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Luka Modric
I was against VAR in Japan at the Club World Cup because it lasted too long and match officials were not handling it well. But after I saw it in the France v Spain game, I saw it can be very good for
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Apr 22 2017
“We will bid together. The general parameters of that bid are a World Cup of 80 games, three-quarters of which would be played in the United States, 60 games in the United States and ten each in Canada and Mexico. The final decision on those things are up to FIFA, it's their tournament.” said Sunil Gulati speaking about World Cup. It’s one of the 152 quotes about World Cup you can find on this page. 112 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Bruce Arena and Gianni Infantino. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Sunil Gulati

Because I couldn't get the round of 16 all in the U.S. Negotiation. Bigger stadiums generally – Azteca (in Mexico City) is obviously a bigger stadium. Those all came down to a discussion, and that's where we ended up. A World Cup in North America, with 60 games in the United States, will be, by far, the most successful World Cup in the history of FIFA in terms of economics. The economic power of the American market – we've got 500 million people in these three countries – this will be an extraordinarily successful World Cup on financial and economic

Victor Montagliani

It wasn't so much a deal – we all know what needed to get done, we all knew what was also fair, and what also was in the best interests of the World Cup. You can't look at it from a proprietary standpoint. You've also got to be realistic. The U.S. infrastructure is unbelievable. They could host the World Cup in California if they wanted

Decio de Maria

I think with what we have agreed to today, we'll be able to offer the Mexicans in Mexico a great World Cup, and the Mexicans in the United States will have the other 60 matches in the United States to enjoy (the World Cup).feedback

Decio de Maria

I remember well the World Cup of 1970. I remember well how Estadio Azteca was built. In 1986 it fell to us to host, I remember that World Cup well. Today, to be able to give the Mexicans, Americans and Canadians an opportunity to experience a World Cup in Mexico is a great

Bert Colijn

Eurozone industrial production is much like England at the World Cup: all the ingredients for strong performance are there, but it's just not happening. The second quarter might see the surge in production that we have been expecting for a while. Any day

Decio de Maria

The United States doesn't need us to host a World Cup. That is the message. On day one, we didn't have a single game. Today, we have

Laurent Huard

This is very good for them (India) to come in Europe to prepare the World Cup. They will come into our training ground, just near the professionnal one to play that game. I said yes straight away when the organizer offer me to play India. We will discover that team (India) and a new way of playing football. As it's at the end of the season, we'll put some very young players on the pitch to prepare them for next year when they will progress to our U17

Arsene Wenger

If you look at his career, Theo can respond to disappointment with good focus. He had a very bad injury and he came back. In 2006, he was in the World Cup squad but he has not been since – and we are in 2017 now. I have substituted him many times but it is like that with every player. Sometimes I sub him because we want something different in the game. For example, the other night against West Ham I subbed him. Given what has happened to him during his career, when the job was done I took him off because you don't need a stupid injury with 10, 15 minutes to

Dani Alves

We achieved our objective of reaching the World Cup, but we need to keep it going and not settle for what we've got. We need to maintain our balance and have a settled squad – that way we'll be able to keep on getting good

Belinda Stronach

The 2017 Pegasus World Cup Invitational surpassed our expectations and we believe took the sport of Thoroughbred racing to an exciting new level. Our company is committed to building on the momentum that was inspired by our founder and honorary chairman, Frank Stronach. In 2018, we will bring an even bigger, more modern and unforgettable entertainment experience to a global

Les Murray

Enjoyed interviewing Ange Postecoglou at the AFI dinner last night where he confirmed that after the 2018 World Cup he's stepping

Peter Rist

Currently, Australia are in the Asian play-off position for World Cup qualification. But, they have yet to lose a game. If they stay there by drawing their remaining games, they could be in the Asian play-off, and not qualify while still not technically losing (away goals or penalties). Has a country ever failed to qualify for the World Cup finals without losing a game?feedback

Kevin Shattenkirk

It just seems like they want to use it as a bargaining chip. That's wrong. That's not what the Olympics is for. The reason we started going was so we could grow the game and show the world how great it is when you get the best players in the world playing against each other. That's what we're trying to achieve with the World Cup, but that's going to take time and this is right in the prime of it. The last Olympics was fantastic, and to just dismiss it, really, without much conversation is

Bruce Arena

In a World Cup Qualifying campaign, winning games at home is critical. In all ways, Colorado provides a great environment for our team. We are at an important stage of the campaign, and we look forward to the great

Thierry Henry

When he has a good game, he is unstoppable. He is a World Cup champion, he won at Real Madrid and he won two cups with Arsenal. But you need to play like that all the time. It can't be from time to

José Mourinho - Manchester United

I am totally against the friendly matches. I think friendly matches for the national team only make sense before the final phases. A couple of weeks before the Euros or a couple of weeks before the World Cup makes sense. But mid-season friendly matches mixed with qualification matches, I don't think that makes sense. On top of that the matches are not really big matches so I am not a big fan. But I think one day I will be there so I cannot be very critical. I don't know how but both central defenders got injured in the English camp even before the

Bruce Arena

He plays in a big league with a big club team in big competition. Probably in club play your players are a little more protected than they are in World Cup qualifying. It's all part of the learning curve. Next time around it will be better for

Juan Carlos Osorio

I think you have to get used to winning games. You have to go out with a lot of humility, with your feet on the ground knowing what the goal is because what we're looking for is going to the World

Edgardo Bauza

What surprised us was the little time we were given to release a legal response. We had half an hour to send the first note. And after that, during the night hours, we stayed until four in the morning for the second note. It's strange because FIFA gives you the possibility to deliver an opinion to anyone who can be sanctioned. Not only he couldn't play, but we didn't have time to work with anyone else. We tried to get the lead in Bolivia, in the second half the team improved a bit. Bolivia won well. We have to think about what is coming, we are alive and desiring to qualify for the World

James Turley

Brazil have qualified for the World Cup, well over 14 months before the tournament begins. Is this be the earliest a team has ever qualified for a major international tournament (obviously not including automatic qualification by being hosts or previous winners)?feedback

Giampiero Ventura

Winning tonight was important for the image that we're trying to build and the mentality that we're developing. We showed the team spirit, the ability to fight and to suffer, and we got the result. This victory helps us to rise in the rankings as well. I am sure that this is a group that is growing. This is a team that will be the revelation of the World Cup in Russia if we get there. Verratti's performance is what happens when we can express ourselves. I'm satisfied with his efforts. He had a big game against Albania and when we play well he is able to make the

Bruce Arena

We are not overconfident. We know we're playing against a very good opponent, and realize every time you play a World Cup qualifying game on the road in qualifying it will be a very difficult

Arsene Wenger

When you put yourself in Deschamps' place it is a nightmare to select first the 20 best and then after the 11 best. That is not a problem they have at the moment in Spain. Germany as well is still there but maybe a little bit less strong than they were in [winning the 2014 World Cup in] Brazil. The upcoming force for me in international football is France. You find top quality players in France now like you did in Brazil 20 years

Edgardo Bauza

In South America it is very complicated to qualify for the World Cup. It will not be easy. The players have the pressure of having to win and to try and play

Javier Ceppi

It is a happy day for me because all the questions about the match schedule will stop being asked. We can finally focus on other things. It has been an extremely complicated process to finalise the schedule to have a World Cup in India - different festivities, weather patterns, different timelines. We know that October is a month of festivities and we want this to be a festival of

Gareth Southgate

But if he is scoring goals in the Premier League and playing as well as he has this season, then there is absolutely no reason why he couldn't [go to the World Cup]. It is a great moment for him. He was thrilled to be back involved in the squad. I think he has enjoyed his week

Gareth Southgate

I think we've got to look every time we get together as to who is in form. I don't know if we can have a distinct pecking order because players who are playing well deserve the opportunity. If we are going to be successful, we have to have that competition for places. The reality is we will always lose players to injury. We're never able to pick a full cohort, so it's important we can call upon the likes of Jermain and he can have the impact he does like he did today. If he scores like he is in the Premier League, there's no reason why he wouldn't be (picked for the World Cup).feedback

Christian Wade

No not really. Since the World Cup – not getting selected and stuff – I've just stripped everything back to basics. Now I just try to improve week by week and just enjoy it. That's been my thing since 2015 and I'll continue like that. I'm improving all the time. I was left out for whatever reason [in 2015] but I've moved

Javier Ceppi

The State Government of Assam has really taken the leadership when it comes to making the World Cup a huge effort in their State. We are already working on all operational and promotional matters to make sure that all the people of Assam and of the neighbouring north-eastern states can enjoy World Cup matches in the north-east. The development in the stadium is very satisfactory and we are sure that the FIFA U-17 World Cup will do justice to the vision of Hon. CM Sarbananda Sonowal of making Guwahati the sports capital of

Clint Dempsey

Well, it'd be awesome. It'd be a dream come true. Any time you play in a World Cup it's a dream come true. It's one thing to say and another thing to do it. You've got to stay relevant, you've got to stay producing and you can't just say it and that's going to happen. I have to be on the field and do it. I'm just taking each game as it comes and hopefully I can play a part in helping the team. Yeah, that'd be great if I can be around for

Fernando Santos

We had six finals. From this point, we have five left to reach our goal of reaching the World Cup from first place in our group. Hungary tried to block our way but we adapted very well to the three central midfielders and we did not allow them to come out and play. I think we were slow in our ball circulation during a period of the first half. We should have done it faster, especially on the flanks. With a lot of balls in the air, against players of this calibre, it's very

Jaime Yarza

One of the things we like to do in World Cup venues is to have test events. We will have 50,000 people there but the planning of laying grass is only after that. So it is a good opportunity. Timing wise it's a good thing to see how facilities

Jaime Yarza

This will be one of the best, if not the best stadium in the country for hosting the World Cup

Simon Kjaer

We must go to the World Cup this time after missing out in 2014. I have played for my country at both the World Cup in South Africa and the Euros in Ukraine and Poland, and it is something that I can't bear to miss out on again. Honestly, I haven't even been watching the tournaments without us - it is too hard to sit on the couch at home instead of being there as a

Roberto Martinez - Anfield

Yes, I think the team also learned from the World Cup in Brazil and the European Championship in France. I think it was a very young team in Brazil and France. We know the players now have more

Lukas Podolski

They have a good team, a good manager and they a play a different style to before. Before it was a like a rugby style, now they have good guys, good characters. They were physical but they play more football now. When they go to a tournament they are always nervous, they always play too much under pressure. I will be watching England at the World

Lukas Podolski

I will watch England, as well as Germany, in the World Cup to see how they play. When they go to a tournament they are always nervous, they always play too much under

Graham Rowntree

I think I am a better coach now, more rounded for my experiences. I have learnt a lot through what happened in the World Cup, and problem solving on a daily basis I am enjoying. This will probably be the toughest Lions tour for a long time but we are going to assemble probably the best squad for the last 30

John Strong

MLS is my dream job but a World Cup, that's Everest. That's the ultimate thing. The idea that I could narrate for this country something on that scale, that's the extreme ultimate aspiration I've ever had as sports broadcaster. The fact that there's a chance that might actually happen is exhilarating and terrifying in equal

Jaime Yarza

I am pretty excited to see the way the stadium has shaped over the last year – since I last came here, it played host to the World Cup Qualifiers and from the reports, I gauge that the authorities here did a great job at it. Also, the meeting with the Chief Minister was pretty fruitful – he assured us of continued support and that all requirements would be met leading up to the

Edgardo Bauza

If we win the three remaining home games, we'll be at the World

Vicente Del Bosque

It's the same idea with the same system. Maybe Lopetegui wants to keep the team closer together, with more pressure, but I think it's pretty similar. With Vicente we achieve a lot, although in the end there was the bitter taste of the last World Cup and Euro

Gareth Southgate

The culture in rugby I think we can take something from. They get the players to present the opposition analysis, rather than it being fed by the coach… and of course he (Jones) has a winning mentality - he is constantly asking for more. They were 18 games unbeaten and I saw his quote saying 'we are nowhere near ready to win the World Cup'. He recognised what the end looks like and what the environment needs to look

Roy Hodgson

I certainly didn't feel suicidal and I certainly didn't feel self-doubt either because I think probably the four years, especially the last two years after the World Cup, fashioning a team from a very young group of players, many of whom weren't even in their club side, and playing the sort of football we were capable of playing – we were playing very, very well. I am very, very proud of that achievement. I think it is probably the best work, in many ways, that I did or have done so

Michael Findlay

As you'd expect, we got thumped. When I heard we were playing Scotland, I went into my drawer and found an old photo taken after the match when both teams lined up for a snap - and sitting in the front row are Gordon and I together. I've never spoken to the man again and he won't remember me but it's funny to think all these years later I'll be standing across from him in the dug-outs. We have to be realistic. This is a Scotland side currently in World Cup qualifying, so they will bring a lot of tempo and commitment to prove to their manager they should be involved on

Eddie Jones

One game doesn't affect our perception of people or of the team. One game doesn't change our plan [for the 2019 Rugby World Cup]. It is too early [for older players to be discarded]. Did you think we would never get defeated? There is no scar there at all. It is great for us, not great to lose, but it is a great learning experience. These sort of things harden you because you learn from them and don't want them to happen again. As I said to the boys, in a World Cup final you either get a gold medal or a silver medal, and a silver medal doesn't look too flash. A gold medal

Jermain Defoe

You have to be realistic; to get into any squad is based on merit and to do that you have to be playing at the top level. When I went to Toronto in 2014 I missed out on the World Cup. When I got the call it was hard to accept but you had to be realistic and think the boys I was competing against were playing the Premier League and Europe and that's why I missed out. So I would say you would need to be playing in the Premier League but we'll see what

Emily Scarratt

The World Cup is the biggie for us. It had been a little while since we had last won a slam so this is really special, and heading towards the World Cup this is a huge stepping stone for us. Coming off this we are now in a really good place and confidence is high, but we aren't naive to think we are the finished article. But if you peak heading into the World Cup that's no bad thing, is it. Certainly the last couple of years have not been easy and they have been full of ups and downs and challenges along the way, but we have got over the line and now we head towards the World

Stephen Constantine

The best example of continuity is Myanmar. They qualified for the U-20 World Cup 2015 on merit, average age on the senior national team is about 24 and have got a coach (former U-19 coach Gerd Ziese put in charge of Myanmar senior side) for the last eight

Joel Matip

It was not always easy for me, but I hope this chapter is now finished. I did not understand what was going on around me. I only wanted to stay here at Liverpool and play. In the last two years after the World Cup [in 2014], I was only on international duty one time. I tried to play and represent my country, do my best and achieve something but all the surrounding things were not the best. I always tried it and tried it. I spoke to the old coach a lot and he always tried to change some things. I said, 'OK, I will try it again'.feedback

Kevin McKenna

The call for a second referendum has been triggered by the high-handed and disdainful attitude of the UK government. The uninitiated, on first encountering an SNP conference, might think that they were already stepping on to independent turf and that only the flourish of a civil servant’s pen was required to make it official. After two or three days of being held in the embrace of such boundless optimism you sometimes find yourself desperately seeking a dose of misery just to feel normal and Scottish once more; a Pink Floyd album perhaps, or a video of Great Scotland World Cup

Mustafa Amini

It's sort of half a dream come true. At the end of day, yes, I've been selected in the squad but, of course, I want to help the team qualify for a World Cup. That's massive and I want to be able to get the chance to debut and show Australia and show Ange what I can do as

Ted Ligety

If she stays healthy, she's the one that has the best chance of having the most World Cup wins of all

Kristof Terreur

He's always missed something – someone who can guide him. He trusted the wrong people and that why things have gone wrong, although has played at the World Cup which was a career high for him. But after that, it all went wrong

Anthony Vanden Borre

I am the first to admit I have too long relied on my talent. My attitude irritated Mario Been, he told me I had missed a good career. It made me think, it was time to turn the knob. At 24, I found a balance in my life. I want to go to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 with the Red

Jonathan Joseph

I am honoured to join the club, but if we end up losing in Ireland we will all be massively disappointed. We want to win the Grand Slam. We are going to train unbelievably hard and treat it like it is our World Cup final, giving it our all. We are not thinking about the Lions at all: our focus is on England and now it is about Ireland on Saturday and getting the

Jorge Sampaoli

We have a group of analysts who have produced a clear report of what happened in the Ranieri era, and what's happening now with the complete about-turn in morale and how the team is now back to being as dangerous as they were last year. We have modified our plans. Leicester have demonstrated that they will play this game as if it were a World Cup final and we know that by not winning by the margin we deserved in the first match we're going to be under a lot of pressure and that if we don't go for it it'll be an uphill

Gianni Infantino

We are now in the process of defining the bid requirements. In the world there are certainly many countries with travel bans, visa requirements and so on and so forth. What is obvious is that when it comes to the World Cup, like the Olympic Games ... any team, including the supporters and officials of that team who have qualified, need to have access to the country. Otherwise there is no World Cup. The requirements will be clear. Then each country can make up their decision whether they want to bid or not. It's nothing to do with the U.S. or not the U.S., it's a general sporting

Graham Arnold

They [Grant and Vukovic] have the opportunity to be part of a World Cup and be part of a Confeds Cup and it's about how bad they want

Gilberto Silva

At the moment, Brazil suffer from a dependence on Neymar, but that may change with Jesus. He can help Neymar and lift a bit of the responsibility of his shoulders. But it's not only about Neymar and Jesus. The players need to take their responsibility to deliver what is expected from them. The experience they have now is very different from the 2014 World Cup. The World Cup qualifiers in South America are a big test and help you mature. That's the level of difficulty you'd face at a Confederations Cup or a World Cup, but, in 2014, Brazil didn't have the experience of the

Raymond Kopa

To win the Ballon d'Or was a real high point. It's the trophy that's dearest to me because it capped a year filled with other trophies. I never would have received that magnificent honor without my Spanish title win, the European Cup and my third place at the World Cup. 1958 was my

Tim Vickery

Centre-forward has been the problem position for the Selecao. Mano Menezes played without one, Scolari brought it back and it worked [with Fred], until World Cup when it did not. Gabigol is an option now that he is getting some minutes at Inter, and scored his first goal. I think he is an interesting player. There also is Luan of Gremio, who offers a different option. With Luan, you have a false no.9, who can drop deeper and link with the

Tim Vickery

It's incredible you think that, but peaking too soon is a concern for Brazilians. The change has been brutal, six games, scoring 17 goals and conceding just one, and that was an own goal. Maybe they need to concede now, to go behind, because we need to see how Neymar and Gabriel Jesus will react to a negative situation. We are less than a year-and-a-half away from the next World Cup, and we need to see how they will react when they go behind in a

Drew Doughty

This season has been tough. Playing in the World Cup in the beginning, it feels like we've been playing every other

Guillermo Fayed

I don't think there is any secret to it all. They have some great equipment and on top of that that all have great technical basics. Aksel Lund Svindal is a skiing giant and has loads of podium finishes. Concerning Kjetil Jansrud we did laugh a bit the last time but he doesn't embarrass himself in the slalom. He boasts 60 World Cup slalom starts. They are versatile skiers when young and afterwards they put all their talents towards the speed

Victor Muffat-Jeandet

It is truly remarkable what he has done in order to win five overall World Cup titles in a row. I don't think there is any secret to it all, it's just that he is one of the best skiers of all time. He has really raised the bar high for the general standings these last few years. He has done everything to achieve that objective. He was gifted at an early age and had good results as a youngster and now he's a little more

Isabelle Charest

Our athletes are getting on World Cup podiums in impressive numbers in this pre-Olympic season so it really bodes well for Pyeongchang, . I'm looking forward to working closely with them to help them deal with the mounting pressure and the unique Games environment so they shine when their date with history

Erik Guay

I am happy to be here as the race leader after a big crash I had in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (downhill World Cup race) last

Heyneke Meyer

At the 1999 World Cup he played with a knee ligament damage. As a player and person he was a warrior and a

Reinhard Grindel

If the World Cup stops being as attractive, then fan and sponsor support suffers, as does its

Gianni Infantino

The football fever you have in a country that qualifies for the World Cup is the biggest promotional tool for football you can

Gianni Infantino

We have to shape the football World Cup of the 21st

Victor Montagliani

It's definitely a possibility because the rules now allow for it. I also respect the fact that each country has the possibility to put on the World Cup (alone) and I think the discussions will happen quite soon as to what is our region is going to look like at this World Cup as I think it is an opportunity for

Victor Montagliani

It's obviously a possibility. It's time for it (World Cup) to come back (to CONCACAF). It is pretty obvious the president-elect is a supporter of sport, a supporter of the Olympic

Jose Daniel Ferrer

We would put three or four activists on a street corner, talking about the news of the day, like the football World Cup. Eventually the activists would bring the conversation to the topic they wanted people to opine on, and at that point, another two would come over with a camera. We realized if it was a group of men, there was nothing better than to send a pretty female journalist

Bruce Arena

We're going to have a lot of pressure on us. We're not only expected to qualify for the World Cup, we're also expected to be successful in group play and to get into the round of 16 and then hopefully the

Soren Kjeldsen

It's difficult to describe my feelings. We both came in this week in good form and we just gelled so well. A friendship has been built as well, and I think that's the whole point of the World Cup of

Sunil Gulati

His experience at the international level, understanding of the requirements needed to lead a team through World Cup qualifying, and proven ability to build a successful team were all aspects we felt were vital for the next coach. I know Bruce will be fully committed to preparing the players for the next eight qualifying games and earning a berth to an eighth straight FIFA World

Sunil Gulati

While we remain confident that we have quality players to help us advance to Russia 2018, the form and growth of the team up to this point left us convinced that we need to go in a different direction. With the next qualifying match in late March, we have several months to refocus the group and determine the best way forward to ensure a successful journey to qualify for our eighth consecutive World

Juergen Klinsmann

Sometimes you learn more from defeat than wins. Not everything will go perfectly in 2017 on the path to the World Cup. The team is still in the process of finding itself. We've seen strong improvements of some young players this year but we're still hoping one or two younger players will

Joachim Loew

(The 2018 World Cup) is of course our main aim, and beyond that of course, is the European title that is happening in different countries for the first time. This is, of course, a special challenge. We did not make it this year, we got knocked out in the semi-final and for me it is a big aim to achieve what we haven't managed in the last years – to be European

Gianni Infantino

It's easy for the world champions to have an opinion about the World Cup. What can I say to him. That he must be open to renewal, for football, for football development. Not everyone has the chance to qualify for the World Cup every time like Germany

Sunil Gulati

It limits the numbers of confederations that are bidding. We will look at it, we have got great relationships with Canada and Mexico, we also have a country with 320 million people that has hosted a World Cup with a lot of terrific stadiums and great

Gary Bettman

The game plan is to use this (World Cup) as a foundation for new, more energized effort to give us a bigger presence outside of North

Gary Bettman

The fact we are doing a World Cup and we believe it is going to be huge success, and that we are going to continue to do it on a regular basis does not mean we can't also do the

Reinhard Grindel

For me it is incomprehensible why the organising committee insisted on that for so long. For me this frustrating issue is more proof the organising committee of the World Cup wanted to block out things, that there was no transparency there and that the public was partly misled. I condemn

Reinhard Grindel

It was known that Franz Beckenbauer had been active in advertising for Oddset during the 2006 World Cup. It was not known to us that he received the noteworthy sum of 5.5 million euros out of the organising committee

Gianni Infantino

So, there is, I would say, no limit to whatever is good for football. We will see, but it's true that CONCACAF did not have the World Cup for a long

Vincent Menard

And the result Bruno, is that Greece beat you in Lisbon and deprived you of a coronation as you stretched out your arms. So here in France we want to avoid that scenario. That would be a disaster after beating Germany, our nemesis, in the semi, only to lose to Portugal in the final. We are reassured that les Bleus have won the last two competitions held at home, Euro '84 and the '98 World Cup, I see a hat trick and France to win the final

Vincent Duluc

At the moment in the Euro, we're seeing countries one after the other who are slapping the curse that's been afflicted. We finally saw Germany eliminate Italy and we finally saw France eliminate Germany. So we are a little fearful that Portugal could finally beat France, after France snatched a Euro 2000 final and a World Cup final in

Eduardo Paes

And I know the British, they will love Rio as they did in the (football) World

Audrey Gaughran - Amnesty International

As part of its major business, it has awarded the World Cup to a country where migrant workers are subjected to systemic abuse of their labour rights. As such, it has to act given that those workers are going to be at risk of abuse on World Cup

Steve Tew

His bursting on to the international stage took the game to another level and was probably an important spark for the game, getting the opportunity to go fully professional because what he did at the '95 World Cup certainly turned some

Sepp Blatter

It was agreed inside the group that we go to Russia because it has never been to eastern Europe, and for 2022 we go back to America. And so we would have the World Cup in the two biggest political

Kate Davies

Falling in-store prices and promotions around the Rugby World Cup are likely to be the main factors why the quantity bought in the retail sector increased in September at the fastest monthly rate seen since December

Vincent Menard

This latest win for Hirscher means he takes another step towards the World Cup Crystal Globe, but no-one's ever won the title four times in a row before. Former champion Franck Piccard is an admirer….feedback

Franck Piccard

You prepare for it as you would for any race but you know deep down it's not just any race. That's the real difficulty. It's exactly the same slope but it's as if you are competing in the World Cup, you have to give that extra bit of soul, extra intensity and extra presence so that on the day, you really feel that you are giving the race of the century. And generally speaking, that is what happens when you succeed in this type of competition. You prepare for it as you would for any any event, but you experience it as a great

Michael Connarty

There's clear evidence which I have seen, paper evidence showing that a substantial amount of money changed hands to buy votes from the African Federation, which then tipped the balance and the Executive of FIFA to award the World Cup to Qatar and my report is recommending that recognition of that breach of law, that in fact they should rerun the 2022 World Cup

Robin Dutt

I think the main reason is that, in 2000, Bundesliga clubs were asked to create centres for trainees and the clubs are doing outstanding work with a very good technical and tactical education. The results were first visible at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The clubs followed suit over the past few years with their professional

Roberto Rotter

At first we thought there would not be enough hotel rooms to house all the fans, everyone coming for the World Cup. Today I'd say we're going into a very calm situation with a World Cup which will be very positive in terms of

Jim Boyce

The situation, as far as I'm aware, is that the FIFA executive committee was awaiting a report set up by all the stakeholders involved in the World Cup – television companies, leagues, sponsors – meeting between now and the World Cup in Brazil. The plan was that there would be no further discussion on the World Cup in Qatar until December at the end of this

Jim Boyce

100 per cent I can confirm that the FIFA executive committee has not decided to move the World

Elias da Silva

We know that the World Cup is a war, no? So if Portugal are going to practice, they want, like I say, somewhere more hidden. Here with the buildings around it's difficult because the press can find a place to film those key practices. So it's difficult, the major problem was really the buildings

Robbie Deans

We know each other well, as teams. There is a huge amount of history, There is no more history than that between the Wallabies and the All Blacks. And there is a lot of history at World Cup time so it is going to be

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

Football in the United still has a competitive disadvantage against the other big professional sports, and that is money. Baseball, basketball, ice hockey and American football are multi-billion dollar operations that dominate the market. But maybe the World Cup enthusiasm is going to change

Nasser Al Khater

Our position from the beginning was we will be ready to host the World Cup whenever the international football community decides is the best time to host the World Cup. Whether that be summer, whether that be winter, fall, spring, we will be ready. As long as the decision made has the concensus of the international community, we will be

Sarah Leah Whitson - Human Rights Watch

The government needs to ensure that the cutting edge, high tech stadiums it's planning to build for World Cup fans are not built on the backs of abused and exploited

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

Our commitment now is to work and starting now because we have a lot to do. We have the World Cup 2014, and we have the Olympics in 2016. Brazil is lucky because we had been working hard for a while. We are investing billions of dollars in

Clarence Seedorf

But I think after the World Cup, it will be

Cécile Skovron-Mathy

It's with the strength of Maori tradition that the All Blacks start this world cup. The Haka is the symbol of their strength, but will it be enough to help the hosts battle their way to a second World Cup

François Chignac

The singing will continue here for some time. In a few hours, the South African parliament will pay homage to Madiba, ahead of Tuesday's grand ceremony in Johannesburg's giant football stadium where during the 2010 World Cup Nelson Mandela made his last public

Slimane Yacini

That's it for The Corner join us for more as the 20 th Football World Cup begins to take shape. Bye for

Slimane Yacini

Welcome to the World Cup Corner. After twelve years away from a major international football tournament Belgium return to the top table with a win over

Fridolin Achten

And a good German football team at the World Cup! That would be

Simone Matias

The country has the money to host the Olympics and the World Cup. Where is the money for education, and for health and for everything else?feedback

Cecilia Dube

For me it's three weeks only I'm not trading but already I've seen a big difference, it's like my life is in a halt or something. It's not moving just for three weeks. So think for the whole month. After that whole month we don't know what's going to happen. It might happen that after the World Cup, they say no traders

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

Rio de Janeiro is prepared to host the Olympics and is prepared to host the World Cup with a lot of tranquility. It's not because of one catastrophe that we will think that it's going to happen every year, or all the

Jose Fortunati

If the project is not voted on, we won't have a World Cup in Porto Alegre. There's no Plan B, nor C, nor

Andrea Rua Espada

Argentina is celebrating victory and they still haven't played Germany yet, a team Argentina have faced in the World Cup final twice before. In 1986 they won, while in 1990 it was Germany. After so many years of waiting to get this far, Argentina and their fans already feel like

Fabian Farge

The media presence here is unprecedented since the death of John Paul II. The shock resignation of Benedict XVI and the election of a new pope has mobilised the world's media, it is similar to the Olympics or the World Cup, everyone wants to cover this event

Delia Fischer

Here I quote from the chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee Claudio Sulser: 'Such behaviour cannot be tolerated on any football pitch, and in particular not at a FIFA World Cup when the eyes of millions of people are on the stars on the

Sam Jones

Sales have been just ridiculous, especially for the US. I would say it's probably double what is was last World Cup. World Cup fever is here so it's just absolutely

Franck Piccard

She has already done that this year in the giant slalom, and I think she can do that in other disciplines as well, including the downhill. The Super G will not cause her many problems either if she's not afraid of speed. So if she breaks through there she has a good chance of winning the overall World Cup

Ashlee Clarke

The fact that we won the World Cup finals the last two years, yes of course, it adds an extra bonus and pressure that you really want to perform and do a

Andrei Rodrigues

The violence on Sunday is not related to the World Cup. For the games in the World Cup we will use the example we followed in the Confederations Cup, there is a whole dynamic, a whole series of preparations and plans and evaluation of the risks, a whole scenario which will surely avoid this type of

Sepp Blatter

What @DaniAlves2 tolerated last night is an outrage. We must fight all forms of discrimination united. Will be zero tolerance at #World

Carlos Ulloa

We are fighting within a very responsible project so he can make it (to the world cup) and over the course of the road we will be able to see whether we will achieve

Daniel Fey

Pyschic Paul has more than made amends for getting the Euro 2008 final wrong. Free from World Cup pressure, he can now retire in

Ali bin Al Hussein

I think it's better to play in winter. This way the weather would be better for the players and the fans. I don't see why a World Cup in Winter in Qatar should be a big

Martin Halliwell

The World Cup is an enormous thing for the satellite operators, an enormous

Richard Lamb

The World Cup dominates all occasional use space in a country like Brazil. With good planning we're able to augment the capacity, maybe two years in advance, by relocating another satellite where possible, but in reality there is only a limited amount, and pretty much all the capacity will be used on the

Dilma Rousseff

There are people who claim the resources for the World Cup should have been directed to healthcare and education. I hear and respect those opinions, but I don't agree with them. It is a false

Xavi Hernandez

We belong to a collective sport, in which the most important thing is to win titles: the World Cup, the Confederations Cup with the national team, the league, the Champions League with our clubs…all this motivate us. We are here because of good team work, this is the main reason why we have won this individual

Iker Casillas

I have no doubt. It will be difficult to repeat the Spanish national team's golden era of many titles, but we hope it will happen again. Not everybody is lucky enough to win back to back European titles and a World Cup, in fact only the our national team has done it. The important titles are a result of a fusion of good players and

Xavi Hernandez

It comes from all of them. We came through the youth ranks in Barcelona and Real Madrid. Our parents and family and also the Spanish National Team all played a part in our success. We are both from a generation of Spanish football players who have been lucky in winning the European championships twice and one World Cup. Therefore, this prize belongs to more people than just

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

Discrimination as we have already said, doesn't stop with the colour of someone's skin, it is also a discrimination against poor people. So turning to the World Cup in Brazil, I'd like to ask you, can spending so much on a sporting event be justified?feedback

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

The World Cup victory in 1998 was, of course, a sporting victory but also a social one, your rainbow team was recognised for being well integrated, so 20 years later, what is it like now?feedback

Lilian Thuram

Well it would be quite something to be playing in the World Cup in Brazil. As of course it would have been symbolically amazing to have playing in a World Cup in

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

So as I'm sure you can believe, we received lots of questions about the World Cup and about the French team. So I've chosen a question from Baba Bah, who asks what do you think about Samir Nasri not being selected for the team?feedback

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