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Colleen Schwartz
The Wall Street Journal spent nearly a year thoroughly reviewing millions of data points in an effort to assess Morningstar's widely accepted star ratings. Our journalistic standards were fully applied, including extensive conversations with Morningstar about our analysis.feedback
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Oct 26 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Wall Street. You'll find 362 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. You can also see the other popular topics. The 3 people who have been quoted more about Wall Street are: Jim Cramer, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Jim Cramer specifically said: “This is all about getting Wall Street to give the stock the credit it really does deserve, unlocking it. Money managers have trouble analyzing big conglomerates. They just do. But a leaner, stripped-down Honeywell with laser focus will be easier to get your head around. It makes me want to be a buyer.”.
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Michael Oved

In a lot of ways right now, we're seeing the bridge between Wall Street and this cryptoworld.feedback

Mike Bodson

This is a real tangible step into what could be a very different future for Wall Street.feedback

Jim Cramer

I think IBM's mistaken if it believes that Wall Street will embrace a company with no revenue growth quarter after quarter. [If] you give a downbeat projection, the stock can go still lower if the company only meets that downbeat projection rather than beating it.feedback

Greg Valliere

When Trump's base sees him be a cheerleader for Wall Street, it's a negative for Trump. His base in Youngstown, Ohio, or Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – they don't feel the stock market is their friend.feedback

Bart Stephens

[F]or every negative Jamie Dimon, I could point you to two positive Wall Street CEOs like Lloyd Blankfein at Goldman Sachs and Abigail Johnson at Fidelity, who are making constructive comments on both cryptocurrency and the blockchain.feedback

Gerard Baker - The Wall Street Journal

This was an unfounded criminal charge and wildly inappropriate conviction that wrongly singled out a balanced Wall Street Journal report. The sole purpose of the article was to provide objective and independent reporting on events in Turkey, and it succeeded.feedback

Paul Herrnson

Sure, the mood is better than it was when the market collapsed, but I don't think people say, Wall Street financier – that's someone I can vote for.feedback

Patrick Byrne

With blockchain technology, we can create a version of Wall Street where no one can cheat and where all kinds of mischief cannot even occur. Crypto currency gives us a way to communicate value that's outside the control of any government mandarin, and I think that's good.feedback

James Lewis

Kaspersky Lab has not been provided any evidence substantiating the company's involvement in the alleged incident reported by the Wall Street Journal. It is unfortunate that news coverage of unproven claims continue to perpetuate accusations about the company. The baffling parts are that he was able to get stuff out of the building and that he was using Kaspersky, despite where he worked.feedback

Andrew Left - Citron Research

Shopify says they have 2,500 Shoplift plus merchants out of their universe of 500,000. Now let's say they have another 20,000 Shopify Advanced. The question I ask you, the question no one on Wall Street has addressed is who are the other 450,000 merchants on Shopify?feedback

Lacy O'Toole | CNBC

President Donald Trumps tax reform plan came under new criticism on Tuesday from two towering Wall Street figures.feedback

Jim Cramer

I wish he'd just made the case that Wall Street was willing to pay a higher price-to-earnings multiple for shares of his bank precisely because of its apparent success at cross-selling. That's just the truth – for years, it was why investors, including my charitable trust, owned the darned thing.feedback

Jim Cramer

The stocks rallying the hardest say that things are going great, so we have to note how true believers are frantically putting money to work right into the face of domestic and global uncertainty. Let me go over the examples of what I'm talking about, a lack of cynicism on Wall Street, as these dreamer investors keep dreaming and the hard-nosed traders find areas to exploit to the upside despite all the uncertainty around us.feedback

Wesley R. Gray

You know there is this saying on Wall Street that products are sold, not bought. We said, Screw that. Our products are bought, not sold.' In fact, we anti-sell. People call me up, and I say, Hey, go read my book or this 50-page blog post.feedback

David Stockman

This is a fiscal disaster that when they [Wall Street] begin to look at it, they'll see it's not even remotely paid for. This bill will go down for the count.feedback

Donald J. Trump

We've gotten A-pluses on Texas and in Florida, and we will also on Puerto Rico. The difference is this is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean. It's a big ocean, it's a very big ocean. And we're doing a really good job. Much of the Island was destroyed, with billions of dollars owed to Wall Street and the banks which, sadly, must be dealt with.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Texas & Florida are doing great but Puerto Rico, which was already suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt, is in deep trouble…..It's old electrical grid, which was in terrible shape, was devastated. Much of the Island was destroyed, with billions of dollars…….owed to Wall Street and the banks which, sadly, must be dealt with. Food, water and medical are top priorities – and doing well. #FEMA.feedback

Frank Clemente - Americans for Tax Fairness

The idea that this plan would help average Americans instead of the wealthy and big corporations has been a hoax all along. This isn't 'tax reform,' it's just a big giveaway to millionaires and corporations, and it won't 'trickle down' to the rest of us. It won't help small businesses, but it will help Wall Street hedge fund managers and real estate moguls like Donald Trump. This plan will not lead to robust job creation or economic growth, but its eye-popping cost will lead to deep cuts in Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and public education that will leave working families in the cold.feedback

Jim Cramer

Needless to say, the bias on Wall Street always seems to be not that you should own Apple, but you should trade it. In the end, most people who try to trade Apple end up buying high and selling low – the opposite of what you're supposed to do.feedback

Jim Cramer

I've got to side with the analysts who've been covering the name for years rather than the naysayers at Off Wall Street. BioTelemetry had run a great deal, but thanks to the sell-off, I think you can get into the stock at a discounted price. I think it's worth buying, cautiously, of course, because it's for speculation only. It's a small-cap stock, even as the newfound negativity has created what may be an excellent buying opportunity.feedback

Nicole Gill

Congressman Blum's constituents didn't elect him so that he could give tax breaks to the rich and wealthy corporations, including millionaires like himself. We need a tax code that works for working families, not Wall Street executives or America's wealthiest families. Instead of voting for policies that benefit corporate insiders, Rod Blum should listen to his constituents when they demand not one penny in tax cuts.feedback

Nick Taranto

I was miserable working working on Wall Street and I was gone within seven months. I knew I wanted to do something entrepreneurial where I could roll up my sleeves and harness data and technology and apply them to a very large industry. I would buy salmon and basil and package it up and put it in Fed Ex boxes and hand deliver it to the FedEx store and we had exactly zero repeat customers in our in our early days.feedback

David Franasiak

You would be able to reconstruct positions and trades for everyone on Wall Street.feedback

Betsy Duke - Wells Fargo

Allen brings an outsider perspective at a time when we are really inviting inspection. He can take a Wall Street and a Washington view of things.feedback

Mark Stodden - Moody's

It's really just about promotion activity. When there's a new phone launch, the carriers become very defensive about protecting their market position. They have to respond, and there's so much sensitivity from Wall Street on quarterly subscriber numbers and market share and less on cash flow because cash flow is so noisy. That may have some impact on their behavior.feedback

Jim Chanos - Kynikos Associates

In our view, people have been looking at this industry through the rose-colored glasses of Wall Street. And this is the inherent problem with the North American shale business.feedback

Peter King - Homeland Security

These people have 60-by-100 [foot] plots, they're paying about $15,000 a year in property taxes, high state income taxes, not into Wall Street, not into stocks and bonds. It would be devastating. These are Trump voters. They didn't vote for him to take away the deduction on their main asset.feedback

Jim Cramer

One device can do hundreds of things that Wall Street analysts would never want to do or know about. That's why it's 'Blah, blah, blah' instead of 'Wow.' That's why these analysts think the stock should be traded. And that's why they're wrong.feedback

Jim Chanos - Kynikos Associates

A reliance on that EBITDA number for valuation metrics, which an awful lot of people on Wall Street still do, is going to be the road to ruin for lots of investors.feedback

Karl Frisch

He has been under constant attack in his position because of the threat he poses to the status quo on Wall Street. I would imagine that would continue regardless of how long he stays in the job.feedback

Ronald Reagan - Challenger

Let him have the Fortune 500. I'll take Main Street over Wall Street.feedback

Hillary Clinton

Just because many former government officials have been paid large fees to give speeches, I shouldn't have assumed it was okay for me to do it. Especially after the financial crisis of 2008-09, I should have realized it would be bad 'optics' and stayed away from anything having to do with Wall Street. I didn't. That's on me.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Forty Wall street actually was the second-tallest building in downtown Manhattan, and it was actually before the World Trade Center the tallest, and then when they built the World Trade Center it became known as the second-tallest, and now it's the tallest. And I just spoke to my people, and they said it's the most unbelievable sight, it's probably seven or eight blocks away from the World Trade Center, and yet Wall Street is littered with two feet of stone and brick and mortar and steel.feedback

Quincy Krosby - Prudential Financial

He bridges the world of a central banker but also having the market experience, which is a strong combination. Perhaps the thinking will be that someone who has Wall Street experience understands markets. The president is going to choose someone both with experience in the market and understanding of the markets. We don't know if [Yellen] wants it. She's been very discrete and many are saying that Jackson Hole could have been her swan song.feedback

Jack Rivlin

I think News Corps reputation for journalism is seriously impressive. They own the Sunday Times, which exposed Lance Armstrong for drug cheating, and the Wall Street Journal, which has won three Pulitzer prizes in the last four years.feedback

Jayma Cardoso

I didn't know what to think about it. I don't love Wall Street and it's in a basement.feedback

Judy Carter Davis

It's like putting all your money into one stock on Wall Street, and not knowing if your investment will be successful.feedback

Jennifer Rubin

The Wall Street Journal reported this week on two memos President Trump’s lawyers prepared for special counsel Robert S. Mueller III.feedback

Jim Cramer

From the beginning, ever since I started recommending FMC, I've argued that this is an overlooked company with a stock that simply doesn't get the respect it deserves from Wall Street. Even after its recent run, that's still true.feedback

Brad Gerstner - Altimeter Capital

When Expedia was struggling, he went in and became the lead operating executive. He uniquely possesses both operating capabilities as well as capital markets capabilities, which not a lot of global executives have. It's a nuance that Wall Street appreciates, but it's hard to understand. That's really pertinent to a company like Uber that's strategically competing on a global basis. They have to figure out how to compete in all those different markets -- and to partner, sell, or operate on a stand-alone basis.feedback

Greg Valliere

The president demands unwavering loyalty [just ask [former FBI director] Jim Comey], and he never forgets a slight. Yet Trump got a smackdown this weekend from Gary Cohn and Janet Yellen. Yellen's prospects have slipped even further, after her full-throated defense of tough Wall Street regulations and free trade deals.feedback

Jim Cramer

They're the only stocks that strike people with spare cash as compelling. Hardly anyone wants to own any other individual stocks like a Boeing, that's been so great, [or] a Honeywell. No, they'd rather keep their money in index funds or FAANG. I'm a big believer in index funds, but this, it's gotten ridiculous. Only on Wall Street could that be some kind of counter-intuitive, outsider, concept. This short-termism plays out every day in the analyst-journalist financial community.feedback

Junichi Ishikawa - IG Securities

The dollar had been caught in a downtrend amid ebbing expectations towards U.S. inflation. It requires a surge in U.S. shares to break this pattern and that is what happened as Wall Street rallied.feedback

Ron Pope

One day in the middle of winter when he was like 54 years old he was like, Fuck it. I'm retiring. It's cold. It was the middle of winter, they were unhappy and they moved to Florida. Just like, nope. He was a plumber. It wasn't like he was a Wall Street tycoon or something, he just decided he would figure it out because they were unhappy and they wanted a different life. He taught us all that by example, you gotta live your life and find joy in it.feedback

Danielle Hughes - Divine Capital Markets

In Washington, we continue to just be all eyes on the soap opera. And usually we like Washington to do absolutely nothing, and Wall Street would cheer this on full boat, but we want to see what Washington has to do with some taxes and rollbacks.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Okay, what about the alt-left, what about the alt-left that came charging at the, as you say, the alt-right? As someone who pays attention to what goes on with the far left in the U.S., [anti-facism has become] a focal point for politics that was not on the radar back when Occupy Wall Street was going on. There were groups, but it wasn't a focus on the left.feedback

Adam Green

White supremacy is embedded within our society -- from the corridors of power in the White House to Wall Street banks that reinforce a rigged system to the everyday experiences of people of color. As Americans work together to address longer-term systemic issues, our new ad make clear that one firing is not enough: Donald Trump must fire Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, Stephen Miller, and all the other white supremacists in the Trump Administration.feedback

Robert Weissman

Their careers have been representing the industry that they're now supposed to regulate and they're going to bring to the job the mindset of the regulated parties. Their orientation is serving Wall Street, not the public.feedback

Katrina Pierson

A racist does not pick a single black mother to represent his entire freaking presidential campaign. A racist would not endorse Jesse Jackson's presidential campaign in the '80s twice. A racist would also not spend his time and his resources to bring African-Americans into Wall Street.feedback

Elizabeth Warren

We're not going back to the days when a Democrat who wanted to run for a seat in Washington first had to grovel on Wall Street.feedback

Jimmy Fallon

Today a Wall Street Journal reporter compared President Trump to a goldfish, because he forgets what happened 10 seconds ago. Trump was pretty mad – but only for 9 seconds.feedback

Trip Miller

Wall Street is waking up to the reality that the next great product might not be an Apple car or the TV or the Watch. The services business is the next great product.feedback

Betsy Wolfe

It has been quite the dream and quite the journey. (There was lots of Christmas candy strewn about.) Understandably, she embraced the opportunity to move to a tiny studio in a luxury high-rise on Wall Street.feedback

Matt Borchard

For how long, who knows? Wall Street might kill them before Facebook and Instagram do.feedback

Jonathan Freedland

In the leaked interview that the Wall Street Journal didn’t publish, Trump’s confused ramblings on a post-Brexit US trade deal leave us none the wiser. There is, inevitably, much to feast on in the full transcript of the Wall Street Journal’s interview with Donald Trump, which that paper did not want published but which was leaked to Politico and is now available for all to see.feedback

Philip Hammond

The big winner would not be Paris or Frankfurt, but New York. Let's not have any illusions: the major American banks are not going to fragment their activities between different countries, . They will either keep working as they do today, or they will move their activities back to Wall Street, which is particularly attractive given that the U.S. administration is in favour of deregulation and cutting taxes.feedback

Anthony Scaramucci

At Goldman... I couldn't have been one of Oliver Stone's technical advisers or shot a small role in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.feedback

Jim Bowden

He's ahead of everybody. Andrew Friedman brought Wall Street thinking to baseball, and it's worked. His ability to build depth is as good as we've ever seen in baseball, and it's not because of money. He got to the World Series in Tampa Bay.feedback

Gerrick Johnson - BMO Capital Markets

They've done massively well because they've made massively creative acquisitions. Wall Street didn't realize how creative those deals were. Each quarter they came through. The RV space is on fire, and the demand metrics are quite positive.feedback

Jeff Bezos - Amazon.com

Wall Street... is not one thing. The investment community is made up of thousands and thousands of investors with different philosophies. As long as you're clear about what you're trying to build, and why, I think investors opt in. And the ones who don't like that approach opt out.feedback

Bill Studebaker

Many of these companies are not followed by Wall Street or underfollowed by Wall Street. This is an industry that's evolving and so it's going to explode.feedback

Alfred Zaccagnino

The two of them are going to complement each other, which will have a positive effect on Wall Street and on top of that you have a Wall Street that is very respectful of Scaramucci. You put all those things together – Scaramucci is well-respected, he is a pro, Trump being pro-business – there's all those complementary factors that will result in a positive impact for the market.feedback

Alex Lawson

By understanding that the root of the problem is concentrated money and power, the starting point is correct. That lets us end at expanding Medicare for everyone or healthcare as a right. As a starting point this is in stark contrast with the Republicans who want to destroy Medicaid, raid Medicare and steal healthcare from millions so that a handful of Wall Street criminals can buy more boats.feedback

Quincy Krosby - Prudential Financial

The Fed work with Wall Street, and certainly on a major undertaking like this, they're not going to do this in a vacuum.feedback

Erin Gibbs - S&P Global

For Facebook, their earnings expectations have been very stable. In general, Facebook is extremely well-managed. They tend to know how to work with Wall Street analysts. So we're not expecting a big change, but if there is one, that's important.feedback

Rich Ross - Evercore ISI

Usually on Wall Street, when we ascribe a de minimis probability of something happening, there's actually a much greater chance of that thing happening. So the fact that they're virtually 'giving away' these call options, to use [Chintawongvanich's] words, tells us that maybe it's something that I want in this case.feedback

James Pethokoukis

We have to admit it's a little bit cheeky for a banker to complain about incompetence in Washington for slow growth when one reason growth has been so slow in recent years is because of a major financial crisis that Wall Street may have had some role in.feedback

Linda Sherry

We anticipate that this moderate rule will be strongly challenged by industry lobbyists pushing members of Congress to once again choose Wall Street interests over Main Street.feedback

Elizabeth Warren

If bank directors that preside over the firing of thousands of employees for creating millions of fake accounts can keep their jobs, then I think every bank director in this country knows that they are bulletproof. You have the power to change the culture on Wall Street. I know you care about this issue. I hope you will use that power.feedback

Pascal Rigo

No matter how big the improvements were that we made – and the improvements were significant – they didn't want to talk about them because they didn't want Wall Street to think they were a food company. I'm not sure about that business model. I don't drink coffee. I have too much energy as it is.feedback

Bruce Rauner

Don't listen to Wall Street. Don't listen to a bunch of politicians who want power, listen to the people of Illinois.feedback

Izak Senbahar - Alexico Group

We had a lot of families from TriBeCa who upgraded, and a lot of Wall Street guys that wanted to be close by.feedback

Ursula Grisham

I had been going to film festivals for about seven years, and I'd see fantastic films that were impossible to find afterwards. I do have a business background. I worked on Wall Street for a year before I realized I hated it. Running the site is very challenging, and to be completely frank none of us has done this before. We don't have a lot of capital. We improvise a lot along the way.feedback

Milo Ventimiglia

There is nothing wrong with being clean-shaven. If you're a little patchy, and you've got your fingers crossed for that nice thick heavy Wisconsin butcher beard, just be OK with looking more like a Wall Street, slick, well-dressed, well-shaven man. Nothing wrong with that.feedback

Matt Maley

Unlike most people, I'm getting a little bit nervous about the European trade in general, and in Spain as well, because you can't open The Wall Street Journal or turn on CNBC without somebody talking about how you need to be long Europe. It's had a nice run here. I don't want to overstate this: Things look very good on the fundamental side. But when so many people are talking one side of the boat here, it gets me a little bit nervous. And if things roll over, we might want to look at the northern European countries, rather than Spain.feedback

Jay Clayton

The $240 million that the SEC plans to spend on information technology in FY 2018 is quite modest, by way of comparison, to the amounts that the major Wall Street firms spend on their own information technology systems. In 2016, one large financial institution alone spent more than $9.5 billion on technology firm-wide.feedback

Torsten Slok - Deutsche Bank

Trends have gone down in long-term interest rates. The 10-year rate has continuously been undershooting what predictions were from the Street. So basically, Wall Street has been too optimistic on what interest rates will do.feedback

Jim Cramer

High West, Prisoner – the wife's fave – and Case Noble – my fave – were all brilliant acquisitions at tremendous prices, much better than the billion dollars that Diageo's shelling out for George Clooney's Casamigos tequila. After the close we hear from a company that's become very controversial: Nike. Me? I despise battlegrounds, and Nike's the Wall Street equivalent of the Somme. If you want to invest in apparel, go buy some PVH, which is underrated and doing fabulously.feedback

Adam Sarhan - Sarhan Capital

Yesterday was a pivotal day on Wall Street because the bulls showed up and they bought the dip. That tells you the underlying strength from the past few years is still there.feedback

Logan Purk - Edward Jones & Co.

It was an exceptional quarter. They more or less smashed the (Wall Street forecast) number.feedback

Dennis Kelleher

You don't serve on Hensarling's staff unless you fully embrace his agenda. He's just the latest nominee who will come in to deregulate Wall Street . . . This is Christmas in June for Wall Street CEOs.feedback

Dennis Kelleher

It is a deliberate strategy to roll out nominees and roll back regulation at a time when it will get the least attention so Main Street doesn't know that Washington is once again working for Wall Street.feedback

Yutaka Miura - Mizuho Securities

Investors are buying futures today ... it's more like today's trading is futures-led than trade-led by individual stocks. People also expect that Wall Street will fare better later in the day.feedback

Chen Shuang - China Everbright

When I first joined the company 14 years ago, we could barely recruit the right people as we couldn't offer a good salary. But now, it's much easier to recruit top talent, even those from large Wall Street banks, which was unimaginable in the past.feedback

Jim Cramer

So it's not like Coach needed to do a deal – Wall Street was already plenty interested in the stock regardless. Still, on May 8, we learned that Coach would buy Kate Spade for $2.4 billion, or $18.50 a share. Here, we got a sense of Luis' new vision: he wants to create a house of modern luxury lifestyle brands.feedback

Barton Crockett - FBR Capital Markets

We were arguing that this was on pace to be the most profitable Disney park globally. I believe we were above [Wall] Street at that time and I think everything's played out pretty close to what we thought.feedback

Bernie Sanders

Our job is to talk to people about the role Wall Street plays, the role the fossil fuel industry plays, the role that the Koch brothers play. Our job is to take that anger and transform it into a constructive role, to take on the ruling class of this country that has done us so much harm.feedback

Mitchell Green - Lead Edge Capital

Unfortunately, Silicon Valley is kind of like Wall Street in the '80's and '90's ... like the 'bro culture' out there. I definitely don't condone it at all. Changes need to happen at Uber, and lots of other companies too. Facebook is a hard-charging culture, too. Working for [Amazon CEO] Jeff Bezos is no picnic either, I think. The reason they've built the business to where it is, and ran through regulations, is because of the hard-charging culture.feedback

Lisa Donner

The Treasury proposal advances ideas that have been pushed by industry lobbyists since Dodd-Frank was passed. We need more effective regulation and enforcement, not rollbacks driven by Wall Street and predatory lenders.feedback

Alicia Glen

We have to break the cycle of pay discrimination. Every firm is grappling with how to retain and promote more women into their senior leadership – this is part of the solution. Having spent more than a decade on Wall Street, I fundamentally believe this industry will be stronger when women up and down the ladder are compensated fairly.feedback

Bernie Sanders

We may have lost the election in 2016, but there is no question that we have won the battle of ideas, and we are continuing that battle – and that is, brothers and sisters, no small thing. The Democratic Party must finally understand which side it is on, and that cannot be the side of Wall Street or the fossil fuel industry or the drug companies.feedback

David Stockman

This is one of the most dangerous market environments we've ever been in. It's the calm before a gigantic, horrendous storm that I don't think is too far down the road. I don't know what Wall Street is smoking. They ought to be getting out of the casino while it's still safe. Yet there's this idea that since he [Trump] wasn't incriminated, that proves that we can move on. I think it's crazy. You get worried about that because the system is determined to unseat Donald Trump.feedback

Yoshinori Shigemi - JPMorgan Asset Management

The drop on Nasdaq appears to be taking a toll today. But the tech sector was strong and perhaps ready for profit taking, with the Fed meeting also approaching. One day of losses on Wall Street does not change the broader picture but it has managed to dampen sentiment.feedback

Mike Capuano

The bottom line is we put an end to the Wild West of Wall Street, and we're on a nice, steady playing field. We should be able to adjust it, but we should not throw it out.feedback

Maxine Waters

The Wrong Choice Act is a vehicle for Donald Trump's agenda to get rid of financial regulation and help out Wall Street. It's an invitation for another Great Recession, or worse.feedback

Maxine Waters

It's shameful that Republicans have voted to do the bidding of Wall Street at the expense of Main Street and our economy. They are setting the stage for Wall Street to run amok and cause another financial crisis. I urge my colleagues in the Senate not to move on this deeply harmful bill.feedback

Maxine Waters

The 'Wrong Choice' Act is a vehicle for Donald Trump's agenda to get rid of financial regulation and help out Wall Street. It's a deeply misguided measure that would bring harm to consumers, investors and our whole economy. The bill is rotten to the core.feedback

Maxine Waters

This is one of the worst bills I have seen in my time in Congress. This bill is a vehicle for Donald Trump's agenda to deregulate and help out Wall Street.feedback

John Podesta

His plan rewards special interests, corporate polluters and Wall Street while pretending to be on the side of working people.feedback

Paul Ryan

This is the Republican plan to reform Wall Street and revitalize Main Street – all while protecting the financial futures of Americans.feedback

Brad Smith

We've sent letters to and held meeting on this topic with senior officials in the State Department and the White House. And in the past month, we've joined with other American business leaders to take out full-page ads in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and New York Post, urging the Administration to keep the United States in the Paris Agreement. We are disappointed with today's decision by the White House to withdraw the United States from the landmark, globally supported Paris Agreement on climate change.feedback

Masahiro Ichikawa - Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management

Market sentiment is very good. The strength in Wall Street shares will be a tailwind for the Nikkei as well.feedback

Aaron Levie

It was a strong quarter in terms of top line growth. It was another quarter of positive free cash flow, which is very important for Wall Street. We want to make sure that as we're scaling the company we don't need to raise outside capital, but grow the business in a completely sustainable way.feedback

Edward Mason

Trump is acting contrary to Wall Street and the world's largest investors. Climate change is a material financial risk and shareholders want to know how companies will manage the change to a low carbon economy. Members of the board, do you leave your understanding of climate change at the door when you attend the ExxonMobil board meeting?feedback

Alex Dichter

The response isn't to Wall Street. It's to customer behavior. About 35 percent of customers are choosing on price, and price alone, and another 35 percent choose mostly on price. The great irony is that most C.E.O.s would love to compete on product and experience. It's much more fun. The problem is that customers aren't paying attention to that.feedback

Yutaka Miura - Mizuho Securities

The Nikkei is getting a drag today from a stronger yen, which has offset the impact of yesterday's Wall Street gains, . The Nikkei is heavy as it approaches the key 20,000 level, so we're likely to see it trade in a range next week.feedback

Mike van Dulken - Accendo Markets

A positive opening call comes after a Wall Street relief rally on Friday suggested investors putting last week's political chaos behind them. Asian counterparts have also made a solid start to the week, buoyed by continued optimism towards Oil and Thursday's OPEC meeting delivering a production cut extension and a hitherto un-eventful Trump visit to the Middle East.feedback

Michael Yoshikami - Destination Wealth Management

Obviously the administration has had a pretty horrible couple of weeks. But the market is living on massive hope that there's going to be some sort of tax legislation. People on Wall Street are starting to give up. So any news cycle where there's not more potential scandal is a net positive.feedback

Greg Gianforte

The American people and the people in the FBI had lost confidence in [Comey's] leadership. I support the president in his decision to ask him to leave, he told the Wall Street Journal.feedback

Jeffrey S. Gerson - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

I've known Anthony Scaramucci for a long time, and I know you'd a fool to bet against him. Most people would have given up on Wall Street after being fired from a firm like Goldman Sachs, but not Anthony. He pulled himself up by his bootstraps and basically said, I'll be the one who decides if I'm successful or not.feedback

David Benrimon

If Wall Street hadn't taken a dive, there would have been fireworks. While the sale was strong over all, it did change the mood among American bidders, and these contemporary sales are about Americans.feedback

Jim Cramer

In some cases, that may be true. However, this morning Home Depot reported the best quarter of any major retailer relative to expectations, with same-store sales up 5.5 percent versus the 3.9 percent that Wall Street was looking for. So much for the shortfall thesis. That makes this stock exhibit A in the here and now for why people sell winners.feedback

Rich Ross - Evercore ISI

Admittedly, this is one of the most divisive stocks on Wall Street. But the stock chart is far more definitive, and for me, it's still a long, with over 20 percent upside from current levels.feedback

Jim Cramer

I think that when earnings are finished, maybe Wall Street will start focusing on the White House again, if they can focus themselves. Right now, though, the only thing this market cares about is the numbers. If the numbers are good, stocks go up regardless of the Comey fracas or the state of the Russia probe. And if they're bad, they get taken to the woodshed, or even go straight into the chipper-shredder.feedback

Elizabeth Warren

Why are Republicans lining up to roll back the rules on Wall Street and make it easier for financial firms to cheat people? I read this bill and I think – why? Why, just eight years after the worst financial crisis in more than 70 years, are Republicans lining up to roll back the rules on Wall Street and make it easier for financial firms to cheat people?feedback

John Wisniewski

A state bank for New Jersey would be a disaster. If Mr. Murphy wants to create a state bank, maybe he should go back to Wall Street.feedback

James Johnson

We cannot adopt Wall Street gimmicks to address Main Street problems.feedback

Bernie Sanders

I think at a time when people are so frustrated with the power of Wall Street and the big-money interests, I think it is unfortunate that President Obama is doing this.feedback

Mitch Goldberg

Buying on the rumor and selling on the news is literally part of Wall Street dogma.feedback

Kevin de León

Wall Street investment firms fear their profits will take a hit ... even though the investment industry has historically ignored middle- and lower-income workers at medium- and small-sized businesses.feedback

Andrew Gilholm - Control Risks

Caixin in China is like The Economist or the Wall Street Journal in the United States. There's no more well-respected business publication and people take it very seriously. Most Chinese hadn't heard of it 5-10 years ago, but it's probably now, along with Dalian Wanda and HNA Group, among the top Chinese firms making headlines worldwide.feedback

Tammy Duckworth

Instead of encouraging greater competition that will help 55 million Americans save money for retirement, some of my colleagues appear to be listening to Wall Street lobbyists who want less competition and who want to take away a retirement savings option from people.feedback

Sherrod Brown

He will be sitting on the sidelines of potential enforcement actions against some of the biggest Wall Street banks - Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, and UBS.feedback

Sherrod Brown

Americans deserve a Chair who will run the SEC on their behalf, not for the benefit of Wall Street banks and big corporations.feedback

Maxine Waters

This is one of the worst bills I've seen in my time in Congress. The Wrong Choice Act is a vehicle for Donald Trump's agenda to get rid of financial regulation and help out Wall Street. It's an invitation to another Great Recession or worse.feedback

Michael J. Kump - The Management Group

Depp insisted that this sound engineer be kept on yearly retainer so that he no longer had to memorise his lines. Depp's extravagant spending has often been marked by a lack of impulse control. In retrospect, it appears that Depp may suffer from a compulsive spending disorder, which will be proven in this action through a mental examination of Depp and expert testimony. On information and belief Depp's flagrant bragging about his senseless and extreme spending to The Wall Street Journal is further evidence of his psychological issues.feedback

Ian Katz - Capital Alpha Partners

Be prepared for more headline risk for big banks as lawmakers keep piling on the anti-Wall Street rhetoric – most of it will be substantively meaningless.feedback

Dick Bove

The theory has always been the sum of the parts is worth considerably more than the whole. You might find a lot of investors who say that (if) they're going to break up these banks, they're more [valuable] in pieces than they are together, I'm going to buy them. I just think he had a need to communicate, to connect again with community banks and say, Hey guys, we're on your side. We believe in you and maybe we should break up the big Wall Street banks. But I don't expect anything to come of it.feedback

David Stockman

Wall Street is totally misreading Washington. It's a wonderful fantasy. But there's no way to pay for the $7.5 trillion cost of the main features. I like [the tax plan] but you have to pay for it either with a new tax like the border adjustment tax, which is dead, or spending cuts which Trump has ruled off the table. What you have down there is a total fiscal calamity that is going to basically dominate Washington.feedback

Bernie Sanders

It just speaks to the power of Wall Street and the influence of big money in the political process.feedback

Eric Schultz

Regardless of venue or sponsor, President Obama will be true to his values, his vision, and his record. In 2008, Barack Obama raised more money from Wall Street than any candidate in history – and still went on to successfully pass and implement the toughest reforms on Wall Street since FDR.feedback

Eric Schultz

Regardless of venue or sponsor, President Obama will be true to his values, his vision, and his record. He recently accepted an invitation to speak at a health care conference in September, because, as a president who successfully passed health insurance reform, it's an issue of great importance to him. With regard to this or any speech involving Wall Street sponsors, I'd just point out that in 2008, Barack Obama raised more money from Wall Street than any candidate in history – and still went on to successfully pass and implement the toughest reforms on Wall Street since FDR.feedback

Hank Sheinkopf

Is there an irony here because he spoke incessantly about the income gap and is now earning from those same people he criticized? Yes, it is. Should we expect it? Yes, we should because all former presidents do this. He went on the attack against Wall Street, and now he's being fed by those same people he called 'fat cats.' It's more hypocritical than ironic.feedback

Ed Mierzwinski

This reckless piece of legislation makes the wrong choice for consumers and the economy, while Wall Street and predatory lenders cheer.feedback

Jeb Hensarling

Supporters of Dodd-Frank promised it would lift the economy, end bailouts and protect consumers. Yet Americans have suffered through the worst recovery in 70 years, Dodd-Frank guarantees future bailouts for Wall Street, and consumers are paying more and have fewer choices.feedback

Jim Cramer

While you know I hate that term – it sets up [Apple CEO] Tim Cook for failure, don't want that – I understand the sentiment. So did Wall Street. Apple's stock soared.feedback

Bill de Blasio

Let's be blunt, the Charging Bull is a celebration of unfettered capitalism. You could say it is about the spirit of optimism, sure - that's what the artist was thinking, that's great. But it is a symbol of Wall Street. And Wall Street, to say the least, is a double-edged sword. We wouldn't move the Charging Bull statue if it offended someone. The Fearless Girl is staying put.feedback

Jeb Hensarling

Dodd-Frank failed to keep its promises to the American people, but we will work with President Trump to follow through on his promise to dismantle Dodd-Frank. That's not what Wall Street wants, but it is what hard-working Americans need to have a healthier economy with more opportunities so they can achieve financial independence.feedback

Mike van Dulken - Accendo Markets

Calls for a negative open come after a mixed return by Asian investors following the long Easter weekend, at odds with last night's positive close on Wall Street. Geopolitical concerns may be off the boil and safe haven assets off their best, but they continue to simmer be it from a nuclear standpoint on the North Korean peninsula or politically in France and Turkey and across the Atlantic with the US Treasury secretary suggesting Healthcare bill problems will delay tax cuts.feedback

Ron Wyden

My message for the president is short enough to tweet. Today across America we are taking the gloves off. It's time to knock off the tax rip offs. No more Cayman Island accounts for the insiders. No more tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. No more special breaks for Wall Street. Knock off the secrecy, Mr. President, and publicly release your own tax returns. Disclosing tax returns is the very lowest ethical bar for a president and we are going to insist that he clear it.feedback

Eugene Kontorovich

In today’s Wall Street Journal, I have an op-ed, “Did George Washington Take ‘Emoluments’ “? It examines the first president’s extensive and hands-on business affairs to get a better handle on the nature of constitutionally prohibited “foreign emoluments.”.feedback

Jim Cramer

While other retailers are closing locations left and right in order to save money, Five Below continues to expand in order to make money. And remember that Wall Street loves growth, and adores a company with a runway and a flight plan.feedback

Greg Sargent

President Trump likes headlines that portray him as a man of action, so he’s probably pleased with the barrage of Thursday headlines about his latest move on health care. ABC News, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and many others all inform us that Trump is “threatening” to sabotage the Affordable Care Act to force Democrats to make a deal with him on its future. “Threaten” is a verb that is laden with action, purpose, and intimations of concealed leverage and power. Awesome!feedback

Kristen Visbal

We were focusing on making a statement about the future of Wall Street. We wanted this wonderful contrast. The bull is beautiful, it's a stunning piece of art. But the world changes and we are now running with this bull.feedback

Henry Harteveldt - Atmosphere Research Group

Airline executives will tell you they don't view themselves as being service companies. They want Wall Street to view them as industrial companies, and they want consumers to view them as transportation providers. Customer service is just not what the airlines are about.feedback

Jim Cramer

The problem is that as much as Wall Street likes Trump's pro-business policies, their potential is already baked into the stock market. That was that great first quarter.feedback

Sarah Rozier

Chairman Hensarling looks forward to working with the president and his administration to eliminate Dodd-Frank and replace it with the Financial Choice Act. Our plan, which will be released in the next few weeks, is a bold and visionary plan that protects consumers by holding Wall Street and Washington accountable, ends bailouts, and unleashes America's economic potential.feedback

David Sullivan

It's one of the strangest things I have ever seen. Wall Street being patient and rewarding a company that keeps losing money, quarter after quarter.feedback

Masaru Hamasaki

Wall Street indexes posted only minor drops after the jobs report and it seems that the U.S. market downplayed the results, and that's helping sentiment in Japanese equities. There is growing uncertainty over what the U.S. would do with North Korea if the country stays consistent to its (Tillerson's) message.feedback

Joe Dobrow

It went from being a darling of Wall Street and so culturally important that it was parodied on 'The Simpsons'. What's happened in the natural food sector is that the world has changed very fast around it. Now there isn't very much that is unique to Whole Foods anymore.feedback

Yutaka Miura - Mizuho Securities

U.S. futures rebounded afterwards, so investors seemed to have downplayed the impact from the news and they expect that Wall Street to open higher later in the day.feedback

William Dudley - Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The securities industry is still a pretty important source of very highly paid, very highly skilled jobs, but it's not really contributing to growth in the number of jobs. New York's economy has become more diversified. Wall Street is still an important contributor to the economy, but I wouldn't expect a lot of growth in employment.feedback

Keith Bliss - Cuttone & Company

There's opportunity, ... and I'm sure I'm not the only Wall Street banker-trader that's thinking that way.feedback

Rohit Chopra

The banking industry is right to be worried about heavy debt burdens of young consumers. But the answer is not hand the keys back to Wall Street. We tried that before and it failed miserably.feedback

Richard L. Trumka - AFL-CIO

President Trump needs to decide who he stands with. The coal miners, farmers, steelworkers and other regular Americans who he promised to help in the campaign, or the Wall Street tycoons who are rigging the economy at our expense. That decision will be the single greatest test and the most defining thing in his presidency.feedback

Sherrod Brown

Mr. Clayton is an experienced corporate lawyer, but his deep ties to Wall Street will leave him hopelessly conflicted in the SEC's most high-profile enforcement actions.feedback

Joe Manchin

He's been portrayed as not being for the working person. The Democrats became so politically correct and so perfect. The people in there, they grew up knowing that the Democratic Party would be there ensuring their jobs. And now it's the party they believe is preventing them from working. For me to be a Republican, I would have to put the bottom line before I would a human being. How long did it take them to bail out Wall Street? It took 'em hours. Can't you take care of the people who basically made the country? I really appreciate you coming here.feedback

Mike Osinski

It was something to do to keep us from going back to Wall Street. And it's overtaken our lives.feedback

Chris Beauchamp

A lack of news flow continues to bedevil this market, but the rebound off the lows for Wall Street indicates that there is still plenty of buying pressure out there.feedback

Elizabeth Warren

Serious wrongdoing could go unpunished. If President Trump wanted to make sure that the SEC would have a hard time in going after his Wall Street friends, it seems to me you would be the perfect SEC chair.feedback

William D. Cohan

[T}he job of nearly one out of every five people working on Wall Street these days is to watch what four other people do all day long.feedback

Thomas Lee

Our recommendation would be to start buying stocks that are the least liked on Wall Street right now – what we might call contrarian ideas.feedback

Thomas P. DiNapoli

Wall Street profits bounced back strongly in 2016. Lower costs more than made up for the continued decline in revenues. Bonuses were up only slightly in New York City as the industry held the line on compensation. The jump in profitability is good news since the industry generates a significant amount of tax revenue for both the state and city budgets.feedback

Thea Lee - AFL-CIO

At the moment it appears that the Wall Street wing of the Trump administration is winning this battle and the Wall Street wing is in favour of the status quo in terms of US trade policy.feedback

Tim Boyle - United Parcel Service

The team there has done a terrific job, and frankly, not that Wall Street gets a little myopic, but if it snows in New York City, our share price goes up. But it does snow elsewhere in the world, and we have a big business elsewhere.feedback

Adam Sarhan - Sarhan Capital

If the dynamic changes and the market believes Trump's pro-growth agenda will not go through, that would change the game on Wall Street.feedback

David Stockman

Wall Street is totally misreading Washington. It's pricing in a fantasy about a Trump stimulus that simply isn't going to happen. There will be no tax cut, there will be no 15 or 20 dollar a share reduction in the corporate rate. We will have a government shutdown. It is totally unexpected, unpriced in by Wall Street, [and] it will spook everybody.feedback

Peter DeCaprio

This is why people hate Wall Street. We're paid to evaluate risk and make investments in risky markets. That's it.feedback

Jack Bogle - Vanguard

Over an investment lifetime, a dollar invested compounded 7 percent over 50 years grows to $30 in the stock market, and it grows to $10 in a mutual fund. So it means that an investor who put up 100 percent of the capital, puts up 100 percent of the risk but got 30 percent of the return. Wall Street put up none of the capital, none of the risk and got 70 percent of the return.feedback

Aaron Levie

My message to Snap was certainly make sure that you drive predictable consistent growth, and you over-communicate what makes you different, and then ultimately Wall Street will really understand the story. This is a massive milestone for our business.feedback

Scott Clemons - Brown Brothers Harriman

If there's room for dissatisfaction on Wall Street about the speech it's that both corporate and individual tax reform really got little more than a passing glance and no more details. I didn't hear a whole lot that was new. He was certainly more presidential but that's a pretty low bar.feedback

Nancy Pelosi

The President's speech was utterly disconnected from the cruel reality of his conduct. The President speaks like a populist, but he is selling working people down the river to Wall Street. He claims that he's making America safer, but he has jeopardized the security of our country and weakened our fight against terror with his Administration's dangerous, incompetent, and unconstitutional actions.feedback

Nancy Pelosi

Trump "speaks like a populist, but he is selling working people down the river to Wall Street.feedback

Elizabeth Warren

Mr. Ross has extensive ties to Russia. He plans to keep making money from his major oil shipping companies while working as Commerce Secretary. He's made billions off the backs of struggling home owners. He is practically a cartoon stereotype of a Wall Street fat cat.feedback

Chuck Schumer

It is clear from this budget blueprint that President Trump fully intends to break his promises to working families by taking a meat ax to programs that benefit the middle class. A cut this steep almost certainly means cuts to agencies that protect consumers from Wall Street excess and protect clean air and water.feedback

Bernie Sanders

We need to open up the party to working people, to young people and make it crystal clear that the Democratic Party is going to take on Wall Street, it's going to take on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, it's going to take on corporate America that is shutting down plants in this country and moving our jobs abroad.feedback

Jim Paulsen - Wells Fargo Asset Management

I really think that the market is much much less dependent upon Trump policies than people have made it out to be. I really think this is more about the synchronization of global economic growth, the broadest evidence of recovery hitting more corners of the globe than ever before. I think the rest of it becomes more problematic for Wall Street. I think, for example, a massive infrastructure spending program could be looked at as inflationary at a full[y] employed economy and getting into healthcare seems like it could be gridlock.feedback

Dick Bove

If you think of the amount of funds flowing out of mutual funds, it's been in the hundreds of billions. That's one main source of revenue for the industry. The commission income to hedge funds – the 2 and 20 deals are not in existence in the hedge fund to the degree they were previously. You have huge pressures for commission income to Wall Street firms. One, the customers are really hurting and two, the market took off at the end of the year but the volumes were relatively low. If you take a look at investment banking, the big blockbuster deals that took place in 2105 were not there in 2016.feedback

Mark Cuban

I'm willing to bet that these companies building new plants ... this will lead to fewer people being employed. How does [Trump] deal with displaced workers? Amazon is the greatest start-up in the world. I thought uncertainty was bad [for Wall Street], too. But the market doesn't care if Mike Pence is named president.feedback

Lukman Otunuga

With risk aversion rippling across the board amid the ongoing uncertainty, Wall Street may be vulnerable to further losses.feedback

Erin Gibbs - S&P Global

I still think there's room to run, and we've seen that with Wall Street analysts. We've seen that target price keep moving up, along with the stock. And so it's still trading about 5 percent below the consensus target price.feedback

Sheldon Whitehouse

I simply cannot forgive somebody who took a look at that banking crisis and took a look at the pain that Wall Street had sent in a wave across all of America, and thought, Ah, there's a great new way to make money, foreclosing on people.feedback

Elizabeth Warren

Mr. Mnuchin is the ultimate Wall Street insider. From the moment he graduated from college until today, he has worked at a big bank or a hedge fund. If Wall Street threatens to blow up the economy again, does anyone seriously expect Mr. Mnuchin to get tough with his old buddies and tell them to knock it off?feedback

Rand Paul

The march the day after the inauguration probably exceeded any of the tea party marches. But like Occupy Wall Street, it's not real focused, as far as what exactly they want.feedback

Richard L. Trumka - AFL-CIO

He's the foreclosure king. He made billions of dollars by kicking a lot of working people out of their homes. He has been an example of what was wrong with the American economy, and if he brings that to the Treasury and spreads that, I think the American economy will suffer dramatically and again, Wall Street will profit and workers will get hurt.feedback

Richard L. Trumka - AFL-CIO

He promised that he wouldn't let Wall Street get away with murder, and he's changing the rules and doing away with Dodd-Frank and doing away with the fiduciary rule. What [American workers] had in mind when they voted for change and a rewrite of the American rules was that workers' wages, income and retirement assets will be increased and it wouldn't come at the expense of us, and Wall Street wouldn't get a free, huge gift, which is what these changes are. It wasn't what we expected, and it wasn't what we wanted and, the last thing is, it's terrible for the economy.feedback

Harry Waisbren

Trump has just taken the [Goldman Sachs] executives, brought them into the White House, and it's absolutely disgusting, especially considering how he won the Republican primary as well as the general election chastising the other candidates for their fealty to Wall Street. The idea of Occupy Wall Street, that we need a government that works for all of us, not just the 1 percent, lives on. It was totally visible and strengthened throughout Bernie Sanders' candidacy.feedback

Phil Angelides

In the wake of the financial crisis, millions of families lost their homes. Millions of people lost their jobs. The economy was wrecked and communities across the country were devastated. Big Wall Street banks admitted wrongdoing and paid tens of billions of dollars in fines. And now, with bankers at his side, President Trump begins to rip apart protections put in place to protect America's families and our economy.feedback

Margaret Yang - CMC Markets

Wall Street is probably cheering Donald Trump's move to revise the Dodd-Frank Act, which are regulatory rules to inhibit banks and brokers after the 2008 subprime crisis. ... If the Dodd-Frank Act is revised or removed, it will mark a great step toward financial deregulation. A deregulated Wall Street will create a new wave of bullish sentiment in the short term.feedback

Phillip Swagel

You could expect pushback, that this is about favouring Wall Street over Main Street.feedback

Elizabeth Warren

Donald Trump talked a big game about Wall Street during his campaign – but as president, we're finding out whose side he's really on. Today, after literally standing alongside big bank and hedge fund CEOs, he announced two orders – one that will make it easier for investment advisors to cheat you out of your retirement savings, and another that will put two former Goldman Sachs executives in charge of gutting the rules that protect you from financial fraud and another economic meltdown.feedback

Tammy Baldwin

When Wall Street insiders and corporate executives move through the revolving door from the private sector to public service, they should not be rewarded with golden parachutes simply for joining the Trump Administration.feedback

Elizabeth Warren

Donald Trump talked a big game about Wall Street during his campaign – but as president, we're finding out whose side he's really on. The Wall Street bankers and lobbyists whose greed and recklessness nearly destroyed this country may be toasting each other with champagne, but the American people have not forgotten the 2008 financial crisis – and they will not forget what happened today.feedback

David Rosenberg - AeroFarms

People on Bay Street and on Wall Street love to believe in the wealth effect on spending from what the equity market does and it is actually way down near the bottom of the list for what really drives consumer confidence. What has a much more powerful impact on confidence is job creation and growth in the paycheck. If Donald Trump has his view that trade deficits with anybody have to be redressed that is a much bigger deal for Canada than the next few points on the TSX.feedback

Michael Farr

The message wasn't sent properly. If people had been prepared, whether they liked it or didn't like it, Wall Street can accept that. But Wall Street really reacts to surprises and a lot of people were surprised. It could become one, but not yet.feedback

Stewart Friedman

There is now more of an interest in meaning and creating social value. I'm not surprised to see women from Wall Street at the Women's March last week. … Material gain is just one part of what it means to be successful, and it's not even the most important part.feedback

Nelson Saiers

I take this ... code and turn it into these very striking visual shapes – circles, squares, triangles – that are on the background of a lot of these Wall Street pieces.feedback

Evan Lucas

The Australian market is tracking gains from Wall Street, and there were also some good leads from the oil sector. We also saw a jump back in bond yields which is healthy for the financial sector over in the U.S.. I don't see a rate hike, neither do I see a rate cut for next 12 months from January to December.feedback

Mike van Dulken - Accendo Markets

Wall Street looks like it has potential to try for the magic 20,000 record high that has eluded it for so long.feedback

Bob Doll - Nuveen Asset Management

Wall Street love[s] the idea that we have a pro-growth president, but we had a press conference, we had an inaugural address, and he really didn't talk about those issues, and I think that's caused a little bit of a sag. I think the market's saying, I made a list: trade deals, tax cuts, tax reform, repatriation, Obamacare, Supreme Court, immigration, ISIS, fight the press, infrastructure. What are your three most important ones? What are you going tackle first? You can't do them all.feedback

Chuck Schumer

But where our values are different we're going to oppose him, whether it's the Affordable Care Act or rolling back the limitations of Wall Street or clean air or clean water. It's our values that will decide things, plain and simple.feedback

Nailah Ellis-Brown

We've got Wall Street, and we've got small businesses like mine here on Clay Street. I would love for the President to represent the smaller communities as well.feedback

Jes Staley

I think the Volcker rule is very clear, they want to move Wall Street from managing proprietary and trading desks to being agents and broker dealers for the broader capital markets.feedback

Bill Keenan

Markets are down on profit-taking and we have a negative lead from Wall Street... financials and resources have had a really strong run. Markets are also waiting to see what comes out of Donald Trump's inaugural address.feedback

Adam Green

We expect Trump to continue betraying his own voters by siding with billionaires and Wall Street instead of them – and therefore the pool of Trump voters to find and elevate will get bigger and bigger.feedback

Sherrod Brown

Mr. Mnuchin's cozy ties to Wall Street raise serious red flags that demand serious answers.feedback

Francesco D'Acunto

It's all about changing dynamics on the trading floor. Institutions can no longer act like 'The Wolf of Wall Street.'.feedback

David Einhorn

We'd like to share our views of what a Trump presidency (TP) might look like and why we believe we are well-positioned for 2017. In short, we believe that the post-Great Recession easy money policies have been good for Wall Street but bad for Main Street. It's possible that the TP reverses these policies.feedback

Dan Senecal - Newfleet Asset Management

There has been a lack of supply and it seems that Wall Street is doing what it does best, which is feed the machine.feedback

Wally Charnoff

When Wall Street came into the space, a lot of tools and sophistication chased them in. Once Wall Street said, Hey this is an asset class that we're going to pay attention to,' then companies started developing data analytics, technologies, acquisition tools.feedback

Joseph Osha

The stock is down so much today because it's overvalued. If you look at what the company has achieved [compared to a year ago], they're doing OK. Here's the problem: The company has ... grown pretty fast in a short period of time and Wall Street analysts have continued to extrapolate that into the future.feedback

Dennis Kelleher

Wall Street is salivating at their reversal of fortune. If you get to keep profits and stick taxpayers with the losses, why not?feedback

Adam Sarhan - Sarhan Capital

We're seeing the exact opposite of what happened last year, in terms of investing and sentiment. The macro picture is improving and the stock market is forecasting better economic data and stronger earnings. That bodes well for Main Street and Wall Street.feedback

Justin Walters

While we've seen wildly positive sentiment in many of the investor and consumer surveys released recently, it appears that Wall Street strategists don't have high expectations for the stock market in the year ahead.feedback

Adam Sarhan - Sarhan Capital

Santa needs to visit Wall Street in order for the Dow to get above 20,000. We know Santa is making his rounds, so if he doesn't visit today there's a very high likelihood he visits next week.feedback

Lukman Otunuga

Although Wall Street succumbed to the bears on Thursday, the heightened expectations of a Santa rally elevating the Dow Jones to the golden 20,000 mark could re-attract risk-hungry investors. With Christmas this weekend and New Year's just over a week away, global stocks may meander between losses and gains as investors strategize for 2017.feedback

Jim Marous

If the decisions made by the Trump administration are seen as supporting the 'old Wall Street', that will bring the connection with Goldman to the forefront.feedback

Michael Lewis

If things go well, traders keep the money and if things go badly, it becomes the taxpayers' problem. This kind of weird socialism for elite Wall Street guys is what got us into the politics that we have today.feedback

Patty Murray

After running on the idea that he was going to stand with the common man and fight Wall Street and big business, President-elect Trump is putting together a gold-plated and mahogany, Trump Style Cabinet of Wall Street bankers, billionaires, millionaires, friends, insiders, campaign contributors and cronies.feedback

Stanley Collender

People who come from Wall Street quickly find that they can't just make a decision and have it happen. It's not like being a CEO. There is a lot more compromise involved.feedback

Maxine Waters

Donald Trump ran a campaign on anti-Wall Street rhetoric, but appointing a former hedge fund manager, Goldman Sachs executive, and bank CEO as Treasury Secretary shows his true colors. Mr. Mnuchin is a Wall Street insider with ties to big banks that have a troubling past of putting profits ahead of consumers and taxpayers.feedback

Brian Lidsky

If you're not in one of those top three or four plays, you're probably not going to get a lot of Wall Street support in your acquisitions.feedback

Gary Kaltbaum

You went from a market expecting higher taxes to now lower taxes, a market expecting more regulations now less regulations, a market expecting Elizabeth Warren (no friend of Wall Street) as Treasury secretary and Bernie Sanders (a Democratic presidential hopeful who wanted to tax the rich and boost government spending on new programs) heading the budget committee to now conservatives in those spots.feedback

Lukman Otunuga

An air of caution swept across the financial markets as doubts of a successful OPEC deal weigh heavily on global sentiment. Although Wall Street concluded last week near historical highs, losses could be realized if Asia's and Europe's bearish contagion contaminate American shares.feedback

Dick Bove

There is a need for what big banks and Wall Street do for the economy. The new supposed leaders of the Trump administration appear to understand this. Therefore, it is highly likely that banking regulations will be meaningfully eased in the next year. I still think this cannot be done by revoking Dodd Frank. It must occur at the Fed.feedback

Bernie Sanders

Which side are you on? Can you go out and raise substantial sums of money from the wealthy and Wall Street and those powerful special interest then convince the American people you are on the side of workers and the middle class. Or you do you finally have to say we are going to take on the oligarchy?feedback

Alan Gayle - RidgeWorth Investments

Wall Street is going to be watching a lot of (Trump's) appointments and policy announcements to see whether it validates the more optimistic tone we've seen in the markets in the past few days.feedback

Michael Brune - Sierra Club

Coal is not coming back. Ask investors on Wall Street, or regulators at the state and local level who are choosing solar and wind because of basic economics.feedback

Jim Cramer

I think it's possible that they are being a little too hopeful … but nevertheless, we need to accept that cynicism has been knocked for a loop here and cautious optimism has descended upon Wall Street in a way I haven't seen since Ronald Reagan won the White House 36 years ago.feedback

Bernie Sanders

You cannot be a party which on one hand says we're in favour of working people, we're in favour of the needs of young people but we don't quite have the courage to take on Wall Street and the billionaire class. People do not believe that. You've got to decide which side you're on.feedback

Sam Stovall - Standard & Poor's

With the market being up as much as it was in one day … if the only people who voted were Wall Street, Hillary would be a shoo-in. Democratic presidents outperform, but Republican Congresses do even better.feedback

Brian Gardner - Keefe Bruyette & Woods

There is a closeness and a comfort level between the titans on Wall Street and the Clintons.feedback

Art Cashin

I think what we're seeing is a sign of confusion. There's a lot of chatter on the floor and in the Wall Street watering holes that you may see several more leaks.feedback

Brian Belski - BMO Capital Markets

We … are probably the most neutral we've been ever in my almost-27-year career on Wall Street.feedback

Jim Cramer

On Wall Street you don't spring unexpected plans about the need for major spending without expecting a backlash of skepticism.feedback

Jim Cramer

Jeff Bezos doesn't want to cut off his nose to spite his face, or please Wall Street.feedback

Grant Cardone - The New York Times

I would never, ever invest money in a 401(k). Why would I go to work, have my employer give me another $6,000 a year, and then take that money and send it off to Wall Street, where I can't even touch it for 30 years? I wouldn't do that.feedback

Grant Cardone - The New York Times

Wall Street is telling you to invest little bits, early. They don't believe in your ability to earn money. People need to show the ability to produce more revenue – not invest it – first. People get rich because they produce revenue, not because they make little investments over time.feedback

David Rolfe - Wedgewood Partners

Despite what Tim Cook has tried to do over the past couple of years, he probably can't please many on Wall Street, but as a shareholder, we're very pleased by the results and customers apparently are very pleased by these products.feedback

Jim Cramer

In retrospect, Wall Street completely misvalued Time Warner the enterprise. The stock simply did not reflect the company's true worth because the ultimate arbiter is another business swooping in to make an acquisition, not the incredible fickle nature of the stock market.feedback

Jim Cramer

On days like today the market does seem unfair to me. A fine executive like Jeff Bewkes should not have to wait for years before the value of his company is recognized on Wall Street.feedback

Jared Bernstein

I think it's highly, highly unlikely that she'd appoint a Treasury [Secretary] with a Wall Street background, with the exception of someone like Gary Gensler who not only has a solid record of prosecuting financial market excesses, but is already close to the candidate.feedback

Ted Kwong

Today is just further proof that hyper-partisan, ethically challenged Katie McGinty will be a rubber stamp for everything Hillary Clinton wants to do in Washington. Pat Toomey has been, and will continue to be, an independent leader in the Senate on issues ranging from gun safety to ending Wall Street bailouts.feedback

Jim Swanson

Companies are optimistic about their great plans going forward, and analysts rely on corporate guidance. As you get closer to reality, companies will talk analysts to a more realistic number. They want to beat Wall Street expectations. It's human nature and shows up every cycle.feedback

Masahiro Ichikawa - Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management

All three Wall Street indexes rebounded overnight and crude oil prices are rising, and these are supportive factors for the market.feedback

Tim Kaine

We've got to keep regulation on abusive practices and on Wall Street, so that Wall Street doesn't tank Main Street again. These are their ideas, but they're our ideas too: We put Dodd-Frank in place for a reason, and we want to strengthen it, not get rid of or weaken it.feedback

Tim Kaine

(Clinton) is going to listen, but we are very very committed, with respect to Wall Street, that the kinds of abuses that led the American economy to go into a free fall at the end of the last administration – we're not going to tolerate that again and we're going to make sure we keep protections and guardrails in place so that the American public is protected.feedback

Tim Kaine

There's not a conflict with being willing to work with (Wall Street) and also being for tough regulation. You often have to work with to find the dimensions of the problem and make sure that your solutions are going to have the effect that you want – rather than unforeseen consequences.feedback

Ted Kwong

Pat Toomey has proven he will stand up to his own party for Pennsylvania families, like on gun safety, fighting corporate welfare, or ending the Wall Street bailouts once and for all. Katie McGinty can't name a single disagreement with her party, whether it's the reckless Iran deal or thousands in new middle-class tax hikes.feedback

Hillary Clinton

There was a lot of complaining about Dodd-Frank, but there was also a need to do something because, for political reasons, if you were an elected member of Congress and people in your constituency were losing jobs and shutting businesses and everybody in the press is saying it's all the fault of Wall Street, you can't sit idly by and do nothing, but what you do is really important.feedback

Alejandro Garcia Padilla

Rather they are the culmination of decades of misguided and unscrupulous public policies in San Juan, Wall Street and Washington.feedback

Jack Lew - U.S Treasury

We saw in 2007 to 2008 how bad consumer practices could actually accumulate and contribute to a financial crisis. We need to protect consumers and we also need to protect the financial system, and we shouldn't be rolling back Wall Street reform.feedback

Hal S. Scott

It really affects the ability of the federal government, and in particular the Fed, to be a lender of last resort to Wall Street if we go into another crisis. The more unpopular Wall Street becomes, the less possible it is for the Fed to support it in a crisis.feedback

Doug Reynolds

What often happens is you get saturation in Eagle Ford and Bakken fields, and only so many people can work there at a time. If there's money to be made, more than in any other industry, the market, the Wall Street money will go into new companies that are willing to go into Alaska even if it is a little bit more expensive.feedback

Art Cashin

They're afraid this already wacky campaign could turn into the Wild West. Trump tweeted out that he feels unshackled. You're hearing the word 'landslide' and a lot more comments about a 'Pelosi House of Representatives.' They don't want either party to control everything. Gridlock is good for Wall Street.feedback

Hillary Clinton

I believe strongly that we need to make sure that Wall Street never wrecks Main Street again. No bank is too big to fail, and no executive is too powerful to jail.'.feedback

Brian Leach - Facebook

Clinton is the politicians' politician - exactly the Wall Street insider Bernie described.feedback

Masahiro Ichikawa - Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management

The dollar pulled back slightly against the yen and this looks to have stalled the Nikkei's advance. As for the U.S. jobs report, the main points are if Wall Street can weather potentially upbeat data and how much the dollar can gain against the yen.feedback

Anthony Scaramucci

Wall Street is not the devil. In fact we are at our best when (there) is harmony between Main Street and Wall Street and we hope to restore that.feedback

Eddy Elfenbein

It's an excuse of convenience. Underpromising, so that they can over-deliver later. Wall Street loves excuses that are particularly external.feedback

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