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Ramping up military hysteria in such conditions is senseless; it's a dead end. It could lead to a global, planetary catastrophe and a huge loss of human life. There is no other way to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue, save that of peaceful dialogue.feedback

They'd rather eat grass than give up their nuclear programme.feedback

Do not succumb to emotions and drive North Korea into a corner. Now more than ever, everyone needs to be coolheaded and avoid the steps that lead to an escalation of tension.feedback

We should not act out of emotions and push North Korea into a dead end. ... We must act with calm and avoid steps that could raise tensions.feedback

We awarded your compatriot Mr. Tillerson the Order of Friendship, but he seems to have fallen in with the wrong company and to be steering in the other direction. I hope that the wind of cooperation, friendship and reciprocity will eventually put him on the right path.feedback

We too, are against North Korea developing its nuclear capabilities and condemn it, but it is worrying cutting the oil pipeline will harm the regular people, like in hospitals. Pyongyang's missile and nuclear programme is a flagrant violation of the UN Security Council resolution, it undermines the non-proliferation regime and poses a threat to security in Northeast Asia.feedback

Russia cannot accept a nuclear-armed North Korea. The North's nuclear provocations have violated UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions. It is clear that it is impossible to solve the Korean Peninsula's problems by only sanctions and pressure. We should not succumb to emotions and drive North Korea into a corner. We call on all parties concerned to carefully look at this initiative that, in our view, offers a real way of decreasing tensions and step-by-step settlement.feedback

Without political and diplomatic tools, it is impossible to make headway in the current situation; to be more precise, it is impossible at all.feedback

I consider the presence of peacekeepers – one could call them not peacekeepers, but people who ensure the safety of the OSCE mission – to be completely appropriate. It would help resolve the problem in eastern Ukraine.feedback

[The United States] has committed an obvious violation of property rights. So, for starters, I would advise the Foreign Ministry to take the matter to court. We'll see how efficient the much-praised American judiciary is.feedback

The Americans had the right to reduce the number of our diplomatic offices. It is another matter altogether that they have done this in way that was absolutely uncivil. This does not do reflect well on our American partners. It is difficult to talk to people who confuse Austria and Australia. But there is nothing we can do about this; this is the level of political culture among part of the American establishment. So, we reserve the right to take a new decision on the number of American diplomats in Moscow. We will not do this immediately but will see how things develop.feedback

As for our buildings and facilities, this is an unprecedented thing. This is a clear violation of Russia's property rights. Therefore, for a start, I will order the Foreign Ministry to go to court, and let's see just how efficient the much-praised U.S. judiciary is. We reserve the right to take a decision on the number of U.S. diplomats in Moscow. But we don't do that for now. Let's wait and see how the situation develops further.feedback

As far as being disappointed or not disappointed is concerned, your question seems very naive. He is not my bride, and I am not his bride nor groom. We deal with the business of governing.feedback

I have listened to the position of both (heads)... I'm counting on them to reach a peaceful agreement.feedback

But we will not do this yet. Let us see how the situation develops further.feedback

Strictly speaking, if we talk about complete parity, there [would] be not 455 diplomats in Moscow, but 155 less. So, we reserve the right to make a decision about this amount of US diplomats in Moscow too, but we will not do that yet, we will see how the situation will be further developing.feedback

It's hard to deal with people who confuse Austria and Australia, but there's nothing you can do about this.feedback

The delivery of weapons to a conflict zone doesn't help peacekeeping efforts, but only worsens the situation. Such a decision would not change the situation but the number of casualties could increase. The self-declared (pro-Russian) republics (in eastern Ukraine) have enough weapons, including ones captured from the other side. It's hard to imagine how the self-declared republics would respond. Perhaps they would deploy weapons to other conflict zones.feedback

We have supplies of 40,000 tonnes of oil and oil products to North Korea a quarter. I asked (Russian Energy Minister Alexander) Novak; 40,000 a quarter is zero. Not a single (Russian) energy major carries out supplies there.feedback

Trump "wants to move to another, closer level of relations. Can we really not welcome that? Of course, we welcome that.feedback

Over 1,000 employees – diplomats and technical workers – worked and continue to work today in Russia; 755 will have to stop this activity. We waited for quite some time that maybe something would change for the better, fueled such a hope that the situation would somehow change. But, judging by everything, if it changes, it will not be soon.feedback

They say they will have to cut a lot of jobs – not just diplomats and technical staff, but also in the ancillary services, including drivers, janitors and cooks. I hope I won't be in trouble, but who knows.feedback

As you know, we have been very restrained and patient, but at some point we'll have to respond. We can't just tolerate this kind of disrespect towards our country.feedback

We've been waiting for quite a long time that maybe something would change for the better, we had hopes that the situation would change. But it looks like, it's not going to change in the near future … I decided that it is time for us to show that we will not leave anything unanswered.feedback

We have seen a lot of provocation – illegal diplomatic property seizure, illegal sanctions that contradicting W.T.O. norms. We practice restraint with this, but someday we'll have to answer to such hostility.feedback

This goes beyond all reasonable bounds. And now these sanctions -- they are also absolutely unlawful from the point of view of international law.feedback

As you know, we are exercising restraint and patience, but at some moment we'll have to retaliate. It's impossible to endlessly tolerate this boorishness towards our country. When will our response follow? What will it be? That will depend on the final version of the draft law which is now being debated in the U.S. Senate.feedback

At a certain moment we will have to respond. It is impossible to put up forever with such boorishness toward our country.feedback

I had an opportunity, they even asked me to change the constitution. But I didn't do it, and I don't intend to do it in the future.feedback

Do I need to continue my work in this capacity - I haven't decided yet. I have not yet decided whether to leave my post as president or not. After I address this issue, I will think about what to do next.feedback

In recent years the sphere of airspace has received significant state support. Our positions in military aircraft building and in the sphere of airspace are as strong as before. We are going to strengthen the potential of these industries.feedback

The Trump that you see on TV is very different than the real Trump. He perfectly understands whom he is talking to and answers questions quickly. I think personal relations were established.feedback

I believe it would not be entirely appropriate on my part to disclose details of my discussion with Mr Trump. He asked, I answered him. He asked pointed questions, I answered them. It seemed to me that he was satisfied with those answers.feedback

(Trump) asked a lot of questions on this subject. I, in as much as I was able, answered these questions. It seems to me that he took these (answers) on board and agreed with them, but in actual fact, it's best to ask him how he views this. He started to ask pointed questions, he was really interested in particular details. I, as much as I could, answered him in a fairly detailed way.feedback

He raised many questions on the issue. I answered all these questions, as far as I could. I think that he took it into account and agreed. Actually, you would better ask him how he found it.feedback

As I see it, Television Trump is very different from the real person. He is absolutely concrete, absolutely adequately perceives the interlocutor, quite quickly analyzes, answers questions or draws from the discussions some new elements. As regards personal relations, I think they are established. There is no basis to believe that Russia interfered in the electoral process of the United States.feedback

Pres Putin points to #G20 partners on absence of real evidence of that & confirms that Russia had never interfered in US elections.feedback

There is every reason to believe that we will be able to at least partially re-establish the level of cooperation that we need. I very much hope (for an improvement in relations) and it seems to me that some basis for this has already been created. It seems to me that the US position (on Syria) has become more pragmatic. There is a comprehension that if we combine our efforts, we can achieve a lot.feedback

He asked many questioPresident Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump get off Marine One before prior to boarding Air Force Onens on the subject, I tried to answer them all. It seems to me that he has taken note of that and agreed, but it's better to ask him about his attitude.feedback

He asked questions, I replied. It seemed to me that he was satisfied with the answers.feedback

I had a very long conversation with the president of the United States. Many issues had accumulated, including Ukraine, Syria and other problems, some bilateral issues. We again went back to counterterrorism and cyber security issues … phone conversations are never enough definitely. I'm delighted to be able to meet you personally. And I hope that, as you have said, our meetings will yield positive results.feedback

As for personal relations, I think that they are established, . The Trump we see on TV is very much different from the real person. I think that if we continue building our relations like during our conversation yesterday, there are grounds to believe that we'll be able to - at least partially - restore the level of cooperation that we need.feedback

I had a very lengthy conversation with the President of the United States, there were a lot of issues such as Ukraine, Syria, other problems, some bilateral issues. We again returned to the issues of fighting terrorism and cybersecurity.feedback

One could say that the level of trust on a working level, especially on the military level, has not improved, but rather has deteriorated. He is a very colourful person, talented, without any doubt. It is not our business to determine his merits, that is up to US voters, but he is the absolute leader in the presidential race.feedback

We've had a very long discussion with the US president. Many issues accrued, including Ukraine, Syria and other problems, as well as some bilateral issues.feedback

The "North Korean nuclear program is a very acute problem. We must not lose our self-command; we need to act pragmatically and very carefully.feedback

He is absolutely the leader in the presidential race. He wants to move to a different level of relations, to more solid, deeper relations with Russia and how can Russia not welcome that – we welcome that.feedback

I'm convinced that only open trade relations based on uniform norms and standards can stimulate growth of the global economy and support a progressive development of intergovernmental relations.feedback

The old economic models have all but exhausted their possibilities. Protectionism is becoming the norm, while unilateral, politically motivated restrictions on trade and investment, as well as technology transfer, are nothing but masked protectionism. We believe that these sanctions are not only doomed to fail but also run counter to the G20 principles of cooperation in the interests of all countries.feedback

Snowden is not a traitor. He didn't betray the interests of his country nor did he transfer any information to any other country which would have been pernicious to his own country or his own people. The only thing Snowden does, he does publicly. I am quite confident that the American authorities were just acting under the pressure of circumstances and they have made many mistakes. I think so too.feedback

They say those who are destined to be hanged are not going to drown.feedback

Our first contact with Mr Snowden was in China. There are no restrictions whatsoever. Well I prefer not to go to the shower with him. Why provoke him? But you know, I'm a judo master.feedback

I am not a woman, so I don't have bad days. I am not trying to insult anyone. That's just the nature of things. There are certain natural cycles. Mr Snowden arrived in Moscow, which was completely unexpected for us. He came as a transit passenger, so he didn't need a visa or other documents.feedback

Our first contact with Mr Snowden was in China. We were told back then that this was a person who wanted to fight against violations of human rights.feedback

There was no relationship whatsoever. Yes, he visited Moscow in his day. But, you know, I never met him.feedback

There are problems we know of, and we have talked about them with the mayor. I hope that everything will be corrected in accordance with the citizens' wishes.feedback

There was nothing concrete, zero. It's just hysteria. Should I give you a pill?feedback

We should be grateful to President Trump. In Moscow it's raining and cold. Now we could blame this all on American imperialism, that it's all their fault. But we won't. Don't worry, be happy.feedback

No force will be able to dominate our people. I congratulate you on Victory Day, when greatness is defined by the people, by their unprecedented heroic deed – the salvation of the Fatherland and heroic, decisive contribution to the defeat of Nazism.feedback

I would rather speak of Russia generally, not necessarily about Moscow. Apart from the capital of our country, we have a number of cities which could potentially host Summer Olympics. There is Sochi, of course, but also St. Petersburg and possibly Kazan. We are not going to make any specific statements, yet. In 2014, our country successfully hosted the Winter Games in Sochi. However, I do not rule out the possibility that Russia will decide to enter in bidding process for the right to host another Olympics.feedback

Regarding Los Angeles, it is not for us to estimate the city's chances. This must be done by the IOC. USA is one of the leading sports countries in the world, and I believe had good chance of getting the honour of hosting the games. It is well known that LA hosted the games in 1984 and the USSR team unfortunately did not participate - just like the U.S. team which did not come to Moscow in 1980. No-one benefited from this.feedback

I know the mood and expectations of Muscovites. They expect these buildings to be torn down and new housing to be built in their place.feedback

This resembles very much the situation of 2003 and the war in Iraq…There was a campaign launched in Iraq; and it finished with the destruction of the country, the growth of the terrorist threat, and the emergence of ISIS on the international arena.feedback

President Mattarella and I discussed it, and I told him that this reminds me strongly of the events in 2003, when the US representatives demonstrated at the UN Security Council session the presumed chemical weapons found in Iraq. The military campaign was subsequently launched in Iraq and it ended with the devastation of the country, the growth of the terrorist threat and the appearance of Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS] on the world stage.feedback

Law enforcement bodies and special services are working and will do all they can in order to find out the cause of what's happened, to give full assessment of what's happened.feedback

We will give a full evaluation of what happened, and city and federal authorities will do everything possible to support families of our killed and injured citizens.feedback

I would like to express the words of sincerest condolences to relatives of the killed and wounded. I have already spoken with the chiefs of special services, FSB director, law enforcement bodies and special services are working. We will do everything to identify the reasons for what happened.feedback

This tool was used at the beginning of the so-called Arab Spring.feedback

Leading Russian companies have achieved a series of important agreements about developing large oil and gas fields in Iran. Our countries cooperate in the framework of Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF). We will coordinate our efforts to stabilize world oil markets.feedback

We are looking forward to her visit to Russia on May 2.feedback

As regards Ljubljana, Slovenia in general, it is of course a brilliant place to have a dialogue of such a sort. But it doesn't depend only on us, it depends on a whole series of circumstances. If these meetings ever happen, we don't have anything against Ljubljana.feedback

The Russian-US relations have especially strongly degraded over the past five years, and of course they need to be restored in the interests of both the Russian and American people. As for Ljubljana, Slovenia in general, of course, it is an excellent place to conduct dialogues of this kind. However, it does not depend solely on us, it depends on a number of circumstances – current affairs.feedback

Trump arrives and straight away rushes to meet with Moscow prostitutes. This is an adult man first of all and, apart from that, is a man who for many years took part in organising beauty contests.feedback

These claims are an obvious fake. Trump, when he came to Moscow a few years ago was not a politician. We did not even know about his political ambitions, he was just a businessman, one of the richest men in America. Is someone really thinking that our intelligence agencies are chasing every American billionaire, or what? Of course not! It's just a complete nonsense.feedback

If Putin likes Donald Trump, I consider that an asset, not a liability, because we have a horrible relationship with Russia.feedback

The French foreign minister flew from Moscow to Washington, the next day he came out with (U.S. Secretary of State John) Kerry, accused Russia of all the deadly sins, no one spoke to or us or discussed anything with us, and tossed the resolution into the Security Council obviously expecting our veto.feedback

This is deserved retribution against the bandits for our children in Beslan, in Budennovsk, for all these acts of terror they committed in Moscow and other Russian regions, including Ingushetia and Chechnya.feedback

So many people came, I don't think anyone expected it. Honestly, I didn't expect it either. According to official information, there are about 134,000, and according to Moscow authorities' data 190,000.feedback

The German Chancellor refers to the girls who sit in prison for their performance in a church. But is she aware that before, one of (the girls) hung a mannequin of a Jew and said that we need to get rid of these kind of people in Moscow? We can't support the kind of people who hold anti-Semitic views.feedback

Snowden indeed arrived in Moscow. It was a total surprise for us. He came in as a transit passenger. He doesn't need a visa or other documents. As a transit passenger he has a right to buy a ticket and fly anywhere he wants. Concerning his possible extradition, we can only extradite foreign citizens to those countries with which we have appropriate agreements.feedback

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