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Robert Gardner - Nationwide
In some respects, the softening in house price growth is surprising because the unemployment rate is near to a 40-year low, confidence is still relatively high and mortgage rates have fallen to new all-time lows in recent months. While monthly figures can be volatile, the recent softening in price growth may be a further indication that households are starting to react to the emerging squeeze on real incomes or to affordability pressures in key parts of the country.feedback
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Apr 28 2017
Unemployment has been commented on by 348 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Unemployment are: Frank-Jürgen Weise, Francois Hollande, Mario Draghi and Christine Lagarde. For instance, the most recent quote from Frank-Jürgen Weise is: “The number of people without work narrowed in February, insurable employment lies significantly higher than last year's level and demand by businesses for new workers remains at a high level.”.
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Alain Peulet

We've already got problems with unemployment, there aren't enough jobs. And on top of that, we're taking in more people! It doesn't make sense! Is it mean of me to say that, not to want to welcome these people? They say we should be prepared to take in the whole world? Well I don't agree. Those we see here now are not Syrians. I don't know where the Syrians are! I don't know! I see mostly people from Sub-Saharan Africa and northern Africa. In our villages, we see a lot of Africans, more and more! And they come from countries that are not at war.feedback

Andrew Sentance - PricewaterhouseCoopers

It is not surprising to see consumers reining in their spending. Inflation has caught up with pay growth, so real incomes of workers are no longer rising. Employment growth has also slowed sharply over the past six months, even though unemployment remains historically low. The recent period of strong consumer spending growth also relied on households running down their saving and increasing borrowing. That pattern of behaviour is not sustainable in the longer term and at some point consumers will start to rein in borrowing and rebuild their savings.feedback

Philip Hammond

I'm a Conservative I didn't come into politics because I believed in higher taxes. I believe in lower taxes. And I want to see Britain as a high skill, high unemployment, high growth, low tax economy. I say low tax, I mean sensibly taxed economy. We need to address the remainder of our deficit. Get our fiscal accounts back in to balance and it's self-evidently clear that the commitments that were made in 2015 manifesto did and do today constrain the ability of the government to manage the economy flexibly.feedback

Pascal Le Merrer

What challenges will the next president face in terms of employment?feedback

Thomas Theyssier

After two weeks I had been offered a contract, so I signed a three year contract with state help, I know I have steady work for three years.feedback

Jacques Ledin

It is clearly important for companies to help young people obtain a full time contract and even with future contracts they can still train. I find this an interesting programme and I wish we could keep it.feedback

Matt Shulz - Creditcards.Com

This survey shows that despite the booming stock market and low unemployment, an awful lot of Americans are really, really worried about their finances, and what they worry about is changing. Retirement savings had long been Americans' biggest financial boogeyman, but now, health care is what is keeping the most people awake at night.feedback

Byron Kotzamanis

As long as Greece has high unemployment, it may be good luck that there's not a baby boom.feedback

Tim Armstead

We're losing population. We're one of the youngest states in the country that's losing population. We're last in workforce participation. We have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and we are near the bottom in K-12 education. Things are not where we want them to be.feedback

Nicki Hutley - Urbis

It's still soft. We've heard that the unemployment rate is stuck at 5.9 percent. We've seen jobs growth of just over 1 percent per annum so that's not enough to make inroads into the unemployment rate nor is it enough to put pressure on wages for that to tick up a bit to help the economy and to help inflation back up. So it's still moderate but what this numbers overwhelmingly tells us is that things aren't quite as bad as we thought they were given the last couple of months' data.feedback

Damian Green

This is yet another strong set of figures, with unemployment at a rate that hasn't been beaten since the 1970s and more vacancies than ever before. More people are finding full-time jobs and average wages have grown yet again, meaning more families have the security of a regular wage. However, there is always more to do. That's why we're creating a welfare system that rewards work through Universal Credit, which helps claimants keep more of the money they earn.feedback

Paul Hollingsworth - Capital Economics

Moreover, we remain optimistic that the decline in labour market slack will feed through into at least some pick-up in nominal wage growth. In any case, consumer spending should be supported by strong confidence, jobs growth, and supportive credit conditions.feedback

Paul Hollingsworth - Capital Economics

We doubt that a repeat of the erosion of households' spending power seen after sterling's last major depreciation in 2008 is on the cards, when the rise in inflation was exacerbated by a pick-up in commodity prices and a series of VAT hikes. Moreover, we remain optimistic that the decline in labour market slack will feed through into at least some pick-up in nominal wage growth.feedback

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

If one man is all-powerful, will terror be eliminated? Will unemployment (now 12 percent) fall?feedback

Paul Ashworth - Capital Economics

Payroll gains should now settle down to a steady 150,000 to 170,000 per month, which would be enough to keep the unemployment rate on a gradual downward trend.feedback

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

I want to make something very clear, we are late cycle in this economic expansion and with the unemployment rate now down to 8.9 percent all in and 4.5 percent in the widely followed U3, it is tougher and tougher to find good employees and thus it is the supply side of the equation that is the likely reason for this jobs miss relative to expectations. That said, economic growth is likely to be only about 1 percent this quarter and with weak productivity as almost 180,000 jobs per month is not adding much in terms of growth.feedback

Megane Greene - Roubini Global Economics

Right now, real wages are basically stagnant. That's why things like retail sales growth and other indicators for consumer demand have been so anemic.feedback

Cathy Barrera

As long as we see the unemployment rate decline, we will see more rate hikes.feedback

Gus Faucher

Job growth this year is running close to last year's pace and is running well ahead of what is needed to keep up with labor force growth.feedback

Nicola Sturgeon

When I was growing up Margaret Thatcher was prime minister and the policies she was implementing were doing real damage to the kind of communities I was growing up in. But very, very few people in Scotland voted for Margaret Thatcher. It just seemed to me wrong that this prime minister that Scotland didn't vote for was able to implement policies that were leading to high unemployment, devastating communities. Margaret Thatcher once famously said there was no thing about society – well, I do believe in society. I believe in a strong, cohesive society.feedback

Mark Marcon - Robert W. Baird & Co.

While the overall unemployment rate is low, the worker participation rates also continue to be low which suggests that perhaps there are portions of the labor market that are still being underutilized.feedback

Betsy Wade

The last person hired was the first person fired, and I went. You couldn't get unemployment insurance in those days if you were pregnant. We were living up the Hudson River at Fort Lee, N.J. I was in a state of terror and confusion, sewing a layette. My career was washed up.feedback

Chris Williamson - Markit

Most welcome for a region still suffering near-double digit unemployment is a rise in the survey's employment index.feedback

Vivien Schmidt

It's the same discourse of globalization gone too far, of outrage over high unemployment – and especially youth unemployment. But it's also sociocultural. People really feel a loss of control, political and otherwise. Le Pen gives people a nostalgia for a vanished past, a past most people don't even remember.feedback

John Mirowsky

A woman who had her first child at 34 is likely to be, in health terms, 14 years younger than a woman who gave birth at 18. Studies suggest that early motherhood interferes with educational attainment and predisposes women to single-parenthood, unemployment and poverty. Problems drop steadily the longer that first birth was delayed, up to about 34, then rise increasingly and steeply, particularly after the age of about 40.feedback

Ian Lyngen

The correlation isn't as strong for the month-over-month change in nonfarm payrolls than it is for the unemployment rate.feedback

Adam Posen - Bank of England

The work force is only growing at 0.5 percent and productivity's at 1 percent so it can't reach these 3-4 percent growth targets. If unemployment is, unfortunately, about as low as it's going to go, you can't pick this up. Then you're going to get financial deregulation, which in some ways is a good thing but is likely to feed further credit boom, as it's always done in the past, so the Fed will start tightening against this – that's your boom-bust cycle.feedback

Michael Gannon

There is also the health affects of unemployment that need to be considered. The Australian Medical Association has clear positions about the risk of providing energy supply through fossil fuels and specifically the risk of brown coal, but somewhere in this we would call for common sense.feedback

Alexis Tsipras

This isn't our Europe. We want to change this Europe, to say no to the Europe of fear, of unemployment, of poverty, and say yes to the Europe that takes care of social needs.feedback

Antonio Tajani

We can defeat terrorism, solve the problem of immigration and banish the lingering economic crisis, with the scourge of youth unemployment, only if we are able to rediscover and appreciate the reasons that brought us together.feedback

Marine Le Pen

The results in Britain are wonderful. They have unemployment that is lower than it's been for decades. Everyone knows what my view is on the euro and the European Union, which forbids economic patriotism, economic patriotism.feedback

Ayatollah Khamenei

The middle and lower classes of society were suffering from these problems and they continue to do so in the present time. I feel bitterness with all my heart. I feel the bitterness that the people experience. And this bitterness is related to economic matters and problems such as high prices, unemployment and social detriments. Well, all of us are responsible. However, there is a large gap between what has been carried out, and what the people and what we expect. I call the new year, a year of resistance economy, production and employment.feedback

Angel Gurria - OECD

You still have the legacy of the crisis very much alive in terms of low growth, high unemployment, growing inequalities, and then a very large impact in the destruction of trust.feedback

Ulrich Spiesshofer - ABB

Taxing robotics is as intelligent as taxing software. They are both productivity tools. You should not tax the tools, you should tax the outcome that's coming. If you look at economies with the lowest unemployment rates in the world and correlate it with robotics: Germany, Japan, South Korea have the highest robotics rates with more than 300 robots per 10,000 workers, and they have the lowest unemployment rates. So robotization and automation, wealth and prosperity go hand-in-hand. It drives competitiveness, it drives productivity and it creates jobs.feedback

Kallum Pickering - Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co.

There is a clear case for tighter monetary policy in the UK. The economy is in its eighth year of expansion, unemployment is at a record low, and households are gearing up again.feedback

Robert Heller

We have very low unemployment rate of 4.7 percent, we have inflation roughly at 2 percent, so rates should be normal now. And normal…would be at 3 percent. Instead, we are below 1 percent. If they move a lot faster in response to the Trump program, Trump may well argue that Fed is ruining the progress that they're trying to make in having even further economic growth, faster economic growth. I think that's entirely possible.feedback

Paul Dales - Capital Economics

As such, the labor market is unlikely to generate much inflationary pressure for the foreseeable future. If the unemployment rate were to rise sharply, this could be enough to prompt a further rate cut by the RBA.feedback

Sheila C. Bair

The economy is reasonable … unemployment looks good, inflation's still just shy of their 2 percent. And so why shouldn't she raise rates. I'm glad they did. I hope they keep doing it.feedback

Scott Minerd - Guggenheim Partners

That gives the market the confidence … that they're not going to let inflation run out of control and that they are going to try to stay on course. If they see unexpected rises in inflation or continued declines in unemployment, that they'll continue to gradually upgrade their expectations, which will lead to a faster rate of increases.feedback

Janet L. Yellen - Federal Reserve System

The unemployment rate has moved way down and many more people feel optimistic about their prospects in the labor market. There's job security. We're seeing more people who are feeling free to quit their jobs, getting outside offers for other opportunities. So I think the job market, which is an important focus for us, is certainly improving.feedback

Damian Hinds - Department for Work and Pensions

I'm delighted by another set of record-breaking figures showing more people in work than ever before and unemployment falling to its lowest in 12 years. Employment is up, wages are up and there are more people working full-time. This is good news for hard-working families across the UK as we continue to build a country that works for everyone. But we have more to do, which is why we're pressing ahead with our welfare reforms to ensure that it always pays to be in work.feedback

Jacob A. Frenkel - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Economic activity in the U.S. is now much more robust than it was, the unemployment rate is at a very, very low level, the composition of unemployment is also healthy, the duration of unemployment is lower. And also inflationary pressures are now coming more towards the 2 percent target of the Fed. We are still very close to zero while the normal configuration is around 3 percent or so…one needs to take the journey to go there. We should not think about it as a single step, we should think about it as a journey, as a strategy.feedback

Gus Faucher

I think the concern, in terms of why the Fed is raising rates now, is that inflation is picking up. The unemployment rate is 4.7% and that's putting upward pressure on prices. We have slower labor force growth because of the ageing of the baby boomers, [and thus] slower productivity growth in terms of output per worker. That has reduced the potential for long-run growth, it's reduced inflationary pressures, and I think rates in the future will be lower than they have been in the past.feedback

David Freeman

With the unemployment rate last lower in summer 1975 and the employment rate still at a record high, the labour market remains robust. But smaller wage increases and higher inflation mean the growth in real earnings has slowed sharply in recent months.feedback

Suren Thiru

Average pay growth continues to slow, and it appears increasingly likely that inflation will outstrip earnings growth in the coming months, which will put further pressure on consumer's spending power.feedback

Kirsten Gillibrand

The 'find money' plan rarely works. I'd go with an earned benefit that we all buy into. People understand this; most states have workman's comp, most states have unemployment insurance. All of us know, if we can invest in insurance that is there when we need it, all of us benefit.feedback

Mick Mulvaney

We've thought for a long time, I did, that the Obama administration was manipulating the numbers, in terms of the number of people in the workforce, to make the unemployment rate – that percentage rate – look smaller than it actually was. The credibility that I think I bring to this job is that I believe very firmly in real numbers. My job is to tell the president the truth. My job is to tell you the truth.feedback

Ian Shepherdson - Pantheon Macroeconomics

This means that the Fed likely will sit down in June with unemployment at 4.5pc or less. The Fed's comfort zone peaks at about 3pc, so the upside risk is now very clear.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Don't believe those phony numbers when you hear 4.9 and 5 percent unemployment. The number's probably 28, 29, as high as 35. In fact, I even heard recently 42 percent. The terrible jobs report that just came out shows the number of people not in the workforce increased by another 425,000 people last month.feedback

Josh Feinman - Deutsche Asset Management

They'll probably say rates will stay fairly low, a shallow trajectory. But look, the economy looks like it's making progress. We don't need zero rates anymore.feedback

Jonathan Cribb

We don't know how far you can push this before you get much more substantial amounts of unemployment.feedback

Larry Hogan

We could easily see areas of poverty, areas of high unemployment and areas where bus lines were not connecting to jobs, but that wasn't illustrating the full picture or helping us determine the best way to direct our resources.feedback

Carlos Kawall

We see zero growth in 2017, or maybe just a little bit above that. We should not see any big recovery this year; we will have to wait until 2018.feedback

Raj Aggarwal

What can we do to put down the roots now so it's beyond an administration, but what's best for the city?feedback

Muriel Bowser

I am confident that this framework will accelerate our progress as a leader for inclusive prosperity by creating opportunities that are accessible to all, supporting longtime businesses and residents, and benefiting our most disadvantaged communities.feedback

James Pethokoukis

I think if you talk to economists, they're a lot more skeptical, because this is not a new story. Worrying about automation and robots taking jobs–that has been a reoccurring concern since the industrial revolution. And while there have been some difficult transition periods where there has been unemployment or wages didn't go up, eventually things all sort of work out in the end. I think the baseline economist's expectation is that that might happen again: There might indeed be a very difficult transition period, but in the end there will be jobs and incomes will rise.feedback

James Pethokoukis

So they've leaped ahead and started thinking about solutions. So, if you're worried about technological unemployment, the first thing you're going to think of is 'okay, if they're unemployed, we don't want anybody starving, so we're just gonna give everybody a basic income.'...I think it's an idea to consider. There are various flavors of the Basic Income. Right now I'd rather focus on getting people good jobs and training them rather than throwing up my hands and writing them a check.feedback

Jasper Lawler - CMC Markets

With unemployment and inflation objectives close to target and no 'financial tightening', the Fed's code for falling markets, they are all out of excuses not to hike in March.feedback

Frank-Jürgen Weise

The number of people without work narrowed in February, insurable employment lies significantly higher than last year's level and demand by businesses for new workers remains at a high level.feedback

Samuel So - Fitch

For Dallas, the current unemployment rate in the Fort Worth [Texas] region is 3 percent. You'd have to go back 30 years to go that low. We think it's not sustainable. The business cycle will turn. Eventually, when it does, home prices will come down.feedback

Jim O'Sullivan - High Frequency Economics

The pattern (in jobless claims) is consistent with the trend in employment growth remaining strong – more than strong enough to keep the unemployment rate trending down.feedback

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

Our government will not loot but will help its people. We shall fight insecurity, economic crisis and unemployment.feedback

Mark Cuban

I'm willing to bet that these companies building new plants ... this will lead to fewer people being employed. People aren't going to have jobs. How does [Trump] deal with displaced workers?feedback

Clayton Fresk - Stadion Money Management

South Africa's economy is looking weak at best. Growth has been on a steady decline since the end of 2010 while unemployment continues to hover around 25 percent.feedback

Teresa Villaverde

With unemployment and everything like that, people get lost and then comes someone like Donald Trump or, in Europe, ... these new right-wing people like Marine Le Pen. There are many countries that have had a long democratic tradition and to our surprise we see the return of right-wing parties across Europe - we thought we'd never see this again.feedback

Janet L. Yellen - Federal Reserve System

The economy has recovered more quickly, for example, than ... European Union economies have in the aftermath of the crisis. The Federal Reserve has put in place highly accommodative monetary policies meant to spur spending in the economy and restore low unemployment or to achieve the goal of maximizing employment and price stability as assigned to us by Congress. I believe we're coming very close to achieving those objectives, and monetary policy remains accommodative. Economic growth has been quite disappointing.feedback

Janet L. Yellen - Federal Reserve System

The economy is recovering from a very severe crisis. We've put in place stronger financial regulation that has forced our banks to build up their capital buffers to deal with problem loans and to strengthen themselves to the point where they have been to support economic growth and recovery in our economy. The Federal Reserve has put in place highly accommodative monetary policies meant to spur spending in the economy and restore low unemployment or to achieve the goal of maximizing employment and price stability as assigned to us by Congress.feedback

Jerry Brown

In the short-term, these projects will benefit businesses up and down the state and put thousands to work – many in communities with the highest rates of unemployment.feedback

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

The European economy has proven resilient to the numerous shocks it has experienced over the past year. Growth is holding up and unemployment and deficits are heading lower. After years of crisis, we are building a success story, where reforms allow for a return to growth, investment and confidence. We cannot add, just like that, a crisis to a context of recovery in Greece and global uncertainty. Let's be reasonable. We must ensure that its benefits are felt in all parts of the euro area and all segments of society.feedback

Mari Kiviniemi - OECD

We are seeing an alarming scale of youth unemployment, the highest in the world. Young people express lower levels of trust in government than their parents. Yet the Arab youth are more educated and connected than ever and represent one of the biggest assets of region.feedback

Seth A. Klarman

Market confidence is threatened when the norms of a democratic society are under attack. While they might be popular, the reason the U.S. long ago abandoned protectionist trade policies is because they not only don't work, they actually leave society worse off. The anticipated fiscal stimulus and protectionist policies amidst sub-5% unemployment could prove quite inflationary, which would likely shock investors.feedback

Francois Villeroy de Galhau

Our responsibility is therefore to accelerate [that growth], especially if we really want to reduce unemployment.feedback

Beat Wittmann

For the time being it's good. It's good and I think that run still has some legs, because Trump is Trump, he's not a Republican, he's not a Democrat and, as he's basically a family business leader, he will not like to see the stock market down really and he would not like to have unemployment rising, so these two things will be the guiding light of his presidency. M&A volumes have been the highest since the year 2000 so there is a lot of pent up demand for investment and valuation levels that are quite high in the U.S. and are not a good guiding tool for market timing.feedback

Abdallah Benjana

Isn't there enough tension to spark trouble? Unemployment, insecurity, high rents… no idea of a future; you do this to a young man; all of this can only explode.feedback

Andy Bruce

The deals are good, unemployment is low and they are the things that have driven growth.feedback

Art Hogan

Here's the good: It's better than expected and much better on the private payrolls. When you see the unemployment rate go higher for the right reason, that's a positive.feedback

Gus Faucher

The increase in the unemployment rate came about from both more people working and more people looking for work – a positive.feedback

Sam Bullard - Wells Fargo Securities

Solid job growth should help, in part, lead to lower unemployment and firming wage pressures, and justify the Fed hiking interest rates twice this year.feedback

Chrissy Metz

I kept auditioning, with no savings and no money, credit card debt gaining interest. I went on unemployment. I bought ramen noodles at dollar stores. I never had to – God forbid – live on the streets; I moved in with a roommate who told me, Stay with me until you can afford rent. Don't give up.' People who supported me were like, If you don't have money for food, I'll cook you dinner. You don't have money for acting class? Let's get together and read lines.'.feedback

Andrew Chamberlain - Glassdoor

With a near-record job openings and a 4.7 per cent unemployment rate, it's unlikely much slack remains.feedback

Stefan Kipar - BayernLB

Unemployment could rise somewhat in the coming months, also due to the integration of refugees into the labour market.feedback

Fawad Razaqzada - Forex.com

The European Central Bank's large bond-buying program appears to be finally working its magic. Inflation is on the rise, unemployment is falling and the economic bloc is growing, all thanks to years of zero interest rates, several versions of bond purchases program and a resulting weak currency.feedback

Barry Carpenter

Historically, our industry has been an excellent starting point for new Americans. Immigrants and refugees can be an important component of some companies' labor forces, especially in rural areas where low unemployment creates a tight labor supply.feedback

Sylvain Leduc - Bank of Canada

We've conducted model simulations to analyze the effects of such a shock and found that the buffers in the Canadian financial system would be sufficient to absorb its impact. So while there would be stress, the financial system would remain resilient.feedback

Dennis Lockhart

A great deal is going on in labor markets that we don't fully grasp. For a variety of reasons, employers seem to be paying much more attention to the quality of prospective hires than pre-recession.feedback

Charles Plosser - Federal Reserve System

As an example, one contact in the staffing industry told us that during their pretesting process, a majority – actually, 60 percent of applicants – failed to answer '0' to the question of how many days a week it's acceptable to miss work.feedback

Jeffrey Lacker - Federal Reserve System

Drug abuse and the hardship involved in unemployment aren't really laughing matters,. It's hard to pin this down quantitatively, but it strikes me that there could be something meaningful there as a contributor to impediments to labor market functioning.feedback

Eric Garcetti

I think we're on very secure ground as the US Constitution says you can't put a federal financial gun to the heads of states and tell them what to do in exchange for funding. We also feel that the ethical argument and the practical argument are on our side. In these cities that are open to more immigrants we have lower crime rates, we have more economic prosperity, lower unemployment rates, so we feel like this will holdup in court.feedback

Sigmar Gabriel

The policies of Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schaeuble have no doubt contributed to the deep crises in the European Union since 2008, to the isolation of a dominant German government and, through a relentless insistence on austerity, to high unemployment outside Germany. One consequence has been the strengthening of anti-European populist parties and the damaging of not only democracy but also a good investment climate. The continuation of the current policies comes at the cost of sustainable growth. This is also dangerous for Germany.feedback

Ed Lazear

If you look at the history of the United States and our economy in particular, and you look at where we've been and what we've accomplished, it's really an amazing story. Look at the amount of churn there is in the labor market. Every year, 40 percent of the jobs turn over. Every single year. That's amazing. I complain about high taxes, I don't like what the last administration did to our tax rates, but even then, even with that, we still have a 25 percent tax-to-GDP ratio. You look at any other country, any G-7 country, their immigrants have higher unemployment rates than we have.feedback

Ed Lazear

Our immigrants have a 10 percent lower unemployment rate than the native-born population, so we've got a lot of things going for us. I think that ... we can look forward to a positive future, and I'm hopeful.feedback

Markus Jantti

This is a trial for a new kind of unemployment benefit, not for basic income. It targets only one population group, the unemployed, and lacks essential elements including taxation. The trial should have included all population groups, which in turn would lead to a larger sample size to be effective.feedback

Jim O'Sullivan - High Frequency Economics

If the unemployment rate falls some more, it is going to add to upward pressure on wages and inflation and reinforce the case for Fed tightening.feedback

Michael Saunders - Bank of England

Rather than the rise in unemployment forecast in the November Inflation Report, it seems quite possible to me that the jobless rate will stay below 5% this year. The economy might be able to run with lower unemployment than previously, consistent with the inflation target.feedback

Eric Rosengren - Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Without further gradual increases in interest rates, one might be concerned that the unemployment rate could drift below its long-run sustainable level - and as a result, inflation could eventually exceed the Fed's 2 percent target. The stance of monetary policy will need to adjust - to prevent the economy from dramatically overshooting on both elements of the dual mandate, which would place the economic recovery at risk.feedback

Jacob Zuma

We must give our people hope, we must unite against our common enemies, which are unemployment, poverty and inequality, and not against one another. The ANC has heard the message that the people delivered in August. We accept that we have made mistakes. When leaders and members of the ANC are corrupt and steal they are betraying the values of the ANC, the people and our country. We will not allow this.feedback

Musleh Tarawneh

Islamic State found a way to enter the Jordanian tribes through poverty and unemployment.feedback

Jo Masters - ANZ

As such, we continue to expect conditions in the labour market to support an ongoing, albeit gradual, decline in the unemployment rate this year.feedback

John A. Challenger - Challenger, Gray & Christmas

When the last boom got underway, oil firms had the luxury of building their work forces amid high unemployment across the nation. Before the most recent downturn, drilling firms were already struggling to find workers.feedback

Henry Croft - Accendo Markets

Today's focus will be the afternoon's U.S. jobs report, not so much for the notorious volatility-inducing non-farm Payrolls but for accompanying metrics. The unemployment rate is seen ticking up from December's 9-year low, while wage growth accelerates, something which could imply rising inflationary pressures that force the Fed to hike (interest rates) more quickly in 2017.feedback

Sal Guatieri - BMO Nesbitt Burns

While job growth has slowed somewhat, this is likely more due to a shortage of qualified workers rather than a lack of confidence among business leaders.feedback

Jed Kolko

More people are back at work than at any point since the recession. However, Trump will inherit an economy that's riding high but faces long-term challenges. Fewer adults are at work than before the recession, manufacturing is lagging despite an uptick in December and the acceleration in wage growth, while great for workers, could raise inflation fears.feedback

Lisa Lewandowski

Given the incoming administration's priorities (tax reform) and the strength of the U.S. economy (lower unemployment, higher wages, improved disposable income, rising consumer confidence), along with MO specific catalysts (possibility of iQOS [smokeless cigarette] commercialization in the U.S. market, faster growth from beer equity income and buybacks), we are lifting our rating on Altria Group.feedback

Marc Lasry

I think the market is definitely expensive, but that's life –right?– and it's going to get more expensive, and the reason is because you're going to have positive numbers. Unemployment is going down, GDP at 3 or 4 percent means a rising economic environment and you're going to have a rising stock market.feedback

David Bailin - Citi Private Bank

I think the tax policy they're talking about and how they're going to deal with capital expenditures definitely could be negative in terms of imports. And the pressures within the country, we're at 4.6 [percent] unemployment, we're going to be taking steps against immigration, and so we're going to cause a situation where there are limited supplies of labor.feedback

Martin Ford

Many workers in Finland who used to have good jobs with Nokia, for example, are now unemployed. Lots of these people have skills and could try to start businesses or maybe work for another small business at lower pay. But the traditional unemployment program doesn't allow this. If they earn any money, they lose all their benefits.feedback

Eleonora Orbanova

Unfortunately, my work is more male-oriented and most of the time the employer choses a man who's usually younger.feedback

Iván Escalante López

For one place there are a lot of candidates. You have to stand out, you have to sell yourself, you have to make falling in love with you the person who stands before you and is reading your resume, making him say: 'Yes, this guy is good and it's him what I need'. Every day you get up and you say: this could be the big day. Looking and looking, Slovakia has found me, I have found Slovakia, we liked and here we are.feedback

Branislav Ondruš - Ministry of Labour

It is not possible to solve this problem without close cooperation of employers, because they are who are responsible for employment and therefore we have to listen to them, how should look, let me say, the ideal employee or what skills should this employee have.feedback

Ylva Johansson

Giving the financial resources for people with a low level of education to be able to finance their adult education so they wont need to have loans. So they will have some direct money from the state so they can come up to the compulsory school level or upper secondary school level. The second initiative is to help people to finance a driving licence, because that might be the difference between having a job or not. So we will also try to help find a system to help people financing getting a driving licence.feedback

Ylva Johansson

Yes, the labour market is not so regulated. It's mostly regulated by social partners in collective agreement so that's quite flexible, but the housing market needs some big reforms and the government is working on that.feedback

Radovan Cechovic

I did professional work in telecommunications. As staff numbers decreased, technology advanced, so fewer workers were needed. So I was made redundant.feedback

Ylva Johansson

People are coming here – some of them without any schooling at all. Especially some women that didn't have the chance to go to school in their home country because they were girls. And of course that is a challenge – How can we adjust the education system so that these people will be able to catch up the educational level so that they will be able to enter the labour market. But of course, we also need to help those who might not be able to catch up with the educational level that is normal in the Swedish labour market – to have step stones into the labour market also.feedback

Frank-Jürgen Weise

The average unemployment for the whole of 2016 was 2,691,000. The last time unemployment was this low was 1991.feedback

Clemens Fuest

This jump in inflation is a signal to exit from the ECB's expansive monetary policy. If these figures are confirmed for the eurozone as a whole (on Wednesday), the ECB should end the bond buy programme in March 2017.feedback

Markus Soeder

The policy of zero interest rates, coupled with rising inflation, is devastating for German savers.feedback

Joerg Zeuner - KfW

Job creation should continue this year. The expected rise in unemployment due to immigrants has so far not materialised.feedback

Frank-Jürgen Weise

The positive development related to unemployment continued at the end of the year. The strong increase in employment that has been going on for a long time slowed since the summer months, but demand for new workers remains at a high level.feedback

Doug Ramsey

But I somehow just can't accept that a new three- to four-year upswing would follow a mere 14 percent S&P 500 correction that occurred with unemployment at just 5 percent.feedback

Alex Gill - IHS

Favourable demand conditions had encouraged firms to raise output, which resulted in the sharpest round of job creation in 5-1/2 years. These are positive signs for France as the country contends with high levels of unemployment.feedback

Robert Drbul

The consumer seems to be in fairly healthy condition, the balance sheets are improved, unemployment remains low, there's outlook about the new jobs and discussion of that, so generally we're pretty optimistic. But there are a lot of unknowns and there are a lot of variables that we are considering as we think about 2017.feedback

Joachim Fels - Pimco
Andrew Balls - Pimco

Consumer spending is supported by a further decline in unemployment, rising wages and expectations of personal income tax cuts to be enacted at the end of 2017.feedback

Janet L. Yellen - Federal Reserve System

I believe my predecessor and I called for fiscal stimulus when the unemployment rate was substantially higher than it is now. So I would say at this point that fiscal policy is not obviously needed to provide stimulus to help us get back to full employment.feedback

Richard Lim

We expect inflation could hit three percent next year against a backdrop of rising unemployment and weaker wage growth.feedback

Richard Lim

We expect inflation could hit 3 percent next year against a backdrop of rising unemployment and weaker wage growth.feedback

Francois Villeroy de Galhau

France has reformed more than it is given credit for, but less than its neighbours, which have shown us how to fight unemployment while respecting the European social model.feedback

Andrew Puzder

Large government, central planning, concessions to labour unions and stimulus programs that FDR believed would produce jobs instead hiked the unemployment rate.feedback

Mark Carney - Bank of England

The MPC is choosing a period of somewhat higher consumer price inflation in exchange for a more modest increase in unemployment. There are limits, however, to the extent to which above-target inflation can be tolerated.feedback

Marcel Fratzscher - European Central Bank

This won't push Italy back into crisis for now. But it means lost time for a country that faces huge problems with its banks, its enormous public debt levels and high unemployment. There is a significant danger that the reform course will now slow.feedback

Jed Kolko

With the unemployment rate this low and wages rising, now is the real test of whether a stronger economy can bring people back into the job market.feedback

Douglas Porter

The fact that overall employment managed another respectable gain and the unemployment rate actually declined for a change is at least mildly encouraging. We don't believe the Bank of Canada is doing anything with interest rates in the next year, and this wouldn't change that view.feedback

Jason Schenker - Prestige Economics

This jobs report paves the way for Fed rate hikes. It also tops off a recent run of continually positive economic data.feedback

John Canally - LPL Financial

It's a little mixed. Job growth is slowing. That's about what you would have expected at this point in the business cycle. On balance, it keeps the Fed on track to tighten.feedback

Tony Bedikian - Citizens Bank

This positive jobs report is another indication that the U.S. economy continues to pick up steam. We've seen a rally in equity markets, a stronger dollar and upward revisions to GDP as of late. The markets have priced in a Fed tightening later this month and I think today's report supports that view.feedback

Jim Paulsen - Wells Fargo Asset Management

The thing that's going to be taken away from this a few days from now is going to be the drop in the unemployment rate to 4.6 percent. Even the U6 number fell. It was a broad-based drop in the unemployment rate.feedback

Ward McCarthy - Jefferies

Average hourly earnings is disappointing. The drop in the unemployment rate – this is the best of the cycle. You had a huge drop in the level of unemployment and an increase in employment. They're saying things are improving.feedback

Jim Paulsen - Wells Fargo Asset Management

At the end of the day, we made another notch down in the unemployment rate and ultimately that's going to be leading to more pressure on wages and costs. With wages down today, that may not be the story today, but it will be in a week. A huge drop in unemployment, … I think that's going to be the part that sticks.feedback

Diane Swonk

It wasn't a slam dunk number by any means. The wages (number) is the most important, but it's important to know it came off a surge last month. It's a hiccup in wages, but not enough to stop the Fed.feedback

Diane Swonk

You've got to take it in context. Last month was an extraordinary jump. I'm not happy with it, … but at the end of the day the wage number was really strong in October, so you take a moving average and that's what the Fed will do.feedback

Jed Kolko

Recent wage gains and unemployment declines make this a tough economy to improve on.feedback

Robert Johnson - Morningstar

Inflation is ticking up a little bit, and unemployment claims are back to their lowest levels dating to 1970, when the population was much lower. This suggests that some tightening is in order from the Fed, and in the next few meetings we're likely to see a small rate increase.feedback

Chris Rupkey - MUFG Union Bank

I wonder if the sleeper number is the unemployment rate. The jobless claims are suggesting the labor market is going to get a second wind.feedback

Daniela Ölmunger

It's about opportunities and dreams in a district challenged with over 50% unemployment, gang crime and very low school results. And the idea was to create a real hub for people with business ideas.feedback

François Fillon

With this manifesto, within two years we can fix the situation. In five years, we can halve unemployment, that means get closer to full employment like our neighbours, and in ten years we could once again be Europe's number one power.feedback

François Fillon

What is brutal is the mass unemployment which is ruining millions of French people. What is brutal is the delinquency that is destroying entire districts. What may be brutal in the future is the day when the debt wall collapses on us.feedback

Mario Draghi - European Central Bank

Euro area unemployment has been steadily declining. More than four million jobs have been created since 2013, when the situation was at its worst. Domestic demand has also strengthened and real GDP growth has recorded positive figures for 14 consecutive quarters.feedback

Stanley Fischer - Federal Reserve System

To the extent that exchange-rate changes affect employment (it is) potentially quite important but not the only thing that happens. It won't stop us from doing what we should do on the basis of inflation and unemployment in the domestic economy.feedback

Marco Rossi

I wanted to grow in Italy, and the support that I received was zero. This is a country where we have a huge unemployment rate. We have a lot of skilled people. We have smart people with ideas. Why don't we create something?feedback

Rabih El Chaer

This is a very tormented situation where the unemployment in this region, all this instability, is really alarming. At the same time the internet is infiltrating all around. Look at Egypt, look at other countries where, in the Arab Spring, the internet played a key role in moving the population towards changing the regime.feedback

Ataman Ozyildirim

The interest rate spread and average weekly hours were the main drivers of October's improvement, helping to offset some of the weaknesses in claims for unemployment insurance and new orders.feedback

Ben Broadbent - Bank of England

The MPC (Monetary Policy Committee) would be less inclined to accommodate above-target inflation if it didn't also expect demand to fall slightly short of that supply potential. It would be able to do more prevent any rise in unemployment if it weren't for the inflationary pressure brought about by the fall in the currency.feedback

Barack Obama

We cannot simply look to austerity as a strategy. Our argument has always been that when the economy contracted this fast, when unemployment is this high, that there also has to be a growth agenda to go with it and it is very difficult to imagine the kind of growth strategy that's needed without some debt relief mechanism.feedback

Evan Newmark

Donald Trump, regardless of the economy, is bad for bonds. Donald Trump is inheriting an economy that is 2.5 percent growth, 4.9 percent unemployment. For things to get better for him, the economy, there has to be inflation and wage growth.feedback

Vitor Constancio - European Central Bank

I feel confident that the recovery in the euro area will continue. It will consolidate itself... so by next year we will see the unemployment rate in single digits.feedback

Marcello Hinojosa

Our main partner where we export is the United States. So if we take that away we���re going to have a lot of unemployment, we���re going to have a really big trade deficit.feedback

Diana Furchtgott-Roth

It is not surprising that the unemployment rate is so low when so many people have just dropped out of the labor force.feedback

Ethan Harris - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

That's kind of like a Goldilocks number right now. It looks like the labor force participation rate has finally turned higher. If we can mark time with an unemployment rate of 5 percent and decent job growth for a while, it's the best thing that could happen to this economy. It's one of the better stories in the economy right now.feedback

Christina Ledesma

Our unemployment rate is lower than it's been since 2008. What jobs are you bringing back?feedback

Frank-Jürgen Weise

In the course of the autumn pick-up, unemployment fell significantly, employment rose again and demand for new staff increased further.feedback

Valerie Wilson - Economic Policy Institute

It is absolutely false to say that things are the worst that they have ever been. We know that there are definitely communities in this country with excessively high rates of unemployment and poverty for African-Americans. But that by no means can be applied to the African-American experience in general.feedback

Diane Swonk

Yellen wants to run a high-pressure economy by overshooting inflation and pushing the unemployment rate lower. She wants to hedge against another recession.feedback

Ian Goldin

Yes, and we see that in the politics – this rejection because of a feeling of a threat, Germany has a labour shortage and very low levels of unemployment so if you have high unemployment one has to worry much more about this.– what Sweden's been doing is quite remarkable in relationship to its population size. And knowing that people are going to take jobs that locals wont do. Interestingly enough, even in Eastern Europe for example there is a massive labour shortage in certain skills.feedback

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

The consumer should continue to power the economy. The job market is very strong, unemployment is low and wage growth is picking up. I don't see any constraints on the consumer.feedback

Brian Cornell

We are looking at very low unemployment, fuel prices remain low, the commodity pressure on food is down. The overall approach for the consumer is going to be positive this season.feedback

Ataman Ozyildirim

Housing permits, unemployment insurance claims, and the interest rate spread were the main components lifting the index in September. Overall, the strengths among the leading indicators are outweighing modest weaknesses in stock prices and the average workweek.feedback

Nicolas Sarkozy

I believe France has many other important issues to deal with such as security, terrorism and unemployment, rather than recreate conditions for another hysterical debate.feedback

Eric Rosengren - Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

My views haven't changed, what's changed is the economic conditions. When we have an unemployment rate that's around 10 percent, we should be very aggressive in our monetary stimulus. When we have conditions like we have right now, which is we are very close to full employment … and core inflation is around 1.7 percent, those conditions are very different.feedback

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

The Fed has a problem. The unemployment rate is at 5 percent and inflation is now rising, so based on that, they should be raising interest rates.feedback

Mark Carney - Bank of England

We're willing to tolerate a bit of an overshoot in inflation over the course of the next few years in order to avoid [rising unemployment], to cushion the blow and make sure the economy can adjust as well as possible. Our job is not to target the exchange rate, our job is to target inflation. We can mess it up, we can't make it. We provide the foundations, not the end.feedback

Daniel Vernazza - UniCredit Group

It will take time for the consumer to be hit, and it will come in two ways. It will come through in higher prices, and passed on through higher import prices as a result of the weaker sterling and it will come through reduced confidence, which will come after we see job losses probably. We haven't seen any job losses in the mass yet, but over time we should start to see that, and unemployment will start to rise and then consumer confidence will be hit.feedback

Charles Evans - Federal Reserve System

I also think it would help to indicate that policymakers would be willing to accept the increased inflationary risk that might accompany further declines in unemployment.feedback

Stanley Fischer - Federal Reserve System

Unemployment is somewhere very close to the natural rate. I think we're close to full employment.feedback

Felicity Emmett - Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

The fall is consistent with some loss of momentum in labour markets this year, and more recently, in surveyed business conditions. Yet the rise in job ads over the past three months is consistent with moderate annual employment growth, which should be sufficient to underpin a further decline in the unemployment rate, albeit at a gradual pace.feedback

Andrzej Kubisiak

If you look at our history after 1989, the main problems of the Polish job market were high unemployment and low availability of jobs. The situation has reversed.feedback

Mario Draghi - European Central Bank

Through our efforts to bring inflation back towards 2 percent, we have contributed to higher growth and the creation of more jobs. In Germany, exports are benefiting from the recovery in the euro area, unemployment is at its lowest level since reunification, people's take-home pay is increasing noticeably, and venture capital is pouring into Berlin's silicon alley.feedback

Mario Draghi - European Central Bank

For the euro area to thrive, actions by national governments are needed to unleash growth, reduce unemployment and empower individuals, while offering essential protections for the most vulnerable.feedback

Eric Rosengren - Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Unemployment this low may well have the desirable effect of bringing more workers into the labour force – but, unfortunately, only temporarily.feedback

Eric Rosengren - Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

By 2019, I expect the unemployment rate to have declined below 4.5 percent. While I have a long track record of advocating for policy that supports robust labor market conditions, that is below the rate that I believe is sustainable in the long run.feedback

Jonathan Fenby

It is immigration and law and order now. (In the past) it certainly was the economy and unemployment which has remained around 10 percent (that voters cared about) but now with the terrorist attacks over the last 18 months or so it's very much become security.feedback

Mark Peden - Kames Capital

We have had a sustained recovery in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Germany - where unemployment has come down to pre-crisis levels, Andrew Sentance, ex-Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) member told CNBC via email. Much of the toxic asset exposure has been run down or run off.feedback

Dennis Lockhart

If 1.6 percent inflation and 4.9 percent unemployment were all you knew about the economy, would you consider a policy setting one tick above the zero lower bound still appropriate?feedback

Valdis Dombrovskis - European Commission

Some ministers seemed to be in favor of a stabilization mechanism built around an unemployment scheme, others looked more towards investment-based mechanisms.feedback

Daniel Tarullo - Federal Reserve

Over the last year ... the unemployment rate has remained just about stable, while we've had about a million jobs above the replacement needs. Remember our mandate is maximum employment not some constructed view of full employment.feedback

Stephen Stanley - Amherst

The underlying reality appears to be a rock solid labour market, with firms having increasing difficulty filling openings.feedback

Jasper Lawler - CMC Markets

The unemployment report was not weak enough to completely undermine the Fed's hawkish bias since Jackson Hole. It was probably enough to see fence-sitters on the Federal Open Market Committee wait until December before voting to hike interest rates.feedback

Roberto Azevêdo

Trade is not the cause for unemployment. In fact, the biggest drivers for unemployment are innovation and increased productivity. It has nothing to do with trade.feedback

Roberto Azevêdo

When we talk about trade, most of the times, it's making a relationship between trade and unemployment. Trade is not the cause of unemployment. In fact, the biggest drivers of unemployment are innovation and increased productivity. More than 80 percent of unemployment caused in those countries (U.S. and Europe) is due to those two factors, so trade is a minor component of that.feedback

Gabriela Santos - JPMorgan Asset Management

We've seen a substantial improvement in the labor market since that very disappointing May number. What we're looking for is not just a strong headline number, but an all-around strong report with strength in payrolls, a drop in the unemployment rate and some further pickup in salary growth.feedback

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

I think you need something like 200,000 and a 4.8 percent unemployment rate. I think if you got those numbers, that could be enough to convince enough people to move.feedback

Mohamed El-Erian - Pimco

What makes that probability go a lot higher a Friday report that has three things: job creation in excess of 180,000, wage growth going up and no significant move in the participation rate that pushes the unemployment rate up.feedback

Ralph Petta

Positive fundamentals in the U.S. economy, which include a recent strong jobs report, lower unemployment, and a bullish equities market are offset by sluggish overall growth in the U.S. economy and stagnant capex spending by businesses both large and small. As the presidential campaign moves into higher gear, it appears business owners continue their wait-and-see attitude toward investment in and expansion of their business operations.feedback

Malcolm Turnbull

Political divisions in advanced economies - particularly where there is high unemployment or a high risk of unemployment - are feeding on a sense of disenfranchisement among many people who feel the rapid economic changes of our time have left them behind.feedback

Jess Sharp

Credit-card use is increasing in part because labor markets continue to improve. Steady reductions in unemployment and faster wage growth have led to an increase in consumer spending.feedback

David Brown

The job growth [in Omaha] comes from small businesses. We have thousands of small businesses that are aggressive and growing very quickly.feedback

David Brown

We have spent lots of time and money to make sure we have most of the amenities that people want for a good quality of life. We find that people arrive thinking they'll spend a short time here and they end up staying here for decades.feedback

Rona Rahlf - Chamber of Commerce

The cost of living is reasonable. There isn't a demand for raising taxes that are passed onto businesses and consumers. When I do ribbon-cuttings, you ask businesses about their experiences with the city: little to no delays with permits and very accommodating.feedback

Raphael Horn - Cyrela Brazil Realty

Credit restrictions and a rise in unemployment affect our daily operations. Conservative cash management policies are allowing the company to pass through the turbulence.feedback

Felicity Emmett - Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

The labour market has lost some momentum so far in 2016, with slower average growth in both employment and job ads seeing the unemployment rate stabilise around 5.75 per cent after declining in the second half of last year from a peak of 6.3 per cent. This impact appears to have been short-lived, with job ads picking up over the course of July.feedback

Scott Anderson

These job numbers are good enough to keep the Fed on track for a December rate increase despite sluggish GDP growth in the first half of this year.feedback

James Marple

Even as economic growth has been lackluster, the job market has remained sparkling bright.feedback

Angus Nicholson

BoE Governor Mark Carney's assessment of the post-Brexit UK economy was very negative, predicting the unemployment rate will rise from 4.9 per cent to 5.5 per cent over the next two years despite the new stimulus. That makes it very likely that further cuts to the policy rate and expansions of the BoE's other easing measures will be forthcoming over the coming months, providing further downside risks to the pound.feedback

Paul Ashworth - Capital Economics

What is really worrying is that pace has still been enough to reduce the unemployment rate further, suggesting that the economy's potential growth rate could conceivably be close to zero.feedback

Joko Widodo

I am aware that the challenge keeps changing and it needs quick action from us. Unemployment and income inequality must be addressed and the Cabinet needed to work "more quickly, more effectively.feedback

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

It's nice to try to lead the way. The labor market is tight and going to get tighter. Our biggest problem going forward is not going to be unemployment, it's going to be a lack of labor. It's not surprising that companies are trying to get out ahead of this and trying to raise wages. He's not the first. You had McDonald's, Wal-Mart, Target and Starbucks.feedback

Joseph LaVorgna - Deutsche Bank

It does appear to be a noticeable downshift in job growth. Historically, when unemployment gets near 5 percent, job growth slows.feedback

Jessica Caldwell - Edmunds.com

As long as economic conditions -- like low unemployment and easy access to credit -- continue, the industry will be in a strong position through the busy summer sales months.feedback

Frank-Jürgen Weise

The labour market continues its overall positive development. The demand from companies for workforce remained high.feedback

Allen Knudson

Unemployment is still low in the state (at 3.2 percent in May). There are still job opportunities. That's the positive thing going forward.feedback

Stuart Miller - Lennar

The "home-building market continued its slow and steady recovery sustained by low interest rates, modest wage growth, positive consumer confidence and low unemployment levels combined with tight inventory levels.feedback

Jan Hatzius
Zach Pandl - Goldman Sachs Group

With the unemployment rate at 4.7 percent, wage growth clearly picking up, and financial conditions much easier, there is likely a limit to how long the Fed's pause can last.feedback

Vanessa Oddo

We think that unemployment (resulting in decreased income) could render fruits and vegetables and other more healthful foods unaffordable. This would likely lead to increased consumption of cheaper, highly processed convenience foods (e.g. boxed macaroni and cheese).feedback

Mario Draghi - European Central Bank

Reforms implemented by Portugal under its adjustment programme are estimated to have reduced the unemployment rate by around 3 percentage points over the 2011-2014 period. Likewise, the Spanish labour market reform in 2012 has been a factor supporting employment growth since then.feedback

Wolfgang Schäuble

I believe it is clear that we will stick to our solid, reliable budget policy, and which contributed to the economic development in our country which is positive despite difficulties in our environment. We have an exceptionally good situation on the labour market with a high employment rate and low unemployment.feedback

Frank-Jürgen Weise

The labour market continues its overall positive development. Unemployment fell in the course of spring. Employment rose sharply and the demand for labour also increased significantly.feedback

Joerg Zeuner - KfW

The economic impulse is perfectly timed and should dampen labour market worries caused by high immigration and the minimum wage.feedback

Hassan Rouhani

All our programmes are aimed at protecting our people and our society against poverty and unemployment. Over the past two decades, there is no country that has managed to reach a proper economic growth and proper employment without interacting with the world. Today, we are happy that others are not taking our share in OPEC. Soon, we will regain our previous oil export quota.feedback

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

We also take into account, and i think nobody should blame us for that, the fact that these (Spain & Portugal) are two countries that have suffered the crisis with full force, which still have very extremely high levels of unemployment and which have made significant reform efforts.feedback

Stephen Stanley - Amherst

The story is that non-teacher school employees (bus drivers, cafeteria workers, etc.) are somehow permitted to file for unemployment when schools are closed for a week or two (your tax dollars at work). Since the timing of the breaks swings around from year to year, the seasonal adjustment process is unable to properly take this special factor into account.feedback

Antonio Weiss - U.S Treasury

This industry remains untested through a complete credit cycle. The new business models were developed in a period of low interest rates, declining unemployment, and relatively strong overall credit conditions.feedback

Carsten Brzeski - ING-DiBa

This would be enough to save central banks from having to do even more to tackle deflation. On the other hand, it would probably be too little to force central banks to reconsider their policy stance, particularly in the euro zone, where high unemployment rates will keep core inflation at bay.feedback

Alexis Tsipras

We kept expenditure low, we gave a breath of fresh air to the economy by exploiting the EU's National Strategic Reference Framework that gave over five billion euros to the Greek economy and Greece was, for the first time, the number one country in absorbing those funds. We also had an excellent track record on tourism, we exceeded our targets on state revenues by two billion and we reduced unemployment by 1.5 percent.feedback

Stephen Crabb

I'm not saying the increase in unemployment today is a direct result of that but it is an example of the kind of real gritty questions that those people who say Britain should leave the single market, they need to respond to that.feedback

James Smith

The combination of sub-consensus wage and employment growth was not encouraging, and may suggest that uncertainty surrounding the forthcoming referendum is starting to show up in the data.feedback