merkel

My statement stands that the Nazi comparisons coming out of Turkey need to stop. No ifs or buts. Unfortunately these comparisons have not stopped and we will not allow the excuse that the end justifies the means, leading to each taboo being broken without consideration of the suffering of those that were persecuted and murdered under the Nazis.

Redur Xelil

The Russian presence ... comes in agreement between (the YPG) and the Russian forces operating in Syria in the framework of cooperation against terrorism and to help train our forces on modern warfare and to build a direct point of contact with Russian forces. It is the first (agreement) of its kind. The agreement came into force today.

Viktor Orban

This will be a fence that will be able to block the path of even the largest crowds arriving from Turkey. So in Austria and Germany people can sleep soundly, because Hungarians will be protecting Europe's external borders.

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

We do not need to go to the USA to see the attempt to turn back the clock of freedom . Look at Turkey, look at Hungary, look at Poland! Every day they become bolder against our democracy. You have in the SPD the most decisive enemy that is possible in this country.

Sinan Ogan

It's either our electricity cut (during rallies) or leaflets torn apart, or (the rally venue) is being restored at the last moment, or the podium is attacked, or there is an interruption attempt so that we cannot speak. And even if you do speak, no TV station will air it.

Ibrahim Kalin

Why are they protecting them? Because these are useful instruments for Germany to use against Turkey.

Panos Navrozidis - International Rescue Committee

The EU-Turkey deal is playing roulette with the futures of some of the world's most vulnerable. It has become mission impossible for those who need it most to seek refuge in Europe.

Bekir Bozdag

No offense, but it is beyond question that the Turkish judiciary is fairer, more independent and more impartial than Germany's.

Omer Gidor - Twitter

We've already taken measures to contain such abuse of our users' accounts, assuming it is indeed done using our system.

Boris Becker

My twitter account was hacked !!! I never posted this as I obviously don't speak Turkish.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The place in which you are living and working is now your homeland and new motherland. Stake a claim to it. Open more businesses, enroll your children in better schools, make your family live in better neighborhoods, drive the best cars, live in the most beautiful houses.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

When those incidents began, I said those are fascistic measures. I said Nazism had risen from the dead. And then I added: I thought Nazism was over, but I was wrong.

Geert Wilders

The fight against Islamization and the EU will be tougher, stronger and far more effective now, being the second strongest political power.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Go live in better neighborhoods. Drive the best cars. Live in the best houses. Make not three, but five children. Because you are the future of Europe. That will be the best response to the injustices against you.

Angela Merkel

Furthermore, we're looking at the situation afresh every day and are not giving anyone a carte blanche for the future.

Angela Merkel

I don't intend to participate in this race to trade provocations. The insults need to stop.

Seyla Benhabib

President Erdogan wants Turkish voters to bless his autocratic aspirations.

Samantha Bee

Think of them as passengers on a bus that's now being driven by a feral, paranoid monkey. They're not trying to kick him out of the driver's seat – they know we chose the monkey to be the bus driver because Hillary Clinton used e-mail and was a woman, and they respect that. They're just trying to turn the wheel slightly while the monkey is masturbating so we don't run over a cliff.

Samantha Bee

But perhaps we should consider these leaks the phlegm of democracy. They're a sign that something is very wrong, yes, but also that your system is fighting it – like it's supposed to.

William Jackson - Capital Economics

The Turkish central bank had good domestic reasons to tighten monetary policy today given growing concerns about inflation. But the Fed's rate hike last night made their job easier by providing some cover from political pressure.

William Jackson - Capital Economics

The complexity of Turkey's monetary policy setup can make it difficult to interpret decisions, but today's move was clearly aimed at tightening monetary conditions.

Bekir Bekis

He (Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte) didn't let our foreign minister go to the Netherlands. That racist (mentality) will continue and that is not good of course. The prime minister's victory means their stance will continue to be the same but it's not good to have tensions.

Erdal Kaman

For us rhetoric don't matter. What matters is not to have racism. It would have been worse if the other party (Party for Freedom) had won. I think we can mend the relations between the two countries and make things better.

Jason Ackerman - FreshDirect

If it typically takes 10 days for a product to get from farm to customer, we'll do it in five. During the holidays, we used to sell a bunch of those good ol' frozen turkeys. Now it's like I can't even give away a frozen turkey. It's all free range, grass fed, cage free. Anything but frozen. I'm not going to win over any customers by carrying Tide. I'm going to carry Tide to be convenient. But I'm going to excite people by carrying a great jumbo blueberry or a fantastic ripe cantaloupe that's better than anything they've tasted before.

Bulent Tunc

Turkey us a huge market for livestock imports and countries are dying to get in.

Angela Merkel

The Netherlands are our partners, friends, neighbors. Therefore I was very happy that a high turnout led to a very pro-European result, a clear signal. And that after days in which the Netherlands had to tolerate accusations and reproaches from Turkey which are totally unacceptable... It was a good day for democracy.

Omer Celik

If you look carefully, the European Union always talks about co-operating in the fight against terrorism and managing the migrant crisis. They cover up the other issues. When we look at the obligations EU should have fulfilled I don't see any reason why Turkey should maintain the migrant deal.

Brett Wilson

If the political parties of the Kurdish wing are in a sense robbed of their actual powers would that result in increased desperation on the part of radicals? Would mainstream Kurdish voters feel they have to go towards different parties? There's a real uncertainty among a lot of groups about whether they should approve this referendum. I think that's also evident in the fact the government is using very aggressive language, trying to threaten and shame people, even from their own constituents, to vote yes and make voting no a non-option.

Esra Özyürek

The people who can powerfully say no [in the referendum] are already in prison. The leaders of the [opposition] HDP [left-wing political party] and a good number of MPs, democratically-elected mayors, party representatives, more than hundred journalists and academics. At the moment Turkey has the best-educated prison population in the world.

Brett Wilson

The strange thing about it is that the current situation is that the president is basically doing whatever he wants despite the fact that theoretically there is a system in place to control him. In some ways it's a formality but in other ways it's eliminating those potential checks on presidential power. It's short-sighted to restructure things in a way that will definitely make Turkey less democratic and they will have to live with the results of that for a long time because it's very hard to change the constitution.

Esra Özyürek

He will be head of state, head of government and have full power over the judiciary. He will have the power to issue decrees, which is huge, because it pretty much makes parliament ineffective. Right after the coup attempt President Erdogan said this was a God-sent opportunity. We can now do things we could not do earlier. He used the coup attempt as a pretext to further limit democracies and tighten his iron fist on all opposition, it's a major break from democracy.

Andre Krouwel

Wilders will play no role in forming the government. But he has played a huge part in the campaign and in that sense has already won, because the two biggest rightwing parties have adopted his policies.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We know the Netherlands and the Dutch from the Srebrenica massacre. We know how rotten their character is from their massacre of 8,000 Bosnians there. Nobody should try to give us lessons on morality, especially not those who have blood on their hands. The Netherlands, with its display of state terrorism, has caused huge damage to Europe and the EU. Now, for those who want to cooperate with the EU, it has ceased to be a symbol of human rights and freedom. Europe is too important to be left at the mercy of rogue states.

Johannes Hahn - European Union

It does not alter the fact that we have to keep the contact with a neighbour that represents 85 million people. This is in our own interest, but we also have to tell this neighbour in a good neighbourly way 'so far and no further.

Manfred Weber

A full enlargement of Turkey to the EU is unthinkable, it's practically not manageable. Turkey is on the other hand building up more distance to the European values in the last weeks and months. That's why we need a restart. The minimum is that we have to freeze the ongoing negotiation process for a while and we should really talk about our fundamental relationships.

Mark Rutte

Well, this has nothing to do with elections. We have not sought… We did not seek this fight, it was Turkey deciding to create this chaos last Saturday. That's what I'm fighting for, not for myself, but I do believe that the present strategy, the present course of the government is the best way of moving forward – and no experiments!

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

My dear friends, we know the Netherlands and the Dutch people from the Srebrenica massacre. We know how rotten their character is from their massacre of 8,000 Bosnians there. We know this very well.

Numan Kurtulmus

We are doing exactly what they did to us. We are not allowing planes carrying Dutch diplomats or envoys from landing in Turkey or using our airspace. Those creating this crisis are responsible for fixing it.

Abu Samir

Turkey wanted to show that they were stopping the smugglers.

Abu Samir

I expect waves of people. The business will come back to the way it was, and maybe better.

Mark Rutte

We will not lower ourselves to this level. It is totally unacceptable.

Mark Rutte

I believe they just wanted to come here to talk with Turkish people about the referendum. And again, it was very difficult to come to logistical arrangements.

Mark Rutte

Turkey is a proud country, but also the Netherlands is a proud country. We will never negotiate under threats, under these type of utterings of the foreign minister. So that's why we stopped discussions and we told him that he was no longer welcome that Saturday.

Omer Celik

The democracy and state of law have been violated in the Netherlands. Therefore, the EU, which depends on these values, needs to implement a very sensitive and effective policy to protect the values. If no action is taken, it will not be possible to talk about the European Union being a political union. We will surely have sanctions against the latest actions by the Netherlands. We will answer them with these.

Farhad Nouri

One day I will draw him, too. I was in Turkey. I was in Greece. Here in the camp I like my painting. I like drawing my feelings and faces. I remember the door when we are going away. I remember that day. When I think [hard] I can remember something. I teach myself. Sometimes I see from the videos, on YouTube, and I learn.

Angela Merkel

These comparisons are totally misleading, they belittle the suffering, especially in the case of the Netherlands which suffered so much under the Nazis. This is completely unacceptable and that's why the Netherlands have my full support and solidarity, especially also my Dutch colleague Mark Rutte.

Jens Stoltenberg - NATO

I will encourage all allies to show mutual respect to be calm and have a measured approach to contribute to deescalate the tensions. I think it is important that we now focus on everything that unites us.

Mark Rutte

We've seen it with Brexit, we've seen it with Trump, when we thought it wouldn't happen the night before. The chance is still large as life that we wake up on March 16th and Wilders's [party] is the biggest.

Hans Gosling

In times when the nation is hit by something like this, there's the inclination for people to get behind the government.

Niels van Baalen

The problem is: do you want to be a Turkish immigrant, or do you want to be a naturalized Dutch person?

Joop van Holsteijn

Immigration and integration, and the relationship of the Netherlands with Turkey, will be rather salient suddenly, and Wilders can be considered the issue owner here. Following this line of reasoning, Wilders may profit, if only due to some strategic PVV supporters who decide to follow their heart and not their mind on Wednesday.

Ahmet Hakan - Hurriyet Daily News

The Netherlands, with its fascism, its low-quality and impertinence, has met these needs beautifully.

Huseyin Kocabiyik

We shouldn't be angry at the Germans and the Dutch. We should perhaps thank them a little. They contributed to our 'yes' votes by at least two points. You can be sure of it. As a retired former political adviser and a researcher, I can say for sure that these will cause a substantial rise in the votes of our citizens living in Europe, while inside Turkey, it will affect both the undecided voters and even some voters from the 'no' camp.

Lars Loekke Rasmussen

Such a visit could not take place in light of the current attacks by Turkey against the Netherlands. Therefore I proposed to my Turkish colleague to postpone our meeting.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I had said that Nazism has risen from the grave. I said 'I thought Nazism was over but I was wrong.' In fact, Nazism is alive in the West. What took place in the Netherlands was the trampling of diplomacy, international law, practice, decency. Is there a peep coming out of Europe? No. Why? Because they won't bite one another. They are all the same. The Netherlands did not behave like a European Union member state governed by the rule of law, but like a banana republic.

Mark Rutte

This country, as the mayor of Rotterdam pointed out yesterday, was bombed during the Second World War by the Nazis. It's totally unacceptable to talk in this way. Turkey is a proud nation; the Netherlands is a proud nation. We can never do business under those sorts of threats and blackmail.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The Netherlands is nothing like an EU country. It is acting like a banana republic. The world has witnessed how those who had lectured Turkey on human rights, rule of law and democracy for years are far from those values. Now they are trying to find excuses for their bad behaviour.

Mark Rutte

Some Turkish politicians are talking about Nazism and fascism in relationship to The Netherlands. This country, as the Mayor of Rotterdam pointed out yesterday, was bombed during the second World War by the Nazis. It's totally unacceptable to talk in this way. So of course there is absolutely no way excuses can be made, they should make an excuse for what they have done.

Numan Kurtulmus

You will see that, in the end, they will come to the point where they will apologize.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

They will certainly pay the price, and also learn what diplomacy is. We will teach them international diplomacy. Listen Netherlands, you'll jump once, you'll jump twice, but my people will thwart your game. You can cancel our foreign minister's flight as much as you want, but let's see how your flights will come to Turkey now. They don't know diplomacy or politics. They are Nazi remnants. They are fascists.

Mark Rutte

Turkey is a proud nation. The Netherlands is a proud nation. We can never do business under those sorts of threats and blackmail. The biggest problem in this case is that Turkey is talking about Turkish citizens who they want to talk to. These are Dutch citizens who possibly also have voting rights in Turkey.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Hey Holland! If you are sacrificing Turkish-Dutch relations for the sake of the elections on Wednesday, you will pay a price.

Mark Rutte

This is a man who yesterday made us out to be fascists and a country of Nazis. I'm going to de-escalate, but not by offering apologies. Are you nuts? We are in the wrong situation with Turkey at the moment. We asked the minister not to come because of the tensions we expected in Rotterdam and because we are not comfortable with such a visit. A visit from a Turkish minister to the Dutch people to talk about a Turkish referendum, and still they come.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

If you sacrifice Turkish-Dutch relations to the elections held on Wednesday, you will pay the price. I thought Nazism was dead, but I was wrong. Nazism is still widespread in the West. The West has shown its true face.

Beatrice Bozkus

I am disappointed by Holland because they speak of democracy and freedom but it is not the case. To not allow a speech, it's sad. We are all disappointed.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We will teach them international diplomacy. Holland! If you are sacrificing Turkish-Dutch relations for the sake of the elections on Wednesday, you will pay a price. The West has clearly shown its true face in the last couple of days. What we have seen... is a clear manifestations of Islamophobia. I have said that I had thought that Nazism was over, but that I was wrong. Nazism is alive in the West.

Andre Krouwel

Rutte is a key player in this because he is prime minister. We are the ones who really protect your interests, we are the ones who go down into the trenches to defend the Netherlands. The election is still wide open. What the right-wing parties are now doing is jumping on this theme from Turkey to – more than already was the case – emphasize themes of immigration, integration, the migrant problem and the concerns about what identity we still share.

Andre Krouwel

The dominant issues in this campaign are immigration, integration, security, terrorism, identity. What you see is that this situation makes these themes so dominant that leftist themes ... are totally absent.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

If you sacrifice Turkish-Dutch relations to the elections on Wednesday, then you will pay the price. What took place in the Netherlands was the trampling of diplomacy, international law, practice, decency. Is there a peep coming out of Europe? No. Why? Because they won't bite one another. They are all the same. The Netherlands did not behave like a European Union member state governed by the rule of law, but like a banana republic.

Cengiz Candar

Turkish foreign policy today – whatever it is, wherever it is, from Syria all the way to the Netherlands and Germany – is related to the domestic political agenda. There is no Turkish foreign policy now. Turkish foreign policy is related to Mr. Erdogan's referendum campaign.

Bianca Pander

Rutte is in the picture now: He's on every TV show, and on every newspaper.

Mark Rutte

I've never experienced this before, but we want to be the more prudent party. If they escalate we will have to respond, but we will do everything in our power to de-escalate.

Vladimir Putin

Russia has always been very firm against all forms of terrorism, whatever the guiding principle of that terrorism, whatever ideas are being championed by the people behind that terrorism. That is our fundamental position and it won't change, under any circumstances.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We must accept the fact that one terrorist group can't be eliminated by another. As a country that has been fighting a war against terrorism for 35 years, our current enemies are terrorist groups like the Kurdish YPG, ISIL and al-Nusra.

Vladimir Rusev

The CIA is trying to undermine Trump. They want to destroy him. We offer our support to him.

Nikolai Ivanov

I'm not nationalistic or anything like that. I'm just a patriot. Many of these immigrants are not just some guys who are trying to run away from war. They are from age 17 to 35, with good physiques and training. It's not a problem that they are Muslims. The problem is it's a different civilization. They don't think like us, they have a totally different view about life, about everything.

Nikolai Ivanov

If we don't do something soon. It's not just Bulgaria, but all of Europe.

Aldar Xelil

Look, these are your limits. It appears that the Americans have made up their minds. At this stage, the Euphrates Shield operation has not been completed. We are discussing the next step with our allies. The U.S. side made some promises for this before and we believe that they will provide this support.

Ulf Porschardt

You can change that. You, of all people. Releasing Deniz Yucel would send a signal.

Angela Merkel

From our point of view, it is worth making every endeavour to advocate for German-Turkish relations but on the basis of our values and our expectations, and with clarity.

Sigmar Gabriel

I made clear that equations of modern Germany with Nazi Germany and attacks against democracy and justice are not acceptable.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Those votes you cast will be the best response, not just to all the countries in the West, but to all the countries in the world. God willing April 16 will be the day that my citizens who have been hindered in the West and around the world will also celebrate.

Saeed Sheikh

Our cause is now lost. Without Turkey and Qatar, we are nowhere. And the reality is it has been like that since before (the fall of) Aleppo.

Karolina Wieckiewicz

We protest against the ban on abortion and the ban on contraception – lack of access to contraception – but also the fact that we are not supported when we want to have children because the 'In vitro' IVF procedure is shut down and because of the fact that adoption procedures are very limited.

Lori Heinel - State Street Global Advisors

What we know is that women are roughly half of the population, and yet in corporate America, they're not very well represented at senior leader levels so whether that's CEOs or board members or other senior executives. We think that we're really missing an opportunity that by empowering women to aspire to all that they can contribute, that we can actually create better economic progress around the globe.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Do we want to continue as two 'friendly nations' or do we prefer to cut our ties? As Turkey we favour continuing as friends but Germany must decide on this as well so that we can go forward according to that decision.

Sigmar Gabriel

We want to get along peacefully and well with this country and to solve disputes in a democratic manner, to ensure that nobody is treated disrespectfully and that they can count on the friendship of the Germans. There simply are limits one must not go beyond and the comparison with Nazi Germany is one of them.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

You prevent us from meeting our Turkish citizens. Does this suit humanity? Does this suit democracy? Does this suit human rights? Does this suit people's right to meet?

Christine Bragale

Our hearts are broken by this turn of events, which comes after five years of cooperation with the government of Turkey and other partners.

Manolis Vournous

The consequences are disastrous financially and socially. That's why this agreement is working for the EU, probably for Turkey but not for the local communities.

Volker Perthes

The most important thing is that we have no interest in a rising spiral of insults – an insult arms race, or however you want to put it. That will not help us.

Fawaz Atmeh

We're on Turkey's doorstep, but forbidden from crossing - Turkey has put a wall up, and shoots at anyone who gets close.

Mohammed Musa

When there are clashes between the factions (insurgents), they can get fairly close. We're scared for the children and women - if a stray bullet hits one tent it will go through 10 of them, we're very vulnerable should the violence get closer.

Angela Merkel

There are profound differences of points of view between Germany and Turkey on the state of liberty of the press and opinion in Turkey, on the destiny of many more than a hundred journalists in prison – also the destiny of our compatriot, the journalist Deniz Yücel.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Germany, you don't have anything to do with democracy. These current practices of yours are no different than the Nazi practices of the past.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I thought Nazism had ended in Germany. Turns out that it's still going on, plain and visible.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

In Germany, they are not allowing our friends to speak. . . . Do you think that by not allowing them to speak the votes in Germany will come out 'no' instead of 'yes?' . Germany, you don't have anything to do with democracy. These current practices of yours are no different than the Nazi practices of the past.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We don't want to see the Nazi world anymore. We don't want to see their fascist actions. We thought that era was in the past, but apparently it isn't. Germany, you have no relation whatsoever to democracy.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We will talk about Germany's actions in the international arena and we will put them to shame in the eyes of the world.

Geert Wilders

If I were prime minister today, I would declare that at least until mid April, when they have this referendum in Turkey, I would call the whole cabinet of Turkey persona non grata for a month or two.

Geert Wilders

I think that coming here to advocate a change of the Turkish constitution that will only strengthen the Islamo-fascist leader Erdogan of Turkey more than Parliament, Turkish parliament, is the worst thing that could happen to us.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

In Germany they are not allowing our friends to speak. Let them do so. Do you think that by not allowing them to speak the votes in Germany will come out 'no' instead of 'yes?'. Germany, you don't have anything to do with democracy. These current practices of yours are no different than the Nazi practices of the past.

Mark Rutte

We believe that Dutch public space is not the place for political campaigns of other countries.

Mark Rutte

"We believe that Dutch public space is not the place for political campaigns of other countries,"

Elvis Redzepagic

Since I got back from Turkey from trying to perform jihad and join Jabhat al-Nusra the CIA has been bothering me. It's annoying but I out smarted them.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

In Germany, they are not allowing our friends to speak. Let them do so. Do you think that by not allowing them to speak the votes in Germany will come out 'no' instead of 'yes?'. Germany, you don't have anything to do with democracy. These current practices of yours are no different than the Nazi practices of the past.

Mark Rutte

We find this unacceptable, the public sphere of the Netherlands is not the political campaign area of other countries.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

They need to be put on trial for aiding and abetting terrorism, the situation is so obvious and clear. Now they are asking us: 'why are you whipping up the issue?' Just you wait, we have only just started. We are going to expose all that you have done one by one in several international meetings.

Kemal Klic

What I find wrong is the propaganda here by the PKK, which is listed as a terrorist group. They are allowed to do anything here, everything is possible for them. But a Turkish minister is not allowed to speak. These are double standards by the German authorities.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

They need to be put on trial for aiding and abetting terrorism. They are telling us, 'Why are you whipping up the issue?'. Just you wait, we have only just started. We are going to expose all that you have done in several international meetings.

Kaeli Swift

The tricky thing is, with the exception of crows and gulls, any account of how birds specifically respond to death are all fairly anecdotal. It's a lot of stuff like this turkey video where we say, One time a duck stood around its dead mate for an hour.' And then people sort of extrapolate that to say, Okay, so this is what ducks do.' Which may or may not be true.

David Scarpitti

Turkeys are naturally fearful of cats, which can be a threat to younger, smaller birds. So it's likely that, when they came across a dead one in the road, they were very curious to see what was going on and whether it was alive. Turkeys tend to follow a leader or two as they roam through suburban yards in search of food. So if one leader took it upon itself to march around the corpse and inspect it, it makes sense that the others would follow its lead, while keeping a safe distance from the fallen feline. Hence, a near perfect circle.

Kiran Kowshik - UniCredit Research

The EM rally has hit a bit of a speed bump. The market is moving to price in a hike in March following the recent comments from Fed officials, that's driving a retreat in some emerging market currencies.

Fabiana Fedeli - Robeco

Trump cannot upset what is driving emerging markets at this point in time that is, a cyclical global growth upturn which is evidenced when you look at global trade.

Michael Pfeiffer

We presume this at the moment, but we don't know for sure. We presume there is a direct link. We don't know how seriously we should take this threat.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

It's our duty to destroy these terrorist organizations wherever they are.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey is the country with the best seas, the best mountains, the best rivers, the best lands, the best trees, the best sun, the best food and fruits, the warmest and most heartfelt smiles and of the best times to be had on earth.

Ahmed Saed Omar Marta

Arabs ... like to have the same tradition (as they have at home). This is what they find here, in the Black Sea.

Binali Yildirim

To be afraid of terrorism to spread fear through terror only benefits terrorism. That is why I say with pride, Turkey is as safe as the United States. Istanbul is as safe as Europe or Paris.

Mahmoud Hassino

The main idea behind the competition was to launch a campaign to resettle LGBT Syrians from Turkey. The country is becoming more homophobic and it's more difficult for LGBT refugees.

Bekir Bozdag

Let them look back at their history. We see the old illnesses flaring up. Germany today has become a shelter for all those who commit crimes against Turkey, the PKK, FETO, DHKP-C members. Those who carried out the coup and everyone who commits crimes against Turkey have fled there.

Heiko Maas

When journalists, judges and attorneys are arrested simply because they are doing their jobs, simply because they are fulfilling their role in a constitutional state, then each arrest marks a degradation of the rule of law. It is the role of the state to protect journalists and not burden them with repressive measures.

Nihat Zeybecki

We say the victory is God's...I will go from cafe to cafe, house to house. Nobody should worry, we will still meet with our citizens in Germany.

Bekir Bozdag

The right of expression and meeting is guaranteed in all democracies by government bodies. Here those rights have been ignored. They are ignored when Turkey comes into question. But for terrorist organisations which have been working against Turkey, the door is open still.

Yossi Abu - Delek Group

This is the target. Since early this year we started to export, it's not huge quantities, but it's still an export to Jordan.

Bekir Bozdag

The fact that Germany, which at every opportunity speaks of freedom of expression ... has canceled a meeting of the Turkish community is unacceptable. How can we speak of democracy in a country that does not allow one meeting to take place?

Bekir Bozdag

The doors are being opened wide when it comes to the terrorist organization.

Jakob Christensen - Danske Bank

Given the sizeable current account deficit, Turkey is vulnerable to a stronger dollar and tighter monetary policy in the U.S. - they have sizeable dollar debt and that is unnerving investors.

Angela Merkel

Independent journalism must be able to exist. Journalists must be able to do their work, and that's why we are thinking tonight of Deniz Yücel, who sits in custody in Turkey and requires being set free.

Sigmar Gabriel

The situation of Deniz Yucel throws a spotlight on the fact that Germany, and Turkey and the EU and Turkey, have very different ideas about the application of the basic principles of a constitutional democracy and the value of the freedom of the press.

Reed Hastings - Netflix

We are focused on international expansion, mainly in Europe and Asia. It's just the beginning of the Internet. We are producing all over the globe with great success, now also in Spain, France, Germany, the U.K., Turkey, India, and even Japan, with anime shows.

Angela Merkel

In our opinion there has been no reason to deprive Deniz Yucel of his liberty. We are now resting our hopes on the the court respecting principles in accordance with the freedom of the press and that Mister Yucel will be set free as soon as possible.

Barış Yarkadaş

Deniz Yucel's arrest is a blow to freedom of thought. Deniz Yucel did not run away. Deniz Yucel went to the police station with his lawyers and gave himself up to officers despite a search warrant.

Zoltan Kovacs

It's related to everything that is happening at the European borders, in that respect obviously it is related to the EU-Turkey agreement. It is related better to the fact that the estimated number of those who are still at the Western Balkans route is around 80 thousand, spring is coming. We see that around Europe, according to a German estimate, there are at least 6-6.5 million people waiting to enter the EU.

Joseph F Dunford

When we provide (Trump) options, we'll talk about the importance of our Turkish ally and making sure that our plans are consistent with maintaining a strong alliance with Turkey.

Fiona Mullen

I think the polls show that generally speaking, most people want a solution. The problem is not that many people have confidence that there will be one, because this has been going on for 40 years or so. You also see a generational difference: the older people, interestingly enough, are generally more in favour of a solution than the younger ones, because they've actually lived together with Greek- and Turko-Cypriots. They've lived with the other community before. Whereas the younger ones have been brought up to see the other side more as an enemy, especially through the schooling system.

Zakaria Malahifji

There has been cleaning up of the last remaining areas of (IS) control, and there were street battles.

Numan Kurtulmus

Iran and Turkey are friendly nations. There can be differences in views from time to time, but there can't be animosity because of comments.

Abdullah Kara

I want this torture to end at last. Every time someone the door opens we look up, expecting her to enter and come to us.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu

This is definitely not going to be a fair referendum. We know what the pro-Erdogan media will have a broadcasting policy that completely ignores the opposition.

Petr Krpata

Inflation is rising across EM... and the Fed (U.S. central bank) is not signalling a March rate hike so this is conducive for emerging market currencies.

Lindsay Lohan

You know, I think it would be a positive thing for America to show their care and support, and for him to experience what it's like for these people … experience how giving Turkey has been to the refugees and how many they have welcomed in.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

After this operation to take al-Bab, the next targets in the east are Manbij and Raqqa.The ultimate goal is to establish a safe zone by cleansing a 4,000- to 5,000-square-km area of terrorists.

Veli Agbaba

Unfortunately, one of Turkey's long-established universities is under attack. I think they are clearing the path to the referendum The government is trying to silence all opponents.

Numan Kurtulmus

From our side the issue is being investigated. Initial information shows this was an accident ... and an undesired incident as a result of incorrect information, coordinates.

Dmitry Peskov

"Unfortunately, our military, while carrying out strikes on terrorists, was guided by coordinates given to them by our Turkish partners, and Turkish servicemen should not have been present on those coordinates,". "It was a lack of coordination in providing coordinates, that is how I would formulate it,".

Numan Kurtulmus

It has been understood that closer coordination is required, both with the coalition and with Russia.

Dmitry Peskov

Unfortunately, our military, while carrying out strikes on terrorists, was guided by coordinates given to them by our Turkish partners, and Turkish servicemen should not have been present on those coordinates, and therefore these unintended strikes took place. It was a lack of coordination in providing coordinates, that is how I would formulate it.

Naci Agbal

International investment, consultancy firms, banks and investment funds are very interested in the Turkish wealth fund, they are working on cooperating with us. The wealth fund will be activated swiftly to create funds for Turkey's investments, and it may make its first transaction this year.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

On the issue of fighting Daesh, we – that is Turkey and Saudi Arabia – will be cooperating with the United States. We believe that the fight from now on will be more effective and that we will be able to clear both Syria and Iraq of Daesh. We told the previous administration not to rely on or trust a terror organization to fight an organization like Daesh. We said it would be a mistake but we were not able to get them to listen. The operation in Raqqa should be conducted with the right (groups) not with terror organizations.

Refet Gurkaynak

A wealth fund is established to utilize public resources that grow with budget surpluses. Ours is to squander public capital that has been accumulated in the past. The establishment of a wealth fund for Turkey, which does not have a budget surplus, is like getting a lighthouse for landlocked Ankara.

Selin Sayek Böke

This thing called a wealth fund is essentially a family company ... The people's property, the nation's income is taken out of the budget and transferred to the (presidential) palace's company.

Faik Oztrak

This government... is establishing a wealth fund to pledge the assets left by our ancestors to borrow and cover up the volatility in the economy until the referendum.

Hamid Idris

I haven't slept a moment in 48 hours. I didn't want my children on that boat. It's like you're throwing the dice with their lives.

Bashir Khashan

There was no other way to get them here. What else can you do? You either die at sea or you die in the village.

Kieran Curtis - Standard Life

We have had very little exposure to Turkey for a long time, since before the coup and our exposure has gradually reduced. We've done very well by being underweight and that's the fact which is making it tempting to go back in rather than anything we see coming out of Turkey.

AK Party

The economic leadership has a harmony problem, this is undeniable ... But the problems with coordination can be resolved with constitutional change and the presidential system.

Hardeep Dogra

In general, once you get past an event like (the referendum), if there is less uncertainty about the policy direction that can be a benefit. If we get to that stage and somehow economic policy or policy more broadly is made on a longer-term constructive basis, you can see the potential inflection point for the credit metrics of the country.

Durmus Yilmaz

People invested in Turkey when interest rates were 8-9-10 percent as well ... High volatility is the real problem. You don't know what will happen tomorrow. What causes this is the approach of politicians. The coordination is currently broken. The orchestra isn't playing the same tune today.

Cristian Maggio - TD Securities

The slide in the renminbi that we saw last year has reversed in January - the local authorities want to provide more support for the currency against the dollar or other currencies they have trade flows with. In the long term (FX purchases) is a respectable goal that will add to Russia's strength and give the government some additional budget discipline. But at the same time it will help weaken the currency, smooth volatility, and reduce the correlation between the dollar/rouble exchange rate and oil prices.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

There's a legislative branch, executive as well, and the same goes for judiciary. There can't be a question about removing the separation of powers.

Angela Merkel

I have stated that the guilt must be individually identified. And we saw how the Turkish people defended democracy and democratic rule in Turkey. This is exactly why it is important in this critical phase to maintain freedom of expression.

Panos Kammenos

We want peace, we are not looking for a fight or for trouble in the Aegean, but there won't be an aircraft which will not be intercepted.

Panos Kammenos

It was my obligation to be there … I won't ask for anyone's permission.

Veysi Kaynak

Greece is trying to take advantage of Kardak and similar rocky areas. Greece will not be permitted to open new areas here.

Jakob Christensen - Danske Bank

Until they really tighten monetary policy significantly, the lira will be trading weak. Investors don't see any comforting news - the economy is weakening, the central bank is seen as subject to political pressures and the external environment is difficult for Turkey.

Julian Mayo - Charlemagne

Part of it is dollar strength which hasn't really come through and people have been positively surprised on how EM currencies have held up despite idiosyncratic risks in some places like Turkey. Markets are also responding to the fact that many EM currencies have halved in value in recent years and now look very undervalued. I suspect that some point in the next three months it will a good buy but only when the currency bottoms, for now it's more of a wait-and-see.

Murat Cetinkaya

We will continue to use these steps as long as necessary. It should be expected for this framework to continue for a certain time. Risks are upward, but the critical point is that the monetary policy is having the necessary effect. Simplification will be our preference once the right framework is set up and volatility has died down.

Per Hammarlund

Oil has come down a bit and that is weighing on the rouble, and some of the commodities like platinum, which suggests there may be a correction in metals prices as well, so it's a bit of risk off on weaker commodity prices.

Theresa May

It marks the start of a new and deeper trading relationship with Turkey and will potentially secure British and Turkish jobs and prosperity for decades to come. This agreement underlines once again that Britain is a great, global trading nation and that we are open for business. I'm proud that the UK stood with you on July 15 last year in defense of democracy and now it is important that Turkey sustains that democracy by maintaining the rule of law and upholding its international human rights obligations as the government has undertaken to do.

Ian King - BAE Systems Land and Armaments

It will also pave the way for a deeper defense partnership and could effectively make the U.K. Turkey's partner of choice, positioning it as a key aerospace technology exporter to Turkey. The wider program could see the U.K. win contracts to provide engines, weapons, radars and sensors.

Binali Yildirim

There are 55 million refugees in the world…this problem cannot be ignored and it cannot be solved by building walls.

Donald J. Trump

The United States is responsible for the United States' policy on refugees.

Angela Merkel

At the moment we cannot sign an agreement like that concluded with Turkey.

Binali Yildirim

You cannot turn a blind eye to this issue and you cannot tackle this issue by constructing a wall. Nobody leaves their homes for nothing. They came here to save their lives. Our doors were open and if the same thing happened again we would do the same again. If there is someone in need you have to give them a helping hand.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

We demand that the eight soldiers be tried again. This is a political decision, Greece is protecting and hosting coup plotters. We are evaluating what we can do. There is a migration deal we signed, including a readmission deal with Greece, and we are evaluating what we can do, including the cancellation of the readmission deal with Greece.

Simon Quijano-Evans - Commerzbank

The diplomatic feud between the U.S. and Mexico bears substantial risks for Mexico and its economy that is still in the process of consolidation. It also risks spilling over into neighbours that are very much dependent on both the U.S. and Mexico.

Ozgur Ozel

The 'No' side is like a rainbow hosting all colours. There shouldn't be too many party symbols, just slogans, emblems, phrases and symbols that have been agreed upon.

Baris Atay

Unfortunately the 'No' supporters don't have much opportunity to get their message across on television channels or other media. Saying 'Yes', siding with Erdogan, and being a nationalist is thinking of the country's future, but saying 'No' is being a provocateur, a traitor and a terrorist - this is the perception they're trying to establish.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Raising interest rates influences the exchange rate and inflation in a negative way.

Ibrahim Aksoy - HSBC Asset Management

The market's concern with regard to monetary policy independence is negatively affecting lira today. After President Erdogan's comments, the market may further question the effectiveness of the CBRT's liquidity and swap operations on the lira.

Nurettin Canikli

We said to banks that they should definitely give support to any company which has the slightest sign of life to get it back on its feet. The initiative here is with us not the bank. There is no risk to banks. The Treasury is giving a guarantee. If there is a problem despite all this we will intervene immediately.

Huseyin Muftuoglu

We have seen the U.S. President's request for conducting a study. What's important is the results of this study and what kind of recommendation will come out. Setting up of safe zones is something Turkey has advocated from the start. The best example is in Jarablus.

Binali Yildirim

I believe the president will approve it this week and a concrete date will be set.

Osama Abu Zaid

We are not opposed to Russia because it is Russia but we had a problem when its jets were participating with the regime in killing our people. If this role ends then we'll have no problem.

Mohammed Alloush

The Russians have moved from a stage of being a party in the fighting and are now exerting efforts to become a guarantor. They are finding a lot of obstacles from (Lebanon's Shi'ite) Hezbollah forces, Iran and the regime.

Osama Abu Zaid

The main obstacle for the success of this conference and these negotiations is the continuation of violations by the Assad regime and the threat of forced displacement in many areas (of Syria). we cannot talk about any progress before changes begin to happen on the ground.

Issam al-Rais

The discussion is mainly about the cessation of hostilities. We are discussing the cessation mechanisms, how we implement real cessation, a real ceasefire on the ground.

Regis Chatellier - Societe Generale

Focus is really on the U.S. and the dollar rather than emerging markets, except maybe for Turkey. But I think markets are a bit complacent. Trump's policy U-turns can be a game changer in so many ways and affect risk appetite negatively. Turkey was the most surprising one.. There was a lot of noise around Turkey and the fact they were three times oversubscribed shows how much appetite there is.

Finn Heinrich

Donald Trump came on board as the people in Hungary and Turkey, on an anti-corruption ticket. He said, We're going to drain this swamp. But if you look at his action so far, there is nepotism.... The people in his Cabinet have many conflicts of interest. They are not people who stand for transparency. You can't fight corruption without having accountability and transparency in the entire public process.

Osama Abu Zaid

If the guarantors want the success of this meeting they have to do something more on the ground. There are pledges from the Russian side to reinforce the ceasefire in areas where there are continued violations, but we're waiting for more than just statements.

Anne-Sophie Laguens

If we had held the hearing six months earlier we might have had a judicial response.

Numan Kurtlumas

The central bank is an independent institution. There are many instruments the central bank can use. We, as the government, can voice our views within the framework of our own main policy and wait for the central bank's decision. We are also awaiting the decision it will make tomorrow.

Nicholas Spiro

As is always the case with Turkey's central bank the issue is not what it should do, but whether it has the resolve to face down Turkey's politicians and tighten policy aggressively. Even if the (central bank) were to tighten monetary policy until the pips squeak, the lira would still remain under pressure. It's the entire investment case for Turkey that's being questioned now.

Bahram Ghassemi

Let's wait and see how the process can be continued based on conclusions that will be announced on Tuesday.

Yahya al-Aridi

First is the consolidation of the accord signed by Turkey and Russia on the 30th of December, concerning the ceasefire, and making this ceasefire cover all of Syria and at the same time taking care of all the breaches by the regime and Iran, especially in Wadi Barada and Homs and in southern Damascus and other areas in Syria.

Anas Farfouti

If Turkey is now feeling the guilt over what it committed toward the Syrian people, we hope that it will give at this conference something positive, to speed up an end to the crisis.

Bekir Bozdag

A new door in Turkish history and in the lives of the Turkish people has been cracked open today. With our people's 'yes' vote, this door will be completely opened.

Binali Yildirim

Today we, as representatives, have accomplished the task given to us. We are now entrusting this to the people, its actual owners. Now it is the people's word.

Delphine Arrighi

The risk is that a flurry of supply, at a time when valuations already appear a bit stretched, could eventually lead to some indigestion in the market. We have already seen a wave of profit taking this week and a more severe correction could take place if supply increases even more.

Max Wolman - Aberdeen Asset Management

Given that all the recent US dollar issuers already have existing curves out there valuing the new deals wasn't a big stretch on resources.

Sergei Strigo - Amundi Asset Management

There was too much supply. Hawkish remarks on interest rates in the US and US Treasury yields and Bunds under pressure doesn't help.

Sergei Strigo - Amundi Asset Management

It was a little bit too much supply in a single day. Some issuers wanted to get out of the way before Trump takes over. Some market participants might think that as a risk factor, and that was the reason for this rush. The vast majority (of the new issues) aren't doing that great.

Mehmet Simsek

The message is simple, straight forward: Fundamentals have not changed. Turkey is still one of the very few emerging markets, with a population of more than 80 million people with a per capita GDP more than $10,000.

Mehmet Simsek

Once we get clarity on this front I believe that Turkey will be back on track because we do have a very strong reform agenda. And this constitutional amendment will provide visibility on the political front. And therefore we're not in a currency crisis. We're just experiencing some adjustment, and that's not likely to cause permanent damage.

Mehmet Simsek

We are concerned about the implications for inflation, price stability ... we have to pay attention to all of that. But clearly, this also to do, as I said, with the uncertainty surrounding the Constitution amendments.

Mehmet Simsek

Lira has been under pressure. Largely affecting traumatic experiences of last year and terror attacks in Turkey. And of course there's also a structural current account deficit. But, it's quite likely that this is not going to last for longer, simply because policy response is in the making.

Simon Quijano-Evans - Commerzbank

The market wants to see the one main message, and that is that the central bank remains independent.

Ugur Gurses

This system should definitely be turned into concrete monetary policy steps on Jan. 24. The central bank is supposed to be 'a lifeline in the fog' for markets, not a contributor to the fog.

Mehmet Simsek

So Turkey can no longer insist on, you know, a settlement without Assad.

Cemil Ertem

The central bank could also use the rate tool, it's also on the table. The central bank's hands are not tied.

Hosuk Lee-Makiyama

They're going to consider shutting the factory. Most of manufacturing industry has profit margins much less than 10 percent, and would have to consider relocating to the EU or Turkey.

Adel Al-Jubeir

I don't see a change in Turkey's position. The fact the Turks are talking to Russians is not a concern. Turkey has people on ground in Syria and has direct contact with the Syrian opposition on ground.

Dean Baquet

The Turkish government's action is an affront to freedom of the press and an effort to keep the world from having access to independent reporting from Turkey.

Nikos Kotzias

We will get there and Turkey has to show its real intentions. Does it want a solution as we do or it wants a cover of legacy for its illegal actions?

Osama Abo Zayd - Free Syrian Army

If Russia doesn't live up to its promises after phase one, Russia, Iran and the regime will be the main cause of fighting in Syria.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

We do not want this to drag on for months. We have to decide in a week or two whether this (solution for unifying Cyprus) will finally happen or not.

Sertaç Aktan

Well, the moment Greek side entered the talks Anastasiadis was already carrying in his hand this rejection letter. As we understand, before even seeing our map proposal he prepared his rejection to it. Therefore nobody should expect dramatical changes on our map.

Sertaç Aktan

Mr. Akıncı, how do you evaluate Greece's position during the talks? And the fact they asked for more time? It seemed as if before the conference things were moving faster. Do you believe if Cypriots alone took part it would be easier and faster to find solutions?

Sertaç Aktan

Britain could easily drop out from being a guarantor but there's no way it will give up its bases. They're making a poor contribution to our efforts. The EU is not that different. Their interest comes from Greek Cyprus being an EU member. The EU is just an observer and will stay that way as far as we can see.The real concerned parties are the two people living in the island.

Nicos Anastasiades

First of all we didn't come with high expectations. What we wanted was for dialogue to begin. And this has been achieved; firstly, regarding the territorial changes, with the submission of the maps, even if we disagree. But it's the first time something like this has happened and, with regard to the guarantees, it's the first time that Turkey has participated in a dialogue on the abolition of guarantees, withdrawal of the troops of occupation. So, we can speak of dialogue.

Nihat Zeybekci

In the period ahead we will see the lira returning to a normal trend as hope in the speculative moves is lost.

George Gero - RBC Wealth Management

Elections are coming up in France and Germany, and they could be problematic, worrisome. And then Turkey, where the Turkish lira went right through the intervention by their central bank. I think all over the globe we're starting to see interest in another asset that is liquid and convertible into other currencies. We're starting to see more interest picking up in gold on a daily basis.

Boris Johnson

The fact that we have got this far is a real tribute to the courage and the determination of the leaders of the Greek Cypriot community and Turkish Cypriot community. ...The most important thing clearly is that both communities should feel secure about their futures and that is what the British government is here to help with.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Continuing the security and guarantor arrangements, which have been the basis of security and stability on the island for the last 43 years, is a necessity given the situation in the region. We are expecting this issue to be evaluated with an understanding in line with the realities on the island.

Muammer Komurcuoglu

This will result in the average funding cost reaching 8.5 percent compared with 8.3 percent yesterday. In other words, the central bank will have gone for tightening.

Ed Parker

The coup attempt is going to compound a whole load of political risks in Turkey and we see that weighing more and more on the growth outlook and the public finances.

Alexis Tsipras

Ultimately a solution can only be in the interests of Greek and Turkish Cypriots, in other words, a solution that ultimately will be viable, functional and will remove fear from the people of Cyprus.

Binali Yildirim

Merely mutual trust between communities is not enough. Everything has to be insured. We want that negotiations should proceed in order to provide a fair and permanent peace.

Chris Saint - Hargreaves Lansdown

The main factor is concern that higher U.S. interest rates are going to make it harder for Turkey to attract funds needed to plug the current account deficit, unless Turkey's central bank raises rates more aggressively too. Added to that, geopolitical risks following on from last year's failed coup, proposed constitutional changes and recent terror strikes in the region are undoubtedly hurting the lira as well.

Thanos Vamvakidis - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I cannot find any fundamental reasons to be long, it's just as a contrarian trade because the market is really short.

Thanos Vamvakidis - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

The market is short, everybody is short the Turkish lira. It's very hard to come up with a positive scenario.

Per Hammarlund

The only thing that will arrest the decline of the lira at this point is a sharp hike in the 8.0 percent 1-week repo rate by at least 200 basis points, or a miraculous turn in investor sentiment. Don't expect any miracles.

Per Hammarlund

Following the rate hike, the lira will follow a similar path as it did in 2014 when it ended the year only 7.6 percent weaker against the U.S. dollar. This suggests that the lira will end 2017 at around 3.85 per U.S. dollar after significant volatility.

Daniel Barney - Doctors Without Borders

There are flat box houses and conditions are a little better but it definitely hasn't protected them completely from the cold.

Daniel Barney - Doctors Without Borders

Yesterday we had an enormous amount of snow on the island and very high winds. People have to go outside to get food and we have a wet and cold environment that makes it almost impossible to get warm. They do not have dry clothing or dry blankets and there is the risk of respiratory infections and hypothermia.

Ahmet Sozen

If this time it fails between these two pro-solution leaders ... then a huge motivation will be lost. The two leaders have reached a lot of convergences beyond any other set of negotiations in the past. That's for sure. And it would be a sin to waste this.

Mustafa Akinci

We must be cautious. We are not pessimistic, but I see no need for exaggerated expectations that everything will just happen. We are expecting a difficult week ahead.

Kashif Raza

I crossed the border illegally, because the wait was too much in the Pancevo camp - five months. I was all alone without water, without food, in the countryside, for six days. After that I had to eat something ... I went to the road and surrendered to the police.

Salim Shinuari

It's so, so cold - we need these fires. Humanitarian workers give us food, but it's cold inside.

Nurettin Canikli

The Bashiqa camp is there because of terror which originates in Iraq, and it is our right to take measures against this. If the threat is removed, there will be no need to.

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu

They are trying to turn the democratic parliamentary regime into a totalitarian regime.

Binali Yildirim

They ask, why are you keeping yourselves occupied with constitutional amendments (when) there is terrorism? Look, it's today that we have the greatest need for a constitutional reform.

Euthymius Petrou

The Turkish President Erdogan is more inclined to take a hard line on Cyprus to bolster his standing in Turkey as he faces many internal problems.

Binali Yildirim

Iraq's sovereignty is very important for us, we will not allow or be involved in any attempt or move to hurt its sovereignty.

Adrian Edwards - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The need for better protection will become all the more acute this weekend when temperatures on the islands are expected to drop. We are worried.

Faruk Kaymakci

We hope that his visit will open a new chapter in Turkey-Iraq relations.

Spyros Petropoulos

I've dived for the past three years and finally this year I got it – of course with the young man here – and I think we are very pleased, both of us.

Dan Rollins

While the deferral of the Kisladag expansion and Tocantinzinho project reflect the company's focus on free cash flow under a lower gold price assumption, some investors may look at the lower production negatively depending on their gold price outlook.

Yasemin Pirinçcioğlu

This is not the war like it's used to be, it's a different war, it's in the cities war type of thing, so this is why they hit tourism first.

Lubomir Mitov - Unicredit

On security the real problem for Turkey is it's a nation which relies quite a lot on tourism. Last year was a disaster, partly because of the Russian ban but also other tourists didn't arrive because of security concerns.

Huseyin Sariyel

We have our brothers here from East Turkestan who we've lived together with for years, who love our country and who our society is not at all bothered by. But there are people here who welcome the ones who are coming to Turkey illegally. There are hotels with rooms for the day, people convert shops into houses and charge per head. If more authority is given to us we can investigate and take precautions.

Recep Sadettin Akyol

Some of those who arrived have set up separate prayer rooms of their own instead of going to the official mosques ... they teach them things we don't know. Apartments are being rented just for the day. You can't tell who's coming in or who's leaving. Nobody informs the local administrators.

Osman Kumandan

There are people in Turkey who provide them with the means, saying many came before and found shelter here, undetected.

Osman Kumandan

The ones who came recently ... are harsh and somewhat primitive. But it seems they came here deliberately.

Recep Sadettin Akyol

Among the arrivals (in recent years), we have seen people who have been influenced by the Wahhabi movement which is influential in Central Asian and Turkic countries. We have said there are those who are exposed to this ideology trying to reach Turkey. They will need humanitarian help but also education ... but we have seen that there is a vacuum.

Jakob Christensen - Danske Bank

Bond investors are quite concerned about their holdings in Turkey ... People are questioning whether the central bank will have the independence to fight the rise in inflation.

Jakob Christensen - Danske Bank

The developments we have seen in the offshore money market are a sign of the authorities trying to make it more expensive to short the offshore yuan. It seems like they are squeezing out the shorts and they are succeeding with that.

Shavonte Zellous

Literally, our life now is go to the gym, go to the store, go home. That's not how I want to live.

Shavonte Zellous

It's been an honor to play there, but this year now it's getting fearful and scary with stuff that's been happening. Coming into the season you heard things were going on, and some players were like, I don't know if I want to continue playing over there..

Shavonte Zellous

I'm not saying America is a great country where we don't have things that go on. I want to be home rather than a whole different country. Being from Orlando, it hit hard for me.

Sugar Rodgers

I heard about a bombing that killed 17 people about two hours away, and right there I was like, I don't want to stay,' . The government shut off all lines of communication so I couldn't get on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp. It was pretty scary not to be able to communicate with anyone.

Danielle Robinson

I put a lot of thought into my decision to play in Turkey and it was the right choice for me. The benefits outweighed the risk.

Danielle Robinson

I was ready to play and wanted to play at a high level and those were things I could control by coming here. Of course there are fears. I think there are fears any time you leave the comfort of home, but there is fear at home too. I just leave home having faith that if I make good choices, the percentages are in my favor that everything will be okay.

Veysi Kaynak

The security forces have determined his identify, his possible whereabouts have been determined... His contacts have also been determined. We can say that the circle is closing in on him. Because we have taken utmost measures at our airports – even though we don't rule it out completely – we believe that we will get results from operations inside Turkey.

Shavonte Zellous

I was never worried before about bombings, shootings or anything in the nature of violence. Now it's going on, it's like, Do I really want to stay in this place? What if I was in the wrong place at the wrong time with friends when someone opens fire?' Every WNBA player is scared.

Shavonte Zellous

But now being over there, It's like oh my God, it's never been like it's been now.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

To present the country which is leading the greatest struggle against DAESH as one supporting terrorism is what the terror organization wants,'' referring to the Islamic State group by its other name. In Turkey, no one's way of life is under any threat. Those who claim this have to prove it. It is my duty to protect everyone's rights. To say Turkey has surrendered to terrorism is to take sides with the terrorists and terror organizations.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Nobody's lifestyle is under systematic threat in Turkey. We will never allow this. We haven't allowed this since we took the helm 14 years ago. Anyone who claims otherwise must prove it with concrete examples.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I repeat once again: no one's lifestyle is under systematic threat in Turkey. We would never allow such a thing. We didn't allow it in 14 years of governance. If anyone alleges differently they need to put forward concrete examples.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Despite the sad start in the early hours of 2017, we strongly maintain our expectations for the new year. To present the country which is leading the greatest struggle against Daesh as one supporting terrorism is what terror organization wants. In Turkey, no one's way of life is under any threat. Those who claim this have to prove it. It is my duty to protect everyone's rights.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

The identity of the person who carried out the attack on the Reina nightclub has been established.

Fikri Isik

This is leading to serious disappointment in the Turkish public opinion.

Peter Cook

My understanding is that last week there was a request when some Turkish forces came under fire for air support and there... were flights conducted by the coalition at that time.

Mazen Bilal

Turkey, as one of the parties in the agreement, will have a direct influence on the rebels.

İbrahim Melih Gökçe

The plane carrying Sansal has landed at Ataturk Airport. Thanks to us, our people welcomed the degenerate dog in a very nice way. Way to go.

İbrahim Melih Gökçe

With this many journalists arrested, with this many children being abused, with this much corruption and bribery being taken by those in power, with the bigots in the streets spreading vileness with you, are you still celebrating the new year? No no, I'm not celebrating. Do you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to drink all the alcohol in the bar and the house. I'll drink all of it, and not leave even a drop for you.

Alex Kassirer

These groups know that if you target a country's economy, that's a great way to weaken it.

Alex Kassirer

After Erdogan started cooperating with the U.S. military – at the point, you stop being a Muslim country and you become the enemy.

Fawaz Gerges

If ISIS had any political vision or imagination, it would have maintained that non-aggression pact with Turkey.

Numan Kurtulmus

This attack is a message to Turkey against all decisive operations across the border.

Paula Daian

I think the most important thing is that we keep living our lives the way we have been and the way we planned, that is the only logical response we can have to terrorism so that we can actually fight it in our day-to-day lives.

Efim Kogan

Istanbul is beautiful, we are here for the next five days and we don't intend to leave. I am here with my wife and we will enjoy out time here.

Pavlina Rybnikarova

I feel a bit nervous, I must admit it… you know it's horrible, people come here to have fun and celebrate New Year's and some individual just start to shoot them.

Anthony Skinner - Verisk Maplecroft

Islamic State is sending a strong message to the Turkish government that it will pay in blood for the offensive in northern Syria.

Max Abrahms

There's no question that Islamic State is suffering in an irreversible way.

Michael Horowitz

It's a new phase. What we saw before was an undeclared war, and now we're entering an open war.

Numan Kurtulmus

We are not going to sit by and watch as three to five social media trolls spread discord among the people.

Mehmet Dag

The man targeted the security there ... he took most of them down and went inside. Once he went in, we don't know what happened. There were gun sounds and after two minutes, the sound of an explosion.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I vehemently condemn the terror attack ... Turkey continues its combat against terror and is absolutely determined to do whatever is necessary in the region to ensure its citizens' safety and peace.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I vehemently condemn the terror attack in Istanbul's Ortakoy neighbourhood in the first hours of 2017. Turkey continues its combat against terror and is absolutely determined to do whatever is necessary in the region to ensure its citizens' safety and peace.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

As a nation, we will fight to the end against not just the armed attacks of terror groups and the forces behind them, but also against their economic, political and social attacks. They are trying to create chaos, demoralise our people, and destabilise our country with abominable attacks which target civilians … We will retain our cool-headedness as a nation, standing more closely together, and we will never give ground to such dirty games.

Angela Merkel

My thoughts this morning are with the victims, their families and friends.

Pope Francis

Unfortunately, violence has stricken even in this night of good wishes and hope. Pained, I express my closeness to the Turkish people. I pray for the many victims and for the wounded and for the entire nation in mourning. I ask the Lord to sustain all men of good will to courageously roll up their sleeves to confront the plague of terrorism and this stain of blood that is covering the world with a shadow of fear and a sense of loss.

Vasip Şahin

A terrorist with a long-range weapon … brutally and savagely carried out this attack by firing bullets on innocent people who were there solely to celebrate the New Year and have fun.

Vasip Şahin

A terrorist with a long-range weapon ... brutally and savagely carried out this incident by firing bullets on innocent people who were there solely to celebrate the New Year and have fun.

Vitaly Churkin

This is a very important initiative. And the resolution that we adopted today confirms the need to establish and to respect the ceasefire in Syria, as well as it confirms the need to hold a very important meeting in the capital of Kazakhstan.

Sahin Sahin

He then carried out this violent and cruel act by spraying bullets on innocent people who were celebrating the New Year.

Recep Akdag

Four of the injured are in very serious condition. There are several foreign nationals among the wounded.

Vasip Şahin

One person first kills the police officer outside, and then a civilian. Inside, he rained bullets brutally, mercilessly over innocent people who were there just to celebrate the new year and have fun.

Binali Yildirim

It is open to everyone because this process aims to stop the fighting and killings. We don't think anyone would give their consent to see people dying for a meaningless war. Therefore any groups who are not involved in terrorism and who are in favour of peace and brotherhood can be part of this process, especially the United Nations, United States and coalition forces.

Vitaly Churkin

So we expect the United Nations to be fully involved in the preparations of the meeting in Astana. And if they are successful they could move on to Geneva, as far as I'm concerned. So we don't see any competition there are overlapping of the two processes.

Vitaly Churkin

As you know Staffan de Mistura had trouble reconvening the talks, so Russia and Turkey obviously decided to give the United Nations a hand in pushing things forward, and this is what we see happening.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Regarding the agreement that will be signed by the regime, there is nothing final on whether Russia will be the only guarantor to sign it or whether it will be signed by Iran as well. But it is agreed that Russia will be a guarantor.

Vladimir Putin

The agreements reached are of course fragile and need special attention and involvement for their preservation and development. But nevertheless, this is a notable result of our joint work.

Vladimir Putin

No doubt, the agreements reached are fragile and demand special attention and assistance with the goal of preservation and development. But nevertheless, this is a notable result of our joint work, efforts of the Defense Ministry, the Foreign Ministry and our partners in the regions.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We, as Turkey, have been calling to Western nations for some time to not distinguish between terrorist organizations and to be principled and consistent in their stance. Some countries, namely the United States, have come up with some excuses on their own and overtly supported the organisations that massacre innocent people in our region. When we voice these, these gentlemen are bothered by it.

Gokhan Durmus

Today, once again, journalism will be on trial. We received the news of yet another journalist friend being taken into custody as we came here in solidarity to help our friends to be free. The status of press freedom and freedom of speech has severe problems in Turkey. We have over 100 journalist friends in prison, colleagues of ours.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Russia and Turkey are guarantors in the agreement being worked on in Ankara. There is nothing final on whether Iran will sign it as a guarantor... All foreign fighters need to leave Syria. Hezbollah needs to return to Lebanon.

Andrey Kortunov

There has been a move toward a compromise. A final deal will be hard, but stances have shifted. A couple of names in the leadership have been mentioned [as potential successors].

Munir al-Sayal

Discussions are going on with Turkish sponsorship but the Russian enemy is trying to exclude the Eastern Ghouta (suburb) of Damascus from any attempt towards a comprehensive ceasefire in Syria that would be accepted by the revolution's factions.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

You began asking what would you do if Turkey opens its gates. Look at me, if you go any further, these borders gates will be opened.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Sooner or later, the United States will make a choice. Either Turkey or FETO (Gullenist terror group. Ed).

Tony Brenton

It's a very big prize for them if they can show they're out there in front changing the world. We've all grown used to the United States doing that and had rather forgotten that Russia used to play at the same level.

Mark Toner

We're mindful of course of some of the tensions that exist obviously between these Turkish supported forces and the YPG and other forces that we've been supporting in that area. That's the reason why we're working closely, having these discussions and trying to coordinate with them.

Tony Brenton

The real flesh in the game the Turks have, and the fear they have, is of an autonomous Kurdistan emerging inside Syria that would have direct implications for them.

Dennis Ross

I doubt this will end the war in Syria even after Aleppo. Assad's presence will remain a source of conflict with the opposition.

Hadiya Yousef

I expect ratification because we have discussed the content with all groups and political sides repeatedly, and the draft was worded with consensus. We will clarify through the contract ... the means for starting the formation of our institutions and administrative system, and we will start preparations for elections.

Marissa Coleman

I've seen the progression of how things are escalating. We stick out like sore thumbs. You can't avoid certain things, and it does make you nervous. I'm very hyper aware, vigilant of my surroundings. You never know.

Lisa Borders

We live in a complicated time. We live in a global environment. These young women are some of the best athletes in the world. They are citizens of that same world. They experience cultures and conflicts in the world. We always want to make sure they are safe. They are our primary stakeholder in the league.

Marissa Coleman

I think it's awesome. It's great the league is doing that and showing they care. It does get scary over there. I'm home for the holidays, but the last 10 days before I came home we had three bombings and the assassination of the ambassador. It's good to know the WNBA is on top of things and that if we need to get out of there quick, we can.

Alysha Clark

I'm glad the WNBA has introduced a new app that offers real-time solutions to address security and communication needs for players competing internationally. It has certainly given us additional peace of mind.

Lisa Borders

This was a proactive effort to protect our players and secure their personal safety. Our partner in this endeavor is LiveSafe. It has multiple features and functionality. It's a real-time way for our players to ask for help and receive help in dangerous situations or threatening environments.

Carolyn Parent - LiveSafe

We are providing the software and platform. Mobile brings a whole level of convenience. If you don't know who to call or where do I go, the app and platform dynamically will know that. It will automatically route to the security team.

John Kirby

The rhetoric coming out of Turkey with respect to American involvement/support, tacit or otherwise, for this unspeakable assassination… is a ludicrous claim, absolutely false, there's no basis of truth in it whatsoever… any notion that the United States was in any way supportive of this or behind this or even indirectly involved is absolutely ridiculous.

Andrey Kortunov

I think that there are people here in Moscow who would say that it is a conspiracy and the Turkish leadership is behind this conspiracy. I think it's very important that we have a full investigation right now. It's very important that the Turkish leadership shares information with Russia.

Dmitry Peskov

We need to wait for the results of the joint investigative group. It is really not worth rushing to conclusions.

Michael Maloof

The Turkish national police guard the diplomatic corps in Turkey … there's going to have to be further vetting and closer attention to who's guarding who. For this man to have gotten in and get right to the ambassador is astounding.

Dmitry Peskov

We need to wait for the results of the joint investigative group. It is really not worth rushing to any conclusions.

Fethullah Gulen

Since Russia, who takes this incident most seriously, denies those claims, it is not possible for the Turkish government to convince the world with such accusations.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

He was a member of the Fethullah Gulen Movement, the terrorist organisation. There is no point in hiding that. We can see it from the places where he was raised, and from his connections.

Sema Ozcan

I think it is very good that the Christmas market is open again. That makes us look stronger, not weaker.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

There is some speculation about why he wasn't captured alive. Look what happened in Besiktas when they tried to capture an attacker alive. There is no reason to hide that he's a member of the FETO network. All his connections, from where he was educated to his links, point to FETO.

John Kirby

It's a ludicrous claim, absolutely false. We need to let the investigators do their job and we need to let the facts and the evidence take them where it is before we jump to conclusions.

Charles Hecker

Russia wants a southern oil and gas pipeline and it's going to have to go through Turkey. So they are going to have to learn to like each other no matter what happens in either of those two countries.

Burhan Ozbilici

This is what I was thinking: 'I'm here. Even if I get hit and injured, or killed, I'm a journalist. I have to do my work. I could run away without making any photos ... But I wouldn't have a proper answer if people later ask me: 'Why didn't you take pictures?'. I even thought about friends and colleagues who have died while taking photographs in conflict zones over the years.

Donald J. Trump

I would have done even better in the election, if that is possible, if the winner was based on popular vote, but would campaign differently. Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany -- and it is only getting worse. The civilized world must change thinking!

Vladimir Putin

I ask security services to take additional measures to ensure security inside Russia and outside it, to enhance the safety of Russian foreign missions and their staff. I ask you to step up work with secret services of other states through partner channels.

Sergey Lavrov

Iran, Russian and Turkey express their readiness to act in favour and become guarantors of the agreement that is being prepared and negotiated at the moment by the Syrian government and opposition. The three call on all the other countries that have influence on the situation on the ground to do the same.

Mohammad Javad Zarif

We need to find a political solution, which supports the principles of respect of the territory's sovereignty and of Syria's national unity. So we have to accept the reality, which is that the only solution to ending the war is a political solution.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

In Russia as well as in Turkey it is well understood that the main goal of the attackers was to damage Russia-Turkey relations and the success we have reached in the recent times.

Sergey Lavrov

As our presidents have agreed yesterday this tragedy forces all of us to fight terrorism even more decisively and makes our meeting today even more relevant.

Mert Altintas

We are the descendants of those who supported the Prophet Muhammad, for jihad.

Halil Karan

He seemed to be a quiet and calm person. He was not speaking to us too much. We were seeing him in the evenings. He didn't come to his home for a long time though.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Turkey and Russia have shown the world what they can achieve when they cooperate.

Burhan Ozbilici

I was, of course, fearful and knew of the danger if the gunman turned toward me. But I advanced a little and photographed the man as he hectored his desperate, captive audience.

Burhan Ozbilici

When I arrived, the speeches had already begun. He [Karlov] was speaking softly and – from what I could tell – lovingly about his homeland, stopping occasionally to allow the translator to relay his words in Turkish. I remember thinking how calm and humble he seemed.

Burhan Ozbilici

Then came the gunshots in quick succession, and panic in the audience. The ambassador's body lay on the floor, just metres (yards) away from me. I couldn't see any blood around him; I think he may have been shot in the back.

Burhan Ozbilici

The gunshots, at least eight of them, were loud in the pristine art gallery. Pandemonium erupted.

Burhan Ozbilici

The gunman was agitated. He walked around the ambassador's body, smashing some of the photos hanging on the wall.

Burhan Ozbilici

It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened: A man had died in front of me; a life had disappeared before my eyes.

Burhan Ozbilici

I moved back and to the left, while the gunman gestured with his gun at people cowering on the right side of the room.

Wolfango Piccoli

The attack, in the center of Ankara, will throw a wrench in the progress of a fragile Russian-Turkish rapprochement, especially as Ankara has been the main international supporter of the forces affiliated with the Free Syrian Army which have recently been forced to evacuate Aleppo.

Wolfango Piccoli

Since the rapprochement with Moscow in June, Erdogan has attempted to avoid criticizing Russia directly although the pro-government media has been outspoken in its condemnation of the civilian casualties as the result of alleged Russian air strikes in Aleppo.

Wolfango Piccoli

By apologizing for Turkey's downing of a Russian warplane in November 2015, President Tayyip Erdogan paved the way for the resumption of economic ties and security cooperation between the two countries.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

This is a provocation to damage the normalisation process of Turkish-Russian relations. But both the Russian and Turkish administrations have the determination not to fall for this provocation.

Denis Paquin - Associated Press

It shows the danger that photographers and videographers expose themselves to. It's professionalism – the level-headedness to keep doing your job.

Ahmet Kasim Han

There are more structural reasons out there that pin Turkey to the West, and they are not very easy to change despite what might be going on deep in the hearts of Turkey's rulers.

Hussein Sayed

2016 is ending with tragic incidents in Turkey and Germany, but investors have become so fast in digesting bad news, and this explains the resilience in financial markets.

Peter Cardillo - First Standard Financial

We're looking at a higher opening today but the lack of any major economic news and the fact that market shrugged off Monday's events means stocks will drift in an upwards trend.

Donald J. Trump

With this historic step we can look forward to the bright future ahead. I will work hard to unite our country and be the president of all Americans.

Maria V. Zakharova

Ambassador Karlov has made a lot of personal contributions to the development of ties with Turkey. He has done a lot to overcome a crisis in bilateral relations. He was a man who put his heart and his soul into his job. It's a terrible loss for us and also the world.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

After the incident [attack on the Russian ambassador], during a conversation with Mr. Putin, we agreed this is indeed a provocation about that there is no dispute.

Vladimir Putin

A crime has been committed and it is without a doubt a provocation aimed at spoiling the normalization of Russo-Turkish relations and spoiling the Syrian peace process which is being actively pushed by Russia, Turkey, Iran and others. We must know who directed the killer's hand. There can be only one response – stepping up the fight against terrorism. The bandits will feel this happening.

Donald J. Trump

Today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany – and it is only getting worse. The civilized world must change thinking!

Maria V. Zakharova

Today in Ankara as a result of an attack, the ambassador of the Russian Federation to Turkey, Andrey Gennadyevich Karlov, received a wound from which he died. We regard this as a terrorist attack.

Sinan Ülgen

The key concern for foreign investors relates to the erosion of the rule of law. Turkey is going through exceptionally difficult domestic conditions following the botched military coup of last July.

Donald J. Trump

The murder of an ambassador is a violation of all rules of civilized order and must be universally condemned.

Stephane Dujarric - United Nations

We condemn the gun attack on the Russian ambassador to Turkey. There can be no justification for an attack on a diplomat or an ambassador. We hope that the perpetrator will be brought to justice.

John Kirby

We have seen reports that the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov and others have been attacked by a gunman in #Ankara. We condemn this act of violence, whatever its source. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

Ian Bremmer - Eurasia Group

There's no question that this is yet another display of Erdogan not having adequate control of the security within his borders.

Ian Bremmer - Eurasia Group

The Russians will express their gravest possible concerns, and Erdogan will use this as an excuse to crack down on political enemies as much as possible.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey is under a combined attack by terrorist organizations, especially the divisive terrorist organization. We know that these attacks we have endured are not unrelated to happenings in Syria and Iraq, or even our economical fluctuations.

Liam Fox

We need to look at all the options. It's not binary so Turkey for example is in part of the Customs Union but not other parts. We cannot got for a quick result, we have to go for the right result.

Fethullah Gulen

This despicable act of shooting an ambassador, who represents an entire nation, only exacerbates the Syrian conflict that has already taken too many lives and driven too many from their homelands, like adding fuel to a fire.

Bill Adams - Ibc

The Bank of Japan shows no sign of movement toward a taper of its stimulus programs. Until Japan shows signs of a sustained and self-reinforcing cycle of rising wages and consumer prices, the Bank of Japan will leave policy in its current, highly expansionary stance.

Eric Viloria - Wells Fargo Securities

It seems like (Yellen) is acknowledging the continued improvement in the jobs market. That's pretty consistent with what she and other policymakers have been saying.

Ned Price

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of Ambassador Karlov and the other victims, and we offer our condolences to the Russian people and Government.

Donald J. Trump

Today we offer our condolences to the family and loved ones of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov, who was assassinated by a radical Islamic terrorist. The murder of an ambassador is a violation of all rules of civilized order and must be universally condemned.

Maria V. Zakharova

Terrorism will not win and we will fight against it decisively. The memory of an outstanding Russian diplomat, Andrei Gennadyevich Karlov, a person who did a great deal to fight terrorism in his diplomatic post, will always be in our hearts.

Vladimir Putin

The next step is to reach an agreement on a total ceasefire across the whole of Syria. We are conducting very active negotiations with representatives of the armed opposition, brokered by Turkey.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

I spoke to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif a short time ago. Our officials are talking to their Russian and Iranian counterparts as well as people on the ground to resolve this without further problems, but our wish is to secure a ceasefire in Syria.

Vladimir Putin

The next step (after Aleppo) will be to reach agreement on a complete ceasefire across all of Syria. We are actively negotiating with members of the armed opposition, with the mediation of Turkey.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

There were fewer evacuations – only six convoys left the city. And answering the question 'are civilians evacuated?' Yes at this point only civilians have been evacuated.

Vladimir Putin

Everything that is happening in Palmyra is the result of uncoordinated action. I've already said many times that to be effective in the battle against terrorism we need to unite our efforts. The question of Palmyra is purely symbolic. Aleppo is much more important from a military-political point of view.

Vladimir Putin

All that is happening in Palmyra is a result of uncoordinated actions between the so-called international coalition, the Syrian government and Russia. I have repeatedly said that we should unite efforts for effective fight against terrorists.

Kerem Kinik - Turkish Red Crescent

We are here to assist the evacuations from east Aleppo. We are working with the Syrian Red Crescent. Our friends are particularly working to transfer the wounded. We made preparations, both in Turkey and Idlib. Hospitals are prepared.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

If necessary, we will take some part of those who have left and bring them to Turkey, children, the elderly, those who are really in difficult conditions and place them in camps and houses, if they are available. We will provide them with a peaceful environment.

Vladimir Putin

That venue could be Astana. If that happens, it won't compete with the Geneva talks, but will complement them. Wherever the conflicting sides meet, in my view it is the right thing to do to try to find a political solution.

Gulnur Aybet

The situation in Syria has morphed into one reality and then another since 2011 and all regional actors ... have muddled through, trying to adjust to new realities. In this respect, Turkey is no exception. Turkey's priorities with regards to the war in Syria now and for the foreseeable future are two pronged: national security and humanitarian relief.

Gulnur Aybet

Turkey's priorities with regards to the war in Syria now and for the foreseeable future are two pronged: national security and humanitarian relief.

Theresa May

As we are going to invoke Article 50, trigger the negotiations by the end of March next year, it's right that the other leaders prepare for those negotiations as we have been preparing. We will be leaving the EU, we want that to be a smooth and orderly process. It's not just in our interests, it's in the interests of the rest of Europe as well.

Angela Merkel

We have worked out – this concerns all migrant partnerships – that development, security and the fight against human smuggling must always go together, so that people do not get in danger.

Francois Hollande

In the coming hours, if efforts are not undertaken, the regimes backing Bashar al Assad will bear the responsibility of this extremely grave situation. I haven't stopped talking to Russia. Russia doesn't abide by its commitments. It's time now that we reach a truce.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

There was an understanding as of yesterday, and within that was first the evacuation of civilians ... We see that the regime and other groups are trying to prevent this. We are continuing our meetings. We will speak with (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei) Lavrov and the Iranian foreign minister again today.

Rami Abdulrahman

The sound of an explosion was heard in areas controlled by (rebel) factions ... it is believed to have been caused by a artillery shell fired by regime forces on the area.

Miroslav Lajcak

The word freeze was mentioned by one delegation but did not get the support of the vast majority of the Member States present in the room.

Sebastian Kurz

In my opinion it is not a question of slamming doors or of not remaining in a dialogue. It's a huge difference whether you are in dialogue with a state or whether you are fooling a state that it is close to join the European Union.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

If you show mercy to a tyrant, you are betraying the oppressed. Never show mercy to a tyrant.

Slaven Bilic

I would like to dedicate these points to people in Turkey because we were there for two years, me and my staff, and they are following us big time. I feel for them, my prayers are for them, it's unbelievable what happened there. I was all around the world, working or on holiday, and they are maybe the best people I ever met.

Suleyman Soylu

Have you accomplished anything beyond being the servants, pawns and hit men of certain dark forces, of your dark Western partners?

Suleyman Soylu

Our friends' evaluations suggest that the PKK was the perpetrator. There is a framework as to how the act was planned, when it was planned and how it was executed.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel condemns all terrorism in Turkey and expects that Turkey will condemn all terrorist attacks in Israel. The fight against terrorism must be mutual. It must be mutual in condemnation and in countermeasures, and this is what the state of Israel expects from all countries it is in contact with, including Turkey.

Ned Price

We stand together with Turkey, our NATO Ally, against all terrorists who threaten Turkey, the United States, and global peace and stability.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Nobody should doubt that with God's will, we as a country and a nation will overcome terror, terrorist organizations ... and the forces behind them.

Omer Yilmaz

It was like hell. The flames went all the way up to the sky. I was drinking tea at the cafe next to the mosque. People ducked under the tables, women began crying. Football fans drinking tea at the cafe sought shelter, it was horrible.

Akif Cagatay Kilic

I condemn the cruel terror attack in Istanbul. Those attacking our nation's unity and solidarity will never win.

Staffan de Mistura - United Nations

I myself have expressed horror at the idea that by Christmas we would have the final part of the so-called battle for Aleppo that could have ended up in massive destruction – no Aleppo left – and 200,000 refugees streaming toward Turkey.

Mustafa Akinci

Turkey will also be present along with the other two guarantor states, which is why we believe that Greece and Turkey play an important role. They are the closest to the two communities in Cyprus. Great Britain will also be a Guarantor State. We hope to find a solution that will be acceptable to all parties.

John Dalhuisen - Amnesty International

A year after a round-the-clock curfew was imposed in Sur, thousands of people remain displaced from their homes, struggling to make ends meet and facing an uncertain future in an increasingly repressive atmosphere. Whilst the crackdown on civil society in south-eastern Turkey has been widely reported, there has been little coverage of the forced displacement which has devastated the lives of ordinary people under the pretext of security.

Dimitris Avramopoulos

We do not ignore the fact that Turkey is under huge pressure, under attack by ISIS (so-called Islamic State), under attack by PKK, every week there are terrorist attacks in Turkey and we are still in the aftermath of the attempted failed coup d'etat. So, the situation even internally, politically is quite volatile.

Paul Lister - Primark

We look to find and we will find and when we find we know what to do because we are not scared. Turkey is a particular focus and we have changed the way we operate to deal with the devastating circumstances there.

Murat Toprak - HSBC

The market sees Turkey as the weak link in the emerging markets story ... One reason is it perceives political risk as higher in Turkey than in Mexico or South Africa. Mexico has played out, the market has priced the U.S. election and now is waiting to see which Trump policies will be implemented and how.

Graham Stock

What's supporting Mexico is that domestic fundamentals are ok ... Institutions are strong and certainly stable. The concern is that's not the case in Turkey.

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

The EU has links with regimes, some of which are loathsome. However, no one raises the question. We talk about Turkey, and we're right to, but we never talk about Saudi Arabia.

Enver Hoxhaj

The relations between Kosovo and Turkey are excellent and will not be damaged by any vandalism or isolated act.

Alain Juppé

Staying together means giving Europe borders that are real, stable and controlled. By stable I mean: stop new (EU) enlargement. Obviously Turkey has no place as a member of the European Union, for a whole series of reasons. And borders must be controlled. Some small progress is being made: we had one agency, Frontex, which was incapable of controlling external borders.

Pam Goodfellow

Millennials continue to drive the trend of hitting the stores – both on their feet and online – as soon as the turkey is finished.

Sawsan Chebli

When we talk to them, they are telling us that it is important to continue talks. It is important that we do not freeze accession talks, such a move would only give more damage to relations between Europe and Turkey. This would be neither in the interest of Europe, nor that of Turkey.

Abu Abdelrahman Nour

We were frankly counting on the friendly states -- Turkey, France, others -- to offer us assistance much greater than this, on the military or humanitarian level.

Binali Yildirim

Turkey has been fighting against ISIL. This attack will surely have a retaliation.

Michael Sheats

There is nobody out there at the packer saying, Joe Blow wants another turkey so let's process it and ship it out. You always see the wholesale market rise in advance of Thanksgiving and you always see it fall just before Thanksgiving – that won't tell you what consumers were paying.

Barack Obama

This year, they had a scheduling conflict. Actually, they just couldn't take my jokes anymore. Malia and Sasha are thankful, by the way, that this is my final presidential turkey pardon. What I haven't told them yet is that we are going to do this every year from now on. No cameras, just us. Every year. No way I'm cutting this habit cold turkey.

Barack Obama

Malia and Sasha, by the way, are thankful that this is my final presidential turkey pardon. What I haven’t told them yet is that we are gonna do this every year from now on!

Russ Mould

It was a tough year for the tourist industry, with instability in Turkey and a spate of terror attacks taking their toll.

Gianni Pittella

Turkey under Mr Erdogan is more and more drifting towards an authoritarian regime. Our political message towards Turkey is that human rights, civil rights, democracy are non-negotiable if you want to be part of the EU.

Manfred Weber

Our message to Turkey is very clear: accession negotiations should be frozen immediately.

Devlet Bahçeli

Don't suffocate Turkey any further with such meaningless and empty discussions.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I hope that in the upcoming process, this will be reassessed, especially by the United States, and positive steps will be taken so that terrorism's back is broken and Turkey is rid of the threat of terrorism.

George Michel - Boston Market

It's very stressful cooking dinner for 10 to 20 people. [Consumers] are looking for solutions to take the risk out of cooking the turkey.

Jens Stoltenberg - NATO

I expect all allies to live up to those values. When I visited Turkey in September, the message from the Turkish leadership was that they would prosecute those responsible and Turkey has the right to prosecute (them).

Nicolas Sarkozy

I've said a long time ago that Turkey does not belong in the European Union and the current evolution of the regime in Turkey makes this even more unlikely.

Hongtao Jiang - Deutsche Bank

The significant increase in (third quarter) CDS trading volume over the previous quarter was mostly driven by a higher level of activities in Mexico, Turkey, and South Africa, due to idiosyncratic developments in these countries.

Roxanna Hulea - Société Générale

We do consider Turkey as being one of the least protected during this renewed pressure on EM.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

I'm here to get own impression of what has happened on the 15th of July here around this parliament. I want to assure you that we in Germany have great respect for the people of Turkey who were defending their democratic institutions here this night. Thanks.

Sinan Ülgen

We'll witness a period of honeymoon, post the end of the Obama period, where the relationship had become quite acrimonious. Going forward, however, we are likely to see points of divergence. Trump policies would certainly empower both the regime in Syria, the regime-friendly forces, and also Russia. That is against what Turkey has tried to do since 2011 in terms of regime change and backing the opposition.

Jim Cramer

Maybe they can turn things around, but for now, CVS remains in the penalty box until we see them take concrete steps to lessen their dependence on what was once the golden goose, now just a turkey headed for a carving.

Jill Cataldo

For me, dinner for eight people with an 18- to 20-pound turkey, I'm spending $25 to $30.

Numan Kurtulmus

Turkey has to fight terrorism on so many different fronts. We are trying to clear the state institutions from Gulenists. At the same time we are fighting against Kurdish militants and Islamic State.

Binali Yildirim

A new page will be opened for Turkish- US friendship if you soon hand over the terror group leader who has harmed the friendship between the U.S. and Turkey.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

They say unabashedly and shamelessly that the EU should review its negotiations with Turkey. You are late, go and review them as soon as you can. But don't just review them - go and make your final decision.

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

I note with bitterness that Turkey is day by day distancing itself further from Europe ... All that the Turkish authorities are doing today leads me to believe that in the end Turkey does not want to ... meet European standards.

Aengus Kelly - AerCap

What we do know is that over last two 1/2 years, we've faced an awful lot of global shocks - Ebola, Zika, the downturn in Brazil, the attempted coup in Turkey, Brexit. So long as a commitment to free trade is preserved, I think economies will grow and this company will grow with it.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Germany thinks that they are a first-class country, a first-class democracy, and that Turkey is second-class. We want them to treat us as equal partners.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Germany is the country that supports terrorist organizations against Turkey the most. The DHKP-C and PKK are carrying out activities in Germany, but they support those because they are against Turkey.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

The PKK and other extremist parties are banned as terrorist groups here. They are criminally prosecuted. That is why I cannot understand the comments made about Germany today in Turkey. Repeating the claims does not make them right.

Can Dundar

We've been pushing European governments to take steps and say something about oppression in Turkey, but they kept silent.

Tankut Turnaoglu

Twenty-five percent of Turkish population is below 15 years old. So that actually creates a really vibrant consumer market. And that combine with the upward mobility and the growth of the middle class makes turkey as one of the most attractive market global for consumer goods.

Tankut Turnaoglu

Some of those incentives are in the tax area, some of those incentives are in the input area, on the import and making some of those imports at lower costs for the company, makes it very interesting for companies like us to invest in Turkey.

Steve Townsend

The facts are these - the only force that is capable on any near-term timeline is the Syrian Democratic Forces, of which the YPG are a significant portion. So, we're negotiating, we're planning, we're having talks with Turkey and we're gonna take this in steps.

Binali Yildirim

The more we continue our fight, the more we see them squealing. No matter what they say, this battle will continue until our red crescent and starred flag waves across every province. Let all of their supporters know this, inside and outside Turkey.

Rezan Hiddo

We cannot extinguish the fire in our neighbor's house if our home is burning. We were very clear with our allies. If there is a plan to attack Daesh, there must be limits for Turkey.

Selahattin Demirtas

Police officials are at my door in my Diyarbakir house [in southern Turkey] to detain me by force.

Binali Yildirim

Turkey is a nation of laws, nobody has preferential treatment before the law. What has been done is within the rule of law. Politics cannot be a shield for committing crimes.

Josh Earnest

This comes on the heels of what appears to be an increase in official pressure on opposition media outlets in Turkey.

Emma Sinclair-Webb

The kind of detentions of democratically elected members of parliament we are seeing in Turkey today is an assault on the right to political representation and participation for millions of voters and defies fundamental principles of any country that claims to be democratic and based on rule of law and human rights.

Adem Geveri

Now with the HDP removed from the political equation, they will go to an early election and establish an authoritarian Turkey without the HDP, without any democratic opposition.

Haider al-Abadi

We do not want to fight Turkey. We do not want a confrontation with Turkey.

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi - Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Turkey today entered your range of action and the aim of your jihad ... invade it and turn its safety into fear. This ... total war and the great jihad that the Islamic State is fighting today only increases our firm belief, God willing, and our conviction that all this is a prelude to victory.

Ash Carter

We'll continue to talk with Turkey about its role in the eventual seizure of Raqqa, but we're proceeding now with the operation according to our plan.

Ash Carter

We intend to go there soon with the force that is capable of doing that and enveloping the city of Raqqa. ... The final seizure of Raqqa, we continue to talk to Turkey about that and a possible role for Turkey in that further down the road.

Hamdi Ulukaya

We're looking at this landscape in the world today, and it doesn't matter where you are – in upstate New York, Turkey, Germany, whatever – you just cannot sit still.

Binali Yildirim

Brother, we don't care about your red line. It's the people who draw the red line. What importance does your line have. Turkey is not a country to be brought in line with salvoes and threats. Turkey gets its power from the people and would be held accountable by the people.

Talib Shaghati al-Kenani

We are listening to and are able to access their communications. There are fighters from Uzbekistan, Turkey and many other nationalities. Those are a group of terrorists who fight Iraqis and usurp their cities.

John Kirby

The United States is deeply concerned by what appears to be an increase in official pressure on opposition media outlets in Turkey. Democracies become stronger by allowing diverse expressions of views, particularly in difficult times.