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Nicolas Maduro
I just want to say what I've already said, that the right-wing parties' internal poll took place in peace. I guaranteed it and it took place peacefully ... now they should respect the feelings of the country, which is that there's a right to
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Jul 18 2017
Venezuela has been commented on by 369 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Venezuela are: Nicolas Maduro, Henrique Capriles and Julio Borges. For instance, the most recent quote from Nicolas Maduro is: “I just want to say what I've already said, that the right-wing parties' internal poll took place in peace. I guaranteed it and it took place peacefully ... now they should respect the feelings of the country, which is that there's a right to peace.”.
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Nicolas Maduro

I'm calling on the opposition to return to peace, to respect for the constitution, to sit and talk. Let's start a new round of talks, of dialogue for

Julio Borges

Today, Venezuela stood up with dignity to say freedom does not go backwards, democracy is not negotiated. We don't want a fraudulent Constituent Assembly imposed on us. We don't want to be Cuba. We don't want to be a country without

Martha Power Pérez

People have to know that the majority of people want change and we need this change for Venezuela. We are going against the president in changing the

Maibe Ponet

For Venezuelans living abroad, today's vote is an expression of solidarity for our fellow Venezuelans who have been in the streets for more than 100 days fighting for their basic rights. But it's also an expression of extreme frustration against the government of Maduro; enough is enough. There is no way back, this movement must continue until the government acknowledges our

Freddy Guevara

The day was stained by the killing of a Venezuelan woman who [had been] protesting and exercising her rights. But violence cannot hide what has happened. The people are not afraid and are clear in their

Leopoldo Lopez

This fight was born on the street and today it continues and will continue to be waged on the streets until we restore democracy and liberty. Today millions decide and establish a mandate. No one should doubt that it is binding and that we must defend it and ensure it is

Daniela Ramos

I vote so my daughter can come back. I vote for my slain

María Carolina Ceballos

Our best weapon is this: our vote. We reject violence and we will continue to defend Venezuela always through democratic

Angel Alvarado

We have to generate total trust so that dissident 'Chavistas' vote. The 1999 constitution (created under Chavez) unites 'Chavismo' as much as it does the

Vicente Fox

It is fundamentally important that Maduro is fully aware. He can argue that millions and millions of ballots are not official, clearly they are because the call comes from the National

Marianela Balbi

We need to hold up a mirror to what's happening in Venezuela, because the government's trying to hide

Mariela Arana

I thought it was going to be more. But these seven million people spoke and it was

William Spindler - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNHCR reiterates its call to states to protect the rights of Venezuelans, particularly the right to seek asylum and to have access to fair and effective asylum procedures. Venezuelans should not be sent back against their

Annalisa Ciampi

The Venezuelan authorities should not interfere with peaceful demonstrations, and indeed are obliged to actively protect assemblies. They should facilitate the exercise of people's rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of

Francisco Martinez

It would be impossible to say that the legal proceedings against General Motors had any legal logic. Venezuela does not provide even the most minimal guarantees with respect to investment or private

Lilian Tintori

Until now, we don't know the content of the restrictions imposed by the Supreme Court. In any case, we're going to respect them. The request by Leopoldo Lopez's defence to Mr. Lopez and his family is to maintain total and absolute caution with regards to words used by Mr.

Nicolas Maduro

What we couldn't do with votes, we would do with

Javier Cremades

It is a gesture of weakness of the Maduro regime and of the opposition's strength. It is a step forward, and very positive

Katty Poleo

This encourages us to keep going because if you fight, you achieve something, however difficult it may

José Miguel Vivanco - Human Rights Watch

This is a major capitulation by Venezuela's government, which just days ago allowed armed thugs to assault the National Assembly and beat up opposition lawmakers. It's a sign that the massive street protests – plus the calls by democratic leaders throughout Latin America to end the repression – are having an

Ernesto Villegas

President Maduro has always called for peace and dialogue, something the right wing always rejected. But dialogue always produces results. Hopefully in his new conditions Leopoldo Lopez will call on his allies and followers to reflect and abandon

Elias Jaua

We adhere to the supreme court's decision and hope the (opposition) Democratic Unity Alliance will view it with maturity and stop the

Diego Padrón

[The plan] will be imposed by force and its result will be that constitutional status will be given to a military, socialist, Marxist and communist

Maria Antonieta Witzka

I think this is the first day of the transition. The government is realizing that we are the

Henrique Capriles

It gives us great pleasure that Leopoldo Lopez is at his home with his family! He must be given his full freedom, like all the political prisoners!feedback

Freddy Guevara

This is a civic rebellion. We're at a historic moment, I'm sure there will be a before and after July

Herman Wang - S&P Global

There are plausible scenarios where you could see, perhaps not $120 a barrel, but an elevated oil price, say $70 to $80 on some of these geopolitical and some of the supply concerns. Venezuela certainly is a mess right

Nicolas Maduro

Peace, I want peace for Venezuela. I do not accept violence from anyone. Let the world and the people know it. Investigate and tell the truth. I would like the opposition to condemn the acts of violence when they attack military units. Or when they assault children's and maternal hospitals. I would like the right wing to condemn the terrorist attack with bombs and bullets from a criminal we are trying to capture, where he almost killed children, women and

Nicolas Maduro

If Venezuela was launched into chaos and violence and the Bolivarian Revolution was destroyed, we would go to combat. We would never give up. And what couldn't be done with votes, we would do it with weapons. We would liberate our fatherland with

Julio Borges

Whoever sees these images from today in the National Assembly, it's possible that they get confused and think we're facing a strong government. They're wrong. A government that does what they did today with their parliament is a weak government, is a fallen government, is a cowardly

Juan Manuel Santos

We condemn the acts of violence at the National Assembly in Caracas. We reiterate the urgent call for a peaceful and negotiated

Freddy Guevara

This is Venezuela today. Criminals attack the National Assembly, the armed forces are complicit in this madness, but the people and the lawmakers resist and

John Saville

I condemn the grotesque attack on the Venezuelan

Oscar Pérez

We are fully sure of what we are doing and if we must give up our lives, we will hand them over to the people. If this constituent assembly takes place, there will be no

Oscar Pérez

Once again we are in Caracas, ready and willing to continue our struggle for the liberation of our

Oscar Pérez

Stop talking, take to the streets. If this constitutional assembly is held, Venezuela will be no more. We will have ceded the country to the

Vladimir Padrino

Many are seeking ... little 'Rambos' in the armed forces, but you're not going to find

Ritza Quintero

I'm blocking the road for a better future. We're doing this to stop the Constituent (Assembly) election. Even if we don't stop it, we're not going to recognize

Luisa Ortega

We already know they're going to remove me today. They've frozen my bank account, they've frozen my assets, and they've banned me from leaving the country. It appears that defending the constitution constitutes a

Pedro Carreno

She has attacked the democratic institutions of the

Luis Ortega Diaz

I am not going to validate a circus that will stain our history with shame and

Julio Borges

We want the people to decide. Today we're united in a single bloc to defend our

Marisela Huertas

He's nine months old, and he looks like a two-month-old. I was told to give him whole milk, but I can't find

Greg Grandin

Marches and countermarches are usually a signal that history is on the move -- that change, of some kind, is coming. But Venezuela is in

Félix Seijas Rodríguez

Right now, I only see two possibilities: Either the pilot was tricked or it was staged. It makes no

Enrique Krauze

There has been terrible economic and social destruction. Across 15 years, a trillion dollars' worth of oil income has been squandered and 80 percent of Venezuelans have fallen into poverty. The estimated inflation rate for 2017 is 720 percent, according to the International Monetary

Brian Suarez

The shields don't stop bullets, but they do protect us from tear gas, rubber bullets and

Carlos Delgado

Hearing a Ukrainian and seeing the tears in their eyes, you ask yourself: 'Hold on, am I in Ukraine or in Cafetal?feedback

Oscar Pérez

Who gains from this? Only Nicolas for two reasons: to give credibility to his coup d'etat talk, and to blame

Diego Arria

This caught them by surprise. They were trying to make a point – that's why no one was

Oscar Pérez

(I asked myself) what can we do to create a positive idea, to be a weapon against delinquency? That's how 'Suspended Death' came to

Shannon K. O'Neil - Council on Foreign Relations

It's a slow moving crisis – which can last longer than you think, but when they end, they end

Shannon K. O'Neil - Council on Foreign Relations

After Chavez's death, Maduro has just continued and accelerated the authoritarian and totalitarian policies of

Shannon K. O'Neil - Council on Foreign Relations

There has been a conscious choice by the government to use the money it has to pay off international debts and not to pay for food and

Shannon K. O'Neil - Council on Foreign Relations

One of the successes of the Western Hemisphere is that almost all the countries – Cuba excepted – are democracies. And that's a model Americans believe

Nicolas Maduro

I demand that the MUD [opposition coalition] condemns this eminently coup-mongering attack. … It could have caused a tragedy with several dozen dead and

Oscar Pérez

Venezuelans, dear brothers, we talk to you on behalf of the state. We are a coalition of military employees, policemen and civilians who are looking for balance and are against this criminal government. We have two choices: be judged tomorrow by our conscience and the people or begin today to free ourselves from this corrupt government. We don't belong to any political tendency or party. We are nationalists, patriots, and

Nicolas Maduro

We will never surrender. And what we couldn't accomplish through votes we will with

Julio Borges

Some people say it is a hoax, some say it is real, some say that it was police personnel who really are fed up. Whatever it is, it is very serious. It all points to one conclusion: that the situation in Venezuela is

Phil Gunson - The International Crisis Group

Regardless of whether this was a hoax or an act by a lunatic, the impact is the same: it suggests that the government is entering a new stage and willing to escalate violence. It seems the government is trying to find the right level of repression that can put the 'genie back in the

Luis Vicente Leon

While everyone talks about the helicopter, the supreme court just gave the ombudsman powers exclusive to the chief

Oscar Pérez

We have two choices: be judged tomorrow by our conscience and the people or begin today to free ourselves from this corrupt government. I am a helicopter pilot, a combat diver and a free parachutist. I am also a father, a companion and an actor ... I am a man who goes out without knowing if he will return home because death is part of

Nicolas Maduro

I have activated the entire armed forces to defend the peace. Sooner or later, we are going to capture that helicopter and those who carried out this terror attack. We don't belong to any political tendency or party. We are nationalists, patriots and

Julio Borges

It seems like a movie. Some people say it is a set-up, some that it is real ... Yesterday was full of contradictions ... A thousand things are happening, but I summarize it like this: a government is decaying and rotting, while a nation is fighting for

Nicolas Maduro

Listen, President Donald Trump. You would have to build 20 walls in the sea, a wall from Mississippi to Florida, from Florida to New York, it would be crazy ... You have the responsibility: stop the madness of the violent Venezuelan right wing. This is a country without government, this is chaos. The people are left out ... They (the government) are seeking solutions outside the

Nicolas Maduro

Listen, President Donald Trump. You have the responsibility: stop the madness of the violent Venezuelan right

Julio Borges

It is the clearest acknowledgment that Venezuela lives a dictatorship that intends to impose itself – against the democratic spirit – through a constituent assembly that will only deepen the social, political and humanitarian crisis that affects the

Nicolas Maduro

I demand that the MUD (opposition coalition) condemns this eminently coup-mongering attack. If Venezuela was plunged into chaos and violence and the Bolivarian Revolution destroyed, we would go to combat. We would never give up, and what couldn't be done with votes, we would do with weapons, we would liberate the fatherland with

Miguel Rodriguez

This is a country without government, this is chaos. The people are left out ... They (the government) are seeking solutions outside the constitution ... That deepens the

Nicolas Maduro

Desperation, hatred, and fury thrive among the enemies of the

Luis Almagro

Here is my response: I will resign from the General Secretariat the day that free, fair and transparent national elections are held without

Joselyn Almeida

We don't have weapons, the only option we have is to shut down the

Patrick Vieira

We knew about the talent because we scout him and we scout him quite really well. He just needed time to to adapt to the country, to try to understand the language, to understand the pace of the game. He needed time to adapt himself. And then he started to feel comfortable and now he's playing fantastically well for us. He's an important part of our team and I'm glad that he's doing well. I still believe there is more to come from

David Villa

Now he just needs to play, to get games, gain experience, live good and bad experiences. But for a 19-year-old he has advanced qualities you don't normally see in a 19-year-old

David Villa

I would bet that he will be a player for one of Europe's big teams, for sure. I'm not sure when, I'm sure with time because he's only 19, but certainly he has talent and he's ready. He knows what to do in each moment, when he does or doesn't have the ball. He's strong, he's young. He's a great kid off the field, and he knows what he has to do off the field when he's not

Patrick Vieira

That showed how our scouting department works, because if we were trying to get him after the World Cup, it would be too late. Because he did really well. He was one of the best, if not the best player of the

Angel Alvarado

Nomura is buying back notes that are held by the central bank. The government is continuing with its desperate strategy of selling off assets because its cash-flow

Luis Videgaray

Mexico's position on Venezuela is a position that will not waver, it's a position that says representative democracy is the only form of government acceptable in the Western

Nicholas Watson

It strongly suggests that flagrant abuses are a red line for doubting 'Chavistas'. Crossing that line increases the risk of defections that Maduro simply cannot

Luisa Ortega

They are trying to snuff out any dissidence. It is a shame to say it, but I believe the state has

Pedro Carreno

She should not just be dismissed – she can and should be

Donald J. Trump

Viva Cuba libre! Our policy will seek a much better deal for the Cuban people and for the United States of America. We do not want US dollars to prop up a military monopoly that exploits and abuses the citizens of Cuba. We will not lift sanctions on the Cuban regime until all political prisoners are free. It is best for America to have freedom in its hemisphere whether in Cuba or

Ana Navarro

He seems to have found a sweet spot, or maybe I should call it 'the art of dealing with Trump,' . He works with Trump on what he can, issues like Venezuela and Cuba, that Marco and our community cares about enormously. But he still manages at times – distances himself from Trump and criticizes Trump when he goes off the

Donald J. Trump

With God's help a free Cuba is what we will soon achieve. It is best for America to have freedom in its hemisphere whether in Cuba or Venezuela. We will not be silent in the face of communist oppression any

Mike Pence

We need only look to the nation of Venezuela to see what happens when democracy is undermined. That once-rich nation's collapse into authoritarianism has pushed it into poverty and caused untold suffering for the Venezuelan people. We must all of us raise our voices to condemn the Venezuelan government for its abuse of power and its abuse of its own people, and we must do it

Donald J. Trump

Today, Cuba is governed by the same people who killed tens of thousands of their own citizens, who sought to extend their repressive and failed ideology in our hemisphere and who once tried to harbor enemy nuclear weapons 90 miles from our coast. The Castro regime has sent arms to North Korea and fueled chaos in Venezuela. It has supported human trafficking, forced labor and exploitation across the

Carmen Cordero

He's disappeared. They kidnapped him. There is complete

Leopoldo Lopez

To the soldiers who are on the streets today I want to send a very clear, calm message framed in our constitution. You also have the right and duty to rebel, to rebel against orders that seek to repress the Venezuelan

Wilmer Valderrama

As a Latin man and someone that grew up in Venezuela, to see your father make such a sacrifice and sell everything he had just to bring us to the United States and have the education he never had, it's so admirable. It was my fourth audition for That '70s Show. I didn't have the job yet. I looked at my dad and I said, Could you imagine? We go from 99 Cents stores to Ralphs. We'll be going to a real grocery store.' . Everything changed

Wilmer Valderrama

It was the ugliest, most angry fish I've ever seen. It just completely traumatized me. It took me about a year to get back out on the lake

Doug Erwin

He was using this as an example of the destruction of plants in these cloud forests in Venezuela, all of which could be completely true. The problem is, the probability of finding one of those cloud forests in the fossil record is

Juan Osco

We ask that a true democracy comes to Venezuela, and above all, that the entire world supports the people there who are

Henrique Capriles

It's clear [the interior ministry will] try to use the police against the

Luisa Ortega

Somebody is threatening my family. They harass them, they follow them, patrol cars that look like

Nicolas Maduro

I am going to ask Pope Francis to help us so the opposition end the violence, but more than anything to stop looking for children to involve in violent

Paul Simpson

I cannot sit here and say I thought it was our best performance. We really had to battle in that second half because Venezuela put us under so much pressure but the players defended for their lives. I suppose to win a World Cup you have to do that. There are more ways than one to win a game of football and sometimes you have to defend and that is what we

Hugo Chavez

Revolutionary Venezuela is aware of the infinite value of music as a bastion in the fight for equality and

Jesús Pérez - Sistema

I couldn't imagine it. I saw 'Trending Topic, Armando Cañizales,' and I said to my wife, What was Armando doing there?feedback

Ollantay Velásquez

In its 42 years, El Sistema somehow managed to keep an impartial

Gustavo Dudamel

We must stop ignoring the just cry of the people suffocated by an intolerable crisis. I raise my voice against violence. I raise my voice against

Dominic Solanke

It's our time. The determination we have is what drives us on. We know that even if we're losing, we can bring it

Jesus Faria

Treason is the most outrageous and miserable conduct. This woman, with her comments, is inciting these armed insurrectional

Luisa Ortega

A constituent (assembly) behind the backs of the people cannot be. Those opposed to the assembly are called traitors, fascists, terrorists - we cannot live in a country like

Cristina Flesher

It takes a lot of different forms, but really it's a collective bearing of witness rather than a single instance of an outraged person on the street. The key is to maintain the moral high

Jani Mendez

We do these escraches so that word gets back to Venezuela. They are

Cristina Flesher

In terms of effectiveness, it's all about credibility. The minute you stray from things that are verifiable, you open yourself up to

Nikki Haley

Ashley eventually got out of the hospital ... she is one of the lucky ones. She lived. Others are not so lucky. In the last year, 11,500 babies died before their first birthday in Venezuela. Maternal mortality is up 65

Nikki Haley

This is an economic, political and humanitarian crisis that demands the world's attention. The Venezuelan government is in the midst of destroying human rights and democracy in Venezuela. It is conducting a campaign of violence and intimidation against unarmed demonstrators, businesses, civil society and freely elected political opposition. It's the reason why I am so concerned about Venezuela. Because in Venezuela, (one is) hard-pressed to see that Maduro is not following in the same steps as Assad. We have to make sure we stop it before it gets to that

Nikki Haley

The Venezuela regime is fooling no one. Recognising that its grip on power has slipped, it is yet again trying to change the rules of the

Nikki Haley

It's hard to accept that this council has never considered a resolution on Venezuela and yet it adopted five biased resolutions in March against a single country – Israel. It is essential that this council address its chronic anti-Israel bias if it is to have any credibility. The United States is looking very carefully at this council and our participation in it. We see some areas for significant

Francisco Zambrano

I identified myself as a journalist, but they still opened my bag, threw my things to the ground and searched my pockets. I thought it was a regular procedure until they took out my cell phone and one of them kept

Juan Matheus

(Interior Minister) Nestor Reverol gives them license to

Alonso Medina Roa

Over 300 people arrested at demonstrations have been taken to military courts. They are being treated as a form of prisoners of

Nikki Haley

The United States is looking carefully at this Council and our participation in it. We see some areas for significant strengthening. This relentless, pathological campaign against a country that actually has a strong human rights record makes a mockery not of Israel, but of the Council itself. If Venezuela cannot, it should voluntarily step down from its seat on the Human Rights Council until it can get its own house in order. Being a member of this council is a privilege, and no country who is a human rights violator should be allowed a seat at the

Louis Charbonneau - United Nations Security Council

There is an enormous concentration of power, there are no independent institutions left to act as a check on executive

Peter Cerda - International Air Transport Association

I still think it will probably get worse before it gets better. The government's main priority is not aviation ... We know what's happening in Venezuela with the uncertainty and violent demonstrations. The industry is trying to be sympathetic. The airlines don't want to pull out of Venezuela, but we are getting to a point where airlines need to take business

Kirk Hawkins

Our research shows that time matters. Populists don't do away with democracy the first day that they enter

Francisco Toro

Venezuela ran large budget deficits every year, even as oil prices skyrocketed between 2005 to 2014. That meant the country was piling on debt even as government revenue exploded–a senseless, pro-cyclical policy that left Venezuela up a creek without a paddle when commodity prices

Kirk Hawkins

Populism has a moral dimension that is ... dualistic. Populists do actually come [into office] believing very firmly in democracy. It probably takes a while–repeated conflicts with their opponents, reinforcing their beliefs about conspiracies against them–to justify stronger and stronger moves against those institutions. … But I also think there has to be a public that is willing to see their own cherished institutions be chiseled away at and not question it. That is something that is very hard to do all at

Olga Onuch
Inaki Sagarzazu

Maduro's patronage and populism, combined with the opposition's failure to reach out to the working classes and the poor, may prevent the creation of a broad all-Venezuelan protest coalition. That's a problem if organizers hope to force change in Maduro's

Sebastian Edwards

The number-one rule for proper economic management in a natural resources-based country is to save during the boom years in order to be prepared to survive the lean

Kirk Hawkins

If we had a right[-wing] populist–if this were [former Peruvian President] Alberto Fujimori or even a … Donald Trump or a Marine Le Pen, the [Venezuelan] economy wouldn't look like it does right now. Populism interacts with other features of the political environment to give you certain kinds of

Charles Hobart - United Airlines

In every market we serve, we continually review demand for service and because our Houston-Caracas service is not meeting our financial expectations we have decided to suspend it, effective July

Francisco Ghersi

If a new government stepped in and said it couldn't pay me for five years because it had a plan to resolve the problems in Venezuela, I would say,

Ely Ratner

By the time China became a more prominent diplomatic player in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the countries who most desired it were a pretty unsavory bunch: Venezuela, Iran, Burma, Zimbabwe,

Francisco Toro

Larger ideological debates can hardly be heard over the din of rumbling

Garrick Hileman

Macroeconomic and positive regulatory developments are fueling significant demand in many markets, particularly South Korea and Japan, as well as India, Venezuela, Nigeria, and

Brian Suarez

It's always the same. We set off peacefully and they attack us. We have to respond, we're human beings. Here are the faces of the people who have led us to

Hugo Chavez

Odebrecht is a friendly company and in Venezuela it's behaved itself extraordinarily

Juan Guaido

Venezuelans paid seven times more to contract

Wilmer Nolasco

All the state's projects are paralyzed, not only Odebrecht's. The state hasn't paid

Mercedes de Freitas

Seeing the quantity of unfinished works and the privileges this company was given, we suppose it was better to receive bribes than to see the works

Kay Van-Petersen - Saxo Capital Markets

This is not a fad, cryptocurrencies are here to say. There will emerge two to three main ones. Bitcoin will be one of those. And the reason is the first-mover advantage, the scale and the pioneering. Volumes are going up, volatility is going down. A lot of people talk about the volatility, but if you are in Zimbabwe or Venezuela, this volatility is nothing. This is the interesting thing to me. I think in the West, a lot of people view it is as speculative, but emerging markets will get it, their needs will be

Risa Grais-Targow

This is by no means going to dramatically change the political, economic or social dynamics on the

Julio Borges

It is apparent Goldman Sachs decided to make a quick buck off the suffering of the Venezuelan people. Given the irregular nature of this transaction and the absurd financial terms involved that are to the detriment of Venezuela and its people, the National Assembly will soon launch an investigation into the matter. I also intend to recommend to any future democratic government of Venezuela not to recognize or pay on these

Henrique Capriles

Why do they need this money? To buy bombs and war supplies that are running out? To finance a fraudulent electoral campaign? Or to buy the food and medicine, which is what people

Nicolas Maduro

Something worse and more horrifying than the government of Barack Obama has arrived, it is the government of Mr Donald Trump […] and They have given an order to US supporters to destroy Venezuela however they can, to hand it over on a silver platter to foreign intervention, which we reject. We will reject it with our very lives if needed, for the future of our

Steve Hanke

They're on the secondary market. Somebody's going to own them. Whether Goldman owns them or somebody else it really doesn't make any

Steve Hanke

They didn't think it through. It was a stupid trade from that point of

Eduardo Lugo

We express our moral outrage about the the rapacity of this transaction between Goldman Sachs and the Central Bank of Venezuela through obscure intermediaries. It has given oxygen to the Maduro regime. It has given support to repression and systematic violations of human

Carlos de Sousa - Oxford Economics

There is a lot of interest in this trade. We are in a low-rate environment, and these are dollar bonds with really high

Carlos de Sousa - Oxford Economics

This is the only source of foreign currency the government has. So I think the government will continue to sell more of these types of bonds to foreign

Julio Borges

Goldman Sachs' financial lifeline to the regime will serve to strengthen the brutal repression un-leashed against the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans peacefully protesting for political change in the country. Given the unconstitutional nature of Nicolas Maduro's administration, its unwillingness to hold democratic elections and its systematic violation of human rights, I am dismayed that Goldman Sachs decided to enter this

Reggie Thompson - Strategic Forecasting

It's risky for PDVSA because, even though they made a similar payment earlier this year, their cash flow problems keep worsening by the day. They also have other headwinds, like mechanical failures. They'd have to deal with lengthy lawsuits against bondholders that could end with [the government] having some assets

Jason Marczak - Economic Growth

Words can barely articulate the situation in Venezuela. This is a country that has become deeply divided, deeply

Jason Marczak - Economic Growth

A default would be a blow to the regime. A default could lead to Venezuela being closed out of international

Luisa Ortega

In accordance with our investigation, the death of one particular student came about by a cardiogenic shock due to closed chest trauma. He was struck with an object like this. An object like this struck him. It goes here. This hit him. This is a tear gas

Nelson Martinez

We are looking forward to solving the issue of the debt. We are looking at all options, some financial support through bonds and so on. What has been done is to use that (collateral) as a pledge for a loan that came from Rosneft. It doesn't mean that Rosneft is going to have 49

Julio Borges

Today's decision is nothing more than an evil announcement meant to divide, distract, and confuse Venezuelans further. Today we've entered a new stage and that means more struggle and more street

Henrique Capriles

How many doctors have left the country, they have calculated that more than 20,000 doctors have left Venezuela in recent times to practice medicine in other countries. We Venezuelans are losing everything, but they will not be able to rob us of our hope, our convictions, our firmness, as we are demonstrating, and fighting so that our country has a

Jason Bordoff

The risk of complete collapse in Venezuela is just one of many reminders that the world remains vulnerable to oil price shocks, and those will be felt by US consumers at the pump just as much today even though we import less oil than we used to because oil is a global

Nicolas Maduro

We've never, ever seen a person set on fire here, like the way ISIL terrorists do it in the Middle East. That a person was set on fire, beaten up, they stabbed him four times. They hit him and nearly lynched him, just because someone shouted out that he was a 'Chavista', or because someone else shouted out that he was robbing

Delcy Rodriguez

It's unheard of and unacceptable for the US to impose sanctions on a sovereign and independent public … [institution], violating international and Venezuelan laws. The United States power structure never misses an opportunity to violate international

Nicolas Maduro

A person was set on fire, beaten up, stabbed... They nearly lynched him, just because he shouted out that he was a 'Chavista'. Venezuela is facing ... a coup movement that has turned into hatred and intolerance, very similar to Nazi

Nicolas Maduro

Burning a person because he seems a Chavista is a hate crime and a crime against

Henrique Capriles

These 50 days have practically been a massacre against the people of Venezuela. I say, on day 50, amid more repression, there is more resistance and more fight for

Maria Diaz

We don't want more deaths. We want salaries that mean something, and medicines. The government invests more in bullets and weapons than in food and education for this

Nicolas Maduro

Enough meddling ... Go home, Donald Trump. Get out of Venezuela. Get your hands out of here. Get your pig hands out of here!feedback

Steven Mnuchin

The Venezuelan people are suffering from a collapsing economy brought about by their government's mismanagement and corruption. Members of the country's Supreme Court of Justice have exacerbated the situation by consistently interfering with the legislative branche's authority. By imposing these targeted sanctions, the United States is supporting the Venezuelan people in their efforts to protect and advance democratic governance in their

Maria Corina Machado

We ask the world to look at what's happening right now in Venezuela. A deranged regime that represses and kills its

Reggie Thompson - Strategic Forecasting

What this means for Venezuela is, for the next few years, there will be additional food and goods shortages. I expect more violent incidents to take place, including in parts of the country like western Caracas, which historically has been

Monica de Bolle - Peterson Institute for International Economics

I think [the situation in Venezuela] is getting close to the bottom because I don't know if Maduro can hold on to his government. It's been showing cracks for a

Monica de Bolle - Peterson Institute for International Economics

If you look at the black market and the devaluation of the bolivar against the dollar, [inflation] is probably two to three times higher. The statistical agencies haven't been publishing data for a long time, but you can gauge inflation through the currency exchange

Anelin Rojas

I'm here for the full 12 hours. And I'll be back every day there's a protest, for as long as is necessary. Unfortunately, we are up against a dictatorship. Nothing is going to change unless we force

Felix Gonzalez

We wish for those other countries in the world not to make any obstacles to the success of this

Steven Levitsky

Even before the economic crisis, you have two things that political scientists all agree are the least sustainable bases for power, personalism and

Steven Levitsky

In most cases, the regime quits before it gets this

Carolina Herrera

Thank you so much for all your thoughtful messages. The family and I appreciate your kindness. Our only hope is that the tragic assassination of our young nephew, Reinaldo and his colleague, Fabrizio will serve to mitigate the terrible carnage and murders that are committed against our youth in Venezuela. The Electoral Results must be respected. The Communist Dictatorship must

Carlos Rivas

I have no medication and my pension doesn't buy me

Lourdes Parra

We do not want a dictatorship, we want to grow old with dignity, medicine, food and

Francisco Viveros

Each tear gas cannister costs more than the minimum (monthly) salary, the government spends more on tear gas than providing food. I'm here for the youth, the students, those who are going onto the streets. We've lived our lives so we should be at the

Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela demands that the rioting and the coup d'etat

Tareck El Aissami

President Nicolas Maduro is grateful to Doctor Antonieta Caporale for her

Tamara Taraciuk - Human Rights Watch

They're using military courts because the president is assured of the outcome there. It's not a coincidence that the moment the government feels they don't control the attorney general, they look elsewhere to see that they can lock up

Vladimir Padrino

Military justice will immediately be used to hear this kind of

Nestor Reverol

Military courts will be in charge of all investigations that are necessary of these TERRORISTS hired by the

Alfredo Romero

They are being treated like they are combatants. It's taking civil jurisdiction and putting it in the hands of the military, like we are in a war. A narrative was completely invented. They are completely

Yitzhak Peterburg - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

While we have several challenges facing us, including the U.S. generics market dynamics and greater instability in the Venezuela market, we are very confident that the global business we have built will allow Teva to thrive in the

Henrique Capriles

Eighty-five military officials, their family members asked me to make it known to all the media that there is a group of them that wants to defend the

Henrique Capriles

They closed all the democratic doors, we warned how dangerous that would be for our country. FAITHFUL TO

Ilian Leon

I'm here to support the constituent process, which brings opportunities to resolve the crisis. We're faithful to Chavez's legacy. What is happening may be the starting point for a huge armed confrontation between Venezuelans. Nobody wants

Miguel Torres

What is happening may be the starting point for a huge armed confrontation between Venezuelans. Nobody wants

Maria Montilla

These kids live in a dictatorship, they have no other option but to protest however they see

Daniel Arzola

Some neighbors tried to burn me alive, and they destroyed all my drawings. So in that moment, I created 'I Am Not a Joke'. The campaign went viral in the first six months. I became more recognized because of my work, which gave me opportunities to talk about what is happening in Venezuela. I exposed the government in Venezuela, because they are really homophobic. Even when you're out of your country, your nationality can be a jail. I'm trapped here. I can't go anywhere, just because they don't give me a

Yonatan Matheus

Cases of violations of LGBTI rights [in Venezuela] continue to rise and are not reflected in official statistics. Victims prefer anonymity rather than being doubly victimized by law

Isaac Perez

The basic issue is that we are not an issue. When basic needs [are not being met], when people are more concerned with finding a meal to eat, you don't have time to focus on [LGBTQ rights].feedback

Armstrong Santana

I left the country because living in the most dangerous city in the world (Caracas) is not propaganda, but a cruel reality. I also realized [leaving] was the only way I was going to be able to be who I really

Tamara Adrian

It was a great responsibility. Many people always tell me they have the intention of entering politics [because of my election]. During the past year, the government tried to impede the National Assembly to legislate or fulfill any of its functions. We cannot stop, we cannot get tired, we have to recover democracy and freedom for Venezuela. Everybody has a job to do in order to promote equal rights. That's in particular to the LGBTI issues, but at the same time to fight for

Daniel Arzola

All the time in Venezuela the media is used to ridicule the LGBT [community].feedback

Moisés Arteaga

People sing the anthem, listen to my music, and are reminded that Venezuela is a country that is worth loving. I went out to protest with my only weapon. I went out, I started playing, and I saw that people there at the march started becoming more motivated as they heard the music. That was the objective, to motivate the people who were demonstrating. A part of me wanted the world to know that Venezuelans are here, fighting. I know that it's reached a lot of people. I want the world to know that there are other many artists, musicians who are fighting as

Moisés Arteaga

I was not afraid in that moment. My goal was to create an atmosphere of

Moisés Arteaga

Armando lost his life for his country, giving it on the streets. He paid a very high price. We as artists have to see this as an example and

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