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Rodrigo Duterte
We intend to drill [for] oil there. If it's yours, well, that's your view; but my view is, I can drill the oil, if there is some inside the bowels of the Earth, because it's ours. His response to me [was], We're friends. We don't want to quarrel with you. We want to maintain the present warm relationship. But if you force the issue, we'll go to
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May 19 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about US, China relations. 82 people are quoted and you can read 127 citations of them about US, China relations. Donald J. Trump, Xi Jinping, Bonnie Glaser and David Dollar, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Donald J. Trump said: “Well, I didn't say, Don't test a missile,. [Kim Jon Un]'s going to have to do what he has to do. But he understands we're not going to be very happy. And I will tell you, a man that I've gotten to like and respect – the president of China, President Xi [Jinping] – I believe has been putting pressure on him also. But so far, perhaps nothing's happened and perhaps it has. This was a small missile. This was not a big missile. This was not a nuclear test, which he was expected to do three days ago. We'll see what happens.”.
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Barack Obama

It's important that big countries that are big emitters like the US and China ... lead the way. The current administration has differences with my administration in terms of environmental policy. The good news is the private sector has already made a determination that the future is clean energy. Those things are locked in now, into the energy sector. Because of the debates taking place in the current administration the steps may be taken more slowly than they would have been done, but I'm

Donald J. Trump

Well, I didn't say, Don't test a missile,. [Kim Jon Un]'s going to have to do what he has to do. But he understands we're not going to be very happy. And I will tell you, a man that I've gotten to like and respect – the president of China, President Xi [Jinping] – I believe has been putting pressure on him also. But so far, perhaps nothing's happened and perhaps it has. This was a small missile. This was not a big missile. This was not a nuclear test, which he was expected to do three days ago. We'll see what

Donald J. Trump

The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make the U.S. manufacturing

Simon Jenkins

The threat of conflict is no property negotiation, but the president is conducting it with all his skills as a dealer, craving the eventual shake of the hand. So Kim Jong-un is just a 27-year-old millennial for whom it must have been “very hard” to lead his country at such an age. His ally, China’s president Xi Jinping, is a “very good man who I got to know really well and loves his country”. He is trying hard to resolve the “very difficult” Korean crisis. Of course Xi “doesn’t want to see turmoil and death and would like to do something to resolve things”. But “perhaps it’s possible he can’t”. So muses Donald Trump at the end of “opening bids” of his North Korean

Tsai Ing-wen

I hope Chairman Xi Jinping, as a leader of a large country and who sees himself as a leader, can show a pattern and flexibility, use a different angle to look at cross-strait relations, and allow the future of cross-strait ties to have a different kind of pattern. Why not say we both are facing a new exam. We also look forward to China using a different perspective to face this new exam. China now needs to have its own sense of responsibility. My first feeling was that this is a new [Trump] government and perhaps under this new government there will be many different possibilities that

Tsai Ing-wen

We have the opportunity to communicate more directly with the U.S. government. We don't exclude the opportunity to call President Trump himself, but it depends on the needs of the situation and the U.S. government's consideration of regional affairs. China now needs to have its own sense of responsibility. I hope Chairman Xi Jinping, as a leader of a large country and who sees himself as a leader, can show a pattern and flexibility, use a different angle to look at cross-Strait relations, and allow the future of cross-Strait ties to have a different kind of

Peter Baker - The New York Times

But President Xi [Jinping], from the time I took office, he has not, they have not been currency

Donald J. Trump

Look, he [Xi] turned down many coal ships. These massive coal ships are coming where they get a lot of their income. They're coming into China and they're being turned away. That's never happened before. The fuel, the oil, so many different

Donald J. Trump

We have a great chemistry together. We like each other. I like him a lot. I think his wife is terrific. But President Xi, from the time I took office, he has not, they have not been currency manipulators. Because there's a certain respect because he knew I would do something or

Donald J. Trump

As far as North Korea is concerned, we are in very good shape. I respect [President Xi Jinping] very much, and I think he's working very hard... Some very unusual moves have been made over the past two or three hours and I really have confidence that the president will try very

Donald J. Trump

As far as North Korea is concerned, we are in very good shape. We're building our military rapidly. Because that is what it is, it is a menace right now. I really have confidence that the President (Xi Jinping) will try very hard. We don't know whether or not they're able to do that, but I have absolute confidence that he will be trying very, very

Jamie Gorelick

The federal ethics rules do not require you to recuse from any matter concerning a foreign country just because a business that you have an ownership interest in has a trademark application pending there. Ivanka will recuse from particular matters where she has a conflict of interest or where the White House counsel determines her participation would present appearance or impartiality

Paul Haenle

I think Beijing is prepared to tighten the screws – but only so much. There's no question that Xi Jinping strongly dislikes, even probably detests, Kim Jong Un and wants to resolve this

David Ignatius

I finished the libretto a year ago, at a time when it still seemed unlikely that Donald Trump would be president. But we were already surrounded by Donald Trump-like figures in our world: Putin in Russia, Xi Jinping in China, Erdogan in Turkey. The big man who speaks in a way that people imagine Machiavelli's princes would are all over, and Trump is just the latest. The challenge was just

Paul Haenle

The evolution toward a more constructive relationship is certainly welcome. But I think the big question is whether or not it can this be sustained once the Chinese begin to underperform on trade or North Korea as times goes on. Will Trump be willing to confront his new friend Xi Jinping in order to defend U.S. interests?feedback

Cai Zhengsun

If a war starts, then the situation on the peninsula will completely get chaotic. When Xi Jinping spoke with the U.S. president, he mentioned maintaining the peace on the peninsula. (Xi) won't allow any attacks. Although the U.S. is the world's hegemonic power, it wouldn't dare to take

Marc Ginsberg

I think the signal is as much a follow up to his meeting with [Chinese] President Xi [Jinping] as it is to his warning to Pyongyang. The fact that we may see another nuclear test by the regime while the carrier group gathers around the Korean Peninsula, it almost reminds you – I hate to harken back to this – but it reminds you of the 1962 Cuban missile

Rex W. Tillerson

(Chinese) President Xi (Jinping) clearly understands, and I think agrees, that the situation has intensified and has reached a certain level of threat that action has to be

Ed Rogers

I don’t want to jinx anything, but President Trump may be experiencing the best sequence of events since he became president. Just this week, he received bipartisan support for his military strike in Syria, secured Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Senate confirmation to the Supreme Court, had impressive meetings with both King Abdullah II of Jordan and President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi of Egypt, caught a break with the Susan Rice scandal, and it appears he has walked away from a successful encounter with Chinese President Xi Jinping - all without knocking it off the rails with a wayward tweet. And it’s not just me saying that, no less than Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass wrote that this was “arguably [the] best of Donald Trump’s still young presidency, from [a] successful strike in Syria to confirmation of his Supreme Court nominee.” Imagine that, decisive and poised presidential action from the president

Donald J. Trump

It was a great honor to have President Xi Jinping and Madame Peng Liyuan of China as our guests in the United States. Tremendous... ...goodwill and friendship was formed, but only time will tell on

Zhang Haibin

The two have very different ambitions: Xi Jinping has global ambitions to lead the world and Trump is still stuck at the national

Zhang Haibin

Trump's team is very anxious; they are facing a lot of resistance at home with Congress and protests. The two leaders' domestic political situation isn't the same: Xi Jinping is 'the core' and China is very stable. Trump has yet to establish his authority in the US and is facing a divided

Li Yonghui

China needs to understand the attitude of the United States, Trump's real intentions and use that to form the basis of developing relations. Right now there's a lot of uncertainty in the relationship, and both countries need to find some common ground in this meeting. In economic terms, China may make certain concessions, but it's still unclear how far China will

Bonnie Glaser

Xi does not need to get very much; the mere fact of the meeting looks good and will play well domestically in China. It demonstrates he has a good relationship with the new president and can maintain a stable relationship with the

Diane Von Furstenberg

Our First Lady Michelle Obama has been wonderful at promoting our designers, so we were surprised and a little disappointed not to be represented for this major state

David Dollar

Just a couple of weeks ago we were thinking that Trump might be building a better relationship with Russia and he was saying all kinds of very hostile things to China. And now, in the initial press reports out of Florida, he's talking about his friendship with Xi Jinping and clearly this action in Syria is making Putin and Russia unhappy. The U.S. did warn the Russians about this. I think U.S. went out of its way not to hit any Russian forces but still, this is the kind of intervention that the Russians will be unhappy

David Dollar

I think it actually raises the importance of the North Korea issue. Remember Kim Jung Un recently used a nerve agent to assassinate his half brother, allegedly, in Malaysia, showing the U.S. it is willing to do military action unilaterally… I think it definitely raises the stakes for China in looking at what the states might do about North Korea. I don't think it's deliberately aimed at China but obviously the U.S. felt it didn't need to wait until after that summit. They didn't hesitate to do it in the middle of the summit so that's sending a certain kind of message to Xi

Robert A. Kapp

The best outcome would be something that makes Donald Trump look good, even look good to himself and that makes President Xi Jinping look good to the people watching in China. it's a optical matter rather than a substance

Nicholas Burns

These are the two most important leaders of the world. Frankly, building some kind of relationship with Xi Jinping ought to be the first priority. That's a tall order. But I think the Trump administration is right to go there. I don't think the United States can or should go it alone. We have two very important allies in Japan and South

Urgyen Badheytsang - Students for a Free Tibet

We are asking the Trump administration to see Tibet as a barometer, to see Tibet as an indicator of China's track record and to basically sternly oppose their human rights record and look to resolve these outstanding

Elizabeth Economy - Council on Foreign Relations

The Chinese are committed for their own reasons, including air quality at home and using that as a launch pad for decreasing their CO2

Scott Kennedy

Expectations are amazingly high for a meeting that is taking place only 75 days after President Trump has come into office. Xi Jinping is looking for more to walk away with in this meeting in terms of promises than the other way

Scott Kennedy

That can't be waved away with a single hand of Xi

David Dollar

There's no way in this short time frame that you can get any big agreement between the U.S. and China. That said, there's something to be said for meeting early in that each side could make clear to the other, what are the key

Jonathon Pollack

We're asking them to be forward leaning, to take risks, and they're very wary of

Max Baucus

[The Chinese] know that you cannot conduct foreign policy by Twitter, by tweeting, and brashness. That's going to tick them off. I think it's a huge mistake for the United States to drop TPP. By us not passing TPP, it creates a vacuum and guess what? China is filling the

Jonathon Pollack

There's a potential here for a crisis of unimaginable consequences. The Chinese know it, we know it. The question is: is there a enough shared concern...that you can think about much more of an activation of this cooperation between the U.S. and China?feedback

Max Baucus

It's really important because chances are something nutty is going to happen in the world, something crazy, totally unexpected. The two of them are going to have to get on the phone and talk a little bit, or at least their top people are going to have to start talking to each

David Dollar

It'd be a mistake to make too much of an issue about it, considering that's an issue where they're being

Donald J. Trump

Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength. I don't want to be the president of the

Xi Jinping

The Paris Agreement is a hard-won achievement which is in keeping with the underlying trend of global

Lee Hardman - The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

It's a bit of a mixed picture. Some downside risk (for the dollar) on the upcoming meeting between Chinese president Xi Jinping and Trump ... but to be honest, so far it's been the case that his (Trump's) rhetoric is a lot worse than his policy

Zhang Haibin

Chinese people love nepotism, we're very good at it. Chinese people have been using social networks and influential relationships to facilitate business and political dealings for thousands of

Bonnie Glaser

Both these guys are strong willed people and overly self

Bonnie Glaser

It demonstrates he has a good relationship with the new president and can maintain a stable relationship with the US. Xi doesn't have any big asks, whereas Trump

Dan Washburn

I think there's a long list of things that Donald Trump will not be able to get Xi Jinping to do, and I'd put playing golf close to the top. The last, and only, Chinese leader to be open about his golfing habit was in power back in the 1980s, and he spent the last 15 years of his life under house

Lukman Otunuga

Much attention will be directed towards Donald Trump's pending meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Any complications or tension in the meeting could spark risk aversion consequently pressuring stock

Jude Blanchette

Many of the same ideas now animating the global populist movement have been the hallmarks of the neo-Maoist movement for over a decade. The neo-Maoists have also clearly benefited from the rise of Xi Jinping, as he has blasted a pretty large dog whistle in their

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

Despite the solid gains seen so far this year, there is some evidence that the rally in U.S. markets is looking a little tired given President Trump's trials and tribulations in Congress. The reflation trade is likely to face a new test this week when President Trump entertains the Chinese leader Xi-Jinping at his Mar-a-Lago golf course in Florida, which in the words of President Trump himself could be a little '

Graham Allison

It may not be apparent when President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping meet beneath the towering palms and crystal chandeliers at Mar-a-Lago this coming week, but the nations they lead are on a collision course for war. An irresistibly rising China is challenging the United States’ accustomed dominance. Consider that the U.S. share of [].feedback

Josh Rogin

The Chinese are squeezing South Korea for deploying U.S. missile defense, and it's a test for Trump as

Bruce Bennett - Rand Corporation

There will certainly be pressure from the Trump administration to deal with [missile tests] and rein it

Derek Scissors

If it isn't primarily about North Korea, it's a mistake. The administration is not really prepared to engage China on a broad number of

Rex W. Tillerson

The policy of strategic patience has ended. We are exploring a new range of diplomatic, security, and economic measures. All options are on the table. North Korea must understand that the only path to a secure, economically-prosperous future is to abandon its development of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and other weapons of mass

John Pomfret

It’s totally premature to have a summit with China early next month. The Trump administration clearly has no China policy and so meeting with China’s leader, Xi Jinping, at this juncture makes no sense. In fact, it could do more harm than good to America’s relations with

Feng Chongyi

Since Xi Jinping came to office, he has not only failed to lead China forward in reform and opening up and constitutional government, he has made an historical

Jennifer Rubin

The symbolism is awful. “U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will skip a planned meeting of North Atlantic Treaty Organization foreign ministers next month, while also arranging a visit to Russia, the State Department said. Mr. Tillerson’s travel schedule, which also revolves around a planned U.S. visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping, is raising questions at home and abroad as the Trump administration’s intentions toward Moscow and NATO remain under close scrutiny.”.feedback

John Zhao

If you listen to President Xi [Jinping], he made a remarkable speech at Davos and he is advocating globalization, addressing some of the problems past globalizations had cost. And if you listen to that blueprint, it's all about more trade, more globalization. Immediately it has some setbacks: When the money doesn't flow, the deal stops. I think a lot of these adjustments are really meant for better development. But then, as a tactician you need to be aware of that, so the money flow restriction has had an impact to the deals and things have slowed down, and we'll just see what

Shi Yinhong

Tillerson will repeat many times this is no threat to China, but Xi won't believe it. Maybe Xi will broaden the punishment against North Korea somewhat, at the cost of further damaging relations with North Korea. We have punished North Korea many times, and Kim Jong-un hates China more and more. Maybe China will take some small steps to shut down a few trading companies, but not

David Albright

Until today, North Korea has been able to advance its nuclear programs by buying in China, having little fear of having controlled or uncontrolled nuclear related goods stopped prior to reaching North Korea. One hopes the Trump administration will succeed in pressing China to take the types of enforcement steps against commodity trafficking taken years ago in the

Wang Dong

It can help remove uncertain factors caused by Mr Trump's remarks after he took the

Joseph Fewsmith

My assumption is that Xi Jinping will emerge as even stronger following the party congress, so this is more about picking his team. Xi is clearly interested in and keen to leave his marks and make changes. I don't think he made himself 'chairman of everything' just for the sake of

Frances Eve

It has been worsening every year since Xi Jinping came to power and this past year has been no

Yao Yang

The U.S-China relationships are going to have a lot of

Stephen Orlins

Xi Jinping has been confronted with a lot of resistance to these

Scott Kennedy

The campaign for the PBOC governor is more important. It would be a reflection of Xi's ability to consolidate

Michael Hirson

It is certainly safe to say that economics are very, very important to Xi just given the economic pressures that are building in China in areas like debt and China's broader political

Gal Luft

We don't have sufficient informal channels right now, partly because there are no people in the Trump's team liaising specifically with Beijing to conduct high trust conversations. But that can be done once you find the right people. The phone call is not good enough. With Trump, you need to sit down and get to know him and engage in a deeper level of communication. When you have an atmosphere of friendship, everything looks much easier to solve. In an atmosphere of acrimony, every small thing could evolve into a big

Steve Tsang

We are many months away from the Hamburg summit. Will Trump leave his rather strong and worrying campaign promises over China alone in the meantime? No one

James Woolsey

The key is to not get bogged down in rhetoric, but to start working together on getting things

Gal Luft

I would argue that the first five minutes of the meeting is the most critical part because we are dealing with two alpha males here. They need to understand each other, but more important, like each

James Woolsey

If we can somehow get the people from the two governments ... into a world in which they are working together to start to get things built, a lot of the agonies will go away, or at least be damped

Yuan Peng

This is the most urgent thing for both countries to work at in the near future. All of a sudden, if something happens, who do we contact? That's the biggest risk in the next few months. So my suggestion is for two top leaders to find some ways to meet as soon as possible because both Trump and Xi are quite unique and strong

Gal Luft

Personal chemistry that will emerge, or not, from this will define the relationship and I cannot over emphasise this point. If they like each other, they can do business together and call each other when things are not right. But if the chemistry is not that good, then the relationship will develop in a totally different

Yuan Peng

[It] largely depends on Trump because we have made it very clear that our leader will attend both G20 and Apec. As long as Trump shows up, we will try our best to arrange bilateral talks for the

Alastair Newton

After last week's phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, I suspect that his first move will be to talk to China and bring Beijing to apply pressure on North Korea. The positive call [with Xi] means Trump is more prepared to work with China rather than lash out. It will be interesting to see what China will do. We may be going to the UN with this

Donald J. Trump

We had a very, very good talk last night and discussed a lot of subjects. I think we are on the process of getting along very well. And I think that will also be very much of a benefit to Japan. I believe that will all work out very well for everybody, China, Japan, the United States and everybody in the region. Why should some other nation be able to say I can't take a call? I fully understand the one China policy, but I don't know why we have to be bound by a one China policy unless we make a deal with China having to do with other things, including

Ed Hyman - Evercore ISI

I think he's tough, but I think he knows that China is not a pinata. He can beat up Mexico. It looks to me as though they're doing a pretty good job of advancing, but doing it in a fairly diplomatic way, as the letter to President Xi [Jinping] showed and the phone call

Zhao Kejin

For China, any card can be played except the card of Taiwan. I don't see Trump's expression on the issue as unusual since violating the 'one China' policy would harm U.S.

Chu Yin

A friendly signal is better than a provocation. He sent a letter rather than make a phone call, so Trump may still want to keep his distance from

Lu Kang

The two countries share wide common interests, and cooperation is the only correct

Rodrigo Duterte

I made a commitment to President Xi Jinping, I made a solemn commitment that we will talk about this arbitral award during my term. When, I really do not know, but we will talk

Xi Jinping

It is true that economic globalization has created new problems, but this is no justification to write economic globalization off completely. Rather, we should adapt to and guide economic globalization, cushion its negative impact, and deliver its benefits to all countries and all nations. Pursuing protectionism is like locking oneself in a dark room. While wind and rain may be kept outside, that dark room will also block light and air. No one will emerge as a winner in a trade

Paul Rawlinson

Asia is still the powerhouse for growth. Obviously China we heard about their vision for globalization. We're in China, we are growing in China and we see real opportunities for both Chinese domestic work … but also outbound work from Chinese

Paul Rawlinson

I think you heard yesterday from the President himself, that they have found a way for making globalization work for China and this is the next iteration. Having that center stage yesterday explaining the vision for China, it's coming into a new

Xi Jinping

It is true that economic globalization has created new problems, but this is no justification to write off economic globalization altogether. We must remain committed to developing free trade and investment, promoting liberalization and facilitation through opening up, and saying no to

Mimpara Dhakyel

We are really concerned (about) how our government, our own government treats us, doesn't permit us to

Nicholas Consonery - FTI Consulting

This is a story happening across Asia, but China is a big part of

Nicholas Consonery - FTI Consulting

We tend to see China as a country that has benefited enormously from

Alys Spensley

President Tsai's transit through the United States is based on long-standing U.S. practice and is consistent with the unofficial nature of our relations with Taiwan. There is no change to the U.S. one China'

Jim McCaughan

The Chinese are really preoccupied with the One China policy … That rapprochement between the U.S. and China - the fact that business has been pretty flexible between the two - has been very important to both economies and actually quite

Dennis Wilder

Xi Jinping has to respond to this internally, domestically, and while he doesn't want an open fight with Trump, he will have to show ...

Robert Daly

This is not a bargaining chip that you use to come closer to getting your ideal set of circumstances regarding trade matters, human rights or anything else. To withdraw from the one China policy is to renounce formal relations with China. Then there's no basis to discuss any of these

Geng Shuang

China expresses serious concern on this subject. If the [one China policy] is compromised or interfered with, any sound and steady development in China-U.S. relations and cooperation in various fields is out of the

Bonnie Glaser

The U.S. needs as much direct access to Xi Jinping as possible …Gov. Brandstad met Xi in 1985 and has sustained that relationship. He will likely have access to Xi when necessary, and will be

Patrick Cronin - Center for a New American Security

I don't think anyone is a drinking buddy of Xi Jinping, but familiarity is useful and could advance U.S.

Walter Lohman

It doesn't mean we're going to poke the Chinese in the eye; it doesn't mean we're going to change the 'One China policy'. But it does mean we will reform our Taiwan policy to reflect

Mike Pence

I think I would just say to our counterparts in China that this was a moment of courtesy. The President-elect talked to President Xi (Jinping) two weeks ago in the same manner that was not a discussion about

Ned Price

There is no change to our longstanding policy on cross-Strait issues. We remain firmly committed to our 'one China' policy based on the three Joint Communiques and the Taiwan Relations Act. Our fundamental interest is in peaceful and stable cross-Strait

Julie Bishop

There is... an overall anti-corruption agenda of (Chinese) President Xi Jinping and gambling is one of the areas of interest to them. We are subject to the laws of China, we are subject to the laws of the country that we are visiting or we are operating

Miguel Chanco - Association of Southeast Asian Nations

China's continued support of Cambodia, both economically and in the arena of international politics, will mean that the Hun Sen regime is unlikely to soften its heavy-handedness anytime

Alastair Campbell

Undoubtedly, there are poorly constructed and designed buildings in China, particularly due to historically poor application and oversight of planning and building laws. However, I suspect that the application of laws has probably been tightened and standards enforced since the anti-corruption drive initiated by President Xi Jinping in 2012. The penalties for breaching building laws can be

Xi Jinping

In regard to capacity cuts, China's measure is the strongest and most practical, and we will fulfill our

Xi Jinping

To seek harmony and coexistence has been in the genes of the Chinese nation throughout history and it represents the very essence of eastern civilisation. The logic that a strong country is bound to seek hegemony no longer applies and the willful use of force will lead

Mark Rutte

Bilateral, inter-regional trade flows between Asia and Europe are already the largest worldwide. So we depend on each other. That's a fact. For example, financial stability in the Eurozone directly influences growth rate in Asian countries. And the rise of a prosperous middle-class in a large part of Asia is crucial for Europe's

Sidney Rittenberg

My impression of Xi Jinping is quite positive. First, because I knew his father very well. His father was a very good man in my opinion, probably the most democratic-minded member of the old party

Fabien Farge

A gala dinner in Lyon with city authorities marks the first official part of President Xi Jinping's three-day state visit to France. And he is staying in the city on Wednesday, visiting the Franco-Chinese Institute and a major laboratory belonging to a biotechnology

Angela Merkel

An important contribution to our discussion was the dialogue on human rights, and naturally we spoke about it again today, and I made my point of view very clear: that broad and free expression of opinion is a very important element to promote a society's creativity, be it in research, culture or civil

Barack Obama

We also have a whole range of challenges on which we have to cooperate from North Korea's nuclear missile programmes to proliferation to issues like climate change, international economic order where nations are playing by the same rules, where trade is free and fair and where the United States and China work together to address issues like cyber security and protection of intellectual

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