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Mauricio Pochettino
To know better in between them, to speak in a different way. That creates links between them, emotion. And when you must fight in a competition, there's willingness to help more your team-mates and care more for your team-mates. But it is so difficult because here in England, it's difficult to find a day or night altogether. Now he is doing very well. He's so humble and has won the World Cup, but he needs time to learn the dynamic of the
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Sep 22 2017
“We will have to work hard and be smart in what we do to bridge the gap between us and the All Blacks. The 2018 series is incredibly important for England as we build towards the World Cup. We want to win that series 4-0 and we will need to play extremely well to beat four very good teams over a four-week period.” said Eddie Jones speaking about World Cup. It’s one of the 389 quotes about World Cup you can find on this page. 231 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Bruce Arena, Ange Postecoglou and Gareth Southgate. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Eddie Jones

We will have to work hard and be smart in what we do to bridge the gap between us and the All Blacks. The series will give us a really good indicator of where we are as a squad a year out from the World Cup and gives us a real focus on what we have to do over the next 12 months to be ready for that series and

Miguel Maduro

The secretary general made it clear to me that it was extremely problematic. More than that, she said we needed to find a solution to declare Mr. Mutko eligible because otherwise the presidency itself would be in question, the World Cup would be a disaster, that was her view, and the continued presidency of Mr. Infantino would also be in

Harry Kane

Fernando has been a fantastic addition. He's a guy I can learn a lot from. He won the World Cup, Euros, Serie A and more. It's a learning curve for

Charlie Stillitano

The real problem we have is France and England start here, Italy and Spain start here, Germany starts in between, qualifiers and everything else. So, the challenge is the calendar. Between World Cup, Euros, play-offs, everything, it's really hard to find a format that

Igor Siqueira

I think Brazil maintained their balance even with some of the changes that Tite made. It's no use expecting to walk into the World Cup with a 100% record because that would practically require a miracle in the modern game. Colombia were a difficult opponent, one who had provided the stiffest test of Tite's time in charge so far [when Brazil won 2-1 in September] and, in the sweltering heat, a draw was a good

Tim Vickery

It is really about maintaining the level of performance. I think we are no longer talking about the qualifiers, but about preparing for the World Cup. So, the result is now secondary. We are analysing the team and thinking about how they will perform at the World

Eddie Jones

The countdown starts here, most definitely. Everything now is more specifically geared – for the staff, not so much the players – towards the World Cup in 2019 so our plan, our strategy, the way we think is geared towards winning the World Cup in

Craig Shakespeare

It is a very rare occasion, and we are trying to come to terms with it. It is World Cup year and he is in limbo. But he is a strong character and I am sure he will be

Aleksandar Mitrovic

It is very frustrating for me, but I can't change anything now. These are the rules, but I didn't mean to do this, the things they have accused me of. It wasn't even a foul in the game, but I have to accept the rules and respect the decision that has been made. It is a huge thing for Serbia, it has been a long time coming. I think it is very important for the Serbian people to see us back at a World Cup. It is an unbelievable achievement, we have done it for the Serbian people, for the whole country, we want to make them proud and I hope we have done

Raul Jimenez

I've got to go to Benfica and train very hard to win a spot as soon as possible. I know it's not going to be easy, there's good competition at Benfica, but I think I'm in the right conditions to do it. I'm aspiring to do that, getting to the World Cup was a goal and now being there it'll be the coach's

Philippe Coutinho

Also, no player is going to refuse to play when it's the World Cup at the end of the season. The Liverpool fans have nothing to worry about - I do not believe any of the stories about him refusing to play for the club. I know him that is not his

Sean DeLoughry

Gary Kelly is an uncle of Ian Harte, both played together regularly for Leeds United and the Republic of Ireland, and they played together at the 2002 World Cup. Rigobert Song (uncle) & Alex Song (nephew) played together for

Slavoljub Muslin

Of course we are very close to achieving the main goal, but there a couple of matches left. This is very important for us because we didn't progress to the last three competitions. This was one of the most difficult games in my career as a coach. It was also one of the most important games because we knew this would be the decisive game to go to the World

Guillermo Ochoa

The team, over the long haul of this process, has gone through a lot of interesting things. We're very clear on the style of play. I think discussions with the coach and his openness have been very obvious and this has helped us understand the opponent on and off the field. There are very good things that have been executed and others that, as always, we have to correct, clean up details, try to get better every day. That's how it's going to be from here to the World

Arturo Vidal

Sorry Chile for these two losses! We put everything in the field but we couldn't win. We will continue fighting!!! Two matches and the World Cup is what I have left, thanks for so much affection in all these years!!!feedback

Juan Carlos Osorio

And finally, I think the maturity all their players have having played in a World Cup gives them experience, this plus having a good record in qualification. That's why it's one of the best teams in the

Joachim Low - St George's Park

The 2018 World Cup, and winning the title again, that is the vision. A mission on the way is participating at the Confed Cup with the goal that three or four players will be able to put pressure on our established stars, when it comes to 2018. We want to lift players to a new level – achieving that is what matters to me. I already know I have 12, 13 World Cup winners with a lot of experience and class, but they need competition for their

Jorge Sampaoli

We live in a society where, when a lie is told a thousand times, it becomes the truth. Messi is fully involved so that Argentina qualify for the World Cup. It's difficult to remove the Messi dependency from a team when Leo is there. We have to go looking for the points. We have to get an early goal, that way the opponent has to look for another game plan. Argentina's formation depends on what we want from the match. I'm not of the idea of having a starting XI that is set in stone. It's good to have a set of players who are prepared to

Wayne Rooney

Capello's English wasn't great, and it just didn't feel right. He brought his backroom staff in and they were all Italian and it just didn't feel right. I remember at the World Cup in South Africa, Fabio and his coaches were watching Italy play and they were cheering when Italy scored, and he was there as England manager. I don't think that was right. It didn't work and we had to move

Charlie Stillitano

I saw (US Soccer Federation president) Sunil Gulati and he was almost gleeful in talking about how this was going to be by far the most profitable World Cup. All the stadia are done already, all the highways are done, the train stations are done. The hotels are there in the

Giampiero Ventura

I believe if we had played them in November it would have been different. Maybe we would have lost anyway, but we would have been at the same level of preparation. Not the same level of qualities, of course. I also believe if we would play Spain at the World Cup, after the right amount of preparation, we would play a different

Giampiero Ventura

We will go through the play-off, but we're sure that we will qualify for the World Cup. I agree with [Italian Football Federation president Carlo] Tavecchio, not going to the World Cup will be very bad. But we're not thinking about it now, we're just going to think about the game with Israel, we need to win to qualify for the

Gareth Southgate

What I hope is the fans really get behind us. There's nothing better than playing in your own stadium and feeling the fans are a huge advantage for you and intimidating the opposition. That's what supporting is all about. I understand our job is to entertain and excite the supporters. But we want to get to a World Cup. Would we rather the fans were with us? Bloody hell, of

Gareth Southgate

Jordan stays [as captain] and there is no point in changing that. Normally the captain does the two games when we've been together unless we change the team and that guy does not play. It's a great opportunity for us, a home game. We are playing good opposition so we've got to make sure we are tactically prepared, which we will be, but also we've got to have belief in the team that we've got. We've got some exciting players and we want to show that. We know the task we have; we know the opportunity. The whole country wants to be at a World

Wayne Rooney

My mind's made up. I've seen it a few times when players come out of retirement and gone to tournaments and it's not right. I think the lads now who are trying to qualify for Russia, if they get there they're the players who will deserve to play in the tournament, so my decision is made. At the World Cup in South Africa, Fabio and his coaches were watching Italy play and they were jumping up and cheering when Italy scored and he's there as England manager. I don't think it was right but it didn't work and we moved

Emmanuel Petit

There will be motivation for some who have the World Cup at the end of the season. But you can not hope to go to a tournament like the World Cup if you are not in good form for your

Gianluigi Buffon

We mustn't lose faith in our journey, as we still need to do what's necessary to reach the World Cup. We should have done better, however we continue to believe in what we're doing and focus on reaching the

Gianluigi Buffon

We believe and hope to go to the World Cup. There is a year ahead of us, there will be training camps to refine certain mechanisms. There are values in this squad that don't always emerge. It was difficult, we knew that, and the quality of all their [Spain] individual players emerged. We needed the perfect performance to limit us. It is a heavy result, but I don't think we suffered that

Lorenzo Insigne

We realise that to reach the World Cup we must make a sacrifice, but if we stay united and work hard, we can achieve our

Harry Kane

We're by no means the finished article, there's still a lot for us to work on. We've got to stay patient as a country together, it's not going to happen overnight. There are a lot of very good teams, obviously France winning 4-0. So there's still a lot of preparations from now until the World Cup and it's a big game on Monday night where we can put a big marker down. From our point of view, as a country, we just need to stay patient, stay relaxed and see what

Kyle Walker

The main objective is, at the end of the season, to be on the plane to Russia and represent my country at a World Cup. I've missed out once before. It's important to be on the plane, wearing the badge and playing games. England is as important as

Luis Pompilio Paez

We've learned a lot from this qualifying process, but football is always in the present. There are eight months to go. That's an advantage for Mexico, that we're already thinking about what we're going to do in the World Cup. This is a new stage. There are three games left, but we have to have the double responsibility of preparing to give the Mexican fans the pleasure of a great World Cup. We're going to be there and we're going to, as always, do everything possible as professionals to have a great World

Sergio Ramos

I think about things day by day. I am not thinking that this will be my last World Cup, quite the opposite. As long as I am motivated and happy, I'll think about playing. This is one of the best fixtures you could watch. I am sure the supporters will be our greatest ally. They will help us. I hope that if right now he has more time to rest then he can come back with the same attitude as

Sergio Ramos

What we're concerned about is that there's a place at the World Cup at stake and, above all, it's at a grand stadium like the Santiago

Ola Aina

It is looking like we will qualify for another World Cup. For me to be part of that, is always a dream. I am just waiting for a few more approvals now and then we are good to go. I can't put my finger on it right now but hopefully I will make my debut very

Luis Suarez

An important point to continue to add and keep dreaming about the World Cup!! I'm fine, it was just cramp in my calf. Come on

Arturo Vidal

We spoke about our only focus which is to win matches in order to qualify for the World

Arturo Vidal

I said it when I came here, I came here to win the six points [in Chile's World Cup qualifers against Paraguay and Bolivia]. I do also share with my friends, but everything is in a relaxed way and obeying the rules of the national

Joachim Low - St George's Park

It's our target to qualify early for the World Cup and win both games. That's how we're going to start this week because it's an important year ahead for us and a good start is

Clint Dempsey

(Competition) is only good for the team, it makes the team better, pushes everybody. Everybody has the same goal, trying to qualify for the World Cup, so it's all about working hard, pushing each other, having that competition for spots, and raising our level of

Ange Postecoglou

While we respect our opposition always, we always believe we have the capability to win the game. It's not just about qualifying for us. We want to continue to evolve and become a really strong team to compete at a World Cup and do well. If you can beat Japan away from home, it's a good indicator that you're a strong

Ange Postecoglou

We'll go into the game like we have every other World Cup qualifier and that is trying to

Jordan Henderson

As a team, that is what we want to achieve: to get to the World Cup, first and foremost, and then when we get there we want to do well. We will definitely think about it but at the end of the day, you have got to do the business in the next few games that we play to

Rodrigo Fernandez Lovelle

€15m (£13.4m) is an expensive price. Lucas wants to go to the World Cup and be happy at a place where he has opportunities to

Emily Scarratt

We had our blinkers on in terms of wanting to win the World Cup. Things didn't distract us. There's definitely no

Juergen Klopp

Mesut has always been a very important player for Germany, he won the World Cup three years ago, so I don't know why people give him the

Lewis Cook

Our team, our age group, have been together so long now. We knew each other, we could relax with each other and have a good time around the camp. Having that friendship really made it just like playing with your mates on the pitch in a World Cup – it is pretty

Juan Carlos Osorio

We hope with this list of very good players we can complete and, as is our plan, have two good groups to face these two games. They're vital and fundamental for our goal to qualify for the World Cup and we hope, as always, they represent Mexican football very

Hamad Kalkaba Malboum

We are talking with Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco – those countries have the facilities. I have very positive sounds from some of them. People said that Africa could not host the World Cup in football, but we did it very

Gareth Southgate

It's never been done before and we have obviously had World Cup winners before. Other people have to make the decision but we should absolutely be recognising his career with England and showing appreciation. I know already there is discussion around that and about how we may keep him involved with England, just as we are talking to Frank [Lampard] and Steven and others, as there is value to that experience being passed

Emily Scarratt

Luckily [my kicking] hasn't mattered in the games up to now, but it certainly will in the next game. When it is the World Cup final you find a little bit extra. Undoubtedly it is the biggest game of our season, it is what we have been working towards this whole year. We will recover well, there will probably not be a huge amount of training that goes on. It is about going through the mental steps and figuring out what we need to do against a great side like New

Jamie Carragher

In his time England have not had a great tournament that you could look back on in the way that England players of Euro 96 or the World Cup in 1990

Jamie Carragher

I think it's a great decision for everyone, even England really. They have got younger players coming through with Southgate heading towards the World Cup. He gets to mould his own team and I think it works for

Simon Middleton

It was game befitting of a World Cup semi-final. France have been incredible in this tournament and we've seen both sides of them with the flair, but they showed their toughness tonight. We had to fight every inch of the way but I'm absolutely thrilled. We said at half-time if we were patient and we kept the tempo up, tweaked what we were doing a little bit and were patient in the 22 we would get on top of them. We dominated the second-half, or large periods of it, and it was testament to France's defence that they were in the game right until the

Simon Middleton

Disappointed for her as it is a World Cup and you don't want players to miss out, particularly players who have been real stars of the tournament. The tournament is going to be the poorer for her not being in. From our point of view, obviously it is a bonus but they have great back rowers who will come in and replace her. Nothing changes it is still going to be about what we would do

José Mourinho - Manchester United

Of course he wants to play, start for us, be selected for the national team and go to the World Cup. That's good and for me, it's simple: I cannot play Premier League, Champions League and cups with 11 players. I need a

Jonathan Agnew

Cricket is lucky: we have three different formats that all work.Especially when you compare other sports that have tried to manufacture shortened versions, like golf's Mickey Mouse effort. Every Test match I have ever watched, I have memories of. I like the Twenty20 format, but you can think of a World Cup, even, and forget which games you saw. As for the IPL, I find it tacky and I am not a

Simon Middleton

After the last World Cup it was an area that I looked at and thought we could make significant gains. It's such an influential part of the game, it's a fantastic attacking weapon and it can allow you to regain control of the game. It's a work of art, it's so complex and a lot goes into it. It's there to be seen but it's also there to be

Juan Mata

The fact that a World Cup holder - at the peak of his career with one of the biggest clubs on the planet - has chosen to make the pledge shows the power and magic of what we're

Juan Mata

I don't actually know Mats personally, so I was pleasantly surprised when he contacted me to talk Common Goal. He really gets what we're trying to achieve and is the perfect teammate to have on-board at this early stage. The fact that a World Cup holder–at the peak of his career with one of the biggest clubs on the planet–has chosen to make the pledge shows the power and magic of what we're doing. The reception to Common Goal has been amazing so far and I have no doubt Mats' involvement will inspire more players to

Diego Costa

If I'm off, I'm going to the club I want to go to – not the club that's paying the most. I want the deal with Atlético resolved this month. My idea would be to go to Madrid, train there, get in the best physical shape and be ready to fire ahead of the World Cup. Simeone wants me. It is very clear. I have always had a bond with him. The fans and people love me there. They respect me. They see me as a person and a

Heather Knight

Alex actually came in to speak to us, so she was obviously the inspiration behind our World Cup win. Alex coming in, she talked about what the hockey girls did and not just the competition – it was more about the lead-up and how they prepared. So many of the team got into the game through brothers and dads. My heroes were Marcus Trescothick and people from the men's game. If you have those sporting role models who are females that's great to be involved

Eric Abidal

It's true that he made the last six months amazing with Monaco. He reached quickly a high level, but football is complicated. You have to confirm next season his level, play a big competition like the World Cup with the national team, if you have an opportunity. There is not too much pressure there from the fans, you have a good team and this guy is very quiet, only thinking of work, so for me it's a good

Massimiliano Allegri

I look at Dybala and Buffon. In a way, they are symbols of this team. I see Dybala, like a bright boy about to start his first year in school. Buffon, with a World Cup, is about to get his Master's

Eduardo Bandeira de Mello

At the 2018 World Cup, he will be 36 and he is still better than everyone else. Plus, Flamengo need an idol. But he did not

Heather Knight

Coming back, you sense it's a little different. Last year was the first year of the Super League – no one really knew what to expect. But especially with the World Cup, I've come in and people are more focused and more aware of what's required. It's exciting to see where it'll go and it'll be great for the younger players – the 17 and 18-year-olds in the younger squads – to have that opportunity to be alongside World Cup winners and overseas players. It should be massive for them and there is so much incentive to do

Sergio Barila

Monaco called me to ask for information about the player's situation. He has already been at Sevilla and knows LaLiga well so there is a chance. If he does leave Milan and if Sevilla offers an important possibility, I think it will be evaluated in a calm manner. He has three years left on his contract with Milan and there is a possibility for the player to continue to play for Milan, but only if the sporting conditions are right: it is a World Cup year and the player wants to be in full form to have a good season and to arrive in Russia in the best possible

Alex Ferguson

So, in the games against Lazio and Zenit I played a lot of the younger players. I'm sorry I did that and I'll tell you why – because Lazio treated it like the World Cup

Simon Middleton

We have a strong squad and want to use the full depth available to us throughout the World Cup. We are looking forward to getting the tournament under

Simon Middleton

We are really happy with the way our tournament preparation has gone and the squad have worked really hard over the past number of months. Now it's about translating that hard work and preparation and delivering performance on the pitch. We have a strong squad and want to use the full depth available to us throughout the World Cup. We are looking forward getting the tournament

David Seaman

There are steps – Sunderland to Everton, then even Everton to one of the bigger clubs, like one of the top four clubs, then it's Champions League, then it's playing for England, then it's playing in a World Cup. There are little steps and it's added pressure every time. But the more experience he gets the easier he will find it to deal with that

Rodrigo Fernandez Lovelle

€15m (£13.4m) is an expensive price. Lucas wants to go to the World Cup and be happy at a place where he has opportunities to play. I thought it was not very elegant that they did not at least tell the player

Mark Sampson

We've played a lot of big games, at the World Cup, in America, and here. We've talked about how we perform in them and how we have to use the pressure. We can be at our best in these big tense games under pressure. We can be at our best under the pressure these big games

DaMarcus Beasley

You can't say too much about Timmy because there's not much more to be said. He's still proving game in and game out that he can do it at this level, and it's good to have him back at his best, leading us to hopefully qualify for the World Cup – and to the World Cup in

Mark Sampson

We've played a lot of big games. Whether at the World Cup or at the She Believes tournament in America and we've talked about how we perform in them and how we have to use the things the big games bring out in

Mark Sampson

We're obviously devastated for KB. It was a hell of a bump; Steph gave her a right whack by mistake. She's disappointed and a bit upset, but she'll still play a big part in helping us. We've spoken with Man City, they're happy for her to remain with us. Her reputation and performances in these big games has been outstanding. She came off the bench in that quarter-final, so she's experienced that kind of atmosphere, she came off the bench in Vancouver [at the World Cup in 2015], she played 90 minutes in America when we kept a clean sheet and won

Perry Groves

I wouldn't sell either player. If Alexis wants £350k a week, then give it to him. I would keep them both until January and see where the club is then. If we're challenging for the title, then risk keeping them. You don't need to worry about Alexis' attitude on pitch, he doesn't know any other way than to fight. Arsene's comments on players playing for new contracts is right in a way, as players will be thinking about making their respective national teams ahead of the World Cup next

Rodrigo Fernandez Lovelle

I'm here to see the Emirates Cup and to be with Lucas. We have talked to everyone. Arsenal know we want to go, that there are no opportunities here, and within a year there is a World Cup. Would you not be angry and sad and upset if you had your squad number taken without being asked?feedback

Antonio Conte

I finish the game and I'm destroyed! I think I lose 2-3 kilos during the game. For sure in the future my strength will be less and then maybe I will try to keep myself calm and more seated. I knew very well that it was going to be difficult for me to become a top player, but I always stayed a good level. To be captain and win a lot at Juventus, to play for 20 years, to play in the World Cup, European Cup, I think i had a good career,

Antonio Conte

If you saw me as a footballer, I always showed a great passion. My talent as a footballer was medium but I had heart and a will to win and work to overcome my limitations. I knew it was going to be difficult to become a top player but I played for 20 years at a good level. To be captain and win a lot at Juventus and play for 20 years and play in the World Cup and the European Championship . . . I think I had a good career, no? I was a good

Mark Sampson

Of course we respect France. They've got some unbelievable individual talent. They've got players with numerous Champions League medals but tournament football is when we're at our best. We've shown that at the last World Cup, where we won the bronze medal, and in this event we have three wins under our

Carli Lloyd

Think of how many people wrote us off at the 2015 World Cup, wrote me off personally, and said, What's going on with this team? Not every journey and not every tournament is

Tim Howard

I would imagine so. It's hard. It's day by day with me, it's game by game. I take things in segments. The goal for everybody is to get to and through that World Cup. Outside of that I have no idea. That's my target. I have another two seasons after this on my contract (with the Colorado Rapids so we'll

Diego Maradona

I think about it whenever I show my support for the use of technology. I thought about it and, sure, that goal wouldn't have stood if technology had been around. Ll tell you something else: at the 1990 World Cup I used my hand to clear the ball off the line against the Soviet Union. We were lucky because the referee didn't see it. You couldn't use technology then, but it's a different story today. It's not just my goal in '86 that wouldn't have counted. Let's not forget that England won the World Cup in '66 with a shot that didn't go over the

Ben Stokes

You take good performances and bad performances in your stride and I think it's all about how we come back in this Test which will prove how good of a side we are. We've got two games left so we just need to make sure that we come out here and put in a better performance than we did at Trent Bridge and really take a front foot in the series. It's an amazing achievement for them to win a World Cup in England. It proves just how far the game has come for them. The amount of people that watched, the amount of coverage it

Landon Donovan

If Kelyn Rowe's on the field in a World Cup game, or Dom Dwyer, and they don't score or pull off a play is there enough there? Right now, no. But it doesn't mean they can't get

Landon Donovan

It's U.S. Soccer's challenge. Argentina has six guys like that, and two of them don't make their World Cup roster. We have one or two. That's what needs to get better and it's not necessarily a thing that one player just turns on. It's, Do we have that or not? Do we have those options or not?' We have a few, but inconsistent. We need four or five consistently if we're going to make it to the next

Tim Howard

Collectively, when we all get together it's important that these guys take on bigger roles, and tournaments like [the Gold Cup] help. It certainly helps our guys here who are in the mix, and we lean on guys like Kellyn and Darlington. It's important to have people step up and special moments in games because, ultimately, if we want to get to a World Cup and if we want to get beyond the later stages of the World Cup, we're going to need to have guys who can do it. Not just one

José Mourinho - Manchester United

Potentially, he is a very good player. I think when Mr Van Gaal decided to buy him, he did well. He knew him well from the national team, when he was young in the World Cup he had flashes of top

Diego Maradona

I thought about it and, sure, that goal wouldn't have stood if technology had been around. And I'll tell you something else: at the 1990 World Cup I used my hand to clear the ball off the line against the Soviet Union. We were lucky because the referee didn't see it. Then it happened to them in 2010, when [Frank] Lampard's shot crossed the line against Germany but wasn't given. England had the ball and scored the goal they deserved, but Germany grew in confidence after that and it changed the match

Diego Maradona

You couldn't use technology back then, but it's a different story today. There have been lots of incidents where World Cup history would have been different if technology had been used. It's time to change all that. People used to say that we'd waste a lot of time, that it would cause a lot of annoyance. But that's not the

Bruce Arena

We have a very good understanding of our player pool at this point, which is a real positive coming out of this tournament. We're well-positioned to understand what we need to do in September and October in order to qualify for the World

Kasper Dolberg

Real Madrid would be alright. Milan and Schalke are nice clubs as well. And everyone dreams about finishing second and third at a World Cup. I will just follow my own path,

Jermain Defoe

It's only normal to have one eye on the World Cup. Every English player will want to get in to that squad but it's based on merit, so you'll have to play well for your club. It's no different to Tottenham because there were always four top forwards who would go away with their national team and

Alex McLeish

There are a lot of foreign players in the Premier League. Maybe owners think English or Scots guys can't handle that but I walked into a dressing room [at Rangers] after Dick Advocaat and galvanised a group low on confidence; Dutch players, Italian players, Scots, World Cup

Sarah Taylor

Probably there couldn't have been a better comeback. It's been a roller coaster year for me, but to be part of this team is simply incredible. For me, it was a case of being healthy and see how I go, I was just lucky to be here for the World Cup. India played exceptionally well. Good luck to them in the

Alan Wilkins

A pity to see so many empty seats in the Pavilion at Lords. Members should be in for a World Cup

Heather Knight

Cricket's a funny game and pressure's a funny thing. It's a World Cup final, we knew if we held our nerve we would be in with a chance but it did feel like it was slipping away at 190 for three. But we fought like hell in this tournament and today was no different. That's been a theme of the tournament: fighting hard and holding our

Heather Knight

It felt like she dropped the World Cup to be honest. It was a hard one to deal with. We were on top at that stage, it was a big ask for their 10 and 11 to get those last few runs. I thought we'd won it and then that drop went down ... But we got over the line and at the end of the day that's the main

Oscar Ramirez

I think it's a theme of Bruce Arena, that he has changed, he has brought a calm and helped the team have an important turnaround in World Cup qualifying. Now, in the Gold Cup, we're in the semifinals and I think they have regained their

Lucy Bronze

I know a lot of the girls are friends with some of the cricketers and they have been in regular contact throughout the tournament. It's obviously a big deal for them to be in the World Cup final and of course we will be following the game. Everyone is saying it's been the best summer for English football because the boys did so well in their tournaments, but I think it has been a fantastic year for British Sport in general. It's on a real high and we hope that gives us momentum in trying to achieve what we have set out to do in Holland, which is become European

Christian Benteke

There's the World Cup and that's an important aspect of being with the club and you have to perform to be part of that

Urbano Cairo

He is engaged with us until 2021. And I think he would do well to stay one more year with us, to go to the World Cup with momentum. He can have a great season with

Phil Neville

Pogba came in on the back of a World Cup last season - he didn't have much rest. Obviously, the price tag was a massive burden on him. I think United will be getting a fresher Pogba this season, especially as he's got one year of the Premier League under his

Juergen Klopp

I saw a few wonderful signs [from Solanke]. Everybody in England watched the U20 World Cup – that was fantastic football. He is an offensive player, a really skilled boy. He has to improve, of course, but a lot of things are already really good: first touch, movement, a lot of

William Gallas

He's still young, I think he will stay one more year at Monaco. If he does this it will be a good choice. Next year there is the World

Nicholas Bloom

The office is actually an amazingly noisy environment. There's a cake in the break room; Bob's leaving, come join. The World Cup sweepstakes is going. Whatever it is, the office is

Hugo Sanchez

James needed to prove to Zidane that he can trust him in every game, not just the once but also the next one. One's character has to harden and that's what James was missing. It is clear that he prefers to be playing than warming the bench, and especially given that next year there is a World Cup, where he wants to start for the Spanish national

Gemma Fay

England have qualified for international competitions for many many years. Then came the explosion of support around the 2012 Olympics and the 2015 World Cup. We see this tournament as the start of something. It's an opportunity to start creating the depth of passion for women's football that England now seem to

Olivier Renard

Guillermo has a great international experience, whether at the club level, where he played in the Mexican Championship, then in the French Ligue 1 and the Spanish Liga, or in the national team. He had an excellent World Cup in 2014. Guillermo is ready for a new challenge and will certainly bring a lot to our

Gianni Infantino

Nothing is standing in the way of using VARs [at the World Cup], as far as I'm concerned. So far it has been successful. We are learning, we are improving, we are continuing the tests. Without the VARs, we would have had a different tournament. And a tournament which would have been a little less

Donato Di Campli

Marco knows perfectly well what his contractual commitments are to PSG, but it's normal to be flattered by Barcelona's interest. Who wouldn't be, at 24, in the season leading up to the World Cup. Do PSG finally want to build a team that is not content to win only Ligue 1 or the Coupe de France? There's a lot of talk about [Kylian] Mbappe but, so far, new champions have not come to

Michal Globisz

We hadn't beaten a Brazilian side for 33 years, not since the 1974 World Cup, when Grzegorz Lato scored. And tonight it was another Grzegorz who got the

Sunil Gulati

We are thrilled to kick off the bid process with our partners from Canada and Mexico. This is a special opportunity for North America to unite behind our sport of soccer and the quest to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. The United Bid Committee has the experience and resources to deliver a successful bid, but it will require an enormous team effort over the next eight and half months so we can demonstrate to FIFA the full potential of our three nations and partners in CONCACAF to put on the finest World Cup in

Richie Williams

When residency started, he was one of our better players. Unfortunately he went over to Europe for training with some European teams after we qualified for the World Cup and pulled his hamstring and that kept him from being able to show what he could

Graham Stack

We stayed in five star hotels and were treated like movie stars. We were looked after very well but the training facilities were poor and the grass needs a lot of work. But they have this U17 World Cup coming up and I'm led to believe they've invested a lot into improving the

Uli Hoeness

Bayern's big advantage is there's a World Cup at the end of the season and every player wants to qualify for

Steve Tew

There is no question this weekend will be the next biggest thing outside of the World

Bianca Sierra

From the very beginning, we felt that they valued our work here – they valued us as soccer players, without prejudice. It hard to imagine something like that happening in the United States. Just think, when the U.S. team won the World Cup, Abby Wambach kissed her wife on the field. It is something

Praful Patel

With India hosting the FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017 this year in October, we feel hosting the U-20 World Cup would be the best way to sustain the footballing momentum in India. Even though the event was held earlier this year in Asia in Korea Republic, we would be happy to discuss with FIFA about the possibility of hosting the event in India in 2019. Though the last WC U20 was held in Asia, we will try to convince FIFA that India be treated as a special

Joachim Loew

Despite our success here and with the juniors in Poland, we'll still have to reconfirm our victories next year (at the World Cup), but the job starts now, the work is just beginning. The young ones are only just coming up, this is the first tournament for many of these players. They have done well, but staying at the top is another matter and we will have to work hard to defend our title next year. It was a magic match for our young players, they haven't had much experience, but they showed their single-minded determination, which was quite

Joko Driyono

The 2034 World Cup is important so that South East Asian nations may quickly improve their facilities. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that the 2034 edition will be contested by 48 nations. Why 2034? This is because there is an informal rotation policy among the six continents. After Africa, it had gone to Brazil, and then Asia. If this continues, the following turn for Asia will be the 2034

Arturo Vidal

It is an incredible generation. We hope we go through the qualifiers, play the World Cup and reach the final as we did in this

Lee Dixon

If [the system] goes into the World Cup now, like that, I think it's going to be a

Joachim Low - St George's Park

The players who have played here have left a very favourable impression. There are no losers in this team, they have only benefitted. Right now you have a certain euphoric mood in the country with the winning of that title but the most important thing is to look forward – we need to measure ourselves against those calibre of players like [Cristiano] Ronaldo, [Lionel] Messi, Kroos and the others. The World Cup Is the toughest challenge there is. You have seven matches where you have to bring your best and cannot let up at any turn. You need superhuman performances at the World

Joachim Low - St George's Park

We still have 12 months to go. It's early days and these two tournaments do not yield the results for next year's World

Jaime Yarza

Attendance, especially in the venue where the home team plays its matches, is one of the priorities of the FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017, crucial to achieving the purpose of better positioning football in the country, so the government's commitment in this regard is highly appreciated. The presence of the secretary of sports at the meetings concerning the state of the works in the stadium and training sites sends a positive message and reflects the strong involvement of the

Bruce Arena

The objective here is really pretty short-term. I don't think anybody's going to be really happy if we don't qualify for the World Cup and I discover players for the

Gianni Infantino

Nothing is standing in the way of using VARs (at the World Cup), as far as I'm concerned. So far it has been successful. We are learning, we are improving, we are continuing the tests. Without the VARs, we would have had a different tournament. And a tournament which would have been a little less

David Haggerty

I look at this as the transformation of Davis Cup and Fed Cup with one of the most significant reforms in tennis for many years. I think what we are doing is taking these two events and creating the World Cup of

Alberto Toril

It's a personal decision. He has the merit to be the frontman of the Real Madrid. His appearances have been very good this year with great success and effectiveness in front of goal. He will try to find a place where he can have more playing time as this is the World Cup year and you need a lot of minutes to become the front-runner to start for your national team. In Real Madrid, it will be complicated for

Juan Antonio Pizzi - Manchester United

I didn't underestimate Australia at all. The level tonight was that of a World Cup quarter-final, it was very high. The main thing is we reached our objective. Now we need to think about

Tim Cahill

But the boss said to me before the last World Cup: 'Why can't this be your best World Cup?' and funnily enough it

Dick Pound - World Anti-Doping Agency

There is a huge onus on Fifa to reach a sensible conclusion on these matters before the World Cup takes place. It is incumbent on them to say what steps they are taking, what they find, and take whatever action necessary to protect the integrity of sport. Even within a governing body with as little credibility remaining as Fifa, if you were a senior official you wouldn't want to be part of a body that ignores

Ange Postecoglou

It's why we're here, we wanted to be alive when the last game came around, we weren't at the [2014] World Cup. We didn't want this to be a dead rubber. We've made it hard for ourselves but nothing changes for us, we try to win every game we play, regardless of the opposition and the circumstances. If there's a physical component late in the game it'll only really get tested if we go hard at the start. Too often teams wait for their moment. We aren't going to be a team that waits, we will try to match their intensity, their work rate and see where it takes

Heather Knight

Everything we've done is towards the World Cup, towards winning it. We're not the finished article yet and we definitely won't go in as favourites, but I think we're in a great place to challenge for that World Cup. In terms of getting girls involved in the game, the best thing we can do is be successful. If we win trophies we're a lot more visible and obviously success is a lot more

Bob Bradley

When I went to Egypt my assistant and right hand man, Diaa, had told me about the young players he had just taken the team to Colombia for the Under 20 World Cup. After the Port Said massacre, the league had been stopped and players were not being paid. There was a lot of turmoil. So we started to hold some camps and organise friendly matches so we could look closely at the players. It gave us a chance to look at some of the youngsters Diaa thought so highly of. Salah was among

Patrick Vieira

That showed how our scouting department works, because if we were trying to get him after the World Cup, it would be too late. Because he did really well. He was one of the best, if not the best player of the

Andres Guardado

I hope that it stays that way. Not only here, but also at home in World Cup qualifiers we will be playing in the

Stuart Baxter - Entertainment One

That's why we end up winning those friendly matches but struggle in key matches or tournaments. We need to start using our friendly matches to deepen our pool of our selection so that when it comes to a game like Burkina Faso (a 2018 Fifa World Cup qualifier), we've got five or six extra players. Brazil have done the same, Argentina have done the same. Chile had Alex Sanchez on the bench. It's an interesting development path that I truly believe we should really look

Arturo Vidal

I hope I can play for many years to come but right now we can achieve a lot. We can win this tournament, fight for the World Cup and we have the Copa

Joe Donnohue

If that squad was trying to qualify for the senior European Championship or World Cup you would expect them to make it. At this tournament they are up against a lot of players who are still trying to break into the first team at their respective clubs, whereas Spain have several players who already have experience of playing regularly in the Champions

Katinka Hosszu

The World Cup has huge potential, but the planned new rule changes are destructive and hypocritical. These rules are risking the future of our

Diego Maradona

Cristiano is an animal. I wish he was Argentine. But I still prefer Messi. He is enjoying playing football and goes by opponents with ease. Leo cannot deliver the World Cup on his own. Even if he does not win a World Cup, we will still remember

Mino Raiola

If he scores 20 goals before the World Cup, he deserves to go, but I don't know what's going through Gian Piero Ventura's

Eddie Jones

Today ends the first two years in the job, we are 21 wins, one loss. The next phase we want to go through undefeated – that is the next challenge. If we do that you go to the World Cup as No

Eddie Jones

The biggest thing I have learnt that to beat Argentina at the World Cup we are going to have to improve. We are not bulletproof at the moment. To win at the World Cup you need to be bulletproof. The challenge is to build a bullet-proof team. At the World Cup you can get a team that on one day can be absolutely red hot. Every offload sticks, the referee gives 50-50 decisions, you have got to be good enough to beat these teams and we are not at the moment but we are moving in the right

Eddie Jones

There is no risk in that. My job is to win the World Cup, not to win the November series 3-0, it is to win the World Cup. If I pick a good enough team we will still win 3-0 in

Joaquim Batica

I think that as a 24-year-old player who has played in the Champions League, played a quarter-final of the World Cup, took part in championships in Spain, France, England, Greece, Portugal, he has a very important

Hector Bellerin

Sometimes taking it slowly, taking a player through the paces is the best way to keep him wanting more. You can see so many players who people think could be in the first team, like [Marco] Asensio at Real Madrid and Saul [Niguez], who has played more than a 100 games for Atletico. People like Juan Mata, David de Gea and Ander Herrera have won this competition and know what it's like. They've moved into the first team, winning the Euros and the World

Eric Abidal

Mbappe is a good player, but his price is not £120m. I still think he wants to stay in Monaco and confirm his level there. He has to make a decision also thinking about his game minutes, because this is the year of the World Cup. When you start to pay £100m as was done by Pogba, then for a player with more talent you have to reach £200m and that does not represent the value of the players. Here at Barca, what price would be paid for (Lionel) Messi or Neymar?feedback

Vitaly Mutko

What are you driving at? We are not expecting such rallies, protests and so on. I don't know, maybe you were referring to Brazil, what was happening there for the World

Eddie Jones

It is great to welcome back Chris Robshaw into the squad. He would have been disappointed to miss the first Test but has worked hard to be ready for this weekend. Robbo has been one of England's best players over the last two years and he will add a lot of experience and work rate into our back row. They have lost ten of their last 12 games so they are going to be desperate. They have got another game and I am sure they are going to come out with enormous physicality. It will be another high quality, high pressure game and that's what we need to keep developing towards the World

Marco van Basten

The goalkeeper can hold the ball for a maximum of six seconds but often does so for much longer. In one incident in the Under-20 World Cup, he held it for 20

Massimo Busacca

I think the quality of the decisions is very high, never perfect, but it's all about clear errors, which is something we have to avoid and I think we are on a good way. In 52 games in the Under-20 World Cup, without the technology, there would have been a mistake which was a

Jonny May

It could have been a career-ender, 100 per cent, so I had to get it right. I worked so hard on it. After this tour it will be the first break I have had since the World Cup because last summer I did not take a day off to get my knee right. I am looking forward to having a real good game this weekend and then having a good

Michael Connarty

There's clear evidence which I have seen, paper evidence showing that a substantial amount of money changed hands to buy votes from the African Federation, which then tipped the balance and the Executive of FIFA to award the World Cup to Qatar and my report is recommending that recognition of that breach of law, that in fact they should rerun the 2022 World Cup

Audrey Gaughran - Amnesty International

FIFA can do a lot and FIFA has a responsibility. This is its major business – awarding the World Cup. As part of its major business, it has awarded the World Cup to a country where migrant workers are subjected to systemic abuse of their labour rights. As such, it has to act given that those workers are going to be at risk of abuse on World Cup

Bruce Arena

I doubt it. It's bad timing for [the Gold Cup], because the guys in Europe have gone through this long club season and now the World Cup qualifiers. They need a break. They have three weeks off, and asking them to come in for Gold Cup makes no sense. It would take three weeks to get them

Jack Butland

It's £18m and add-ons isn't it? For years we've had keepers criticised in England, but we've got plenty coming through – Freddy (Woodman) has just won the Under-20 World Cup, the other Under-20 keepers Angus Gunn and Jonny Mitchell too. There always has been a lot of talent, the key thing for them is getting games. Jordan now has that with Everton, Angus is on loan at Norwich and what Freddy does next season is important for

Jorge Sampaoli

For me, that is a good start for everything that is to come. The team had great conviction throughout the 90 minutes of the games, despite being in firm control. What is coming is totally different from what happened today. In such a short time the willingness of the players has allowed us to get closer to the people so that when we face tougher games we aren't just 25 people but a lot more, especially against the likes of Uruguay, which will pave the way for our qualification to the next World

Jair Costa

Diego, fortunately, has many offers. I cannot say how many there are, but they exist. I think it's very unlikely, because there is the World Cup next year and Diego Costa wants to be there. To be honest, now, I find it very difficult. Many friends called me in the last hours to ask about it, but Diego did not comment on

Gerard Houllier

To me, St George's Park is a great achievement and you will see the benefit of that in five or ten years' time. We opened Clairefontaine in 1988 – we won the World Cup in 1998. But to win something you need to have a good team with an outstanding player. France had Zidane when he was playing. We haven't won since he

Steven Lowy

The benefits to Australia are many and varied with major economic impact to the wider community and, most importantly, a massive increase in exposure and investment in women's football. A FIFA Women's World Cup in Australia would inspire a whole new generation of girls and women to take up the biggest participation sport in Australia, for many with the dream of winning the World Cup on home soil. This is the largest, most prestigious and most competitive contest in a women's sport globally. We want to win the right to host it and then win the tournament

Gareth Southgate

Jack, I worked with him at Under-21s level and I went to an Under-20s World Cup with him and a Euros U21s. I know his mentality and the strength he has. I'm looking forward to seeing both of

Didier Deschamps

England won the Under-20 World Cup and also won the Toulon tournament, so it is clear they know how to train their young players because of the

Gianluigi Buffon

I'm 99.9 percent certain of retirement. I'm going to have one final, intense season, rich in big moments, and then it will be time to say enough is enough. We've just left one small possibility open with the president [Juventus chief Andrea Agnelli]. That is if we manage to win the Champions League I will carry on playing one more year to try to win the Club World Cup and other

Omar Gonzalez

Bruce is very open, clear with players, straightforward. I like that approach and it's been great so far. We've turned things around since November. Now we're in third place (in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying) and I couldn't be

Diego Costa

I rule out China, I have to think about my future. I have to think about the World Cup. If I fight and I do things well I'll have every chance of going to the World Cup. I cannot go to

Gareth Southgate

We have to avoid conceding free-kicks to make sure they do not have the opportunity. Great respect to Leigh (Griffiths) because they are great strikes but there are players with other countries who can do that every time. When Germany won the World Cup they hardly conceded any fouls in their third of the pitch and that is part of seeing the game

Eddie Jones

The next Elite Player Squad (EPS) will definitely have a World Cup colour about it. It will definitely be geared more towards the World Cup than previous EPS. Generally speaking I would think the 80 per cent of the squad will come from the next 45-man squad. This next Test is really important for these players. They have to understand that they may only get one game to have the opportunity to show they are good enough to be in contention for the next World

Graham Robinson

This diplomatic crisis could not have come at a worse time for the construction of the 2022 World Cup stadia and Qatar's infrastructure program. The crisis is expected to most acutely affect labour supply and on top of the controversy around workers' rights, this will be a major blow for the Qatari government. There is the potential for significant disruption and also massive cost overruns as getting construction materials into Qatar to build stadiums may yet prove more difficult, time consuming and

Kylian Mbappe

[The Champions League] is a dream, a competition that everyone wants to win and that only a minority can win - the most important are the titles. That would be much more of an obsession for me than the Ballon d'Or, for example. I want to touch the stars and, when you dream, you do not dream of playing the middle of the table or maintaining it. [The 2018 World Cup] is the number one goal at international level. As I always say, dreams are good but it's up to me to work for

Roberto Carlos

At the same time, the story states in an extremely vague way that I was seen in his office in July 2002, when I returned to the country after the World Cup with the Brazilian National

Ragnar Sigurdsson

You wouldn't believe the belief people have in us, it's amazing. Even if we're playing against Croatia, at home or away, everyone thinks we're going to win the game. Even if we met England again, people would think we have a good chance of winning, that's helped us, the belief we have in ourselves. If we go to the World Cup we have to do something there to top our performance in the

Ragnar Sigurdsson

I think qualifying for the World Cup would top qualifying for the Euros but only qualifying for the World Cup would not pass our achievements in the Euros. If we go to the World Cup we have to do something there to top our performance in the

Robert Lewandowski

Personally I'm happy, but for me what matters most to the team. We won and we have taken another step towards the Russian World

Juan Carlos Osorio

The guys know that (Sunday's match) is an extraordinary opportunity in the face of the Russia World Cup. We rested various players in the last match and they're going to be very fresh for tomorrow. We're going to put out a competitive team and hopefully we can take this step, which would be extraordinary for Mexican

Paul Simpson

I asked them the question, What do you think you can achieve?' and they told me they thought they could win a World Cup. We said if we want to win a World Cup we have to be absolutely committed from that moment on and they have

Paul Simpson

I cannot sit here and say I thought it was our best performance. We really had to battle in that second half because Venezuela put us under so much pressure but the players defended for their lives. I suppose to win a World Cup you have to do that. There are more ways than one to win a game of football and sometimes you have to defend and that is what we

Marco Reus

We have a lot to do with our new BVB coach Peter Bosz and with the national team at the World Cup in Russia. It's my goal, in the new year, to be in top shape for the crucial stage of the upcoming season, fully able to contribute

Marco Reus

[Germany coach] Jogi Low and the boys, I wish you great success for the game [against San Marino in World Cup qualifying] and the Confederations

Manolo Gabbiadini

And given the competition in attack for Italy, I can have more opportunities in view of the World Cup in

Alexey Sorokin

The heart of a football fan bleeds when the reigning World Cup winner plays without stars. They are the reason the fans attend matches. But we need to accept

Lewis Cook

We have to play the game and not the occasion, we have to try and enjoy playing in a World Cup final. We have come so far together as young lads and it is just 90 minutes of football. When I look in the dressing room I know we are good

Charlie Stillitano

Every day I wake up and I see our president has made a new tweet. The only thing that could possibly derail the bid is some crazy action on the part of our government, but I can't even imagine that. It's ours to lose. I can't imagine we won't have the World

Mark Sampson

That heartache we suffered in the World Cup absolutely will be a weapon we will use in this tournament. Whether it be the experience of it, the raw emotion, all of it will be there, I hope, to push us over the

Praful Patel

India breaking into 100 may sound easy but it itsn't. A lot of effort has gone in from every player and the coach. I think the next big thing is to break into top 50. That is our next goal. By 2022, [India] atleast hope to qualify for World

Praful Patel

I hope India will qualify for 2022 FIFA World Cup. These are times of revolution. India breaking into 100 may sound easy but it itsn't. A lot of effort has gone in from every player and the

Diego Costa

My relationship with the coach has been bad this season. It's a shame, I've already forwarded the message to Chelsea people to decide. You have to find a team. Being five months without playing? I do not know, it's complicated, but people know that I love Atletico a lot and that I love to live in Madrid. It would be nice to go back, but it's difficult to be four or five months without playing. It's a World Cup year and there are many things to think about. I need to play, just

Ryan Bertrand

I think we are in a good place at the moment. Gareth Southgate has really freshened things up and we've got that togetherness in the camp and hopefully we can put a marker down, go to the World Cup and progress. I think every manager has their own ways, their own styles, their own philosophies. What he has brought to the table so far the lads I agree with it. We believe in it and we are going to give it our all as

Jorge Sampaoli

I believe that Messi has been playing collectively in Barcelona as part of team and that's the type of synergy we want to create within the Argentinian team. So we don't want him playing in an isolated manner, we want him to play collectively and that's what we're going to try and push for the team to play collectively with Messi to get the best out of him. It's a slow process, it's an analytical process, which we just don't have time to go through right now because we're facing the qualifiers for the World

Jorge Sampaoli

The goal is for Argentina to qualify for the World Cup and the reality is that we haven't yet… we need to think about the present

David Weir

We are talking about qualification for a World Cup. England are in a decent position but that can change quickly. The English players also know the stick they get if they don't win any

David Weir

That idea is completely wrong. They might play it down beforehand – like they are not bothered and it's not that important a game because they are a big country who play against big countries all the time – but they'll happily rub your nose in it afterwards. It gets painted as Scotland's World Cup final but the reality is if England get a result they like to enjoy it and stress the importance of it. They might even say how easy it was to beat us. It definitely means plenty to England, albeit they try to downplay it. There is always still an edge to that

Diego Costa

I'm a Chelsea player, but they do not want me there. Antonio Conte has told me by message that I do not follow at Chelsea and that's it. Conte said he did not count on me for next season. It's a shame, I've already forwarded the message to Chelsea people to decide. But it is clear that the coach does not count on me and does not want me there. You have to find a team. It would be nice to go back, but it's difficult to be four-five months without playing. It's a World Cup year and there's a lot to think about. I need to play, that's

Diego Costa

I had a simple little message on my mobile from Conte in which he said that he isn't counting on me for next season. It will be because I've done badly this year. It's a shame. I've forwarded the message on to the people at the club for them to decide but it's clear that the coach isn't counting on me and he doesn't want me there. It would be nice to go back to Atletico but I have to think everything over. There's a World Cup [in 2018] and I need to play. Being four or five months without playing is tough, but people know that I love my Atletico team-mates a lot, I love living in

Alvaro Morata

You always want to play for Spain. Unless I have a serious injury, I always want to come. We had it in the final few minutes, it got away from us but it's a good sign because it could easily be a match in the quarters or semis of a World Cup and we

Freddie Woodman

It's definitely exciting for us – we are in unknown territory, the semi-final of a World Cup and the chance to get in a final, which I didn't think I would be saying. We have a great opportunity. We have to take it with both hands, and hopefully we can get a

Jamie Vardy

The Leicester City striker won't play a part in either Saturday's World Cup qualifier in Scotland or Tuesday's trip to France. No further players are due to be added to the squad at this moment in

Giampiero Ventura

It's not a technical quality problem, but otherwise. I've never coached him, and when I met him I told him what his problem was with absolute clarity. I tried to make him understand his road back to be a major player in the national team. He cannot come back to be another number. This is the year of the World Cup and it's a choice he must

Daniele De Rossi

But if I think of 2020, I would be 37 years old, so you have to be realistic. If I'm needed I will always be there, but I consider the World Cup to be my final experience [for Italy].feedback

Daniele De Rossi

Let's first get to the World Cup, and then in 2018 I will be 35 and I could even bid farewell to the Azzurri shirt. It is a real honour for me to go beyond Zoff, soon it will be Andrea Pirlo, so we are talking about legends of Italian

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