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Mohammed bin Salman
We're pursuing (the Yemen war) until we can be sure that nothing will happen there like Hezbollah again. Because Yemen is more dangerous than
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Oct 26 2017
Multiple people spoke about Yemen in the news. We gather all their quotes on this page, an easy way to see all views about this topic at a glance. To go deeper, all quotes are redirected to the article from which they come. Jamie McGoldrick is the person who had the greatest number of quotes. The most recent one of them is: “The prescription for the future is bleak–at the very best it's bleak. It's a disaster. I think the humanitarian crisis is going to get much, much worse. They were all given visas by the government of Yemen but blocked by Riyadh.”.
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Abdallah Al-Mouallimi - United Nations

I can assure you that no shipment of humanitarian aid is being prevented from reaching Yemen by the coalition or for that matter by the Yemeni government. We have given clearance to all such requests for docking by any ship that carries humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen. We are the largest contributor of aid to the people of Yemen so it doesn't make sense for us to, on the one hand, be providing that aid and, on the other hand, be blocking it somewhere

Ali Shoui

People are no longer able to buy food. The situation is really

Safaa Issa Kaheel

My stomach started hurting more and more, . I felt like death. Thank god I survived the [delivery], but my diarrhea hasn't

Soumaya Beltifa - International Committee of the Red Cross

The cholera epidemic has become a norm, leading to complacency in dealing with the disease, not only by civilians but also from the various (aid)

Meritxell Relano - UNICEF

It is impossible to say how many kids are being pulled out of school now to be married off or sent to fight, but we know that more and more parents are doing this. The lack of livelihood and unemployment is forcing them to do

Elisabeth Kendall

It attempts to merge A.Q.A.P.'s religious agenda with local tribal concerns, distilling a complex political landscape into a simple apocalyptic battle of good guys versus bad

Saleh Al Wahidi

I did not suspend the exams simply because I did not expect a

Saleh Al Wahidi

Those are our sons. Most of the soldiers graduated from Azzan secondary

Abdul Rahman Al Ashmali

They brought back peace and put an end to robbery and theft. Power and water services were available all the

Mohammad Al Qumishi

Several months ago, they pulled all of their arms and important documents from Azzan as they were predicting our

Boris Johnson

To stop their adventurist and expansionist plans, causing trouble in Yemen, Syria or anywhere else. On the other side, we in the UK feel that Iran – a country of 80 million people, many of them young and potentially liberal – could be won over. I think it is important they see there are benefits from the JCPOA (an acronym for the nuclear agreement), so we in the UK want that

Kevin Watkins - Save the Children

The secretary general has stood up for Yemen's children and for the rights of all children in conflict with this decision. Now the UN and wider international community must make sure the violations by all parties to the conflict end. Being added to this shameful list should act as a wake-up call to every party in Yemen's conflict – and countries that are supporting or arming

Kevin Watkins - Save the Children

All sides in Yemen's war have failed to respect international law, and children have paid a terrible price. As a cholera epidemic continues to infect thousands of children every day, they are also being bombed in their homes and schools, denied humanitarian relief and forced to fight on the

Sean Spicer

Obviously, we recovered a tremendous amount of

Donald J. Trump

Ryan died as he lived, a warrior and a hero, battling against terrorism and securing our nation. Ryan's legacy is etched into eternity. They explained what they wanted to do, the generals, who are very respected. My generals are the most respected that we've had in many decades, I would, I

Scott Taylor

I believe that there's been sort of an over-use of Special Forces in the past

Joseph Votel - Army

I accept the responsibility for this. We lost a lot on this operation. We lost a valued operator, we had people wounded, we caused civilian casualties, we lost an expensive

Sean Spicer

I think anybody who, who undermines the success of that raid ...owes an apology and a disservice to the life of Chief

Donald J. Trump

Well this was a mission that was started before I got here. This was something that was, you know, just, they wanted to

Ted Allegra

We believe the council speaking with one voice on Yemen is essential to address the worsening situation there, and to encourage the parties involved in the conflict to come to the table - not to mention for the integrity of the

Monique Van Daalen

We believe that this urgent request could no longer be ignored. A credible international investigation is necessary in order to comprehensively, transparently, independently and impartially establish facts and circumstances surrounding violations with a view to put an end to the cycle of impunity in Yemen and to help prevent future

Rochus Pronk

We have a fully-fledged international investigation. I think it's an incredible

Abdulaziz Alwasil

The combination of international and national mechanisms is an excellent result for the promotion and protection of human

Mona Sabella

Many thought it impossible to challenge Saudi impunity for war crimes in Yemen. The creation of an international investigative body today has shown that the lives of millions of Yemen people mean more than Saudi

Joe Dunford

I think you can argue that they (Iran) have certainly in Syria. It's been relatively consistent in Yemen with regard to their support for the Houthis, and clearly their support for Lebanese Hezbollah has been at a high level for some period of time. And you can argue over the last few months, whether it's related to JCPOA or not, that Iranian activity inside Iraq has certainly increased as they look to the end game in

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

The next thing that will come up will be meningitis. Then there'll be dengue fever. Then we'll have cholera again in January, because the rainy season will

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

Last weekend there were three attempts, one by CBS Frontline, one by BBC, one by

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

Cholera is something you can fix easily. It's a poverty issue, it's a sanitation issue. But in the case of Yemen it's because of [political]

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

I see myself coming back here with bigger numbers and more

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

The prescription for the future is bleak–at the very best it's bleak. It's a disaster. I think the humanitarian crisis is going to get much, much worse. They were all given visas by the government of Yemen but blocked by

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

It'll probably get to about 850,000 by the end of the year. And there's been about 2,300 or so associated deaths with that. People are dying in corners of the country in silent

Ravina Shamdasani - United Nations

The National Commission, which receives funds from Saudi Arabia, simply cannot do its work impartially given its serious structural, methodological shortcomings, its lack of access to Houthi-controlled areas, its reporting lines and its complete failure to hold accountable the parties to the

Abdallah al-Mouallimi

We don't link these issues with commercial considerations, but I think all the countries recognize we have presented a reasonable proposal and that trying to take alternative action would not be considered a friendly

Nadia Forsa

I knew that something was wrong. When I saw the car, my heart

Hassan Rouhani

Whether you like it or not, we are going to defend the oppressed peoples of Yemen, Palestine and

Hassan Rouhani

The great nation of Iran has always pursued peace and security in the region and the world, and has always defended the oppressed people of the world. We will defend the downtrodden people of Yemen, Syria, and Palestine whether you like it or

Bill Roggio

It's impossible to know with Yemen, it's impossible to know with Iraq and Syria, [how many CIA strikes have occurred].feedback

Rex W. Tillerson

We have a lot of issues with Iran. They're a yard long. The nuclear issue is 1 foot of that yard. We have 2 feet of other issues that we must deal with. And it has to do with Iran's destabilizing activities. But since the nuclear deal has been concluded what we have witnessed is Iran has stepped up its destabilizing activities in Yemen, it stepped up its destabilizing activities in Syria, and exports arms to Hezbollah and other terrorist groups, and it continues to conduct a very active ballistic missile program. None of that I believe is consistent with that preamble

Abdulaziz Al-Wasil

It's always easier for them basically to try to understand the dynamics of their country, and also they have connections to go to different regions. We have no objection of the inquiry itself. We just have a discussion about the

Sarah Leah Whitson - Human Rights Watch

The Saudi-led coalition's repeated promises to conduct its air strikes lawfully are not sparing Yemeni children from unlawful attacks. This underscores the need for the United Nations to immediately return the coalition to its annual "list of shame" for violations against children in armed

Tarik Jasarevic - World Health Organization

WHO is currently investigating the reason for this increase. A key aim of the investigation will be to determine whether the numbers are accurate and whether the spike in suspected cases is, in fact, caused by cholera or another diarrhoeal disease like

Phil Huang

Certainly, there can be contamination with high levels of water–fecal contamination, things like

Daniel M. Renaud

Effectively [sic] immediately and until additional guidance is received, you may not take final action on any petition or application where the applicant is a citizen or national of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, and

Robert Glatter

These types of bacteria can live in mixtures of murky water. It's possible to have this type of infection, especially if the water supply becomes

António Guterres - United Nations

We are not facing any pressure and we consider that no pressure would lead to anything, but we are not having any pressure. There is a technical work being conducted, and in the end, that will be presented to me and I will take the decision according to what I will feel is the right thing to

Ali Alahmadi

We sent them to Oman with a verbal message to their bosses: Stop meddling in

Mohammed Ahmad

We extracted them one by one from under the rubble. When the rocket hit, one of the buildings was immediately destroyed which caused the building next door to collapse too. Some residents got out, but others were

Benjamin Netanyahu

Iran is already well on its way to controlling Iraq, Yemen and to a large extent is already in practice in control of Lebanon. We cannot forget for a single minute that Iran threatens every day to annihilate Israel. Israel opposes Iran's continued entrenchment in Syria. We will be sure to defend ourselves with all means against this and any threat. I made it clear to Putin that Iran's establishing itself in Syria will not aid stability in the region, and I told him that we want to prevent a future war and therefore it is important to warn in

Zaid Alshami

We are still extracting bodies from under the rubble. The numbers of dead could go

Trevor Noah

I'm sorry, look, I know that he's been president for seven months, but seeing Donald Trump making military decisions is still weird for me. I mean, he must be the first human being in history who gets to command an army after starring in a Pizza Hut commercial. Trump's actual strategy is like his position on Nazis. It's unclear. Yeah, Trump is a problem solver the same way Godzilla is a city

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Yemen's health workers are operating in impossible conditions. Thousands of people are sick, but there are not enough hospitals, not enough medicines and not enough clean water. These doctors and nurses are the backbone of the health response - without them we can do nothing in Yemen. They must be paid their wages so that they can continue to save

Fadela Chaib - World Health Organization

The response is working in some places. We can tell you that surveillance confirms a decline in suspected cases over the past four weeks in some of the most affected governorates. Most notably Sanaa city, Al-Hajjah and Amran are consistent with his decline. But in many other districts, cases and deaths persist and are on the

Ilmi Aano

Unfortunately, very few survived. I remember some were very young and did not know how to

Mark Goldring

This sets back arms control 25 years and gives ministers free rein to sell arms to countries even where there is clear evidence they are breaching international humanitarian law. With little legal oversight on arms sales, it is now imperative that parliament holds the government to

Jeff Davis - Navy

Make no mistake, AQAP, while we talk a lot about ISIS, AQAP is the organization that has more American blood on its hands. It is a deadly terrorist organization that has proven itself to be very effective in targeting and killing Americans and they have intent and aspirations to continue doing so. We are working to stop

Christopher S. Murphy

Today's vote total would have been unthinkable not long ago, but Congress is finally taking notice that Saudi Arabia is using US munitions to deliberately hit civilian targets inside

William Lacy Swing - International Organization for Migration

There is something fundamentally wrong with this world if countless numbers of children can be deliberately and ruthlessly drowned in the ocean, when they are no longer an easy source of income, and nothing is done to stop it from ever happening

William Lacy Swing - International Organization for Migration

It should never have happened in the first place. We should not have to wait for tragedies like these to show us that international cooperation must be enhanced to fight human smuggling – not just through policy but through real action along these smuggling

William Lacy Swing - International Organization for Migration

The utter disregard for human life by these smugglers, and all human smugglers worldwide, is nothing less than immoral. What is a teenager's life worth? On this route to the Gulf countries, it can be as little as $100. It should never have happened in the first place. We should not have to wait for tragedies like these to show us that international cooperation must be enhanced to fight human smuggling – not just through policy but through real action along these smuggling

Laurent De Boeck

The survivors told our colleagues on the beach that the smuggler pushed them to the sea, when he saw some 'authority types' near the coast. They also told us that the smuggler has already returned to Somalia to continue his business and pick up more migrants to bring to Yemen on the same route. This is shocking and inhumane. The suffering of migrants on this migration route is enormous. Too many young people pay smugglers with the false hope of a better

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

All parties to the conflict continue to show a disregard for the protection of civilians and the principle of distinction between civilians and combatants in the conduct of

Katherine Zimmerman

We will see a show of force to secure the key infrastructure in the province – the energy infrastructure, major population centers and checkpoints along the road – but the challenge will be clearing out the rural areas of Shabwa that includes quite mountainous terrain, especially where AQAP sanctuaries tend to

Abdul Sallam

They were firing sound bombs on targets inside and outside the town as if to tell Al Qaeda to go before the arrival of the new

Mohammed Salem Al Qumishi

They fled to the mountains after failing to stop our

Yousef al-Otaiba

It really has to do with geography and the threats we grew up with from day

Yousef al-Otaiba

What we want in Libya is a stable, secular government. It's the same thing we want in Syria; it's the same thing we want in Yemen.

Caroline Anning - Save the Children

Yemen's children are trapped in an almost unimaginable tragedy, they're under attack from all sides. Children are hugely malnourished. All across the country millions of children [are] too weak to stand up, too weak to go to school, dying of

Caroline Anning - Save the Children

Forces fighting on the ground bear some responsibility because they make it much harder for us to deliver humanitarian aid but also the airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition have damaged sewage plants, they have damaged hospitals and that has also created the spread of this

Ahmed al-Sanani

I was the first one to apply for the lottery in my family. I want to come to the United States to learn English and continue my

Alex Entz

Yemeni officials estimate AQAP needs about $10 million per year to operate. Given the surplus the group earned in Mukalla from taxes and bank looting, it is likely that the group maintains considerable cash

Joshua Goldstein

Imagine you get notified you got the golden ticket, only to have it yanked

Anas Shahari - Save the Children

It is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. Cholera is just getting everyone. I see very poor people with very limited income coming to our clinics and seeking treatment from cholera. They are in terrible condition and they need all help we can provide. Not only for treatment. They also ask for water, and a little money to go back to their

Erin Taylor - Save the Children

We are seeing families having to make the choice of bringing the healthier child in for health screenings and malnutrition screenings and some of the weaker and sicker ones are at home and don't make it to our centers before they

Deepmala Mahla - Mercy Corps

Until there is a political solution we must act and continue providing humanitarian assistance to save lives as people reach for a peace that may come or never come. In the end, let me be perfectly clear again: no one has a lot of

Margaret Schuler

We know that when the funding is available to help, we save lives. When we wait to respond until a famine is declared, it is simply too late. To save lives, we need more than compassion. We need Americans to see those in need and not turn

Jo Swinson

There is now widespread evidence that Saudi Arabia has indiscriminately targeted civilians in Yemen. Yet the government has shamefully sold millions of pounds of UK arms to the Saudi regime as if nothing has

Peter Maurer

The pace of increase of cases is slightly diminishing. Which does not mean overall the cases are decreasing but the pace is slightly diminishing. The problem is most experts expect the pace to increase when the rainy season

Peter Maurer

Definitely we would hope that Western countries understand the deep crisis, the risk of this enormous crisis for international stability, for the stability of the region. I came here to urge the international community to take action and step up its response to this outbreak, which is - let's be very clear - a man-made outbreak. It's largely the consequence of warfare and destruction of public

Peter Maurer

I would also hope that those countries outside the region should use their influence to nudge these parties into compromise, to use their influence in order to find

Peter Maurer

We are confronted with the vicious circle where war destroys (the) water distribution system, water is not available or contaminated and people are infecting

April Longley Alley - The International Crisis Group

Whatever Saudi Arabia's current view of the Muslim Brotherhood in other countries, in Yemen they are natural allies against the Houthi-Saleh alliance. In many fighting fronts in the north, tribesmen or soldiers associated with Islah are a critical, if not the most important, part of the anti-Houthi fighting

Farhan Haq - United Nations

Steps like this do not help. This has been a large, man-made humanitarian problem. The world needs to know, and journalists need to have

Mohammad Javad Zarif

We certainly hope not ... We don't have to fight; we don't need to fight. We don't need to try to exclude each other from the scene in the Middle East. We certainly hope that if we don't agree with each other about the situation in Yemen or about the situation in Syria we can still work with each other in order to bring those situations to an end. Iran is a serious partner for all these countries in fighting a common enemy because we believe at the end of the day ... these extremist forces are as much a threat against us, but even more a threat against

Mohammad Javad Zarif

We need them to make sure that another Saddam Hussein around the corner will not come and hit us again. We will continue to produce enriched uranium, for fuel

Dominique Legros - World Health Organization

Don't forget that today we are speaking of Yemen but they are receiving pilgrims from a lot of endemic countries, and they managed not to have an outbreak, essentially by making sure that living conditions, access to water in particular, hygienic conditions, are in place. They are well-prepared in my view. That's why we advise countries against airport screening for patients. The Saudis don't do that. It's useless, technically

Stephen O'Brien

The international community must do more, We should all feel deeply guilty… This cholera scandal is entirely manmade by the conflicting parties and those beyond Yemen's borders who are leading, supplying, fighting and perpetuating the fear and

Joe Sestak

Every team has now gotten through, whether it's Iran, Libya, and even after the reinstitution of the executive order on travel, we still got Yemen and Syrian refugees

Stephen O'Brien

Seven million people, including 2.3 million malnourished children - of whom 500,000 are severely malnourished under the age of five - are on the cusp of famine, vulnerable to disease and ultimately at risk of a slow and painful

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

The average person lives on tea and bread. It's just one meal a day. They are in a weakened state, and that is why they are getting

Saif Ahmad

It took us five hours to get here. Now we have to beg for

Abdulla Siraa

Thank God for everything. We Yemenis don't like to complain because we believe that God punishes

Ravina Shamdasani - United Nations

During the more than two years since the conflict in Yemen began, marketplaces have been struck a number of times, causing loss of civilian lives. We recall that indiscriminate or disproportionate attacks or attacks targeting civilian objects such as markets are prohibited under international humanitarian

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

The Israeli enemy must know that if an Israeli war is launched against Syria or Lebanon, it is not known that the fighting will remain Lebanese-Israeli, or Syrian-Israeli. This doesn't mean there are states that might intervene directly. But this could open the way for thousands, even hundreds of thousands of fighters from all over the Arab and Islamic world to participate - from Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan and

Nigel Timmins - Oxfam Intermón

In Yemen, governments who are providing generous funding are also making money from supplying weapons, munitions, military equipment, technology. They are providing logistical and financial support for the military action taking place. Diplomatic pressure on the warring parties inside and outside the country has to be made so that we can find solutions, because surely that is a priority over arms sales?feedback

Stephen O'Brien

This is because of conflict, it's man-made, it's very severe, the numbers are absolutely staggering, it's getting worse, and the cholera element in addition to the lack of food, the lack of medical supplies, primarily one has to put that at the door of all the parties to the conflict. Be that the parties on the ground or their proxies, they all have to recognise that there is a shared responsibility for causing a man-made humanitarian catastrophe, which is where we are in Yemen at the

Helima Croft - BC Capital

The rise of MbS (Mohammed bin Salman) will likely mean even more hawkish foreign policy moves from Saudi Arabia and more intensified efforts to confront Iran. Under MbS's watch the kingdom has launched a costly war in Yemen and spearheaded a surprise blockade of fellow GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) member Qatar. The key question is what comes next in this quest to counter Iranian influence? Is the Qatar blockade simply the opening act?feedback

Khaled Abdulghaffar

I hope when I finish, I become independent and get a job. The main thing about getting a job is to learn, the money is irrelevant. Even if they didn't pay us all, I'd be happy to get an

Khaled Abdulghaffar

I was interested a long time ago in programming, but I didn't know how to start or what to do with it. It doesn't limit you. As long as you have this skill you can work anywhere, anytime you

Abdelilah al-Azzi

Rescue teams were unable to reach the area for some time for fear of being hit by artillery shelling of the

Stephen O'Brien

The people of Yemen are being subjected to deprivation, disease and death as the world watches. That is not an unforeseen or coincidental result of forces beyond our control. It is a direct consequence of actions of the parties and supporters of the conflict. It is also sadly a result of inaction, due to inability or indifference, by the international

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

Time is running out to save people who are being killed or being starved and now you have cholera as well adding to that complication, . We are struggling because of the lack of resources. We need some action immediately. What is heartbreaking in Yemen is that humanity is losing out to the

Geert Cappelaere - UNICEF

Just comes on top of what already was an incredibly daunting situation. What I've said to both sides is, Sorry but you still seem to have money to fight. If you have money to fight, you should be able to pay your doctors, you should be able to pay your

Geert Cappelaere - UNICEF

It's not a common practice at all. That's also a practice I would not want to see

Del Pilar Bauza Moreno - International Committee of the Red Cross

Cholera has found the perfect ground - deteriorated living conditions, poor hygiene behavior, unsafe drinking water in most of the cities, collapsed sewage systems, and uncollected garbage

Robert Mardini

This is all the more alarming as new offensives (against Islamic State militants) get under way in cities like Raqqa in Syria or intensify in Mosul,

Robert Mardini

We see also that many other conflicts are taking place in urban areas in other places such as Somalia and Afghanistan and other

Robert Mardini

The impacts of warfare are quickly multiplied with exponential consequences. If a power line is hit, (there is) no water, no electricity, no waste water treatment. There are contamination outbreaks and massive challenges to run

Geert Cappelaere - UNICEF

Every day we have at least five to ten thousand newly reported cases throughout the country. That's unprecedented and requires an unprecedented, massive response from the authorities here. But also from the international

Larry L. Lewis

This training package sets an important precedent to focus on preventing civilian casualties. But the follow-through is critical. Those things are necessary but not sufficient to help them solve their

Chuck Schumer

Furthermore, the administration has not sufficiently ensured the Congress that these weapons won't fall into the wrong

Mark W. Warner

I am aware of the concerns with Saudi Arabia's engagement in Yemen, including in operations that have led to civilian

Scott Paul

The steps that Saudi Arabia has reportedly agreed to take are irrelevant because they will not keep seven million people in Yemen from tipping into famine or stem the tide of

Christopher S. Murphy

The Saudis will tell you they need these precision-guided missiles to more effectively target Houthi military assets inside Yemen. The fact is, they have deliberately targeted humanitarian and civilian assets within

Lindsey Graham

If you don't think containing Iran and keeping them from toppling Yemen, Iraq, Syria, [and] Lebanon is not in our national interest, you're making a huge

Bob Corker

I'm afraid this vote is somewhat about some members wanting to get a piece of President Trump's

Andrea Prasow - Human Rights Watch

Nearly half of the U.S. Senate sent an overwhelmingly clear message to Riyadh that if it wants to return to a time of unequivocal U.S. support, it needs to stop killing civilians in Yemen. The Trump administration should take notice and use this statement as an opportunity to press the Saudis to change their behavior in Yemen – to focus on protecting civilians, and to be transparent about its conduct in this devastating

Rand Paul

Today I stand up for the thousands of civilians who are being killed in Yemen. Today I stand up for the millions of voiceless children in Yemen who will be killed by the Saudi blockade. Today I stand up for saying we, the United States, should no longer be fueling the arms race in the Middle East. It's come to no

Junaid Ahmad

The Qatar-Saudi feud seems to have come out of thin air. But the reality is that this has been going on for quite a while. All this hyperbolic language we have seen in the last week from Saudi and its allies – how Qatar supports the Houthis in Yemen or the Shia opposition in Bahrain - is about Qatar being neutral. And neutral cannot be tolerated, especially where it comes to

Sajjad Mohamed Sajid - Oxfam Intermón

Two years of war have plunged the country into one of the world's worst humanitarian crises and put Yemen at risk of famine. Now it is at the mercy of a deadly and rapidly spreading cholera

Sajjad Mohammed Sajid - Oxfam Intermón

Yemen is on the edge of an abyss. Lives hang in the balance. Cholera is simple to treat and prevent but while the fighting continues the task is made doubly difficult. A massive aid effort is needed

Meritxell Relano - UNICEF

The cholera outbreak is making a bad situation for children drastically worse. Many of the children who have died from the disease were also acutely malnourished. Today, life for children in Yemen is a desperate struggle for survival, with cholera, malnutrition and the relentless violence constantly sounding a death knell at their

Tarik Jasarevic - World Health Organization

To date, 101,820 suspected cholera cases and 789 deaths have been reported in 19

Sajjad Mohammed Sajid - Oxfam Intermón

Yemen is on the edge of an abyss. Lives hang in the balance. Two years of war have plunged the country into one of the world's worst humanitarian crises and put Yemen at risk of famine. Now it is at the mercy of a deadly and rapidly spreading cholera epidemic. Cholera is simple to treat and prevent but while the fighting continues the task is made doubly difficult. A massive aid effort is needed now. The backers of this war in Western and Middle Eastern capitals need to put pressure on parties to the fighting to agree a ceasefire to allow public health and aid workers to get on with the

Karim Sadjadpour - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

It's in U.S. interests to try and compel Tehran and Riyadh to address their differences and cooperate against ISIS. Acrimony and distrust between Iran and Saudi Arabia only causes more civilian casualties in Syria and Yemen, more refugees pouring into Europe, and more Sunni and Shia radicalism. In lieu of a grand strategy, our Iran policy must be sophisticated and nimble enough to cooperate when possible, counter when necessary, and contain intelligently, until the Islamic republic's internal contradictions force a course

Geert Cappelaere - UNICEF

It is sad today, but we hope the cholera outbreak will the turning point in turning people's attention to Yemen. Cholera is not going to be stopped by any border. Yemen is one of the worst places in the world to be a

Geert Cappelaere - UNICEF

We are responding to a major crisis without having the basics. The reality is incredibly dire. Cholera doesn't need a permit to cross a checkpoint or a border, nor does it differentiate between areas of political

Stephen O'Brien

If there was no conflict in Yemen, there would be no descent into famine, misery, disease and death – a famine would certainly be avoidable and

Stephen O'Brien

The crisis is not coming. It is not even looming. It is here today on our watch and ordinary people are paying the price. What is worse is the threat of famine is driven and exacerbated by conflict. Yemen is not facing a drought. If there was no conflict in Yemen there would be no descent into famine, misery, disease and

Stephen O'Brien

If there was no conflict in Yemen, there would be no descent into famine, misery, disease and death – a famine would certainly be avoidable and averted. The people of Yemen are being subjected to deprivation, disease and death as the world watches. Families are increasingly marrying off their young daughters to have someone else care for them, and often use the dowry to pay for basic

Omar Saleh

The epidemic is very serious and spreading in an unprecedented

Rand Paul

Given Saudi Arabia's past support of terror, poor human rights record, and questionable tactics in its war in Yemen, Congress must carefully consider and thoroughly debate if selling them billions of dollars of arms is in our best national security interest at this

Jan Egeland - United Nations

This is a clear-cut decline into massive famine that is man-made and

Jeff Sorenson - US Army

There was a lot of reluctance on behalf of the previous administration to allow the Saudis to buy a lot of

Loren Thompson

The most interesting feature of this [arms] transaction is that the Saudis will begin to produce weapons for

Donald J. Trump

But no discussion of stamping out this threat would be complete without mentioning the government that gives terrorists all three–safe harbor, financial backing, and the social standing needed for recruitment. It is a regime that is responsible for so much instability in the region. I am speaking of course of Iran. From Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, Iran funds, arms, and trains terrorists, militias, and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region. For decades, Iran has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and

Eric Ferrero - Planned Parenthood

This deal has President Trump throwing gasoline on a house fire and locking the door on his way out. There is damning evidence that war crimes have been committed by the Saudi-led coalition and continuing to arm Saudi Arabia fuels serious human rights violations that are causing overwhelming civilian suffering in

Richard Haass

I think we've got be careful about in some ways thinking too much of our Sunni partners and not taking Iran seriously enough. In particular, I would be very wary of getting involved in Yemen, which has all the fixings of a Middle Eastern

Wilbur Ross

Is the bulk of the Islamic world unified with the United States in this effort? This should put that to rest

Anthony Cordesman

The president gave the right speech in the right place at the right time. Issues like human rights and Yemen. Read

Hassan Rouhani

The Americans do not know our region, that's what the catch is. Unfortunately, Americans have always made mistakes in our region. When they attacked Afghanistan (and) Iraq, when they made sanctions against Iran. In Syria, they made mistakes, and also in Yemen. Who can claim that stability of the region can be restored without Iran? I hope that the day will come that Saudi Arabia will adopt this path. They should have polling stations in place for the people and let the rulers not be on a hereditary basis. They should be picked by the

Jean-Marc Rickli

I would not be surprised to see an increase in hostilities in Syria and Yemen. Also, the IRGC might want to foster pro-Shi'a groups in Bahrain and some parts of Kuwait to regain power after the

Jan Egeland - United Nations

What we focus on is the symptom of this breakdown of protection and human rights of people in their local communities. We just focus on the symptom, which is the people we see at our borders. First, conflict resolution needs to be redoubled, tripled, quadrupled. It's incredible there's not a bigger pull towards a peaceful settlement of the Yemeni conflict. We also need to get economic life to countries like Yemen and elsewhere so there's not a collapse in social structures there. Then we need investment in avoiding environmental degradation, and we need disaster risk

Barack Obama

The competition between the Saudis and the Iranians - which has helped to feed proxy wars and chaos in Syria and Iraq and Yemen - requires us to say to our friends as well as to the Iranians that they need to find an effective way to share the neighbourhood and institute some sort of cold

Longley Alley - The International Crisis Group

The Obama administration was a reluctant partner in the war. But ultimately US support for the Saudi war in Yemen seemed to be part of the price the Obama administration was willing to pay for antagonizing Saudi Arabia over the Iranian nuclear

Mark Pocan

Trump has an opportunity to save millions of innocent lives in Yemen. Will he do it?feedback

Mohammed Salem bin Hafeedh

What is happening today exceeds the capabilities of any healthy health system, so how can we [cope] when we are in these difficult and complicated conditions?feedback

Sherine El Taraboulsi-McCarthy

The supposition is that governments in the west and the Gulf will decide how aid is delivered, but organizations like ICRC and the Red Cross have very little capacity on the ground without local

Samira Ali

My young son suddenly started suffering from severe diarrhoea. We went to the hospital and found it full, we couldn't find a place. Only with difficulty were the doctors able to give him the medicines which saved his life. This situation is

Jan Egeland - United Nations

This is a colossal failure of international diplomacy and a colossal failure to get out the message of a crisis that is now of biblical proportions. This is a clear-cut decline into massive famine that is man-made and avoidable. There has to be leadership from United States and Britain to get a real peace process going. I'm more worried for Yemen now than for any other place on the

David Beasley

It's very, very timely that the United States apply all the pressure it can with regard to all parties involved, including Saudi Arabia. We need to reassess every single thing we are doing as to what we can do to bring an end to this conflict. I was hopeful two weeks ago that was about to resolve, but evidently that hasn't

Nevio Zagaria - World Health Organization

We are very concerned with the re-emergence of cholera across several areas of Yemen in the past couple of weeks. Efforts must be scaled-up now to contain the outbreak and avoid a dramatic increase in cases of the diarrhoeal disease. WHO is in full emergency mode to contain the recent upsurge of suspected cholera cases. Containing the spread of the outbreak is a high priority for WHO and we are coordinating efforts with all parties and with our health, water, and sanitation partners to scale up an integrated and effective response to the cholera

Mohammed Abdiker

A minimum of 400,000 people will flee the city eastwards, once Al Hudaydah is under attack. This is in addition to the already desperate situation of more than two million displaced people and their conflict-affected host communities. Even without this attack on Al Hudaydah, all emergency response in Yemen is facing huge difficulties of access, financial support and immense

Hina Shamsi

We have seen that this White House cannot be trusted to give the public accurate information, which is especially critical when the president authorizes military action that kills civilians. The Obama administration had a poor transparency record about lethal strikes in Yemen, but it at least put in place safeguards aimed at protecting civilians from

Nevio Zagaria - World Health Organization

(This) is extremely alarming. We are facing a reactivation of the cholera epidemic. The cause is that there is two years of war in Yemen. There is a huge impact on the infrastructure, the electricity power is on and off, the water pumping stations are not functioning regularly and this has an impact on the quality of

Rasha Mohamed - Amnesty International

They are fearful that they could get arrested at any moment. If they were arrested, their children are at risk of being detained, too, because they have nowhere to go. [The Houthi authorities] must immediately stop persecuting members of the Baha'i community. All eyes are on the authorities as to how they are going to deal with

António Guterres - United Nations

Half a million children are now acute, severe malnourished. That is a euphemism for 'they are at the brink of dying from hunger'. That's half a million, really. That number is increasing. And it is not just in certain pockets of the country. It is happening in the north. It is happening in the west, east and in the

Jan Egeland - United Nations

This is a gigantic failure of international diplomacy. Men with guns and power inside Yemen as well as in regional and international capitals are undermining every effort to avert an entirely preventable famine, as well as the collapse of health and education services for millions of

Jan Egeland - United Nations

When people have no income and the prices of food in the market have tripled, hungry people can only afford to look at the food in the market. They cannot afford to buy it. There are no reserves, there are no warehouses there like in many of the other wars I have visited. Everything goes straight into hungry

Jan Egeland - United Nations

All our efforts through the World Food Programme reached 3.1 million of 7 million people who are on the brink of famine. So it means basically that 4 million people got nothing in April and these people are staring into the naked eye of starvation. We will have a famine of Biblical proportions, if it continues like now with only a portion of those in greatest need getting humanitarian relief. I'm coming out of here angry with those men with power and guns, inside Yemen, in regional capitals and international capitals who are not able to fix this man-made crisis. It's not rocket

Angela Merkel

Many people wish to be politically active and Germany must continue to insist on the importance of human rights, particularly concerning the death

Boris Johnson

We have a crisis in Yemen that is intractable and a burgeoning crisis on Egypt, and those are to my mind far more important than any obiter dicta you may have disinterred from 30 years of

Muhannad Hadi - World Food Programme

The International Community and the U.N., everybody together needs to move and to move in fast. If we don't move in today, if we don't do something very quickly, Yemen will be facing famine very, very

António Guterres - United Nations

On average, a child under the age of five dies of preventable causes in Yemen every ten minutes. And this means fifty children in Yemen will die during today's conference, and all those deaths could have been prevented. We must act now, to save

Rex W. Tillerson

Iran is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, and is responsible for intensifying multiple conflicts and undermining US interests in countries such as Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, and continuing to support attacks against

Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed - United Nations

Further military escalation and humanitarian suffering will not bring the parties closer

Jon Alterman

The Saudi concern is strategically Iran... The near-term Saudi concern is how they send a message to the Iranians in Yemen, and they would like full-throated American support. They would also like more American support in fighting terrorism in the Sinai peninsula and they like more American confidence that they are doing it the right

Pope Francis

At this time support the efforts of those who are actively working to bring relief and comfort to civilians in Syria, the victim of a war that continues to sow horror and death. The latest despicable attack yesterday on fleeing refugees has resulted in numerous deaths and injuries. Bring peace to all the Middle East, from the Holy Land to Iraq and Yemen as

Christopher S. Murphy

[A]n ill-thought out military action with absolutely no overall strategy for Syria risks dragging us further into a civil war in which we cannot tip the scales. And put in the context of U.S. policies that aid the slaughter of civilians in Yemen and deny terrorized Syrians the ability to flee their dystopian existence, a solitary air strike exposes the immoral hypocrisy of this administration's policy in the Middle

Kevin Sieff - The Washington Post

Some of their actions appear to be brute thuggery, like the theft by soldiers last summer of more than 4,000 tons of food from a warehouse in Juba, the capital, enough to feed 220,000 people for a month. But aid workers fear the government is intentionally denying aid to regions where it believes residents support the

Michael Cohen

One of the most important factors that led all of these countries to actually get to a deal back in November of 2016 is the involvement of Russia. If we are now looking at this possibility that there is this … wedge between some of the key players, then the likelihood of an amicable outcome on May 25 is therefore less. That is important to take into account if you have the possibility of further conflict in a place like Iraq, in a place like Yemen and the rest of the

Jeremy Corbyn

Britain must halt arms sales to Saudi Arabia immediately, throw its weight behind a ceasefire resolution at the United Nations and back a full and genuinely independent investigation of the evidence of war crimes in Yemen. As it stands, the British-Saudi relationship is damaging to the people of Saudi Arabia, Britain and the wider Middle East, and helping to export insecurity to the rest of the world. Unless the Prime Minister challenges the Saudi regime over its abuses this week, it will be clear she is ready to sacrifice human rights and security on the altar of the arms

Jeremy Corbyn

The prime minister should put human rights and international law at the centre of her talks with Saudi Arabia's government this week. Numerous human rights organisations, including the UNHRC and Amnesty International, have documented the dictatorial Saudi monarchy's shocking human rights record. The Saudi-led coalition bombing in Yemen, backed by the British government, has left thousands dead, 21 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and 3 million refugees uprooted from their

Theresa May

As the United Kingdom leaves the EU, we are determined to forge a bold, confident future for ourselves in the world. We must look at the challenges that we, and future generations, will face and build stronger partnerships with countries that will be vital to both our security and our

Daniel Machover

The prosecuting authorities are legally obliged to seek out and, where the evidence permits, prosecute (or extradite for prosecution) those in their jurisdiction who are suspected of war crimes. Given the serious allegations against him, the Foreign Office should confirm that it will not stand in the way of due process and the rule of law by granting him special mission immunity in any future visit to this

Daniel Larison

The frustrating reality is that both the Obama and Trump administrations have been able to back the war without ever having to face much serious scrutiny from Congress or most of the media, and so they have not had to defend a policy that has shamefully encountered relatively little criticism and minimal

Daniel Larison

Even when the U.S. role in fueling and arming the coalition's planes has been acknowledged in reports, it is often mentioned only in passing and then minimized. It is very difficult to organize opposition to a policy that most people in the country may not even know is happening. I suppose it is good that our officers are sickened by what the U.S. has been helping the Saudis and their allies do, but most of our politicians and policymakers don't appear to be bothered in the

Bill Owens

Don't hide behind my son's death to prevent an investigation. I want an investigation…the government owes my son an

Yousef al-Otaiba

Now the U.S., Saudis and the UAE are back on the same page. We're getting the support we

Andrew Exum

One of our bedrock interests in the Middle East is freedom of navigation in and around the Arabian Peninsula, and while I understand why no one wanted to get further enmeshed in the Houthi conflict, we came dangerously close to dropping the ball on protecting our interests toward the end of the administration. We were too hesitant to respond

Ahmed Asiri

At least now we understand that the government of the United States sees the reality on the ground . . . and that there is a country in the area that wants to use militias and spoil the

David Orr

We have a situation where famine has been declared in two counties in Unity state in South Sudan. That means there are already people dying in those places. This has been caused by a combination of factors including conflict, which prevents access. Humanitarian intervention is very difficult. Huge numbers of people are displaced. Now famine is threatening in other parts of South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Over forty lives have been lost in this unwarranted attack on helpless civilians fleeing violence and conflict. Many questions remain unanswered on the circumstances of this horrific event. We call on all parties to the conflict to make proper inquiries to ensure accountability and to prevent this from happening

Hassan Cabdoo

In Yemen, there is war. Here in Somalia, there is no good employment but at least there is

Shabia Mantoo - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We are distressed by this incident and understand that refugees were travelling in a vessel off the coast of Hodeidah which was reportedly impacted during the course of

Joel Millman - International Organization for Migration

Our confirmation is that there are dozens of deaths and many dozens of survivors brought to

Shabia Mantoo - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We are distressed by this incident and understand that refugees were travelling in a vessel off the coast of Hudaydah which was reportedly impacted during the course of

Eric Pelofsky

We had very much hoped that the new cranes, replacing those destroyed by the airstrikes, would increase the flow of food and other essentials into Yemen in order to stave off the looming risk of

Karl Blanchet

Syria is just the tip of the iceberg. In Afghanistan and Yemen today, international humanitarian organizations ... report attacks on health facilities every week. Patients have been shot while traveling in ambulances in Colombia, ambulances are used in suicide attacks in Afghanistan, doctors are murdered in Somalia, and hospitals bombed in Afghanistan, Yemen and

Matthew Olsen

I think these rules proved effective operationally – I never saw an instance where we missed an opportunity to carry out a strike because of too much

Matthew Olsen

I am concerned that loosening standards will harm our ability over time to carry out these operations, because it will affect our standing with the countries in which we need to

Bonnie Kristian

This is a major new development in a military intervention launched by the Obama White House without public discussion or a declaration of war. Obama started US involvement in Yemen secretly and illegally, and to escalate to ground war–to putting US troops in harm's way–without so much as a go-ahead from Congress would be a serious

Jim Himes

The power to make war is explicitly granted to Congress in Article I Section 8 of the Constitution. Over many decades, however, this power has migrated increasingly to the President. We are now in a situation where military actions are carried out by the US around the world without the explicit approval of

Michael Brendan Dougherty

The U.S. role in the war is substantial. Saudi Arabia buys most of its weapons from the U.S. Its pilots are trained by the United States. And the United States refuels Saudi planes in the air. The U.S. military is widely believed to be helping the Saudis choose targets. And U.S. special [operations] forces are on the ground in Yemen, ostensibly to fight local al Qaeda

Hashim Azazi

All of those killed were civilians, none were holding

Stephen O'Brien

Without collective and coordinated global efforts, people will simply starve to death. Many more will suffer and die from

Joseph Votel - Army

I think we had a good understanding of exactly what happened . . . and we've been able to pull lessons learned out of that we will apply in future

Joseph Votel - Army

We lost a lot on this operation. We lost a valued operator; we had people wounded; we caused civilian casualties; lost an expensive

Joseph Votel - Army

I was satisfied that none of those indicators that I identified to you were present. I think we had a good understanding of exactly what happened on this objective and we've been able to pull lessons learned out of that, that we will apply in future

Khalil el Shamri

We are here to tell the United Nations that it is now accused of (contributing to) the starvation of the people of Yemen. It is now responsible for the displacement of the Yemeni people. We are here for all Yemeni people, not a certain political

Elisabeth Kendall

Trump has created an upsurge in militant jihadist attention on America – it was previously on America but also on many other targets like Shiites in Yemen, Iraq, and even Syria – but this has really refocused attention on America

Mohammed Alfatemi

Some homes were damaged in the attack. The house of Atef Saad, an AQAP leader, was partially damaged due to a missile that exploded next to his home. We were told that he was not in his house at that

Salem al-Marqashi

We believe that the soldiers were American because they came from the battleships and it is known to the fishermen and locals in the area that the battleships in that area are American. The locals saw them from a distance of about one kilometer [0.6 mile]

Ramzi al-Fadhli

Footprints from soldiers and police dogs have been seen in the area of Mowjan. . . . We are also looking into the purpose behind the American soldiers' landing in the area and what their mission

Jeff Davis - Navy

We have U.S. Special Operations forces that go in and out of Yemen to assist our partner forces in fighting

Erik Wemple

President Trump likes to boast about how, as president, he’s in an exquisite position to judge the value of news reports coming out of the White House. “Here’s the thing: The public isn’t - you know, they read newspapers, they see television, they watch. They don’t know if it’s true or false because they’re not involved, ” said Trump at that memorable Feb. 16 news conference. “I’m involved. I’ve been involved with this stuff all my life. But I’m involved. So I know when you’re telling the truth or when you’re not. I just see many, many untruthful things.”.feedback

Kristine Beckerle

On top of a devastating, nearly two year-long war, Yemen is now home to one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. Millions are on the brink of famine, more than two-thirds of the entire population are struggling to feed themselves and nearly half a million children are suffering from severe and acute malnutrition. The UN estimates that a child now dies in Yemen every ten minutes from a preventable

Donald J. Trump

We are joined tonight by Carryn Owens, the widow of U.S. Navy Special Operator Senior Chief William Ryan Owens. Ryan died as he lived a warrior and a hero, battling against terrorism and securing our nation. I just spoke to our great General Mattis just now, who reconfirmed that, and I quote, Ryan was a part of a highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemy.' Ryan's legacy is etched into

Stephen O'Brien

This also means access to the ports so that the needed imports can enter Yemen. Seven million people don't know where their next meal is coming from and we now face a serious risk of

James Stavridis

Certainly the Obama administration, particularly by the end of its 8-year run, was very cautious in moving forward with any kind of military activity. A new administration I think naturally is going to be spring-loaded to move out and demonstrate something. When we look at evidently very little actual intelligence out, the loss of a high performance aircraft and above all the loss of a highly trained special forces member of SEAL Team 6, I think we need to understand why this mission, why now, what happened, and what the actual output

William Ryan Owens

Why at this time did there have to be this stupid mission when it wasn't even barely a week into his administration? Why? For two years prior, there were no boots on the ground in Yemen – everything was missiles and drones – because there was not a target worth one American life. Now, all of a sudden we had to make this grand display?feedback

Sean Spicer

We gathered an unbelievable amount of intelligence that will prevent the potential deaths or attacks on American soil. He was able to obtain through that raid, as I said before, [information that] is going to save American lives. The mission was successful in helping prevent future attack or attacks on this

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

I haven't had the chance to speak with [Trump] directly about that, but I would imagine that he would be supportive of

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

I haven't had the chance to speak with him directly about that, but I would imagine that he would be supportive of that. I know that he paid the ultimate sacrifice when he went on that mission. And I know that the mission has a lot of different critics, but it did yield a substantial amount of very important intel and resources that helped save American lives and other

Nasr al-Hariri

We have a lot of points that we share with this new administration of America. On the top of these priorities is fighting terrorism and reaching stability in Syria across or through a political transition and to face the state of Iran, which interferes not only in Syria but in Iraq and Yemen and in other

António Guterres - United Nations

Despite some generous pledges, just US$90 million has actually been received so far. We are in the beginning of the year but these numbers are very worrying. Famine is already a reality in parts of South Sudan. Unless we act now, it is only a matter of time until it affects other areas and other countries. We are facing a

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

The manner in which the parties to the conflict are waging this war is taking an unacceptable toll on the civilian population in Yemen and as illustrated by this most recent tragedy, women and children are paying with their lives. I am alarmed to see this tragic loss of life further escalate the fighting, with reports of a retaliatory ballistic missile strike into Saudi Arabia's Asir

Aziz Mabkhout

If you want to hunt al Qaeda, you can find them in the surrounding mountains not in this small village. ... The Americans' information was

Saleh Mohsen al-Ameri

Hours later, we pulled her body back and found the child unconscious but alive, covered in his mother's

Abdullah al-Joufi

There was random shooting at anything that moved, the entire place was on fire. If you have a head, you better keep it down. This is what we

Abdelwahab El Nahmy

Since the fourth quarter of 2016, we ran out of all the medications we have in storage and the patients now suffer from lack of availability and are forced to search for it in the local market for higher

Rick Brennan

Currently more than 14.8 million people lack access to basic healthcare, with less than 45 percent of health facilities still functioning. Health care workers have not received their salaries regularly for about six months. Medical supplies are in chronic shortage. Many Yemeni people die in silence and are largely unaccounted for, unnoticed and

Sean Spicer

It's absolutely a success, and I think anyone who would suggest it's not a success does disservice to the life of Chief Ryan

John McCain

My understanding of the parameters of the raid were that they wanted to capture individuals, and obviously they didn't want to kill children or

John McCain

Every military operation has objectives. And while many of the objectives of the recent raid in Yemen were met, I would not describe any operation that results in the loss of American life as a success. Going forward, I am confident that our military will act on lessons learned from this operation to strengthen our fight against our terrorist

John McCain

When you lose a $75 million airplane and, more importantly, [an] American life is lost … I don't believe that you can call it a success. Unfortunately, the prison had been evacuated. But the brave men who [went] on that mission and risked their lives in an effort to rescue us prisoners of war were genuine American heroes. Because the mission failed did not in any way diminish their bravery and courage and willingness to sacrifice for their fellow Americans who were being held captive. Mr. Spicer should know that

Stephen O'Brien

Yemen is one of the most food insecure countries in the world. A staggering 7.3 million people do not know where their next meal is coming from. If there is no immediate action, and despite the ongoing humanitarian efforts, famine is now a real possibility for 2017. Malnutrition is rife, and is rising at an alarming

Jan Egeland - United Nations

In Yemen, if bombs don't kill you, a slow and painful death by starvation is now an increasing

John Thomas - International Security

The objective was site exploitation to find out more about how AQAP operates, functions, and how they communicate with each

John McCain

I would not describe any operation that results in the loss of American life as a success. When you lose a $75 million airplane and, more importantly, an American life is lost … I don't believe you can call it a success. Many years ago, when I was imprisoned in North Vietnam, there was an attempt to rescue the POWs. Unfortunately, the prison had been evacuated, but the brave men who took – risked their lives in an effort to rescue us prisoners of war were genuine American

Mark Toner

Yemen suffers most directly from the threat of AQAP and President Hadi has been a stalwart partner in the fight against AQAP and ISIS. We will continue to work with him and his representatives to ensure that this important partnership remains solid in order to ultimately eradicate AQAP/ISIS from Yemen. The United States conducts operations consistent with international law and in coordination with the government of Yemen. We will not relent in our mission to degrade, disrupt and destroy al Qaeda and

Sean Spicer

The raid that was conducted in Yemen was an intelligence-gathering raid. That's what it was. It was highly successful. It achieved the purpose it was going to get, save the loss of life that we suffered and the injuries that