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Crawford Falconer
The WTO has plateaued because it hasn't got the kind of leadership and innovative thinking that will take it to the next level. The UK now has a unique opportunity, within the WTO, to provide economic leadership for the world trade agenda - and my God, doesn't the world need that right now. Many of the leading economies in the world has lost the plot. An economy like the UK is going to be an independent and powerful voice for reform and change in the global economy, and that is going to be a massively refreshing political voice in Geneva [at the WTO's headquarters].feedback
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NEW Apr 26 2017
“In trade, the devil is in the details. I think the WTO has the tools to handle a lot of the things that have been mentioned as concerns so far.” said Roberto Azevêdo speaking about World Trade Organization. It’s one of the 152 quotes about World Trade Organization you can find on this page. 89 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Pascal Lamy and Michael Froman. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Keir Starmer

It is a reminder of the stark choices we face over Brexit and the huge risks of the PM failing to get a good deal. Labour is clear that no deal is the worst possible deal and would not be in the national interest. The PM should be fighting for a close, collaborative future relationship with the EU and rule out the danger of reverting to WTO terms, as this would be disastrous for British jobs and

Lee Hyun-jae

We will actively consider whether China's action is in violation of the South Korea-China free trade deal, while stepping up efforts to minimize damage on South Korean

Michael Clauss

It doesn't matter which trading partner you talk to – be it the Japanese or the U.S. or neighboring countries or European countries. They all feel the same, that there's a growing protectionism here. The service sector is basically off limits. Many companies that would like to produce here in China and build a factory and start producing are forced into going in a joint venture. It's also frequently they're asked to transfer technology, which is against the rules of the WTO. And the tendency seems to be growing. That's the complaint we get from German

Gabriel D'Arcy

The worst case, obviously, is a total breakdown in talks and the return of a hard border. WTO tariffs that would see those 600m litres attract an aggregate tariff of 45pc would make it instantly uncompetitive for southern dairies to use

Chad Bown - Peterson Institute for International Economics

Unlike earlier presidents, Trump is signaling a willingness to impose import restrictions -- especially against a country like China -- where the justification under WTO rules for doing so may be highly questionable. The downside of the United States going down this path is that it is likely that other countries will follow suit

Yasutoshi Nishimura

We don't want any border tax to violate WTO rules by becoming a tax system intended to promote exports. Our position is WTO rules and multilateralism are important and we want to lobby for

Roberto Azevêdo

In trade, the devil is in the details. I think the WTO has the tools to handle a lot of the things that have been mentioned as concerns so

Scott Kennedy

This has not been attempted in the past, because it could very well violate the U.S.'s WTO commitments. Subsidies are usually defined as needing to apply to a specific sector or economic entity, and China's currency policy is country-wide. Nevertheless, the Trump Administration may be willing to assume the risk of WTO litigation in order to find a new tools to counter what it sees as unfair Chinese

Dan DiMicco

If people are not willing to renegotiate in good faith and promote fair trade … then [Trump] will have some tough decisions to make and I think he's up to the challenge of whatever he believes is necessary to make sure we get fair negotiations and fair treatment in these world bodies, including walking

Dan DiMicco

President Trump, during his election run, made it very clear that if we cannot get the WTO to enforce the rules that everybody agreed to when they joined up, that the WTO will have lost its effectiveness and we will re-evaluate whether we even belong to the WTO or

Hiroshi Mukunoki

Given the rules and procedures by the WTO, it would be difficult to impose measures similar to those taken during the 1980s, as long as the U.S. remains a WTO

Caroline Lucas

MPs must not be duped by the Government's attempt to quell unrest on their backbenches. The vote they're offering – which will give MPs a choice between an extreme Brexit and falling off a cliff edge into WTO trade rules – isn't a concession, it's an ultimatum. Parliament should have a real voice on the terms of Brexit – not a symbolic handout from a Government trying to railroad their extreme Brexit through the House of

Scott Lincicome - White & Case

The total tax rate on the 100 per cent domestically-produced good is going to have a lower effective tax rate than the rate on the

Thanos Vamvakidis - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

(That is) extremely important and I don't think the market is focusing enough on this issue…. The Brexit negotiations will take two years (and) we know that the new trade agreement between the U.K. and the EU will take much longer. Usually it takes seven to ten years, (look at the) Canada deal with the EU which took seven

Thanos Vamvakidis - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

You need something in the interim period, a transition agreement. Without it you go to the WTO rules, this is why agreement transition or not has binary implications… if you have an agreement then we can see cable well above 1.30, if you don't it can go as low as 1.10. Without a transition, you don't have just a hard landing; you have an over-shooting because the WTO rules are much worse than any possible trade deal. This is why we believe it is in the benefit of both sides to avoid the WTO cliff and have an agreement and a transition

Joseph Muscat

Well, I think that once the British Prime Minister said in one way or another that she is ready to walk away, walking away from a deal means reverting to WTO

Robin Winkler - Deutsche Bank

A border tax akin to the GOP proposal remains more likely than the market

Edward Roosens

The political pressure would be really strong to go for an all-out trade war. It's a bizarre idea, to be involved in a trade war with Europe's closest ally, but political pressure would

Philippe De Baere - Van Bael & Bellis

It would be plainly WTO-inconsistent. It has manifest violations which could even justify the use of the expedited procedure for dispute settlement in the

Markus Kerber

A border tax adjustment would be a deviation from the existing system (on corporate taxation).feedback

Andy Goss

Our expectation when potential policies like this are mooted is that the prime minister and those in government can represent us in the right places in the U.S., and we are confident that they would do

Osman Ahmed Fadul Wash

We believe this resolution will contribute towards increasing trade, attracting foreign direct investment and end the economic isolation that affected the Sudanese citizens for two

John Redwood

The worst that can happen to (the U.K.'s) trade is that we will trade with Europe as we trade with the rest of the world at the moment … with relatively light tariffs and relatively light barriers because we've had very good progress through the WTO in getting barriers down between advanced countries, and this is trade between advanced countries. I don't see why we should have to pay; I don't see what the legal basis is. You cite to me the treaty article that says you have to pay a lot of money to get out of this

Chris Gubbey - Geely

We'll start selling them in 2018. They tend to be very nationalistic in their product and I think knowing that, we have to very sensible about what we believe can be our rate of climb in terms of market share. No deal is a tough deal because it basically means going to WTO standards which is a 10 percent

François-Philippe Champagne

My comment was that of openness. Litigation in my book has always been the last resort. There might be another way other than litigation to look at the issues he was putting on the table with respect to

Cecilia Malmström - European Trade

The duties on light commercial vehicles are not in line with commitments by Russia at the time it joined the WTO. Those measures now have to be

Reva Goujon - Strategic Forecasting

The main barrier to an import tax like that is that it could be in violation of NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement] or WTO [World Trade Organization] rules. And that's where the Trump team could potentially get more creative and declare this border wall as a national security

Donald J. Trump

We will not accept any renegotiation of the free trade agreement. There is always the possibility of abandoning the treaty, and then governing the commerce between the United States and Mexico with the rules established by the World Trade

Carolyn Fairbairn - Confederation of British Industry

Let's be under no illusion about what that would mean. We know from French firms based in the UK and British firms based in the UK how damaging that would be. Let's not take this opportunity for granted. Let's speak up as European businesses on both sides of the channel about why this access to people and to markets

Kazuhito Yamashita

We may see a battle of trade litigations especially after Trump takes the helm in the

Kosei Shindo - Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal

All trade need to be fair. If there are trades that violate the rules, we will take necessary actions while consulting with our

Roberto Azevêdo

Trade is responsible for two job losses out of ten. What happens is the other eight are lost not because of trade but they are lost because of new technologies, innovation, higher

Donald J. Trump

The system is horizontal it applies to everybody, the system that is perceived to be fair to someone, isn't fair to someone else. That's the beauty of negotiations at a multilateral level - you try to strike a balance - the balance is never perfect for

Roberto Azevêdo

The U.S. today itself has the largest slice it has ever had in terms of manufactured products in the world, but the loss of jobs is still there, not because of trade, not because of cheap imports but because of higher

Carolyn Fairbairn - Confederation of British Industry

It is very important now that we go into these negotiations aiming for an all encompassing free trade arrangement and do whatever can be done to head off the risk of falling back into WTO

Mike Hawes

The recognition by the Prime Minister of the importance of single market arrangements for the automotive sector is critical. We need government to deliver a deal which includes participation in the customs union to help safeguard EU trade, trade that is tariff-free and avoids the non-tariff and regulatory barriers that would jeopardise investment, growth and consumer choice. Achieving this will not be easy and we must, at all costs, avoid a cliff-edge and reversion to WTO tariffs, which would threaten the viability of the

Richard Mylles

Theresa May is in a deceptively weak position when it comes to Brexit. Fundamentally she has a very small majority. In our view, we're heading towards WTO rules in the most likely scenario

Sean King

Just like in the World Trade Organization (WTO), India has been very recalcitrant on market access opening...India is very loathe to open its markets to anyone, even its friends and

Sherrod Brown

When China drives down aluminium costs by cheating, Ohio workers and manufacturers pay the price. Thousands have lost jobs because of unfairly subsidised aluminium from China that has flooded the market and led to overcapacity and it's past time we get tough on these violations before more American workers

Gregory Husisian

I think you're setting up both a philosophical and a practical way in which the U.S. government [is going] to renegotiate trade agreements both with and without WTO. It's going to be a continuation of the steel trade wars and expansion of that to cover more

Paulo Cesar Silva - Embraer

Canada's subsidies have created serious distortions in the market, in addition to violating current international

Jose Serra

There is no country in the world that doesn't heavily subsidize its aerospace

Philip Hammond

In my view, the WTO option would not be the most favoured outcome. I hope that we would be able to agree with our European partners tariff-free access but on a reciprocal

Scott Miller

If what they plan to do is get a little scratchier with China on enforcement within the existing WTO rules, that's OK. But if they go outside those guardrails, it will be unpleasant because that will draw

Liam Fox

In order to minimise disruption to global trade as we leave the EU, over the coming period the Government will prepare the necessary draft schedules which replicate as far as possible our current obligations. The Government will undertake this process in dialogue with the WTO

Edward Alden

If the Trump administration decides to play by the rules of the [World Trade Organization], then we will avoid a trade war. If the administration decides not to play within the rules, then that is much more dangerous. We'll have to see what

Shen Danyang

It's a right that China must enjoy as a WTO member and an obligation that all WTO countries must

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

This WTO battle is a battle of the past which benefits only the armies of lawyers both sides employ. I continue to think that the only way out of the ridiculous series of disputes initiated by the US is to agree on a set of globally applicable rules for the support of the civil aircraft industry, which would benefit both sides of the

Cecilia Malmström - European Trade

Today's WTO ruling is an important victory for the EU and its aircraft industry. The panel has found that the additional massive subsidies of USD 5.7 billion provided by Washington State to Boeing are strictly illegal. We expect the US to respect the rules, uphold fair competition, and withdraw these subsidies without any

Michael Luttig - The Boeing Company

After any appeal, we fully expect Boeing to preserve every aspect of the Washington state incentives, including the 777X revenue tax

Roberto Azevêdo

If you don't have the right diagnosis, you don't have the right medicine. If the medicine is simply protectionism, the outcome will be that you will harm the

Roberto Azevêdo

I think that at this point in time, what we have to do is be ready for a

Roberto Azevêdo

Trade is not for amateurs. Trade is tough. So we should not pre-judge and jump to conclusions whenever any initiative is

Roberto Azevêdo

I haven't heard, at this point in time, anybody say trade is bad for the United

Roberto Azevêdo

I haven't had any indication from anybody that that could be the

Geng Shuang

We hope that these trade deals will follow the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules and be helpful to the multilateral trade system. Also, we hope these agreements can reinforce rather than thwart each

Tao Wang - UBS

We think that calling China a currency manipulator probably has a reasonable chance (of happening), but in itself it does not really carry a lot of sanction. But if they levy a 45 per cent tariff on China then that's basically a violation of WTO

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

My expectation with soft Trump is for more trade defense, at least for the moment, testing the limits of WTO rules and then we'll see whether there is litigation and disputes in the WTO in one year or two years from

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

If I look at Trump and trade, the big question is whether soft Trump or hard Trump. I think there are elements on both sides. Overall if I had to bet I would bet more on soft

Roberto Azevêdo

US leadership in the global economy and the multilateral trading system remains vital. It's clear many feel trade isn't working for them. We must address this and ensure trade delivers the widest benefit to the most

Michael Froman - World Trade Organization

We will aggressively pursue this challenge on behalf of U.S. steelworkers, auto workers, aerospace workers, and the many Americans whose businesses, jobs, and livelihoods depend on the strength of these and other

Roberto Azevêdo

A lot of it will depend on the terms that the two parties will come to. So the U.K. on the one side, the EU on the other

Roberto Azevêdo

The first thing we need to do is define what a hard Brexit is...I think that the less turbulence you have in this process the better. So if we can maintain the kind of relationship that exists today, so much the better. But that's much easier said than done. It will be a tough

Sigmar Gabriel

The best thing would be an agreement under the auspices of the World Trade Organization (WTO). We should restart discussions in the WTO even as we are negotiating comprehensive bilateral

Roberto Azevêdo

The other WTO members arguably could say, I don't like it. We should change this, or we should change

Roberto Azevêdo

That may have a positive impact on how the other WTO members view this or

Michael Froman - World Trade Organization

This report is a sweeping victory for the U.S. and its aerospace workers. We have long maintained that EU aircraft subsidies have cost American companies tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue, which this report clearly

Michael Froman - World Trade Organization

We expect the EU, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Spain – some of our closest trading partners – to respect WTO rules. We call on them to end subsidised financing of Airbus

Michael Froman - World Trade Organization

The United States has been a leader on this issue. We are eager to join with similarly committed WTO members to negotiate new rules that will help protect the marine environment and allow American fishermen and women to compete on a fair and level playing

Michael Froman - World Trade Organization

These programs distort Chinese prices, undercut American farmers, and clearly break the limits China committed to when they joined the

Heidi Heitkamp

When I have to go out and defend trade agreements, the single most important story I can tell is we are enforcing the agreements that we have. The message is sent: we will take aggressive action in the WTO when we see trade policy

Michael Froman - World Trade Organization

We will not stand by when our trading partners fail to follow the rules like everyone

Tom Vilsack

Through tariff cuts and the removal of other trade barriers, China has gone from a $2-billion-a-year market for U.S. agricultural products to a $20-billion-plus market. But we could be doing much better, particularly if our grain exports could compete in China on a level playing field. Unfortunately, China's price supports have encouraged wheat, corn and rice production in China that has displaced imports. When China joined the WTO, it committed to limit this kind of trade-distorting support, which it has failed to do. This has resulted in significant losses to American producers. We see substantial opportunities to meet import demand for grains in China if China is willing to operate a WTO-consistent trade

Roberto Azevêdo

It is extremely difficult and the interests are very clear, visible and political as well, but it's possible. We have proven (that) at the WTO often – we had the Bali deals two years ago; just last year, another

Angel Gurria - OECD

We are only two months away from the U.S. election and again the mood in the U.S. is, at least from the speeches, very anti-free trade and at the same time in Europe, you have a very low growth

Roberto Azevêdo

When we talk about trade, most of the times, it's making a relationship between trade and unemployment. Trade is not the cause of unemployment. In fact, the biggest drivers of unemployment are innovation and increased productivity. More than 80 percent of unemployment caused in those countries (U.S. and Europe) is due to those two factors, so trade is a minor component of

Angel Gurria - OECD

Trade growth is below 3 percent, it should be at 6-7 percent and act as a locomotive and what are we seeing? We look like we're going

Angel Gurria - OECD

(The European Union) came out strongly saying no, (German Chancellor) Angela Merkel came out and strongly saying no, we're on it and working on it. U.S. said we're working it. All I'm saying is the symptoms and the signals are not good so we have to overcome

Roberto Azevêdo

That may lead to the wrong policies and the wrong decisions, as we come to the situation where a new government is in

Roberto Azevêdo

I am concerned. I think that as far as trade is concerned, we are not worse than we were before but we are definitely not much better. We will be growing now at the slowest pace than the last 30 years. It is still sluggish and the problem is this new anti-trade rhetoric, anti-globalization rhetoric. It doesn't help because it may spell what is to come in terms of policies, so that is definitely bad

Roberto Azevêdo

The terms of the protocol apply to all WTO members equally. They may see it differently or understand that differently, but the terms of the protocol apply. The WTO had no need to make a determination on China's market economy status. Now the way forward, in my view, is to face the issue squarely, collaboratively, through dialogue, trying to find sustainable solutions for this and other sectors where over capacity may

Ross Mitchell - Bombardier

They have seen our airplane go through the certification process and now enter into service. There is certainly a lot more competition and they are probably concerned about what the CSeries means for their

Justin Trudeau

Embraer is capable of competing against any companies, but not against the government of

David Davis

We should work out what we do in the improbable event of the EU taking a dog in the manger attitude to single market tariff free access, and insist on WTO rules and levies, including 10 percent levies on car

Roberto Azevêdo

There will be negotiations ensuing if the U.K. leaves the EU. So negotiations would be needed between the U.K. and the EU; the U.K. and other WTO members; and the countries with whom the EU has free trade

Roberto Azevêdo

All that I am saying is that unless you go for some kind of radical, almost theoretical, argument that no negotiations are needed, any other scenario would require some negotiation with all WTO

Roberto Azevêdo

It is not far-fetched to imagine that some members may say that it's difficult to negotiate the Brexit terms with both the EU and the UK while the current status of the EU membership is not fully

Roberto Azevêdo

The moment you want to write a limitation here or there, technically any member of the WTO may say 'I disagree with the limitation that you're

Roberto Azevêdo

The example that we're talking about is an extreme example, and I think it's very unlikely that politically this would be feasible. My experience has been that I haven't seen a true free trader on this real earth yet. Everybody somewhere has some degree of protection or limitation in one sector or

Roberto Azevêdo

It is very likely that both the EU and the UK will have to negotiate with all WTO

Roberto Azevêdo

It could be a few years, it could be decades. But our experience suggests that to expect smooth sailing and quick results would be a high-risk

Roberto Azevêdo

Those are not easily sorted out when somebody enters the EU, or leaves the EU. I don't see how just negotiating with the EU is going to obviate the necessity to establish what the parameters are between the UK and all other WTO

Maria Korenyuk

Ukraine has already filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization over Russia's trade embargo. Kyiv hopes that the ban on the transportation of Ukrainian goods will be considered at the meeting of organisation's General Council in the later half of

Michael Froman - World Trade Organization

Today's action holds China accountable for unfair taxes that they are imposing on American exports of broiler chicken

Johnny Isakson

Trade works when the rules are followed, and it is imperative that China, the world's second-largest economy, lives up to the rules it agreed to when it joined the WTO in

Maxim Medvedkov - World Trade Organization

We've been talking about how we can wrap up the negotiations on the common multilateral issues by the end of this year and then by mid-2007 we can complete the discussions with those countries that have not yet signed bilateral agreements with

Sergio Cantone - Euronews

Visa liberalisation together with balanced trade between the EU and Russia, especially after its accession to the WTO, would have given Medvedev a good Christmas present to go back to Moscow with. That would have given him a competitive advantage over his rival for the future office of the Russian presidency, Prime Minister

Michael Emerson

Recent cases that are important ones have included the very large increase in protection for automobile imports, and timber export duty cases: these kinds of jumps or discontinuities in Russian trade policy will be inconsistent with WTO

Dmitry Medvedev

Following our agreements with the United States and now with the European Union, Russia joining the WTO becomes, practically, a

Karel De Gucht - European Union

This WTO panel report clearly shows that Boeing has received huge subsidies in the past and continues to receive significant subsidies

Peter Mandelson

We cannot afford to wait again, when the finishing line is in sight, that is the time to quicken the pace. We will not succeed in Hong Kong or after, if we continue to focus though on only one part of the

Rob Portman

Let us set another deadline to keep the pressure on. It's going to be tempting after Hong Kong to take a deep breath, won't it? We can't let that

Yan Derocles

It is the beginning of a long-standing process that could take maybe three to four years more to send the final report. We will also have to wait for the report that the WTO will send about the subsidies that Boeing has

Peter Power

We have made a major effort to save these talks. We have proposed an end date for the elimination of export subsidies. However the goalposts moved at the last moment and we are now informing the member states of the

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

Vietnam is the 150th member of the organisation. Being a member of this club brings enormous advantages in terms of making sure that trade opening, which can contribute to welfare creation and poverty reduction, is done on a level playing

Dacian Ciolos

Our reform of the CAP is not linked to WTO negotiations, they are two completely different

Dacian Ciolos

Yes, but the EU has already put an offer on the table, which so far hasn't been matched by other large countries at the WTO negotiations. So this offer already exists. We're just waiting to see what steps our partners are willing to take. I mean, just look at another economic power, the US, and tell me if they are more liberal than the EU on agriculture. Tell me if government support for agriculture in the US is less than in the EU. You'll see that it simply isn't the case. So I think that defining the CAP is a job for Europeans and not for the rest of the

Peter Mandelson

I think that there is a fair amount of consensus to be achieved on outstanding issues. But it does require movement by everyone. Everyone has to take their share of the heavy lifting. Everyone has issues on which they are defensive, where it is difficult for them to make a move, but if we do it together, it makes it

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

Today, Russia joins the World Trade system with an export structure, which is still heavily concentrated on fuels and minerals, that represent more than two-thirds of Russian exports. This should be an important contribution to the future diversification of Russian

Dmitry Sredin - Sberbank

Russia's accession to the WTO is definitely a positive signal for all Western investors, a positive signal for all companies that work in the Russian economy. We expect mid- to long-term economic growth from

Natalia Marshalkovich

Against the backdrop of the current crisis, we often hear that the current model of globalisation has outlived itself. So why join the WTO?feedback

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

Well, I don't think my starting point would be the same as yours. Your starting point is that WTO is becoming irrelevant. The amount of world trade is roughly twice what it was 10 years ago. Has this worked for development? Yes. The share of developing countries in international trade, the contribution of trade opening, trade expansion to their own development has been

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

We again found ourselves with conflicting economic developments, portending either a continued crisis or slightly better times

Roberto Azevêdo

I have studied engineering. An engineer can not be optimistic because the building will fall, but also he can not be pessimistic because he will spend too much money. Basically, I'm realistic: I think there are difficulties, member countries will have to make an effort in order to reach an understanding, but I think this effort is

Roberto Azevêdo

In general, global trade has a very close relationship with the economic growth. The important thing is to give member countries the ability to act and interact with other markets in a predictable and balanced way, without rules that favors a certain group of countries rather than another. That there is a balanced and predictable

Roberto Azevêdo

I do not see any possibility for an organization like the WTO to decide without being by consensus. What we can do is to create different rhythms for some negotiations, we have to be flexible in the process. I think it is not sustainable that the organization carry on its disciplinary role of international trade if we do not update the fields of

Roberto Azevêdo

Well, as Director General I can not be anything other than a facilitator of understanding and consensus on a relentless pursuit for trade liberalisation. It is one of the essential elements for global economic growth, not just for certain individualized countries. This applies particularly to the poorest countries, that need to open up trade, that need new markets to place their

Roberto Azevêdo

These bilateral agreements, in which the negotiation is closed and few countries are involved, tend to test the boundaries of trading. They go to the limit of what is possible in terms of negotiating the liberalisation of trade and the creation of new rules. The multilateral agreement involves a larger number of countries, so it tends to be somewhat slower, not going to the border, but harmonize everything in a much faster

Roberto Azevêdo

It is the governments' attitudes that lead the market to be more open or more closed. So, we can have fields of work that governments use as basis for an opening, for liberalizing, but may also be used for the closing, the protection, if that is the direction that a particular government is

Roberto Azevêdo

Probably the result will focus on issues such as agriculture, trade facilitation, food security, development issues. How, in what way, to which extent and which depth, is what we will

Roberto Azevêdo

For example, in the agricultural area. The agricultural legislation, the subsidies, the phytosanitary barriers of today are not those that existed in the 80s, when the Uruguay Round was completed. In the area of intellectual property there is a huge amount of mechanisms that have been developed in the last 30 years, the same applies in the areas of services or digital

Roberto Azevêdo

These countries need greater attention from the multilateral trading system, we must give them more opportunities to fit the commerce and production's chains, something that currently takes place across borders. A product is no longer just made in one country, but in several. However, the opportunities will appear from nowhere, it takes work to identify these opportunities and allow these countries to participate in a more active away in those

Roberto Azevêdo

No way, it can help a lot! It can help a lot because it means progress in some fields of work that may eventually be used as inspiration for multilateral

Peter Mandelson

The EU remains ready to negotiate a balanced, phased agreement to reduce and eventually eliminate subsidies for large civil aircraft production. Taking cases to the WTO is in my view not the appropriate

George W. Bush

We are tough negotiators and the reason why is because we want the agreement that we reach to be accepted by our US

Robert Zoellick - World Bank

We have been very strong proponents in terms of following up in the Uruguay Round, in terms of trying to reduce, eliminate export subsidies, substantially reduce domestic subsidies that are distorting of trade, and also increase market

Dick Roche

Agriculture is a very important industry in Ireland. No fundamentally important industry can be used as bargaining

Benita Ferroro-Waldner

I've just said that indeed for the enhanced agreement it is important that Ukraine first undertakes the still-lacking steps towards WTO accession. But we have heard today that the Prime Minister and his government are already working very narrowly on this issue so I'm confident that it will be possible to have WTO accession by the end of the year and thus the way will be

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

We have some recovery after the bad year we had on 2009, but it is still fragile and very depending on the part of the world that is growing, namely emerging

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

I think it is no use beating around the bush. This meeting has collapsed. Members have simply not been able to bridge their differences. What happened today will certainly not strengthen the multilateral trading system. It will not improve the system which has provided members with an insurance policy against protectionism over the last sixty

Wang Qishan

We should jointly promote the reform of international economic and financial rules and standards. It is important to oppose all forms of protectionism, to exercise prudence in adopting trade remedies and to push for comprehensive, balanced outcomes of the WTO Doha Round negotiations, at an early

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

There's a negotiation going on. There are so many countries around the WTO table that the law of the numbers will prevail on

Philippe Pegorier

The Russian regulations also hurt our companies and do not meet Russia's commitments to the

Susan Schwab

We see specific, significant WTO related problems that bilateral dialogue simply has not been able to resolve. Current Chinese laws impede effective attacks on piracy and counterfeiting and legitimate audiovisual products and publications continue to face serious problems with market

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

This is not the time for go-it-alone measures. This is the time to strengthen and preserve the global trading system so that it keeps performing this vital function in the

Dmitry Medvedev

This result of long and complex talks is good both for Russia and for our future

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