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Travis Kalanick - Uber
I love Uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in my personal life I have accepted the investor's' request to step aside so that Uver can go back to building rather than be distracted with another fight.feedback
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NEW Aug 19 2017
“I love Uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in my personal life I have accepted the investor's' request to step aside so that Uver can go back to building rather than be distracted with another fight.” said Travis Kalanick speaking about Uber. It’s one of the 780 quotes about Uber you can find on this page. 458 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Arianna Huffington and Paul Walsh. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Tyler Wade

I'm a guy that likes to feel comfortable, and I feel like an Uber makes me less stressed.feedback

Shervin Pishevar

Based on a conversation with a representative of Lowercase Capital [another Uber investor], we have learned that Benchmark also desires to remove Arianna Huffington from the Board of Directors and have made quite derogatory remarks about her. The Lowercase Capital representative also said he coordinated with Ryan Graves on writing his announcement of his departure from his operating role at Uber and released it the same day of the Benchmark lawsuit.feedback

Shervin Pishevar

Benchmark has threatened to block investments that could bolster Uber's competitive position in global markets by bargaining over board seats and its own control.feedback

Grace Poe

With the welfare of our drivers and riders in mind, Uber's offer is very generous. Why? Because they are owning up to their mistake.feedback

Dane Anderson - Forrester Research

If I were working there, I would launch a campaign trying to grab as much (market share) as I could as quickly as possible. They have money to put in.feedback

Maureen Ohlhausen - Federal Trade Commission

Going forward, our order requires a culture of privacy and sensitivity for Uber. It's going to make them take privacy into account every day in order to comply with our provisions.feedback

Maureen Ohlhausen - Federal Trade Commission

Uber failed consumers in two key ways: First, by misrepresenting the extent to which it monitored its employees' access to personal information about users and drivers, and second by misrepresenting that it took reasonable steps to secure that data. This case shows that, even if you're a fast growing company, you can't leave consumers behind: You must honor your privacy and security promises.feedback

Roger McNamee

I understand the Benchmark position. I think they know Kalanick better than a lot of the other board members do. Somebody maybe give them a proposal that looks like its worth $70 billion. But I will bet you anything that when the dust settles, when you unwrap the layers, it's worth way, way, way less than that. This company is not worth anything like that price...the market will make that decision.feedback

Roger McNamee

It made them appear to be incredibly successful – they raised a lot of money. Now it appears that, Oh, wait a minute. All of that was at least not acceptable. And some of it may actually have been really, really bad.feedback

Jo Bertram - Uber

Over the last 12 months we've hosted hundreds of events and spoken to thousands of drivers on the phone, in the office and at roundtable discussions. While drivers have told us they love the freedom of being their own boss, we've also clearly heard that we need to make improvements. That's why - from two minutes after the driver arrives at the pick-up point - riders will pay 20p for every further minute they keep their driver waiting.feedback

Travis Kalanick - Uber

Like many shareholders, I am disappointed and baffled by Benchmark's hostile actions, which clearly are not in the best interests of Uber and its employees on whose behalf they claim to be acting. Since 2009, building Uber into a great company has been my passion and obsession. I continue to work tirelessly with the board to identify and hire the best CEO to guide Uber into its next phase of growth and ensure its continued success.feedback

Neil Billany

Had Uber notified police after the first offence, it would be right to assume the second would have been prevented. F irstly it seems they are deciding what to report (less serious matters/less damaging to reputation over serious offenses) and secondly by not reporting to police promptly they are allowing situations to develop that clearly affect the safety and security of the public.feedback

Jo Bertram - Uber

Drivers' time is valuable and every minute spent waiting for a rider means less time driving and making money.feedback

Neil Billany

Had Uber notified police after the first offence, it would be right to assume the second would have been prevented. The victims complained to Uber and were left 'strongly under the impression' it would tell police, but it did not do so.feedback

Shervin Pishevar

While I publicly asked you to resign from the Uber board in light of the overall circumstances, I do have tremendous appreciation for your role in helping the company's development in the past.feedback

Neil Billany

The two public order offences mentioned above are subject to a six-month prosecution time limit so subsequently both were taken no further as by the time we became aware of the offence we had no power to proceed, despite both having clear evidence of an offence taking place.feedback

Ryan Graves - Uber

In some ways my focus going forward will not actually change very much – it remains all about people, and it's clear to me the stability of our board of directors, the selection of our new CEO, and the empowerment of our management team is what is needed most.feedback

Garrett Camp - Uber Technologies

Our CEO search is the board's top priority. It's time for a new chapter and the right leader for our next phase of growth. Despite rumors I'm sure you've seen in the news, Travis is not returning as CEO. We are committed to hiring a new world-class CEO to lead Uber.feedback

Hazem Awad

Any entrepreneur would naturally feel nervous about working with Benchmark, at least for the time being. Because in the back of their mind (mine included) will always be the question of, What will happen if things get that bad?feedback

Gabriel Puliatti

I personally was very shocked by the timeline of affairs during the week (of) Travis's resignation. I empathized a lot with Travis then.feedback

Michael Boswell

I can't help but wonder how recent events will impact founders' views towards raising capital from Benchmark. This shit is ruthless.feedback

Ben Narasin - Canvas Ventures

The combination of this lawsuit and his co-founder's statement that he's not coming back are pretty strong statements. Put a fork in it. He [Kalanick] is done.feedback

Sundar Pichai - Google

Over the past two days, I have had the chance to meet with so many people here, and I have read each of your emails carefully. The vast majority of you are very supportive of our decision. A smaller percentage of you wish we would do more. And some are worried that you cannot speak out at work freely. All of your voices and opinions matter ... and I want to hear them.feedback

Erik Gordon

Even if you assume that Kalanick acted outrageously improperly, where was Benchmark when he was acting out? If I had to defend Kalanick, I would ask, Did Benchmark fight tooth and nail against Kalanick's conduct, or were they willing to put up with it as long as the company's valuation, and the value of their investment in it, skyrocketed?feedback

Julian Brigden

So the question is: How much more volatility do we need to see before funds start to disgorge assets mechanically?feedback

Ryan Graves - Uber

In some ways my focus going forward will not actually change very much. It's clear to me the stability of our board of directors, the selection of our new CEO, and the empowerment of our management team is what is needed most.feedback

Ryan Graves - Uber

There is another lesson I've learned that we should have applied much earlier. We should have taken more time to reflect on our mistakes and make changes together. There always seemed to be another goal, another target, another business or city to launch.feedback

Tom Currier

We're taking these 300-500 mile trips and turning them into an experience where you're basically checking into a hotel in one city and then checking out of a hotel in another city. And when you combine our service with Uber and Lyft in our destination cities, you're replacing the need for having a car entirely.feedback

Ryan Graves - Uber

It's really important to me that this transition doesn't take away from the importance of the onboarding process of our new CEO, whoever that might be.feedback

Jason Bellet

If you compare Eko to Uber, it looks like we're moving at a snail's pace. But if you look at health care as a whole, we're actually making quite a splash.feedback

Mudassir Sheikha - Careem

DiDi Chuxing brings leading edge AI capabilities, insight and expertise to our organisation as we enter our next phase of growth. This evolution in our long relationship will enable Careem to more effectively pursue growth opportunities through continued innovation and sustainability. DiDi's investment is yet another endorsement of the significant regional opportunity to leap-frog traditional infrastructure and improve the lives of people in our communities.feedback

Jocelyn DeGance Graham

It's really corrosive to the strides we're making in diversity.feedback

Jocelyn DeGance Graham

As organizations become more diverse and women are better represented, it's going to make something that is already good - the tech industry - and even better place.feedback

Kara Swisher

It's interesting because I think one of the issues around Silicon Valley is it's supposed to be this tolerant and open-minded place and - just like the rest of the world - there's problems with sexism. There's problems with racism. There's all kinds of problems that had been not paid attention to.feedback

Susan Fowler

I can't help laughing at this Googler's misogynist manifesto because it reminds me of what one female Uber HR rep told me. She told me that, in her experience, there were more Asian women in accounting because Asian women are just really good with numbers. Likewise, she said, there were more white men in engineering because white men were simply more suited for engineering than others!feedback

Danielle Brown

It's sad. It feels like a step back when we have seen so many steps forward but it is highlighting the view of an individual and group of people that gives us the opportunity to address this view directly, because it is being stated so directly.feedback

Cate Huston - Google

I am just kind of tired of it. These things keep happening and the details change but the substantive portion of it is that women shouldn't be engineers are we aren't welcome. I think it exists everywhere, right? There are people who want things to change and there are people who want things to stay the same. And the people who want things to stay the same are invested in justifying why things are the way they are.feedback

Masayoshi Son

So whether we decide to partner and invest into Uber or Lyft, I don't know what would be the end result, but we are definitely interested. The autonomous car is definitely coming. And when that stage comes, this ride sharing business be comes even more important. That's my opinion.feedback

Garrett Camp - Uber Technologies

Uber must evolve and mature as we improve our culture and practices, to achieve our mission of bringing mobility to everyone. We are dedicated to making Uber successful and keeping everyone informed of our progress.feedback

Garrett Camp - Uber Technologies

Our CEO search is the board's top priority. It's time for a new chapter and the right leader for our next phase of growth. Despite rumors I'm sure you've seen in the news, Travis is not returning as CEO. we are committed to hiriring a new world class CEO to lead Uber.feedback

Masayoshi Son

Presently there are multiple business consolidation parties that can be assumed, and negotiation has been ongoing.feedback

Masayoshi Son

We are interested in discussing with Uber, we are also interested in discussing with Lyft. We have not decided which way. But the U.S. is a very big market. It's the most important market, so we are definitely very much interested. Sprint's earnings are improving as planned and the company could conceivably go it alone. But, in order for the company to grow further, we are considering multiple consolidation options. The negotiations are proceeding apace and we should be able to arrive at a decision soon.feedback

Danielle Brown

Diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of our values and the culture we continue to cultivate. We are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company, and we'll continue to stand for that and be committed to it for the long haul. As Ari Balogh said in his internal G+ post, Building an open, inclusive environment is core to who we are, and the right thing to do.' Nuff said.feedback

Sachin Jain

We've saved more than $1 million in one year by shifting to Lyft.feedback

Sachin Jain

The same services that we use as consumers are now being leveraged by our patients.feedback

Dane Anderson - Forrester Research

The government is very pragmatic and has been friendly to services like this and to business in general. I think it will continue to do what it has always done, which is continue to take a balanced, measured, pragmatic view.feedback

Dane Anderson - Forrester Research

(This incident) will receive some attention and may dissuade some people from using Uber, but I don't see it as having a major impact.feedback

Marsha Ershaghi

Just the mere perception that an organization has a history or allowance of a toxic culture can lead to a tank in stock value and an exodus of employees, who will go to competitors. This is how companies that are quickly built also quickly fall.feedback

Marsha Ershaghi

The mere fact that [Kalanick] felt that he had the right to speak so rawly and openly like that shows what type of company culture they had.feedback

Marsha Ershaghi

Companies are not necessarily toxic as a whole but have micro segments of toxicity.feedback

Dan Warne

We will do everything we can to protect our riders and have put in place new measures so that riders can report any concerns they have or even move to work in another area if they feel unsafe. We are working closely with the police and local councils, and sharing all the information our riders give us in order to help tackle crime against our riders, which is why we're implementing new measures like our app, and helmet-mounted cameras - these will allow us to work together, share information, and bring criminals to justice.feedback

Jessica Jermakian

For most adults, it's still as safe to ride in the back seat as the front seat, but not if you aren't buckled up. That applies to riding in an Uber, Lyft or other hired vehicle, too. In the rear seat a lap/shoulder belt is the primary means of protection in a frontal crash. Without it, bodies can hit hard surfaces or other people at full speed, leading to serious injuries.feedback

Jim Cramer

It's a simple thesis. The create-memories-to-watch thesis coupled with video games and internet programming best watched on the go, but not driving, at home or going to the movies. And, of course, we're ordering food via Uber and GrubHub.feedback

Mareike Möhlmann

Drivers have developed practices to regain control, even gaming the system. It shows that the algorithmic management that Uber uses may not only be ethically questionable, but may also hurt the company itself.feedback

Carolyn Aronson - Uber

She is not only incredibly brilliant, but is a double minority like myself and open minded toward all people.feedback

Brian Chesky - Airbnb

He has the skills necessary to build a new product for an old problem...and he has figured out how to deal with the challenges of a highly public and controversial product with professionalism.feedback

Jayshree Ullal - Arista Networks

Her global experience is what Uber needs to gain customer's trust outside the USA for a continuation of growth.feedback

Tony Fernandes - AirAsia

Oil has been in the best position it's ever been in. And I think it's going to stay that way because of shale, because of the sharing economy with Uber and Grabcar... And renewables are here to stay.feedback

Hannah Maundrell

Just because a service is right for you it doesn't mean it'll be the best or cheapest one for your friend – this is particularly the case with financial products – and they need to be aware of this. New customers can often get a significantly better reward or discount if they sign up direct rather than via a refer-a-friend scheme too. Just make sure you get them to check whether it's really the best deal for them and then compare the perks they'd get by signing up via a refer-a-friend scheme vs direct.feedback

Guo Guangchang - Fosun International

If no steps were taken then foreigners would simply think that Chinese firms were just 'silly money.feedback

Travis Kalanick - Uber

Her guidance has been invaluable to me personally over the years, and I know that in this new role she'll help take Uber to the next level.feedback

Monica Lee

Arianna has zero interest in the CEO role and, in fact, as the chair of the board search committee is fully engaged in finding the best CEO for Uber.feedback

Ed Zitron

Marketing is usually an outward facing job, so she's not in a position where her direct remit is making sure the culture changes.feedback

Adriana Gascoigne

To me, there's no sense of tokenism because I know I can do the job - I'm qualified to do the job, I can do a great job. Being present as a black woman – just present – is enough to help exact some of the change that is needed and some that we're looking for.feedback

Adriana Gascoigne

It's definitely a move in the right direction. Saint John would provide incredible value at any tech company she joins because she has a stellar background.feedback

Adriana Gascoigne

Uber is feeling the dramatic effects of HR negligence. This deficit has slowly chipped away at the core values of the company so that tech workers no longer want to work there, and drivers think twice about driving for Uber.feedback

Nina Garcia

What makes me so excited about True Gault is that not only am I a shoe lover, but I have always been a promoter of technology. True Gault is a rare combination that strikes the perfect balance between tech and fashion, solving a widely known problem for the consumer and the industry as a whole. True Gault is changing the way women select, buy and wear shoes, much like Uber has impacted transportation, or Warby Parker has impacted eyewear.feedback

Bob Neveu

The revolution in ground transportation we're seeing today led by Uber and Lyft has far reaching implications for the future of corporate travel. Business travelers' move toward greater personalization and convenience may have started with ride-hailing, but it's not likely to stop there. Mobile technology brought us into a new age, and the expectation and ability to cater to the preferences of the individual is driving a cultural shift that will continue to effect dynamic change throughout the industry.feedback

Paul Harrison

We have always faced very strong competition, which now takes the form of US tech giants like Uber, and they are going after chains in the UK market. We don't want to see too many chains sitting on the Uber platform.feedback

Susan Fowler

I know what I'm walking into. I think it's a really exciting time to tell the story well.feedback

Irene Kafkis

That would be fun, to meet someone on the ferry. You can drink in an Uber. But this is classier.feedback

Michael Ramsey

The inside of the vehicle of 2040 will be luxurious. Indeed, cars that are personally owned are likely to become increasingly luxurious, as people who use a car for simple commuting either will be buying used models or using mobility services. The most capable, luxurious cars likely will have features like chairs that can face one another and heads up displays that are richer in detail than those available today.feedback

Michael Ramsey

The multimedia centre will be more interactive, with a powerful virtual assistant that has far more capability than today. It is likely that buttons and controls will disappear as the voice assistant takes most of those controls away.feedback

Michael Ramsey

For mobility services, cars may become more commoditised, taking the shape of people movers – efficient, packaged to hold people, slow moving and utilitarian.feedback

Melissa Waters - Lyft

You're going to see us do more and more partnerships in order to extend passenger experience.feedback

Mike Loewengart

These presumably more experienced investors know the market won't move in one direction forever. They're seeing these gains they've experienced, and because many have been through various market environments, they know it won't persist forever.feedback

Mike Loewengart

The labor metrics still seem pretty good, but there's the potential for highly anticipated policies not getting implemented, and that's weighing on their minds as well – tax reform and infrastructure spending.feedback

Mike Loewengart

When they think about rate increases from here, it's reasonable to have investors expect we will see more. Maybe pacing will change, but the overall direction will not change. It all adds up to investors not seeing glaring red flags, and all contributes to passive equity markets and millionaires recognizing it won't always go up.feedback

Karen Altfest - Altfest Personal Wealth Management

The only ones among our clients who feel concerned are not saying, Get me out,' but 'How can we lower our costs? We've seen a surge in Vanguard, and that's one of the drivers of this – I'll still be in stocks but pay less.feedback

Mike Loewengart

If we see strong earnings and consistent earnings growth, that will lend itself to more equity gains. And if we see any indications of progress on the policy front, that could lend itself to pushing markets higher.feedback

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty - Uber

This partnership [with AXA] will provide a safety net for the independent workers who enjoy flexible work at the touch of a button. We'll carry on listening about further improvements we can make to create the best possible experience.feedback

Nitin Gadkari

The government platform will help get more people employment opportunities. The idea is in the primary stage but we're working on it seriously.feedback

Nitin Gadkari

Why should two companies like Uber and Ola have a monopoly in the market? We want people, even those running cab business at a small scale, to have an equal opportunity to provide service to people. The mobile app will provide a platform to such people and better, efficient and cheaper cab services to people.feedback

Rushabh Doshi - Canalys

The heterogeneity of the banking system, multiple competitors in each country, and multiple regulations to meet are barriers to success. However, given no single payment solution has been able to work across all Southeast Asian markets, Grab stands a good chance of building market share via its ride-sharing business model, and then extending the payments to other adjunct businesses.feedback

Elizabeth Ames

It was a big moment. Everyone was skeptical of GoDaddy, the same way they're skeptical about companies like Uber today. But GoDaddy was really committed to it, and it's working.feedback

Arianna Huffington - The Huffington Post

We had an instant connection. Hard to imagine what she'll do by 50! Sometimes it takes you months to get to know someone. With her, I felt like she has this incredible capacity for intimacy and for sharing her story and for sharing others' stories. She's great at social media. I've been told that I overshare. Sometimes I get criticized for it, but how else would I be if not all of me?feedback

Eva Palmer - Union Station

I think my favorite thing about taking @DCCirculator is that it didn't show up for 30 minutes so I had to Uber twice this week.feedback

Luc Vincent - Lyft

Lyft is uniquely positioned to build technology in collaboration with partners in a way that will make it possible to roll out self-driving cars at scale in the fastest, safest, most efficient way. When a passenger requests a ride that a self-driving car can complete, we may send one to complete the trip. If that person needs to go somewhere self-driving cars are unable to navigate, or their needs call for a different level of service, they will have a driver. We aren't thinking of our self-driving division as a side project. It's core to our business.feedback

Raj Kapoor - Lyft

We look at this as an opportunity to take what we're developing and give it to others. For self-driving to work as an industry, there has to be more sharing.feedback

Sergio Avelleda

We have seen the city kind of taken over by cars ... using São Paulo roads and paying taxes somewhere else. Mobility is about using the cars you already have. This measure is limiting ... and we are going to work like heck with the government to see if we they will reconsider that point.feedback

Roberto Mendes

This decision does not make legal sense. We have to evaluate the situation. We understand that there are legal aspects that we could challenge.feedback

Susan Fowler

It was clear that he was trying to get me to have sex with him, and it was so clearly out of line that I immediately took screenshots of these chat messages and reported him to H.R.feedback

James Auchincloss

You can tell who's hooking up, if there's enough of a pattern between two people that you thought were just friends but seem to be more than friends, because they leave a trail of clues via Uber payments or breakfast payments.feedback

Betsy DeVos

Just as the traditional taxi system revolted against ridesharing, so too does the education establishment feel threatened by the rise of school choice. In both cases, the entrenched status quo has resisted models that empower individuals. Nobody mandates that you take an Uber over a taxi, nor should they. But if you think ridesharing is the best option for you, the government shouldn't get in your way.feedback

Kaidi Wu

There's this seeming contradiction between the collectivistic Asian and the Tiger Mom-ish, uber-competitive Asian student.feedback

Uma Subramanian - Voom

We've built one of the world's first truly on-demand helicopter booking platforms that provides travelers the ultimate in convenience and reliability, yet does so in the most affordable and accessible way available today. Voom has developed the technology to bring helicopter travel into the mobile age, focusing on improving helicopter capacity utilization, flexible scheduling and ensuring a delightful rider experience.feedback

Alix Anfang - Uber

Uber's technology has expanded access to reliable transportation options for all riders, including those with disabilities and has enabled people with disabilities to earn income in new ways. While there is certainly more work to be done, we will continue advocating for a solution that offers affordable, reliable transportation to those who need a wheelchair accessible vehicle.feedback

Raymond Telles

This is a crazy situation, I've never been in this situation. I never would have thought it would have got to that. I was actually calm, very calm. I kind of freaked out a little bit once I turned around and saw that the baby was out.feedback

Jeffrey Towson

It's still a very good business, but doesn't have the awesome economics of Didi, Uber, and Airbnb. Of course, these are still early days and their business model is still changing. Many of the most successful businesses such as Google and Facebook didn't really figure out their business models until later. They were a consumer phenomenon at the beginning.feedback

Rachel Whetstone - Uber

It's a real privilege to be joining the Facebook family. Products like WhatsApp have become an important part of my life – making it so much easier to stay in touch with my own family and friends.feedback

Caryn Marooney - Facebook

We are thrilled Rachel will be joining us – she brings unique insight and leadership to an already world-class team. We're excited to work with and learn from Rachel as we manage some of the world's most interesting communications opportunities.feedback

Kareem Zinaty - Careem

We are planning to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars within the coming year in the (Palestinian) sector. After the investment, it is also an opportunity to create jobs.feedback

Rebecca Serbin

Riders either face very long wait times or can't get rides at all. The human rights law reflects the City Council's commitment to accessibility. Uber is flagrantly violating that law.feedback

Jason Moyer-Lee - Independent Workers Union of Great Britain

Workers will see few benefits, thanks to the review’s lack of substance and outright errors. And one of the proposals is potentially disastrous• Jason Moyer-Lee is general secretary of the IWGB union. Last week the Taylor review of modern employment practices released its findings to great fanfare. Intended to address, among other things, the widespread deprivation of employment rights in the gig economy, the review’s recommendations fell far short of expectations.feedback

Aaron Easterly - Rover

We've been called the Airbnb for dogs, the Uber for dogs. I think it's a decent connotation, although most people, once they use it, they realize there's a very different experience and it's a richer experience with the service providers. We think we can be the dominant brand in all of pets. Most pet companies, they either have small penetration of the target audience or very low loyalty. We're one of the few brands that actually have high penetration as well as high share of wallets, which puts us in a unique position.feedback

Sean Poppitt - Holden

We are testing the adoption of one Maven product – Maven Gig – in Australia through a pilot programme in Sydney renting Holden cars to Uber drivers.feedback

Alan Jiang

If you want to go big, you need to go international quickly. This means understanding multiple cultures and languages, localizing the product, navigating unique political environments, connecting with local business contacts, recruiting for a local team, etc.feedback

Ray Dalio

This new administration hates weak, unproductive, socialist people and policies, and it admires strong, can-do profit makers.feedback

John Galt

Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it's yours.feedback

Yaron Brook

You can't just run over all the regulations you don't happen to like.feedback

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty - Uber

This is an exciting opportunity in a unique situation and our operations in other countries will not be affected.feedback

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty - Uber

The new company's goal will be to serve the needs of riders, drivers and cities as we develop a fast-growing, sustainable ridesharing, food delivery and logistics business in the region. Combining Yandex's local expertise in search, maps and navigation with our leading global experience in ridesharing will enable us to build the best local services and provide a credible alternative to car ownership across the region. This deal is a testament to our exceptional growth in the region and helps Uber continue to build a sustainable global business.feedback

David Beier

They're approaching it with this cookie-cutter idea. They want you to mortgage your house to them as collateral. It's forcing borrowers into bankruptcy.feedback

Keith Leggett

You've got borrowers who are under water. This is just like the subprime loan crisis. This is a commodity that has been fundamentally disrupted. I don't see the value of the medallions getting close to what they were.feedback

Marcelino Hervias

Every time we want to go on vacation or do something, where do we go? To the equity of the medallion.feedback

Alexander Shulgin - Yandex

Yandex.Taxi was a real highlight. I am particularly excited about Yandex.Taxi, which delivered 484% growth in rides in Q1.feedback

Jessica Berliner

The defendant decided he was going to 'cut loose' at a wedding. Despite the fact that he was armed with a loaded firearm, he consumed numerous alcoholic drinks and argued with his wife when she wanted him to go home instead of proceeding to the after-party.feedback

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

It's like competing with Google in the U.S. They just weren't really making headway against the local competitors.feedback

Lawrence E. Cahoone

Mention Ayn Rand to a group of academic philosophers and you'll get laughed out of the room. But I think there's something to be said for Rand. She takes Nietzschean individualism to an extreme, but she's undeniably inspirational.feedback

Yaron Brook

Her heroes ran businesses with employees who were very loyal because they were treated fairly. Of course, some people had to be fired. But she makes a big deal out of the virtue of justice, which applies in business as well as politics.feedback

Lawrence E. Cahoone

Rand's entrepreneur is the Promethean hero of capitalism, The Modern Political Tradition. But she never really explores how a dynamic entrepreneur actually runs a business. She was a script and fiction writer. She was motivated by an intense hatred of communism, and she put those things together very effectively. She can be very inspirational, especially to entrepreneurs. But she was by no means an economist. I don't think her work can be used as a business manual.feedback

Yaron Brook

John is a gentleman and he actually studied Rand's works in depth. He couldn't be more different from Travis.feedback

Lawrence E. Cahoone

She never really had to manage anything. She was surrounded by people who saw her as a cult figure. She didn't have employees, she had worshipers.feedback

Bruce Mehlman

The forces that set the stage for Donald Trump's election are long-term, structural and global. Much like Uber, Trump perceived the opportunity to reach directly to the public to disrupt a dysfunctional marketplace that lacked innovation and failed to satisfy consumers. Also much like Uber, he flouted conventions and tested the limits of traditional rules, fighting the entrenched establishment while seeking its acceptance . . . Disruption is hard and, well, disruptive. It usually leaves observers feeling exhausted, uncertain and ultimately either angry or exhilarated.feedback

Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty - Uber

Not only is this partnership good news for our two companies, it's also great for riders, drivers and cities across the region. This deal is a testament to our exceptional growth in the region and helps Uber continue to build a sustainable global business.feedback

Tigran Khudaverdyan - Yandex

Together, we will continue to build a ride-sharing service that offers a viable alternative to automobile ownership or public transportation.feedback

Jason Hanold

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who's wired for problem solving and wants to make their mark by turning around the image of the company. Yes, they're inheriting Uber's entire toxic culture. But they're also getting thousands of employees who are hungry to change it.feedback

Jason Hanold

Even with all the problems that companies like Uber have, there will always be top candidates who want to go there. These people are problem solvers: The hairier a scenario is, the more they're attracted to trying to fix it.feedback

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

From Ford to DuPont to Honeywell, leaders are being punished unfairly. for long-term thinking.feedback

Paul B. Maslo

The ruling today is going to allow drivers across the country to band together to challenge Uber's misclassification of them. They are employees and should be getting minimum wage and overtime as required by federal law. The bar is not super-duper-high.feedback

Andrew Byrne - Uber

We welcome this report which looks at the rise in self-employment and new ways of working which predate apps like Uber. Indeed almost all taxi and private hire drivers have been self-employed for decades before our app existed. The main reason why people say they sign up to drive with Uber is so they can be their own boss. With our app drivers are totally free to choose if, when and where they drive with no shifts or minimum hours. We would welcome greater clarity in the law over different types of employment status.feedback

Andrew Byrne - Uber

We know drivers want more security too which is why we're already investing in discounted illness and injury cover, and will be introducing further improvements soon. We would welcome greater clarity in the law over different types of employment status.feedback

Theresa May

We will build on the strengths of our labour market. While avoiding overbearing regulation, we will make sure people have the rights and protections they need. That means building on our high employment rate and low unemployment rate – and continuing to strive for full employment.feedback

Rebecca Long-Bailey

I personally do not use Uber because I don't feel that it is morally acceptable, but that's not to say that they can't reform their practices. I don't like the way that they're exploiting their workers, and I think the recent case proved that in the courts, that suggested that the workers that were there were in fact workers, and they weren't flexible workers, and they needed to be given the adequate amount of protection and rights that workers enjoy.feedback

Rebecca Long-Bailey

Well, I don't personally use Uber because I don't feel that it's morally acceptable, but that's not to say that they can't reform their practices.feedback

Rebecca Long-Bailey

Put simply, today's Taylor report shows that Theresa May is failing working people across the country. If they were serious about workers' rights they are welcome to borrow from Labour's manifesto. Our 20-point plan would truly transform the world of work, providing security, rights and protection for millions of working people.feedback

Owen Jones

The Tories exist to defend the interests of wealth and power – of course this feeble report they requested won’t help those in the gig economy• Owen Jones is a Guardian writer. Feeling disappointed by the Tories’ Taylor review would be an act of pure naivety. As a political force, the Tories exist to defend the interests of employers and those with wealth and power. That is their prime function. That is why big business and wealthy individuals lavish the party with their money. They consider it, quite wisely, as an investment, and they will more than recoup what they donate in tax cuts, deregulation, privatisation and the erosion of workers’ rights.feedback

Rebecca Long-Bailey

I don't like the way that they're exploiting their workers. I don't want to see companies model their operations on the Uber-model. The recent [court] case… works on the principle that if it looks like a job, it smells like a job then it is a job and the workers should be employed.feedback

Zhao Shuping

We were all baffled by the model of dockless bike sharing; it made users think anything on the street can be shared now.feedback

Tomi Pierucci

We want to remind you to charge the suitcase the night before your trip. We want to offer you an Uber when your plane lands. We want to notify your hotel if your flight is delayed.feedback

Nitasha Tiku

Out in the real world, a number of obstacles stand in the way of you spending money: the distance from the dressing room to the cash register, for example, or the time it takes to get from your home to a store.feedback

Noam Scheiber

Uber may have deducted hundreds of millions of dollars from drivers’ earnings in New York to pay state taxes, NYTimes reports.feedback

Bryce Marlatt - Woodward

We immediately reached out to Uber in an effort to get to the bottom of these allegations.feedback

Hazel Teo

In those free months, I would spend more than I should. I didn't want that scenario. I would rather pay consistently. It felt annoying because it was advertised falsely. What they told me was exactly what I got. There was no beating around the bush, no hidden agenda and no fine print. If you want to go out at night to Williamsburg, you have to go to the city, transfer and go back to Brooklyn. Or you could take an Uber.feedback

Joel Jarvinen - Uber Technologies

We want to ensure that we do not pose drivers who use our app or our employees any unnecessary issues, especially now that we have a bright future to look forward to. We believe that the best way to do so and focus on the future is to pause UberPop and relaunch in the summer of 2018. While we are looking forward to the reforms coming into effect, we have decided it is best to pause UberPop from 15 August until the new regulations allow a better environment.feedback

Jack Barmby

Every train, plane, or Uber you take is a chance to get some quality alone time to push things through. Whether it's following up with people you've just met or some crucial product planning, take advantage of being away from your laptop to get things done. Also, if this is the window you need to sing happy birthday to a close friend down the phone, don't be embarrassed to do so. You can even ask the Uber driver to join in.feedback

Kamala Harris

What I say is don't take our stuff. Leave my stuff alone. It's not like we left our health care on the bus or at the club or in an Uber. This is not about losing something. They're trying to take our health care.feedback

Jason Moyer-Lee - Independent Workers Union of Great Britain

From payslips to holiday pay, the law is already crystal clear – whatever employers may say. This is the focus of the Metcalf labour review• Jason Moyer-Lee is the general secretary of the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain.feedback

Neil Shah - Apple

If most of these cars are affiliated with Ola and Uber then it's a win for them.feedback

Maciej Szpunar

Notification of the draft law to the Commission would not be necessary in that situation either.feedback

Maciej Szpunar

Member states may prohibit and punish the illegal exercise of a transport activity such as UberPop without having to notify the Commission of the draft law in advance. The UberPop service falls within the field of transport and, consequently, does not constitute an information society service within the meaning of the directive.feedback

Damien Geradin

More generally, the significance of the opinion is that it shows once again that Szpunar resists any qualification that Uber's services can be considered as information society services. This is a missed opportunity as these provisions would protect Uber against discriminatory or disproportionate rules adopted in the member states, while still allowing member states to regulate the underlying services [provided by the drivers] to protect riders, drivers and third parties.feedback

Ellen Pao

It's important to expose the type of behavior that's been reported in the last few weeks, so the community can recognize and address these problems. I think I brought these important issues to the forefront of the conversation, but the online aggression has had a toll on me and my family. That so many people heard what I had to say, against all that was brought to bear against me, is a testament to the depth of the problem related to women and tech.feedback

Paul Walsh

London has a great history of taking in refugees: the Huguenots, the Russians, the Jews after World War II. But there is a difference between refugees and economic migrants. They come here and push down our living standards. There comes a day where you have to say, Stop.feedback

Elliot Felix

I would not in a million years think he would do something like this.feedback

Conor D'Arcy

Existing legislation on 'piece work' done by employees provides a useful template, in which firms offering work complete a test to ensure that a person working at an average pace could be expected to earn at least the minimum wage while carrying out the task. This measure alone will not assuage fears about poor quality self-employment; greater enforcement of existing employment law to prevent workers from being wrongly classified as self-employed is vital, as well as moves to close the gap in the tax and benefit treatment of self-employed and employee.feedback

Conor D'Arcy

The UK's labour market has been very successful at creating jobs in recent years. However, far too many of those jobs offer very low pay and precious little security.feedback

Conor D'Arcy

This is especially true of the growing army of the self-employed. While many are higher earners who benefit from significant flexibility, around half fall below the low pay earnings threshold of just £310 a week. The government can start by extending minimum wage protections to those self-employed people whose prices are set by a firm. This would mean that self-employed people in the gig economy would be given protection against extreme low pay for the first time ever.feedback

Paul Walsh

You basically have governments and big business in bed together. The only loser is the working class.feedback

Paul Walsh

We see them sleep in their cars. Uber is turning the time back to the Victorian era.feedback

Paul Walsh

They want to price us out of the market, and then they'll raise prices – you watch.feedback

Paul Walsh

We're still better than the machines. But who will come and protect us?feedback

Paul Walsh

It's not a racist thing. Lots of cabbies are Jewish and Irish.feedback

Paul Walsh

London without black cabs, would be like London without Big Ben.feedback

Grant Davis

I said to him, I'm from a working-class family, I grew up in social housing. I said, I believed in the conservative ethos: Work hard, better myself. I don't want no benefits. But what you have done is you're killing us for an American company that is paying taxes in the Netherlands.feedback

Paul Walsh

It's about fairness. No one's wages have gone up in the 10 years since the crash, and everyone who's coming here is getting it on a plate.feedback

Zahra Bakkali

They love riders more than drivers. The app punishes you for taking breaks.feedback

Paul Walsh

He would sit against the window – you'd only see his silhouette, and it looked like the parrot was on his shoulder. Then he would grill you on the most obscure routes.feedback

Paul Walsh

You live and breathe the Knowledge. It takes over your brain.feedback

Zahra Bakkali

They drive up to you so close, you find yourself going through a red light.feedback

Grant Davis

Look at all those cabdrivers, we are all from poor families. I wanted to be my own boss. I've done everything you said I should do. And you've pulled the rug from under my feet.feedback

Roger McNamee

It's not like we didn't know this stuff was going on at Uber from the beginning.feedback

Alix Anfang - Uber

We fought to pass this bill for years, and we are not going to squander the opportunity. We see this as an opportunity to up our game.feedback

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