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We don't want to settle for a model enjoyed by other countries. Instead I am proposing a unique and ambitious partnership that reflects our unprecedented position of starting with the same

Last month in Florence I set out my vision for a bold and unique new economic partnership with the EU. We are working hard to achieve this and are optimistic about our future as a global, free-trading

The Business Advisory Council is an important part of our preparations for leaving the EU -- allowing us to seek the views of experienced business leaders and to share with them the government's vision for a successful

Now, what the country needs is calm leadership, and that's what I'm providing, with the full support of my Cabinet. And next week I'm going to be updating MPs on my Florence speech, which has given real momentum to the Brexit talks. And, I will also be introducing a draft bill to cap energy prices, which will stop ordinary working families from being ripped

I do not want our partners to fear that they will need to pay more or receive less over the remainder of the current budget plan as a result of our decision to

It doesn't undermine what I am doing at all. There is a lot of talk about Boris's job or this job or that job inside the cabinet. Actually, what people are concerned about – they don't want us to be thinking about our jobs, they want us to be thinking about their jobs and their

What I have is a Cabinet that are united in the mission of this government. Boris is absolutely behind the Florence speech and the line that we have

Saying publicly that the Prime Minister must now do this, this and this and, by the way on public sector pay, she must do this. What you have seen Boris saying is the importance of the approach that we have taken in the Florence speech that has moved the discussion

Government is working on what would need to be put in place if there is no deal, what we are also working on is ensuring we get a deal, get the right deal for the United Kingdom. Government departments are looking to see what changes are needed, what we need to put in

Our party meets in Manchester this week, and our message to you is simple. As Conservatives, we have a vision of a country that works for everyone, not just the privileged few – precisely the direction I set when I became prime minister last year. I understand the concerns raised, particularly by young people, during what was a disappointing election for my party. So my determination to act on those concerns, and crucially, to fulfil the promise of my first speech on the steps of Downing Street, is greater than

Yes, we have to get the best Brexit deal – but we must also take action here at home to make this a fairer place to live for ordinary working people. The social contract in our country is that the next generation should always have it better than the last. Conservatives have a plan to make that a

With the largest defence budget in Europe, a far-reaching diplomatic network, world-class security, intelligence and law enforcement services, and our position at the heart of NATO, the UK's role in Europe's defence has never been more vital. As we prepare for Brexit, I want to build a bold, new security partnership with the EU. A partnership that reflects our shared history, promotes our common values, and maintains a secure and prosperous Europe. That will guarantee the security and stability of the continent for generations to

This should be a wakeup call to those who view the US as our trading saviour after Brexit. The US slapping huge tariffs on key UK exports is not a good sign of things to

I set out in my speech last week in Florence the hope for working together to that deep and special partnership I think we want to create with the European Union once we leave the European Union. And the commitment we have to looking for a really good economic partnership. By being creative in the ways that we approach these issues, we can find solutions that work both for the remaining 27 (member states of the EU) but also for the UK and maintain that cooperation and partnership between the UK and the

Obviously things have moved on in terms of the discussions we've been having. By being creative in the ways we approach these issues, we can find solutions that work both for the remaining [EU] 27 but also for the UK and maintain that cooperation and partnership between the UK and the

Clearly people, businesses and public services should only have to plan for one set of changes in the relationship between the UK and the EU. So during the implementation period access to one another's markets should continue on current terms and Britain also should continue to take part in existing security measures. And I know businesses, in particular, would welcome the certainty this would provide. As of today, these considerations point to an implementation period of around two

Precedent suggests it could take years to negotiate, and we can do so much better than

The British people have decided to leave the EU; and to be a global, free-trading nation, able to chart our own way in the world. We can do so much better than

[We] should recognise that this is the most advanced free trade agreement the EU has yet concluded and a breakthrough in trade between Canada and the EU. But compared with what exists between Britain and the EU today, it would nevertheless represent such a restriction on our mutual market access that it would benefit neither of our

It's up to leaders to set the tone, a tone of trust. We want to be your strongest friend and partner as the E.U. and the U.K. thrive side by side. We want to work hand-in-hand with the European Union, rather than as part of the European

It has been and remains one of my first goals in this negotiation to ensure that you can carry on living your lives as before. I am clear that the guarantee I am giving on your rights is real. And I doubt anyone with real experience of the U.K. would doubt the independence of our courts or the rigor with which they will uphold people's legal

Clearly people, businesses, and public services should only have to plan for one set of changes in the relationship between the U.K. and the EU. The framework for this strictly time-limited period, which can be agreed under Article 50, would be the existing structure of EU rules and

We can do SO much better than this. Let us be creative as well as practical in designing an ambitious partnership. We do not pretend you can have all the benefits of the single market without its obligations. The guarantee I am giving on your rights is

We want you to stay, we value you, and we thank you for your contribution to our national life. Our determination to defend the stability, security and prosperity of our European neighbors and friends remains steadfast. And we will do all this as a sovereign nation in which the British people are in

But the fact is that, at that point, neither the UK – nor the EU and its member states – will be in a position to implement smoothly many of the detailed arrangements that will underpin this new relationship we

The repeal bill helps deliver the outcome the British people voted for by ending the role of the EU in UK law, but it's also the single most important step we can take to prevent a cliff-edge for people and businesses, because it provides legal certainty. We've made time for proper parliamentary scrutiny of Brexit legislation, and I look forward to the contributions of MPs (lawmakers) from across the House (of Commons). But that contribution should fit with our shared aim: to help get the best Brexit for

I'm not a quitter. I'm in this for the long term. There's a real job to be done in the United Kingdom. It's about getting the Brexit deal right, it's about building that deep and special partnership with the European Union, but it's also about building global Britain, trading around the world. Yes, dealing with injustices that remain inside the United Kingdom, but also going out around the world ensuring that we can do those trade deals which bring prosperity to our economy and bring jobs to the United

It gives me the opportunity to sit down with Prime Minister Abe to discuss the action that North Korea has taken. These are illegal tests, we strongly condemn them and we will be working with Japan and other international partners to ensure that pressure is put on North Korea to stop this illegal action. My discussions with Prime Minister Abe will focus on how we can prepare the ground for an ambitious free trade agreement after Brexit, based on the EU-Japan agreement which I very much hope is nearing

We will absolutely work for all sides in Northern Ireland, we are absolutely committed to the Belfast Agreement and to ensuring that the decisions we take are decisions for every community across Northern Ireland. As we look forward to Brexit, of course, we do want to ensure that we don't see a return to the borders of the past, we don't see a return to a hard border, and that we are able to ensure that the crucial flow of goods and people between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is able to continue in the

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