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Andrey Link
The key argument in our favour is not the cost but availability. To find 2-3 people (in Israel) is not a problem, but if they need . . . an R&D centre for 100 people, it is very difficult in
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You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Ukraine Crisis. 415 people are quoted and you can read 828 citations of them about Ukraine Crisis. Petro Poroshenko, Vladimir Putin and Jens Stoltenberg, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Petro Poroshenko said: “And we very much admire of your leadership, of your very effective steps, because today includes two historic days – five months of your presidency and – when we launched the first peace plan – peace plan of Ukraine. And I'm absolutely confident that our effective coordination will bring the peace to our nation, to our land, and can support our territorial integrity and sovereignty.”.
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Ivan Lozowy

If you look at Ukrainian cyberspace, M.E.Doc is an excellent carrier for a virus. The Russians are interested in Ukraine having as many problems as

Brian Lord - Government Communications Headquarters

This attack is about disabling how large companies and governments can operate. You get a double whammy of the initial cyberattack and then organizations being forced to shut down their

Brian Lord - Government Communications Headquarters

The screen became red. A warning appeared, and everything on the hard drive was

Jason Maloni

Paul's primary focus was always directed at domestic Ukrainian political campaign work, and that is reflected in today's filing. Paul has appreciated the professionalism and guidance of the FARA unit throughout this

Mikko Hypponen - F-Secure

It's like WannaCry all over again. Nothing is stopping Petya now. This could hit the U.S.A. pretty

Yevhen Dykhne

In connection with the irregular situation, some flight delays are

Pavlo Rozenko

We also have a network 'down'. This image is being displayed by all computers of the

Noa Acker

Salaries will be very high, and the industry will shrink to only very high-level R&D, while much of the work will be

Boaz Inbal

They are in the same time zone, they have a good level of English and all are Russian speakers. Some of our people here are former Russians. We have direct flights to both countries. It's easy for us to collaborate and

Bjorn Geldhof

The exhibition tries to tackle that notion, to make that notion relevant in the context of today, of the world, but also very closely related to what's happening in Ukraine. And further more we try to expand it into what that fragile state means beyond the political notion, because it's also about a personal fragility, both on a physical and a mental level. I decided to work on two pandemics that particularly affect Africa and also the whole world, AIDS and

Bjorn Geldhof

In wanting to depict them, I chose to work on porcelain. And on these vases I portray some research, the source of images that researchers at the Pasteur Institute in Paris gave

Michael Wessells

Over time, this strains the children's ability to cope and to stay true to their civilian identity. Many children engage in this strategy of splitting–technically the term would be '

Kadri Liik

It greatly empowers the forces in society that push

Heather Nauert

Let's remember that these sanctions didn't just come out of nowhere. Our targeted sanctions were imposed in response to Russia's ongoing violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbor, Ukraine. If the Russians seek an end to these sanctions, they know very well the US position: Our sanctions on Russia related Russia's ongoing aggression against Ukraine will remain in place until Russia fully honors its obligations under the Minsk Agreements. Our sanctions related to Crimea will not be lifted until Russia ends its occupation of the

Bjorn Geldhof

The exhibition tries to tackle that notion, to make that notion relevant in the context of today, of the world, but also very closely related to what's happening in Ukraine. And further more we try to expand it into what that fragile state means beyond the political notion, because it's also about a personal fragility, both on a physical and a mental

Barthelemy Toguo

I decided to work on two pandemics that particularly affect Africa and also the whole world, AIDS and Ebola. In wanting to depict them, I chose to work on porcelain. And on these vases I portray some research, the source of images that researchers at the Pasteur Institute in Paris gave

Petro Poroshenko

And we very much admire of your leadership, of your very effective steps, because today includes two historic days – five months of your presidency and – when we launched the first peace plan – peace plan of Ukraine. And I'm absolutely confident that our effective coordination will bring the peace to our nation, to our land, and can support our territorial integrity and

Jeff Davis - Navy

Due to the high rate of speed, the poor control that the Russian pilot had of his aircraft during the intercept, the aircraft commander of the [US reconnaissance plane] RC 135 determined it to be unsafe. Such unsafe actions have the potential to cause serious harm and injury to all

Emmanuel Macron

I respect Vladimir Putin. I had an constructive exchange with him. We have real disagreements, on Ukraine in particular, but he has seen my position. I talked to him at length face to face about international issues as wells as defending NGOs and liberties in his

Sergey Lavrov

I can only express my regrets at the Russophobe obsession of our (U.S.)

Petro Poroshenko

A meaningful, thorough meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump took place. We received strong support from the U.S., support for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence of our

Andrey Kostin

Did the west achieve anything with (previous) sanctions? Whether the world became a better place to live, whether we resolve the issue of Ukraine, whether both sides are better economically? I think the answer is no. I think the relations between the West and Russia will worsen substantially… we are now watching now how the new arms race can develop… definitely we see any further sanctions substantially worsening the atmosphere between the U.S. and Russia (as well as) Europe and

Petro Poroshenko

There has never been such a powerful visit. It is important for us to have an opportunity to talk about our cooperation in the sphere of security, politics and

Vladimir Putin

All of these restrictions do not produce anything good, and we should work toward a global economy that functions without these

Steven Mnuchin

These designations will maintain pressure on Russia to work toward a diplomatic solution. This administration is committed to a diplomatic process that guarantees Ukrainian sovereignty, and there should be no sanctions relief until Russia meets its obligations under the Minsk

Jeff Davis - Navy

We don't rule out the option of doing so in the future. Ukraine has a right to defend itself against aggressive Russian actions, and we are deeply disturbed by violence in eastern Ukraine and will continue to hold Russia accountable to its Minsk commitments and US sanctions will remain until Moscow reverses the actions that triggered

Oleg Voloshin

Kilimnik was always trying to promote this message - if you want to be successful here, you want to look

Konstantin Kilimnik

No one ever spoke to me ever about doing any intelligence work - neither Russians or Ukrainians or any other foreign

Jason Maloni

It would be neither surprising nor suspicious that two political consultants would chat about the political news of the day, including the DNC hack, which was in the news. We're confident that serious officials will come to the conclusion that Paul's campaign conduct and interaction with Konstantin during that time was perfectly permissible and not in furtherance of some

Phil Griffin

He was completely upfront about his past work with Russian military intelligence. It was no big

Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze

There is a consensus in society on the movement of our state in the direction of Europe. This is not a choice about material wealth. This is a value

Josh Cohen

It’s just as important for Ukrainian democracy to cleanse extremists from law enforcement as it is to remove corrupt

Rex W. Tillerson

We have registered our complaint about that, and that it is going to be a constant obstacle to our ability to improve our relationship if they do not address it. I think important we be given sufficient flexibility to achieve the Minsk objectives. It is very possible that the government of Ukraine and the government of Russia could come to a satisfactory resolution through some structure other than Minsk that achieves Minsk. My caution is I wouldn't want to handcuff ourselves to Minsk if the parties decide to settle this through a different

Eliot Engel

If they think that we're somehow willing to relax the sanctions on them before they've complied with the Minsk framework and left Crimea, I think it just will encourage Putin to continue his bullying. And who knows where he'll strike

Bob Corker

With overwhelming Senate passage of the Russia sanctions amendment, the U.S. sends a strong signal to President Putin while ensuring the Trump administration has the flexibility it needs. The Russian government continues to violate the sovereignty of Ukraine, aggravate the crisis in Syria, and destabilize democracies around the world. This amendment makes clear that we will not continue to tolerate such actions, and I am glad we are one step closer to passage of our legislation to hold Iran

Amina Okuyeva

There were a lot of small, strange things, and my intuition told me not to meet with

Amina Okuyeva

The press often asked for interviews. The media loves to write about

Adam Osmayev

I will always be thankful. Because of her reaction, we are both alive

Anton Gerashenko

For the world community, what is important is we have proof Russia is committing terrorist acts in other countries. His tongue may loosen to say who sent him here and

Natalia Sharina

Not one of our arguments has been taken into consideration. And at the same time, there has not been a shred of evidence to support any of the accusations during the hearings. Everything became clear during the oral arguments. In her speech, the state prosecutor in fact confirmed that the case was

Lyudmila A. Balandina

This can affect any of us. The Ukrainian nationalism, which went hand in hand with German Nazism, is on the rise

Lyudmila A. Balandina

The accused is part of a complicated mechanism aimed at denigrating and discrediting the Russian

Natalia Sharina

The library had a huge importance for Russian-Ukrainian relations. It is a pity that a cultural institution that was created by the best representatives of Ukraine in Russia was

Natalia Sharina

I am absolutely not guilty of anything. Nobody gave a library director the right, moreover the responsibility, to censor legally published books. The prosecutor, in fact, confirmed that the case was political. In several decades, this case will be remembered as the symbol of

Amina Okueva

He has the murders of many Chechens on what is left of his conscience, including in Europe. I am glad he got what he deserved from my

John McCain

So I view Vladimir Putin, who has dismembered the Ukraine, a sovereign nation, who is putting pressure on the Baltics, I view the Russians as the far greatest challenge that we have. I am nervous from time to time. I do believe that the president has great confidence in the national security team. I do believe most of the time that he accepts their advice and

Sijbren de Jong

The campaign added up to a hugely effective attack on the E.U. that led to the agreement being halted for months and made the Netherlands look very bad – and, for a while, it even looked as if the deal wouldn't make it, and that would have been the ultimate foreign policy victory for

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

Today's vote in the Dutch Senate sends an important signal from the Netherlands and the entire European Union to our Ukrainian friends: Ukraine's place is in Europe. Ukraine's future lies with

Vladimir Putin

You have asked how sanctions against Russia will help in the resolution of the crisis in Ukraine's southeast. They will not. So I appeal to you as well as to the representatives of French media – you should fight for the lifting of all restrictions in the global

Emmanuel Macron

It is essential to discuss with all parties present, in fact with all stakeholders in the Syrian conflict including the representatives of Mr. Bashir

John McCain

I think ISIS can do terrible things. But it's the Russians who tried to destroy the fundamental of democracy and that is to change the outcome of an American election. They just tried to affect the outcome of the French election. So I view Vladimir Putin – who has dismembered Ukraine, a sovereign nation, who is putting pressure on the Baltics – I view the Russians as the far greatest challenge that we have. We have done nothing since the election last November to respond to Vladimir Putin's attempt to change the outcome of our elections. So, way to go Vladimir. We haven't responded at

John McCain

I think ISIS can do terrible things and I worry a lot about what is happening with the Muslim faith. But, it's the Russians who tried to destroy the fundamental of democracy and that is to change the outcome of an American election. I've seen no evidence they succeeded, but they tried and they are still trying to change elections. They just tried to affect the outcome of the French election. So, I view Vladimir Putin, who has dismembered Ukraine, a sovereign nation, who is putting pressure on the Baltics – I view the Russians as the far greatest challenge that we

Vladimir Putin

These sanctions do not contribute at all to settling the crisis in

Julia Zelvenska

Being forced to abandon everything you love to save your life and watching your family suffer is an unimaginable human tragedy. Understanding that more than 2,000,000 people in Ukraine are going through this dramatic experience is heart-breaking. We believe that nothing can open hearts better than art. This exhibition is our way to attract public attention to the situation in Ukraine and share our admiration for courageous people in our

Donald Tusk - European Council

My feeling is that we agreed on many areas. First and foremost, on counter-terrorism, and I am sure that I do not have to explain why. But some issues remain open, like climate and trade. I am not 100 per cent sure that we can say today - we meaning President Trump and myself - that we have a common opinion about Russia, although when it comes to the conflict in Ukraine, it seems that we were on the same line. The greatest task today is the consolidation of the whole free world around those values, and not just

Donald Tusk - European Council

I am sure that I do not have to explain why. I am not 100 per cent sure that we can say today – we meaning Mr. President Trump and myself – that we have a common opinion about Russia, although when it comes to the conflict in Ukraine, it seems that we were on the same line. My main message to President Trump was that what gives our cooperation and friendship its deepest meaning are fundamental Western values, like freedom, human rights and respect for human

Donald Tusk - European Council

I am not 100 percent sure we can say today -- we means [Trump] and myself -- that we have a common position, common opinion about Russia. Although when it comes to the conflict in Ukraine, it seems that we were on the same

Volodymyr Groysman

The weakest link in our fight against corruption is the Ukrainian

Donald Tusk - European Council

Some issues remained open like climate and trade. And I am not 100 percent sure that we can say today – we means Mr. President and myself – that we have a common position, common opinion, about Russia. When it comes to the conflict in Ukraine, it seems that we were on the same line. I'm sure that I don't have to explain why. Important to keep our relations with the United States as close as possible and as long as possible – at least for as long as this value remains a priority also on the other side of the

Artem Sytnyk

We feel the resistance of the old, unreformed

Artur Yemelianov

The main goal was achieved - as soon as I was taken out of the running in the competition (for the Supreme Court). She's a wealthy woman, she has this money, she earns as she did before. In order to regularly fly to see my daughter, I need to have the necessary money. My salary is not enough for this. I can't tell you what kind of profits there were (at her businesses), but it's a fact that none of them had zero

Pavlo Petrenko

We are all living in the real world and are well aware that the judicial system is not clean, and bribery, and corruption and cronyism exist

Pavlo Petrenko

Will that judge take an objective decision? I think he will not, because he understands that he will open Pandora's box and this practice can be used against

Rex W. Tillerson

Of course we support Article 5. The only time Article 5 has been invoked was in 9/11. They are going to have to address the situation in Ukraine and we have been pretty clear with them what that means. It means moving forward with the Minsk accord and restoring Ukraine

Stepan Kubiv

It will be their (China's) decision, but I believe that this (loan agreement deadline) needs to be extended. But at the same time we have to review the pricing policy of the resource (the loan).feedback

Maxim Oreshkin

There are serious grounds to believe that by all these measures taken, Ukraine is violating its obligations towards

Anne Applebaum

Reading between the lines of the GOP's 2016 conversation about Trump and

Petro Poroshenko

It is an absolutely historic day for Ukraine, for my 45 million nation, and I am absolutely confident that this is a historic day for the European Union. Ukraine returns to the European family. Ukraine says a final farewell to the Soviet and Russian

Aleksander Babyn

I travelled many times to Europe. It always cost money, with a lot of paperwork. Visas were very short and I had to stick to the dates. Now this visa-free regime will make it easier for those who go to Europe for travelling or business

Antonio Tajani

After this positive decision the relation between your country and the EU will be easier. We want to work as the EU parliament, as an EU institution, for good solutions, and also for the implementation of the Minsk

H.R. McMaster

What the president shared was wholly appropriate. The story combined what was leaked with other information and the insinuated about sources and methods. He made the decision in the context of the conversation, which was wholly appropriate... The president was meeting with the foreign minister about the terrorist threat. He'd also raised some difficult issues: what we expected in terms of different behaviour from Russia in key areas like Ukraine, and in

Serhiy Leshchenko

If the aim was to fight Russian influence, there are ways to work within the networks rather than blocking them

Oksana Romanyuk - Reporters Without Borders

VK provided a means of communication for Ukrainian individual entrepreneurs who had pages and advertised their goods. And this is not to mention the millions of citizens who used it to have a social

Jakub Janda

Western countries are taking this more seriously now because they can see it affects themselves and not just Ukraine and the Baltic states. From being a mainly foreign policy issue, it has become an internal security

Moshe Ben-Simon

It was a departure from anything they've done in over 200 documented

Carl Wright

This is the very first time we've cataloged an attack where Iranian hackers are working with Russian hackers-for-hire. It was like having your camera rolling right at the right moment during a robbery on the

Tom Kellermann

Iranian hackers have dramatically increased their cyberweaponry and tactical proficiency as a

Francesco Gabbani

Without any offence, but it has been the biggest pressure for me that I have been asked this question (about being favourite) zillions of times. But beside that, I want to be very honest about this - you embrace this experience of Eurovision with the aim of living a great adventure and not necessarily thinking of the first or second

Stephanie Novak

And yes, there is a war going on, but it's further, further out. And I think isn't it the whole point of Eurovision to help bring Europe together? What could be better than bringing Europe to a country that is being so affected by war at the moment and to show them what a beautiful country it

Fiona Duncan

Though Livivians of today are known for both their fervent nationalism and for their churchgoing, their city has an easy-going, almost frivolous air, filled with university students, embellished by its frothy confection of Renaissance, Baroque, Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau buildings and scented with aromas from its hundreds of Viennese style coffee houses. We only had to step out from our hotel, the Opera, and stroll with the crowds along Lviv's central spine, Svobody (Liberty) Avenue, to find out how relaxed the place

Frank Gill - Standard & Poor's

Sad to say, some of these loans were extended with the full knowledge that they would never be paid back. That is how things worked in the past, and Governor Gontareva had the unenviable task of cleaning that

Daria N. Kaleniuk

This scheme could have been noticed by the central bank and by Gontareva. The problem is, nobody has been punished yet for such a huge

Chris West

Eurovision, like the EEC, was born out of this passionate belief that we mustn't have another war in

Salvador Sobral

It's so out there and it's so outrageous and it's so silly. But it's also very, very

Chris West

Bloc voting won't make a rubbish song win. I think a song's got to be decent in order to

Alexei Alexandrov

They didn't hide it. They announced it loudly at the first

Yulia Samoylova

I came here today with great pleasure and great joy. It is a great honour for me to perform here on May 9, and I will try and share this joy with

Lyudmila Dobrovolskaya

This (Eurovision) is not a song contest, this is not a contest of singers. This is a contest of politicians. We do not like such a

Dieter Freiling

We strongly condemn the Ukrainian authorities' decision to impose a travel ban on Julia Samoylova as we believe it thoroughly undermines the integrity and non-political nature of the Eurovision Song Contest and its mission to bring all nations together in friendly

John Hultquist - FireEye

The only good news is that this activity is now commonplace, and the general population is so used to the idea of a Russian hand behind this, that it backfired on them. There was a time when Russian hackers were characterized by their lack of sloppiness. When they made mistakes, they burned their entire operation and started anew. But since the invasion of Ukraine and Crimea, we've seen them carry out brazen, large scale attacks. If this was APT28. They may have to change their playbook

Oleksandr Skichko

In spite of all the problems and difficulties we can smile, dance and sing, and show we are connected with the whole of Europe. People don't know about Kiev. We have very tasty food, great entertainment, historical places of interest. And it's very cheap. You can feel like a god here with $100 in your

Valeria Gontareva

For me it was like three years of sustained harassment. Nationalization of this bank was not our primary idea. We do not need special treatment. We are a big country in the center of Europe with educated people. We do not need to reinvent the Ukrainian

David Lipton - International Monetary Fund

After all of the hard work she has done, one can understand her moving on. Running the National Bank of Ukraine has never been and is not an easy job. But there is no doubt that Ukraine can and will find someone to carry forward the good hard work that she has

David Lipton - International Monetary Fund

Governor Gontareva has done a fantastic job in an incredibly difficult situation, despite huge resistance from some people and political

Valeria Gontareva

These banks were not banks. We call them zombie banks without any assets, with only liabilities. About 20 of them were just money-laundering machines. They do not do any business at all. It was only money

Valeria Gontareva

A revolution of dignity had happened in our country, and I was quite patriotic. I was a seasoned banker. And I thought I knew exactly what was going on. It was rosy glasses at that time. Of course I knew there were problems, but I could not imagine what problems I would face. I was quite

David Lipton - International Monetary Fund

When she came in, the country was on the edge of instability: It had an exchange rate system that had contributed to paralyzing exports and growth. Moreover, Ukraine had many banks that were either or both mismanaged and failing. She has dealt with those problems and deserves a medal for it, as far as I am

Valeria Gontareva

I promised to write a special chapter for the IMF about what to do when your country is in a real war. You cannot pretend anymore that there is a normal business model. There is an absolutely different

Valeria Gontareva

We were criticized by households. We were criticized by business. But it was the only way we could stabilize the macro

Vladimir Putin

We cannot but use this visit to discuss bilateral relations and the most problematic points, by which I mean Ukraine and Syria and maybe some other

Adrienne Watson

Trump's bromance with Putin appears to be back on track. Instead of sending Putin a tough message on backing Assad's brutal regime, Trump appears to be opting for a strategy of appeasement. Just days ago, Trump once again cast doubt on whether Russia attacked our democracy. With no apparent talk of Russia's abysmal record on human rights, no clear message on Assad's future in Syria, and no condemnation of Russia's continued aggression in Ukraine, it's clear that ultimately, Putin is getting what he wants from

Bob Corker

Let's face it, the drive for Russia sanctions was that many people on the left and right were concerned that the administration may try to undo the sanctions on Ukraine and Crimea, and – I'll just use this word – on a cheap deal relative to Syria. I don't think anybody has that fear anymore. And so the desire to act quickly has dissipated, there's no reason to do that because no one feels that's really going to happen

Tim Passmore

Orford Quay is an isolated area so it is important we do all we can to reassure local residents that their community is safe particularly during the hours of

Stuart Bacon

Now you have got the same situation with immigrants. I am sure that it is still going on all the

Tim Passmore

Whilst Suffolk Constabulary is not responsible for border control, it is clear we need to work together to protect our

Stuart Bacon

I sometimes see Customs and Excise staff coming by in their 4 X 4 but I never see Border Force people

Stuart Bacon

This part of the coast is has got to be one of the most favourable spots for bringing in

Stuart Bacon

You can just turn up at the quay in a boat, and off you go. It is wide open all along the coast. After midnight, there is nobody around and no security at

Tim Passmore

Suffolk's coastline is vulnerable to people-trafficking, as is the whole of the south and east coast, so we made sure the CCTV system was suitable for the UK Border Force, which is responsible for the security of our coastline, to obtain evidence if

Maria Korenyuk

Kyiv has a limited time to complete all the preparations for Eurovision. The contest's participants will come to the city in few days time. And the Grand Final will be held in Ukrainian capital on May

Volodymyr Antkiv

What about the metro station, it was reconstructed. But after the reconstruction the station's capacity hasn't increased, they didn't make the corridors bigger, they didn't open the third exit from the metro station that was supposed to bring passengers directly to the main

Ola Melzig

You can also refer to a beautiful flower arrangement (chaplet) that is a very traditional thing here, in Ukraine. But basically it's supposed to be feminine, but yet modern shape that defines our stage and makes it different from a very masculine stage that we did last year in

Alexei Makarkin

The Minsk agreements are not working, and each side waits for the other to get too weak to stand up for its

Dmitry Peskov

Cutting the power supply to the Luhansk region is yet another step by Ukraine to push those territories

Maxim Eristavi

Moscow’s foes love to criticize its poor human rights record. So why aren't they speaking up about persecution of LGBT people?feedback

Sergey Lavrov

The Ukrainian government has not done a single thing it was obliged too under various

Angela Merkel

The conflict parties must also finally implement the long-agreed ceasefire. And there, the Russia-supported separatists, who are illegally and violently occupying parts of Ukrainian territory bear a particular

Mark Toner

The United States urges Russia to use its influence with the separatists to allow the OSCE to conduct a full, transparent, and timely investigation. This tragic incident makes clear the need for all sides - and particularly the Russian-led separatist forces - to implement their commitments under the Minsk agreements

Raimundas Karoblis

I was met with the warmest gratitude for all the support their country has received during the war against Russia. It was also important to hear reassurances that they would provide the same assistance if Lithuania was in need. We take it as our concern and duty to help other nations in their

Kotryna Stasinskaite

I saw lots of happy, rich people in the streets of Kiev and they were obviously not concerned about all the violence and the tragedy happening in their own

River Neris

If we don't help stop the Russians in Ukraine, they will eventually come to get us

Jonas Ohman

We have worked in Ukraine for several years now. We know the needs, who needs it and how to provide it. Ukrainian people are very happy when we come. Even though we may not have much stuff, they are thankful not just for aid but also for the

Oleksander Valevich

We used to be one state a long time ago. Later, we were separated, but I feel that Lithuania is still our soul brother. It took our pain and cares just like

Anne Applebaum

Rex Tillerson may not understand that diplomacy can’t be distilled down to balance sheets and

Krista Siegfrids

Gay marriage is not allowed in Finland and that's wrong. I wanted to make a statement about

Frank Dieter Freiling

We strongly condemn the Ukrainian authorities' decision to impose a travel ban on Julia Samilova as we believe it thoroughly undermines the integrity and non-political nature of the Eurovision song contest and its mission to bring all nations together in friendly competition. However, preparations continue apace for the Eurovision song contest in the host city Kiev. Our top priority remains to produce a spectacular Eurovision song

Semen Tarasov

Every child in my school put their hands on this egg. It means that the future of our country is in the hands of its

Olha Malinkina

I chose a Beatles song as an idea for my work. Why? Because their songs are about common things: about kindness, love and peace. The peculiarity is the mirror. People can look in it and feel like passengers aboard the Yellow

Jason Maloni

Mr. Manafort's work in Ukraine was totally open and appropriate, and wire transfers for international work are perfectly legal. Yes, he is

Rex W. Tillerson

I expressed the view that the current state of U.S.-Russia relations is at a low point and there is a low level of trust between our countries. The world's two foremost nuclear powers cannot have this kind of relationship. Until full progress is made under the Minsk accords, the situation in Ukraine will remain an obstacle to improvement in relations between the U.S. and

Serhiy Leshchenko

Money received by Manafort has to be returned to the Ukrainian people. It's about a U.S. citizen and money was transferred to a U.S. bank

Jason Maloni

Mr. Manafort's work in Ukraine was totally open and appropriate, and wire transfers for international work are perfectly legal. There is absolutely nothing improper with this method of payment and there is no basis to give any credibility to the current Leshchenko allegations to the

Valeria Gontareva

I believe that resistance to changes and reforms will grow stronger now. Yesterday there was a coffin with my head in it at the main entrance of the central bank. If the whole country sees that as normal, then that's

Glib Vyshlinsky

If Gontareva leaves and her post will be taken by someone weaker and more controlled by different interest groups, this will mean that the ability to finance these payments without default and without threats to financial stability will

Glib Vyshlinsky

This will be quite a serious risk for Poroshenko's re-election in 2019 as well as for gaining control in the

Valeria Gontareva

I believe my successor will be professional and independent from political currents… But the political pressure will be (there) for anyone in this position. A floating exchange rate, inflation targeting, modern central bank – all those things that my team and I struggled for so long, remains unchanged. … The (central) bank will continue consistent implementation of the policy that you have seen throughout my

Jerome Vacher - International Monetary Fund

It will be critical to select a new governor of high professional quality and independence who can continue on the good road on which Ms. Gontareva has placed the (central bank).feedback

Julianne Smith

We should be watching eastern Ukraine, we should be watching for a cyberattack, another drip-drip-drip of WikiLeaks. There's all sorts of things they can

Mateusz Morawiecki

I am very much concerned. I think that what Russia is doing since invading Georgia in 2008 and Ukraine in 2014, it is clearly against international public law. We strongly oppose this expansionary and aggressive policy by Russia. Cyber threats to the Baltic States and Poland are difficult to overestimate. I believe this is a real threat. We have to be very much in partnership with NATO and EU

Sarosh Zaiwalla

The EU has not been able so far to produce any evidence that Rosneft ... was involved in or supported in any way the conflict in

Raimundas Karoblis

Russia is a threat. They are saying our capital Vilnius should not belong to Lithuania because between the first and second world wars it was occupied by Poland. Never belonged to Lithuania; that it was a gift of Stalin after the second world war. There are real parallels with Crimea's annexation [from Ukraine] ... We are speaking of a danger to the territorial integrity of Lithuania. This is a signal to NATO to improve its decision speed. NATO's reaction time is not as fast as we would like it to

Michael McFaul

Trump most certainly has fueled deep divisions among American elites and society, pushing all of us to focus inward – on our internal polarizing differences – and giving less attention to Putin's domestic or foreign policy behavior. Stories and discussion about Russian interventions in Ukraine and Syria, just months ago the center of attention in U.S. foreign policy debates, have faded from the public eye. Likewise, top leaders in the new administration seem indifferent to the continuing autocratic trends inside

John McCain

They are succeeding in continuing their dismemberment of Ukraine, they are succeeding in exerting an enormous influence in the Middle East which they never had before, they have succeeded in interfering with our election and we know they continue that in the French election and other elections. And so far, they have paid a little or no penalty for all of this misbehavior. And by the way, I think the national security team that the president has assembled is outstanding. And I hope that he listens to them, because they don't have any illusions about Vladimir Putin and Russian

Scott Aaronson

In order to beat back the sophistication of a near peer nation state we need to have the sophistication of the U.S. government behind

Scott Aaronson

[Ukraine was] still able to operate the grid simply in a manual state without that digital overlay, without automated controls. That's something that we in the United States have some capability to do. But actually are looking to expand upon. One [test] known as GridEx, that happens every two years, is the biggest of its kind. But individual companies practice all the time to respond to and recover from all manner of

Nina Jankowicz

Nina Jankowicz is a 2016-2017 Fulbright-Clinton public policy fellow in Ukraine, where she provides advice on strategic communications and conducts research on anti-disinformation activities across Europe. The views presented here are her

Jens Stoltenberg - NATO

Allies and Russia continue to have clear disagreements on the crisis in and around Ukraine. Allies urged Russia to use its significant influence on the militants to meet their obligations in full, and raised serious concerns about Russia's recognition of identity documents issued by the separatists, imposing the (Russian currency) rouble, and seizure of companies. It is not an easy dialogue but a dialogue we are committed to. When tensions run high, it is even more important to keep talking to each other to reduce unpredictability and

Vladimir Putin

Everybody should act in political processes within the framework of the law. All those who go outside this law should bear punishment in accordance with Russian law. We also know very well that was one of the stimulating motives and causes of the government overthrow in

Krzysztof Sawicki

It was probably a grenade launcher. The projectile hit the top floor, leaving a hole of about 70

Lode van den Hende

I would also say it is a setback for judicial protection in the EU in the area of sanctions because the court accepts (...) the fact that a company is partially state-owned is sufficient for it to be a target of

Simon Kjaer

We must go to the World Cup this time after missing out in 2014. I have played for my country at both the World Cup in South Africa and the Euros in Ukraine and Poland, and it is something that I can't bear to miss out on again. Honestly, I haven't even been watching the tournaments without us - it is too hard to sit on the couch at home instead of being there as a

Natalia Kaliada - Belarus

It is a geopolitical game, Belarus is barely on the radar for the EU and yet it is dangerous to ignore what is happening there – not just dangerous for people in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, but for the whole

Jose Carrion

Ukraine's situation three years ago, like Puerto Rico's today, was near catastrophic, but she worked with stakeholders to bring needed reforms that restored confidence, economic vitality and reinvestment in the country and its citizens. That's exactly what Puerto Rico needs today. She dealt with an extremely challenging economic situation that is very, very similar to the situation she's confronting in Puerto Rico. We have a credibility problem in

Maria V. Zakharova

Regarding the reaction of the Ukrainian authorities and media, who, within an hour after the incident already have put the blame on the Russian Federation…. This puts an end to any unprejudiced and objective investigation of this

Petro Poroshenko

Voronenkov was one of the main witnesses of the Russian aggression against Ukraine and, in particular, the role of Yanukovich regarding the deployment of Russian troops to

Jon Ola Sand

It is imperative that the Eurovision Song Contest remains free from politics and as such, due to the circumstances surrounding Julia's travel ban, we have felt it important to propose a solution that transcends such issues. We have offered Channel One Russia the opportunity for Julia to perform live via satellite as it is the EBU's intention that every broadcaster that has chosen to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest does so, as has been the case for all previous events in the contest's

Dmitry Peskov

The decision from our point of view is absolutely unfair, it's unfortunate. And we hope all the same that it will be

Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen is a former U.S. Agency for International Development project officer involved in managing economic reform projects in the former Soviet

Ilya Ponomarev

To be honest, I think he was never that interested in high politics and decisions like Crimea. Nobody is perfect, but I don't think he was engaged in serious corruption. He was doing some investigations and was very dangerous for the

Denis Voronenkov

I believe that whatever will happen will happen. I don't intend to hide. It's hard to imagine we will be

Ilya Ponomarev

He told me he was receiving threats from the FSB. To be honest, I had thought he was being a bit

Serhiy Leshchenko

I have found during this investigation that [Manafort] used offshore jurisdictions and falsified invoices to get money from the corrupt Ukrainian

Serhiy Leshchenko

Paul Manafort is an American citizen. NABU has enough to do with corrupt Ukrainian officials. I think they can be party to a bigger international investigation. First of all, it's up to American officials to investigate, because we're talking about American citizens. Money (was) transferred to an account in the United States from Belize opened with an account in Kyrgyzstan, so Ukraine is almost not involved in

Serhiy Leshchenko

This is quite a typical scheme to hide the nature of money using jurisdictions like Kyrgyzstan, because it's in the middle of nowhere (and) it's almost impossible to investigate there. I think it was an international fraud scheme and my sources in the Party of Regions say Kyrgyzstan was regularly used as a jurisdiction for

Todd Yellin - Netflix

Five stars feels very yesterday. What's more powerful: You telling me you would give five stars to the documentary about unrest in the Ukraine; that you'd give three stars to the latest Adam Sandler movie; or that you'd watch the Adam Sandler movie 10 times more frequently. What you do versus what you say you like are different

William Cohen - Cohen Group

Namely that you could embrace Putin given what he's done in Crimea, given the fact he's tried to destabilize Ukraine, given the fact he's tried to cause some anxiety in the Baltic etc., and it's inexplicable at this point, so I think he's [Trump] going to have to be more forthcoming. I think he's also learning you can't be a CEO of the US and conduct it as if it were the Trump business

Tom Reed

In the face of considerable uncertainty at the beginning of the year, our team has increased production, re-engineered our field development plans [and] improved relationships with our

Jeff Sessions

Describe any communications, not merely meetings, you had with Russian citizens during the campaign. Did you ever discuss a shift in policy on Ukraine to be exchanged for the lifting of sanctions? Describe in full the content of your conversations with Mr. Kislyak. Were you aware that the Russian ambassador was also alleged to be a recruiter of spies. Did you select Mr. Page as a foreign policy adviser for the Trump campaign? If not, who did? Why did you consider him suitable to serve on your

Kateryna Rozhkova

These banks have a high level of debt to their parent structures. Sanctions prevent these debts being

Dmitry Peskov

The steps made by the administrations of these regions, … can be understood to a

Alexander Turchinov

A decision was taken to halt the transport of goods across the line of

Vladimir Varfolomeyev - Ekho

For a country where people with disabilities unfortunately are treated as inferior, such a choice is unexpected. It could be a sign of changes in the state policy toward people with disabilities but that's hard to believe. Most probably Moscow wants to avoid any possible problems for its representative in Kiev (nobody will want to boo a disabled singer) or even hopes to win the contest by stirring up

Sergey Kalvarskiy

They are knowingly sending a young woman with a disability so that they can later report on the 'inhumane Ukrainians' who boo the Russian artist (if any of that happens).feedback

Anton Gerashchenko

We are not denying the Russian contestant entry to Ukraine, but also will demonstrate in public from her example that we aren't going to tolerate the violation of the Ukrainian

Vlad Velichko - Twitter

Russia doesn't have the moral right to take part in the Eurovision contest while Russian shells are destroying our

Uwe Hartmann

With the new funding, we will be able to support people by helping them to find out how such objects came into their family. We received four miniature paintings with a note saying, We know our father was in

Dmitry Peskov

I would not use the word 'provocation'. It (her candidacy) is the choice of a television channel, we don't see anything provocative in it. Everyone's been there. There's almost no-one who hasn't gone there. It's an international competition and the host country should follow the international rules under which the competition is

Anton Gerashchenko

If she is used as a provocation, then we will oppose this. I don't rule out that steps could be taken by our side to bar her from entering the country. But I hope that Julie Samoylova will have the courage to refrain from participating in attempts by Russia to politically provoke

Margrethe Versthager

It's a good thing that we now have draft commitments and can invite the stakeholders to voice their views, be concerned or otherwise, in order to see if this will work. Also because we would like prices to be competitive: we would like gas to flow freely, because it actually makes a difference in the households in Eastern and Central European countries. The Commission will support the transition of gas through Ukraine. On the legal side of things it has become very clear that the Commission does not find that the North Stream 2 project will be a project of common

Olena Gitlianska

The SBU is looking into the issue and will take a considered decision on her entry into Ukrainian

Dmitry Peskov

It's clear that one should wish to avoid any politicization of Eurovision and we believe it is absolutely

Boris Johnson

There is no doubt that they have been up to all sorts of dirty tricks – bringing down French TV stations; you have seen what happened in the United States where there is no question at all they were involved in the hacking of the Democratic National Convention. You have seen what happened in Montenegro, where there was an attempted coup in a European state and possibly even an attempted assassination of the leader of that state. There is very little doubt that the Russians are behind these things, to say nothing of what they have done in

Mark Toner

We've signaled at every level our continued commitment to NATO. On Russia, Secretary of State Tillerson has been clear that we would cooperate with Russia wherever possible, but not at the expense of Ukraine or

Alexei Ratmansky

At the time, food was scarce in the Ukraine, you could buy nothing, and suddenly there was all this stuff. Tatiana loves whipped cream and would run to the stores to buy those cans you can squirt. After I found the music, I did a little extract for a choreography workshop where I was the whipped cream and she was a little boy, eating

Peter Pomerantsev

Ratings aren't the main thing for them. These are campaigns for financial, political and media influence. Everyone will do it soon. It's the world we have to live in. If you can take out the electrical grid in Ukraine, that's scary. It's hard to get too scared about Larry King on RT. The Russians are about sowing mistrust about institutions that is there already, feeding it. How do we make our institutions more trustworthy?feedback

Piotr Wilczek

We hope that people who think this way will change their minds because American leadership in this region is

Dmitry Trenin

I think the humanitarian aspect exists here without any doubt. But I think for Russia it is also a political question, and I would even say the political aspect has the priority. Russia sends another signal to the West, that the future delay in realising the Minsk agreements could bring us to the point of those agreements becoming history and another scenario will develop, one not written in the Minsk

Vitaliy Svyatoshenko

This war was artificially created, and it's clear which way the wind blows – from Russia. When separatists hung their flag instead of the Ukrainian one, we knew that it would be difficult to stay and moved: first, to Kramatorsk, and now to the Kyiv

Janthomas Hiemstra - United Nations Development Programme

People from Donbas have been very well received in Ukraine. And we believe that by setting this example we can really show that IDPs are not people who need to hold up their hand to have money from UNDP, no, they can be helped by

Valentina Svyatoshenko

This work will give us a bit more money, as well as helping other people like us. We'll tell them how to apply for IDP social payments, cross checkpoints and to get humanitarian