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We have now got the reply from Facebook and we are now analysing it.
Mar 22 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about WhatsApp. You'll find 60 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about WhatsApp are: Jan Koum, Christopher Soghoian, Alan Duric and Amit Fulay. Jan Koum specifically said: “No one can see inside that message. Not cybercriminals. Not hackers. Not oppressive regimes. Not even us.”.
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Runa Sandvik

We received useful information within 24 hours of launching.

Anirudh Suri

It [Hike] can't really go head-to-head against WhatsApp ... a more niche strategy might help it survive. WhatsApp is the clear leader in India – as far as both C2C messaging is concerned as well as the use of messaging by businesses for B2C communication.

Jon Brod

Last week our users increased 7 times over the prior week, so just, explosive growth. We have seen accelerating growth since the U.S. election, but this catapults us in a new category. Every month has been a new record for us across all usage and engagement metrics. The genie is out of the bottle. This is here to say -- iMessage uses it, WhatsApp uses, increasingly everyone will use it.

Kevin Weil - Instagram

[We] built on a format that Snapchat invented. It's a format, [and] we believe that format will be universal.

Randall Sarafa - WhatsApp

This is a format that is being broadly adopted, and we're adopting it as well. There are some pretty interesting things that we've done to make it unique to WhatsApp.

Tobias Boelter

If WhatsApp is asked by a government agency to disclose its messaging records, it can effectively grant access due to the change in keys. WhatsApp can effectively continue flipping the security keys when devices are offline and re-sending the message, without letting users know of the change till after it has been made, providing an extremely insecure platform.

Sugar Rodgers

I heard about a bombing that killed 17 people about two hours away, and right there I was like, I don't want to stay,' . The government shut off all lines of communication so I couldn't get on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp. It was pretty scary not to be able to communicate with anyone.

Gadi Wolfsfed

"Means that, for example, if police or soldiers are beating someone or killing them it could very well be caught on tape and uploaded onto youtube. This changes the whole dynamic of the ability of the authorities to abuse people on the other side.

Jan Koum

In terms of security and privacy, what people care about the most is the privacy of their messages.

Elizabeth Denham

We think consumers deserve a greater level of information and protection, but so far Facebook hasn't agreed.

Elizabeth Denham

If Facebook starts using the data without valid consent, they may face enforcement action from my office.

Nebojsa Medojevic

The oldest one is 73 years old and the youngest is 17, so you see what a farce this arrest is.

Ranko Krivokapic

Blocking such apps is unthinkable in any normal country. I have never heard of that happening anywhere ever in an election.

Johannes Caspar - Data Protection

Facebook now can either adhere to this directive and stop sharing data and delete WhatsApp data that has already been collected, or it can take legal steps against it.

Amit Fulay - Google

If your friend sends you a photo of their pet, you might see Smart Reply suggestions like 'aww cute!

Jeffrey Chester

Very few people opt out, it should be an informed opt in. No data should be used unless people are informed honestly about how it's going to be used.

Mindy McAdams - Twitter

Phone numbers?!? No! That's absolutely NOT OKAY. I might need to delete Facebook, people. NOT kidding.

Jeffrey Chester

This is a strong-arm tactic on the part of Facebook. They continue on a campaign on to run roughshod on our privacy rights.

Bernard Cazeneuve

The different files [on terror suspects] must be interoperable, and by that I mean interconnected. It is imperative that the police, our police on the ground, use one single interface and simultaneously examine all national and European files in order to manage the necessary security checks.

Bernard Cazeneuve

It is quite clear that with the current movement of people and the proximity to the Middle East, for our member states it is much better if we cooperate more in Europe. Many voices are critical of Europe at the moment, questioning whether it is useful. The message from here is, as far as security is concerned, a united Europe is better.

Max Wolff

Google's making sure they don't get left behind in a world dominated by the WhatsApp, and the Snapchat, and the FaceTimes and the Apples, who are basically their major competitors.

Jeff Lawson

We expect to add new customers in the coming quarters. As our customers are growing their businesses and they have more end-users to communicate with ... that also grows Twilio's opportunity and revenue.

Dan Guido - Trail of Bits

With thousands of people in a single WhatsApp chat, it only takes one person to get captured while their phone is unlocked to discover every planned detail.

Tim Strazzere

ByLock is an insecure messaging application that is not widely used today. Anyone who wanted to reverse engineer the app could do so in minutes.

Heather Bellini - Goldman Sachs Group

When coupled with emerging bets on platforms such as Messenger and WhatsApp, we continue to see an unparalleled product roadmap. The strength in the core Facebook app is continuing and newer monetization opportunities such as Instagram and video are quickly following as MAUs and the number of advertisers are growing.

Bob van Dyk - Naspers

Something that we've been confronted with is that because there is so much competition for the chat product, you need a certain audience engagement before any of those other products can become mainstream.

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

They haven't yet turned on the monetization spigot for Messenger or WhatsApp, so there should be significant headroom still.

Jan Koum

We've been working for the past two years to give people better security over their conversations on WhatsApp... People deserve security. It makes it possible for us to connect with our loved ones. It gives us the confidence to speak our minds. It allows us to communicate sensitive information with colleagues, friends, and others. We're glad to do our part in keeping people's information out of the hands of hackers and cyber-criminals.

Jan Koum
Brian Acton - WhatsApp

I'm proud of our team for hitting this milestone: now every message, photo, video, file, and voice message you send, is end-to-end encrypted by default if you and the people you message use the latest version of our app. Even your group chats and voice calls are encrypted. We're glad to do our part in keeping people's information out of the hands of hackers and cyber-criminals.

Peter Eckersley - Electronic Frontier Foundation

The F.B.I. and the Justice Department are just choosing the exact circumstance to pick the fight that looks the best for them. They're waiting for the case that makes the demand look reasonable.

Randy Guisto

The platform's overall growth is underwhelming. They have plateaued and can't look to India or China as those markets are dominated by messaging apps like WhatsApp, as well as Apple (O:AAPL) and Google's proprietary, pre-installed platforms.

Alexander Steinhart

Smartphones and the Internet are like some sort of happiness providers that we keep in our pockets. It's a bit like being drawn to a slot machine in a casino. Notifications like a message from a friend or an important event are like points that we expect to receive. We are constantly under tension and this stimulates emotions within us. But 90% of the time, what is happening is not that important.

Nina Kov

In one case at Keleti Railway Station in Budapest, we showed the app to refugees, and that is how they found out that Germany was imposing controls. They learnt this from us first, because they could see it translated into their own languages.

Nora Shenouda

The smartphone is not merely an expensive accessory for refugees. The information it provides does not just save them time and money. It can also save lives.

Jan Koum

When advertising is involved, you the user are the product.

Rick Summer - Morningstar

This is a tacit admission that Facebook can't do things that other networks are doing.

Tim Bradshaw - Financial Times

This is a very hot market at the moment, there have been many different of these chat apps popping up. There's WeChat in China, there's Line in Japan and other parts of Asia – but WhatsApp is by far the biggest of all of them, which is why Facebook has paid such a huge price.

Rick Summer - Morningstar

They can't replicate what other companies are doing so they go out and buy them. That's not all together encouraging necessarily and I think deals like these won't be the last one and that is something for investors to consider.

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