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Luisa Ortega
In accordance with our investigation, the death of one particular student came about by a cardiogenic shock due to closed chest trauma. He was struck with an object like this. An object like this struck him. It goes here. This hit him. This is a tear gas
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May 25 2017
“Votes or bullets, what do the people want?” said Nicolas Maduro speaking about Venezuela. It’s one of the 648 quotes about Venezuela you can find on this page. 331 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Henrique Capriles, Julio Borges and Delcy Rodriguez. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Maria Diaz

We don't want more deaths. We want salaries that mean something, and medicines. The government invests more in bullets and weapons than in food and education for this

Nicolas Maduro

Enough meddling ... Go home, Donald Trump. Get out of Venezuela. Get your hands out of here. Get your pig hands out of here!feedback

Steven Mnuchin

The Venezuelan people are suffering from a collapsing economy brought about by their government's mismanagement and corruption. Members of the country's Supreme Court of Justice have exacerbated the situation by consistently interfering with the legislative branche's authority. By imposing these targeted sanctions, the United States is supporting the Venezuelan people in their efforts to protect and advance democratic governance in their

Donald J. Trump

When you look at the oil reserves that they have, when you look at the potential wealth that Venezuela has, you sort of have to wonder, why is that happening? How is that possible? But it's been unbelievably poorly run for a long period of time. And hopefully that will

Maria Corina Machado

We ask the world to look at what's happening right now in Venezuela. A deranged regime that represses and kills its

Reggie Thompson - Strategic Forecasting

What this means for Venezuela is, for the next few years, there will be additional food and goods shortages. I expect more violent incidents to take place, including in parts of the country like western Caracas, which historically has been

Monica de Bolle - Peterson Institute for International Economics

I think [the situation in Venezuela] is getting close to the bottom because I don't know if Maduro can hold on to his government. It's been showing cracks for a

Monica de Bolle - Peterson Institute for International Economics

If you look at the black market and the devaluation of the bolivar against the dollar, [inflation] is probably two to three times higher. The statistical agencies haven't been publishing data for a long time, but you can gauge inflation through the currency exchange

Anelin Rojas

I'm here for the full 12 hours. And I'll be back every day there's a protest, for as long as is necessary. Unfortunately, we are up against a dictatorship. Nothing is going to change unless we force

Felix Gonzalez

We wish for those other countries in the world not to make any obstacles to the success of this

Steven Levitsky

Even before the economic crisis, you have two things that political scientists all agree are the least sustainable bases for power, personalism and

Steven Levitsky

In most cases, the regime quits before it gets this

Carolina Herrera

Thank you so much for all your thoughtful messages. The family and I appreciate your kindness. Our only hope is that the tragic assassination of our young nephew, Reinaldo and his colleague, Fabrizio will serve to mitigate the terrible carnage and murders that are committed against our youth in Venezuela. The Electoral Results must be respected. The Communist Dictatorship must

Carlos Rivas

I have no medication and my pension doesn't buy me

Lourdes Parra

We do not want a dictatorship, we want to grow old with dignity, medicine, food and

Francisco Viveros

Each tear gas cannister costs more than the minimum (monthly) salary, the government spends more on tear gas than providing food. I'm here for the youth, the students, those who are going onto the streets. We've lived our lives so we should be at the

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela demands that the rioting and the coup d'etat

Tareck El Aissami

President Nicolas Maduro is grateful to Doctor Antonieta Caporale for her

Tamara Taraciuk - Human Rights Watch

They're using military courts because the president is assured of the outcome there. It's not a coincidence that the moment the government feels they don't control the attorney general, they look elsewhere to see that they can lock up

Vladimir Padrino

Military justice will immediately be used to hear this kind of

Nestor Reverol

Military courts will be in charge of all investigations that are necessary of these TERRORISTS hired by the

Alfredo Romero

They are being treated like they are combatants. It's taking civil jurisdiction and putting it in the hands of the military, like we are in a war. A narrative was completely invented. They are completely

Yitzhak Peterburg - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

While we have several challenges facing us, including the U.S. generics market dynamics and greater instability in the Venezuela market, we are very confident that the global business we have built will allow Teva to thrive in the

Henrique Capriles

Eighty-five military officials, their family members asked me to make it known to all the media that there is a group of them that wants to defend the

Henrique Capriles

They closed all the democratic doors, we warned how dangerous that would be for our country. FAITHFUL TO

Ilian Leon

I'm here to support the constituent process, which brings opportunities to resolve the crisis. We're faithful to Chavez's legacy. What is happening may be the starting point for a huge armed confrontation between Venezuelans. Nobody wants

Miguel Torres

What is happening may be the starting point for a huge armed confrontation between Venezuelans. Nobody wants

Maria Montilla

These kids live in a dictatorship, they have no other option but to protest however they see

Daniel Arzola

Some neighbors tried to burn me alive, and they destroyed all my drawings. So in that moment, I created 'I Am Not a Joke'. The campaign went viral in the first six months. I became more recognized because of my work, which gave me opportunities to talk about what is happening in Venezuela. I exposed the government in Venezuela, because they are really homophobic. Even when you're out of your country, your nationality can be a jail. I'm trapped here. I can't go anywhere, just because they don't give me a

Yonatan Matheus

Cases of violations of LGBTI rights [in Venezuela] continue to rise and are not reflected in official statistics. Victims prefer anonymity rather than being doubly victimized by law

Isaac Perez

The basic issue is that we are not an issue. When basic needs [are not being met], when people are more concerned with finding a meal to eat, you don't have time to focus on [LGBTQ rights].feedback

Armstrong Santana

I left the country because living in the most dangerous city in the world (Caracas) is not propaganda, but a cruel reality. I also realized [leaving] was the only way I was going to be able to be who I really

Tamara Adrian

It was a great responsibility. Many people always tell me they have the intention of entering politics [because of my election]. During the past year, the government tried to impede the National Assembly to legislate or fulfill any of its functions. We cannot stop, we cannot get tired, we have to recover democracy and freedom for Venezuela. Everybody has a job to do in order to promote equal rights. That's in particular to the LGBTI issues, but at the same time to fight for

Daniel Arzola

All the time in Venezuela the media is used to ridicule the LGBT [community].feedback

Moisés Arteaga

People sing the anthem, listen to my music, and are reminded that Venezuela is a country that is worth loving. I went out to protest with my only weapon. I went out, I started playing, and I saw that people there at the march started becoming more motivated as they heard the music. That was the objective, to motivate the people who were demonstrating. A part of me wanted the world to know that Venezuelans are here, fighting. I know that it's reached a lot of people. I want the world to know that there are other many artists, musicians who are fighting as

Moisés Arteaga

I was not afraid in that moment. My goal was to create an atmosphere of

Moisés Arteaga

Armando lost his life for his country, giving it on the streets. He paid a very high price. We as artists have to see this as an example and

Stalin Gonzalez

Another Venezuelan that this government robbed of his

Julio Castro

The striking part is the turmoil in almost all categories that this bulletin addresses, with particularly significant increases in the infant and maternal health

Henrique Capriles

I invite them to join us in forming a front to defend the constitution. Everyone who voted for Chavez who is unhappy today, who doesn't believe in this government and agrees with us that this country needs change, I invite them to join in the front in defence of the

Monica Pérez

It was the first time I saw this happen here. We all feel the moment is now, and we must continue in the streets until the

Luis Vicente Leon

Fractures [in the government] always exist, but we can't talk about reaching critical mass. In these processes, what you see are internal fissures that are so deep that they lead to an implosion. They don't come from the opposition, or from a crisis. They generally come from inside. The electoral authorities validated the constituent assembly, and perhaps most important, we haven't seen the military express

Luisa Ortega

We cannot demand that the citizens behave peacefully and legally in front of a state that is taking decisions that do not obey the

Soraya Sanchez

We want elections so we can get him out through our vote. He doesn't want to, he knows he is losing. He has an 85% unpopularity rating something former President Hugo Chavez never had. I am not a Chavista I am a member of the opposition, but you must acknowledge things. I say to him that the time has come, your time is

Shannon K. O'Neil - Council on Foreign Relations

One of the successes of the Western Hemisphere is that almost all the countries – Cuba excepted – are democracies. And that's a model Americans believe

Shannon K. O'Neil - Council on Foreign Relations

There has been a conscious choice by the government to use the money it has to pay off international debts and not to pay for food and

Shannon K. O'Neil - Council on Foreign Relations

After Chavez's death, Maduro has just continued and accelerated the authoritarian and totalitarian policies of

Shannon K. O'Neil - Council on Foreign Relations

It's a slow moving crisis – which can last longer than you think, but when they end, they end

Jennifer McCoy

The next step will depend on how big of an outcry there is in Venezuela and if the military continues to support the president or if there is international

Antonio Sano

Every day, I stop to think, My horse can win the Kentucky Derby. It would be a big gift for the people of Venezuela at this moment. In Venezuela, people are killing people. People have no food. Very

Lilian Tintori

The only proof of life that we will accept is to see

Ines Delgado

We're going to stay here until this corrupt and lying government

Leopoldo Lopez

Today is May 3, it's 9 p.m. ... I'm sending a message to my family and my children that I am

Carlos Valero

Students destroyed this statue of Chávez. They accuse him, correctly, of destroying their

Delcy Rodriguez

President Maduro has made a big call to national dialogue. They are not peaceful, the opposition leaders share big responsibility in these acts of extremism and

Ernesto Padrino

Eighty percent of Venezuelans want elections as a way out of our nation's grave economic and political

Gustavo Dudamel

I raise my voice against any form of repression. Nothing justifies bloodshed. We must stop ignoring the just cry of the people suffocated by an intolerable

Luis Amargo

I demand that Leopoldo Lopez be granted visitation rights, as set out in the Interamerican system of human

Gustavo Dudamel

I urgently call on the President of the Republic and the national government to rectify and listen to the voice of the Venezuelan people. Times cannot be defined by the blood of our people. We owe our youth a hopeful world, a country where we can walk freely in

Nicolas Maduro

I see congress shaking in its boots before a constitutional convention. You wanted your elections. Here are your

Leopoldo Lopez

I don't understand why they want me to send a proof of life. I'm sending this message to my family, to my kids, to say I'm

Ramon Muchacho

We've never had so many patients coming in from a protest as we did

Luis Emilio Rondon

It should be submitted for the consideration of all voters on the national

Miguel Pizarro

The repression has started. That's how those who want to maintain a dictatorship with violence

Henrique Capriles

Why don't we have a referendum and ask one little simple question: Are you in favour of Mr. Nicolas Maduro's government remaining or do you want to hold elections for the Venezuelan people to have a new government? Those who violate the constitution today are those who say they are the fathers of the constitution. What they are trying to do is kill the

Ricardo Herrera

Unlike some of these young people, I remember a time before the socialists. Now is not the time for fear. No one is going to work today. If we back down now, we'll be under their boot for the rest of our

Ana Sánchez

They're even painting the edges of sidewalks bright yellow. That's never been done before. The government is trying to pretend nothing happened, but we all

Ana Sánchez

I stood in a line for four hours hoping to buy flour, and maybe coffee, and then went home early. I was happy because I was one of the last who got

Javier Vargas

First, it was people protesting in the street, then a handful saw they could break into the shops and steal food. Next thing it was as if the whole hillside was coming

Javier Vargas

National guard troops guarded the big mall where the big supermarkets are, but they left the small shops that belong to the poor at the mercy of the looters. I love this country; it gave me everything I am. But everything here is in chaos. My sons are Venezuelan, but if it weren't for them I'd leave. What I saw that night was

Samuel Ramani

As Russia has close economic links with other countries at odds with the West – like Iran, Venezuela and Syria – this symbolic dimension of the Russia-North Korea relationship has strategic

Jorge Arce

My plan is to bring my wife and four children here this summer. Venezuela is complicated now. It's a very dangerous place. I've seen people killed for nothing. I saw a bullet go through a policeman on a motorbike and kill the child sitting in front of him. Right in front of my business. The gunman stopped, pointed the gun at me, perhaps recognised me and then rode on. I want to bring my family to Spain where it is

Nicolas Maduro

This will be a citizens' assembly made up of workers. The day has come brothers. Don't fail me now. I am no

Susanna Malcorra

It seems that he is doubling down, and not realizing that those who die in the street – whatever colour they wear – are

Henrique Capriles

Those who call themselves the fathers of this constitution now want to kill it. The constituent assembly that Maduro has called doesn't appear in our constitution. All Maduro wants to do with this is avoid an electoral

Néstor Reveroll

I am no Mussolini. This will be a citizens' assembly made up of workers … The day has come brothers. Don't fail me now. Don't fail Chávez and don't fail your

Néstor Reveroll

The country needs a state and a judicial system that allows the Venezuelan family to leave their homes, in a day like this where [the opposition] has called for streets to be closed, and take their children to school, or go to

Julio Borges

What the Venezuelan people want isn't to change the constitution but to change Maduro through

Luis Vicente Leon

It's a way of calling elections that uses up energy but does not carry risk, because it's not a universal, direct, and secret vote. And it has the effect of pushing out the possibility of elections this year and probably next year as

Nicolas Maduro

This will be a citizens' assembly made up of workers. The day has come brothers. Don't fail me now. Don't fail (Hugo) Chavez and don't fail your

Julio Borges

This is a scam to deceive the Venezuelan people with a mechanism that is nothing more than a

Nicolas Maduro

I call a constituent assembly that will be profoundly communal, from the working class, from the people. I don't want a civil war. Do you want dialogue? Constituent power! Do you want peace? Constituent power!feedback

Henrique Capriles

When the dictatorship squeals, it's a sign we're

David Smilde

Right now the opposition is enjoying a very rare moment of unity. Is the opposition is feeding off the international contempt, and the international contempt is feeding off the protest cycle in Venezuela. Some kind of immunity or assurance. To say, It's time for elections and not be afraid what

Nicolas Maduro

I have decided to increase the minimum wage, the pensions and the labor rates of all public administration workers – doctors, nurses, soldiers, police, firefighters, teachers by 60 percent the

Enrique Sánchez Falcón

From my point of view, they are in a dire situation that they don't know how to continue using the normal mechanisms, such as having

Hermann Escarrá

There are violent groups that don't understand that violence won't get us anywhere, and that we must have a dialogue despite our

David Smilde

It is sufficiently complex and ambiguous that it might freeze some countries in the international community who think this might be a concession to the opposition, or represents an autonomous political process and should be respected. It is a transparent attempt on the part of the government to skirt elections it knows it will

Pope Francis

I make a heartfelt appeal to the government and all components of Venezuelan society to avoid any more forms of violence, respect human rights and seek a negotiated

Lilian Tintori

They told us he can't be contacted, he's in isolation and can't be visited. It's been a month with no news. His lawyers come every day but aren't given access. Leopoldo is being held by the regime of Maduro, by the

Delcy Rodriguez

Tomorrow, as ordered by President Nicolas Maduro, we will present a letter of resignation from the Organisation of American States, and we will begin a procedure that will take 24 months. [OAS has tried to take action to] intervene and take custody of our country, something that fortunately will never

Delcy Rodriguez

We're not going to continue allowing legal and institutional violations that are arbitrary and surpass any moral, ethical and licit boundary that nations in this regional organization should

Diosdado Cabello

In the morning they appear peaceful, in the afternoon they turn into terrorists and at night bandits and killers. Let me tell them straight: we're not going, Nicolas [Maduro] is not

Gladys Avariano

I'm staying here until 6 p.m. We're simply warming up because the day will come that we are all coming to the street until this government

Diego Montoya-Ocampo - IHS

Companies operating especially in the food, basic goods and oil services sector are particularly vulnerable. But in general terms, most companies operating in Venezuela are exposed to being seized due to nationalist populist ideological reasons, if they are legally declared strategic for economic and social development or if somehow are linked with supporting opposition groups. The seizure of unproductive assets is a common practice under the ruling PSUV

Diego Montoya-Ocampo - IHS

Delays in payment had been, until recently, more likely than non-payment, and the administration had so far proved willing to settle with foreign investors, but less so with domestic investors. But as the economy continues deteriorating dramatically non-payment risks following expropriation and arbitration cases are significantly

Diego Montoya-Ocampo - IHS

While we do not expect this episode to trigger an escalation in expropriations, the latent threat of asset seizure will maintain Venezuela in the extreme-risk category of our Respect for Property Rights Index for the foreseeable

Diego Montoya-Ocampo - IHS

Despite Venezuela's formal withdrawal from the ICSID on 25 July 2012, and the government's strong nationalist rhetoric, the country has at least 24 bilateral investment treaties (BITs), which remain effective and still guarantee compensation through arbitration

Julio Borges

I'm calling on the country, on all of Venezuela, to go out into the streets until we have a democratic country with social justice, where there's progress for

Pierre Gattaz

Mélenchon is the Venezuela scenario, Le Pen is the Argentine

Adela Goncalves

The police are inhumane. To me, they're criminals who are paid by the government. That is what is happening. They do not let us

Lilian Tintori

President Maduro, this is a peaceful march. We have no weapons. We do not believe in violence. We're resisting because we want peace, tranquility, we want to be with our families again. We don't want Venezuelans to have to loot out of hunger. We want Venezuelans to have food and

Mary Carmen Laguna Andrade

They passed my house with food, liquor bottles, shopping carts, computers and even a motorcycle they'd

Freddy Guevara

We should remember there are people who were killed fighting for the cause we are defending. And if they died for this we don't have the right to

Haide Lira

You don't push out a government this way. They put order where there is disorder. It's true, they are armed civilians, but what can you do in this upside-down world of ours?feedback

Fermín Mármol

If tomorrow the revolution loses the presidency, the colectivos will immediately change to urban guerrilla

Carlos Julio Rojas

They attack your neighbors when they are in food lines and are identified as opposition members, they attack store owners by making them pay extortions, they attack bakers by taking away part of their production which they later sell on the black market. They are not true collectives, or political actors – they are

Hane Mustafa

They started looting the butcher, where we are right now, and afterwards they went to the butcher next door and started looting a bakery where some people died following an electrical

Lilian Tintori

We leave our homes with a lot of strength and a lot of faith because protesting is a constitutional and universal right. The Nicolas Maduro regime doesn't even allow us to

Rosalinda Prieto

We were attacked by violent groups who launched a rain of stones and blunt objects at us. Afterwards, they burned a great quantity of rubbish in front of the hospital and the smoke got inside the facility. There were recently born babies there in the emergency area, some in

Michael Shifter - Inter-American

We saw more anger and more intensity at this march. There were also more people from popular sectors who were willing to protest than previously. It was not just the middle class. This is a sign that the base of Chavismo is extremely upset and

Javier Corrales

They make a difference. They raise the opposition's morale. They scare the government. It allows them to realize that there are huge costs to what they are doing. The mistake is to think that the only measure of success of a protest is changing the government. If you use other measures, there are huge

Margarita López-Maya

Legislators are now willing to go march and to take a beating. You didn't see that before. The international community has become aware of what is happening here, and they have sanctioned and heavily criticised the Maduro government. This also hadn't happened

Mark Toner

A fair, predictable and transparent judicial system is critical to implementing the essential economic reforms critical to restoring growth and addressing the needs of the Venezuelan

Maria Corina Machado

They're using a Venezuelan's death, for which they're responsible, to commit slander. That's how this criminal dictatorship

Rex W. Tillerson

We are concerned that the government of Maduro is violating its own constitution and is not allowing the opposition to have their voices heard, nor allowing them to organize in ways that expresses the views of the Venezuelan

Phil Gunson - The International Crisis Group

It fits a broader pattern, in the sense that the government's response to surges in opposition activity tends to be the deepening of the revolution. There are those at the top, including Maduro himself, who appear genuinely to believe that this is a revolution and the ultimate goal is the replacement of the capitalist economy with one that is entirely

Nicolas Maduro

I want the people to prepare to win it peacefully and with votes. I want us to prepare to have a prompt, total electoral

Stephen Colbert

The tree had been there forever. And your grandpa likes to sit there and stare at it. And then the tree would sell your grandpa gold coins and self-lubricating

Raul Gallegos

This is a test case for Trump. His response to a rogue nation taking over the assets of a brand-name U.S. company will be indicative of the road it wants to take with

Miguel Pizarro

We are writing a new page in history. Let's not let anything make us think it's impossible. We are the majority. We are many more. And we will change this country, whether they like it or

Mercedes Expósito

I came to march because I believe in this country and I want our youth to have a future; Venezuelans want to

Hector Trejo

I went to the rally because I wanted to get those images of what's going on, of people protesting. I know it'll help us get rid of this

José Rafael Rojas

In Venezuela, there is no peace, no justice. Having to search for food is very frustrating for me. Every time I look for corn flour, I can never find

Nicolas Maduro

The State Department announces a coup d'etat in Venezuela, today in a statement, the 18th of April, 9:10 at night in Venezuela. We have been reading it, analyzing it in all its

Nicolas Maduro

All military police and civil structures of the state of Venezuela are activated in Plan Zamora which, in the initial Green phase will defend internal order and defend peace, and defeat the coup called by Washington and by the National Assembly President Julio Borges. I sign this document so this is immediately

Nicolas Maduro

The U.S. government, the State Department Speaking has given the green light, the approval for a coup process to intervene in Venezuela. No more coups in Venezuela, no more

Gregorio Mendoza

I've just graduated ... and what I've got in the bank isn't enough for a bottle of cooking oil. We're poorer every

Vlacmy Solorzano

We came to support Nicolás Maduro and the legacy of Chávez because we can't lose the great social advances of the

Henrique Capriles

We'll see each other tomorrow at the same place and same time because our fight for democracy doesn't

Liliana Machuca

This is like a chess game and each side is moving whatever pieces they can. ..... we'll see who tires out

Joel Garcia

Francisco Alejandro spent three days handcuffed to a pipe. He received psychological torture. They put his arms on his head, said that they would kill him, his family, that they would rape his girlfriend, kill his

Emmanuel Macron

I want to take the best of the left wing, of the right wing, and even the best of the center. Some would like France to become Cuba without the sun or Venezuela without the

George Los

I can't think of any situation similar to this anywhere else in the world right

Bruce Arena

Salt Lake City has always been a fantastic host for the national team. When you combine the elements of the fan support, the stadium and the altitude, it's a perfect match as we prepare for the critical World Cup qualifiers against Trinidad & Tobago and

Wilfredo Martinez

People went into the streets last night because we are very upset, . We're having a terrible time. We can't find food and sick people can't find

Risa Grais-Targow

Ongoing opposition protests are generating strong turnouts and spilling over into typical Chavista strongholds, suggesting that social dynamics may be drawing closer to a tipping

Maria Corina Machado

It was 10 or 15 people. Some are armed and some are aggressive. But it's a minority, they don't represent

Tareck El Aissami

Despite the ruthless economic war, in conspiracy with local media and foreign news agencies, spurred by imperialists and their internal cronies ... the revolutionary government has paid $2.557

Freddy Guevara

Peaceful protesting is resistance, not violence. Looting and destroying property is not. It strengthens the dictatorship and puts us all at

Francisco Toro

Venezuela is living through a second week of rowdy anti-government street protests, with demonstrators fighting running battles with riot police employed by a government that has virtually run out of money. Nothing is as revealing as how you spend when money’s really tight. That’s when you reveal your down-at-the-core commitments, the things you really believe

Carlos Romero

This time, the opposition is not trying to seize power. They have a specific agenda, and if they achieve their goals, the protests will be considered a

Nicolas Maduro

The latest offensive by Venezuela's right wing has chosen the path of violence, coup-mongering, power-grabbing that reflects new extremist tendencies directed and governed by the United States. The reality is the order has come from Washington for zero dialogue in Venezuela, to make our country explode and give way for a foreign

David Smilde

At a certain point, divisions might emerge and some sector of the government may decide it is not worth continuing down the road to

Luis Vicente Leon

The government is going to target the candidates and leaders it considers the most dangerous, and allow only those who are electorally weaker or more open to a future negotiation to run. It is a common tactic of modern

David Smilde

Venezuela has come under greater international scrutiny than in many years. That doesn't mean there won't be more arrests or disqualifications of opposition politicians. But it will be more difficult for the Maduro government to get away with

Nicolas Maduro

The only way to reach peace is through words, through dialogue. But the reality is the order has come from Washington for zero dialogue in Venezuela, to make our country explode and give way for a foreign

Nicolas Maduro

We are facing a coup at the moment and we are defeating it in Venezuela, of course. But it comes from the oligarchical right which is subordinate to the interests of the United

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela never in its history has had biological, chemical, or nuclear

Freddy Guevara

This is a butcher shop and each of us has been given a number: some of us will be exiled, some of us will be detained, some of us will be

Maria Guedez

We need to get out on the street and fight, to tell these people we don't want

Luis Almagro

(This move) is typical of a dictatorship that violates civil and political

Eduardo Salazar Uribe - Euronews

After the crackdown on the march, some people went to the east of the city to continue demonstrating. They say they won't leave the streets until new elections are

Henrique Capriles

Venezuela has entered a resistance stage…Now we need to resist dictatorship – because that is the path they have

Gikeissy Diaz

The government is afraid. If it were not afraid, it would not close the streets. ... It would not disqualify

Nicolas Maduro

The right wing's treason of our national interests is cause for

Henrique Capriles

Today it's me, but tomorrow they will come for you. The only disqualified person in this country is you, Nicolás

Inge Mootz-Spear

Maya really enjoys looking at photos of her mom and dad. When she sees the three of them together she smiles, perhaps remembering the happy moments they shared. Whenever she speaks of them, she speaks with so much love, of how much she loved them and how much her parents loved her. She realized she felt different from others as a child and didn't know why; she realized she had something related to Asperger. A month before what happened, in 2013, she said: 'I went to a specialist and he told me I have Asperger's

Rafael Spear

Maya's schedule is busy with friends, family, parties, going to theme parks and school. She often stays at home devoted to her art, she loves painting [and working with]

Freddy Bernal

Mr. Capriles, you're trying to ignite the country. You're looking for deaths. Don't then come like a sissy saying that you're a political prisoner. Don't then come crying that you're being

Henrique Capriles

Today they gave the people the gift of a traffic jam. These guys are

Ferran Soriano

We are pleased to take this next step in our football development operations. The investment in CA Torque enables our organisation to build on existing connectivity in Uruguay and helps to expand the options for identifying and developing local and South American talent. This move also provides us with an administrative hub for our pre-existing scouting operations in the region and provides a footprint for City Football Group in South America. I am also delighted to start a working partnership with Atletico Venezuela to the benefit of both

Maria Auxiliadora Soler

Now I just have a couple of them. I count them every day, and it feels like counting the days I have left to

Jose Noguera

I hope this time people will actually stay in the streets until we see a real

Freddy Munoz

This time we are not going to let up the pressure. I can't believe the government has been sitting with its arms crossed watching this country just fall apart. I have three little kids at home. We can't find them

Henrique Capriles

We're not taking to the streets because we don't like Maduro. The way we get rid of Maduro is with elections; that is how we change the worst government our country has ever

Nicolas Maduro

From the north [the United States], they give the order to the defeated fascist right of Venezuela to fill the streets with violence and blood. In Caracas, in Venezuela, peace has triumphed once again. The OAS has surpassed itself in aggression against Venezuela. It is a real court of inquisition, carrying out abuses and

Henrique Capriles

Here the world can see the dictatorial path Mr. Maduro has

Jose Zapata

We're going to get rid of them, but we have to

Rafael Guzman

These are desperate measures because (Venezuela) in April has to fulfill its obligations and apparently does not have the resources. They intend to do an operation; we do not know if it is via repo or a direct leverage with PDVSA bonds. Nomura understood and preferred not to get

Luis Almagro

There is no denying that there has been an alteration of the constitutional

Diego Montoya-Ocampo - IHS

The ruling – and the reaction it generated – underlined the fragmentations within the ruling party. These fragmentations are also seen within Chavismo and within the armed

Monica de Bolle - Peterson Institute for International Economics

He made a gamble last week, but it blew back. Now he's in a very tough spot, because he doesn't have the strongman image and that's usually the first step in ousting a dictator. This was kind of like the beginning of the end for him. The question is whether this could unite the

Andrés Miguel Rondón

If you think the postfactual world is a recent development, then you should see how Hugo Chávez was and is still mourned in

Juan Matheus

The coup persists. The rupture of the constitutional order

Guillermo Lasso

Change is preventing Ecuador from experiencing what's happening in our neighboring country

Carlos Forgues

We're starting what Venezuela began seven years ago. They (Venezuelans) have woken up to a cruel reality to see the government taking control of everything and that's what's starting here with lack of money, lack of jobs, constant changes to economic policy, companies leaving, and no

Guillermo Lasso

A coup annulling the National Assembly! Is that what you want? Then let's go for change! Change is avoiding Venezuela's

Guillaume Long

They've been trying to confuse the population with the argument that Ecuador is going to turn into Venezuela. But no, Ecuador is not

Blasco Penaherrera

There's a small group of undecided voters who could be impacted by what is happening in

Ignacio Wells

I voted for this parliament, and this decision violates the constitution and my rights. My patients can't even find basic things like eye

Julio César Díaz

I'm sick of protesting, but I'm just as sick of standing in line for hours to find something to

Julio Borges

In Venezuela the only dialogue possible is the vote. We all have to get out - for the dignity of our country, the dignity of our children and the dignity of

Martin Vizcarra

It's a rapid gesture that other countries should take so Venezuela sees it's alone on that path. If we want a country, a continent to be governed by democracy, I think all countries must have a firm position of disavowing any kind of coup or authoritarianism. We've gone through that before and we wouldn't want to repeat that experience or see fellow countries like Venezuela go through

Luisa Ortega

In the Supreme Court's decisions, there are evident violations of the Constitutional order and a disregard for our state model, the written Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It constitutes a rupture of the constitutional

Nicolas Maduro

I think today we can find a coherent, clear and constitutional solution that clears up doubts and disarms internal and external aggressions. It's all a plan to intervene in Venezuela, provoke national chaos and impose a coup d'etat. Venezuela has a powerful democracy ... the constitution is fully

Henry Ramos

The shameless criminals are going to overturn sentences 155 and 156 in the next few

Jorge Castaneda

Peru has contributed the most, because it has been very

Javier Corrales

It's not clear exactly how wounded the government is. This is the first time since the opposition won the National Assembly in 2015 that they have managed to get the president to reverse a decision. So this is huge. It was really perhaps the first sign of public dissent within the ranks. And it was huge that Maduro did not trash her. Maduro must have realized that Ortega was not acting

Nicolas Maduro

We're brotherly people, who are there to be together and show respect for one another in trying

Tom Pepinsky

Just as democracies can be governed by authoritarians, so too can true-believing democrats lay the groundwork for

Cas Mudde

Populism is an illiberal democratic response to undemocratic liberalism. However, this comes at a price. Despite all democratic rhetoric, liberal democracy is a complex compromise of popular democracy and liberal elitism, which is therefore only partly

David Smolansky

You have a new opportunity to show the country and international community if you are with the dictatorship or want your children and grandchildren to grow and live in a country where there's democracy and

Freddy Guevara

Let's be absolutely clear. A revision of a decision that leaves everything like before doesn't resolve a