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Robert Kalamaras
All of the evidence at the scene is consistent with that. It's such a shame. This was a tragic call.feedback
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NEW Jun 26 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Women. You'll find 985 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about Women are: Gal Gadot, Hillary Clinton, Naomi Teeter and Vladimir Putin. Gal Gadot specifically said: “I just wanted to take a moment and thank you. Thank you for making this weekend the most amazing weekend and craziest weekend I've ever had in my life.”.
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Alex Hai

I am supportive of equal rights for women, and feel that as someone who mastered the craft of rowing while in the body of a woman, I have proved that 'yes even a girl can do it.' However, I myself am not a woman, and the struggle of feminism is not my personal struggle. I simply want to do the work I'm passionate about, and be seen by the people around me the way I see myself.feedback

Megan Couto

I'm not feeling too nervous. We've practiced enough and all the guys have been through their paces - I've just to focus on saying the right commands. I'm just focusing on doing my job as best I can and staying humble. Any of my peers would be absolutely delighted to be Captain of the Queen's Guard and I'm equally honored.feedback

Andrew Marr

I think she is a perfectly decent serious hard working woman who is almost cripplingly shy. Very unusual in public life. I think she finds meeting a room of people she hasn't known before, without a set series of questions and answers, almost intolerable.feedback

Montse Pérez

He showed me a document saying his salary was €3,000 a month, so I thought OK, no problems here. Well, I was wrong.feedback

Ofer Sharone

Marriages have more problems when the man is unemployed than the woman. What does it mean for a man to take a low-paying job that's typically associated with women? What kind of price will they pay with their friends, their lives, their wives, compared to unemployment?feedback

Kate Nash

When you're a woman, you have such a strange relationship with your body because – especially when you're in the public eye – you're constantly being judged. People comment on my body all the time in a really inappropriate way, in a way I find completely offensive[. I] saw it in serious newspapers where I've been called 'too fat' and 'too ugly' to be a popstar. It's so weird, but people feel like they can say that to you.feedback

Kate Nash

Everything's slightly different now because feminism is now front and center. It's mainstream. There are still s– magazines that will look at women's bodies. But I've seen reactions from influencers, and if someone talks about a women and the way she looks, women jump in like 'no, you can't f–– say that. What's it to do with you?' . On the show, we have a purpose that isn't just to look good, it's to learn to wrestle and run the ropes. On set, I was pushing myself physically, doing things I never expected I could do. It empowered me, and I feel very confident and assertive.feedback

J.R. Hoell

The bill as drafted allows for physician-assisted suicide and allows a pregnant woman to commit homicide without consequences.feedback

Gene Seymour

You can really feel the difference when a woman handles the same material as a male director.feedback

Renee Rabinowitz

I interrupt him, and I say, Well, I am sure it doesn't say anything about sitting next to a woman,' . I feel good about the fact that [El Al] will now be required to tell ... haredim who want women to move that they can't do it, that El Al flight attendants can't do it.feedback

Judy Obregon

Every animal matters, I won't be going anywhere anytime soon until I can make a bigger impact.feedback

Renee Rabinowitz

I feel good about the fact that (El Al) will now be required to tell ... haredim (ultra-Orthodox men) who want women to move, that they can't do it, that El Al flight attendants can't do it.feedback

Jerrod Carmichael

Having the word itself said on the show came out of a deeper conversation about do you feel beholden to these unspoken rules for being a black person, or being a woman or being gay or being whatever you are? It just naturally went to the n-word and the rules around it and that's where it came from. Then we said to the network, We want to say it, but it has to go on air.feedback

Eva Chavez

We put our lives out there in the fields for a job that will never give our health back. It's not that I don't want to talk about my sexuality, but sometimes people are just so closed-minded that they cannot understand. Sometimes there are even men who have this devil's thinking, that, Oh, you're gay–I'm gonna make you a woman.feedback

Amy Binns

A woman may be shamed by a picture of herself simply with her hair uncovered, or in skimpy clothes.feedback

John Wilmoth - United Nations

The population in Africa is notable for its rapid rate of growth, and it is anticipated that over half of global population growth between now and 2050 will take place in that region. At the other extreme, it is expected that the population of Europe will, in fact, decline somewhat in the coming decades. Europe has the lowest fertility level, estimated at 1.6 births per woman in the most recent period, while Africa has the highest fertility, with around 4.7 births per woman.feedback

Bethenny Frankel

You can't be a friend with someone who you don't even know has a rifle pointed at your face cause they're so jealous. She and I were in the same group of friends. I hit the jackpot – I landed on the cover of Forbes Magazine, I worked my f–– ass off. I've never seen a jealous woman like I saw that night – ever in my entire life.feedback

Tania Branigan

With more beards than females and no ethnic minority members, the UK team negotiating our leaving the EU will not reap the benefits diversity brings. There is nothing shocking about the photos of the UK’s Brexit negotiating team. They are almost exactly as you would expect. Somehow, it is normal that a team working on behalf of 65 million people should contain no person of colour and “more beards than women” – an indication not of hipster tendencies in the civil service, but of the fact there is just one female member among the nine. These are the people charged with fulfilling Theresa May’s promise that “as we leave the European Union … we will make Britain a country that works not for a privileged few, but for every one of us”.feedback

Simon Jenkins

The collective response demanded by disasters on this scale must not deny us the space to move on. Life must be lived forwards. Are you grief or rage? Three days ago I watched a news crew at work outside Grenfell Tower. They were interviewing an elderly Muslim woman and needed a composite shot of the blackened tower, her face and a picture she was holding. They clearly wanted her to cry. I sensed her dignity in being unable to oblige. Amid the overwhelming sadness of the place, I felt fury at such an intrusion on private agony.feedback

Ryan Holtan-Murphy

I demanded two forms of ID. I'm such a Packers nut, I literally thought she was playing a practical joke on me.feedback

Andrew Morton

It was like being transported into a parallel universe, the Princess talking about her unhappiness, her sense of betrayal, her suicide attempts and two things I had never previously heard of: bulimia nervosa, an eating disorder, and a woman called Camilla.feedback

Jean Liu - Uber

There's this sense of brotherhood, that we're in this battle together, let's show them the power of Asia. It's so inspirational.feedback

Nancy Theriot

As a UofL faculty member who interacts with students and wants a campus environment free of sexism and exploitation, I believe the sanctions are justified given the seriousness of the infractions.feedback

Fiona Carter - AT&T

I realised that the casting… we had less than 50 percent women, they weren't in speaking roles, the positions of authority were white males and secondary positions were people of color or they were women. For me that was a personal moment when I realized I had the power and the responsibility to make a change.feedback

Keith Weed - Unilever

Why would you only use half the talent in the world if you can use the whole talent in the world? You could get a lot of middle aged men and teach them to try and think differently or take a diverse group of people and leverage the diversity among them.feedback

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

Appointing a woman would certainly send a strong signal given the recent troubles, and that would be one of the easiest ways to cement a broad cultural shift away from the frat mentality that often characterized Travis Kalanick's tenure.feedback

Nina Funnell

It is standard, in fact, that when a student exposes sexism or misogyny in their own university they are almost always met with horrendous backlash and ostracism, including reprisals. That's incredibly common in Australia.feedback

Renee Rabinowitz

I was sitting in a bible class, which wasn't so great for the teacher because my phone kept ringing. Anyway, I'm thrilled because the judge understood the issue. She realized it is not a question of money; they awarded a very small sum. She realized it's a matter of El Al changing its policy, which they have been ordered to do.feedback

Anat Hoffman

This is a common story; it happens to many. Like Gal Gadot, Renee has superpowers.feedback

Renee Rabinowitz

I would have no problem flying with El Al. But it depends on who has the best deal.feedback

Aisha Tyler

This is a woman who is married to a black man, whose children are black. Obviously, the way that she feels about the black culture is affectionate and passionate. But that being said, she's not in blackface.feedback

Sunny Sweeney

I went through all that shit by myself. Not by myself but with my husband. I went through all of it without telling very many people at all. Maybe three people knew. Then the song started having a little bit of a life and I had friends – very, very close friends that I speak to and hang out with all the time – going, Oh my God, let me tell you about my story.' We had never started the conversation because, especially as a woman. . . well, people in general don't necessarily want to talk about it because it makes you feel like there's something wrong with you.feedback

Gwyneth Paltrow

I've had a lot of moments where I'm thinking 'why the f--- am I doing this?' It has become about holding on to my vision and being undeterred from it. It's really interesting being a woman who has shifted from one public facing image that people were comfortable with, into something else that people are not comfortable with.feedback

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka - United Nations

Stereotypes reflect deep-rooted ideas of femininity and masculinity. Negative, diminished conceptions of women and girls are one of the greatest barriers for gender equality and we need to tackle and change those images wherever they appear. Advertising is a particularly powerful driver to change perceptions and impact social norms. UN Women is excited to partner with the foremost industry shapers in this Alliance to challenge and advance the ways women are represented in this field.feedback

Monika Williams

I don't know if my sister had a knife or not, and even if she did, she was so tiny. There was no reason two trained police officers had to shoot her down.feedback

Gerald Hankerson

What police are touting as improvements, we rebuke. If you ask the black community, things are just as bad today as they were before the consent decree so what it the point of even having one. How is it possible that a woman who called the police for help ended up dead?feedback

Kenny Isabell

Do our lives really matter to them? What do you want from us? We try to comply and this is still happening. You're killing our young men and now a young woman has died.feedback

Sara Rosenbaum

Could you imagine tomorrow if finally we had a Zika virus vaccine, and that vaccine costs $50K a dose? Would you not want every woman of childbearing age to be immunized?feedback

Victoria DiPaolo

It's all based on sexism, and it is completely unreasonable. Over the past four years, myself and many of my friends have received dress code violations for clothes that were nowhere near inappropriate.feedback

Laura Beth Nielsen

Yes, lying happens. But the presumption is that she is always lying. But why do we think people would lie to be in the position this woman is in right now?feedback

Jeannie Suk Gersen

We chose to set up our system to be stacked in favor of the defendant in all cases. So, in areas where most of the defendants are male, and most of the accusers are female, it's a structural bias in favor of males. Even if we were to get rid of sexism, it would still be very hard to win these cases. I think this is what we have to live with on the criminal side, because we've made the calculation that this is the right balance of values.feedback

Davidson Lim

After talking with Lyles' family, we learned that Lyles has experienced a recent sudden and rapid decline in her mental health. When we explained to her family the behavior and statements Lyles made to us, they were surprised and informed us she has not had any behavior similar to this in the past.feedback

Betsy Bozdech

If you are of the opinion that a sword-fighting soldier woman is not something you want your daughter to aspire to, you will have the information to decide whether you want her to watch it.feedback

Monika Williams

She had her teeth knocked out, had numerous black eyes. She has permanent scars from being abused, and she begged and begged for help. Then she finally got the help, and then you take her life in front of her children.feedback

Charles Lyles

They were talking calm, and all of a sudden, you heard the gunshots. That really messes me up to hear her die.feedback

Janice Lorraine

A woman my age, 74, is expected to be a certain shape and a certain degree of frailty and the idea is to show, no, you don't have to fit that stereotype. I'm trying to set people free from the idea that a woman should be a certain way at a certain age.feedback

Ed Murray

My thoughts are with the many people impacted, including the three children and the responding officers. Our historic police reforms, from de-escalation training to civilian-monitored force review, are in place to address such crises. This will be fully investigated. The quality and integrity of the investigation will be reviewed by the federal monitoring team supervising our consent decree. We will work collectively with our consent decree partners and the Community Police Commission to ensure transparency throughout this process and offer support where needed.feedback

Anne-Marie Slaughter

I would say for women specifically, it's critically important to figure out your style. (When) you look at a man, you look at the way he leads and there are things you can learn: how to project in public speaking, how to be assertive, how to have a presence.feedback

Anne-Marie Slaughter

But you also have to know who you are. And if you're friendly, or if you simply don't like being abrasive – find your own style, because you can't lead in someone else's clothes. And women often do have a different style than men.feedback

Anne-Marie Slaughter

In some ways there's no difference between women and men in leadership, which means courage, really having the courage to stand up for what you believe – that you may believe in a product, you [don't have] to believe in a set of moral principles. But even when other people are telling you (that) you're crazy or even when people don't like you – which is one of the big lessons of leadership – is you have to be willing not to be liked some of the time.feedback

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

That kind of tells you the state of the industry. It's been a challenging summer. I always say it comes down to product. Are the movies grabbing people? Before Wonder Woman we were about nine percent behind last summer. We're now at about even, but the industry would like to see better than even.feedback

Dolores Troiani

She's ready to go again. She's a very spiritual woman, she believes things happen for a purpose, and I think the purpose is . . . it should encourage other women to come forward and have their day in court.feedback

Emma Dent Coad

There's one woman this morning and her child, they have been moved three times since Wednesday into different accommodation. That's absolutely appalling.feedback

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

That kind of tells you the state of the industry. It's been a challenging summer. I always say it comes down to product. Are the movies grabbing people? Before 'Wonder Woman' we were about 9 percent behind last summer. We're now at about even, but the industry would like to see better than even.feedback

Gal Gadot

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you. Thank you for making this weekend the most amazing weekend and craziest weekend I've ever had in my life.feedback

Jim MacDonald

Everybody knows deep down that this is a play that celebrates the assassination of Donald Trump. I believe that Laura Loomer last night is the most heroic woman of the year. She shut the play down and didn't know what would happen to her.feedback

Supt Howard Millington

There will be a large police presence in the area for some time as we investigate and also on the streets surrounding the area as a precaution. If you have any concerns, please speak to our officers. This is very much an ongoing investigation. We will leave no stone unturned and myself and my team will not stop until we have found out exactly what happened and have brought whoever did this to justice.feedback

Supt Howard Millington

First of all my thoughts are with the woman's family at this devastating time. This was a brutal attack on a young woman, the type rarely seen in Greater Manchester. We have a full investigation team working on finding out what exactly happened to her and to try and find the person who did this. We are keeping an open mind about this, however we would like to hear from anyone who may have any information about any recent incidents of this nature.feedback

Martin McGuinness

Oh aye, Margaret Thatcher was a good woman. I believe she was sincere and honourable, but of course at night she was sore on the bottle, very sore on the bottle. I have seen her almost drunk, aye.feedback

David Lammy

Khadija was a beautiful young woman who had blossomed over the last few years. She had lived with this horrible accusation and it was devastating, but instead of anger she poured it into her work.feedback

David Lammy

My friend who lost her life was a talented artist, but she was a young, black woman making her way in this country and she absolutely had no power, or locus, or agency. She had not yet achieved that in her life. She'd done amazing things: gone to university, the best in her life. But she's died with her mother on the 22nd floor of a building. And it breaks my heart that that's happening in Britain in 2017. Breaks my heart.feedback

Nabil Choucair

Everyone's doing their bit, their duty and everything, but I still don't know anything. I've given my name, my number, everything, just to know. I pray for everyone, I hope everyone's safe.feedback

Jane Taylor

Some hats can look like sculptures on a plinth, but I want to make something that flatters the woman underneath.feedback

Conrad Roy Jr.

This has been a very tough time for our family, and we'd like to just process this verdict that we are happy with.feedback

Prudence Fisher

We have Vietnam vets, they've had chronic PTSD for years, and never got treatment. One woman – she raised her kids and when the kids left home then the PTSD comes back. Another participant wouldn't go outside, now he goes outside.feedback

Michelle Carter

You're finally going to be happy in heaven. No more pain. It's okay to be scared and it's normal. I mean, you're about to die. You can't think about it. You just have to do it. You said you were gonna do it. Like I don't get why you aren't.feedback

Theresa May

The individual stories I heard this morning at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital were horrific. I spoke with people who ran from the fire in only the clothes they were wearing. They have been left with nothing – no bank cards, no money, no means of caring for their children or relatives. One woman told me she had escaped in only her top and underwear.feedback

Kayla Hart

They shouted out, Build a Wall,' and shoved a drink at me. And then all the baristas in the back started cracking up laughing. I just walked out because everyone was staring. I just found it really sad that I can't wear a t-shirt supporting our president without being humiliated or made fun of.feedback

Atul Malhotra

In romantic relationships, there's frequently a kind of dual identity. When you're a young man dating a young woman, and you relate to each other in a particular way as young adults, and then you meet her family and you have to contend with someone who's now playing the role of a vestal virgin, practically. It goes both ways, of course.feedback

Kayla Hart

I don't know what politics has to do with getting a cup of coffee. They shouted out build a wall and shoved a drink at me and then all the baristas in the back started cracking up laughing.feedback

Kate McKinnon

For centuries dudes have been able to get into sticky situations and get themselves out of them and run around and just act foolish without there being a romance at the end of it. Typically if a woman is in a comedy she's just there to get married or wag a finger at the men acting foolish. It's such a breath of fresh air to be the one acting foolish and to be the one getting messy and making mistakes. Comedy is the great equalizer. You want all characters, male and female, to look good and bad, ridiculous and powerful, for the opposite sex to have a better understanding of each other.feedback

Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw

I was taken aback. To think about, in that moment, both seeing an image of a black woman and not seeing an actual black woman. I was really confused, excited and kind of bewildered.feedback

Hillary Clinton

When you're there you don't just talk. You take action. I feel little bit helpless now, being outside.feedback

Hillary Clinton

What these women are doing is brave and what they are seeking is right.feedback

Manal al-Sharif

What type of progress in women's rights? I wish she was more specific so I wouldn't feel insulted. If you don't want to support us, just stay quiet. Don't praise. You're making it worse for us.feedback

Tarik Flannagan

Several times, I've been stopped by men giving me props for taking care of my child. It's funny how many times it's happened. Otherwise, we're able to check all the other boxes. There's nothing that a man can't do that a woman would have done. It's been incredible. Fatherhood is not for everybody, gay or straight. But for those that are doing it or want to do it, it will change your life.feedback

Tarik Flannagan

I don't know anything about lady parts. I can still teach her, but the only thing I can't offer her is what it feels like to be a woman.feedback

Hillary Clinton

Now I haven't seen 'Wonder Woman' yet, but I'm going to, in part because it's directed by the fabulous Patty Jenkins. But something tells me that a movie about a strong, powerful woman fighting to save the world from a massive international disaster is right up my alley.feedback

Douglas Wigdor

It is shocking that Travis Kalanick could publicly say that Uber would do everything to support our client and her family in her recovery when he and other executives were reviewing illegally obtained medical records and engaging in offensive and spurious conspiracy theories about the brutal rape she so tragically suffered. Rape denial is just another form of the toxic gender discrimination that is endemic at Uber and ingrained in its culture. Hopefully, this lawsuit coupled with the changes recommended by the independent counsel will create real change and reform at Uber and elsewhere.feedback

Oprah Winfrey

When we started to gather the OWN tribe, and recognize who had come, the question in our meeting rooms was how do we now serve this audience – who is this woman? She is an intentional seeker, she's the kind of person who's watching 'Super Soul Sunday' as her church. Many of them are single moms who are working, but who have dreams for their lives, their children's lives, they're in relationships, they're getting married again. So we try to meet them where they are and serve them in an intentional way that reflects their lives back on themselves.feedback

Phil Baty

This was a historical moment - these big symbolic things can make a difference for being front of people's minds and being noticed. Having a woman at the helm means there is a sense of change, momentum and difference.feedback

Molly Fischer

Make a passing reference to the 'David Foster Wallace fanboy' and you can assume the reader knows whom you're talking about; he's the type who's pestered at least one woman to the point that she quit reading Infinite Jest in public. Infinite Jest – a novel that appears high on the list of 'Books That Literally All White Men Own.feedback

Michael Bennett

So the issue that he's dealing with is what we're all dealing with. We all come from the inner city or we've been a part of communities where we felt like we've been judged because of the color of our skin or who we like or if a woman -- any issue to deal with. We've all been dealing with it with someone in our family.feedback

Oscar Okuda

I think it's like the new vision of the Gioconda, and for me it's like a multi-cultural-skinned woman, that has different fabrics like from different parts of the world.feedback

Kat Graham

She called me a few weeks ago and we talked about the project and I told her what I was doing in it and parts of her life that we're recreating, and she's extremely supportive and a loving woman. We sound similar, and I'm a sound person… She's pretty much my idol.feedback

Ishmael Blagrove

This country needs you - somebody has to be held accountable and responsible. We don't want the Government to kick this into the long grass.feedback

Ishmael Blagrove

We have to get to the bottom of this - the truth has got to come out and it will.feedback

Jeremy Corbyn

The truth has got to come out. It's great that you're in place. We have to get to the bottom of this. The truth has got to come out and it will. The response of the fire service - incredible. In six minutes the first fire appliances were on the scene. There's been an incredible community response, donations of food and clothing and faiths all faiths have come together - everyone has given their support and I think that's quite incredible. The resources have to be found because we cannot allow people to live in a dangerous state.feedback

Jacqueline Courtney

It popped up on eBay. My mother flew to Atlanta where she arranged to meet the woman, and the dress, in the airport.feedback

Jonathan McKnight - Department of Natural Resources

I think it's a combination of things. Number one, they're much more common than people realize. They're around us.feedback

Ryan Butler

Word does spread more quickly when people do see them. A photograph can be shared more quickly now. It may be no different than it was 25 years ago.feedback

Christie Kelly

At least there are no snakes here. Going back home, I don't see myself going back in the same room or the same bed.feedback

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